No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3491-3500

Chapter 3491
“Yet, I was ambushed by the warriors from second-grade worlds who were hiding there. If I wasn’t skilled enough, I would have died there!”

“An ambush is one thing, but they were acting so arrogantly! They asked me to just be obedient and give them my golden keys and kill myself! It’s like giving the keys to them would be an honor to me!”

As he said that, Chad twitched slightly as he started breathing heavily. His eyes were full of anger. Even Rudy was clutching his fists in anger after hearing that, let alone Chad himself.

Jackie frowned, rubbing his head helplessly. No matter where he went, as long as the second-grade world and third-grade world warriors were in the same place, there would be conflict!

The warriors from second-grade worlds all looked down on warriors from third-grade worlds. Even if their actions were shameless, they would think that the warriors from third-grade worlds deserved it. They would always look down on the whole of Whirling World from their high pedestal.

Rudy scoffed, “Those dogs! They’re so disgusting!”

Jackie pursed his lips and looked at Chad, “Remember what you’re saying now. We’ll only be able to form a stable team if we don’t betray each other…”

Chad looked at Jackie in surprise. He had thought that it would take some time to convince them all, but Jackie had agreed so quickly.

Chad immediately said, “Don’t worry, I’m not that sly of a person!”

Jackie nodded, not saying anything else.

Chad went toward the Stage of the Nine again. He had two golden keys with him and planned on exchanging them for treasures before he did anything else. Of course, he definitely wanted more golden keys, but he would attract too much trouble if he had too many. It was better to exchange two keys for some treasures first.

When Jackie heard his plans, Jackie did not disagree, indicating that they could go to the Stage of the Nine.

Chad frowned and said seriously, “We’ll have to be careful! The closer we are, the more bandits there will be! All of them are from second-grade worlds! Even though they are bandits, they insist on looking good. They keep preaching about the survival of the fittest, and challenge you to take it back from them!”

Chad got angrier and angrier as he spoke.

Jackie nodded, looking at Chad, “Why don’t you try and recover first? Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. No one will be able to hurt you.”

Chad wiped the blood off his face with his sleeve, not really looking like he cared, “They’re just minor injuries. It’s fine.”

Jackie did not insist further after Chad said that. The three of them advanced to the Stage of the Nine together. There were countless stages all over Chaos City. The location of each stage was transmitted to their brains after they entered Chaos City.

Every warrior in Chaos City would clearly know the location of every stage. The one closest to them was about ten kilometers away. They were in no hurry and moved slowly in that direction.

That was to prevent any sudden ambushes. With Jackie’s skills, it would be no trouble dealing with some minor annoyances, but he was afraid of any unexpected incidents. If someone strong suddenly showed up, it might be difficult.

The three of them chatted away as they went. Rudy and Chad had a long conversation.

In truth, Chad was not someone who spoke a lot, but they were talking about the warriors from second-grade worlds the whole way. Chad suddenly found himself having a lot to talk about due to his hatred for them.

Chapter 3492
The two of them were just cursing at the various despicable things that warriors from second-grade worlds did.

Jackie merely followed behind them, not saying anything. The way forward was still an endless wasteland. It was as if there was no end in sight.

“I really don’t know how those disgusting people can bring themselves to be so shameless! Do they really think we’re scared of them? Of course not! We just don’t want any trouble, but those people think we’re scared of them and end up just getting worse and worse!”

“Just wait! We’ll end up with a full-blown war eventually! Then, we’ll pull something big and they won’t be able to walk out unscathed. Let’s see if they can still be arrogant then!” Rudy said viciously.

Most of the second-grade worlds were indeed stronger than third-grade worlds in overall strength, but so what?

They had strength in numbers! Even if their average warrior was not as strong as a warrior from a second-grade world, they could make up for it with their numbers. The total number of geniuses would be comparable.

If it was an open war, it was hard to say who would win! Rudy favored the combined strength of third-grade worlds more. He felt like they would definitely win by sheer numbers!

Chad nodded and agreed, “That’s right! We have so many people, and we’re not just going to sit quietly and get pushed around! It’s just that we’re not working together right now. If we end up being forced to work together by them, then the warriors from second-grade worlds won’t be able to keep on smiling!”

Chad hit the most important point. If they really did all work together, then the warriors from second-grade worlds would not be able to handle them.

However, the third-grade worlds all had their camps with their plans. Even if they formed teams, it was just temporary. The moment their interests were at stake, any alliances would suddenly fall apart.

