No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3501-3510

Chapter 3500
When Jackie said that, he had not lowered his voice.

The two in front of them had been able to hear everything clearly. Joaqim scoffed, looking at Jackie in exasperation. Jackie really was brave to have dared to say all of that. He was looking down at them.

Did he want to get rid of their arrogance himself?

How absurd!

Josui sneered, “You really do see something new every day. I’ve seen arrogant warriors from third-grade worlds, but it’s the first time I’ve met one as arrogant as you!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking at them coldly. There were three golden rings around both Josui and Joaqim. It meant they had three rings each.

They had six in total, which was great news for him.

He smiled and turned around to look at Chad, “Just keep an eye on Mikael. Leave the rest to me.”

Jackie’s voice was calm, but his gaze was firm.

Chad’s lips twitched. His experience told him that Jackie was acting a bit overly arrogant. His opponents were using lower ultimate god rank techniques!

Jackie would already be quite capable if he was able to beat them one on one. One against two was crazy.

However, Jackie’s calm tone and resolved look made it so Chad had nothing to say.

He merely nodded and whispered, “Okay, but you need to be careful! Those two aren’t easy to deal with! Fareed used a lower ultimate god rank technique, and those two are stronger than him.”

“They’re naturally using lower ultimate god rank techniques too. Fareed was not even at the first stage of proficiency. Those two are stronger than Fareed, so they should already be over the first stage. Lower ultimate god rank techniques can’t be underestimated! You have to be incredibly careful!”

Jackie nodded slowly. Rudy smirked when he heard Chad.

He let out a confident smile as he patted Chad on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, they’re just ultimate god-rank techniques. They’re nothing to Jackie!”

Rudy was not exaggerating at all.

Lower ultimate god rank techniques really were nothing to Jackie. After all, he had two techniques. The weaker one was Destroying the Void, which was already at the upper ultimate god rank technique. And he had already mastered it.

Chad did not know all of that. He felt a bit confused at Rudy’s confident smile and felt like it was all very strange.

He looked at Rudy before looking at the calm Jackie, suddenly not knowing what to say.

Joaqim and Josui had heard all of that, and they felt deeply amused.

Ultimate god rank techniques were nothing?

That was not just mere arrogance. They even felt like the guys in front of them were really crazy. They were living in a dream.

Not even chosen disciples from holy grade clans could say anything like that, so where did those two get all the confidence from to say such absurd things?

It was like lower ultimate god-rank techniques were beneath them.

Joaqim’s lips twitched, “Those two really are crazy! They don’t know their place. Do they think they’re unbeatable just because they beat Fareed?”

Mikael’s lips were twitching as well.

He looked at them with exasperation as he scoffed and said, “Hey, guys, are you delusional? Did you say that lower ultimate god rank techniques are weak? You’re talking like you know upper ultimate god rank techniques!”

Chapter 3501
Jackie took a deep breath, deciding that he no longer wanted to waste time on them.

He shot up into the air as he formed multiple seals, materializing 100 Soul Swords in front of him.

The Soul Swords glowed with gray runes and radiated with the power of the soul that flowed within the Soul Swords. If one was to look closer, it was as if countless little snakes slithered around the Soul Swords.

Joaqim and Josui exchanged looks and saw the disdain they felt for the other side.

Joaqim scoffed and said, “Leave this to me! If the two of us attack together, we’ll just embarrass ourselves.”

With that, he leaped into the air.

Josui, on the other hand, stood still with his arms crossed, showing no indication that he would do anything. He had a cold smile on his face as he looked at Rudy and Chad.

While Chad sighed in relief, knowing this was no two-against-one battle, and felt slightly less burdened, Rudy shook his head.

If it was one-on-one combat, this battle had no more meaning to Jackie.

Jackie looked at Joaqim in the air and raised an eyebrow in exasperation.

Joaqim scoffed, not wasting any time talking as he started to clench his fists. Two red flames rose from his hands, floating around his skin. There was an intense energy within.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Joaqim shouted, “My technique is a lower ultimate god rank technique, Explosive Fists, and I’ve trained it to the first stage. Even those from holy grade clans know to respect me!”

“You’re just a brat from a third-grade world, yet you speak so arrogantly! It’s time for you to experience how big the world is, brat!”

