No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3481 – 3490

Chapter 3481
Jackie’s words boosted Rudy’s confidence, so much so that he wanted to give him a round of applause. These words were what the strong would say!

Jackie tied the key to a string and hung it on himself. After that, he took the piece of purple gold that was only about the size of a fingernail.

Rudy did not recognize it. He looked over curiously and pointed at the piece of gold. “What’s that? Is it a valuable spirit crystal?”

Jackie shook his head. “This is a piece of purple gold that has a lot of spiritual energy in it. It’s more or less the same as a spirit stone, but it’s more valuable than one. A piece of gold the size of a fist is worth about ten million spirit crystals. This one here should be worth a million.”

Rudy gaped at that. A piece of gold the size of a fist was worth 10 million spirit crystals!

It was really hard to fathom.

Back then, Rudy lived a very ordinary life. Even though he thought that he was much better off than others and had a lot more potential than his fellow disciples, he realized how much of a joke his thoughts were after entering Phoenix Valley.

During that time, he thought that 10000 spirit crystals were already a huge sum, and a million spirit crystals was a number he would not even dare to think about.

The purple gold was used in more or less the same way as spirit crystals. The spiritual energy could either be absorbed or used as currency.

Jackie looked at Rudy and said, “Purple gold is considered a more luxurious form of currency in second-grade worlds. Normal clans still use spirit crystals as currency, but some larger clans use purple gold as their most common form of currency.”

Rudy nodded, his eyes fixed on the purple gold. In truth, he had a lot of spirit crystals at that moment-about 10 million spirit crystals. However, it was at this moment he knew.

10 million spirit crystals were only able to get a piece of purple gold the size of a fist.

Rudy suddenly felt like he was poor again. He shook his head, cursing himself for being greedy.

After Jackie kept the purple gold, he burned the two corpses and looked to the distance.

It was a complete wasteland, and there was not even wild grass around them. There was a sinister aura everywhere as if cruel things had happened in the land.

Rudy followed Jackie’s gaze and shuddered. “I got the chills. I feel like there are horrors all around this place. I’m not a complete coward, but I still feel a chill behind my neck. Where are we going next? Should we go look for the Stage of the Nine? We can just use the golden key to get treasures right away.”

“I know you have bigger goals, and you‘ll want to collect more golden keys to get more valuable treasures. One golden key is nothing, but we can give it a try to see what kind of treasure we’ll get.”

Jackie smiled and said, “We’re walking targets now, and trouble will probably come find us in just a moment. We can wait to go to the Gate of the Nine.”

Jackie was the one who determined their destination.

There was nothing else in the sky other than the blood moon. There were not even trees around them.

Rudy could not even tell what direction they were going in. Jackie did not explain it. He merely advanced behind Jackie.

Chaos Continent seemed isolated from the whole Whirling World. They had not even seen any city walls since they entered. It was like a complete wasteland in front of them.

After about four hours of walking, they finally saw people ahead of them.

Chapter 3482
Those people could see the faint golden circle around Jackie from afar. Every warrior who entered Chaos City knew what those rings represented, so upon seeing Jackie, they turned around to leave, not wanting to cause trouble.

Rudy said emotionally, “We’ve walked for so long before we saw a single person. This place is quite desolate. Didn’t you say fifty third-grade worlds and twenty second-grade worlds were gathered here? Why haven’t we seen anyone after walking for so long?”

“Is Chaos City just too large, or are there just too few people here? We saw quite a few people entering just now, but who knows where they went.”

Jackie smiled and explained, “Chaos City should be in an isolated space. Don’t forget, the city walls disappeared just after we took a few steps into the city. It means that the city gates are in a separate space.”

“You end up in a new space just after taking a few steps. The city gates are basically a simple transfer array, and we were probably sent to a random location within the space. That’s why we didn’t see anyone when we got in…”

“Chaos City is massive, but as long as you keep walking further in, we’ll see more people. We’re heading toward the center of Chaos City.”