It would be different if the warriors from second-grade worlds forced them into a corner. If they were forced to, then any plans could be tossed aside. Everyone could work together to fightback until the end. Then, any advantages the warriors from second-grade worlds had would shatter, and they would not be able to be so arrogant anymore.

He had seen too many similar things along the way.

Rudy felt like the various actions of the second-grade worlds showed that they had never treated warriors from third-grade worlds as humans.

They tortured them for heart blood and stole from them when they wanted golden keys.

Those shameless and despicable guys did so many atrocious things, but they still did not seem ashamed at all. They spoke as if the warriors from third-grade worlds are indebted to them.

Rudy felt like it was enough, and wondered if they could just fight a large battle. He wanted to see those shameless guys suffer massive losses and pay a price. He wanted them to see the corpses of their allies piling up. Only then would they know how stupid they had been.

Being arrogant only brought death.

The two of them spoke more and more intensely, and Jackie merely listened quietly behind them. He found himself completely speechless.

They were being too absolute with their words and thought of everything too idealistically. The warriors from second-grade worlds would pay a heavy price, but would the warriors from third-grade worlds not?

There were a lot of warriors from third-grade worlds, and a lot of strong ones too, but if they start fighting, the number of casualties would not be lower than the second-grade worlds.

Calmly looking at it, anyone would know that a true war was impossible. The warriors from second-grade worlds only acted so fearlessly because they knew that.

Jackie smiled helplessly, “The two of you should quit dreaming. Pay attention to your surroundings.”

“Haha, there are another three! Three keys! Not bad!” Fareed walked out from a crater on their left with his hands on his waist.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked forward. There was a huge crater that had been dug up about a hundred meters away from them. The crater was incredibly deep, capable of fitting ten people. They had been vigilant about their surroundings earlier but had failed to notice that crater.

They never expected anyone to dig up a crater to hide there.

Chad’s expression stiffened as he said with clenched teeth, “It’s these guys again!”

Chapter 3493
Jackie looked at Chad curiously and asked, “Do you know them? Were they the group that attacked you?”

Chad shook his head, “No! But they’re definitely here to steal our keys. They’re all the same!”

It was no surprise that warriors from second-grade worlds looking to steal their keys were there. After all, they already knew about it before. However, Jackie never expected them to appear so suddenly from a crater they had specially dug up.

Fareed dusted off the dirt on his clothes as he smiled, looking at the crater behind him, “Why aren’t you coming out yet? Are you waiting for your birthday?”

Someone inside cursed, “Idiot! What do you know?! Do you know how to launch a proper ambush?! Don’t you know how to attack quickly and end things quickly?”

Fareed rolled his eyes, “Quit trying to act like you’re so smart in front of me. There are only two of them! The other one is complete trash. Why do we need to ambush them?! Just come out.”

Mikael, who was in the crater, jumped out after activating his true energy. After a few moments, he landed on the ground next to Fareed.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said casually, “Is it just the two of you? Is there no one else inside?”

He looked forward, but the crater was too hidden. He needed to get closer if he wanted to look into the crater.

Fareed was speechless.

Was that guy crazy?

It was one thing to not be afraid of them, but he was talking to them in such a dismissive tone. It was as if he was not bothered by them at all. Even if another two jumped out, he would still not care.

That attitude really riled Fareed up.

‘That guy was acting too carefree!’

‘Did he think warriors from second-grade worlds were beneath him?’

Fareed already thought of a hundred ways to torture Jackie to make Jackie regret it.

“Oh, there really are all sorts of people in the world. I haven’t met people who want to die as badly as you! Brat, do you even know the consequences of your words?” Fareed asked.

Jackie’s expression was completely calm.

It was like the two in front of him were just beggars by the street who would not threaten him at all, “What would the consequences be? Tell me…”

Jackie’s nonchalant attitude deeply struck them. They felt like they were being looked down on.

A warrior from a third-grade world actually dared to do that!

Fareed looked at Jackie coldly, “Brat, you’ll regret this!”

Rudy was speechless as he listened. Anyone who did not do what warriors from second-grade worlds wanted would be threatened by them with regret!


Jackie and Rudy would not know the meaning of that word!

The ones who regretted it were always those who went against Jackie!

Rudy raised an eyebrow and said, “Are the two of you not tired of acting like clowns? Stop talking about regrets! If you have the skills, then attack! If you don’t, then just wait for your death!”

