No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3521-3532

Chapter 3521
Eight golden keys would yield quite a valuable treasure, so a lot of them were quite tempted by the sight.

When the one-eyed man said that, the other warriors around him laughed.

One of them straight up said, “Stop trying to act like you’re such a nice person. You’re just after this guy’s eight golden guys. You just didn’t want to look bad. Do you think you’re worthy of getting those keys? So many people are targeting them! This guy’s keys won’t be yours!”

The battle was continuing, and Jackie’s appearance was just a distraction that caused the fights to temporarily stop. However, many of them knew very well that it was just temporary. After the one-eyed man was mocked, he stared at the person angrily, unwilling to admit it.

He wanted to argue, but he was interrupted by someone else, “Stop with that nonsense! Anyone capable will get those keys. If you have the skills, then go fight over it yourself!”

Jackie was quite exasperated. He was still standing right there, but everyone was talking about how they would distribute the keys he had. Jackie felt quite amused.

Quinton and the others raised their eyebrows. None of them said another word.

Those people really needed to look at themselves in the mirror if they wanted to take what belonged to Jackie.

The warriors from third-grade worlds had temporarily reached a consensus to work together, so naturally, none of them would try to take Jackie’s keys. The earlier discussions were all from warriors from second-grade worlds.

Chad scoffed, “They really are ignorant. How dare they try to even touch Jackie? They really want to die!”

Chad’s words were only heard by a few people next to him, so they did not gain that much attention.

The warriors from second-grade worlds were still trying to fight over Jackie’s keys. At that moment, they heard a boom from afar. Everyone looked over to see a golden glow speeding over.

Chulanne said emotionally, “Robert! He’s finally here!”

When the warriors from third-grade worlds heard that it was Robert, they were incredibly emotional.

Jackie knew very little of the third-grade worlds. After all, he had always acted alone. Even if he had worked together with the third-grade worlds before, he had never asked about the strongest warriors from third-grade worlds.

“This is great! Robert is finally here. Everything will be fine now. Those dogs are going to die! They pushed us back for so long, it’s time for us to fightback! They won’t be able to get out unscathed this time!”

“That’s right! I was still wondering if one of the strongest will come to save us. Even if Robert isn’t the best among them, he’s still more than enough for this battle!”

Robert was like a pillar of strength to the warriors from third-grade worlds that were gathered there. He slowly descended, and everyone started to calm down.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking at Robert curiously.

Listening to everyone’s discussions, it seemed like Robert was among the strongest warriors from third-grade worlds. It was just that this was the first time Jackie heard of his name. He had never heard anyone mention the name before, but from the expressions, it was as if Robert was someone everyone should know.

Chad gulped as he said in a low voice, “I can’t believe it! I thought they didn’t care about us at all!”

“When we were being pushed down, those people acted like they did not see anything. They never helped us fight back. I thought that, even if all the warriors from third-grade worlds were slaughtered, they would just look on from the top, acting like they did not know anything and see anything.”

Chapter 3522
Quinton turned to stare at Chad, “What kind of nonsense are you talking about? The situation further in is even more complicated. I heard that the fighting there is already at a stage where there’s no winning. No one is willing to give in, and more people are dying.”

Chad raised an eyebrow, clearly not agreeing with what Quinton said.

If it was before, Chad would have not dwelled on the problem. Yet, ever since he got to know Jackie, he felt like a lot of things had been cleared up.

Was Jackie weak?

Even compared to those self-proclaimed heroes, he was no slouch.

Yet, Jackie never looked down on him. Jackie would not ignore any cries for help and let the warriors from third-grade worlds be oppressed.

Comparing the two sides, Chad could no longer hold it in.

“The situation there is even more complicated, but it’s not like they can’t help us at all. They clearly just aren’t willing to. The moment they have to give anything up, they just don’t care about us.”

“Even though we can’t say that what they’re doing is wrong, they keep on putting themselves on such a high pedestal. They just give us all sorts of orders, and they punish anyone who doesn’t follow what they want! They abuse their power but are never responsible when they need to be. Who do they think they are?”

As he said that, Chad never lowered his voice, and the people around them could hear everything clearly.

