No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3446-3450

Chapter 3446
Karsh said loudly, “Move based on what we planned! Remember, before we attack, don’t let yourselves be seen. The moment you notice anything, send out a message!”

All of the beasts answered at the same time, “We will follow the orders of the great leader!”

Forty-something beasts left, leaving five behind.

Karsh had a long body. Its upper half looked more or less like a human, while the lower half of its body looked like an incredibly big praying mantis. It frowned, looking in the direction where Jackie’s group had gathered, not saying a thing.

Mijas raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t know what the King is thinking. Why he panic? Didn’t we say we would slowly pick them off? Why are we going to kill them all off this time?”

Karsh’s lips twitched in exasperation when he heard that. It turned to look at Mijas, wanting to smack the other party on the head.

It said coldly, “Are you stupid? Do you not know of Setia and the others disappearing? Other than seeing some remnants of battle, the four of them have completely disappeared! They’ve definitely died, so the king is making us spare no one.”

Mijas still did not understand. It frowned in thought for a while before saying again, “If they died, then they died. Isn’t it normal for one or two to die for every task? Even though all four of them died this time, it’s still not completely unacceptable.”

“They were just unlucky to meet someone that killed all four of them, but surely we don’t need such drastic actions? Surrounding such a large group of humans, we’ll definitely have to pay a huge price. It’s not worth it for those four.”

At that moment, even Besant by the side could not stand it.

Besant frowned and said, “Who told you we’re doing all this to avenge those four? Do you even have a brain?!”

Mijas was clearly angered at being called brainless.

It scoffed and said, “Then what’s the reason? Stop trying to act like you’re so smart, okay? I only asked because I can’t understand. ”

Besant scoffed and said, “You’re still unhappy? What other reason could there be? Of course, it’s to stop those people from spreading our secret out to other humans. After they get out, they’ll definitely start spreading what happened here. Then, our plans will be revealed to everyone, and it’ll be much harder for us to do anything!”

“That’s why we’re willing to pay such a huge price to kill the humans who know about the secret. We need to bury the secret in the Demon Spirit Kingdom!”

“Furthermore, the king just needs the blood of ten more humans. To make a breakthrough and level up. Then, even if stronger humans enter, they won’t be able to cause us any trouble!”

Mijas’ lips twitched. It suddenly found itself at a loss for words. So that was the reason.

Why did it not think about it?

It had thought that the king was looking for revenge, which Mijas found very strange.

Since when was the king so compassionate?

Karsh reached out and interrupted their discussions, “Let’s not waste any more time. That guy is a little strong. We have to use our full power later. We can’t let him escape. We’d still have a chance to cover it up if the others escaped, but if that guy escapes, it’ll be hard to kill him again!”

That person Karsh was referring to was known by everyone. They gathered there precisely because of that person.

Chapter 3447
Mijas’ lips twitched, “The humans aren’t just going to sit there either. We managed to smoothly complete all our tasks before this because the humans didn’t know we were hiding our skills. Furthermore, we had the advantage in terms of numbers before this. We’ve already lost some of those advantages.”

“That guy has definitely told our secrets to everyone. They’ll definitely be on guard. We won’t have it so easy this time. A lot of us will definitely die for this, especially to kill that guy! I can’t even guarantee that I’ll be able to survive!”

Saying that Mijas felt a chill in its heart. It knew that the task was incredibly difficult this time.

A lot of them would probably die to the humans. However, it was forced to perform this task. It was a possibility that they might not survive the task, but if they went against the king’s orders, they would definitely be killed by the king.

Besant frowned, “Don’t be so depressing. Don’t think of our opponent that strong.”

“This time, we brought fifty with us. I just got a message from the king. To guarantee the success of this task, he sent another thirty. We have so many of us, if we still can’t deal with them, we’d have to just accept that we’re unlucky.”

Karsh turned to look at the ones behind it, “Don’t be so depressing. At this moment, we have to toss aside those thoughts. We have to use our full potential!”

At that moment, Jackie did not know that they had been surrounded by the beasts. He held up a piece of paper and listened to everyone else as he drew on it.

Stephen had an anxious look as he stared at the piece of paper in Jackie’s hand. His eyes trembled slightly, it was obvious how distraught he was.

After Jackie drew for a long time, Stephen could finally not resist asking, “We’re going to move locations right now?”

Jackie nodded, not even looking up as he said, “After we determine our location, we’ll make a move immediately. We can’t stay here for too long. It’s not like you haven’t noticed it. A few more low-leveled beasts have been flying by. They’ve already confirmed our location, and are observing our every move!”

