No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3511-3520

Chapter 3511
Kayn’s lips twitched as he whispered, “Does this guy who’s with Chad know what he’s talking about…”

Quinton narrowed his eyes, “Let’s not be in such a hurry to judge. Chad is not someone who makes rash judgments. The fact that he said that means that this guy definitely has some skills. Chad saw it for himself before, but I just don’t know if those skills are enough to get us out of this.”

Kayn widened his eyes as he looked at Quinton in exasperation, “Quinton, what are you even saying? Our situation isn’t something just one or two people can help with.”

“Unless this guy is unbelievably strong that he can beat two or three people by himself, no one will be able to save us. We shouldn’t put our hopes in the two of them.”

Quinton sighed, suddenly not knowing what to say.

Brian’s closest friend, Andor, looked at Jackie in disdain, “Brat! You really don’t know your place!”

Jackie completely ignored Andor as he looked at Brian, “You still haven’t answered me. Why do you have four golden keys? Those disciples next to you even have three each. As their leader, you should have at least double what they have, so why do you only have four?”

Jackie looked at Brian in confusion. His tone was completely calm as if Jackie was in no danger at all.

Brian looked at Jackie coldly and started to laugh.

He narrowed his eyes and a cold look flashed on his face. It was as if Jackie was genuinely asking those questions.

Genuinely lamenting that Brian only had four golden keys completely trampled over Brian’s dignity. That piece of trash from a third-grade world actually dared to talk to him like that.

The more Brian thought about it, the angrier he got.

He could not help but clench his fists, “Brat! I’ve seen people asking for death, but none are as suicidal as you! So what if I have four? Do you think you can take it for me? I’ve been busy with some tasks before this and did not have the time to fight for any golden keys, that’s why I only have four. How dare you look down on me?!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying casually, “I’m not looking down on you, I’m just curious. Whatever! Four keys are still four. This won‘t be the only battle anyway.”

Brian was even more confused by Jackie’s words.

Did Jackie know what he was saying?

Was there something wrong with his head?

It was like Jackie was an emissary sent to save the world, and would be able to turn the tables alone. Jackie spoke with a tone as if everyone was beneath his notice.

Brian was utterly speechless. Andor was even more furious.

He turned to look at Brian and said, “Brian! Leave this kid to me! I want him to know how hilarious his thoughts are!”

Saying that Andor pulled out his weapon, preparing to rush over. However, he was stopped by Brian.

Brian looked at Jackie, “Leave him to me! I want to teach this guy a lesson personally!”

Jackie’s words had thoroughly angered Brian.

Brian was someone who dealt with anyone who offended him on his own, so he would not leave Jackie to Andor.

Chapter 3512
Brian took a deep breath before he turned to look at Andor and said, “Help me keep an eye on them. Leave these two to me!”

Quinton started to panic when he heard that.

If Brian was fighting himself, then Chad would have no way to escape. After all, Chad’s skills were not even at Quinton’s level.

Brian was a chosen disciple of a holy grade clan. Whether it was talent or ability, he was far above any regular warrior. On top of that, he had been angered by Jackie’s words, and would definitely not hold back.

It would be incredibly difficult for Chad to flee.

Quinton’s lips twitched, already grieving the two of them.

Kayn could not help but curse, “What are these two thinking?! Do they know what they have done?! He asked them to run, but they refused. Do they think they’re heroes? That guy next to Chad, what is that guy saying? Does he insist on thoroughly angering Brian?”

The other disciples next to Kayn cursed as well. The situation was already quite bad, but they still insisted on making things worse.

They did not know what Chad was trying to do at all. Quinton was the only one who kept on looking at Jackie. He kept feeling like Jackie was skilled. It was just that he did not know if that skill would be useful enough for this battle.

Of course, he did not voice any of that out and merely prayed in his heart silently that he was not mistaken.

Brian was thoroughly angered at that moment, and only had one thought in mind. He would show that brat what being truly strong meant!

He started to form seals. Quinton and the others panicked when they saw that Brian was attacking right away and immediately pulled out their weapons.

