No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3431-3435

Chapter 3431
Cloud’s lips trembled slightly as he spoke. It was obvious how shocked he was.

Jackie merely nodded, adding no comments to Cloud’s remarks.

Suddenly, everyone exploded into conversation upon hearing the information Jackie conveyed to them.

They never saw it coming, and it far exceeded all of their prior knowledge. It had even burned away their confidence. All of them had ashen looks on their faces.

A mustached warrior from a third-grade world blurted, “Where the heck have we come to? Four Demon Spirit Beasts, equal to holy-grade clan chosen disciples in skill, came out of nowhere! Isn’t that too horrifying?! We would’ve died if we were the ones to encounter them!”

“Why is this happening? Is the Demon Spirit Kingdom that difficult? Why does no one know that the beasts look like this?! Have you ever heard of Demon Spirit Beasts having human heads and animal bodies?”

All of them shook their heads when they heard the question.

They had looked into the Demon Spirit Kingdom before they joined for their own safety, but no one had talked about any beasts looking like that before!

Kesh inhaled deeply. “Quite a few people have come in before. I’ve asked them about it, and they’ve all said that the Demon Spirit Beasts don’t look that much different from the usual beasts we’ve seen. The only difference is the fact that all of them have a few wings!”

“They described these beasts as being swift and agile, so much so that it took a lot of effort to catch up to these beasts and kill them! Those who came to the Demon Spirit Kingdom before all say that the Demon Spirit Beasts are nothing special, and that it’s not hard to kill them. The only difficult thing is catching up to them…”

“They said that those beasts run at the sight of any human. They’re incredibly cowardly, and don’t look that intelligent!”

Jackie had a serious look on his face after hearing what was said.

After contemplating in silence, he then spoke, his voice stern, “It’s not that the ones who participated in the Demon Spirit Kingdom have never seen the beasts with human faces and beast bodies, but that everyone who has seen them has died. That’s why this has always been a secret, until me.”

The moment that was said, everyone’s expressions darkened even more. The more they listened, the more they realized the gravity of the situation.

It was possible that the warriors who they thought had been killed by warriors from second-grade worlds had actually all died to those Demon Spirit Beasts!

They never expected that they would not just need to face one danger in this place, but this unexpected threat as well.

Suddenly, everyone started to regret taking part in the Demon Spirit Kingdom.

The warriors from second-grade worlds were already a pain in the neck, but these difficult Demon Spirit Beasts appeared out of nowhere!

Some anxiously clutched their hair, while some covered their faces. Everyone was in a bad mood. At that moment, they were incredibly frustrated that there was nothing they could do about it. They did not even have a solution.

The mustached man said, “I have a solution. Hurry up and end this so we can leave this stupid place! Once we’re back in Weinhord City, I’ll just find a place to stay. I won’t join any stupid games anymore. This place doesn’t suit me!”

Chapter 3432
The moment that was said, everyone nodded.

Cloud said somewhat helplessly, “Let’s not talk about this for now. We should just think about how we’re going to face these dangers right now. No matter what, we need to stay here for two days and two nights. We’ll only be able to think about anything else after that.”

That was possibly the only thing they could be thankful for.

The Demon Spirit Kingdom had a time limit. Once everyone spent two days and two nights there, the final rankings would be counted, and the first three places would get the rewards and spirit crystals.

“It’s because of these rewards that so many warriors signed up for the Demon Spirit Kingdom. If they knew how dangerous the situation was, they wouldn’t have participated even if the rewards were several times better!”

When the man heard what Cloud said, he sighed. “I can’t figure out anything better. I feel like we’re in a depressing situation. The most important thing is the fact that we don’t know what those beasts want at all. What kind of secrets are they hiding, and what will they do to us? If we don’t even know that, how will we figure anything out?”

Rudy frowned. “So what we need to think of right now is how we’re going to find out even more secrets. We need to dig all of these secrets out. Only by knowing their plans will we be able to counter them!”

Everyone else nodded, feeling like Rudy was right.

Kesh looked at Rudy and said, “We’ll need to capture them if we’re going to dig out their secrets. We need to hunt these beasts and disable them from killing themselves before we get them to talk!”

Rudy nodded. That was the only thing they could do at that moment. The only problem was, they did not know where they could find those Demon Spirit Beasts.