Stephen no longer dared to doubt Jackie’s words. After all, they’ve already paid the price for doing so.

He frantically walked around on the spot, his mind constantly thinking about what Jackie had said.

Jackie said that the beasts will definitely try to trap them. Stephen asked why Jackie was so sure.

Jackie answered in a serious voice, “It’s because they are aware that we already know their secret. To hide their secret so they can kill even more humans in the future, they will definitely not let us go. They will figure out a way to make all of us stay here!”

Everyone felt a chill when they heard that.

They finally understood how dangerous their situation was. Even though so many of them were gathered there, it was still not safe.

Jackie frantically drew on the paper to figure out the geography of the place. He wanted to find a place that was easy to defend and hard to attack.

He frowned and asked, “That large, circular lake, is it in the west? Are you sure it’s directly west?”

Jackie was speaking to one of the warriors from a second-grade world.

Chapter 3448
That warrior nodded emphatically, ”I’m sure it’s in the west. At that time, I was scared of any danger, so I went around my surroundings. I confirmed that the lake is right there!”

Jackie nodded before he drew the lake on that piece of paper.

They had been sent to various corners of the Demon Spirit Kingdom and had gathered there together. In order to quickly find a place that was easy to defend, Jackie had everyone tell him what they saw on their way over.

Jackie stared at the western side for a moment before he frowned and shook his head, “No! That place is only good because it gives us a wide vision, we can’t say it’s that easy to defend. If they suddenly attack, we’ll only be able to retreat in one direction as we fight. We’ll definitely suffer heavy losses…”

After Jackie denied that position, he asked everyone else again, “Did you see any valleys or caves on the way over? Even mountaintops are fine.”

Kesh glinted in his eyes as he raised his hand excitedly, “I remember somewhere! That place should be quite easy to defend!”

Jackie nodded, allowing Kesh to continue. Kesh took a deep breath and recalled what he remembered.

“That place is a somewhat tall mountain range. There’s a canyon behind it. The canyon is so narrow that only two people would be able to walk through at a time. Do you consider that easy to defend?”

Jackie had a sparkle in his eyes as he straightened his back and nodded, “Of course it is! Why didn’t you say so earlier? Did you not remember it?”

Kesh shook his head.

He took a deep breath before he said, “I didn’t mention it earlier because I felt like the place was a little strange. When I stood at the mountain range, I could see the end of that canyon…”

As he said that, he paused and frowned, “There was mist at the end of the canyon. It covered the whole area and seemed endless. I found it strange, so I wanted to see if there was anywhere else…”

When Jackie heard that, he raised an eyebrow.

He drew the mountain range on the map, but he did not say anything. He looked at every position in detail, and he thought for a moment before he pointed right at the mountain range, “Let’s take a gamble then! We’re leaving for this place now!”

Everyone exchanged looks of worry with each other. However, they could do nothing about the matter.

Everyone was already treating Jackie’s words as gospel. After all, those who did not listen to Jackie ended up dying. They naturally refrained from voicing any dissent.

After they moved for about a kilometer, they suddenly noticed eight Demon Spirit Beasts with human heads in front of them.

Other than Jackie and Rudy, it was the first time the rest of them had seen the beasts that looked like that.

Everyone was stunned as they pulled out their weapons and prepared for battle.

Those beasts did not hesitate at all when they noticed the humans. They tossed out a signal array. The signal exploded in the air like fireworks, and the shockwaves were transmitted out.

Chapter 3449
Jackie’s lips stiffened, “Let’s deal with it quickly! Kill them!”

They could not afford to hesitate at that moment. Everyone knew that they had been surrounded by the beasts. If they delayed any longer, the other beasts would definitely surge over.

To prevent that from happening, they had to deal with the battle quickly!

Jackie formed seals with his hands, and a hundred Soul Swords condensed in the air.

There were a lot of enemies, and Destroying the Void attacked in a wider area!

Before Jackie could use his skill, a large pincer came from the left. Stephen happened to be standing there.

Stephen raised his sword and slashed down. Snow danced around his sword as the temperature around them dropped rapidly. The blade clashed against the pincer.

The pincer was sent flying back, and the snow on the sword scattered as well.

Stephen stiffened. Even though he did not use his full power, it was still seventy to eighty percent of it. He never expected a third of his technique to have been blown away as he struck his opponent!

It was obvious how strong their opponents were.

He was a chosen disciple from a holy grade clan. Even if he was not among the highest ranked, normal warriors were no match for him! Yet, a random Demon Spirit Beast was already so powerful. It shocked him quite a bit.

Stephen clenched his teeth and his expression turned serious.