Rudy nodded, thinking about what Jackie said. “So you’re telling me that the city is basically one huge circle. The further inside you go, the more people there will be.”

Jackie nodded, that was basically the gist of his words.

Rudy nodded.

Furthermore, there were more Stages of the Nine the further they went. At the centermost spot, there was a 300-meter wide stage.

He nodded thoughtfully at this. It seemed like they would be meeting more people.

Just as he was thinking about that, they suddenly saw six people ahead of them. Those six were split into two small teams of three, and they were rapidly getting closer to Jackie.

Rudy immediately knew that they did not have good intentions and immediately hid behind Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at these six ahead of them.

The one in front of the group to the left had two golden circles around him. There was someone with one golden circle behind that man, and the last one did not have any.

The group on the right was the same as well. The one walking ahead of them had two golden circles, the one in the middle had none, while the one at the back had one. Each golden circle represented a golden key, so there were six golden keys between the six of them.

Jackie stood there in place, not moving as he looked at those people rushing over with strange expressions on their faces. They all seemed to have a look of hatred, and the group on the left seemed to be looking at the group on the right in anger.

They stopped about 50 meters away from Jackie.

Vicenze Claw narrowed his eyes as he hatefully looked at Aurum Sun on the right and said, “Why are you so annoying? You go everywhere we do. Can’t you make your own decisions? You can only be so shameless. Do you think you can succeed just by executing the same plan? We won’t let you get what you want this time!”

Aurum scoffed, looking at Vicenze in disdain. “Stop your nonsense! Shameless methods? Chaos City is all about one’s skills. If you can’t get the keys, then it’s because you’re useless. Shameless methods? You talk like you’re doing amazing charity. What a joke!”

Chapter 3483
Vicenze’s face reddened in anger as he said through gritted teeth, “We were the ones who killed those people. While we were getting rid of the last one, you suddenly rushed out and took the keys. Stealing from others… Is that a skill?”

Goldstein, who was behind Vicenze, was absolutely furious. “You’re so shameless! You were already hiding by the side long ago and waited for us to fight until only one was left before suddenly jumping out. What’s the difference between you and bandits? You even claim to have done all this with your skills? Is being shameless a skill?!”

Aurum thought nothing of those words and replied in a pleased manner, “It is a skill! If you were strong enough, you would’ve noticed us, but you didn’t have the skills to notice us.”

“It’s only normal that we managed to take advantage of you. If you’re not happy about it, why didn’t you just fight us back then and take the keys back? If you’re incapable of reclaiming the keys, then stop with your nonsense!”

The person behind Aurum, Tony, laughed. “Aurum is right! If you don’t have the ability to get it back, then stop harping. You’re acting like you suffered greatly. Chaos City has always been a place where the strong triumphed over the weak. If you want to talk about justice, then you should have gone to Cloud City. It’s much safer there!”

After saying that, he looked at the team on the left with a mocking expression.

Vicenze and the others shook in anger.

The last person in the group on the right, James, snarled through gritted teeth, “Shameless men truly are capable of anything! Are you not afraid of the consequences? You’re even trying to make up reasons to steal what belongs to others! How disgusting!”

“The battle used up a lot of our true energy, yet you ran right after you stole our things. We’d be at a disadvantage if we followed! Do you think we’re dumb? You just happened to find the best timing to take action!”

The two sides faced each other, and both sides had anxiety and impatience on their faces.

Rudy’s lips twitched at the situation!

The six of them completely ignored Rudy and Jackie as they fought among themselves. It was like Jackie and Rudy were already dead and free for them to handle as they pleased.

Jackie looked at Rudy and could not help but smirk.

He whispered, “I told you we didn’t need to look for the Stage of the Nine yet, there will be people looking for trouble on the way. It’s better for us to collect more golden keys before we go looking for the stages.”

Rudy looked at Jackie worriedly and looked back at the two groups before he whispered, “There are six of them. Will it be troublesome?”

