No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3456 – 3460

Chapter 3456
A snake-bodied beast bent down and said, “Don’t pay too much attention to these underlings, they’ll meet their end eventually. You came to do your best so the king will know that you’re more capable and loyal than the other princes.”

The thirteenth prince nodded, composing itself.

The task at hand was more important. It could deal with the others another time. The king had a lot of children, and the thirteenth was only one of them.

There were not enough resources to go around. If it wanted to grow strong quicker, then it would need to gain the favor of the king so it could get even more resources. Otherwise, it would not have just left his life of luxury to kill the humans itself.

The snake beast smiled and said, “Don’t worry, all of us here have been with you the whole time, loyal only to you. The task this time is very important, and the king is observing it closely…”

“We’ll gladly risk our lives to make sure you complete the task well. When you kill those pests with your own hands, the king will look at you differently!”

That was what the prince was most concerned about. It did not care about the arrangements that Karsh had made for it. It could ignore the requests to not act recklessly. It would hide by the side and find a chance to kill those humans.

The prince heard that one of the humans that came this time was incredibly strong, so much so that regular beasts were no match for him.

The thirteenth prince was intrigued by this and wanted to kill that person itself. It would bring the human’s head to its father and earn some glory.

Suddenly, the rustling of leaves could be heard from above. All of the beasts there looked up to see five men in robes slowly descending.

There were a total of five of them, and the one in front was empty-handed. The others all had their weapons out, and they seemed prepared.

The thirteenth prince was stunned to see them.

Were those five of the runaway humans?

They dared to show themselves!

The thirteenth prince frowned and shouted, “Had enough of hide-and-seek, have you? You’re sick of living, huh? Nice of you to come to your own death.”

Jackie landed on the ground and faced the prince.

The five of them had been hiding the whole time and had overheard the whole conversation between the prince and Mijas.

Jackie looked at the prince and knew that this beast was different from the rest, being the offspring of the so-called king.

From the earlier conversation, it was obvious that the thirteenth prince was ambitious.

Jackie wanted to launch an ambush. After all, any regular beast would probably immediately release a signal if they appeared like that. However, after understanding the prince’s personality, Jackie decided to simply reveal himself.

The thirteenth prince was proud and narcissistic. Unless it noticed that it could be in danger, it would not release any signals.

In the eyes of someone like that prince, giving out a signal was basically a cry for help. It would deal with anything it thought it could deal with alone.

The prince looked at Jackie coldly. “You humans are really strange. You change your mind so often. Are you planning on fighting to the death by coming out like that? You should just forget about it. The five of you are no match for us.”

The snake-bodied beasts looked at Jackie and the others before leaning in closer to the prince, whispering, “Should we signal the others, my liege? It’s better to be safe…”

Chapter 3457
Hearing that, the thirteenth prince glared at the snake beast unhappily and sneered, “What signal?! Open your eyes and look. We have nine of us, and they’re only five. I’m right here as well.”

“Do we need to ask for help? If the nine of us can’t deal with five of them, don’t even bother with the signal. We should just die!”

The snake beast did not dare to speak anymore after being scolded like that. The prince did not lower its voice when it spoke, and Jackie heard everything.

Jackie could not help but smile. It was just like he expected.

He found himself sometimes intrigued by those narcissistic sorts. Even though they spoke harshly, their actions did end up sparing him a lot of trouble.

Jackie took a deep breath as he turned to Stephen and said, “The prince and the two behind him are mine…”

“We’ll do what we’ve planned. I’ll be the main attacking force while you guys guard my back. Buy me some time, we’ll deal with everything so they won’t have the chance to send out any signals.”

Stephen and the others nodded. Jackie no longer hesitated as he formed seals that danced in the air, forming a blade.

After absorbing the treasures he had gotten, Jackie’s Soul Sky improved, and the Broken Soul Blade was much stronger.

A storm god rank technique was terrifyingly strong. To prevent anything unexpected from happening, he wanted to deal with the prince before the rest.

The prince smirked when it saw that Jackie was attacking. “You really don’t know your place! Since you want to die so badly, I’ll grant you your wish!”

The prince looked different from the other beasts. It looked quite similar to a human, but it was two and a half meters tall and had greenish-gay skin like tiles on a floor. Its hands constantly moved, forming seal after seal as well.

Suddenly, thunder roared as sparks formed around it.

The prince let out a shout and raised its hand. A bow of thunder formed in its hand. It narrowed its eyes slightly as it pulled the bow. Countless sparks gathered on the bow, crackling.