Quite a few of them looked around, but no one voiced out to agree or deny it. Everyone knew the situation, but no one wanted to talk about it. If they were heard saying anything, the consequences would be bad.

Chad did not care at that moment, he felt like they could do whatever they wanted to. He just needed to voice out his thoughts.

Quinton anxiously pulled Chad’s arm, “Shut up! What are you talking about?! Do you think you’re qualified to talk about this?! The strong have their own things to do. You’re not them. You wouldn’t know.”

Quinton was trying to stop Chad.

Chad raised an eyebrow, deciding not to continue for Quinton’s sake, but he was still unhappy.

Rudy looked at Robert and raised an eyebrow, whispering to Chad, “What’s this about the inside and outside? Are the stronger warriors all inside?”

Chad nodded, “The inner region is the main battlefield for fighting over rings. I heard some of them even have fifty rings on them. Compared to the inner region, the outer region isn’t worth anything. They wouldn’t easily come to the outer region, and would only fight over the keys in the inner region.”

“Even if the outer region is suffering heavy losses, and even if we’re currently going through a large-scale fight here, to the strong, it’s just as simple as a few people dying. It’s nothing worth thinking about…”

As he said that, Chad paused.

There was a serious expression on his face before he added, “I’m actually very surprised that Robert is here. With how he is, he would never have come here so easily. Something must have happened inside, or he must think that this battle will affect his own profits…”

Rudy nodded.

Chad’s words were very reasonable. Those so-called strong warriors never bothered with anything unless it concerned themselves. Otherwise, they would not care about the deaths of other warriors from third-grade worlds.

Chad narrowed his eyes slightly as he continued, “Even more despicable is the fact that they just casually issue orders whenever they think we’d be useful. It’s as if we’re just their slaves.”

Chapter 3523
“When our lives are at stake, they’d just casually ignore it. They would not interfere unless it affected them. To them, the number of deaths is not significant enough for them to bother with.” Chad said that with rage in his eyes.

When it came to those who called themselves strong, he had a lot of negative opinions about them. Every time those stronger warriors needed them, they would appear and act like they were superior.

When the regular warriors needed the stronger warriors, they would act like superiors and not care about the death of regular warriors at all. The two of them whispered to each other for a long time, and Quinton stood there, frowning.

He reached out and grabbed Chad’s arm, whispering, “Can you please be quieter? Stop saying whatever comes to your mind. Don’t forget, there are eyes and ears everywhere. If what you said gets out, those people will end up targeting you. Do you think you’ll be able to escape the consequences?”

Chad sneered, not caring at all, “Let them if they want. Do you think I’m scared of them? When we need them, they’re never around. When we don’t need them, they appear in front of us to show off. It’s disgusting.”

Quinton frowned as he clutched Chad’s arm tightly, “Stop with your nonsense! Keep these words to yourself in the future! Don’t say it out loud!”

As they were arguing, the battlefield had become incredibly tense.

When Robert landed, Chulanne and the others rushed over to Robert. All of them looked at Robert like he was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Chulanne was finally able to relax.

He exclaimed, his eyes appearing reddened, “Robert, you’re finally here! If it were any later, I don’t even know if I’d be able to see you again. Those despicable guys are trying to push us down, torturing us to no end. They are so cruel! They don’t treat us as human beings at all!”

Chulanne became increasingly emotional as he spoke. His voice was turning hoarse. He had three fellow disciples who had just left the squad for two hours, but when they saw them again, they were already corpses, mutilated beyond belief.

Even though they were dead, their eyes were still wide open. The fear in their eyes was evident. It was not the first time warriors from second-grade worlds did something like that. On their way, they saw countless corpses in similar horrible states.

Those warriors from second-grade worlds treated them like livestock to be killed at any moment. All of the anger that had been accumulating exploded, starting this massive battle.

Robert raised an eyebrow as he coldly looked at Chulanne, ”Don’t they do this often? Do you not know about it? Since you know, then you shouldn’t be splitting up. Warriors from third-grade worlds should just gather together, then they would not have any chance to do anything.”

“What’s the point of fighting this battle? What can you prove? I always thought that you were meticulous when you did things, and I thought you would never do anything impulsive. It looks like I was wrong, you’re also one of those people who let your emotions get to your head.”