Fareed and Mikael were stunned at those words. That was usually the tone warriors from second-grade worlds would use. Now that it was directed back at them, they were furious.

Chapter 3494
Chad’s expression was still incredibly cold as he stared at them with hatred.

He could no longer hold back, “You dogs! Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re from a second-grade world. What do you think second-grade worlds are?”

“All you do are shameless things and go around acting like you’re strong. Regret?! What regret? You two bandits aren’t worthy of saying things like that!”

Chad had practically shouted everything out. He felt incredibly good about it. Those shameless dogs disgusted him!

Even as bandits, they were trying to act like they were superior!

It was a joke!

Being shouted at like that, Fareed could not remain calm. He had planned on trying to get a feel of Jackie and Chad first. After all, the two of them were worried about surprises as well.

They were so proud of themselves, but they never expected the warriors from the third-grade worlds to fight back so intensely!

Fareed could bear being shouted at by the strong. He would clench his teeth and swallow his pride when he was shouted at within his clan, but he could not accept suffering from it by warriors from third-grade words!

He attacked right away. He wanted those two to pay!

His target was Chad. After all, Chad’s words had thoroughly infuriated him just now!

He started to form seals with his hands, and an intense golden glow started to shine. Countless golden seals reacted with each other. They formed an intricate pattern, and slowly condensed into seven golden pythons. The seven pythons all had their mouths wide open. They had fangs that were soaked in venom.

Those snakes flashed as their eyes stared right at Chad.

Chad shouted and attacked at that moment as well. All of his anger toward the warriors from second-grade worlds had accumulated in his heart. He had already hated them to the bone.

His true energy roared frantically, and seals flowed out of his hands. Blood-red seals fused into a large blood-colored blade!

Chad looked incredibly crazed. Those warriors from second-grade worlds never treated them as humans, doing whatever they wanted, as if they were livestock for the second-grade worlds to be slaughtered at any moment!

What gave them the right?!

Chad got to where he was all from his own skills, were warriors from second-grade worlds supposed to just be better?

He wanted those guys to pay a painful price!

He wanted them to know that those despicable thoughts would lead them to their deaths!

Chad shouted and pushed forward. The sword carried a bloody aura as it slashed right at the pythons!

Jackie did not make a move. He had his attention on the two that were fighting and was prepared to make a move at any moment. He had some of his attention on Mikael as well, preventing Mikael from doing anything.

Chad was incredibly angry at that moment and needed to vent. Jackie felt like the other party was more than capable to deal with Fareed, but he would not be able to deal with two of them.

The pythons had their mouths open as they bit down on the sword.

Rudy looked at the explosive power and was a bit afraid. He looked at Jackie and started to panic a little when he saw that Jackie was not planning to attack.

“Jackie! Why don’t you help out?”

Chapter 3495
Jackie turned to look at Rudy, “He can deal with it. That bandit isn’t from a high-grade clan. Even if warriors from second-grade worlds had messed-up minds, disciples of high-grade clans would never become bandits.”

Rudy took a deep breath, feeling like Jackie was right. It was not like every warrior from a second-grade world was strong. Normal warriors made up most of them. It was just that they acted very arrogantly so they could feel special in front of warriors from third-grade worlds.

With a bang, the two techniques clashed in the air. The first three pythons disappeared immediately, being sliced into pure energy. The other four managed to withstand the first blow.

The pythons then wrapped around the body of the sword while the sword constantly released sharp energy, trying to slice through the snakes. The pythons’ bodies were constantly broken apart, but they constantly regenerated!

The four pythons wrapped tightly around the sword, and the blade constantly moved. The energy was bursting out everywhere, and the pythons cried out in the air. Yet, they did not relax their grip at all. The two techniques clashed against each other, and it was hard to tell who was winning.

Mikael had a look of surprise on his face. He did not expect Fareed to be so closely matched with that guy.

He turned to look at Jackie, and there was a look of alarm on his face. He was getting impatient and wanted to help Fareed deal with that warrior. However, there was still another standing there.

If he attacked, that person would not just stand by idly. It might end up becoming a battle between the five parties. Even though the one on the left did not seem strong at all, there was still strength in numbers. If the one on the right was as strong as the one that was fighting, he might not be able to handle it, and it would be trouble.

At that moment, Mikael was already thinking about retreating. After all, he was not absolutely confident. He felt like they might have bitten off more than they could chew.

