No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3441-3445

Chapter 3441
Thorn was from a holy grade clan. He was not a chosen disciple, but he was ranked highly among inner disciples. He walked to Eduardo’s side.

“Eduardo, I’ll go with you! I don’t believe what Jackie had said either. I came in here for the rewards, and I don’t want to waste my time!”

Eduardo’s smile almost split his face apart when someone went to his side.

He reached out and patted Thorn on the back, “You’re making a smart choice!”

The moment that was said, a few more beasts flew by above them. Those beasts were not that quick, and they did not seem to have noticed the humans below them.

Eduardo was incredibly excited at that, and he threw aside all his reservations.

“Let’s go! It’d just be a waste of time to continue waiting here. We just need to be a bit more cautious, and nothing will happen to us. Once the Demon Spirit Kingdom closes and we’re safe with our rewards, they’ll definitely be incredibly jealous!”

Thorn was equally as excited. After he nodded, he left with Eduardo.

Jackie’s expression never changed. He would not stop the two of them from going anywhere. Even if two fewer people meant less help, those two would only cause trouble if they stayed.

Stephen was different. Once the two of them left, it would be dangerous for their team regardless of if they returned or not. The danger would not just be from the Demon Spirit Beasts, but Jackie’s group as well.

Jackie was no slouch.

The warriors from second-grade worlds would have two fewer people, which meant that they would only have twelve of them. Their numbers would weaken their group as a whole.

Stephen frowned as he said to Eduardo, “I know you won’t listen to anything I say, but you have to make one thing clear! We’re a team, you can’t just throw us aside for yourself…”

“Your skills are in second place in this team. You’ll be needed for anything important! If you take him away, you’d just be harming your own people!”

When Eduardo heard that, he said casually, “Then you can just follow me over there! I told you not to listen to our enemies. If you insist on being stupid and staying with them, then you’d have been killed by your own stupidity! You can listen to Jackie if you want, I won’t listen to him!”

After he said that, Eduardo turned around to leave.

Stephen frantically stood in front of him, “Listen to me! Jackie doesn’t seem to be lying. If he was, he wouldn’t have made such a detailed story up. The Demon Spirit Beasts really can absorb human blood!”

Stephen was basically talking to a wall at that moment. Eduardo refused to listen, even feeling like Stephen was trying to harm him.

Eduardo reached out and pushed Stephen away, “You’re not my master! We’re not even from the same clan. You have no right to make any decisions for me! I know what you’re thinking. You can’t get the rewards, so you don’t want me to get them too! I won’t be so dumb!”

Those words were incredibly harsh. Even though they had known each other for quite long, they were not from the same clan. Hence, the trust was comparatively lower.

Chapter 3442
Things had already escalated to that degree.

If Stephen continued to convince Eduardo to stay, he would really end up being suspected of trying to drag Eduardo down. Stephen definitely did not think that way as his body stiffened and his breathing started to quicken. His anger was starting to get to his head.

The more he looked at Eduardo, the more he wanted to punch Eduardo in the face. That brat really was getting too arrogant. Stephen was trying to give some advice and had given Eduardo very solid reasoning. It was one thing to not listen, but it was another to twist his intentions.

Stephen looked away, “Whatever! If that’ s how you really want to think, then I have nothing else to say. You’ll think that I’m trying to drag you down no matter what I say anyway…”

“Since you’ve made up your mind, I won’t stop you. However, if you regret it and rejoin the team, you can’t be so stubborn anymore. You have to listen to me for everything! You can’t have your own opinions anymore!”

Eduardo scoffed, letting out a look of disdain. Once he killed enough Demon Spirit Beasts, he might decide to return to the team. Whether or not he listened to Stephen would depend on how he felt.

However, for the sake of his freedom at that moment, Eduardo nodded. Stephen finally looked more relaxed after that, but he was no idiot. He knew that Eduardo was not so easily convinced. Eduardo might just be agreeing for the sake of convenience.

Stephen had already decided to not stop Eduardo. He took a step back and gave way.

Eduardo finally let out a smile as he turned to nod at Thorn. Thorn excitedly followed.

The two of them started to rush in the direction where those beasts went. Everyone looked as if they disappeared and suddenly did not know what to say. A few warriors from second-grade worlds felt very conflicted.