Chulanne was stunned at those words. His eyes widened, and his lips trembled. He wanted to explain, but he was stopped by Harold.

Chapter 3524
Harold pursed his lips, hurriedly saying in a respectful tone, “You’re right, Robert, but we didn’t have a choice. Too many of our fellow disciples have been tortured to death, and they even formed groups to rob us. We’ve already been forced into a corner. If we don’t fight back, we’d have to just let them do whatever they want to us.”

Robert narrowed his eyes as he looked at Harold.

He had a hint of disdain in his voice, “What do you mean you were forced into a corner? There were clearly other things that could have been done, but you chose this. You just insist on causing us more trouble.”

After he said that, Robert turned to look at the warriors from second-grade worlds, ignoring the rest of them.

Chulanne’s hands were trembling from all the emotion whirling in him. His initial excitement had turned into shock and frustration.

He felt like he was about to be filled with so much frustration that he would explode.

What did Robert mean by those words?

Was Robert blaming him for starting this fight and dragging Robert into it?

Chulanne’s fists clenched tightly, and all the muscles on his body were incredibly tense as well. The wound on his chest even widened because of his heavy breathing, bleeding again.

His face was even beginning to pale from the anger. Harold held Chulanne’s wrist tightly, not wanting Chulanne to act rashly.

Chulanne turned around, and his eyes were full of rage. Harold naturally knew why that was the case. However, they could only remain silent then.

All Harold could do was shoot Chulanne a look to hold himself back. They needed to rely on Robert at that moment!

Jackie was not too far away from them. He could clearly see Chulanne’s every action. Even if he could not hear what they were saying, he could still read the situation from Chulanne’s expression.

He raised an eyebrow. Those so-called heroes really were not great people.

It was just like Chad said, when those people were not needed, they loved to show off their power. The moment they were needed, they were the first to run away, coming up with various excuses for their actions. They were never at fault, it was always someone else.

Even if so many warriors from third-grade worlds had died, it was just a simple number in their eyes.

Thamus narrowed his eyes, “I was wondering who it was, so it’s you. It looks like things aren’t going that well inside.”

Thamus’ words had another meaning behind them. Others did not understand, but Robert did.

Robert smirked viciously, “I thought you would be completely terrified when you saw me, I can’t believe you can put on such a good act. Aren’t you afraid that I’m here?”

Thamus’ face froze as he angrily shouted, “What nonsense?! Who’s the scared one? You should be the one pissing in your pants! Don’t think you’ll be able to turn the tables alone! Who do you think we are? Don’t you see how many warriors from second-grade worlds are gathered here?!”

Robert scoffed, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. Don’t worry, I won’t let you pull off your petty tricks!”

He started to form seals immediately after which produced sounds of explosions within his hand. Balls of fire formed around his hands, and the surrounding air seemed to dim.

Everyone was illuminated by the orange glow.

Jackie looked up slightly at the immense pressure, pursing his lips with some surprise.

Chad said in surprise, “So it’s the middle ultimate god rank technique, Crimson Meteor.”

Chapter 3525
Thamus frowned as a reluctant look flashed in his eyes. He could not help but look to the back, wondering where his eldest disciple was.

Robert could see what their plans were and knew they were waiting for reinforcements.

He would obviously not give them the chance as he wanted to deal with all of them before the reinforcements could arrive.

Thamus once again looked back at the orange-red glow. Robert’s technique was known to warriors from both the third and second-grade worlds.

He used a lower ultimate god rank technique, so he was no match for Robert. None of the second-grade world warriors there was a match for Robert at all.

Thamus clenched his teeth and said to Cadian, “We have to work together later! Stall time as long as possible! Otherwise, we’ll all die here!”

No matter how intense the earlier battles were, they had been on an even playing field. Robert’s appearance had shattered that balance. The technique he used was a middle ultimate god rank technique. It was enough to fight even two of Thamus.

On top of that, there were the other warriors from third-grade worlds as well. Robert would just need to deal with the stronger ones, and the others would have no ability to fight back. Only death would await them.

Cadian’s hands trembled as he said with worry, “Thamus, how long do we need to stall for?”

