No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3476-3480

Chapter 3476
Chaos City encouraged killings, so much so that every person or beast killed within its vicinity would yield rewards. Most rewards were spirit crystals or materials, but the most valuable rewards were golden keys.

The golden keys would unlock a random reward. There was a chance to get a golden key just by killing one person or beast, but there was also a chance of not seeing a single golden key after killing a hundred.

However, the moment a person got one, they could head to the Stage of the Nine, using the golden key to open it.

The stage would give out a valuable reward based on the number of golden keys. The more golden keys one had, the greater the value of rewards. Thus, death was a common occurrence in Chaos City.

Warriors who wanted to gain something from the danger all frantically went inside. They got to enjoy killing for treasures within.

Hearing Jackie talking about the rules of Chaos City, Rudy’s jaw dropped in surprise, and he struggled to shut it.

“My, my… That’s absurd, no? Encouraging killing? Weaker warriors will easily die if they enter! Isn’t this absurd?! I saw many subpar-looking warriors entering just now. Are they all crazy? Aren’t they afraid of being killed?”

Rudy felt rather bewildered. The rules sounded ridiculous, yet many people entered the City. Rudy felt like they had all lost their minds in the pursuit of treasures.

Since killing would yield the keys to opening the Stage of the Nine, then Chaos City basically became the playground for the powerful.

The strong could kill the weak as much as they wanted, and warriors who were just average in skill would just be slaughtered by the strong. Yet, Rudy could not understand why there were still so many warriors who entered that did not seem to be that strong.

Jackie laughed, patting Rudy on the shoulder. “You can’t think of it that way. The strong wouldn’t bother killing the weak because it’s a waste of time…”

“They’d rather use that time to deal with the other strong warriors. Didn’t I tell you before? You can’t put the golden keys into spatial storage. You can only hang it on your person.”

“If someone who has golden keys dies, their keys will be taken away by their opponents. Just think about it. If you’re the more powerful individual in this game, would you go on a killing spree against the weak to get the keys that you might not get, even if you killed a hundred other warriors? Or, would you kill the warriors that already had golden keys with them?”

Spatial storages collapsed with a person’s death, and everything inside would disappear. No one would be able to get anything from it. However, the golden keys were not allowed to be put inside, and one had to carry them around. The strong would only look at the warriors with golden keys on them and would not waste time on regular warriors.

Jackie laughed and continued, “Those with golden keys will also be surrounded by a red aura. The more keys they have, the more circles will be glowing around them.”

Rudy immediately understood.

Those warriors with golden keys were like torches in the darkness. The strong would be completely fixated on them, ignoring all the weaker warriors.

Then, even if a weak warrior happened to get a single golden key, it would not attract that much attention since there were just too few. It would be obvious from the number of golden circles.

Rudy nodded emphatically. “So that’s it! That explains why many people are rushing in even though it’s so dangerous…”

“It’s actually not as dangerous as I thought. As long as you’re not that unlucky, it won’t be too dangerous to get treasures from the Stage of the Nine…”

After understanding the rules, the two of them stopped hesitating as they walked into Chaos City.

It was a completely gray world with a blood moon hanging in the sky. The ground was black and cracked due to the dryness. Just walking on it gave out a crackling sound. The atmosphere was filled with the aura of death.

Chapter 3477
Warriors that were more cowardly would immediately have a mental collapse just from the aura of this place alone.

Rudy’s skills were below average, and he would be able to stay at a level eight city at the most. He had relied on Jackie to get this far. Even though he was not that cowardly, he was still affected by the atmosphere.

His hands trembled slightly, and his breathing grew erratic. He followed closely behind Jackie, not even daring to breathe deeply, and a dreadful feeling, as though he was about to die, encompassed him. He felt like he would be killed at any moment, leaving the world forever.

Rudy’s voice trembled slightly. “Jackie, walk slower. I can’t keep up. This place is just too scary. Chaos City is a completely different world than I thought…”

Jackie did not know how vast Chaos City was, but he could not see the city walls after entering. It was an endless wasteland around them. The blood moon hung in the air, and everything felt very ominous. It was as if zombies would jump out at any moment.

Jackie smiled helplessly. “If you can’t take it, enter Mustard Seed for now. I can handle things myself.”

Jackie saying that was a bit redundant. Even if Rudy was next to him, he would not be able to help anyway. He was a burden that could just help with a couple of words at most. He might not even say the right things.

Rudy’s hands shook constantly, and he nodded after thinking about it. There was no point in him staying outside anyway; he would just gain some experience at most.

At that moment, Jackie raised his head and coldly looked forward. Rudy immediately hid behind Jackie, not even daring to look past his shoulders. Footsteps could be heard from the front. Two figures, one plump and one slim, slowly got closer.

