No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3466 -3470

Chapter 3466
Those humans did not just need to pass through them to leave. They could go through the fog behind them as well.

Karsh’s voice was low, and it trembled a bit, “How likely do you think it is that they’re already within the fog?”

Besant looked at the cave, and its voice sank a bit as well, “There’s a ninety percent chance! I’ve already examined everything just now. All the soil was freshly dug up, and the footprints were just left behind as well.”

“The cave should be recently made. They dug it up to avoid us finding them. Yet, they’re not here right now, and we were always down below. They did not have the time to escape, so there was only one possibility. They entered the fog!”

No words

No words

Karsh was starting to panic, “If they find the Blood Lake, then we’re all dead!”

Entering the fog was even worse for them than losing a lot of their numbers to a massive battle.

Diante’s temper was intense. As long as it was not happy, none of them would get out of this unscathed.

Besant hurriedly said, “There’s actually no need to worry! The Blood Lake is at the most important point of the fog. Even we rely on our memory to get there. There’s a good chance we could end up lost as well. Because the humans have never entered, unless someone leads them, there’s no way they will reach the Blood Lake!”

Karsh took a deep breath, not saying anything.

At that moment, all it could do was constantly pray that the humans were unlucky enough to get lost in the fog and that none of them would get close to the Blood Lake.

Karsh looked up at the fog and said, “The Sky Locking Array should have already been activated. No one can enter Blood Lake, but they can still get close to it. As long as none of them disturb the king’s trial, we should be able to make up for our faults!”

“Listen to my orders right now! All beasts are to follow me into the fog and look for the humans! The moment you find them, immediately issue a signal!”

All of the beasts nodded at the same time. All of them entered the fog at the same time.

At that moment, Diante was already preparing to undergo a trial at the center of Blood Lake.

No words

Right at that moment, it heard footsteps from afar again. Diante frowned as anger surged into its mind.

It wondered which beasts dared to get close to the Blood Lake at that moment. They must not be afraid of it getting angry and killing them!

No words

Chapter 3467
The person appeared to be in a green robe and had a handsome face. That person walked right to the edge of Blood Lake.

Diante frowned, “A human?”

That person was none other than Jackie.

He smirked as he looked at Diante in the middle of the Blood Lake. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

The prince was honest and had not lied. The so-called king really was there, and it was an important moment.

No words

Jackie looked up at those runes and smiled, saying, “This is a perfect time, I wasn’t off by even a second!”

That was the Sky Locking Array. It was an array Diante put up to ensure he was not disturbed during the trial.

No words

The trial was about to start, and Diante was about to enter its weakest state. However, it was still able to fight back.

Diante coldly stared at Jackie.

It suddenly smirked, “Brat! What are you called? In so many years, you’re the first person who managed to get into Blood Lake alive. I can’t believe you’re so bold!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he smiled at Diante, “I heard that the Demon Spirit Beasts had a king. I was surprised, honestly. I’d already messed up all those guys, but the king had never once appeared. Now, I finally understand…”

After the prince had been subdued, it had told all its secrets to Jackie.

The king had actually never made an appearance to protect itself. It was about to go through a trial by lightning.

No words

Normally, that so-called king should have already died many years ago.

No words

Jackie had found it strange when he heard that the beasts had a king. That was because it was completely different from what he expected. It went against the laws of the Whirling World as well.

The Whirling World had so many rules in place. Even if they killed each other or anything else, it was all within the rules. Nothing ever exceeded the rules.

No words

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “I thought you were absorbing the blood to make yourself stronger, but you’re actually using it to defend yourself against the lightning.”

No words

At that moment, there was a layer of blood above Diante. It was very dense, and there was about fifty or sixty people’s worth of blood.

Chapter 3468
No words

At that moment, all of the blood in their body had been extracted. They were assuredly dead.

Jackie sighed, “So from the very start, the prey was actually the hunter, and the hunter was the prey. I suddenly find it quite funny.”

No words

Diante narrowed its eyes, immediately seeing through everything, “It looks like that disloyal son of mine told you everything. They really are all trash, both Karsh and the thirteenth! They can’t help me during an important moment, and are just burdens! Once I go through this trial, I’ll slowly make them pay!”

Jackie ignored it and continued speaking, “As long as you go through this trial and absorb the blood of another thirteen humans, you’ll be able to use the dense blood to finish an array. The lightning won’t be able to sense you anymore, and you can get out of here.”

There were two uses for human blood.

