Super Power Chapter 3453 – Universe Class Fight

Chapter 3453 Universe Class Fight

Littleflower heard the command. He put away his Holy Spirit Protect to disable its presence on Han Ling’er. He teleported in front of Bao’er and reached out his hand, trying to put the Holy Spirit Protect on her body.

After thinking for a moment, Chaos said, “Han Littleflower’s power is certainly weird. That weird spirit body power is similar to the power of a God Spirit, but it is different. It looks like it brushes against the edge of a Universe-class force. His powers might be what is last required to push past the final barrier and have her combine with the super god gene seed. That way, she might be able to take that final step too. Fighting Human King now might be a good idea after all.”

She was, however, still a bit worried. In the past, Qin Xiu gave up his body. There was no third person adjoined. The pure, geno prototype armor combined with Reboot blood produced a flaw.

Now, Human King’s body was fully composed, and it erased the presence of a flaw. Without error, he had managed to walk that last step perfectly. Bao’er’s and Human King’s power were still similar though. It meant that it was hard to suspect which of the pair might win.

Seeing Littleflower’s hand touch Bao’er, suddenly, a purple blur of a shadow flashed. Human King appeared in front of Littleflower with the image of a blurry fist shadow.

Littleflower was shocked by its sudden appearance, but he had developed into a man of much resolve. He was not going to shy away from a battle such as this, and he was not going to bow and be put off by the blurry shadow fist that was coming for him. He stood tall and proud and raised a fist of his own. He raised it to welcome the incoming attack. And welcome it he did. What resulted from the two terrible collisions was a massive explosion of white spirit light.


Littleflower’s fist broke alongside the white spirit light. His body was like a cannonball that had been fired. He flew into Space Garden’s forest. It rendered the forest half-broken.

Wang Yuhang and the others were all shocked. Littleflower had learned his Super God Spirit body, and it was clear to see his power was amongst the greatest in the universe. Even so, he was still unable to block Human King’s punch. It was difficult to imagine how scary that punch must have been.

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“Blergh!” Under the Holy Spirit Protect, Littleflower was still wounded enough to end up heaving up blood. His fist and bones were broken. The power of the Holy Spirit Protect was not enough to make his broken knuckles recover. His wound, furthermore, was tainted by a purple air.

Bao’er was holding the gold gourd. She released a gold light. The gold gourd created a resonance that shone at Human King.

Human King stood within the gold light, but it did not look like he wanted to dodge anything. Now, the suction was stronger than it was before. When it shone on Human King, it was absolutely nothing.


It was like countless golden threads of silk were surrounding him, tugging at his body. It was like they wanted to snare Human King and drag him into an abyss, but Human King’s body was like a mountain that could not be moved.

“This is the real power. It is something that can fight back against the universe itself!” Human King ignored Bao’er. He clenched his fist to feel the powerful power he now possessed.

Bao’er looked gloomy about it all, but the luminosity of the golden light did not falter. It became stronger. When the golden light shone, everything was sucked into the gourd. Only Human King’s body did not move. He was unable to be budged.

Littleflower had been delivered a terrible strike, and much pain was brought with it. With a muster of strength, he had to hold up his own inured body. He was going to stay on his feet. He climbed out of the ruins and teleported over to Littleflower again. He wanted to give his holy spirit to her.

Human King did not want Bao’er to combine with the holy spirit. He moved quickly. The gourd’s gold light could not stop him. He came before Littleflower. This time, he punched Littleflower in the chest. The punch perforated Littleflower’s entire chest.

Littleflower was left bleeding, but he looked happy. The holy spirit left his body and flew to Bao’er from another direction.

He had only lured Human King there so the holy spirit could be delivered to Bao’er.

Seeing the holy spirit almost come before Bao’er, Human King’s body vanished. In the next second, his hand grabbed that holy-looking angel spirit.

Suggesting it was a grab was not quite right. It was the purple mist around his hands that wrapped around the holy spirit. The holy spirit that could not be damaged had been grabbed by Human King

“Your little tricks are useless before real power! I am the universe. That means I am the whole universe. You are just a creature that exists in the universe. No matter how strong or how brave you display your universe powers, can you actually hope to fight against real universe class powers?” Human King grabbed the holy spirit. His five fingers applied a throttling strength to deploy a powerful power that could destroy the holy spirit.

“Blergh!” Littleflower’s chest was punctured through. He was already injured, but now his spirit body had been broken. He was bleeding profusely. He was dying on the ground.

“Littleflower, my big brother!” Han Ling’er ran before Littleflower. She held Littleflower and gave her spirit power into his body. She wanted to do her best to save him.

When her spirit power touched Littleflower’s wounds, a purple mist exploded. It could not enter Littleflower’s body.

“You… Damn you…” Bao’er’s eyes looked cold. She put her gourd away. The gourd landed on her forehead. It became a gold glassy liquid that covered Bao’er’s entire small body. It became a golden armor that wrapped her up.

When Chaos saw Bao’er combine with her gourd, she looked worried. Bao’er’s combination level was not 100%. She had not yet taken that last step. She was not an opponent who could rival Human King just


But Bao’er was not planning on backing down. Her gold body flashed. She went in front of Human King like a golden bolt of lightning that flickered around Human King to make many golden shadows.

That was merely because Bao’er was now extremely fast. Not even the elites of the universe could follow her body.



Human King was in space. He did not move. He moved his arm and blocked all of Bao’er’s attacks.

“If she has not walked that step, it will not work.” Chaos shook her head. She was thinking of a way in which she might be able to grab Bao’er and escape. To fight on this day was a lost cause. She had to think of a way in which she could grab Bao’er and escape.

Only after Bao’er combined completely could she fight. Human King saw the absolute benefit he now had. Bao’er’s power was not a threat to him, but Human King was not entirely satisfied.

He was a very careful person. If he was already in control of the stage, he would not allow any actors to remain if he did not want them.

In the next second, Human King’s power exploded. The punching power made the universe itself quiver and shake. It seemed to destroy everything. Substance chains and rules were torn apart. Everything was like paper before the might of that fierce power. Facing the scary power, Bao’er’s face looked different. She put a pair of sunglasses on her face. In the next moment, something weird happened. Bao’er’s body suddenly looked like Human King. It was like two Human Kings were standing across from each other.



Bao’er had become Human King. Without waiting around, she unleashed a punch. With Human King’s punching power being the same as her foe, an equal situation was established.

Human King was shocked. He did not know what Bao’er’s sunglasses were, but they had made Bao’er look just like him. She did not only look like him either. They also shared the same power.

Before Human King could think straight, Bao’er began her assault. The power she exploded with was identical to Human King’s. The universe power and elements she used were exactly the same.

Two Human Kings were now fighting each other, and no one could tell who was who. They did not know which Human King they should be worrying about.


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