At that moment, Fareed shouted out angrily, “Brat, I can’t believe you’re actually quite decent! No wonder you were so arrogant to talk to me like that! However, don’t be so pleased just yet! You’ll be dying today!”

After that, Fareed let out a roar, forming even more seals that constantly flew in the air. Fareed pushed forward, and the seals shot into the four golden pythons.

Chad pursed his lips as his eyes started to redden.

The golden pythons became even stronger after absorbing those seals. The sword had originally still been able to constantly shake and unleash its sharp powers. Yet, it was already completely held by the pythons at that moment. It could not move at all, and could not unleash its destructive power!

Rudy was getting anxious.

He turned to look at Jackie and said, “Jackie! You should attack now! I think Chad’s about to lose.”

Jackie shook his head, still looking up without any intention to attack.

Rudy gulped, wanting nothing more than to help. In truth, he had only known Chad for a few hours, but because they were quite compatible, he had already considered Chad as a friend. On top of that, those two would be even more arrogant if Chad were to lose, which Rudy did not want to happen.

Mikael looked over and saw Rudy’s anxious expression.

He said, “What’s the point of being nervous? That guy can’t possibly beat Fareed. You should just surrender. Stop struggling for no reason. Knee! and beg us, and hand over your keys then we’ll make sure you die quickly!”

Chapter 3496
“What utter nonsense!” Rudy furiously shouted, “What are you even talking about, dog?! The one who should be begging is you!”

Rudy felt like he was going to die of anger. After that, he turned to shoot Jackie a pleading look, hoping that Jackie would do something in time. However, Jackie’s expression did not change, and his body did not move at all.

Rudy pursed his lips. If Jackie did not lend a helping hand, Chad would lose. That would be really embarrassing. Chad was already injured in the first place. Any additional injury would inflict emotional wounds as well!

He felt like he could no longer wait, and was just about to say something to Jackie again when an intense red light shot out in the air.

Chad let out a furious roar as his whole body started to glow red. His hands constantly moved, and blood-red seals were constantly formed!

Countless seals began to surround the sword. The sword started to glow intensely, and its power constantly exploded outward, causing the python to start to crack. The speed of its recovery could not catch up to the speed it was being torn apart.

The four pythons started to struggle intensely, and Fareed started to panic. He hurriedly formed even more seals, but before he could send them to the pythons, the blood-red sword exploded intensely.

There was a sudden boom, and the python was completely blown apart. The blood-red sword had managed to escape, and the red energy constantly flowed to the tip.

Chad shouted out, “Die!”

The blood-red sword shot forward at Fareed like an arrow.

Fareed jumped in fright, and he hurriedly tried to protect himself as he retreated. However, it was already too late.

The two of them had not been far away from each other in the first place. With the fact that their techniques had clashed in the middle, Fareed did not have much time to react!

The sword pierced right through Fareed’s protection, and Fareed let out an angry roar as he frantically retreated. Yet, it was all for naught. No matter how much he tried, he could not make enough distance.

Fareed’s cries of anguish could be heard as the sword pierced into him. The energy shot right into his body, and it sucked his blood dry.

Fareed’s blood turned into the power of the sword, and it suddenly became much stronger! At that moment, no one could save Fareed. His true energy could no longer be used, and his body could no longer support itself. He let out a cry and fell to the ground.

With a boom, Fareed collapsed on the ground heavily.

Mikael was shocked. Fareed had clearly been inches away from winning, but the guy had turned the tables, exploding out with such terrifying power that destroyed the golden pythons!

The loss had come far too quickly. Mikael had his mouth open wide, unsure of how to react!

Rudy clapped frantically, incredibly happy about it. He had thought that Chad would lose, and he was about to ask Jackie for help again. Yet, the tables had turned so quickly. Defeat suddenly turned to victory, and Fareed was on the ground!

He turned around and looked at Mikael proudly, saying, “Did you see that?! Who’s the one who should be kneeling and giving up their golden keys?”

“So what if you’re from a second-grade world?! You still lost to us. All you do is brag. You just like to constantly talk, but you still lost so badly. Don’t you think it’s embarrassing?”

Mikael took a deep breath. His face was completely red. Of course, it was embarrassing. Mikael wanted to dig a hole for himself and hide in it!

Chapter 3497
However, he still had his wits about him. It was not the time to be overcome with emotion. He looked at Jackie and turned around to run without a second word!

Jackie scoffed as he shot forward and gave chase. He had not attacked earlier because he wanted to see Chad’s abilities. There was no way he could let this guy run away.