Joaqim clenched his fists tightly as he activated his true energy and charged at Jackie. His fists contained explosive energy, and the flames were charging at Jackie quickly.

Jackie smiled, fusing 50 Soul Swords into one to form a giant Soul Sword. He pushed forward, and the gray Soul Sword shot out as well. In a flash, the flaming fists and the giant Soul Sword clashed.

The intense flames seemed to have been extinguished the moment they clashed against the Soul Sword. Those fists were no match for Jackie’s Soul Sword at all! The energy within the Soul Sword did not even seem to have diminished at all as the Soul Sword shot forward, not slowing down.

Joaqim’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The Soul Sword was incredibly quick, and it did not take that long for it to reach Joaqim. He let out a roar as he started to form more seals.

The flames around his fists burned even more intensely. He gritted his teeth as his fists shot right at the Soul Sword, but it was still not enough to stop it. No matter how intensely the flames burned, they were extinguished the moment they clashed against the Soul Sword.


Joaqim let out a roar as he swung his fist again. The Soul Sword finally clashed with Joaqim’s actual hands, but it pierced right through his fists.

Chapter 3502
Joaqim merely felt like his hands were ripped by a formless energy. Even though there were no wounds on his hands, his soul felt like it was ripped apart from the inside.

The Soul Sword harmed a person’s soul, and Joaqim looked on as the Soul Sword pierced through his hands right into his chest.

A wave of unbearable pain started to spread from his chest, and Joaqim’s eyes widened as his muscles began to pulse from the intense pain. He could not even control his own breathing. His true energy stopped circulating, and he started to fall down.

With a boom, he slammed onto the ground face-first.

Everyone looked at the scene with widened eyes.

Joaqim lost in mere minutes!

How Joaqim struggled to survive was etched into their eyes. Even struggling so frantically, Joaqim was still no match for his opponent. They were not at the same level at all. Even more terrifying was the fact that Jackie had not used his full strength.

Of the 100 Soul Swords he formed, Jackie had only used 50 of them!

The thought crossed Josui and Mikael’s minds, both shell-shocked by the turn of events. They finally realized that they had crossed someone far too powerful for themselves. Jackie had not been bragging at all, lower ultimate god rank techniques were indeed nothing to him.

Mikael’s whole body was trembling. He did not even dare to look up. He did not even have the courage to look at Jackie. He felt like his body was completely submerged in ice, and it was so cold that his whole body was frozen.

Josui was not much better. He seemed to have lost the ability to even think.

When Joaqim fell to the ground, he did not faint on the spot. Instead, he spasmed on the ground, writhing like a worm as he groaned in pain.

They knew Joaqim. If he was conscious, he would have never allowed himself to act in such a sorry manner. Joaqim had way too much pride for that.

The fact that he was in such a state meant that he was already at the limits of pain.

Josui shuddered as his hands trembled.

Was Jackie even human?

Could that guy really have an ultimate god rank technique?

That was absurd!

Were warriors from third-grade worlds that strong?

Josui gulped, and he even started to breathe frantically. His fear did not last that long. A gust of wind blew over, and he looked up.

At some point, the 50 other Soul Swords had condensed into a giant Soul Sword and quickly charged at him!

Josui shrieked as his face twitched in fear. He was so scared he was about to pee in his pants!

At that moment, he ignored everything as he turned around to run.

There was nothing he could do, his opponent was too strong. Even if he was the top disciple of a holy grade clan, he might not even be able to beat that guy!

What else could he do but run?

Alas, he underestimated Jackie’s skill. The Soul Sword had the laws of space within, and its speed was doubled.

Josui frantically ran, but he only lasted a few seconds before the sword caught up to him.

The sword violently pierced into Josui’s back. With a cry of agony, he fell to the ground.

Chad’s jaw dropped, and his eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets. He still remembered how Josui had been so prideful and disdainful.

Chapter 3503
Chad recalled how he and Josui laughed at warriors from third-grade worlds, deeming them worthless. They had been so harsh with their words, but in a shocking twist of fate, it was them writhing on the floor like worms.

It had not even been that long, but the situation was overturned too swiftly.

Chad’s lips trembled as he recalled what Jackie had said before, and his words were etched into his mind.