At that moment, the prince looked like a god of thunder. It aimed its bow and arrow right at Jackie’s forehead as it shouted, “Die! ”

The arrow shot out, and Jackie pushed forward as well.

The Broken Soul Blade shot forward incredibly quickly.

The two attacks clashed with a loud noise.

The thunder and the dense black color clashed together, and no one could tell what was happening. Probably because they were confident in the prince, and also because they knew how narcissistic the prince was, but the other beasts did not attack.

Stephen and the others did not attack since the beasts were not moving. The battle suddenly became a duel.

Two sides stood on different ends as they looked at the fight. No one could tell what the situation was.

Chapter 3458
Then, there was a cry of agony, and a figure shot out right after that, rolling on the ground.

The thirteenth prince clutched its chest as it spasmed on the ground frantically, rolling and writhing as it did.

At that moment, all of the beasts panicked as they rushed to the prince’s side.

“My liege, are you alright?!”

“Hurry and help the prince up!”

“Ah! Look! The prince’s chest is turning black!”

The cries filled their ears. If the prince was still conscious at that moment, it would be scolding them for spouting so much nonsense. However, the pain filled his mind, and he could not even form the most basic of thoughts. All he could do was roll on the ground.

Jackie’s hands started to move again, and 100 Soul Swords appeared in front of him. He clapped his hands together, and the Soul Swords fused.

Jackie shot a look at Stephen and the others.

Stephen and the others acknowledged it, and the five of them attacked the remaining beasts at the same time.

Suddenly, there were sounds of battle everywhere. In just a few moments, they had handled all of the beasts!

Stephen and the others might not be as strong as Jackie, but they were capable of facing the Demon Spirit Beasts that were not too strong.

Thanks to Jackie’s terrifying abilities, he helped the others once he killed three himself, and the battle was immediately over. Other than the prince, the other beasts were all dead.

Jackie knelt next to the prince and looked at its condition.

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Not bad. His defenses are stronger than normal humans. If a human had been dealt this blow, half their soul would be gone, but he only lost a third.”

Stephen and Trey felt a chill when they heard that.

Jackie had killed the prince with one blow. The opponent did not even have the chance to fight back, yet Jackie still praised its defenses.

They felt thankful that they were on the same side as Jackie. If those beasts were not around, they would probably be the ones who were dead. With Jackie’s skills, dealing with them was no problem at all.

Jackie took a deep breath as he slowly stood up. “Let’s bring him back. I want to interrogate him.”

They dealt with the other corpses before they brought the struggling prince away.

It took some time before the other beasts realized that something was wrong.

After another 10 minutes, Karsh and the other beasts gathered at their spot. Karsh came to observe the traces of battle himself. When he felt the lightning around him, Karsh stiffened.

He turned around and shouted angrily, “Let me ask again… Did any of you see the thirteenth prince?!”

All of the beasts shook their heads.

Frantic footsteps were heard.

Besant rushed over to Karsh’s side and whispered, “I looked around and couldn’t find the prince and his men. It seems like they disappeared…”

Besant felt incredibly anxious when it said that. There were traces of an intense battle here, and they noticed remnants of electricity.

The thirteenth prince‘s constitution was unique, and it had a close relationship with the lightning lament. Its natural-born technique was the blade of lightning.

Chapter 3459
The site of the battle had been cleaned up, but it was impossible to remove all traces of battle. Even after looking around another two times, they could still not find the prince and the others.

It was obvious to everyone that the prince’s group must have been ambushed by the humans, and from the looks of things, it did not end well for the prince.

Karsh’s hands trembled slightly as anger boiled in its heart. It hated those humans, and it hated the prince for insisting on following them. It was one thing that the prince had gotten itself killed, but the rest of them would be punished as well!

The thirteenth prince might not be the most excellent of the princes, but the king still placed a lot of importance on the prince. The fact that the prince died while serving under Karsh meant that the king would surely put Karsh into judgment.

Karsh started to breathe a bit quicker, and its eyes reddened.

At that moment, the other beasts did not even dare to breathe. They knew how severe the problem was. Karsh would be bearing the brunt of it!

Karsh turned to look at Mijas. “I remember the prince was still fine when I sent you over fifteen minutes ago…”

Mijas nodded. It meant that the battle should not have happened that long ago.

Karsh added, “We only noticed the signs of battle five minutes ago. It means that everything happened within five to ten minutes.”

Karsh was trying to make sure how fast the battle lasted.

