No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3436-3440

Chapter 3436
Stephen was fuming in anger as he spoke. His hands constantly trembled.

He felt like Cloud was treating the warriors from second-grade worlds like idiots. He was crossing the line!

Those Demon Spirit Beasts were as cowardly as rats, running at the sight of any human.

If Carlton crossed paths with them and they were not fast enough, they would be killed by Carlton immediately. How could he have been the one to be killed by them?

Eduardo was about to laugh from frustration, “Cloud! Just because Jackie’s around, doesn’t mean you can live without fear! Jackie is strong, but as long as we all attack together, we can still kill you!”

Cloud’s lips twitched in exasperation. He could feel that Stephen and the others were so angry because they felt like he was deliberately insulting Carlton, but he really did not have any intentions like that. He was just speaking the truth.

Kesh was even more exasperated. He reached out to pat Cloud on the shoulder, gesturing for Cloud not to continue.

He took a step forward and said to the warriors from second-grade worlds, “Cloud isn’t trying to play around with all of you. He’s speaking the truth. You have people who have gone missing on your side, so do we. We only have thirteen of our men. Two of them had gone missing.”

“Just like Carlton, the marks we left on them have been forcibly removed as well. We should be suspecting that you’re the ones who did it, but we don’t! It’s because something happened to Jackie when he was coming to meet the rest of us!”

Stephen and the others did not know what they were saying at all.

Stephen scoffed before he said, “Don’t try to confuse us with some weird excuses! The truth is right in front of us. Unless you have proof, no one will believe you!”

Kesh was just about to say something when Jackie stopped him.

Jackie coldly looked at Stephen and the others, and a thought surfaced in his mind. Even though he did not really want to do that since he really did not like them, the situation forced him into it.

After all, he did not know what would happen after they found out what was going on in the Demon Spirit Kingdom.

He did not know how strong the so-called king was, and if he could even go against it. Before all those questions were made clear, he needed to make plans for every situation.

Jackie coughed as he frowned and said, “Let me ask you something! Tell me, if you say that I killed Carlton, then why wouldn’t I admit it? Why would I act innocent in front of you guys?”

Eduardo scoffed, “How would we know that? We’re the ones who should ask you that. Why aren’t you admitting it?”

Jackie took a deep breath. It took patience dealing with idiots.

Jackie replied, “Because it was not me! Just think about it. Carlton should be dead, but he did not die to me instead he was killed by the Demon Spirit Beasts! We have two over here in the same situation. I was hunted by beasts on the way here!”

When that was said, all of the warriors from second-grade worlds opened their eyes in disbelief.

Chapter 3437
“You’re actually making up stories for your act. The Demon Spirit Beasts hunting you down? Those beasts who run away at the sight of any human? Do you think we’d believe you if you just randomly made a story up?”

“Those lies are really unbelievable! Do you think we wouldn’t look into the Demon Spirit Kingdom before we came here?” Stephen asked.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. He never expected those people to be so stubborn.

He turned to look at Cloud, “I don’t want to waste time on them. Tell them what I told you before.”

Cloud nodded, patiently telling the warriors from second-grade worlds what had happened to Jackie. He even described the appearance of the beasts.

Stephen’s expression hardened a bit when he heard what was told. Eduardo did not believe it at all, and even felt like Jackie had a plot behind the story!

Eduardo sneered and said, ”You really know how to make up stories. If I wasn’t smart enough, I would have believed you. You even gave it so much detail so it’s more believable!”

“Unfortunately, I’m not that foolish. I won’t just believe anything you say! If the Demon Spirit Beasts really have such a large secret and have always hunted humans, why hasn’t there been any information?!”

Cloud was exasperated.

He frowned and said, “These beasts are as intelligent as humans. To conduct their plans, they would naturally not allow information to leak out. If the matter was spread to humans, it would be much more difficult for them to continue!”

After Cloud said that, Eduardo started to laugh out loud. He had a look of ridicule in his eyes.

It was obvious that he did not believe Cloud at all.

Eduardo said as he laughed, “Such an absurd reason? I almost believed you! What a joke! There are no perfect secrets! If the beasts really are as you say, this would definitely have started spreading! Someone would have seen it before!”

”You even talk about kings? That’s even more unbelievable. The Demon Spirit Beasts do not organize themselves. They’re all incredibly low in intelligence. It’s nothing like you said!”

After Eduardo said that, Jackie sighed at him helplessly.

There was no point talking to someone like Eduardo. Once he was certain that you were lying, he would not believe anything unless he witnessed it for himself.