Before the battle, he did not lack confidence. Chad even wondered if Jackie was crazy. After all, he believed so strongly that Jackie could not possibly beat two of them at once.

Chad took a deep breath. His hands constantly trembled, and he was so emotional that he was at a complete loss for words.

Jackie activated the laws of space, appearing next to Josui. At that moment, Josui was completely lost in the pain.

Jackie reached out and grabbed the golden keys from Josui’s waist. Three golden keys shone brightly. Jackie held them all and looked at Josui coldly. Without any hesitation, he put them on himself.

Meanwhile, Mikael gulped as he looked at Chad, then at Jackie. At this very moment, he realized he could no longer escape.

He was in an incredibly awkward position at that moment. Chad and Rudy were to his left. He was in the middle while Jackie was to the right. Even though there was some distance between them, it meant nothing when taking Jackie’s speed into thought.

Jackie would instantly appear next to him if he wanted.

Mikael’s lips trembled slightly as a wave of calmness washed over him. After all, the realization of having no more options settled in his mind, and he could not even beg for mercy.

Chaos City was a place where death ruled supreme. If he died, they would be able to get rewards. Just from that, there was no point in him begging for mercy.

Beads of sweat formed on Mikael’s head. He felt a chill in his heart as his whole body stiffened. His anxiety commanded his breathing, resigning himself to fate.

When he looked to the right at Jackie, he gritted his teeth and made a decision.

He was going to die anyway. He took out a spirit carving charm and held it in his palm.

When Chad saw that, he immediately shouted, “Jackie, he’s trying to record how you look and transmit it! Stop him quickly!”

The spirit carving charm was a special array. It was so expensive that normal warriors could not afford it. The one in Mikael’s hand was given by his father. There was no way he could have been able to afford it himself.

The spirit carving charm was special. It was similar to a sound transfer array but much more complicated. He could record a person’s appearance and quickly send it to the person he wanted to. Mikael felt like he was about to die anyway, so he wanted to do something before he did.

He wanted to transmit Jackie’s appearance, letting all the warriors from second-grade worlds know that Jackie was a bringer of disaster. He wanted them to take revenge for him!

The thought of this scattered his fear and calmed him, and he regained control over his anxiety.

Mikael’s hands constantly moved as he formed seal after seal. The seals started to quickly flow in the air, and the spirit carving array quickly absorbed them inside. After that, there was an intensely bright light as the charm was burnt.

Chapter 3504
Jackie frowned, activating the laws of space again.

In just a moment, he appeared next to Mikael, but it was too late. The charm was already burnt, and Jackie’s image had already been sent out as the charm turned to ash.

Mikael’s lips curled up into a smile as he turned to look at Jackie.

He had a crazy look on his face as he sneered, “They’ll avenge me for sure! They definitely will!”

The moment he said that, he slammed his fist onto his head, and an explosive force killed him.

Rudy stomped his feet on the ground anxiously, incredibly frustrated.

“That dog!” he snarled. “We should’ve killed him first! No, that would’ve been too nice for him, still… We should’ve slowly cut him into pieces!”

Chad sighed. It was too late. Jackie’s face had been identified, and Mikael killed himself before they could do anything. Everything was finished, and the outcome could no longer be reversed.

Rudy gritted his teeth and said, “This guy really is decisive! He killed himself the moment he did what he wanted! He’s bold, I’ll give him that…”

Rudy practically hissed these words through gritted teeth in his rage.

Chad looked at Rudy and shook his head, saying, “I don’t think he was brave”

Rudy frowned, thinking about those words and admitting that Chad was ultimately correct in his assumption. He would have done the same thing had it been him in Mikael’s shoes, at least he would suffer less.

Rudy sighed as he walked to Jackie’s side and worriedly asked, “What do we do now? Do we need to disguise ourselves?”

Jackie looked at Rudy. With what happened, they would need to disguise themselves if they wanted peace of mind.

However, he shook his head after deliberating on the matter. He turned and walked to Joaqim and, reaching out, grabbed the three keys on Joaqim’s waist. This meant Jackie had seven golden rings on him.

Jackie deliberately held one key for the sake of attracting enemies while he kept the other six keys in Mustard Seed.