The more it thought about it, the more sour its expression was. It was even starting to grit its teeth.

Mijas stood by the side in confusion.

It whispered to Besant, “Karsh doesn’t look happy at all. Did he figure something out?”

Besant’s lips twitched, wanting nothing more than to hit Mijas on the head.

“We noticed something off five minutes ago, and everything is cleaned up. It means that the battle was over incredibly quickly, and they cleaned up the scene too! Everything was done very efficiently. Do you think this is a good sign?”

Mijas finally reacted to that.

It nodded, only half-understanding it. “Karsh is worried that these ambushes won’t stop happening…”

Besant nodded.

Mijas looked around. “What do we do next?”

Besant sighed. “It’s because Karsh doesn’t know what to do next, hence the frustration. They have the advantage at the moment, while we have the numbers. It’ll be easy for them to continue attacking us like this.”

“If we want to reduce our losses, we’ll have to gather everyone together, but we won’t be able to surround them that way…”

Besant paused, looked around, and said, “That’s not even what Karsh is the most frustrated about.”

Mijas was even more confused when it heard that. Its mind was slow in the first place, and Besant was being vague, causing Mijas to get anxious.

It reached out and grabbed Besant’s arm. “Get to the point, why don’t you? What’s the point of keeping things to yourself?”

Besant’s lips twitched, knowing that Mijas would grow irate if Besant did not explain things clearly.

Besant was forced to explain, “If you’re ambushed, what would be your first reaction?”

Chapter 3460
Mijas paused for a moment before it finally slapped its leg in realization. “The prince didn’t give us a signal!”

Besant nodded, lamenting that Mijas finally realized the situation.

Calling for allies when one was ambushed was basic knowledge, but all of them knew of the prince’s temper.

The thirteenth prince often resorted to doing things alone just because it had some skills. On top of that, the prince barely faced any repercussions for his mistakes, solely because he was the prince, which only worsened his attitude.

As long as the prince felt that it had an advantage, it would attack without bothering to notify its allies. That was what Karsh was most angry about.

If the prince had given them the signal, they would have rushed over, and the losses could have been kept to a minimum. The prince did none of that!

It caused the situation to escalate to that level.

The more Karsh thought about it, the more frustrated it was.

It faced Mijas and Besant and said, “This is just very troublesome. If the prince had just been killed, then it‘s not that bad. I’m worried that he’s not dead and that the enemies have him. The situation will be bad in that case…”

At that moment, Jackie and the others returned to their hideout in the cave.

When Rudy and the others saw them returning triumphantly, they were all excited.

Jackie did not bother talking to them as he dragged the prince, who was still writhing in pain. He tossed the prince inside and followed over.

The cave was not that big, but there was enough space for one more. All of them looked toward the prince.

The ones who did not follow Jackie were all very curious about what happened outside. Stephen was in no mood to explain things to them. His eyes never left the prince.

Cloud was different as he patiently told everyone what happened.

Jackie waved his hand and temporarily stopped the power of the Broken Soul Blade.

When the pain diminished, the prince slowly opened its eyes. It was a bit startled. After all, it was surrounded by humans the moment it opened its eyes. It even wondered if it was dreaming. However, all that confusion disappeared the moment it saw Jackie’s face.

It could not help but shudder. All of its arrogance had vanished.

Jackie laughed as he coldly looked at the prince, asking, “Do you want to guess why I kept you alive?”

The prince, despite his pompous nature, was an intelligent beast.

The fact that it was still alive meant that they wanted to know what he knew.

The prince gritted its teeth as it stared at Jackie. It did not say anything and looked like it was going to defy Jackie until the end.

Jackie let out a laugh as he took out a short dagger from Mustard Seed. He placed the dagger right against the prince’s neck.

“I’m not really a nice person, and time is ticking. You’d better be smart about things, or I’ll make you… You remember how pained you were just seconds ago, don’t you? Do you want to try it again?”

The prince’s lips trembled as all its muscles shuddered in his fear.

Thinking about the pain, it could not stop itself. That pain caused it to lose control, and the prince even felt like it was worse than being thrown into boiling oil.

Its hands trembled as it lowered its head and said, “I don’t know anything!”

Jackie laughed, kneeling next to it as he then said, “Do you think I’ll believe you? You’re the thirteenth prince. You’re a noble that’s high up in your society. No one will believe you if you say you don’t know anything.”

At that moment, the prince wished that it was not sought after that badly. It would have just been killed off instead of being tortured.

Stephen, however, was not as patient as Jackie.


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