The fatter one crossed his arms as he smiled at his skinny companion. “I told you our luck will hold out! You refused to believe me! Just look at those two in front of us. One of them is clearly trash. I can’t tell how strong the other is, but it’s obvious he’s from a third-grade world. How lucky we are!”

The two of them talked to each other without fear, completely looking down on Jackie and Rudy.

The skinny man nodded and looked at Rudy, who was behind Jackie.

After looking at Rudy for a long time, he looked at Jackie and said, “Brat. What were you thinking of, coming to a place like this? You came with a useless person, too. Are you just looking to die quicker? Even though we might not earn anything much from killing the two of you, some spirit crystals are better than nothing!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the two in front of him coldly.

The fat man laughed. “Let me teach the two of you a lesson today, especially in what ‘regret’ means. Warriors of your caliber should have just gone to Cloud City. You might’ve been able to survive that way. You insisted on coming here, so don’t blame us for this!”

He took out a meter long sword from his spatial storage as he said that. He had a big smile on his face, looking at Jackie like a trapped rabbit.

The thin man took out his weapon as well. It was a golden whip.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, finally responding to the two of them, “Just our luck, then. We bumped into two warriors that have nothing.”

The two of them looked aggressive, but they did not have any golden circles around them, signifying they did not have any golden keys. If those two had not challenged them, Jackie would not have bothered to even fight.

The two of them were stunned at what Jackie had said.

Was he insane?

Did he just say they had nothing?

What was the meaning of that?!

However, Jackie did not give them any time to think. He formed seals with his hands, and 100 Soul Swords materialized in the air. He waved, and the swords merged into two swords. He then aimed one at each person.

Chapter 3478
Seeing Jackie preparing to attack, the fat man cackled as though mocking him for not knowing his place.

Every warrior from a second-grade world had special marks on their clothes. Warriors from the Golden Continent had dark gold patterns, while warriors from the Sacred Water Continent had blue clouds.

There were intricate patterns on those symbols to prevent replication from other parties, and warriors from second-grade worlds and third-grade worlds knew those symbols by heart.

The fat man and the thin man both looked at Jackie and Rudy, and they could immediately tell that they were from third-grade worlds. Their origins were like a label of strength, and both men looked down on warriors from third-grad e worlds.

Even though they knew not every warrior from a third-grade world was weak, not many of them were powerful either. It was unlikely for them to meet any powerful ones, anyway. Furthermore, Jackie, though both men could not deduce his prowess, brought along a good-for-nothing warrior with him.

Even if they could not see how strong Jackie was, they deduced he could not possibly be any stronger, seeing as his companion was squashable.

Chaos City was not a charitable place. It was impossible to tell how many people entered and how many people died there. Everyone knew how dangerous that place was, but Jackie brought a useless companion with him. It meant there was no one strong enough for Jackie to bring along. Otherwise, he would have brought a better companion!

They probably failed to see how strong Jackie was because of some special object that could block their senses, but that was not important. All they needed to do was kill both men to get their rewards.

Whether it was spirit crystals or some materials, it was better than nothing. The two of them never planned on getting any valuable treasures in Chaos City. They just wanted to kill a few men to earn some rewards.

If they happened to get a golden key, they would make their way to the Stage of the Nine to get their treasures. They did not want to carry a key with them while they looked for another one at all.

The two of them knew very well that they would not be able to survive any strong warriors with their skills. Bringing a key along everywhere was equivalent to signing a warrant for one’s death!

The fat man looked at the Soul Sword that was aimed at him and laughed. “What kind of technique is this? I don’t feel any energy from it at all! Is it really that pointless?”

In their eyes, energy fluctuations represented the strength of a skill, and Jackie’s technique did not have any energy fluctuations at all. At least, the two of them could not feel any. On top of that, this whole situation only seemed more hilarious when they noted Jackie’s origin.

How could dolts like them dare to enter Chaos City?

Jackie smirked, not bothering to respond to what the two of them were saying.

When the fat man saw the smile on Jackie’s face, he was furious.

How dare Jackie laugh at them?

It was like he was mocking them for being ignorant!

The fat man gritted his teeth and spat, “Brat! How dare you? You’re mocking us?! I planned on just killing you quickly, but I’ve changed my mind now. I’ll torture you before I kill you so you know the consequences of mocking me!”

Chapter 3479
The moment he said that, the fat man started his attack.

He formed multiple mud-colored seals that danced in the air.

Crackling could be heard around him, and the seals formed a layer of a brown glow above him. Right after that, rumbling could be heard. Rocks could vaguely be seen moving within the glow.

He pushed forward, and the flow shot toward Jackie.

The fat man shouted, “Let’s see if I can bury you alive!”

Countless rocks formed within the muddy glow. Swiftly and burning hot, these rocks shot toward Jackie.