Jackie waved it off, “You can believe it or not, that’s not important. So what if you think Carlton died to me? Can you really get revenge for him?”

Jackie’s tone was cold and confident.

Eduardo was suddenly red with anger.

Jackie was right. Even if Carlton had really died to Jackie, what could they do?

Were they going to face Jackie head-on?

That was a joke!

Even two or three of them together would be no match for Jackie!

On top of that, Jackie had warriors from other third-grade worlds around him!

A battle would definitely bring heavy losses they would not be able to take.

At that moment, Jackie already had a plan in mind. If it was not for the plan, he would not have bothered talking to them.

For the plan to go smoothly, he was forced to patiently talk to Stephen, “I’m not lying, I don’t need to either. The Demon Spirit Beasts have a terrifying secret that they’re hiding. It might even end up involving all of us!”

Chapter 3438
Stephen immediately asked after hearing what Jackie said, “What do you want to say?”

Jackie took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, “We should have a temporary truce! No one is allowed to touch anyone! We should be on alert against those beasts.”

The moment that was said, everyone was stunned.

Everyone fell into silence. Jackie could not help but smile wryly. He had expected this silence. The second-grade worlds’ conflict with the third-grade worlds was already something incredibly evident.

They were practically mortal enemies who hated each other to the bone. It was hard to accept a truce, but there was nothing they could do to face this situation.

The third-grade world warriors were still fine. After all, they completely believed what Jackie said.

But, the warriors from second-grade worlds were different. They were more apprehensive.

In the first place, they doubted what Jackie had said. Even if it was true, his suggestion might have a plot behind it. After all, their relationship was incredibly tenuous. In their eyes, it was only natural if it was all a plot.

Stephen frowned, not saying anything. He was deep in thought, constantly weighing the benefits of the plan.

Everyone behind Stephen had bitter looks on their faces, clearly not knowing what to do.

Eduardo was furious at how uncertain they looked, ”What are all of you doing?! Are you really going to believe Jackie’s words? Don’t forget who he is! He’s not our friend. He’s our number one enemy. Are you really going to believe our enemy just like that?”

“We’re just going to stop because they said so? He must be scheming something in his head! He might want to kill us all off!”

“What he said earlier was all just a lie! Demon Spirit Beasts?! A king?! I refuse to believe it!”

The warriors from second-grade worlds did not know what to say at how frustrated Eduardo was.

A warrior from Golden Continent said meekly, “You’re right, but what if what he said is true? What do we do? If we end up getting hunted by those beasts, we won’t be able to do anything about it…”

After that, he did not dare to continue, because Eduardo was looking at him furiously.

He shouted out, “You’ve all been brainwashed by Jackie! So what if it’s real?! The Demon Spirit Kingdom has opened so many times. Every time, there are survivors.”

“We have so many warriors from second-grade worlds here. Nothing will happen if we’re careful! If the fourteen of us stay together, no one will be able to harm us.”

Eduardo got angrier and angrier as he spoke. He hated everyone for being so easily swayed by Jackie.

He took a deep breath and said, “No matter how strong this king is, he won’t touch us if we don’t do anything to him. We just need to survive for two nights, and we’ll be able to leave this place.”

“I don’t know if the Demon Spirit Beasts have any schemes, but this kid is definitely trying to harm us and kill us all. Listening to him is suicide!”

Chapter 3439
Eduardo got more and more emotional as he spoke. He wanted nothing more than to grab them by the collar and shout right into their faces.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly.

Eduardo was too stubborn. If he did not care about his plans, Jackie would have just shut up and forgotten about Eduardo.

However, with his plan in mind, Jackie could not help but say, “We’re just going to not do anything to each other, how could this be a scheme? If you feel like it’s one, then how will it cause you any losses?”

Eduardo raised an eyebrow and said, “Of course, it will. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gone through such pains to craft this story so that we can believe you. Out of the blue, you suddenly asked for a truce, I refuse to believe you’d be so nice.”

“Let me tell you, I’m not like the rest of them who’ll believe anything you say. You can forget about it. I won’t fall for it.”

Jackie rolled his eyes in exasperation. He knew that it was a complete waste of time talking to that guy. Eduardo would not believe him anyway.

He turned to look at Stephen, who was still deep in thought instead. Stephen had his head lowered at that moment, it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Jackie said to Stephen, “Have you thought about it? There’s honestly nothing much to think about. It’s not like you’ll suffer any losses if you do what I’m suggesting. Everyone can just gather here and wait for two days and two nights. Once the Demon Spirit Kingdom ends, everyone will get out safely. Then, it’ll all be done. There’s nothing to think about at all. ”

That was Jackie’s plan.

