No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3533-3534

Chapter 3533
Even if he expended all the power in his body, Horace would still fail to deflect Jackie’s gray blade.

It broke through his defenses and pierced his body. The pain of his soul being torn apart caused him to cry out in agony as he fell from the air.

Horace was someone who placed a lot of importance on his dignity. As long as he could still control himself, he would not have let himself look like that.

However, facing Jackie’s power, all he could do was push all the true energy in his body to fight against that energy. Otherwise, he would not live to see another day!

Horace clutched his chest and trembled, staring right at Jackie. “Who are you?! Where did you come from?!”

Anyone as strong as him should not have been here. They should have been fighting in the inner region.

Why would they have much time to spare and come here?

The person in front of him was someone he had never seen before either. When it came to the strongest warriors from third-grade worlds, he should have at least seen recordings or drawings of them, even if he never met them before.

He had no idea of the man’s identity.

He was so sure that he had never seen the person before, so where did this man come from?

Jackie let out a laugh as he quickly walked to Horace.

Horace’s heart was beating rapidly as he started to crawl backward frantically, shouting, “Stop right there! Don’t come any closer! Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you defeated me!”

“I have other cards up my sleeve. If you push me into a corner, even if I have to burn my blood essence, I’ll fight you! You’ll end up injured, no matter how strong you are! Nothing good will come for you!”

Horace’s eyes went wide as he tried to puff his chest. In truth, however, Jackie could see the fear he so desperately tried to hide.

Horace was afraid. Even though Jackie’s attack had not killed him immediately, Jackie still managed to harm Horace’s soul gravely.

Without miracle-working medicines, he might never be able to improve anymore in his life.

Jackie let out a laugh as he said in a nonchalant manner, “Do you think your threats will work on me right now?”

Every other mini-battles stopped as everyone looked in his direction. Whatever world the warriors were from, all of them felt like everything seemed like a dream.

Warriors from second-grade worlds were already deflated. Their eyes started to dart all over as a sliver of apprehension appeared in their eyes.

Thamus and the others, who had been smiling earlier, suddenly found themselves staring at Jackie. Even though they still held their weapons tightly, it was obvious that they were filled with fear and anxiety.

Cadian stood behind Thamus and said in a trembling voice, “Thamus, who is this person? Where did he come from? I remember he came from the crowd, so it must mean he’s been here all the time…”

Chapter 3534
As that was said, Cadian’s mind was a complete mess. He found himself scrambling for words as his anxiety skyrocketed.

Everything that happened overturned the scenario once again, all too swiftly.

Thamus’ expression was dark.

With a sword in hand, his eyes reddened. “I don’t know! Regardless, he’s from a third-grade world, which means he’s against us… Have you seen him before? We’ve all seen the images of all warriors from third-grade worlds that are slightly famous, but I’ve never seen this guy before. This has to be my first time…”

Cadian nodded before he suddenly had a thought.

He recalled something important as his voice raised, “Is this Jackie?!”

Everyone’s eyes widened at the question.

Some never heard of Jackie before, but the others had Jackie’s name etched into their minds. Warriors from the Golden Continent and Sacred Water Continent, in particular, greatly suffered due to Jackie.

With Cadian’s words, the short silence shattered as an uproar occurred among the warriors.

“He’s Jackie! He might be wearing a mask, but I know that figure anywhere! The mask only covers half his face. From his lower face and his technique, I’m sure this is Jackie!”

Those who never heard about Jackie started to ask around, wondering who he was and why those who knew of Jackie were so excited. Those who knew of Jackie suddenly gossiped, telling everyone about him with their own flair added in.

Everyone started to understand that Jackie was no simple person.

Cadian knew of Jackie because he had a good friend from the Sacred Water Continent. After Jackie had pushed them back so badly, his friend told him all about Jackie.

Jackie was from Hestia, a continent considered to be on the bottom of third-grade worlds, and none of them even bothered to rank any warrior from Hestia highly.

Chaos City had 50 third-grade worlds and 20 second-grade worlds within. Compared to before, there were just too many strong warriors within. The fact that most of them did not know who Jackie was was only natural. After all, Jackie only ever interacted with three second-grade worlds before.

Cadian told Thamus about Jackie in the quickest way possible.

Thamus took a deep breath as he looked at Jackie with a different expression, shocked at the fact that someone so strong appeared from such an insignificant third-grade world. Even Horace with his avatar was no match for Jackie.

It was obvious how strong he was. He had seen his prowess and noted that Jackie did not use an avatar.

It was possibly because Jackie did not think Horace was worth using an avatar on at all, or that Jackie did not have an avatar yet.

Regardless, Jackie’s strength was already etched into his mind. Horace’s whole body was trembling, partly because of the pain, and partly out of fear. He had heard the discussions around him and realized that Jackie was a monster.

Even though the Golden Continent and the Sacred Water Continent were not among the best second-grade worlds, the fact that Jackie managed to push two worlds down on his own was enough to state his abilities and talents.

Horace lamented, “Curse my luck!”

He felt like he was just insanely unlucky to meet someone like that.

Jackie smiled. “Not bad. You have twenty golden keys with you. It looks like the inner region must be a nice place…”


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