At that moment, Chad suddenly said, “Quinton, don’t fight! You still don’t know who will win! Just wait and see!”

Chad was incredibly confident as he shouted that. Even Kayn could hear the confidence in Chad’s voice.

Kayn’s lips twitched as he shot Jackie a meaningful look.

Could that guy really be so strong that he was good enough to face Brian?

However, Kayn had never seen Jackie before.

The strong warriors from all the third-grade worlds were known amongst them. After all, there were only a few dozen that were truly strong. None of them looked like Jackie at all. Kayn and the other warriors could not stop themselves from being worried, but Chad’s words stopped them from doing anything.

Since Chad said so, they would wait and see. A miracle might happen.

When Brian heard Chad’s words, his eyes lit up in mockery, “You really don’t know your place!”

At that moment, Brian no longer wanted to waste any time talking.

He formed seals with his hands that danced in the air. Suddenly, howling winds were heard as the surroundings dimmed. With Brian in the center, the surroundings turned gray, as if they had entered hell.

Winds were blowing at the dirt on the ground, and the surroundings turned blurry. Right after that, white figures started to appear from the ground. Those figures were human-shaped, but they were transparent as if they were just white shadows.

Slowly, the number of white figures increased. One could even see organs on those figures, but those organs were distorted.

The mouths were incredibly large, with two long fangs protruding out. They were like evil ghosts from hell.

Brian formed even more seals, and the ghosts seemed to have heard summons as they started to gather where the seals were.

Slowly, everyone started to hear cries of agony. There were those of men, women, and children. Various cries were heard. It was as if they were in hell. Brian let out a roar, and all of the ghosts gathered together and started to fuse into a massive sword.

Brian sneered and said, “My technique is the lower ultimate god rank technique, Evil Ghost Slash! For the sake of this technique, we’ve refined over a hundred souls to turn them into evil ghosts for my use! Brat, you’ll become one of them soon! I’ll take out your soul and refine it every day. You’ll be tortured like you’re in hell!”

Chapter 3513
Everyone started to shudder when they heard about the evil technique.

Brian was not human!

That guy was a complete monster. No ordinary person would use such a sinister skill. Many people must have died for Brian to use the technique.

In truth, death was not that hard to accept for warriors. Death was just death, but torturing the soul after death was something most warriors could not accept. It was not something anyone could do.

Jackie could not help but be affected by the sight. He took a deep breath and formed countless seals. This time, he would be slaying an evil monster!

That guy could not be allowed to live a moment longer.

That thought had just flashed in his mind when he heard Rudy say, “Jackie! You can’t just let him die like that. You should let him survive until the Whirling World closes!”

Rudy was practically shouting those words across. He never felt like he was some morally upright hero, but he could just not accept such cruel methods. He could feel those souls that were refined by Brian were probably all talentless and powerless warriors like himself.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, nodding after some thought.

Rudy was right, he could not just die like that. He should suffer first.

Jackie shot forward and started to form seals. A gray blade appeared in front of him.

Broken Soul Blade had tremendous soul attribute power within. Storm god rank techniques were just far above ultimate god rank techniques, let alone lower ultimate god rank ones!

The ghostly sword slashed right at Jackie. He did not even blink an eye as he pushed forward, shooting out the Broken Soul Blade.

Suddenly, the Broken Soul Blade clashed against Brian’s technique. With a massive boom, the sinister howling intensified. It sounded like nails running through glass, and quite a few people covered their ears.

Brian’s technique shattered in sudden.

The ghostly sword form from dark spirits was no match for the Broken Soul Blade at all.

In next second, the Broken Soul Blade completely consumed Brian’s technique!

It happened in just a flash!

No one there expected the situation to happen so quickly.

Brian still had his pleased smile on his face, as if he would kill Jackie in one blow when the Broken Soul Blade appeared in front of him. His whole body froze as he felt a chill in his heart. His eyes widened.

His mouth opened slightly and he was full of disbelief!