They felt like staying and leaving both had their own merits. After all, if the team was not moving, and they left to kill the Demon Spirit Beasts, they would definitely end up in the top three. Those amazing treasures would be theirs. However, if what Jackie said was true, then it was very possible they would lose their lives.

All of them frowned at the thought. They looked on as those two left.

Both Eduardo and Thorn sped over quickly. They went through the dense forests excitedly, especially Thorn.

He felt like his big break was right in front of him. As long as he seized the chance, he would get closer to becoming a chosen disciple. Then, he would get whatever he wanted. All those people who had looked down on him would kneel before him.

Thorn got excited just thinking about it.

As they sped forward, he said to Eduardo, “Eduardo, you’re so smart! Everyone’s been fooled by Jackie. They believe anything he says. Demon Spirit Beasts with human heads? Those are all lies. They don’t exist at all.”

“He must have some big plot behind everything. They aren’t killing beasts at all. If just the two of us are doing it, then we’ll share all the treasures later!”

Eduardo laughed out loud. He was incredibly happy at that moment.

”You’re right! Those people are afraid of everything. Jackie just spoke a few words, and they didn’t dare to do anything because they were afraid of dying! We really managed to profit this time. We’ll both improve greatly if we get these treasures! They’ll all be green with envy!”

Chapter 3443
Thorn nodded enthusiastically, his smile was almost about to split his face.

At that moment, they suddenly heard some rustling next to them, as if something was speeding through the leaves.

Both of them were stunned. A look of happiness flashed in Eduardo’s eyes.

Luck was on his side!

They had just been there for not that long, and they already met a Demon Spirit Beast. No matter how many they meet, all of them would die for him.

As he thought about it, he said to Thorn, “Take out your weapon! Don’t let any beasts escape us!”

Thorn nodded. Suddenly they hear the sounds of gears moving.

Eduardo stiffened, feeling like that sound was a bit strange. The next moment, he widened his eyes so wide that they looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets. It was because he saw a massive pincer rapidly approaching him.

Eduardo jumped up and immediately avoided it. However, he had just taken two steps back when he felt his leg tighten.

Looking down, a long and sticky thing had wrapped around his leg, causing Eduardo to be immensely shocked.

He shouted out, “What is this thing!?”

He did not think too much about it since it was a dangerous situation. He took out his weapon and cut it to release his leg.

His sharp sword slashed at that thing, but it did not break at all. The sword ended up getting stuck on it, causing Eduardo to be completely stunned.

Right after that, he heard even more rustling. When he looked up, his breathing stopped!

What were those strange-looking things?!

More than ten beasts with human heads were in front of them. All these beasts had unique appearances. They looked at Eduardo and Thorn with a sharp glint in their eyes.

Three of them had toad-like bodies. They opened their eyes and spat out their thin and sticky tongues. That was when Eduardo realized what was wrapped around his foot!

Eduardo said, “So it’s true!”

He had not believed what Jackie had said just now, thinking that Jackie had been spewing nonsense. He thought that Jackie had only been so detailed because it was a trap, and whoever fell into it was an idiot.

He thought that he was the smartest one, always on alert. Only then did he realised that Jackie had not been lying!

He had been the idiot!

At that moment, he heard a cry of agony by his side.

Eduardo looked back and saw that Thorn’s whole body had been captured by a tongue.

A spiked beast floated in front of Thom. It slowly cut Thorn’s body apart, and blood began to flow out. Blood stained Thorn’s clothes, causing him to struggle and shout out in agony.

Eduardo was looking at it all and felt a chill throughout his body. As a chosen disciple, he experienced a lot of hardships. With all his experience, it was obvious what he needed to do next.

Chapter 3444
He could no longer help Thorn. He needed to quickly escape himself. Otherwise, what happened to Thorn would happen to him!

Eduardo roared angrily as he formed seal after seal. The seals quickly fused in the air. The light around him began to dim as if the sun was setting. Of course, the darkness only surrounded Eduardo.

Countless seals fused into pitch-black seeds. Those seeds quickly spun in the air, absorbing all the light around him like black holes.

Eduardo shouted out, “Break!”

Those black seeds quickly charged at the tongue that was holding Eduardo’s foot. The moment the dark seeds touched the tongue, they started to swallow everything.

The tongue was constantly being pulled. It lasted for just a moment before it was destroyed. In the end, the tongue fell, letting go of Eduardo’s foot.