Mikael said as he ran, “Just you wait! I’ll bring my fellow disciples over! Then, you won’t be able to get out of this!”

The moment he said that Jackie suddenly stopped chasing after him. He looked at Mikael retreating, not moving at all. It was like he had been stunned in place by Mikael’s words.

Chad and Rudy were both stunned at that.

Why was Jackie not chasing after them?

Chad said anxiously, “Why did you stop?! You have to get him! Did you not hear what he said? He’s going for reinforcements!”

Chad was practically shouting that out. Even after seeing his abilities, that guy still wanted to get help. It meant that his fellow disciples should be quite strong.

If the two of them were not far away and managed to hurry over in time, then they would be in a difficult spot. Even though he had beaten Fareed earlier, he had been forced to use his trump card. If there were warriors that were stronger than Fareed, he would not be able to beat them.

Rudy did not say anything at all.

Compared to Chad, he knew Jackie much better. No matter how fast Mikael had run, he would not have been able to get away if Jackie did not want him to.

He did not understand why Jackie stopped his pursuit, but Rudy trusted that Jackie had his own reasons.

Jackie turned to look at Chad and said, “I heard what that guy said. It’s precise because I heard that so I stopped chasing. Let’s just wait here for his fellow disciples.”

Chad was stunned by Jackie’s words. He looked at Jackie in confusion, suddenly not knowing what to say.

Was Jackie’s head alright?

Did Jackie know what he was saying?

They were getting reinforcements, but Jackie was not leaving and instead waiting for them to come over.

Did Jackie feel like they did not have enough enemies?

Did Jackie think he was not in enough anger?

Chad’s look had been quite obvious, and Jackie could naturally tell what he was thinking.

Jackie smiled and said, “I have my own plans. You don’t need to worry.”

That caused Chad to feel even more unsettled instead. Chad felt like Jackie was a mystery.

Chad’s lips twitched as he hurriedly said, “That guy will definitely be bringing reinforcements that are stronger than him. You should be stronger than Fareed, but I’m only good enough to defeat Fareed. If any more came, I won’t be able to defeat them. If you have the skills to fight more than one, then I can help you hold Mikael back. It’s just that, I don’t think you can.”

He did not hold anything back and was incredibly straightforward. He had not known Jackie for that long and had never seen Jackie in action. Even so, Chad estimated that Jackie should be more or less at his level.

Even if Jackie was stronger than him, he would not be that much stronger. After all, they were from third-grade worlds.

Unless Jackie was a top-chosen disciple, he would not be that much different.

Chapter 3498
Jackie nodded emotionlessly after hearing Chad’s words, “I know. Don’t worry, there won’t be any surprises.”

Chad’s lips were constantly twitching in exasperation, feeling like Jackie was very conceited. Jackie might really be strong, but going against more than one opponent?

Various thoughts surfaced in Chad’s head. He had never liked to overthink things.

If he could not understand it, then he would just forget about it. He felt like his mind was going to get overworked, so he decided to just forget about everything. Since Jackie was confident, then he would just listen to Jackie. After all, if anything happened, he would not be the only one in danger.

When Jackie saw that Chad had stopped saying anything, he stepped forward and looked toward where Mikael had left.

Time slowly ticked away.

After about ten minutes, three figures started to speed over toward them from a distance.

The three of them were running side by side. The one on the left was Mikael. His previous expression filled with shock had disappeared. Even though there was still hatred on his face, it was mostly filled with excitement for revenge.

Jackie smirked as he let out a faint smile.

Fareed had already been dealt with. The two keys Fareed had were taken by Chad and he was planning on giving one to Jackie. After all, without Jackie’s help, Chad would not have been able to face Fareed alone.

However, Jackie refused it as Chad had fought that battle himself. It was just a key anyway. He had a bigger goal in mind. He did not care about one key.

Mikael shouted out from far away, “You really are bold! You actually didn’t run away!”

The three of them stopped about eighty meters away from Jackie and the rest.

Mikael looked at them with an expression full of hatred.

Jackie felt like he already saw them as mortal enemies. The other party looked like a wild dog who had found a strong master at that moment.

“You didn’t even bother running! Do you think the three of you can face the three of us? My fellow disciples here are both stronger than Fareed! Fareed just underestimated you just now. Otherwise, he would not have lost!” Mikael sneered at Jackie.

He held his anger while speaking.