He had actually lost so quickly, not even slowing down his opponent’s attack! Brian shuddered, unable to accept the truth.

Yet, at that moment, he did not have the time to feel shocked as he immediately reacted.

He started to form seals again, and the sinister wind started to howl as the white figures stood in front of him as shields. As he summoned up those souls, he frantically retreated.

The moment the Broken Soul Blade clashed with the shields, Brian could hear clear cracks. He was shocked to notice that the shields had been absorbed the moment they touched the Broken Soul Blade.

Chapter 3514
After swallowing those souls, the Broken Soul Blade went right through Brian’s chest.

Brian’s technique was a lower ultimate god rank technique, and he was not even at the second stage.

Jackie’s technique was a storm god rank technique. Even though he had not reached the second stage with it, there was still a world of difference between the two techniques.

Brian’s technique was not a match for Jackie’s at all. They were at completely different levels.

Evil Ghost Slash and Soul Sky were both soul attribute techniques. When Evil Ghost Slash touched Broken Soul Blade, it was immediately swallowed up. Evil Ghost Slash had not been able to fight back at all. The pain of his soul being ripped apart spread throughout his whole body.

Brian let out cries of agony and even started to roll around. His body constantly writhed as his muscles spasmed from the pain. It looked like he had lost control of himself.

In the end, he has not lasted more than three seconds.

When Broken Soul Blade’s energy spread throughout his body, he could no longer control himself as he lost control of his true energy and fell to the ground.

The warriors below all had widened eyes and opened mouths except for Rudy and Chad. The others could not accept it at all. Brian was a chosen disciple of a holy grade clan. The title was not just for the show.

To be a chosen disciple of a holy-grade clan, one would need a lot of talent and skill. They needed to go through a lot of hardships to earn the title and stand over anyone. They needed to earn everyone’s respect, but Brian was now in an incredibly pathetic state. Even with his full might, he had failed to stand up to a single attack from Jackie.

Jackie was just too strong.

It had shattered any of their expectations. Jackie was so strong that everyone widened their eyes, unable to accept it.

Andor and the others had been incredibly relaxed at first, waiting to watch the show. Yet, their bodies were completely frozen at that moment.

Kayn’s lips twitched as his eyes widened, “Chad’s teammate is so strong! What kind of skill is that?! He must at least be the top three disciples at a holy grade clan.”

Quinton took a deep breath, nodded slowly, and then proceeded to shake his head. His eyes constantly moved as various thoughts flashed in his head. He was excited yet incredibly emotional. He was worried that what he saw was all a dream because it was far too unbelievable.

Quinton had thought that Jackie was strong, but he never expected Jackie to be that strong. Even Brian had not been able to stand up to a single blow.

Kayn blinked in confusion and said, “What do you mean, Quinton? Do you agree with me or not?”

Quinton took a deep breath and his voice trembled, “I agree that he’s strong, but I don’t think he would only be in the top three. Just think about it. Jackie’s attack had been so casual, and even though Brian had used his full force fueled by his anger, Brian was still no match for Jackie.

“He sent out countless souls and shields, but it was useless. They were destroyed by Jackie immediately. How strong could Jackie be?! I’m sure that he’s not just in the top three, he might even have the skills of a top disciple.”

As he said that, Quinton’s voice was trembling. Kayn nodded slowly. It was not like they had not seen strong and talented warriors, but it was the first time they had seen someone at Jackie’s level.

Chapter 3515
Hilariously, he had even doubted Jackie before and thought that there was something wrong with Chad, saying things that did not make sense.

Assuming that Chad did not realize the severity of the situation at all, it seemed like he was the one who was a joke. He had failed to see how exceptional Jackie was.

At that moment, the other disciples behind Jackie could no longer stay calm.

They finally recovered from their shock and started to ramble, “Quickly, pinch me! Am I dreaming right now?! How is this guy so strong? I thought he was just bragging!”