Jackie smiled. Ever since entering the Whirling World, he had seen many things and experienced a lot of battles.

He could immediately tell that the fat man’s technique was not at the ultimate-god rank and was still at the upper earth rank. Whether it was second-grade worlds or third-grade worlds, there were only a certain amount of geniuses. In the end, geniuses took up the minority.

Jackie had mostly met the strongest warriors from each world, so they naturally used higher-level techniques. However, most warriors still had an average skill level. Even though his opponent was from a second-grade world, not everyone from a second-grade world came from a holy-grade clan. The fat man was probably from a lower-level clan.

Even though he was still impressive to most, he posed no threat to him whatsoever.

The thin man attacked as well. He started to form blood red seals, and the seals danced between his fingers like flowing blood, constantly fusing together.

In just a few moments, he formed a curse that was about the size of a palm. The thin man shouted and pushed forward, and the blood curse shot right at Jackie.

It started to expand in the air, becoming the size of half a person. The two of them attacked at the same time, cutting off any path for Jackie to retreat.

The two of them wanted to end things in one attack. Even though they spoke as if they were not afraid of anything, they still did not hold back at all in fear something unexpected could take place.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he pushed his hands forward, shooting the Soul Swords forward like arrows toward his opponents. Three techniques clashed in the air at the same time as countless rocks slammed into the Soul Sword.

The fat man was smiling, already certain that his attack would pulverize the gray sword. However, his smile did not last for even half a second as the Soul Sword did not stop at all, piercing through his technique and unleashing gray-colored energy. The energy completely swallowed up all his rocks.

His attack failed to stop the Soul Sword!

Against the Soul Swords, it would have been useless no matter how many rocks he managed to form.

The moment they touched the sword, they were completely swallowed up, disappearing into the air.

The Soul Sword shot right at the fat man, not stopping at all. The large blood curse also clashed against a Soul Sword. With a crack, it shattered, unable to stop the Soul Sword as well.

Those two techniques did nothing against Destroying the Void, they had not been able to stop it at all!

The fat man and the thin man were not that far away from Jackie. They were confident in themselves before, but even with the two of them working together, they failed to stop Jackie’s attack.

Chapter 3480
It was because of that that Jackie’s two opponents failed to react when the Soul Sword was in front of them.

The fat man’s smile froze on his face as his eyes widened and his whole body stiffened.

With an audible squelch, the two Soul Swords pierced through their chests, and only then did they realize that they made a grave mistake. Even with both of them using their full might, they were no match for Jackie at all. They failed to even slow down Jackie’s technique!

How drastic was the difference between them needed to be for such a result?

Pain spread from their chest to their whole body, and the fat man could no longer laugh as he collapsed to the ground. His whole body started to twitch in pain. The thin man fared no better than his companion. His lanky body constantly rolled on the ground as he cried out in agony.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, amused by the two of them that were on the ground.

Rudy sighed in exasperation. “And to think these two said they were lucky!”

Just thinking about that, Rudy could not stop himself from laughing.

He quickly walked to the two of them and said to the fat man, “Do you still think you’re lucky?”

Jackie raised his hand and controlled the power of Destroying the Void, lowering its strength. The two of them regained some conscious thought.

Rudy asked again, and when the fat man heard that, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He shuddered and said, “Please have mercy! I was just speaking nonsense! Please spare the both of us… We were ignorant! Please ignore what we said. We won’t trouble you anymore!”

Jackie’s strength left the two of them with no thoughts of even trying to fight back at all. The two of them completely forgot about Jackie’s background, and all they wished for was for Jackie to let them go.

Jackie laughed, not even saying anything.

With his sword in hand, he slashed at their next, killing them instantly. Right after that, two glowing lights slowly condensed from their chests. The fat man condensed a piece of purple gold while a golden key was on the thin man’s chest.

When he saw that golden key, Rudy’s eyes widened. “Wow, it’s a golden key! Aren’t we just too lucky? We found a golden key after just two people!”

Jackie smiled, pleased with the outcome. He never expected to get a golden key after dealing with both of them.

He reached out and held the key, and his body suddenly had a golden circle around it. It was not that bright, but it was still visible from far away.

Rudy touched the golden circle curiously but did not feel anything at all. It was purely just a sign.

Rudy looked on as he said, “You’re like a human lighthouse, you know? It looks like we’ll be attracting a lot of people from now on. It’ll be fine if there are only a few, but it’ll be troublesome if there are more.”

Jackie smiled and patted Rudy’s shoulder. “It’s just one golden circle. It’ll only attract some small fish. We met so many geniuses before, but those people are a minority in their worlds.”

“Don’t think they represent the normal standards from their worlds. It’s only when there are a lot of those geniuses that I’ll be troubled. I don’t care about these scumbags at all.”


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