Jackie had not been exaggerating at all. The situation was even more serious than what he had said.

At that moment, Jackie let out a shout. Stephen looked over to see a large gray blade in front of Jackie. The blade was condensed through a hundred Soul Swords.

Jackie pushed forward, and the blade shot forward like an arrow, charging right at three beasts.

Those beasts all looked similar. They had two massive pincers as hands. The pincers were their weapons. Those beasts used their pincers to clash against the massive Soul Sword!

The others attacked at the same time as well, facing the other beasts.

At that moment, all of them heard a sizzling sound.

Quite a few people turned over to look. That massive Soul Sword immediately wrapped around those pincers the moment they clashed. The pincers turned black and started to sizzle!

In just a few moments, their pincers had turned completely black and watery.

The three beasts let out cries of agony as they were surrounded by the rotting properties of Jackie’s soul attribute.

They started to emit gray smoke and looked like they were decaying.

Stephen and the others froze at the sight, especially Stephen. His lips trembled slightly as he looked at everything in disbelief.

He had just clashed against those massive pincers, so he knew how strong they were better than anyone else. His technique had almost been broken through, but those beasts crumpled like paper facing Jackie’s attack!

Quite a few warriors from second-grade worlds shrunk back at the sight, incredibly glad that they were working together. Otherwise, they would definitely not be at an advantage if they fought. It was even possible they would all be killed by Jackie.

Jackie had dealt with three in one go, so the others were not worth mentioning anymore. In just a few moments, they had eliminated all the Demon Spirit Beasts!

Chapter 3450
With a wave of his hand, Jackie led everyone and continued westward. Once he and the others left, forty Demon Spirit Beasts gathered where the battle had been ended.

Karsh stood in the middle of the beasts.

Its eyebrows furrowed tightly as it looked at the battlefield angrily.

Their companions had been slaughtered by the humans, and their corpses were left scattered all around. It was obvious how intense the battle had been.

Mijas’ lips trembled, and his voice shook a little, “Eight of ours didn’t even manage to delay them at all! They’re so strong!”

If it was any other moment, Karsh would have berated Mijas for praising their opponents, but it could not say anything at that moment, because it thought the same too.

Those humans were stronger than they thought!

Even though the humans had more numbers, they still had eight of them!

It was perfectly possible to stall for a moment, but reality ended up being completely different. Their companions had been killed in just a few moments. The opponents left immediately without any delay, not even taking care of the corpses.

Even Karsh was panicking. Besant walked over to Karsh and said seriously, “The situation is worse than we thought. It’s obvious they know that we’re surrounding them if they suddenly move like this. What do we do next?”

Karsh took a deep breath. He had a dark expression on his face, “What else can we do?! Issue the order. Call out two times the amount of lower leveled beasts and have them search everywhere! We have to find them! If they escape, our days will be much harder ahead!”

Besant nodded and immediately turned to spread the order. Karsh had a frown as it looked to the west, “They’re heading toward that direction, but if I was them, I would probably change course. When we search, we can’t leave out any directions.”

“Even if there’s still over a day, it’s perfectly possible for them to hide for that long if they do it well. We can’t relax at all. You know how the king is. If we fail, he’ll eat us all!”

All of the beasts stood up, not daring to delay things at all.

After two hours, Jackie and the others arrive at the place Kesh talked about.

They were among mountains.

In front of them was a dense forest, and behind them was a canyon. To hide, Jackie and the others were behind the mountains. They could observe the forest constantly and could retreat into the canyons whenever they wanted.

Jackie hurriedly arranged for men to constantly keep watch. He sent out his divine senses, looking through every blade of grass around them.

Rudy looked at Jackie with some worry. He felt like that was the most dangerous situation they had ever been in in the Whirling World. It was not that there had been no dangers before this, but that Jackie had always been in control.

It was different this time. Even if Jackie was not afraid of most of those beasts, there was a king that had never appeared to back them.

That king was what Jackie was afraid of. He could feel that Jackie did not know if he was even a match for that king. That was why Jackie was in such alarm.

Thinking about that, Rudy took a deep breath and sighed.

The others were in no better state. Even though they had arrived safely, Jackie had guessed everything. The situation really was bad. If Jackie had not been so decisive, they might have ended up being eaten by those beasts. Even if they broke through in the end, they would have suffered heavy losses.

Stephen sat on the ground despondently. There were various thoughts in his head.

Jackie suddenly said to Stephen, ”Speak up if you have something to say. Don’t just stand there looking frustrated.”

Jackie felt a bit helpless at how depressed everyone was acting. It was not good for them. If they lost their confidence in battle, the consequences would be dire.


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