No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3451-3453

Chapter 3451
Stephen sighed helplessly, feeling like he was nothing compared to Jackie.

“How strong do you think their king is? Will you be a match against him?”

That was what Stephen was most worried about.

They might be able to take care of the beasts should there not be an overwhelming number of them, they were only concerned if they could stand against the king. That was because Stephen had no way of knowing how strong that king was.

He did not know if their strongest fighter, Jackie, would be able to stand up to him. If he could not, then the king would kill all of them if it decided to attack.

Just thinking about it terrified Stephen. He never expected himself to end up being in such a terrible situation.

They thought that their biggest enemy in the Demon Spirit Kingdom would be Jackie, yet in a twist of fate, Jackie became their pillar of hope, and their opponents became the beasts they thought were mere prey!

Jackie sighed.

Not being the one to exaggerate the truth, be said slowly, “I don’t know. All we know right now is that this king exists, and we don’t know anything else about it. I don’t know if I’m a match for him either…”

“It’s because I don’t know that I brought all of you here. Everyone should be on their guard, or the situation will only get worse!”

Everyone nodded, but their expressions did not improve at all.

Cloud shot Jackie a meaningful look. Even if he knew that it was best not to cause any trouble at that moment, he was just too worried.

He leaned over and said, “What do we do if we notice them coming? Are we going to retreat or fight them before we leave?”

Jackie frowned, thinking for a moment before he answered, “It depends on the situation. We’ll see how many there are.”

After he said that, Jackie looked into the skies.

He saw that there were no clouds at all and continued, “Don’t just pay attention to the ground, look up as well. The moment you notice any lower-leveled beasts flying over, take them down at once. Don’t let them off! We can’t let those beasts report on our situation!”

Everyone nodded. They suddenly felt like they were surrounded by problems everywhere.

Rudy whispered to Jackie, “If we can’t hold this place, are we going to retreat into the fog? I feel like it’s even more dangerous!”

Jackie turned to look at the end of the canyon. It was shrouded with the fog, obscuring their sights.

Jackie said seriously, “If there’s nothing else we can do, then that’s our only choice. Make sure you follow me closely then. We were sent everywhere in the Demon Spirit Kingdom except for the fog. It means that place is problematic!”

“I’ll have some people check to see if it’s poisonous. If it’s not, we’ll be able to enter. Even if it might end up being more dangerous, it’s not like we have a choice.”

Rudy’s expression darkened as his heart started to beat rapidly. A tremendous sense of danger enveloped his body. He looked at Jackie helplessly.

After a long time, he said, “Let’s hope we’ll never meet that king.”

Jackie smiled and patted Rudy on the shoulder, not saying anything.

Chapter 3452
Jackie frowned as he looked at the skies.

At that moment, there were three lower leveled beasts at his feet, and all were dead. In four short hours, three beasts had already flown overhead.

To prevent unnecessary troubles, they killed everything they saw.

The situation seemed worse than before. Even if none of the lower-leveled beasts managed to escape them, the Demon Spirit Beasts would surely notice their absence and would attempt to locate the others afterward.

Stephen looked at the dead beasts.

After a moment, he slowly said, “We thought that those things were Demon Spirit Beasts. No one expected that the higher-leveled beasts merely used those things to trick us!”

“We were fooled! We thought that humans were the ones who killed our fallen brethren, but we were just prey from the beginning!”

Stephen felt more amused at how he thought of things before this. He was so full of himself.

Kesh’s expression started to darken.

He looked at Jackie and said with some worry, “We can’t just continue like this. It’ s time we figure something out.”

Jackie nodded. He looked around him. After looking around, he slowly knelt and touched the soil.

The area was full of small hills, and the ground was covered with weeds.

After he observed it, he stood up and said, “We’ll dig a hole here…”

Pointing east at a hill, Jackie added, “This place can obstruct their line of sight. Even from the air, they won’t have much line of sight. Later, we’ll set up some shelters and block the whole place up. Once we’re done with them, they won’t notice us unless they come here themselves!”