In total, Jackie had 13 keys. That number should be enough to get a good treasure, but it was still far from Jackie’s goal.

Chad walked to Jackie and looked at the golden rings around Jackie in admiration. He had given himself a goal before this. He wanted to get at least five rings for it to be worth it.

Jackie had gotten six rings so easily. With Jackie’s skills, obtaining 10 more would be all too easy for him.

Chad could not help but lament the gap in their skills.

Jackie turned to look at Chad, smiling wordlessly.

Rudy said, “Where do we go next?”

He was looking forward to what they would do next.

He had been rather worried when they first entered Chaos City and when he found out about the rules.

He wondered how many battles they would have had to fight to get even one key, but it seemed as though his worries were unnecessary.

Chapter 3505
As long as an individual was strong enough, keys would come to them with no sweat. It had not been that long, but Jackie managed to collect 13 keys.

Rudy believed that it was just the start.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked into the distance. “We’ll continue walking to the Stage of the Nine. It happens to be toward the middle anyway.”

Chaos City was like a huge circle. The closer to the center it was, the more people there would be. All of the warriors who entered Chaos City only advanced in one direction, which was the center.

The Stage of the Nine that was closest to them happened to be closer to the center compared to them. All they needed to do was to continue advancing.

After dealing with the three, Jackie and the others continued forward.

At that moment, Chad seemed to be a lot calmer as his worries were cast aside. With Jackie by his side, they were in no immediate, fatal danger unless they were unlucky enough and met a top chosen disciple from a holy grade clan or a gang of warriors from second-grade worlds.

Anything else would just be free kills for them.

After a while walking forward, Chad said with excitement, “We have about three kilometers to go! I can’t wait. I wonder what kind of treasure I’ll get with three golden keys? I bet the price should be over ten million. Otherwise, it won’t be worth me fighting so many battles.”

Rudy nodded. “I think so, too. A golden key won’t be so valuable on its own, but three should be enough.”

As the two of them talked, an explosion ahead of them went off.

The three of them were stunned, and they immediately headed toward the source of the explosion. The explosion was a distance away from them. They could see the shockwaves from the explosion but could not tell what happened.

Before the three of them could discuss what could have happened, more explosions happened. They could see energy waves of different colors, and it was obvious that a battle had taken place.

The three of them exchanged looks of surprise.

Jackie frowned. “Let’s go take a look! Two of you, be careful and follow closely behind me. If anything happens, leave me and run.”

Rudy and Chad nodded. There was no need to say anything at that moment. Jackie was the strongest among the three of them, and he could definitely buy them some time should anything dangerous happen.

The two of them would already be lucky enough to defend themselves. They had to run away while Jackie was buying them time.

They quickly advanced, and the closer they got, the more shocked they were. As they got closer, they could see countless figures moving around. It was an all-out battle with more than a hundred people.

The battle was incredibly intense, and both sides were fighting with their lives on the line.

To prevent anything unexpected, the three of them stopped about a kilometer away from where the battle took place, and they could see the situation clearly.

After observing the battlefield, Jackie determined that it was a battle between second-grade and third-grade worlds.

The warriors from third-grade worlds were on the left, while the other side was on the right.

The two sides looked incredibly furious. Attacks of various attributes clashed in the air, and the ground was full of craters.

Dust and energy flew everywhere, and the ground was littered with corpses. Fresh blood flowed all over like a river. It was a shocking sight.

Chapter 3506
Rudy covered his mouth. “What’s going on?! They actually started fighting!”

Back then, they had discussed the possibility of an open war between second and third-grade worlds.

At that moment, Jackie had determined that it would probably not happen. After all, the third-grade worlds all had their own plans, and even if they did not like the warriors from second-grade worlds, they would not start fighting so easily.

If they did, warriors from third-grade worlds would suffer a greater aftermath than those in second-grade worlds. Since that was the case, they should not have started an open battle so easily!

Jackie took a deep breath as he looked at the intense battlefield, not knowing what to do. Something unforgivable must have happened, or such an intense battle would not have happened. With another massive boom, Jackie saw a warrior being blown to bits. His arm had been split in two, and his other body parts were catered everywhere.