“It’s not just you. Everyone here thought he was bragging. When the duel started, I thought he was done for it, but instead, Brian was the one who fell! Just look at Brian’s sad state. He’s probably the one who believed in that guy’s words the least, and now he lost so badly.”

Everyone there had wondered if there was something wrong with Jackie when they heard his words. They assumed that he must be delusional, or he would not have said something so absurd.

He had even remarked that Brian had too few golden keys.

Everyone thought that it was too arrogant of Jackie to say that. He must have not realized what being a chosen disciple in a holy grade clan meant. Yet, it seemed that they were the ignorant ones.

Jackie’s words came from the confidence in his skills!

If they were as strong as him, they would have said the same things.

Jackie then slowly walked over to Brian, who was constantly writhing on the ground.

At that moment, Brian could not even think straight thanks to the pain. His whole body was constantly twitching, and he could not process a single thought.

Jackie’s lips twitched as he reached out and grabbed the four keys from Brian’s waist.

He raised an eyebrow, “You said you were from a second-grade world and a chosen disciple of a holy grade clan. You have amazing talent and ability, so why do you only have four golden keys? You said you were delayed by some matters, so I guess I was just unlucky to have done all that only for four keys. What a pity.”

To prevent any unnecessary trouble, Jackie had kept all the keys he had gotten into Mustard Seed, only leaving four with him. On top of those four keys, he had a total of seventeen.

Earlier, Jackie was just filled with pity. Someone so strong should have had ten keys at least. He sighed as he shook his head helplessly.

When others saw that, their lips twitched, not knowing what to say.

If Brian was aware enough at that moment, he would have spat out blood and fainted at Jackie’s words.

Kayn’s lips twitched, lamenting, “So that person wasn’t trying to anger Brian. He really did think that Brian was useless.”

Another warrior behind Kayn said, “He said that he was unlucky enough to only get four keys from Brian?! My god, it’s so frustrating. We were happy enough to see a miracle just now, hoping that we could escape Brian and survive this battle, but this guy just thought about the keys Brian had, and even truly felt that Brian had too few keys with him!”

Chapter 3516
The more they talked about it, the more absurd they felt the situation was. They wondered if they were dreaming. Otherwise, how could the situation be so surreal?

The warriors from third-grade worlds finally had a new lease on life, and they suddenly felt a glimmer of hope for their future.

The warriors from second-grade worlds were incredibly worried at that moment. They no longer had any of the pride they had before, and they all looked like they were prepared to retreat.

Jackie suddenly turned around to look at Andor.

That guy had been so arrogant earlier and did not hold back with his words. Looking at how he was treated, that guy was probably strong, second only to Brian. Since that was the case, he needed to be dealt with next.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not stopping for a moment as he charged forward.

He started to form seals as a hundred Soul Swords formed into one massive Soul Sword!

The scene caused the team from the second-grade world to panic. Jackie had attacked them without any warning.

At that moment, they were still in shock. Jackie’s decisiveness shocked them again, but their experience in battle quickly made them react. The pride they had earlier had been completely discarded. The only thing on their mind was to survive, so they hurriedly scattered.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, forming even more seals.

The Soul Sword split back up into a hundred. Clapping his hands together, forty Soul Swords merged into one, while the remaining sixty Soul Swords merged into three different ones.

Not a single warrior from a second-grade world was innocent in Jackie’s eyes. Their hands were all stained with blood. Looking down on the lives of warriors from third-grade worlds and torturing them to death. There was no way Jackie would let any of them go easily.

The Soul Sword formed from forty swords shots at the strongest one there, Andor. Jackie even applied the laws of space, so the attack would be much faster.

They were not that far in the first place. Jackie had attacked so quickly that the opponents did not have any time to react.

Andor clenched his teeth and started to run away frantically. At that moment, he did not even know where he needed to run, he just wanted to distance himself from Jackie.

When he heard the sound of howling wind, Andor let out an angry scream in his heart!

‘That guy is a monster!’

Why were they so unlucky to meet him?!

