No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3535-3536

Chapter 3535
Jackie’s words felt like a nail was hammered into Horace’s heart.

This brat viewed him as a mere treasure chest of golden keys!

Horace raised his voice and said, “Let me go, and I’ll act like nothing happened! You can do whatever you want with them! If you insist on coming for me, you’ll pay the price. Don’t think that…”

Before he could finish, Jackie vanished from the spot, much to Horace’s horror as his eyes widened.

Something was wrong.

He frantically retreated, but the next second, Jackie appeared in front of him with a dagger in hand.

The moment he looked up, Jackie raised the dagger and stabbed it right into his throat. Blood spurted everywhere, and Jackie calmly avoided the splatter.

Horace did not even get the chance to cry out in agony before he died.

Jackie sneered. He would not waste his time listening to this man nor would he let that man escape. Even before Horace died, he would never have expected that Jackie was not just incredibly strong but could use the laws of space too!

After having dealt with Horace swiftly, Jackie calmly looked at the warriors behind him.

At that moment, a few of them could not even speak.

Chulanne finally let out a sigh of relief, recovering from his shock. Everything happened too quickly, and it seemed too surreal. He thought that he was going to die, but he had been saved by someone so monstrously strong.

Robert, who only knew how to act superior moments before his death, seemed like nothing compared to Jackie.

Chulanne was too emotional. Suddenly, tears filled his eyes and he started to cry.

Harold was not much better. He was so sure that many warriors from third-grade worlds would die with them, but Jackie descended like a god and saved them.

Harold’s hands shook as he said to Chulanne, “Chulanne, we’re saved! We don’t have to die. It’s time for these dogs to pay!”

Chulanne nodded emphatically as he said, choking on his tears, “Finally, we won’t be toyed with anymore! We can finally fight back!”

The moment that was said, Jackie shouted, “What are you waiting for? Leave the two in front of me! The rest will be up to all of you! Don’t let a single one of them run away!”

Jackie’s words stirred the hearts of everyone there.

All of the warriors from third-grade worlds suddenly had a boost of morale. They summoned up their true energy, and the battle continued!

Jackie already had his eyes on Thamus and Cadian.

The others could run away, but he could not let the leaders run. It was obvious how many warriors from third-grade worlds had died at their hands without even needing to hazard a guess.

Jackie was no dispenser of justice, but he had basic kindness. Those who did not view warriors from third-grade worlds as humans at all should not be allowed to live!

He shot forward, charging right at Thamus and the rest. They were incredibly scared and immediately turned around to run!

Chapter 3536
At that moment, they had nothing else on their minds except for their own survival.

The warriors from second-grade worlds had always been the aggressors anyway, so they did not have that much hate in their hearts. They just thought about their own benefits.

The warriors from third-grade worlds had been forced to a level where, even though they could still run, they had all abandoned the thought of living such a pathetic life. They had been forced to the point where they would rather die while dragging their enemies with them.

Back then, the warriors from third-grade worlds had already hit rock bottom. The warriors from second-grade worlds were not in the same situation. They were never tortured to death, and they had always been the ones throwing their power around.

The moment they saw that they had no way of winning, they naturally thought of running away first. They did not care about anyone else but themselves.

Thamus retreated frantically. He immediately attacked anyone that was in his way, no matter what world they were from!

He raised his sword, “Don’t stand in my way!”

He slashed his sword forward, not even looking back as he continued forward. Cadian was even more ruthless, constantly slashing his sword in front of him, worried that anyone would stop him and delay his retreat. At that moment, he did not care who it was.

Anyone who stood in front of him would die!

There was suddenly a river of blood as countless died and got injured. However, those people had not been able to run that far away. In just a few moments, Jackie caught up with them and did not hesitate to attack!

A hundred Soul Swords condensed into two massive ones. Each one shot right at their hearts!

With those stabs, the two Soul Swords violently penetrated their backs.

The pain of their soul completely swallowed their thoughts as the two of them shouted out in agony. They immediately stumbled.

Jackie deliberately spared their lives, continuing to pursue them. The two of them were the main instigators of everything. He would not allow them to die so easily, so Jackie wanted to keep them alive until the end. Without a strong pillar to lead them, the warriors from second-grade worlds fell like flies.

Jackie had sucked away all of their confidence.

Most of them ran away without fighting back. The warriors from third-grade worlds would naturally not let them off as they started a frantic pursuit.

Chulanne and the others had reddened eyes. Before this, they had been forced into desperation by the warriors from second-grade worlds. If Jackie had not appeared, the warriors from third-grade worlds would have already died.

Hatred and anger piled up in their hearts, and they exploded at that moment.

Chulanne raised his hand, “Warriors from third-grade worlds, listen to this order! No one is to let any of these dogs go! We’ll let them have a taste of pure suffering!”

At that moment, all the warriors from third-grade worlds were already going crazy. Their hatred and suffering had clouded their rationality. They did not care about anything else. They just wanted to make the warriors from second-grade worlds pay, to make them feel pain.

With Jackie at the helm, the warriors from third-grade worlds were much safer.

In the next hour, most of the ones who died were from second-grade worlds!

Finally, the warriors from third-grade worlds had won the battle. Even though a small number of warriors from second-grade worlds managed to flee, it was a negligible number. Most of them had died there, and the corpses piled up into mountains.

A little creek made up of blood had formed there. Many had lost their lives.


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