A few others were harmed by the shockwaves, but even so, the battle continued. No one stopped. Everyone was incredibly murderous.

He could vaguely hear people shouting.

“You despicable animals! Just because we haven’t fought back, you think we’re worthless?! Did you think we’re just livestock for you to do whatever you want with?! Let me tell you: Even if I die today, I’ll drag you down with us!”

“Who do you think you are?! Do you think you have more geniuses than us? We outnumber you by a great deal! When it comes to geniuses, we have no fewer than yours! You tortured us before, and we didn’t do anything about it. You came to Chaos City to do the same thing! I’ll make you people pay dearly for your transgressions!”

The warriors from second-grade worlds did not back down as they retaliated loudly.

“You’re right, you are livestock to us! We can kill and torture you as we please! We need a lot of Heartblood, so are we supposed to torture ourselves? Don’t talk about numbers”

“That’s right! We kill you because we have the skill! You don’t have the skills to kill us! Stop calling us despicable. You’re weaklings, so you should serve the strong. It’s your fate! You can’t escape it!”

Jackie immediately understood what happened.

It appeared the warriors from third-grade worlds had noticed that the warriors from second-grade worlds were torturing them once again.

The warriors from third-grade worlds could not accept the fact.

They were fine being killed, but they were not fine being tortured for Heartblood. The warriors from third-grade worlds were left alive to slowly be tortured until fear filled their bodies, when the blood essence in their bodies would rush to their hearts.

The more fear there was, the purer the Heartblood would be. It was because of that that they used such cruel methods of torture.

The warriors from second-grade worlds did not regard the warriors from second-grade worlds as humans at all. It completely angered every warrior from third-grade worlds. They had finally been backed into a corner.

The anger had accumulated far too great, and it was completely ignited.

The battle started, and it was incredibly intense. However, every warrior from a third-grade world had thrown aside all their own considerations, fighting this battle for their sake, and the sake of their own people.

Rudy’s hands trembled as fury burned in him. “They’re at it again! I thought they’d stop after we exposed their plans and not use such cruel methods again. I can’t believe I overestimated them…”

Jackie sighed as he turned to look at Rudy.

His voice was cold as he remarked, “They have to open the Radiant Hall, and it needs a lot of Heartblood. Just like that man said, they can’t do it to themselves, so we’re the natural targets.“

Chapter 3507
The moment that was said, Chad said in a trembling voice, “It’s Quinton! Jackie, look! My elder disciple has been surrounded! Please, help him!”

Many people were on the battlefield, and it was hard to tell them apart. A few people were at the fringes of the battle as well.

Comparatively, they were more split up, and it was a battle between teams. Teams from second-grade worlds would face similar teams of warriors from third-grade worlds. The closest battle to Jackie and his companions was about 100 meters away from them.

Chad immediately spotted his familiar fellow disciples. Quinton led his disciples and was fighting a small team from a second-grade world in an intense fight.

Quinton’s side was on the losing end, alas. They had been surrounded by a team of eight.

Chad could tell that their opponents planned on finishing them all-no survivors allowed. He panicked at that.

Quinton was responsible and did his role as the top disciple, protecting all the injured disciples. He himself fared no better, with all the wounds on his body, but he merely gritted his teeth and stood his ground.

Quinton knew that they were no match for their opponents; they were far too inferior skill-wise. Even if they had two or three more people, the outcome would not change whatsoever.

The leader of the team from the second-grade worlds was called Brian Delly, who hailed from a holy grade clan. He was highly ranked among chosen disciples and felt like Quinton was beneath his notice.

Quinton clutched his chest as he tightly held his weapon in his other hand. He had bloodshot eyes as he protected his fellow disciples, planning on fighting back until the end.

Brian laughed as he looked at them in disdain. “You’re planning on fighting until the end? Do you think you can drag us down with you? Forget about it. You think you’re worthy?”

“All you’re worth is being tortured by our hands. Even though we can’t get your Heartblood if we kill you like that, it doesn’t matter. We’ll get what we need. I still have plenty of chances to kill your other companions!”

Quinton and the others were furious when they heard this.

Kane, who was behind Quinton, shouted, “Let’s fight them to the end, Quinton! I don’t care about anything else. I don’t even care if I die. I want to make them pay!”