In the next two days, everyone would peacefully get along, and not attack each other. There were so many people there. Any intelligent Demon Spirit Beasts would not attack them. Once they were sent out, nothing here would have anything to do with Jackie anymore.

At the most, he would just let people know what he knew so that everyone would be more cautious.

Stephen looked up after Jackie spoke. He could not figure out any flaws in it.

If Jackie was not lying, his suggestion would be the best idea.

They would gather there, not hunting any beasts and not caring about their results. They would just quietly wait for the Demon Spirit Kingdom to end and get out peacefully. However, Stephen was worried that it would be a plot from Jackie. They might not escape unscathed.

Jackie sighed helplessly, ”I know what you’re worried about, but there’s no need for that. I don’t want to fight you at all right now. You have fourteen men with you anyway, you’d be confident enough to face me. I’ll be right here, you’ll be able to see everything I do.”

Jackie’s words were slowly convincing Stephen.

After thinking about it, he finally nodded. If Jackie was being truthful, then they could absolutely not afford to be careless. In the end, they were in Demon Spirit Beast territory.

If the beasts really had so many experts, then even fourteen of them might not be able to stand up to the beasts. Working with the warriors from third-grade worlds was the safest choice.

Eduardo almost exploded when Stephen nodded!

He grabbed Stephen’s arm and shouted, “What do you mean?! Do you believe this brat too? He’s lying to you! Are you crazy? He’s our enemy! How could you listen to our enemy, not attacking just because he asked you to? Aren’t you worried…”

Chapter 3440
Before he could finish, Stephen interrupted him, “I know your concerns, but I’ve already thought it through. We won’t suffer any losses from a truce. He will just be there, and we’ll see everything he does. As long as we remain on alert, no surprises will happen.”

Eduardo paced around on the spot angrily. He felt like Stephen was crazy to believe Jackie. He refused to believe what Jackie had said at all.

In his eyes, Jackie was an expert at scheming. Nothing Jackie said could be believed.

Eduardo was just about to say something when Stephen raised his hand to stop him, “Don’t say anything else right now. What’s the point of fighting them anyway? Ever since Jackie joined, I haven’t even considered getting a prize from the Demon Spirit Kingdom.”

“Don’t forget, only the top three places can get rewards, there’s no reason not to get along.”

In truth, Stephen was a bit guarded with his words for the sake of his own dignity. After all, he did not want to admit that he was weaker than Jackie, even if it was the truth.

Jackie’s sudden entry had completely shattered Stephen’s confidence. They would need to beat Jackie to place in the top three.

As the leader of the team for the Demon Spirit Kingdom, he needed to think about the bigger picture.

He could not forget everything for the sake of the rewards. If too many people died, he’d be questioned even if he won. It was better if they held a truce so everyone could get out safely.

Eduardo felt like he was going to die from his anger. He knew Stephen somewhat well. Everything Stephen said indicated that he had already decided to follow what Jackie wanted.

Just as he was about to explode in anger, they heard the sound of a bird from the skies. Everyone looked up to see a massive sparrow fly past. It looked like a very ordinary beast.

That beast was about the length of two people, while its wingspan was as large as five to six people. It flew by and looked at the people below. After that, it cried out a few more times as it headed toward the west.

Everyone had seen that, and Jackie frowned, saying, ”Something feels wrong…”

Eduardo sneered in disdain, “What’s wrong about it? This doesn’t make sense with your lies, right?! Just look at that beast that just flew past. That’s a Demon Spirit Beast. It’s completely different from what you described. It has no human head!”

Jackie did not bother with Eduardo at all. He looked up at the sky until the beast disappeared before he averted his gaze.

Eduardo stomped on the ground, “That beast is quite slow! We’ll still be able to catch up if we go for it now! I know you’ve already decided to listen to Jackie’s plans, siding with the enemy. I’m fine if you don’t want rewards! However, I want my rewards. Otherwise, why did I enter the Demon Spirit Kingdom? Don’t you think it’s stupid to waste two days just like that?”

After he said that, Eduardo turned to look at the other warriors from second-grade worlds, “I don’t know what the rest of you think, but I’m sure that Jackie is lying. You shouldn’t listen to him. I don’t care if they don’t want any rewards, but there are only three spots for the rewards. Who wants to come with me?”

With Eduardo’s personality, he felt like it would be better for him to go alone, but it was unsafe to hunt alone, so he wanted to encourage others to go with him.

Most of the warriors from second-grade worlds were much more apprehensive after hearing what Jackie had said. They felt like it was better to stay there. However, there were some who thought differently.


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