The mustached man said, “Where are we even going to find them? The Demon Spirit Beasts know the geography here. I bet they already know where we’ll be sent to when we’re sent over here while we don’t know anything about them. If it wasn’t for what you went through, we wouldn’t even know they existed…”

Everyone felt helpless when that was said, and it felt as though they had hit a dead end with no way out.

Jackie frowned as he looked to the distance.

As time passed, more and more people gathered.

Jackie counted until a total of 13 people gathered. Two were not present. He estimated the time in his head. Even if they had been far away, they should have already been there.

Why were the final two so late?

He frowned and told Cloud, “Who are the last two who haven’t arrived?”

If Jackie had not joined abruptly, Cloud would have been the leader of the second-grade world warriors. He was familiar with everyone who had joined.

After looking from left to right, Cloud frowned and said, “It’ s Collin and Simon. Why are they not here yet? Could it be…”

Before he could finish, Jackie said anxiously, “Hurry and look into where they are, now!”

They had all left marks on each other to determine their locations.

The moment Jackie said that, everyone shut their eyes and tried to feel where Collin and Simon were. However, all of them widened their eyes in shock.

Cloud paled a little. “I can’t feel the marks on them anymore. Can any of you still feel them?”

Chapter 3433
Everyone shook their heads.

Jackie could not feel the marks he left on them as well. It was obvious that something had happened, and everyone shivered at the possibility.

They never expected something to happen so quickly.

Kesh frowned and said, “Could it be those people?”

He was referring to the warriors from second-grade worlds.

However, Jackie shook his head firmly. “It’s probably not them. Even though they’re our enemies and won’t show us mercy, they probably won’t delay anything for the sake of safety. They try to gather together as fast as possible. They’re worried about me, so they’ll be exceptionally careful. Even if we’re going to fight, it’ll be in the future, not now.”

Everyone nodded at those words, agreeing with what Jackie said.

Jackie narrowed his eyes slightly. “The two of them are probably done for. It looks like those beasts didn’t just hunt me but others as well. I doubt they sent fewer members to hunt the others. The outcome is inevitable, they couldn’t have survived.”

“I just never expected them to be so smart, removing all the marks on the ones they killed. It means they knew that we left marks on each other before they attacked. To hide their secrets, their every move is conducted meticulously. They’re not leaving anything to chance!”

Everyone frowned when they heard what Jackie said.

Kesh sighed before he said, “Collin is from my clan, and we’re rather familiar with each other. I know he’s always been a careful person. If he met any warriors from second-grade worlds, he would’ve turned and run. This meant that whatever danger he encountered this time spared him no chance to run whatsoever.”

The moment that was said, everyone grew somber as their expressions darkened even more. The situation

had gotten even worse.

Jackie frowned as he thought of other possibilities and situations. However, it did not mean he managed to figure anything out.

Instead, the thoughts caused his mind to be in more and more of a mess. He could not understand the secret behind everything.

Cloud said helplessly, “We have to stay in groups from now on. As long as we don’t act alone, they won’t have a chance to do anything. We can take the chance to capture a few beasts as well. No matter what, we need to find out what they’re plotting!”

Jackie smiled wryly. If only it was so simple.

The situation was very bad for them at that moment. If they wanted to find information for certain situations, they would need to pay a price. It did not help that they had to be on the lookout for second-grade world warriors as well.

They needed to constantly be on alert lest they indirectly placed themselves in danger.

The mustached man saw that everyone was in an incredibly heavy mood and felt like it could not continue. “Let’s not be too disheartened, everyone. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! As long as we have the determination, these problems will be solved!”

Jackie looked at the man. “You’re right. Everyone, don’t be too depressed, it won’t solve any problems. From now on, we need to be on high alert. Otherwise, we might end up suffering.”

Everyone looked at each other. Despite the despondent feeling they had, they were forced to muster their spirits.

No one wanted to die here, whether it was to warriors from second-grade worlds or to the Demon Spirit Beasts.

Chapter 3434
As everyone struggled with the depressing feeling, Jackie suddenly looked to the distance. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked right to the west.

Everyone looked over as well, and they saw a group of people heading right for them.

Jackie frowned, not expecting them to be so quick.