Rudy started to laugh out loud, saying mockingly, “How could you even bring yourself to say that? Did you forget how frantically Fareed tried to block that attack just now? He was practically using all his strength, but he still wasn’t a match for my friend! What are you even talking about right now?”

Mikael’s face reddened in anger. He looked at Rudy and clenched his teeth in anger.

Mikael said, “How dare you laugh at me? Very well! I’ll remember you! Keep laughing. You can laugh as much as you want! You won’t be able to laugh anymore soon. I’ll teach you the consequences of laughing at me. I’ll make sure to skin you alive!”

As he said that, Mikael’s face was full of venom as he glared right at Rudy as if Rudy had killed his whole body.

Rudy rolled his eyes, not caring about it.

Beside Mikael were his elder brothers, Josui and Joaqim. The few of them were brothers not by blood, but by circumstance.

Mikael was the youngest and was basically an errand boy. A few of them were basically bandits and targeted warriors from third-grade worlds.

Jackie looked at Chad, who was breathing heavier and heavier.

At that moment, Chad’s fists were clenched tightly as he looked at them with clenched teeth. His anger had almost swallowed up his reason.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Before he could figure out the reason for Chad’s anger, Joaqim spoke.

Chapter 3499
“I was wondering who it was, turns out it’s you. I thought you only knew how to run, and I was thinking you wouldn’t show up here anymore. I never expected you to be so bold to return again. You even brought two helpers along.”

“Did you think that these two helpers would help you beat us? Stop joking around! Even if you bring four more over, it would be nothing. In front of us, all of you are nothing!” Joaqim said indifferently to Jackie.

Jackie immediately understood Chad’s rage.

Chad’s injuries had been inflicted by them, and he had probably been humiliated quite a bit as well. It really was a coincidence.

Chad furrowed his eyebrows tightly, and his eyes reddened, “You shameless and despicable bandits! I won’t let you go!”

Joaqim started to laugh, not hiding his mockery at all, “Who do you think you are? You won’t let me off? Are you worthy of saying that? You’re just a defeated warrior. If you weren’t so good at running away, you’d already be a corpse right now. Since when did you get to be so arrogant?! If you have the skills, then don’t run away. Let’s fight right here!”

Chad’s face was red. Even though his heart was filled with anger and his whole body was trembling, the truth was still the truth. He really was no match for them.

Not too long ago, he had been forced to run away with his tail between his legs just to stay alive. Otherwise, he would not have been here with Jackie.

Jackie coughed slightly, turning to say to Chad, “Calm down. What’s the point of getting so angry? Just leave everything to me. You just need to help me hold back Mikael at most.”

Chad looked at Jackie in surprise. He had a lotto say, but he swallowed back his words.

He looked at Jackie firmly, and after a moment, he said, “I trust you!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow at that, praising Chad’s personality. He smiled, not saying anything else as he turned to look at Joaqim and the others.

At that moment, Josui laughed, “You won’t be able to escape this time! He needs to properly torture you. Even though I don’t know how Fareed lost to you, he’s still our younger brother. We need to seek justice for him.”

Jackie had not planned on saying anything, and wanted to fight right away, but he could not stand it after hearing Josui.

He said in exasperation, “Justice? How can you even say that? What justice? Bandits have a sense of justice now?”

Fareed and Mikael had hidden in a corner to rob others. Fareed lost his life because he was not skilled enough, so he deserved it.

That guy said he wanted justice! It was a joke.

Jackie took a deep breath, saying to Chad, “What are those two called? Do you know what clan they’re from?”

Chad nodded, introducing them. He did not know what clan they were from, but he knew their names.

Jackie scoffed. The one called Joaqim had a disgusting aura about him.

Jackie was absolutely disgusted by how narcissistic the warriors from second-grade worlds had always acted.

Joaqim narrowed his eyes, “Yes, we’re seeking justice for him. Do you have anything to say about that? You trash from third-grade worlds were meant to be our prey anyway. So what if you’re killed?! The fact that you dared to go against us is a great crime! You should be punished with death!”

Even Jackie could not remain calm at that.

Rudy jumped in anger, shouting out, “You dogs! Prey? Who do you think you are? I’ll make sure you kneel in front of me later!”

Rudy was furious, and Chad was even more so. His hands were trembling, and his face was full of rage.

Jackie sighed as he reached out to grab Rudy’s shoulder, “There’s no point trying to argue with them. Since they’re so arrogant, let’s get rid of that arrogance with our own hands!”


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