Thamus’s lips twitched, clenching his teeth as he said, “For as long as possible!”

Both of them started to form seals as they pushed out all the true energy in their bodies, planning on fighting Robert to death.

At that moment, an icy blue ray descended from the skies.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped. Thamus widened his eyes as he turned to look behind him.

A man in blue robes rushed over from afar. The man seemed to have a vicious look, and his whole body was covered in icy blue energy. The person was incredibly quick, arriving in front of everyone in a flash.

Thamus said excitedly, “Horace, you’re finally here! If you were any later, these pieces of trash would have tried to pull something!”

Horace smirked as he said coldly, “Don’t worry, the pieces oftrash from third-grade worlds will never amount to anything in front of us. They’ll always be our prey!”

Looking at who it was, Robert’s expression stiffened.

That nonchalant attitude of his had completely evaporated as he said, “It’s actually this guy!”

Horace was someone who was among the stronger warriors from second-grade worlds. He was ranked in the top three of his holy grade clan!

His skills were incredibly powerful. All the warriors present had heard of Horace before.

Quinton stiffened, “We’re done for! I can’t believe it’s him…”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Quinton curiously. After that, he looked at the warriors from third-grade worlds around them. None of them looked happy about the situation.

When they saw who had arrived, their excitement completely disappeared. All of them had stiff expressions. It seemed like Horace was not weak. He was definitely stronger than the arrogant Robert.

Chapter 3526
Even Robert’s expression stiffened.

With his hands, Horace formed ice-blue seals that danced and fused in the air. He pushed his hands forward, and an icy-blue light appeared behind him.

A massive snowflake that was about three or four people tall appeared. It had countless seals etched on it, and the snowflake slowly spun behind Horace, who had a sinister smirk on his face.

When everyone saw the scene, they froze.

Someone said in a low voice, “A world avatar! Horace managed to form a world avatar! We’re doomed! We’re done for now!”

Rudy merely stood by the side, puzzled as he heard everyone talking about world avatars, the power of avatars, and ice avatars.

He never heard about world avatars before, but listening to how everyone was speaking, it seemed like it was a big deal.

To not make himself seem like a complete fool, he immediately looked at Jackie with curiosity.

Jackie let out a smile as he patted Rudy on the shoulder and explained in a whisper, “World avatars are basically manifestations of special powers after absorbing the laws of heaven and earth into your body. Forming a world avatar will strengthen your body and increase the explosiveness of your techniques.”

Rudy was still puzzled as he listened on, but he more or less understood the gist of it. It was like giving a boost to one’s skills.

If that person was using a lower ultimate god rank technique and mastered it to the first stage, the technique would be as strong as if he had mastered it to the second stage with the help of a world avatar.

Rudy frowned and asked, “It looks like a world avatar should be quite hard to learn. Even after meeting so many people, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone using one.”

Jackie nodded, continuing to explain, “Forming a world avatar is the equivalent of being enlightened in the laws of the world. This Horace is using an ice avatar, which means he was enlightened in the laws of ice, condensing it within him to form the avatar…”

“Comprehending the laws of ice requires a high level of understanding. You need to be in the right place at the right time as well. Regular folk will never get to achieve this. Even some warriors at the divine solidifying realm won’t be able to successfully form one if they’re not talented enough.”

Rudy blinked. In truth, even if Jackie did not explain the last few sentences, he would understand regardless of how difficult it was.

Even with so many geniuses within the Whirling World, they had only seen one person who ever mastered it in so long. It was obvious how difficult it was.

That explained why everyone was so shocked. Even Robert’s expression darkened at that moment. With a world avatar, the battle suddenly became much harder for him.

Robert also had some difficulties he could not voice out. He could not reveal all his emotions on his face, or it would greatly damage his dignity.

No matter how strong his opponent was, he was a leader among the third-grade worlds. If he revealed his fears, it would greatly damage his reputation. If the matter ever spread to others, he would not be able to accept the embarrassment.

The beautiful seals constantly fused around that massive snowflake. It let out a vibrant and light blue glow, completely surrounding Horace with the light.

Horace’s smirk grew malicious. Even if Robert was able to keep his composure, he could still see the fear that he so desperately tried to hide. He loved seeing those expressions on the faces of his enemies.