“That’s right!” sounded the resounding cries of his Quinton’s companions. “Who cares about death? I’ll take one down with me. If I die, I die! If this goes on, we’ll die somewhere else anyway!”

Quinton frowned, helpless at how fearless his fellow disciples were acting. He did not want them to die here, but there did not seem to be any other possibility at that moment.

He gritted his teeth and shouted, “You’re right. Very well! Let’s fight! We have to drag them down, even if we die!”

Brian and the others sneered at those words. In their eyes, the warriors from third-grade worlds were not even worthy of touching them. They would not give those warriors any chance to fight back.

They and these third-grade warriors were nowhere at the same level. As long as the second-grade world warriors were quick, warriors from third-grade worlds would not even last a few seconds!

Chapter 3508
Quinton and the others decided then and there that they would die together. They coldly looked at their opponents.

There was no other choice in that situation for them. Even if they had to sacrifice themselves, they had to injure their opponents in some form. They could not surrender as nothing good would come of it.

Quinton took a deep breath and composed himself. Nothing was left except for resolve.

He looked at Brian’s mocking expression. Quinton knew what they were thinking, and he knew that they scorned warriors from third-grade worlds.

That did not matter. If they fought back with full force, they would be able to make their opponents suffer the consequences of such actions.

Quinton took a deep breath and shouted, “Hear me, brothers! We’ll burn our blood essence and charge forward. Even if we lose our lives, we have to make sure they suffer for all their crimes against us. If we can only drag one of them down to hell with us, then so be it!”

All of them nodded, their eyes burning with resolute and sheer rage.

They were committed to dying for their cause when a familiar voice suddenly rang out, “Quinton, don’t be rash! I’ve come to save you! They won’t be able to hurt you!”

Hearing that voice, all of them looked to the source.

Quinton’s lips twitched when he saw a familiar figure. He saw Chad waving at them frantically.

He frowned, immediately shouting, “Hurry and leave! Flee this instance! You’re the only one left! You have to leave Chaos City!”

Their clan had sent in over 30 disciples, yet only about a dozen of them remained.

Chad had always liked to move alone like a lone wolf, ignoring everything and going around on his own.

It had been a few months since Quinton last saw Chad, and the irony was that they finally reunited in such a grim situation.

Quinton had thought that Chad would at least survive for their clan, but there he was.

Was that any different from suicide?

Not only did he not run off, he even remained and claimed he could save them!

Quinton was incredibly anxious, yet Chad actually sighed. He was so reliable regardless of the situation.

If Chad had been alone in that situation, he would have run for the hills. However, Jackie was with him. What he would have been afraid of was no longer that scary.

Kane frowned as his expression darkened. “What are you so excited about? Hurry and run! If we told you to run, forget about saving us! Do you think you’re unbeatable?!”

They were already resolved to die, and they did not want to drag another person with them. To them, Chad was like the last sprout of hope left. If Chad died as well, then the clan would be deeply affected after the Whirling World closed.

After all, the clan had sent all of their disciples with high potential inside the Whirling World. If no one was left, then a whole generation would be gone, and the clan would be greatly weakened.

Any survivor would be good. Even the disciples that were not friendly with Chad did not want Chad to act stupidly.

At that moment, they wanted Chad to abandon them. All of them were focused on Chad, and they did not even notice the two men behind him.

Chapter 3509
“Hahaha!” Brian cackled as he looked at Chad as though the man was a complete idiot.

Did this fool just say he would save Quinton?

Him, alone?

Was he planning on turning the tides alone?

That was absolutely hilarious!

The other warriors from second-grade worlds started to laugh as well.

Brian said as he laughed, “And how do you plan on saving them, brat? Are you thinking of facing off against more than one of us? Or maybe you plan on facing all of us? Do you think you’re the top disciple of a holy grade clan?”

The expressions of all who heard that changed.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Brian with interest.

Chad looked at Brian hatefully and gritted his teeth.

He pointed at Brian and said, “Don’t think you can win this battle! It’s impossible! The third-grade worlds have talented people everywhere, and some of them are incredible leaders. If they gather, warriors from second-grade worlds will be powerless before their might!”

