No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3461 – 3465

Chapter 3461

The pressure slowly got to Stephen. He urgently wanted to know how he could make sure he was safe.

Jackie frowned and pulled Stephen away.

He said unhappily, “Control your temper. You’d be doing what he wants if you kill him!”

Stephen’s hands trembled, and his expression remained incredibly angry. His lips were trembling from anger as he stared at the prince viciously. He slowly calmed himself at Jackie’s words.

Jackie sighed in exasperation, nodding at Stephen.

There was no need for Stephen to care about it at all. Stephen understood what Jackie meant, and he was forced to retreat while controlling his temper.

Jackie looked at the prince again, “I’ll give you one last chance! If you don’t say anything, I’ll let you live!”

Those words stunned the prince, but Rudy understood what Jackie meant because Jackie had threatened others like this before.

Before the prince could ask, Jackie continued to say, “I’ll use my technique to slowly eat your soul away. Without your soul, you won’t be able to use your power, and won’t even be able to control yourself. However, I won’t kill you. I’ll snap all your limbs and toss you outside.”

“You’ll live. As the prince, your race won’t give up on you. You’ll live like that, but all your former competitors will mock you mercilessly. It will be like hell on earth.”

Jackie’s words were like nails slamming into the prince’s heart.

The strong ruled the Demon Spirit Kingdom. Without his strength, he would live a pathetic life.

Behind all that talent and who he was, he had offended many people everywhere. They would definitely not let go of the chance to torture him. He would not even be able to kill himself and would be forced to bear the humiliation.

Thinking about that, the prince could not help but shudder.

The fear was worse than the pain of his soul being eaten away just now. He started to breathe faster as he slumped down, thoroughly defeated by Jackie.

Jackie smirked.

The others could do what they wanted, but he did not want to meet Jackie ever again.

Jackie was just too scary, whether it was his methods or his skills, both of them caused Stephen to feel great fear.

The prince was finally subdued. It gulped and said, “Ask me whatever you want. I’ll tell you everything I know, but grant me a quick death.”

Chapter 3462
As Jackie’s interrogation continued, Karsh’s side looked like they were in complete panic.

The other beasts looked incredibly anxious as well. They did not dare to say anything for fear of interrupting Karsh’s thoughts.

All of the Demon Spirit Beasts realized how serious the problem was. Those humans were different from what they had expected.

If the matter was not resolved soon and the humans managed to safely leave the Demon Spirit Kingdom, then Karsh’s life would be at risk.

Besant frowned, standing by his side. It was hard to tell what Besant was thinking.

Mijas looked at Besant and whispered, “Don’t you think Karsh looks anxious? You’ve always been smart. Go give him some suggestions.”

Besant rolled its eyes, glaring at Mijas, “Just shut up! Don’t push me into the pit of fire. There are no correct suggestions right now. I don’t have any good ideas either. If we gather all our forces, the humans might just take the chance to escape.”

“After all, we haven’t even been able to tell where they are. If we split up, it’ll be more dangerous. There are a few incredibly strong geniuses among those humans. If we split up, it would just be an open slaughter for them. More and more beasts will die. It would be the death of us too!”

Saying that, Besant could not help but sigh, feeling like the future was not very bright. Everything they could do seemed wrong.

Mijas could not accept it and clenched its teeth wanting to say something. Yet, it was too simple-minded to figure anything out.

Besant took a deep breath and said, “More importantly, time is of the essence. If Karsh can’t decide, then the situation will only get worse.”

The time was tight for two reasons.

Firstly because the Demon Spirit Kingdom was only open for a limited amount of time. After another day, the kingdom would close again. Those humans who are alive would be sent out, and the secret would be exposed. Then, their future would be tumultuous.

On the other hand, they were worried that the humans would attack again, launching another ambush. There were fewer humans than beasts, and the humans were in unknown locations.

It was very easy for the humans to take advantage of any opportunities. The more beasts that died, the more they would be responsible for it.

It was no wonder that Karsh was so frantic. Mijas looked at Karsh, and could not figure anything out.

It said helplessly, “The king still doesn’t know anything. I wouldn’t dare to think of what would happen to us if he knew. Even if he can’t do anything to us now, once everything is over, we’ll be in for a world of suffering.”

Chapter 3463
Besant shook its head helplessly. It was something unavoidable.

It was a blood-red lake that constantly rippled. A thick smell of blood filled the whole place.

Anyone who did not have strong willpower would be completely shaken by the place and start vomiting or even fainting.

At the center of the lake was a round stage that was about hundred and fifty meters wide. There was a Demon Spirit Beast that sat there with its eyes shut. Other than having horns on its head, it was no different from a human.

It had white skin and even wore a human robe. If it did not have those horns, even Demon Spirit Beasts would not be able to tell what it was.

The Demon Spirit Beast had a dark cloud above it, and thunder constantly flashed within those clouds. Frantic footsteps could be heard, and the beast widened their eyes as it looked toward the distance.