It stroked his ego to great lengths every time he saw it.

Chapter 3527
Horace never thought of third-grade-world warriors as people at all. In fact, he saw them as mere lambs for slaughter, so these ‘lambs’ trying to fight back against him was a tremendous insult to him.

He would use the cruelest methods to punish the lambs who tried to retaliate, he wanted them to regret even thinking about it. He loved seeing fear, panic, and pain on the faces of his enemies.

Horace got more excited.

“Hahaha! Are you afraid now? You should keep your cool, because even more horrifying things will come. You haven’t seen anything yet!”

To the third-grade-world warriors, Horace was like a wild beast that crawled out of hell, and they felt chills just looking at him.

Meanwhile, warriors from second-grade worlds were all smiles, evidently elated.

With Horace around, everything was in their grasp with no possible overturn of events. They would be triumphant and trample on the warriors from third-grade worlds, who would surely submit their golden keys to them.

A warrior from a second-grade world loudly gushed, “Horace is amazing! Those third-grade-world warriors are already too scared to even say anything! They look like they’re about to piss in their pants!”

“Exactly! They were so arrogant before this, but now, they look like they’re about to cry. It’s just the start! You’ll quickly know how it feels to be in hell! You’ll never be able to fight back!”

Thamus let out a deep breath as he looked at the world avatar behind Horace with admiration and security. He wondered when he would ever be able to form one.

Rudy was in no mood to bother thinking about how the people around him were feeling. His thoughts were fully on the world avatar. To him, no one was as talented or as capable as Jackie.

A world avatar might be something incredible to most of them, but it should not be that hard for Jackie to master. However, Rudy was sure that Jackie did not have one.

His eyes widened as he asked, “Jackie, why don’t you have a world avatar? Could it take a lot of time to master?”

Rudy had tremendous confidence in Jackie and felt like he did not have a world avatar purely because he did not have the time. It was not a matter of talent at all.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said with a smile, “A world avatar doesn’t just need time and talent to learn. You need to be in the right place at the right time as well. You need to find somewhere dense with the laws of your attribute.”

Rudy looked at Jackie, still not understanding what he meant.

Jackie continued to explain, “To comprehend the laws of the world and condense a world avatar, you have to be ridiculously talented. Even the laws of the world can be split into attributes. For instance, the martial techniques I’m learning are of the soul attribute. If I want to learn the laws of the world, I’d need to head to somewhere incredibly dense in soul attributes.”

Rudy grew even more confused as he listened, but Jackie did not get frustrated as he merely worded things better for his companion.

The laws of the world encompassed a lot of things.

Comprehending the laws of the world did not mean understanding everything, but only a small part of it.

Chapter 3528
Everyone had attributes they were good at, so when choosing the laws to comprehend, they would usually choose the ones they specialized in.

Jackie used Horace as an example.

Horace was well-versed in ice techniques, so it was only expected that he chose to comprehend the laws of ice and naturally formed an ice avatar.

Only then did Rudy understand the gist of it all.

Understanding the laws of the world merely meant understanding a certain attribute. That was because the laws of the world encompassed everything. No one could ever understand everything, so they were forced to choose one, which was what they were best at. That way, they could be enlightened to a certain degree and form a world avatar.

Jackie patted Rudy on the shoulder and continued, “World avatars are separated into nine stages. Horace probably only managed to learn the first stage.”

Rudy blinked, asking curiously, “If you form a world avatar and reach the first stage as well, whose avatar would be stronger?”

Jackie smirked slightly and said with absolute confidence, “Me, of course. The powers of various avatars are different. Not only do laws naturally interact with each other to affect their power, but the purity of various avatars is different as well, and it affects the power.”

“This guy might have a world avatar, but it’s not that pure. Even if he steps into the second stage, he won’t be able to beat the first stage of my avatar.”

The moment Jackie said that, Rudy relaxed.

Jackie had not formed a world avatar purely because he had not found a place with the laws of the soul. Only if he found a place like that would he be able to absorb the laws of the soul that formed in the world, successfully condensing a world avatar.

To Jackie, there was no such thing as lack of comprehension. After all, he had the memories of the ancient seniors.

