No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3539-3540

Chapter 3539
Jackie took a deep breath before he walked down the stage of the Nine.

Rudy was already getting quite anxious waiting below. His eyes were fixed on the Soul Crystal in Jackie’s hands.

Jackie sighed, “Let’s find a safe place for me to absorb it before we do anything else.”

The inner region was different from the outer region. The fights there were more intense, and death happened more frequently. There were not just enemies, but various beasts as well.

Hearing the other warriors from third-grade worlds talk about the inner region, the beasts inside were all incredibly large, and could easily kill warriors.

The chances of getting golden keys would be greatly increased.

Jackie and Rudy chose a spot that was in between the outer and inner regions. To avoid being disturbed, Jackie had set up a formation around them.

After a whole day, Jackie had completely absorbed the Soul Crystal.

Jackie looked on as the Soul Crystal crumbled away after being completely absorbed. The Soul Crystal had brought him a tremendous breakthrough. No wonder it was worth so much.

After absorbing it, Jackie successfully reached the second stage of Soul Sky from the first. The first stage was called Broken Soul Blade, and the second stage was called the Soul Burst Ring.

Jackie was anxious to try it out and see how strong the Soul Burst Ring was.

Jackie took a deep breath as he looked at Rudy, saying, “We’re going forward!”

The closer they got to the inner region, the more barren the land was.

He believed that his name had probably already spread across Chaos City after that large battle. To prevent any unnecessary trouble, Jackie and Rudy put on their masks.

The blood moon in the sky looked more and more vibrant. It was so red that it seemed like blood could drip out at any moment.

Rudy frowned, “Another three passed! The further inside we get, the more people there are Yet, no one has tried to cause us any trouble at all. Why is that so?”

He had thought that the further inside they got, the more people would try to attack them to get the golden keys. Then, they would be able to counterattack and gain all their opponent’s keys. Yet, the moment they stepped into the inner region, they had met a lot of people, but none of them was bothered with Rudy and Jackie.

Most of them merely glanced at them before advancing, ignoring them. Rudy was both surprised and frustrated.

They continued moving forward for twenty kilometers, but nothing had happened.

Jackie pursed his lips when he heard Rudy, “Have you forgotten that we’ve already exchanged all of our golden keys? We don’t have a single golden ring around us right now, so they naturally wouldn’t bother with us. It’s completely pointless for them to fight us.”

Rudy had a look of realization, finally recalling that they had exchanged all their golden keys for treasures.

At that moment, the two of them were empty-handed. Unless there were some really bored people, not one would be interested in the two of them at all.

Rudy slapped himself on the forehead and laughed, “I actually forgot about that. We should have left one key on us back then. We might have been able to attract some opponents with that.”

Jackie smiled and shook his head, “Just look at the warriors that passed by. They had at least six or seven keys with them. Warriors like that would not be interested in warriors with one key at all. If you want them to attack us, we’d need to have at least ten golden keys on us.”

Rudy nodded.

Right at that moment, heavy footsteps were heard from afar. It was like something massive was getting closer to them.

The two of them looked toward the source of the noise at the same time.

Chapter 3540
It was the first beast Jackie had seen in Chaos City.

The beast’s massive claws caused the ground to rumble. Even from afar, Rudy was shocked by its massive size.

Rudy’s mouth widened, “It’s huge! It’s the size of a small mountain! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a beast so big!”

Jackie laughed and said, “It’s not that big. Most of Hestia Continent’s beasts aren’t small either. You have never seen them before because you rarely venture out.”

The beast was about fifteen meters tall and thirty meters long. It was massive but quite agile. It ran incredibly fast and seemed to strangely defy its size.

Jackie did not say that for the sake of teasing Rudy.

Hestia Continent really did have a lot of large beasts. However, those beasts usually lived deep in the forest, and rarely interacted with people.

Rudy was a normal alchemist, and he would normally just interact with the materials for his pills. He did not know much about beasts in the first place.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he looked at the beast that was running over, “What is that thing called? Is it found in Hestia Continent?”

The beast had a goat’s head and the teeth of a hound. It had a layer of the incredibly hard outer skin, and its limbs were thin and filled with gray fur. It looked quite strange.

Jackie said, “This beast is called the Flaming Rhino. An adult Flaming Rhino would be at the divine solidifying realm at least, but in the Whirling World, both man and beasts were all restricted to the final stage of the innate level.”

Rudy blinked and said, “Then, is it dangerous? Of course, no beast would be able to threaten me. I’m just asking if this beast is considered strong by normal warriors.”

Jackie nodded, “Of course it is! It has a natural-born technique, the Flaming Horn, which is already at the middle ultimate god rank. Regular warriors are no match for it at all. This guy has incredibly thick skin and an incredibly strong defense as well. Normal warriors would not be able to break through its defense at all.”

The Flaming Rhino was getting faster and faster. After their short conversation, the Flaming Rhino was already less than a kilometer away from them.

“Jackie, look! I was wondering why this guy looked crazy. It’s just constantly running forward! It even used its skill earlier. So there are actually three men around it!” Rudy said in surprise.

Jackie saw it as well. As the Flaming Rhino charged forward, there were a few figures around its head and waist.

As it got closer, Jackie figured out that the three men were constantly attacking the Flaming Rhino. Three differently colored energies were constantly being unleashed, clashing into that rhino’s body.

The rhino raised its head and let out a roar!

At that moment, the Flaming Rhino was clearly angered. Even though it had an incredibly strong defense. It was still injured after the constant attacks. Its thick back had fresh wounds on it.

Suddenly, the Flaming Rhino no longer ran forward. It stood in place and its belly started to suddenly expand as it took a deep breath. It was as if there was liquid moving inside its belly as it started to rumble.

Jackie heard someone shout, “Not good! Get away!”

Suddenly all the three men scattered.


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