No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3541-3542

Chapter 3541
The Flaming Rhino opened its mouth, and it shot out balls of fire.

The balls of fire were a purplish-red color and extremely hot. The surrounding air started to distort when the flames passed through!

The earth itself started to shake as the balls of flames struck the ground, exploding and forming massive craters!

Most of the balls of fire had been targeted at those three. Thankfully, they had reacted in time. Other than the man with a black mask who did not manage to avoid it in time, resulting in the flames burning his arm, the others were fine.

However, the situation did not look good. At the moment, the Flaming Rhino was already completely agitated. It would not let those three puny humans off.

The man in the black mask looked at his burnt arm and his eyes lit up in rage. He took out some medicine from his spatial ring to apply it to his wound.

“How long are the two of you going to be stubborn? Can’t you just work together as I said? This guy isn’t a beast we can take on alone!” The black-masked man said while holding back his anger.

A bald man coldly looked at him, “Stop trying to fool us! Are you joking? Isn’t working with you just walking into a trap?! The three of you are from second-grade worlds, wouldn’t I be crazy to work with you when I’m from a third-grade world? Compared to the two of you, I think that the beast is easier to deal with!”

The three of them did not know each other and only happened to bump into each other while trying to kill the Flaming Rhino.

The bald one was from a third-grade world, while the other two consisted of a handsome man in white robe and a mysterious man in a black mask.

The white-robed man scoffed in contempt, “Stop trying to play the victim. My goal is this big guy. You only have three golden keys with you, do you think we want you?!”

The bald guy was very unhappy to hear that.

He ignored the wild beast as he shouted loudly, “Don’t act like you’re so innocent. Do you think we don’t know how many despicable things you guys have done? How many warriors from third-grade worlds have you tortured? You’ve got no right to look down on me.”

“So what if I have three keys? With how you guys are, would you let me go? Working with the two of you is just crazy. Once we kill the Flaming Rhino, the two of you will definitely work together to torture me! Don’t even think for one moment that I’ll believe you.”

The black-masked man started to get anxious at that, “Then what do you want? Even if we aren’t working together, aren’t we still attacking the Flaming Rhino at the same time? I just want you to listen and attack the rhino’s weak point, and not blindly attack.”

The bald man scoffed, narrowing his eyes as he said, “I’m not blindly attacking!”

He did not continue with his words. He knew that once the beast died, the other two would definitely start to attack him, killing him for his keys before they split the spoils.

He was attacking the Flaming Rhino, but not hitting the rhino’s weak points at all. He was merely attacking where the skin was thicker. He would just thoroughly anger the rhino.

He had been looking for the chance to kill one of those two. Only then would he be willing to talk about working together.

The white-robed man coldly looked at the bald man, his eyes were full of hatred.

Chapter 3542
The black-masked man had not been able to see through the bald man’s intentions, but the white-robed man had. Yet, he could not explain things in front of the bald man. After all, if he did, then there would be no way they would ever work together.

The Flaming Rhino was incredibly hard to deal with. Its natural-born technique was already at the upper ultimate god rank.

The three of them would never be able to take on the rhino alone. Only by the three of them working together would they be able to beat the rhino.

The white-robed man scoffed as he muttered, “I guess you have a brain.”

The bald man was right. The white-robed man definitely did plan on immediately getting rid of that piece of trash from the third-grade world if they worked together and managed to kill the rhino.

The white-robed man looked down on warriors from third-grade worlds.

Even if that warrior was skilled, the white-robed man would still look down on him. He felt like warriors from third-grade worlds were all beneath him. Working with the bald man was a forced option.

Even two of them together might not be able to beat the Flaming Rhino. They needed help from a third person to kill the beast. Furthermore, the white-robed man planned on dealing with the bald man before dealing with the black-masked man as well. Even though they were both from second-grade worlds, it meant nothing in front of profit.

Only he was the most important want. He wanted to benefit from everything. The bald man was clearly not going to play along, which infuriated the white-robed man. He clenched his fists. Looking at the bald man venomously.

The black-masked man frowned and said, “Baldie, can you not let your thoughts wander like that? I’m not planning on taking it all. Once we kill the beast, we can split everything evenly. The two of us won’t work together against you. You don’t have to worry.”

The bald man started laughing when he heard that.

His face was full of disdain as he said, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old child? Do you think I’ll believe anything you say? You say you won’t work together against me, but will you actually keep to your promise? Don’t think I’m a fool.”

“We all know how you guys are. You don’t see us as humans at all. In your eyes, I’m prey as well. The moment you are done dealing with the Flaming Rhino, I’ll be up next.”

As he said that, the bald man had a mocking look on his face. He was no idiot, so there was no way he would work with the other two.

The black-masked man frowned angrily, “Then what do you want? Are you just planning on wasting your time? What are you planning!?”

The bald man said in disdain, “Why do you care? I just won’t work with the two of you.”

The white-robed man narrowed his eyes, already completely angered. Since the third-grade world warrior was not going to play along, then he would not hold back.

The white-robed man turned to look at the black-masked man, “Hey, stop wasting time with this brat. He’s clearly intent on going against us. Since that’s the case, what’s the point of leaving him around? Let’s kill him before we deal with this beast!”


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