No words

With enough blood to cover every area of its body, it would even make the laws think it was human. Then, it could use that to get sent out of this place.

No words

It said loudly, “It’s just like you say. As long as I have enough blood, I will be able to leave this place. With my current abilities, it will be incredibly easy to deal with you humans! I’ve been trapped here for so many years. I’m already tired of all these restrictions! Once I get out, I’ll constantly grow stronger and become one of the strongest beings!”

No words

Jackie could not stop himself from laughing. “You really are something else! I can assure you, this place is even safer. You’ll only die if you leave this place. Don’t think that humans are that weak.”

Jackie was being truthful.

The outside world was vast, but that small Demon Spirit Beast regarded itself too highly.

No words

Jackie scoffed, not wanting to dwell on the problem anymore. At that moment, he leaped up and headed for the stage at the center.

Diante looked at Jackie coldly, not attacking.

When Jackie got to the edge of the stage, Diante snorted and looked at Jackie in disdain. It pointed at its chest. There was a faint red glow there. It said coldly, “Are you trying to kill me for this blood essence stone?”

Chapter 3469
Diante laughed when it heard that. It started to look at Jackie like an idiot.

Diante looked at Jackie in interest, “Do you know why I haven’t attacked you?”

Jackie answered, “It’s because you’re confident in yourself. You think that I won’t be able to harm you even if you’re going through a trial. After all, I’m alone here.”

Diante nodded.

No words

No matter how strong Jackie was, there was no way Jackie would be a match for him. He had gone through so many trials. He was not something humans could defeat!

No words

Jackie sighed helplessly.

No words

The clouds above them continued to darken, and the sound of thunder was more and more frequent. It meant the trial was about to begin.

Jackie looked up into the sky, and various emotions flashed on his face.

Diante raised an eyebrow and said, “I can actually attack you right now, but I don’t plan on doing that. I want to kill you when the trial is going on so you’ll know how dumb your earlier ideas were. I want you to know what hopelessness is. You’ll taste the difference between the two of us!”

Jackie laughed and shook his head slightly.

No words

It wanted to prove that, even when it was weak, Jackie was no match for it!

No words

Diante was confused, not understanding what Jackie was doing.

Jackie did not bother explaining either as he coldly looked at Diante.

No words

Jackie merely watched quietly, as if he was waiting for something. Right after that, many footsteps could be heard from afar.

Jackie looked over and saw countless beasts gathering around.

Those beasts widened their eyes when they saw Jackie on the stage. All of those beasts’ lips were trembling, especially Karsh’s. That was the worst-case scenario.

He never would have expected the human to enter the Blood Lake, let alone go as far as the stage at the center, standing in front of Diante.

Karsh was starting to feel hopeless.

The lightning constantly descended, and Diante calmly withstood the strikes.

When Jackie saw that Karsh and the others were there, he finally made his move.

He took a deep breath and started to form seals. A blade slowly formed in front of him!

Chapter 3470
The moment Karsh saw Jackie moving, it was stunned.

No words

Jackie was even on the stage in the middle, standing not too far away from Diante.

Karsh’s lips trembled as it said, “Crazy! That guy is crazy! What’s he planning to do? Fight the king? Just him alone? Did he think that the king would be no match for him because of the lightning?”

As it said that, Karsh could not help but sneer.

That guy was too naive. So what if Diante was going through the lightning trial?

No words

Diante could still fight even during the trial!

Mijas blinked, “Is he trying to kill the king to get the blood essence stone?”

No words

There had to be a reason behind everything.

No words

Besant’s lips twitched, “He really is crazy!”

As it said that, its expression was a bit twisted. It widened its eyes as it looked at the lightning strike the stage. The sounds filled up the air as the lightning constantly fell.

No words

Jackie constantly formed seals.

At that moment, he was incredibly serious. It was probably the most dangerous battle he would go through in the Whirling World. In truth, he was not confident. After all, he did not know how strong Diante was.

No words

Life was filled with danger anyway. If he succeeded, he would rise even higher. If he lost, then he would descend into hell.

Diante laughed, “Brat! Since you look so calm, you must think you can kill me with those skills of yours.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything.

Diante did not seem to care that Jackie was not answering it as it said, “Let me tell you this. Thanks to the restrictions, I haven’t broken through the final stage of the innate level just like you. However, my powers have long since exceeded it…”

“The moment I get out of the Whirling world, I’ll be able to reach the divine-solidifying level, and I’ll have the ability to protect myself no matter where I go.”


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