When Eduardo saw that, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He did not even bother thinking as he immediately sped away. However, he had only escaped for a moment before he was caught by a tongue again.

At that moment, Eduardo was already struggling crazily.

Unfortunately, his luck had abandoned him. It was not just his left foot that was caught, but his right as well.

He turned to look, and five of those toad-like beasts had their mouths open, spitting out five tongues!

Their eyes were looking right at him!

Eduardo’s heart chilled at that scene. Before he could keep struggling, his hands were wrapped by the tongues. At that moment, all his limbs had been locked in place. Even his waist had a tongue on it.

His breathing was frantic as he cried out. He tried to get his friends to save him, but it was wishful thinking. They had advanced so quickly earlier. He was already twenty kilometers away. No one would hear him even if he ruined his throat by shouting!

At that moment, the place where the warriors had gathered was abnormally quiet. The decision from earlier had been agreed to by everyone. All of them set aside their grudges for the moment, and no one made any remarks since. None of them showed much emotion on their faces.

However, they still had their conflicts in the past. Even if it was a truce, they did not sit together. Instead, there was a fixed meter gap between them. They sat on two sides. Jackie was at the center of the warriors from third-grade worlds.

Meanwhile, Stephen was at the center of the warriors from second-grade worlds.

Time slowly passed. After about an hour, the silence was broken by Jackie. He opened his eyes and looked toward Stephen.

“Check to see if the two that left just now still have their marks on.”

The moment he said that everyone opened their eyes at the same time.

Stephen frowned, not wasting any time in letting his senses out to feel the mark he left on Eduardo and Thorn.

After a few moments, Stephen’s eyes narrowed as he said in a hoarse voice, “I can’t feel them anymore…”

The moment that was said, everyone’s hearts jumped in fear.

The warriors from second-grade worlds all sent out their senses to try to feel the two of them as well.

All the warriors had placed their marks on each other before they left. Everyone was trying to feel the mark they had left on Eduardo and Thorn.

Chapter 3445
Stephen turned to look at the others behind him.

Everyone had an incredibly serious expression on their faces. Stephen felt his heart sinking. It meant that no one could feel the mark. It meant that Eduardo and Thorn were definitely not in good condition!

A warrior from a second-grade world said with a trembling voice, ”It’s only been an hour! How did they…”

He was right!

Only one short hour had passed, and something had already happened. It was too quick.

Stephen’s heart pounded rapidly. He could not calm down. However, he knew that the situation would only worsen if he did not calm down. He took a few deep breaths, composing himself.

Jackie looked at Stephen coldly, regarding Stephen in a better light.

He really was the leader of that team. He always kept himself calm in every situation. Sometimes, impulsiveness would not solve problems, and would only exacerbate the problem.

After five minutes, Stephen looked at Jackie, “I’ll admit, I doubted your words before this, but that doubt is gone now. The situation now is terrible!”

Stephen was incredibly frustrated. Those two were probably already dead. In truth, he was not too sad about that.

He was sad because the two of them dying meant that the warriors from the second-grade worlds were weaker. They were even less of a match for Jackie’s faction. After that, they might end up being cannon fodder for Jackie.

Stephen really hated Eduardo at that moment. That guy could die due to his arrogance if he wanted to, but his death had caused a result like that. All the warriors from second-grade worlds had to shoulder it.

Stephen took a deep breath and said, “What do we do next? If we just sit here patiently and don’t get tempted to go hunting for the beasts, there shouldn’t be any more problems.”

Jackie shook his head, “I don’t think it’ll be that easy. Even if we just sit here, things can still happen.”

The moment that was said, Stephen was stunned, “Things will still happen? What will happen? They probably won’t move so easily when we have so many gathered here!”

Jackie shook his head helplessly, “They’ll definitely attack. No matter what kind of price they have to pay, they’ll try to kill all of us.”

When Jackie said that, he left no room for doubt.

Stephen and the others felt their hearts racing as they paled.

A warrior from a second- grade world asked loudly, “Why do you say that?! Why would they want to kill us no matter the price?!”

As the intense debate went on, the beasts already had some new movements.

A team of fifty Demon Spirit Beasts with the beast Karsh as the leader was rapidly approaching their location.

Karsh had just let a few lower leveled demonic beasts observe the humans from the air. After determining the numbers and position of the humans, they stopped about a kilometer away from where Jackie was.


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