He never had a problem when it came to comprehending anything. Those ancient heroes had reached the ninth stage of the world avatars when they were alive.

With all that experience in front of him, he just needed to slowly advance, and he would be able to form a world avatar.

Jackie sighed helplessly. “It’s just a pity that I haven’t found anywhere like that. Compared to the five basic attributes, the laws of the soul are hellish to understand. It’s incredibly rare for any natural place to have them too.”

As he said that, he lamented, “I wonder if I can find anywhere like that in the Whirling World.”

The Whirling World was incredibly vast. It was a completely isolated space and was different from regular worlds. Jackie did not know if there was anywhere with natural laws of the soul.

Jackie forgot to whisper the last few words amid his lamenting, and Quinton and the others had heard it all.

Quinton turned and said excitedly, “There is! Of course there is! There even is one in Cloud City!”

When Jackie heard that, his eyes widened, turning around to look at Quinton.

Quinton, seeing Jackie’s anxious expression, cut to the chase and answered, “There’s somewhere called Cloud Valley in Cloud City. It’s filled with various laws. Quite a few warriors enter and end up staying there for one or two months to use those laws to form world avatars. There’s somewhere rich with laws of the soul as well! It’s at the western side.”

Chapter 3529
After Quinton explained things, Chad added, “Horace never mentioned successfully forming a world avatar before. He suddenly brought it out, so I think he must’ve just formed it not too long ago. I feel like he must’ve formed it in Cloud Valley.”

Jackie took a deep breath. It had been something he had been worried about for a long time.

He had been worried that he would not be able to find anywhere with the laws of the soul, but there was one such place in Cloud City after all! It seemed like his next stop would be that place.

He needed to form a world avatar before concerning himself with anything else. With the help of a world avatar, his skills would be much better. Then, he would be even more confident when the Radiant Hall opened.

As they talked, the battle was starting to take place. The two reinforcements were incredibly strong, but Robert was severely doubtful of himself. After seeing Horace’s world avatar, he felt like Horace would not let him off if he lost to him.

If he died, they would start to slaughter all the warriors from third-grade worlds, which would spell the end of the third-grade world warriors. He could even imagine how terrible the situation would be.

Chulanne clenched his fists, lacking confidence as well, but alas they did not have any other way out of the situation. He had hoped that Robert would be able to defeat Horace. After all, without them actually fighting, Chulanne did not want to judge who was stronger so quickly.

Horace looked at Robert coldly. “I’ve never liked you. You even dared to steal our keys before this! Looks like you’ve got some guts! I’ll use this chance to properly deal with you before I deal with the rest of them. All of you will die by my hands! You won’t even have a chance to struggle!”

As he said that, he started to form seals again.

A crescent moon suddenly appeared above Horace, and the moon emitted an ice-cold glow.

Horace scoffed. “The technique l’m using is the middle ultimate god rank technique, Frost Moon Slash! With the ice avatar, I’ll be able to use this technique to the strongest! Unless you’re using an upper ultimate god rank technique, you stand no chance of surviving.”

The moment that was said, Robert gulped.

His technique was a middle ultimate god rank technique as well, but he did not have a world avatar, so he could only use the technique to the second stage.

Horace was probably at the same level, but with the world avatar’s help, his position was elevated to a whole new stage.

Robert’s lips twitched, realizing how much of a dangerous situation he was in.

The warriors from second-grade worlds were akin to hungry wolves. In their eyes, he was just fresh meat that they could, at any moment, rush in and go for the kill. Any moment of carelessness might cost him his life.

Various thoughts surfaced in Robert’s head, and he felt a chill over his body.

He turned to look at Chulanne and the other third-grade world warriors behind Chulanne. All of them were looking at him with hope, as if he was their guiding light.

Yet, he found it hard to accept those looks at that moment.

His lips twitched as he made a decision. His true energy circulated in his legs before he stamped forward, shooting himself into the air.

As his companions hopefully watched on, he immediately turned around and ran, not even sparing another glance to the warriors from third-grade worlds beneath him.

Chapter 3530
Everyone watched on as Robert flew away, unable to react or utter a word as some jaws slackened in surprise as well.

