No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3537-3538

Chapter 3537
Jackie took a deep breath.

From that moment on, the warriors from second-grad e worlds would have to think about the consequences before they did anything despicable. They would not dare to treat warriors from third-grade worlds as livestock anymore.

Not long after, Jackie and Rudy bid their farewells with Chad and the rest, leaving by themselves.

Before they left, Chulanne and the others expressed their immense gratitude.

Jackie shook his head, saying it was nothing. He never liked the warriors from second-grade worlds anyway, so he had been completely willing to help them.

He had earned quite a bit from the battle. Most importantly, he had managed to gain a lot of keys. There had been a total of over a hundred keys there, but Jackie merely took only forty-one keys, leaving the rest to everyone else.

Rudy had something to say about that.

He whispered to Jackie, “You were the key to this battle. Without you around, the warriors from third-grade worlds would have been the losers. Why would you split the spoils evenly with them? You should have taken the majority of the keys. At least, you should have taken eighty!”

Jackie smiled and shook his head, “This is already a lot. After all, there are so many of them there. If I took eighty keys in one go, it would be too immoral. I don’t want to do it either. We have more chances in the future. The inner region is even more interesting than the outer region. There are more chances to get golden keys, so there’s no reason to be fixated on this.”

Even though Rudy still felt like Jackie had taken too little, he knew that Jackie had always acted however Jackie wanted to. Since Jackie had said that, Rudy decided against saying anything else.

Chad had wanted to continue following Jackie, but Jackie still rejected it after some thought.

In the end, he only trusted Rudy. Even though Chad had some skills, he would just be a burden if they continued advancing. After all, the ones in the inner regions were all incredibly strong warriors. He would only be able to protect Rudy, another person would be too much.

Jackie’s goal was the centermost point of Chaos City, so he did not bring Chad along in the end.

After leaving the main group, Rudy was in a good mood. He followed behind Jackie and continued walking forward as they chatted.

He then raised six fingers.

He waved them in front of Jackie, “I counted it all, and you have sixty -two golden keys right now! With so many golden keys, you’ll definitely be able to get an incredibly amazing treasure, but I don’t think you’ll be exchanging them immediately, right? You should just accumulate another thirty or forty.”

Jackie turned to look at Rudy, shaking his head before he said, “I was adjusting the direction just now. Even though we’re still moving toward the inner region right now, we’re going slightly off-center. We’re going toward the southeastern side.”

Rudy widened his eyes, looking at Jackie in confusion.

Jackie smiled and explained, “That’s because there’s a stage of the Nine about three kilometers further ahead.”

Rudy was stunned at that.

It turned out they were going toward a stage of the Nine. They had been aiming for one of them while they were advancing with Chad anyway. They only stopped because of the massive battle. After dealing with that, Rudy had thought that Jackie had decided against going to the stage.

Jackie patted Rudy on the shoulder and said, “I wasn’t planning on going to the stage of the Nine before this, but I suddenly acquired so many golden keys. After finding out how complicated the situation is in the inner region, I’ll need to get even stronger to gain more benefits. So, it’s better to get my treasure first.”

Chapter 3538
Jackie had already thought things through before he started moving. Rudy nodded, feeling like Jackie’s words were reasonable.

The two of them continued advancing for another three kilometers and saw the stage of the Nine from afar. The stage was about ten meters wide and was adorned with bright crystals. It looked like a large transfer array.

The two of them arrived in front of the stage, and Jackie said to Rudy, “Wait here.”

Jackie then walked up the stage. Possibly because of how many warriors had been in the battle earlier, both of them had thought that there would be a lot of warriors around the stage.

Yet, they noticed there was no one there when they arrived. It spared quite a lot of trouble. Jackie took out all sixty-two keys and put them all at the center of the stage.

The stage suddenly glowed white, and the sixty-two golden keys fused into a golden liquid, flowing into the stage of the Nine. A sliver of information appeared in Jackie’s mind.

Jackie’s body stiffened before he let out an expression of pleasant surprise. The stage of the Nine was quite kind. It did not randomly give out prizes, but would let the warrior choose what attribute they wanted the prizes to be.

Jackie chose the soul attribute without any hesitation.

The stage of the Nine let out a golden glow. After the light disappeared, three treasures appeared in front of Jackie.

Rudy was incredibly excited when he saw that. Rudy had never seen any of the three and did not even know what they were called or what attributes they were.

Rudy said excitedly, “You got all of them? You managed to get three treasures in one go. That’s not bad!”

Jackie smiled and shook his head, explaining, “I only get to pick one out of the three. It’s not that amazing.”

He then looked at the three treasures, pointing at them from left to right, “This pill is called the Seven Soul Nurturing Pill. It’s an amazing holy-grade pill worth an exorbitant amount of spirit crystals! I might not be able to afford it even if I used everything I had.”

“The one in the middle is the Nine Soul Herb. It’s worth an incredible amount as well, and the last one is a Soul Crystal. You can’t even find them in third-grade worlds. You can only buy them in second-grade worlds. They’re worth an incredible amount as well.”

All three of those items were amazing treasures.

Jackie wanted all of them, but he was forced to settle for one with the keys he had. Even though Jackie did not talk about what they could be used for, the price was enough for Rudy to understand how incredible they were!

Rudy took a deep breath and said excitedly, “It’s a pity that you can only pick one. If only you could take all of them.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying firmly, “Don’t worry. As long as l have enough time, I’ll be able to get all of them.”

It was just the beginning. He had not been in Chaos City for that long. He even planned on staying for a week in Cloud City next, going to the Cloud Valley. A week would be enough time for him to gain enough golden keys.

After thinking about it for a moment, Jackie placed his hand on the Soul Crystal.

The others were incredibly amazing as well, but compared to the other two objects, the Soul Crystal was much more useful to Jackie at that moment. The Seven Soul Pill was used to repair injuries to the soul but Jackie did not need that at the moment.

The Nine Soul Herb might also increase the power of the soul, but it was not as effective as the Soul Crystal. In the end, Jackie chose the Soul Crystal. The Soul Crystal lit up, and Jackie could feel the energy flowing within when he held it.

When Jackie chose the Soul Crystal, the other treasures immediately disappeared.


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