Brian might not be at the top of the top among the chosen disciples, but he was not at the bottom either. Compared to Brian, he was not as strong. Brian had lost so badly, so there was no way he could do anything. He could not think about anything else but to run away as far as possible!

He suddenly felt an incredibly fast source of energy going for his back which made Andor start to sweat. He soon realized that the situation was bad, and he had to put his life on the line.

Andor clenched his teeth and started to ignite his blood essence.

The blood essence in a warrior’s body was incredibly limited. Once it was lost, there was no way of getting it back.

At the very least, he would no longer be able to get stronger. In the worst-case scenario, he would die. However, burning his blood essence could still increase his skills temporarily.

Andor had burned his blood essence but did not even think about fighting back. Instead, he sped himself up. Unfortunately, the Soul Sword had the laws of space incorporated. It was horrifyingly quick. Even after the blood essence increased his speed, Andor was still not fast enough.

He suddenly felt a chill on his back, and an intense pain burst out!

He looked back slightly. Before he could even see his injuries, he noticed a fellow disciple of his not far away with a gray sword on his back.

Chapter 3517
There were not many energy fluctuations from the sword, but it contained immense destructive power.

That fellow disciple cried out in agony, and started to fall, collapsing on the ground and then dying.

When Andor saw that, he felt completely hopeless. He saw that the wound on his back was from a similar gray sword as well. The pain was just as unbearable!

“Ah…” Andor let out a cry of agony as he fell to the ground.

Jackie had instantly killed four in one go. It completely stunned everyone there!

Quinton looked around and the anger he had suppressed surged up.

He turned to look at his fellow disciples, “What are you waiting for?! Kill them! Those dogs never thought of letting us off!”

Kayn and the others had been forced to a desperate corner. They had planned on dying with their opponents after being thoroughly humiliated. That feeling was like a fire that completely ignited in their hearts. They could never forget it.

Looking at them flee like dogs, they were naturally happy to give chase! They wanted those animals to feel how it was like to be desperate!

They immediately raised their weapons, planning on killing the few warriors that were still alive.

Jackie frowned and immediately stopped them, “Everyone, come back! Don’t go over!”

Jackie was already a true hero in everyone’s eyes. He was a genius that no one could compare to.

At those words, everyone stopped. All of them turned to look at Jackie.

Quinton looked over, puzzled, “Why shouldn’t we give chase? The ones remaining aren’t strong at all. We can definitely kill them all!”

The hatred had accumulated too much, and Quinton and his men could not bring themselves to let those men off.

Jackie sighed as he slowly walked in front of them.

“Don’t chase the poor. Those people are running right into the fray. If you give chase, you’ll head right into the whirlwind of battle. In the most central location, warriors are dropping like flies. If you go in, you might end up getting caught up in it all.”

Quintons’ expression stiffened. He was incredibly reluctant, but he had nothing to say.

Jackie’s words were reasonable. Those men were smart.

For the sake of getting away from Jackie, they had thrown themselves into the center of the battle. The main battlefield was a complete mess filled with corpses everywhere. They would get caught if they were not careful.

The warriors there did not care who they were killing. Rushing in was definitely not wise. However, Quinton was still unhappy. Those despicable men had forced them into such desperation.

Brian had even said that he would not let Quinton and his men die easily. Brian would make them pay a final price, extracting the Heartblood from all of them. It was as if the warriors from third-grade worlds were just livestock.

It was only when they were forced into a corner did they think of dragging their opponents down. Even if they lost their lives, they would bring down whoever they could.

Those arrogant warriors from second-grade worlds would be dragged down to hell with them. Quinton was incredibly unhappy to see them get away.

Chapter 3518
Even without Quinton saying anything, Jackie could feel the hatred in Quinton’s heart.

At that moment, Chad had walked over to Jackie’s side. Even though Chad was not that intelligent, he could still feel Quinton’s rage and reluctance.

If Jackie had not appeared, Quinton would have been dead.

However, Quinton needed to keep his calm at that moment. The battlefield was no playground. If they rushed in blindly, they could very well die. Even if they were filled with hate, they needed to survive for revenge.

