No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3543-3544

Chapter 3543
The moment that was said, the bald man’s expression darkened.

He stared at the white-robed man hatefully, “I was right. You despicable and shameless men will do anything. One second, you’re asking to work with me, the next second, you want to kill me! It would be stupid of me to work with you!”

The bald man had his teeth clenched. He never liked the white-robed man. The man only looked at him with disdain. He was no idiot, he had naturally seen through it. If he had really worked with the two of them, then he would be crazy!

The black-masked man still wanted to work with the bald man. He was not as greedy as the white-robed man. He merely wanted to get rid of the beast. Yet, the white-robed man had said something like that and completely destroyed any chance for negotiations.

The bald man never trusted them to begin with. It was all done for, at that moment.

The black-masked man was frustrated, but he knew that there was no longer anything he could say. Just as he was thinking about everything, he happened to see two figures in the distance.

The three of them had been fully focused on the Flaming Rhino and had not paid attention to their surroundings. Only then did the black-masked man notice the two figures looking at them.

One of them was a man in dark green robes, while the other was a man in light blue robes. The two of them were not that far away, and he could clearly see that the two of them were looking over with interest as if they were watching a show.

The masked man frowned, not happy about being stared at like that. However, when he saw what they were wearing, he had a sudden thought in his mind, finally finding a solution.

At that moment, the white-robed man and the bald men were looking at each other with animosity. The atmosphere was incredibly tense as if they were about to fight at any second.

The black-masked man hurriedly said, “Hey, baldie. Didn’t you refuse to work with us because you were alone? Just look over there! Those two are from third-grade worlds. If the three of them join, then you would have one extra person by your side. Wouldn’t it be easier to work together then?”

The black-masked man knew what the bald man was worried about. After all, the bald man was probably uncertain because it was two against one. If two others joined the bald man’s side, then those worries would be gone!

The white-robed man frowned, glaring at the black-masked man unhappily, “Are you crazy? Three of us splitting the spoils is already bad enough, but you’re adding two more! What would we even get if we split it five ways?”

The white-robed man refused to agree at all. The Flaming Rhino was incredibly strong. They would be able to get at least six keys after killing it. It was already not enough for three of them. Adding two more would make things worse.

The white-robed man was planning on stealing the rewards from the beast and the three keys the bald man had as well. If he could, he would take the keys from the black-masked man too!

There were not that many people, so he would be able to get what he wanted with just some small tricks. Adding another two would make things harder.

After all, the warriors from third-grade worlds were incredibly united at that moment, especially when facing warriors from second-grade worlds.

At that moment, the white-robed man could not help but curse the black-masked man!

The bald man looked over and immediately made his decision.

He turned around and nodded, “Alright, if those two join, then I won’t be worried about you two stabbing me in the back!”

Chapter 3544
Jackie was not standing that far away, and the three of them were not that close to each other in the first place.

They were practically shouting at each other, so Jackie had heard everything clearly. He did not expect the topic of the conversation to shift to him.

Jackie smirked, unable to stop himself from letting out a slight laugh.

The white-robed man reddened in anger as he shouted crazily, “What kind of stupid idea is this?! Are you crazy? The three of us would already be struggling to split these rewards. If another two join, then what would we even get?! It would be better to just give up on killing the beast.”

The three of them were fully focused on each other, and none of them were attacking the Flaming Rhino.

The Flaming Rhino finally got a chance to rest and recover. Earlier, the Flaming Rhino’s back and stomach had been injured. At that moment, it was panting roughly, using its true energy to heal itself.

The Flaming Rhino had a certain level of intelligence as well. Even if it was not as smart as humans, it was still capable of thinking.

Its eyes were constantly darting between the three in front of him. It knew that it was their target, and knew that it was no match for the three of them working with each other. So, it was trying to look for a path of escape, but it was not like it could just flee immediately.

It was quick, but not as quick as those humans. The moment it tried to escape, the three of them would notice, and it would die.

Hence, the Flaming Rhino was constantly trying to figure out how it could manage to escape. Everyone there, whether man or beast, was basically plotting something of their own.

The white-robed man felt like his plan was about to be foiled, and he was incredibly unhappy about it. He was like an old lady in a market as he frantically shouted, asking if the black-masked man was crazy.

The black-masked man felt quite exasperated. He really wanted to kill the beast in front of them.

The beast was not made from true energy, but an actual, living beast. If they managed to kill it, they would not just be able to get the rewards, but even retrieve its spirited core and other useful materials.

Considering how thick its skin was, it would be worth quite a bit. Furthermore, the spirited core was incredibly useful.

The golden keys were not that important compared to that. What he wanted the most was the beast’s spirited core. Of course, he knew that the rewards would greatly diminish if they split it five ways.

Yet, the rewards were not as important to the black-masked man, so he did not mind splitting it more.

Rudy stood next to Jackie and listened to everything, feeling incredibly annoyed.

He turned to look at Jackie, but Jackie’s expression was calm.

Jackie did not look like he had anything to say, and Rudy did not know what Jackie’s plans were, so he whispered, “Jackie, why don’t we work with them?”

As he asked that, Rudy’s mouth froze, feeling like he had said something wrong.

Why would they work with those three?

With Jackie’s skills, did he genuinely care about them?

Jackie’s skills were far superior to all three of them.

Jackie could not help but laugh, saying in exasperation, “Don’t be stupid.”

Rudy nodded, “I just got too dizzy listening to them…”

The moment he said that, the bald man’s voice was suddenly right next to them, “Are the two of you willing to work with us?”

Those two warriors from second-grade worlds did not look at the bald man as a threat at all. They wanted him to die, so there was no way the bald man would want them to live.

The bald man was naturally happy to have more helpers by his side.


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