Jackie stared at the six men. They were shouting at each other and were not paying attention to Rudy and him at all.

Jackie smiled and said, “At most, the six of them are just outer disciples from holy grade clans.”

Rudy relaxed when he heard Jackie’s words. He paid attention to their bickering once again.

Rudy felt like the two sides might end up fighting each other before they spared Rudy and Jackie a glance!

Chapter 3484
Jackie raised an eyebrow as he sighed in frustration. These people seemed to have a lot of time, but he did not have the time to waste on them.

“Can all of you just shut up? Do you have a lot of time on your hands?” said Jackie, his tone cold. “Since you’re giving me six free keys, I’ll do you the honor of fighting you head-on.”

Jackie’s words stopped them from bickering.

The six of them looked at Jackie at the same time with strange looks on their faces. They never expected their prey to talk to them like that. It was hilarious!

Vicenze scoffed and said, “Hey, do you know what you’re doing? Are you crazy, or just stupid? Do you not see the patterns on our clothes?! You’re just a lowlife from a third-grade world, but you dare to challenge us? I feel like my eyes have been opened today!”

The exasperated Aurum said incredulously, “What did you say just now? We’re giving you six free keys, you say? Do you think you can actually beat us all? It’s six against one. Are you crazy?”

There truly were wonders everywhere.

A brat from a third-grade world was actually speaking so arrogantly as if the six of them were sitting ducks.

Tony laughed when he heard Jackie’s words. Jackie had to be stupid to have dared speak like that to them!

Jackie did not care about their laughs. He was already used to it and rather desensitized to all of that. If he had heard all of that back before, he might have been angered, but Jackie was incredibly calm at that moment.

He smiled and said, “You think I’m prey? You think victory against me is already in the bag-that not only will you get a key, but you’ll even get two rewards. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get an extra key out of it.”

Vicenze raised an eyebrow. “It looks like you have some intelligence. You know what we’re thinking, but since you know, why the brazenness? Do you think we won’t fight you?”

Jackie calmly looked at the six of them. Jackie’s words just now had stopped their argument. All of them were looking at Jackie like he was crazy.

Jackie took a deep breath and said, “With your talents, you probably only have upper earth rank techniques at best. It won’t be that much trouble.”

Jackie’s words greatly amused them.

Was he mocking their upper earth rank techniques?

He must be an idiot to have spoken so boldly!

The six of them were at a loss for words.

Aurum said in exasperation, “Are upper earth rank techniques that weak? You talk like you know a lower ultimate god rank technique!”

Aurum was irate at Jackie’s words. Where did this insolence masked as bravery come from that he could talk to them in such a manner?

Tony was behind Aurum, and the man behind Tony was Luca.

Luca frowned and stared at Jackie, giving him a once-over.

“Should we be careful about this guy?” he spoke, sounding rather worried. “This guy doesn’t look like he’s crazy. He might be talented.”

Aurum completely disregarded Luca’s advice as he pointed at Rudy next to Jackie.

Chapter 3485
“These two are from a third-grade world. Even if I can’t tell how strong this guy is, the one next to him is just a lowlife. Even if he’s a bit skilled, he wouldn’t have said something so arrogant! This guy is probably just trying to scare us with his words!”

Luca, still a bit worried hearing this, pursed his lips. “Why don’t we attack them altogether? After that, we’ll face each other for the rings”

Aurum looked at Luca silently, but his action looked like he was blaming Luca for being cowardly. He felt like he was shameful.

Tony was a straightforward person, and he turned around to look at Luca unhappily. “The six of us, face him alone? How could you say that? You’re fueling his pride here. He should be honored if even Aurum dealt with him. This guy is just a madman, yet you’re believing him? Are you crazy, too?”

Luca’s lips twitched as he immediately shut his mouth and said nothing else. After all, he would just get berated even more if he continued.

Jackie sighed, no longer caring about what the six of them were saying.