Chad said, “Quinton, calm yourself down, those men won’t be able to survive! Isn’t Brian still alive? Andor’s not dead either. The both of them just can’t control themselves at the moment. You can do whatever you want with them, just don’t rush in. It’s too dangerous over there.”

They were at the edge of the battle, far away from the center. However, it was still not that far, and as they spoke, they constantly heard explosions coming from within.

Various energies were clashing in the air, and techniques of various attributes constantly fought against one another.

Death was everywhere. Just turning over, they could see someone exploding into pieces, and another person having his head cut off.

Quinton sighed, knowing that he had been too impulsive earlier. His hatred had clouded his eyes, and he had lost his judgment. Thankfully, he was already composed.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “Hurry up and tend to your injuries. You can do whatever you want with those two. This is a battle between worlds. After you’re done here, you’re needed on the main battlefield!”

Quinton nodded.

Rudy looked at the intense battlefield with a serious expression.

He turned to look at Jackie, and his voice trembled, “This is horrible! When will the battle end? How will we know when It ends?”

The participants numbered in the hundreds, and the death toll was already at three digits. There were corpses everywhere, and both sides were already filled with killing intent. Rudy felt like the battle would never end if this continued.

There were still warriors from various worlds who were constantly joining in, so the scope of the battle constantly expanded. If that continued, Rudy could not imagine how many more would die.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “There are only two things that will end this battle.”

Rudy’s ears perked up as he looked at Jackie earnestly.

The others looked over and waited for Jackie to explain as well.

Jackie sighed as he said seriously, “The first situation will be if the balance of the battle is lost! There are more and more warriors from third-grade worlds, and the second-grade worlds had suffered too many losses for there to not be any other possibilities.”

“Then the warriors from second-grade worlds will realize that they need to leave the battle! Then, the battle will end. Of course, there’s the opposite as well. The third-grade world’s warriors start to diminish to a number far lower than the warriors from the second-grade world. Then, the ones who will suffer will be us.”

“The second situation will be for truly strong warriors to appear. Those warriors will be enough to tip the scale!”

As he said that, Jackie paused for a moment, thinking for a bit before continuing, “This battle might be fought among hundreds of warriors, but truly strong warriors won’t need too long to turn the tide…”

“Among the hundred here, the truly strong warriors should only number less than twenty. Those warriors are the true main characters of the battle. The fact that the battle is being dragged on means that they are fighting on equal ground at the moment.”

Chapter 3519
Rudy frowned, feeling like he only understood half of it.

Rudy agreed with the two possibilities of how the battle would end, but he could not understand how the battle was in the hands of so few people. He felt like it was just a completely chaotic battle.

Everyone was already filled with rage. No one cared who was weaker or stronger, they just wanted to see blood being spilled.

About five hundred meters away from Jackie, and the heart of the battle, there were over ten warriors gathered there. Strangely enough, all of them were not attacking at all.

Just slightly outside of that center, everyone was fighting without regard for their lives, but the ones there were not fighting at all.

Chulanne clutched his chest as blood flowed out. He had been careless earlier and had been struck by Thamus. Luckily, it was just a slight injury that would not affect the overall battle. However, the situation was not looking good.

The warriors from third-grade worlds were slowly losing their ground. If their top disciple did not arrive soon, then they would probably end up losing soon enough and more people would die.

Harold anxiously helped Chulanne up as he said, “Are you alright?”

Chulanne shook his head slightly as he glared at their opponents.

The center of the battle was naturally split into two sides. The warriors from third-grade worlds were in the east while the warriors from second-grade worlds stood in the west. The two sides faced each other, and both sides had a murderous aura about them. Neither side was willing to give an inch.

The battle was not just for them, but for the worlds that they belonged to. Hundreds of lives had been lost, so it could not end easily. Both sides seemed incredibly imperious. Chulanne was the leader of the warriors from third-grade worlds, he felt like his burden was incredibly heavy.