Outside the Blood Lake, a beast with a snake’s body kneeled, “My Lord! The situation is bad! The thirteenth prince is lost. Those humans are too cunning. They ambushed us. The leader is completely unable to make a decision right now.”

The beast beneath the clouds was the king of the Demon Spirit Beasts, Diante. Diante breathed out dark coloured gas, and its golden eyes glinted danger in them.

“They’re all trash! All those assurances Karsh gave before they mobilized was just a load of crap. It was easy to say, but he’s useless at everything! What’s the point of having him around!”

The snake beast knelt on the ground, looking down with its body trembling slightly.

At that moment, it was filled with fear. Facing the king’s rage, he could not utter a single word.

Diante shut its eyes again and shouted, “Tell Karsh that he needs to deal with them in six hours! If he can’t, then he’ll be facing me!”

The snake beast immediately nodded its head frantically as it retreated into the fog.

Diante took a deep breath as it looked up at the thunderclouds.

It mumbled, “There’s still a bit left! I just need thirteen more humans! Once this is finished, I won’t be afraid of anything. No one will be able to touch me. Once I get out of the Demon Spirit Kingdom, I’ll be able to do whatever I want in the vast world!”

When Karsh heard Diante’s orders, its body completely stiffened. It merely nodded, not saying anything. However, it was obvious that Karsh was starting to feel the pressure.

He was panicking.

Six hours was not long, but it was not a short time either. If their opponents were not so difficult, it would be enough.

When Mijas heard that order, its face reddened in panic as it started to walk around in circles.

Chapter 3464
Besant placed its hand on Mijas, “Just keep quiet! Stop making a scene!”

Mijas’ lips trembled a little, “I’m just panicking, okay? What do you think we should do?”

Besant sighed, “What else can we do? Let’s take things a step at a time. I think Karsh has already thought about it.”

At that moment, Karsh suddenly said, “Gather everyone right now! We’ll head to the highest point!”

All of the beasts were stunned upon hearing that order.

Besant said anxiously, “If they’re not at the highest point and are gathered anywhere else, wouldn’t they have the opportunity to slip away if we gather everyone up? If they manage to slip away from our sights because of that, then the situation would be disastrous!”

Karsh said, “Do you think I didn’t think about that? This is the only choice we have. We don’t have any time to delay things anymore. We’ll just have to take a gamble! If we win, then it’s all good. If we lose, than half of us here will probably die!”

No words

Karsh took a deep breath and waved, “Alright! This isn’t the time to be unsettled! Hurry up and follow my orders!”

No words

Karsh looked at the peak of the mountain.

No words

It turned around and looked at all the other beasts. It could not hesitate at all at that moment.

It pointed at the top of the mountain, “Advance with me!”

With that order, all of the beasts followed behind Karsh, advancing toward the highest point.

No words

It widened its eyes and shouted at Karsh, “Here! They’re over here!”

The moment that was said, all of the beasts rushed over. Karsh was at the front, and its eyes were fixed on the cave.

The cave was completely covered up. If they had not looked at it closely, they would not have been able to tell that there was a cave. It was obvious that it had been dug out as cover.

No words

No words

Chapter 3465
Karsh could not let anyone slip through!

No words

No words

No words

Karsh’s hands trembled, and its breathing started to get erratic. It constantly looked around.

“They’ve left… When did they leave?!” Its voice turned hoarse, and it was in despair.

Besant froze, feeling like the situation was slipping away from their control. At that moment, it could not say a single word.

Besant merely watched as Karsh froze on the spot it stood. Karsh started to breathe heavily, and its hands shook slightly. Even its weapon was shaking.

After a few moments, Karsh turned around and shouted at the beasts behind it, “Hurry up and go out! Look at the surroundings! Make sure you check everything! They should not have left that long ago, they might still be nearby! All of you remember this, if those humans escape, none of us will get out of this unscathed!”

No words

No words

If it did not make sure to carry out the next steps, then only death awaited him. Diante would even eat him alive.

No words

Karsh stood next to the cave, coldly looking on as the other beasts searched. After a while, the only conclusion was that the humans had already left the place, not leaving a single trace behind.

Karsh was furious at that.

It clutched its fists, “How could this happen?! This should not be possible! Before we gathered, all of us were spread out everywhere. They did not have the chance to escape then. After we gathered, we had our eyes on the peak the whole time, but we didn’t notice anything amiss..”

“There’s no way they could have left during that time, but they still disappeared. Where did they go?!”

Karsh could not understand it. It had made the final decision after thinking about it deeply. It had gambled that the humans would be at the peak, and it had been right. However, the humans had already left.

When did they leave?

Thinking about it for a while, Karsh could not understand when they did so. They should not have had the chance to!”

Karsh panted roughly, its entire body was trembling.

Besant was panicking as well. It rushed over and looked down from the highest point before looking at the cave again.

It said, “They left, but they did not leave in our direction!”

After it said that, Besant pointed at the fog.

Karsh’s eyes widened as it suddenly turned around. Only then did it realize that it had panicked too much, and did not realize that point.


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