Everyone walked over and looked at where Jackie was pointing. After looking at it for a long time, they were sure that it was the best place to hide.

With their actions determined, everyone rolled up their sleeves.

It did not take long for them to finish digging a cave. They emptied out the hill and dumped the soil into the canyon below.

The cave was just nice for about all 20 of them. After they finished digging, Jackie had everyone hurry inside before he put up stray mats around them to cover the hole as best as he could.

Jackie was the last one to enter the cave.

The moment he entered, someone started to complain, “This sucks! I thought that we’d be able to kill everything in sight after we entered, but we’re forced to hide to this degree.”

“Once we get out, I’ll let everyone know of the situation. We’ll gather our strongest and enter the Demon Spirit Kingdom to kill all those disgusting beasts!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. It was obvious that person was from a second-grade world.

How typical of them. As long as they felt like they were suffering, they would do their best to get revenge.

Stephen saw that Jackie had entered and immediately said anxiously, “Do you have any plans after this? Are we just going to hide here? I feel like even if we’ve set up a ruse like this and dug up such a large cave to hide in, we can’t be at ease. I feel like they’ll eventually find us!”

Jackie nodded, “They’ll scour the whole Demon Spirit Kingdom as much as they can, no doubt. They’ll probably not leave a single stone unturned, carefully checking through everything!”

“They lived here all this time, so they know about the place very well. It‘s only a matter of time until they find where we’re hiding.”

Chapter 3453
Everyone started to get agitated when Jackie said that.

They thought they were safe in the cave and that they would be able to wait until they were sent out, yet they underestimated the beasts. Even with these arrangements, their safety was still not guaranteed.

All of the warriors were anxious as they started to discuss things.

A warrior from a second-grade world said with a dark look on his face, “Jackie, since you already know they’ll find us, then you should have a plan, right? What are your plans? You can just tell us, and we’ll all just go along with it.”

The warriors from the second-grade worlds could not be too intimate with Jackie since they still had a conflict with the third-grade worlds, but they could not afford to be disrespectful either. Otherwise, it would be too late for regrets if Jackie decided to use them as cannon fodder.

Thinking about it, they decided to treat Jackie with more respect. Jackie’s skills did warrant this respect, after all.

Jackie sighed as he said with a frown, “We don’t know what sort of skills they possess. They might not even need to look through everything to find out where we were. Compared to waiting for them to attack us, it’s better for us to seize the initiative…”

“We need them to suffer casualties and deplete their resources. The less they are, the safer we’ll be!”

As he said that, Jackie looked around the cave again, “I had all of you dig this cave both to hide ourselves and to set up a place to rest. I decided to bring a group of elites out to kill them and cause panic.”

Everyone widened their eyes at Jackie’s words.

A warrior from a third-grade world said in a shaky voice, “Jackie, you’ll bring the strongest warriors out and leave the rest of us here to wait for your return?”

Jackie nodded.

The others felt some panic seeing Jackies’ answer.

A warrior from a second-grade world said anxiously, “If we stay here and we’re noticed, we’re all done for. We won’t even be able to fight back!”

If the strongest ones left, then it would be like they had lost their roofs during a storm. It was a horrible situation just thinking about it. Even the warriors from third-grade worlds could not stay calm.

A third-grade world warrior in black robes said with some worry, “I know we’re basically burdening everyone at the moment, but hey, we have our uses, too! If they attack us, we’ll be able to relieve some of that pressure. You can’t just leave us here.”

The more they spoke, the more worried they were. It was as if the ones that remained were just trash to be abandoned by the strong.

A warrior from a second-grade world said, “Did you already make plans for the worst? You’re planning on throwing those you think aren’t useful aside and using your limited powers to protect yourselves?”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows at their words. “What are you even talking about? We’re not leaving to escape! We’re trying to exterminate as many beasts as we can.”


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