His hands started to form seals, and the Soul swords quickly formed. 10 Soul Swords represented the first stage of Destroying the Void. He had split 100 Soul Swords and fused them into three massive Soul Swords.

Each of the Soul Swords was capable of unleashing power equal to the first stage of an upper ultimate god rank technique.

He looked up at Aurum and the others before looking at Vicenze’s group.

He raised an eyebrow, aiming the Soul Swords at Tony, Vicenze, and Aurum.

When the six of them saw that, they were speechless.

Jackie really was something else. Even if it was not one against six, he was still targeting three in one go, much to their bewilderment. It looked like Jackie was not pretending at all, he was just crazy.

Vicenze said in exasperation, “There is something wrong with his head after all. I’d praise him a little if he could face one of us, but he wants to face three of us simultaneously.”

All of them were speechless, feeling like there was something wrong with Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying calmly, “You’d better hurry up and attack. Otherwise, you’ll lose your chance!”

Tony narrowed his eyes. “You really are arrogant, brat! Do you know what you’re saying?!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, nodding coldly, “I asked you to hurry up and attack, or you’ll lose your chance. I’m not joking.”

Tony was furious. He felt like he was being challenged. He rolled up his sleeves and prepared to teach Jackie a lesson. Aurum and Vicenze took out their weapons as well. Even if they were not taking it seriously, they still had to take Jackie’s attack.

Jackie pushed his hand forward, and the three Soul Swords shot forward. The three of them attacked at the same time, aiming right for the three Soul Swords!

With a few explosions, a cry of agony could be heard. Tony had rushed forward, blade in hand, but he had been sent flying by the Soul Sword.

Chapter 3486
Tony was thoroughly shocked.

Right after that, he felt a chill in his chest. The Soul Sword had pierced through his chest, and the pain of his soul being ripped apart was felt. He suddenly lost all ability to even think as he collapsed onto the ground.

The other two were in just as bad of a situation. The two of them had not been treated seriously at all. Even though their weapons had not been sent flying, they had not been able to stand up to the attack.

All three of them were stabbed with the Soul Swords in their chests at the same time.

Destroying the Void’s power instantly penetrated their bodies. The pain in their chests spread to their entire body. They cried out in agony at the same time, writhing on the floor like worms.

Everything had happened far too quickly, and the other three did not have a chance to react at all. All three of their eyes were completely widened, and they were gaping as they saw their teammates falling to Jackie’s attack.

They were in so much pain that rolling on the ground was all they could do. It was far too shocking.

The other three were in disbelief that they felt like they were dreaming.

Did Jackie defeat the three of them in one go?

Even though Aurum had underestimated Jackie, he had still used at least eighty percent of his strength!

Even so, he was still no match for that person! Jackie was actually much stronger. No wonder he had acted like they were beneath him earlier. Everyone thought that he was crazy, but they finally realized otherwise.

Jackie had looked down on everyone because he really did have the skills. He might be a warrior from a third-grade world, but he was no ordinary warrior. He was probably one of the strongest warriors in his world!

Even if he was in a second-grade world, he would still be the chosen disciple of a holy grade clan.

The truth was displayed for all to see. The other three suddenly found themselves breathing incredibly quickly as they shuddered.

Jackie was terrifying!

He was a demon. Why were they so unlucky to meet a monster like that?

Goldstein exchanged a look with James. Both of them could see the fear in their eyes. Even Goldstein’s eyes were trembling.

He lowered his voice and did his best to control his trembling, “Run!”

He merely said that before he started to run without hesitation, using all his true energy as he crazily ran away.

It was obvious that their opponent had the skills to easily kill them. If they stayed on, they would only die. If they tried to run away, they would still have a sliver of hope. After all, they were in Chaos City. Death was the main theme. If it were anywhere else, they might have considered begging for mercy, but it was useless there!

The three of them ran as fast as they could, scattering!

At that moment, they discarded every thought but themselves. Surviving was better than anything. If they stayed behind, they would just be slaughtered by Jackie. Rudy blinked in surprise, mumbling to himself as he looked at them running away.

