Super Power Chapter 3454 – Overdraft

Chapter 3454 Overdraft

“I do not believe you can really copy a Universe-class power.” Human King did not believe Bao’er could really copy a Universe-class power. He went closer to her, wanting to see just how well Bao’er could copy his talents.

The two of their powers did not seem so strong. It seemed to depend on their bodies. The blurry purple was not so sharp after all.

Where their powers could hurt was in dealing damage that could guarantee the other would not recover. In space, there was a purple crack. It appeared to be permanent. Even though the universe could fix itself, the crack did not go away.

Ordinary elites would not be able to discern their movements. They saw two blurry, purple shadows fighting in the universe. Only a few of them were able to watch the pair conduct their combat.

“Ling’er, how is Littleflower?” Wang Yuahang and the others came before Littleflower, who was dying and currently passed out. The bloody hole in his chest did not stop gushing.

Everyone tried using their powers to heal Littleflower. When their powers landed on Littleflower, they were always blasted away by the purple mist. They were unable to make Littleflower better. All they could do was make the unconscious Littleflower frown.

“Damn it,” Tang Zhenliu madly said. “Where is San Mu? If he does not come back, his biological son is going to die because of his recent pummeling.”

He was not blaming Han Sen, of course. He just wanted to release his anger for being completely useless.

“Step aside! Don’t do anything if you do not know how to heal him. Give Littleflower to me.” Han Yufei approached the fallen son. Upon seeing her arrival, everyone stepped away. She inspected Littleflower.

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In the geno hall, Crape Myrtle and the God Spirits were all watching Bao’er compete with Human King “God Hall Leader, Bao’er is not Universe class yet, but she is still able to simulate the universe powers,” Light Goddess said. She was clearly in shock. “What is going on here? Is that really because of the sunglasses she is wearing?”

Crape Myrtle looked strange as he said, “If I am not mistaken, those sunglasses belong to the old leader. I did not know the sunglasses were able to do such a thing.” “Did that really happen?” Light Goddess and the other God Spirits looked over there. They really did look like the sunglasses the old leader used to wear. Just like Crape Myrtle didn’t know, no one else knew the sunglasses possessed a power like that.

Moment God did not really understand the fight that was happening, so she said, “With exactly the same body type and power, I believe Bao’er can defeat Human King.”

“According to theory, anyone can be a victor. With the same body and the same power, the one with the original form should be better. But Human King’s body has combined with the body and soul of Qin Xiu. He has only just reached Universe class. He is undoubtedly still learning it. It is hard for us to discern which between them might be the winner.”

While they were talking, Crape Myrtle watched them fight in space. He lifted a wry smile and said, “No matter which of the pair wins this fight, the damage done to the universe can likely not be recovered. Now, the universe will only be given more holes.”

Chaos looked at the fight strangely. She knew the sunglasses belonged to the old leader. The old leader used to wear them a lot before he suddenly stopped wearing them.

It was just a pair of sunglasses, so she did not realize it at first. Now, she was able to notice it was the same pair of sunglasses that were on Bao’er. Those sunglasses possessed a frightening sort of power. They were able to simulate Universe-class powers. Chaos did not expect this sort of development.

Chaos and Crape Myrtle were able to tell the difference between Bao’er and Human King. They were really happy about the way things were turning out.

Moon God was watching this fight too. Even though she was really powerful, she was unable to discern the fighters with clarity. She asked Tai Yi, “What is going on?”

“Bao’er has pulled an advantage,” Tai Yi said.

“It looks like the old leader and the God Chaos Party’s old leader’s real daughter is stronger,” Moon God said. “After all, her genes are bound to be better than Human King, who was always just a by-product. Poor Human King for going through all that.”

Tai Yi said, “Bao’er is still going to lose.”

“Why?” Moon God asked him with shock.

“After all, she is not really Universe class,” Tai Yi said. “She uses the glasses to simulate Human King. That must cost her a lot of power. She will not last too long in such a state.”

“In that case, what can be done? The geno hall has not yet made a move. That guy Crape Myrtle is not going to help Bao’er fight Human King. Will the geno hall merrily go down with her? Does the old man not even understand that?” Moon God frowned.

“He understands the stakes more than anyone, but he also understands who emerges victorious,” Tai Yi said. “Even people like him and I still require another half a step to walk forward. We cannot fight the real Universe-class opponents. To go out there now is not far off committing suicide.”

“So, is he just going to sit on his bum and do nothing at all to help things?” Moon God was not very happy about this.

“Of course, he will need to do something in time,” Tai Yi said. “What he needs to do is not fight Human King directly. He needs to be prepared to open the universe.”



“Reboot the universe?” Moon God asked with shock.

“Yes, reboot the universe in the event Bao’er loses,” Tai Yi said. “That will be his last resort for stopping Human King. It is still hard to say whether or not that trick will work though. After all, Human King’s body does possess Reboot blood. The rebooting of the universe might not even work on him.”

Moon God remained silent. She did not say a word. If Tai Yi said Crape Myrtle fighting Human King was pointless, then it was pointless. Now, they needed to pray Bao’er did not lose.

Human King could not believe he was being suppressed by Bao’er. It was only just Bao’er simulating his body and power, but when they fought, he seemed to be losing.

Bao’er was better at using his powers than he was. It was as if she had been born with the powers.



Human King’s universe powers ripped. Bao’er’s hands were like knives that went through his chest. His chest was delivered a long wound. “Winning.” Chaos’s heart jumped. In the next second, her hopes were sapped by a bottomless abyss. After that slash, Bao’er should have been able to catch up. She should have been able to suppress Human King and kill him. Who would have thought at this moment Bao’er would return from her Human King mode and revert into the shape and form of a child? Her face was still wearing the sunglasses, but the sunglasses were no longer shiny. It also looked as if her body had just been brought out of the water. Her face was so pale that it looked as if she was going to fall over any time soon.

From her weakened state, one could tell she had exhausted far too much of her strength.

Human King was extremely happy about this, and he was not going to sit around hesitating what to do next. He used all the power he could to punch the weakened Bao’er. The purple power carried a lonely light that destroyed everything. It came directly in front of Bao’er.

Bao’er was too tired. She was unable to avoid the punch that was to come. “Don’t do it!” Han Ling’er and Chaos screamed together, but they couldn’t do anything about it. Bao’er’s and Human King’s fight had already left the area of Space Garden.


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