If the warriors from third-grade worlds lost, then he would just die as a punishment. Even though the situations seemed even, the warriors from third-grade worlds were slowly losing ground.

Harold frowned, “How long more does he need to get here?”

Chulanne sighed as he looked into the distance. He had used the sound transfer array earlier, and the eldest disciple had said that he was hurrying over. Yet, there was no indication of his location or how long he would need.

They were forced to clench their teeth and hang on.

Thamus was the leader of the warriors from second-grade worlds this time. He was the strongest person there. He was a top-five chosen disciple, and he was from one of the top second-grade worlds.

His status as a chosen disciple meant a lot more than a chosen disciple from Golden Continent. He was no regular warrior from a second-grade world, and he was very confident in himself and this battle.

Even though they had lost quite a lot on their side, it was still at an acceptable level. There were a lot who had died this time. After the battle ended, he could look for those warriors who were still barely alive to collect their Heartblood. It would be worth it.

Cadian came from the same world as Thamus. The two of them were from the same clan. Cadian was only slightly weaker than Thamus and was ranked slightly lower. However, faced with these warriors, he was still one of the strongest ones there.

Chapter 3520
Cadian scoffed and said, “Thamus, what do you think those pieces of trash from third-grade worlds are thinking right now?”

Thamus smiled, his face full of disdain as he said coldly, “Do I even need to guess? They have their thoughts written on their faces. Aren’t they just waiting for reinforcements? It looks like the guy they are waiting for is quite strong. There might even be more than one…”

“But there’s something wrong with their brains. They can ask for help, so can’t we do that too? Even though I can’t mobilize the strongest ones, our top disciple is coming over. As long as he’s here, it’ll be much easier to deal with these pieces of trash.”

Cadian nodded.

He had an excited look on his face, “These simpletons really think that they’ll have a right to do anything after this battle, that we’ll be afraid of them. What a joke. Compared to those that died, the Radiant Hall is far more important.”

“We’ve expended so many resources to open the Radiant Hall. How could we give it up so easily? They’ll always just be livestock to us, for us to do whatever we want with.”

Thamus smiled, very pleased with himself, “He should be here in just a few minutes. We’ll let them be happy for a bit. They won’t be able to laugh anymore soon.”

The moment that was said, the explosions around them weakened a bit. The sounds of shouting got louder. A few of them turned to look and saw that a small group of people had gathered together in the chaos.

A one-eyed warrior shouted at the group of warriors from third-grade worlds, “It’s you! Stop putting on an act! Don’t think I don’t know it’s you!”

Jackie sighed helplessly. He already had a mask on, not wanting to be recognized. However, he was still recognized.

For the sake of ending the battle quickly and so the warriors from third-grade worlds could win, Jackie led Quinton and the others toward the center of the battle. He was quite well-known among the warriors from the second-grade worlds.

Golden Continent and Sacred Water Continent practically all had Jackie’s image in their hearts. To prevent himself from being attacked en masse, Jackie had put on a mask before entering, but he was still recognized.

The one-eyed man said, “My fellow disciple was just careless enough to die to you. I thought you’d be more careful after your image was transmitted, and you wouldn’t dare come here. I can’t believe you’re so bold. I really benefited this time!”

When that was said, the one-eyed man stared right at the circles around Jackie’s body with his one working eye. To not expose his secrets, Jackie had not put the four keys into Mustard Seed in front of everyone.

At that moment, there were eight golden rings around Jackie. It was incredibly eye-catching.

He then raised an eyebrow, smiling coldly, “Which one is your fellow disciple? I’ve killed so many warriors from second-grade worlds. How am I supposed to know which one he is?”

Jackie’s tone was calm and casual. The one-eyed man was furious when he heard that.

He clenched his teeth and shouted, “Brat! How dare you act so arrogantly! Don’t think you can do what you want in front of us just because you’re a little skilled! I’ll make sure to kill you today!”

In truth, the one-eyed man did not care about taking revenge for his fellow disciple. He only cared about the rings around Jackie, the eight golden keys. To everyone there, each key was incredibly valuable.


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