“I thought they would work together to try and fight back, but they turned out to be cowards. They ran away almost immediately…”

Jackie did not hear Rudy mumbling to himself. The moment the three of them ran, he immediately followed. They were in Chaos City. The more he killed, the more rewards he would get.

Chapter 3487
These people were going after Jackie anyway, so it’s only natural that Jackie took their life instead!

Jackie activated the laws of space and disappeared from the spot. The next moment, he was already a hundred meters away.

The three of them were quite smart as they did not escape in the same direction. Jackie was alone, so he could only go after one of them. However, Jackie had already seen through their plans.

He raised an eyebrow as he scoffed. Before the three of them had started running, Jackie had already placed a mark on all of them. He could determine their location at any time. Furthermore, he was very quick.

James was running toward the southeast. He did not even dare to look back.

He clenched his teeth as he mumbled to himself, “We’re so unlucky! Why did we encounter such a huge problem so soon?!”

Jackie had immediately gotten rid of the three strongest ones there almost effortlessly.

Aurum, Vicenze, and Tony were all stronger than he was. However, they were still no match for Jackie. They did not even have the right to face Jackie.

The three of them had been dealt with so easily even when they were working together. They would be nothing in front of Jackie if it was a duel. James was incredibly worried.

If they had just listened to Jackie and realized that Jackie would not be easy to deal with, they might have had a chance if all of them worked together. However, it was already too late. Vicenze was done for!

The more James thought about it, the more scared he got. Jackie was not just a mere problem in his mind anymore.

Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard the wind howling next to him.

He looked over and his eyes were so wide they almost popped out of their sockets. At some point, Jackie had actually caught up to him.

He looked at the smirk on Jackie’s cold face. It was a smile he would never forget. The gray sword in Jackie’s hand stabbed out the moment James looked back.

With a pierce, he felt his back hurt as blood began to shoot out. He cried out as he collapsed onto the ground.

Jackie kept his sword and landed on the ground as well. He walked over to James and looked at James with a frown. When he saw the golden key that was with James, he did not hesitate to take the key for himself.

James was writhing on the floor in pain. Jackie did not even bother sparing him a second glance as he stabbed James right in the chest, ending his life.

A flash appeared, and the reward for killing James appeared in front of Jackie. It was another piece of purple gold. This piece was smaller than the last one. It was only about half the size of the last one. It meant that the prize for killing James had only been five hundred thousand spirit crystals.

Jackie raised an eyebrow at the reward, feeling like he had lost out. However, he did not think too much about it. After all, he still had two targets to deal with.

He immediately turned around and went for the next target.

Luca had been the one to run the fastest and was also the most anxious one. He had warned Aurum and Tony to not underestimate Jackie. It was a pity they did not listen.

They felt like he was being too careful, but they were the ones who were probably at their last breath. Luca could not help but shudder as he thought about Jackie’s cold and calm face.

Jackie really was that strong. A genius among geniuses!

Chapter 3488
He had been telling them the truth, but no one believed him. They ended up suffering great losses. They had thought that there was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

Right then, Luca really wanted to grab all of them by the collar and tell them that was the consequence of pride!

They had been the ones with something wrong with their heads!

Luca furrowed his eyebrows, feeling like something had changed about the space around him. He had used the law of space before, so he had a natural sensitivity to that.

A few moments ago, there had been a slight space distortion behind him. It was like something had ripped space apart to chase after him. Luca shuddered.

‘Could that guy be using the law of space techniques?’

The moment the thought flashed in his head, he felt a painful stab in his back. He turned around to see a familiar face.

Jackie was looking at him with a cold expression. The sword in Jackie’s hand was stabbed into his back, and blood dripped out.

Luca reached out and said, “Why are you so strong?! Who are you?! There’s no way you’re a warrior from a third-grade world! Warriors from third-grade worlds can’t be as strong as you!”