Chulanne’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. Looking at the retreating figure, he finally reacted.

Robert was a complete coward. When the situation grew dire, he tossed all of them aside and left!

He did not even bother saying anything and merely shot them a glance!

Slowly, the rest of them started to react as well. The warriors from second-grade worlds burst into laughter as they jeered, “This guy actually ran! He ran just like a dog!”

“What could he do if he didn’t? Was he really planning on facing Horace head-on? As if! He’s just a pest from a third-grade world. Even if he has some skills, he’s just slightly better than the rest of his pesky companions. He’s no match for Horace at all!”

“He’d just be waiting for death! He doesn’t want to die with the rest of them, so he decides to flee. Honestly, he made the smartest choice.”

Chad’s lips froze. He was absolutely furious. “That dog left us and fled on his own! He dared to do that! He was all smug as if we were the ones dragging him down. The moment he saw that he’d lose, he turned and ran! This is absolutely absurd!”

Chad’s hands were trembling in anger as he breathed heavily.

It was just too much. The warriors from second-grade worlds were despicable, but Robert was even more so compared to them. He was absolutely disgusting.

Chad, meanwhile, felt like he was going to gag. Jackie, too, was at a loss for words. Everything just seemed too surreal.

He thought that Robert would immediately attack, but Robert actually turned around and ran, not even bothering about his reputation!

It was such a despicable, shameless act that all the warriors from third-grade worlds were plagued with sorrow. No matter how loudly the warriors from second-grade worlds were laughing, there was nothing they could do.

Horace was speechless. He could have chased after Robert, but he remembered his task.

Robert came second. Dealing with those who were fighting back was the most important thing to be dealt with. If he chased after the other party, things might end up ruined, so he controlled himself.

Horace’s lips twitched. “He really is an embarrassing fool, through and through. I even thought he was skilled. I can’t believe this…”

Chulanne was so furious that he was about to faint.

He clenched his fists tightly as he said through gritted teeth, “That dog! He dared to say that we gave him trouble! He acted like he was our savior, but he left us behind and fled at the sight of danger! How despicable!”

Even the mild-mannered Harold cursed, “Vermin! Just you wait! If I survive this, I’ll make sure you pay!”

Everyone hated Robert to the limits at that moment. In truth, they already knew what awaited them, but they were just too furious at how Robert had abandoned them so easily.

Horace did not even see the warriors from third-grade worlds as humans. To him, even those who stood at the top of the third-grade worlds amounted to almost nothing.

Chapter 3531
Rudy, on the other hand, was not as angry as everyone else from third-grade worlds. He was merely disgusted at Robert’s behavior and abhorred those like that.

He remembered how everyone looked at Robert with so much hope. Anyone who had just a bit of kindness in their hearts would never have done what Robert did.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he said, “This guy’s heart must’ve been fed to the dogs, or perhaps he was just a dog all along. How could he do something like that?”

The warriors from third-grade worlds merely felt despair and hopelessness.

They could see how ruined their future was. These second-grade-world warriors would never let them off the hook, and they did not want to be killed off just like that.

They could scatter and flee, but it would be too tragic and dishonorable.

Chulanne took a deep breath before he suddenly shouted, “I don’t know about you, but you can run now if you wish. It’s fine to run, and it’s fine to stay as well!”

“I’ll stay and fight these despicable men until I draw my last breath. Even if I die, I won’t go down without taking a few of them with me!”

Chulanne’s loud proclamation reached the ears of every warrior, and his words even sparked a fiery hope within them.

“That’s right! Even if I die, I must drag them down with me! It’s just death no matter what I do! They’ll get to us anyway, so I might as well die with honor!”

Even though a few of them wanted to leave after losing all hope, most of them had reached their breaking point and would rather die than live on the run, being worried about being killed at any moment.

Horace started to laugh out loud as he looked at Chulanne in disdain. “You’re still thinking about taking us down? Do you think an ant like you can even do that? I won’t deal with the rest of them for now-let me kill you first!”

“Come at me then!” roared Chulanne. “Don’t think that l’m afraid of you!”

Horace started to form seals with his hands, and the crescent moon in the air got brighter.

