No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3454- 3455

Chapter 3454
“I’m guessing that these Demon Spirit Beasts aren’t that many, there can’t be endless amounts of them. The more of them we kill, the higher your chances of survival! I acknowledge something else, too, even the stronger among us won’t be able to escape just relying on ourselves!”

Jackie’s words calmed them down a little, but it was still not enough.

He then continued, “All of you take turns to be on the lookout, and utilize our geographical advantages as well. The moment you notice anything, swiftly send us a message right away and retreat to the end of the canyon. Don’t hesitate for even a second. We’ll be back as soon as possible!”

After saying that, Jackie pointed out a few men. “Cloud and Kesh, as well as Stephen and Trey. The four of you will come with me.”

All five of them, including himself, were the strongest of their entire alliance, and they could stand their ground as long as they were facing less than 15 opponents.

Cloud, Kesh, Stephen, and Trey immediately nodded.

Jackie looked at Rudy. “You should stay behind. The moment you notice anything wrong, retreat into the fog. We can communicate through sound arrays.”

Rudy nodded vigorously. In truth, he did not want to stay with these people, and he was far safer if he was with Jackie. However, he did not object to the other party’s arrangements either.

He could tell that Jackie had other intentions with this arrangement.

Everyone knew he was close to Jackie. The fact that Jackie left him here was an assurance to those who remained.

About 50 kilometers away from them.

Karsh frowned as it listened to reports from its subordinates, which was a snake-bodied beast reported.

“There’s nothing wrong with the other directions. Only three lower-leveled beasts that went to the west have yet to return. ”

Karsh nodded. Its cold eyes looked toward the west as it said, “I thought that those people would change directions, but they’re still in the west.”

Mijas, standing behind Karsh, said, “I feel like those humans aren’t running without a goal. They must’ve determined where they wanted to go before they started to run.”

Karsh looked at Mijas with some praise. It was the first time Karsh noticed that Mijas had a brain. Before this, no matter what Mijas said, it sounded like an idiot.

Karsh sighed, “Gather all the Demon Spirit Beasts. We’ll head to the west now!”

The beasts behind Karsh acknowledged it.

Karsh had a deep frown.

Standing at about a meter and a half, it straightened its back and thought for a moment before it said coldly, “Isn’t the misty canyon toward the west? Are they aiming for that place?”

Mijas and Besant froze at this. Their eyes darted all around as they exchanged a meaningful look.

Karsh said, “I sure hope not. If those humans rush in, we’d have to leave without anything. Of course, I don’t think they’ll be so impulsive. “

Chapter 3455
After another two hours, the Demon Spirit Beasts gradually shrank their area of search and slowly zoned in on the misty canyons.

Karsh looked at the hill in front of it with a dark expression.

Mijas said anxiously, “What do we do next? Are we going to surround the place?”

Karsh took a deep breath and said, “The situation isn’t in our favor. It’s an important moment for the king, so we can’t make any mistakes.”

Karsh then turned and looked at its subordinates closely.

“Are all of you sure that they’re here? Have you checked everywhere else carefully? Were there no errors? If we’re wrong and we waste a lot of time, allowing these humans to escape the Demon Spirit Kingdom, it won’t end well for any of you. The king won’t let you off the hook!”

The subordinates answered respectfully, “Understood! We’ve looked everywhere else and have even sent out those with strong divine senses to sweep the area, noticing nothing amiss afterward. In the end, we’re sure that they’re in front! They’re either at the hills or in the canyon.”

Karsh nodded, yet his gaze was dull with slight worry. “How many are here?”

Besant said respectfully, “Including us, there are ninety-three. The thirteenth prince is here too.”

Hearing that the thirteenth prince was present, Karsh had a conflicted look on its face.

Its lips twitched as it said unhappily, “Why is he here? Does he think this place isn’t enough of a mess?”

Besant hurriedly shot Karsh warningly due to its choice of words.

Karsh took a deep breath, and its expression soured.

The task was already a heavy burden that greatly stressed it out, yet the thirteenth prince added to that stress.

Karsh was incredibly unhappy about it, but it did not dare say anything. After all, the thirteenth prince was not a title to be trifled with. Even if it was the leader, it had to watch its words.

“We’ll do what we planned to do. Split into nine smaller groups and disperse to nine positions. We’re not to give them a single opening to run to!”

Mijas and the other beasts nodded emphatically.

Karsh added right after that, “Don’t be too rash with your actions. We’ll make our move once we know where they are. Mijas, go talk to the thirteenth prince and have him bring a group to the east. Don’t do anything without my orders.”

Mijas nodded and turned around to make arrangements.

The thirteenth prince frowned as it listened to Mijas’ orders. Even though he did not want to bother with Mijas, it was still necessary to keep up appearances.

After it nodded, Mijas left.

Looking at Mijas leaving, the prince said coldly, “You sure love to act superior in front of me, yet you’re as obedient as a dog before my father. Once I ascend to the throne, none of you will be able to escape!”

The thirteenth price had two loyal underlings next to it. One of them was a beast with a leopard’s body.

It smiled. “Trash like them won’t live that long. You don’t even need to do anything, they’ll die to someone else soon.”

The other beasts behind them nodded. All of them started to say what the prince wanted to hear.

“That’s right! He dared to tell you what not to do as if he’s your leader. They’re not worthy, and they really don’t know their place. You’ll absorb all of their blood eventually.”


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