At that moment, Luca already knew that he was done for. He only had some questions on his mind that he was asking with his dying breath.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said coldly, “I’m from Hestia Continent. My name is Jackie White.”

He quickly revealed who he was. Luca’s eyes widened even more when he heard that Jackie was from Hestia Continent.

His lips twitched, “What did you say? You’re from Hestia Continent?”

Luca had already read about the various levels of power in the different worlds. Luca had seen Hestia Continent’s name a few times. When they entered Hestia Continent, he had even looked into it, so he understood more about Hestia Continent than any other world.

He was interested in Hestia Continent because of the massive barrier that had suddenly appeared to cut Hestia Continent out. Hestia Continent was completely isolated. Their resources were limited.

There was no way they could cultivate such an incredibly strong warrior!

Yet, Jackie had no reason to lie to him. He took a deep breath, full of disbelief and having no choice but to believe Jackie.

Jackie was actually from Hestia Continent!

A warrior from that unassuming place had actually killed him so easily!

That was absurd. He could not accept it, but it was the truth.

With another grunt, Luca spat out a mouthful of blood as he dropped. His golden key was taken away by Jackie as well.

The reward for killing Luca was an eighth-grade herb. Compared to that small piece of gold, this was clearly several times more valuable.

The last target was Goldstein, who was already seven or eight kilometers away.

Jackie frowned, suddenly wondering if he should continue to give chase. Goldstein did not have any golden keys. The six of them had six keys between them, but not everyone had a key. Vicenze had two, and Aurum had two as well.

The other two were with Luca and James. Tony and Goldstein did not have any keys on them. If he chased after Goldstein, he would just get another reward.

Chapter 3489
Goldstein was already too far away. It would require some effort to catch up.

After thinking about it, Jackie decided to give up. The most valuable thing in Chaos City was the golden keys. He had gotten six from this battle, which already satisfied him. If he wasted any more energy chasing Goldstein, it would not be worth it.

Thinking about it, he shook his head and returned to the scene of the original battle.

At that moment, Rudy was kneeling next to Vicenze, supporting his head on his hand while mumbling something. To not waste any time, Jackie rushed over and left Rudy there.

Even though Jackie had dealt with them quickly, he still regretted it when he saw Rudy.

Rudy was just too weak. Jackie had left Rudy alone just like that. If anyone had suddenly jumped out to attack Rudy, he would not even be able to fight back.

If anything similar happened in the future, he would need to properly make arrangements for Rudy first.

Rudy immediately waved at Jackie excitedly when he saw that Jackie was back.

Jackie nodded at Rudy, not wasting any time as he walked right to Vicenze. He reached out and grabbed the two keys from Vicenze before turning around to take the keys off Aurum’s body as well.

After that, he killed the three of them. The rewards were a piece of purple gold the size of a fingernail, a seventh-grade pill, and a seventh-grade herb. All three rewards were nothing amazing to Jackie.

Jackie sighed, smiling as he said, “I was just too greedy. I thought I would be able to get another key if I killed all five of them.”

Rudy looked up and smiled, saying, “Didn’t you tell me getting keys was all about luck? If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get a key just after one kill.”

“Sometimes, you get so unlucky that you don’t even get a single key after a hundred kills. We were already lucky enough to get a key after just two kills. On top of that, you just got six keys, which makes seven total!”

At that moment, there were seven golden circles around Jackie. The golden circles were quite eye-catching on top of each other. At that moment, Jackie really was a human lighthouse. The glow on his body was visible from four kilometers away.

It would probably not take too long for those looking for danger and profit to come to try to kill him for the seven golden keys.

Jackie took a deep breath, putting the keys in his palm.

Jackie frowned and said, “It’s not going to be easy dealing with too many people. We need to figure something out. We can’t just be a lighthouse that constantly attracts those people.”

Rudy was like an accessory to Jackie. Other than being able to talk to Rudy, Rudy was quite useless. When more opponents came about, even Jackie would find it difficult, so he needed to figure something out.