The ice avatar behind Horace was putting a large amount of energy into the crescent moon. The Frost Moon Slash grew fuller with energy until it looked like it was going to explode.

Chulanne narrowed his eyes slightly. He had dismissed the thought of death. He knew that he would not be able to survive if he fought Horace, but he no longer cared about that.

He started to form seals with his hands, wanting to burn his blood essence when all of a sudden, a figure suddenly rushed out from the crowd.

That person was forming seals with his hands, and a broken blade appeared in front of him, containing dense amounts of soul energy.

That person was Jackie!

Before everyone could react, he jumped out from the crowd and rushed right at Horace.

Horace frowned in surprise at the sudden appearance. “Another suicidal brat!”

It was not that difficult for Horace to kill one or two of them at all. He sneered as he shot the crescent moon right at Jackie!

Jackie’s expression was calm as if the attack was beneath his nofice.

Everyone’s eyes widened at the sight. Chad was starting to shake in nervousness. He was confident in Jackie, but that did not mean he could not worry. After all, Horace wasjust too strong. He even had a world avatar!

Chad took a deep breath. “He’ll be fine! Horace is no match for Jackie!”

Quinton and the others next to him had their fists clenched as well.

Jackie was their final hope!

Chapter 3532
However, other than a few of those in third-grade worlds, the others did not know who the one rushing forward was at all.

All of them felt like Jackie must have been forced to the point of insanity and wanted to end his life quickly. Otherwise, he would never have rushed forward so blindly.

As those thoughts floated in everyone’s minds, Jackie’s Broken Soul Blade clashed against Horace’s Frost Moon Slash.

As these two techniques came to blows, a series of explosions were heard.

Two intense energies clashed in the air, trying to devour each other. Shockwaves were produced, and the warriors closer to the center were blown back by the energy. The clash was too powerful, and everyone could even see a small energy cortex being formed at the center of the clash.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked to the middle.

In the middle of the clash, a sudden shout was heard by everyone.

Everyone perked up unblinkingly. Even with the explosions, everyone could hear that Horace was the one who shouted.

What happened?

Why was Horace so shocked?

He sounded as though he was surprised.

The next second, a cry of agony was heard as a figure shrouded in a faint blue glow started to free-fall. With a boom, that person plummeted to the ground!

Everyone’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets at that moment, because the one who fell from the air had not been the hotheaded man who rushed forward but Horace instead.

Whatever world they were from, Horace was a transcendent figure to all warriors. Horace was far stronger than them, and they would never be able to catch up to him.

Not a single warrior there was a match for Horace, but the scene in front of them indicated that Horace had lost!

“Hah! Is the one who’s on the ground Horace? Have I gone blind? Am I hallucinating? How could he have lost to that guy?”

As that was said, he paused, not knowing how to continue.

Someone around could not help but say, “Why is he on the ground? Did his technique backfire on him?”

The person could only think about it that way. After all, he could not believe that someone had been able to beat Horace. In just one strike, Horace’s attack crumbled, so they wondered if Horace’s technique rebounded on him.

That was the only excuse that person had to calm himself down from the shock.

At that moment, it was not just one person who was full of disbelief. Every single person had a face full of disbelief, including Chad. This was far too unexpected.

Even Horace, who had been so arrogant and strong, was suddenly defeated in one blow by someone who appeared out of nowhere.

He was writhing on the ground like a worm, not getting up even after so long.

Was this real?

They could not even believe it. They felt like they were dreaming.

Jackie slowly landed on the ground as he glared at Horace, who was on the ground and clutching his chest.

It was not just the warriors from them, even Horace had no idea what had happened.

The two techniques clashed, and it never seemed like an even battle from the start. Jackie’s technique broke right through his, and that broken blade quickly shot right at him, rendering him unable to react.

To him, Jackie was not beneath an ant.

The fact that Horace was even bothering to deal with Jackie should already be considered as honoring Jackie, but Horace ended up losing so badly!

That broken blade contained the power to devour souls!

Thankfully, Horace was skilled. The moment the blade touched his chest, he swiftly summoned up all the true energy in his body to shield his chest. Seconds later, however, he heard a cracking sound from his chest as the power of his ice avatar was slowly devoured!


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