Chad had not been able to say anything like that before because he had never seen anyone that amazing from a third-grade world before. Even though he knew that third-grade worlds had unbelievable talents as well, he had never seen them. Ever since Jackie appeared, his courage was reignited.

When Brain heard that, he burst into laughter once more.

The other warriors from second-grade worlds were laughing in an exaggerated manner as well, all while sneering and taunting them.

“You warriors from third-grade worlds really know how to console yourselves. Leaders, you say? Talents? Those so-called talented leaders you have look ordinary to us. The second-grade worlds have true talents.”

“Just a few of them will be able to kill all of you. Just look around! See who has the most deaths?! I won’t waste any time with you. After killing you, I’ll deal with the other pests from third-grade worlds!”

The moment he said that, his eyes suddenly shifted toward the figure next to Chad.

This man had four golden circles around him, meaning he had four golden keys.

Brian raised an eyebrow, immediately focusing on Jackie and deducing afterward that he was no doubt from a third-grade world. If that were the case, Jackie would have to die as well, and those rings would be his.

Brian smirked as an excited look flashed in his eyes.

Chad had three circles around him, which made for a total of seven keys between the two of them. There were also the golden keys on Quinton and the rest.

The battle was incredibly profitable.

Brian looked at Jackie and said, “Not bad! Looks like you’re lucky enough to get four golden keys, but this luck is mine now. The two of you have seven keys in total. The rest will be given to my fellow disciples, but the ones you have are mine.”

As he said that, his smile was so wide it reached his ears. It was obvious how happy he was.

When his fellow disciples heard that, they widened their eyes.

Brian did not want the keys on Quinton and the others, and it was all theirs!

To them, these were glad tidings!

Chapter 3510
Brian’s companions immediately gushed with flattery.

“Brian, you’re so generous and heroic! We’re so lucky to be able to work with you!”

“Thank you for your generosity! In the future, we’ll be completely loyal to you!”

There were various words of flattery that Brian deeply enjoyed.

In truth, Brian was not that generous. He wanted to keep all the keys to himself, but he knew that he would lose respect if he did so. He might end up being stabbed in the back.

His fellow disciples were all cunning. If he took everything for himself, the consequences would be dire. Seven keys were already quite a lot, and the rest of them were not that much anyway. He would absolutely make sure he profited.

While Brian and his lackeys felt gratified, Quinton’s side wallowed in despondence.

All of them frowned, cursing their situation.

Quinton did not know what to say at that moment. At Brian’s words, the rest of them noticed Jackie as well.

Seeing as Jackie had been with Chad, and Jackie was from a third-grade world, Quinton could guess that the three of them formed a temporary alliance to get by. He knew Chad very well. If Chad had not been forced to, he would not have forced a team.

That was because Chad felt it was troublesome. However, when Chad joined a team, he would not mistreat his teammates.

Quinton took a deep breath and said to Chad helplessly, “Don’t be an idiot. Hurry and flee. You don’t need to care about us just make sure you survive!”

Quinton had no other thought than to make sure Chad managed to escape at that moment.

The further Chad ran, the better. He did not want Chad to come back at all. All he wanted was for Chad to remain safe until Chad could leave the Whirling World.

Chad naturally knew of Quinton’s worries and thus emotionally yelled, “Don’t worry, Quinton! I said I’ll save you, so believe in that!”

He reached out and patted Jackie on the shoulder. “He can save you!”

Brian could not resist laughing again, feeling like they were clowns.

No matter how much he and his companions laughed, however, Jackie remained calm the whole time as he looked at Brian coldly.

Brian had four golden circles around him.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, with a tone of disappointment, “Why do you only have four golden rings?”

Brian was trying to show his superiority in every way, so why did he only have four keys?

Someone as strong as him should have at least ten.

Brian suddenly stopped laughing at Jackie’s words. His lips twitched, wondering if he had misheard.

What did Jackie say?

Did he just ask why he only had four keys?

In such disappointment, at that?

Was that guy planning on killing him to take his keys, but lamenting that he had too little?

Brian’s lips twitched as he stared at Jackie. When he realized he was not mistaken, he did not know what to say.

What an arrogant man.

Was he crazy?!

When Quinton heard Jackie, Quinton widened his eyes as well as he looked at Jackie in confusion.


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