After Jackie thought about it, he suddenly turned around. He put the six keys in his hand into Rudy’s, and suddenly, there were six fewer circles around him. Rudy started to glow, and he was stunned as he looked at Jackie in confusion.

Jackie did not explain anything as he sent Rudy into Mustard Seed with a wave.

Rudy suddenly disappeared, and the glow was gone.

Jackie widened his eyes in excitement, lamenting that Mustard Seed was so amazing that even the laws of the Whirling World were unable to sense it.

Chapter 3490
The Golden Key could not be placed into any regular spatial storage, but Mustard Seed was different. Even with the Whirling World’s strict laws, it could not restrict Mustard Seed. It was an amazing piece of treasure.

Rudy was taken out of Mustard Seed again which greatly confused him. Jackie briefly talked about the situation, and Rudy was incredibly excited thinking about it. That meant they were no longer just walking pieces of bait. Putting the golden keys into Mustard Seed meant there would be no problems no matter how many golden keys they collected.

After four hours, Jackie and Rudy advanced about fifty kilometers ahead. It was still a complete wasteland around them. Other than the blood moon in the skies reddening a little more, there were no changes at all. The deeper they walked, the more apprehensive Rudy felt.

He was worried that another group would appear.

Jackie did not put all the golden keys into Mustard Seed, leaving one on him. That was to attract weaker warriors to come to fight him over the key. They would think that he was the prey, but in Jackie’s eyes, they were the prey.

After advancing for another kilometer, they saw the distant figure starting to get closer to them.

When the person saw Jackie, he immediately stopped. Even though it was very far, and they could not even see that person’s expression. However, it was obvious from that person’s actions that he seemed a bit fearful of Jackie.

Since he was fearful, he would probably not attack out of a sudden.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, ignoring that person. If the other party did not attack Jackie, he would not attack them.

As he walked forward for another five minutes, the person that stopped in the distance suddenly started to walk toward Jackie and Rudy quickly.

Jackie frowned as he looked at the approaching person. That person was incredibly tall and well-built. There was blood flowing from his forehead, and his lips were bloody too. His body was quite damaged, so he had probably just gone through a battle not too long ago.

When that person saw Jackie’s face, he seemed to be trying to determine who the other party was. Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything.

After a few more moments, that person greeted Jackie, “Are you from a third-grade world?”

There were differences between warriors from third-grade worlds and second-grade worlds. It was obvious just from the attire. Jackie did not have any special markings on his clothes, and he was with Rudy, who was not that strong. It meant the other person was quite sure that Jackie was from a third-grade world.

Jackie turned to look at that person as well. That person did not have any special markings on his clothes either, so that person was also from a third-grade world. The person seemed polite in Jackie’s eyes, so he nodded honestly.

That person took a deep breath and introduced himself.

That person was from a ninth-grade clan in Sky Peak Continent and was a chosen disciple. His name was Chad Lee.

Sky Peak Continent was around the same level as Lycan Continent. They were not at the top of third-grade worlds, but not weak either. Chad was definitely among the stronger warriors around.

He was a lone warrior, and would regularly move alone. Before he came into Chaos City, he never thought of advancing with anyone else. However, after he entered, he had to lower his head.

When he saw Jackie from afar, he did not greet Jackie because he was uncertain. He only went closer to Jackie after seeing what Jackie wore.

Rudy blinked as he said, “So you came here to form a group with us?”

Chad nodded, he looked at Jackie helplessly, “For you two, advancing with someone you don’t know probably doesn’t seem safe, but I can guarantee you that I won’t do anything that crosses the line if you don’t stab me in the back. Those pieces of trash are just trying to cause trouble for the warriors from third-grade worlds.”

As he said that, he took off the key he had hanging around his waist, “Some warriors from second-grade worlds are so shameless that they’re just staying put in one place to steal from us third-grade world warriors. I was planning on exchanging my keys for some treasures at the Stage of the Nine earlier.”


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