Stephen had a dark look on his face. He seemed angered, like he had suffered some grief. The 13 men behind him did not look that happy either, equally solemn as though they had just gone through a funeral rite.

All 14 of them stopped in front of Jackie and the others, looking like they were about to fight.

Everyone on Jackie’s side stood up and looked at Stephen and the others alertly.

Stephen’s group stopped about 100 meters away from Jackie, and Stephen shot Jackie a cold stare. “Seems like I was right; you are here!”

Jackie could clearly see Stephen’s twisted expression as the man spoke through gritted teeth, glaring at him so pointedly. It was obvious how angry Stephen was at him.

Facing Stephen, Jackie frowned, rather confused by Stephen’s behavior.

As an enemy, Stephen hating Jackie was natural, but the hatred he exhibited at that moment seemed far beyond relief. It was as if something had happened.

The situation was a bit strange.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything as he quietly waited for Stephen to continue.

Stephen got even angrier at Jackie’s nonchalant demeanor.

He scoffed and said, “I’ll admit that you’ve won a small battle, but so what? Only one of us died while fourteen of us are still here. You won’t be able to kill us all alone!”

Jackie was surprised at Stephen’s words. The other warriors exchanged looks with each other as well.

Earlier, Jackie had not mentioned any warriors from second-grade worlds when he talked about what happened in the Demon Spirit Kingdom.

Could something have happened in between?

Jackie had met a warrior from a second-grade world and dealt with him. Everyone looked at Jackie, but he merely had a look of confusion in his eyes, much to everyone’s bewilderment.

Before Jackie could even say anything, Rudy hurriedly said, “What nonsense are you spouting now? Killed one of yours? Even though it’s not that hard, it doesn’t mean we should accept blame for something we didn’t do!”

Stephen sneered coldly, “Don’t try and fool me with that act! I’ve already determined that one of ours has died! The mark I left on him was forcefully removed by Jackie! Don’t think I’ll believe anything you say!”

Eduardo, standing behind Stephen, chimed in. “Stephen’s right! Don’t act like you don’t know anything. You think we don’t know what Jackie did?! Just because he was unlucky enough to meet Jackie, it doesn’t mean we’ll just let this go! We’ll have our revenge!”

“We already have fourteen people gathered here, and you won’t have the chance to do anything anymore! Even if someone has to die, it’ll be you third-grade world warriors!”

Rudy was in utter disbelief. Since when did they meet anyone?

Stephen and his lackeys seemed so sure of themselves as though they had witnessed everything for themselves.

Chapter 3435
Rudy sneered and said, “Why would you think Jackie had a hand in whatever it is you’re accusing him of? I’ve been with Jackie the whole time. Even though there was a small problem between our travels, we never met any warriors from second-grade worlds!”

“This has nothing to do with Jackie at all, so don’t try blaming Jackie!”

Eduardo’s expression soured. “Like we’d believe you! Who else but Jackie could’ve done it? Even if Carlton was not as strong as I am, he was still a chosen disciple from a holy-grade clan who was at my level. His skills weren’t to be underestimated, and no one other than Jackie would’ve been able to face him alone! There’s nothing that would have threatened his life other than Jackie!”

Stephen looked at Jackie coldly, slowly saying, “You’re still not going to admit it? I thought that you’ll always admit to anything you did happily. I can’t believe you’re willing to put on a show like this, acting innocent after you killed someone!”

All the warriors from second-grade worlds looked at Jackie incredibly angrily, feeling like he was shameless by refusing to admit he had killed someone.

A warrior from a second-grade world, who was wearing a deep blue robe, gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll admit that you’re so powerful that even Carlton isn’t a match for you, but so what? At least his moral standing is better! If he killed someone, he wouldn’t pretend to be innocent like what you’re doing!”

Jackie’s expression darkened as he heard that.

At that moment, he had guessed what had happened, and the other warriors from third-grade worlds did too.

Cloud said loudly, “It’s not like you witnessed it, so why are you slandering Jackie? What do you mean, he’s not willing to admit it? Jackie’s never been someone like that. If he said he didn’t do it, then he didn’t! This Carlton guy didn’t die at Jackie’s hands. He was killed by beasts!”

After Cloud said that, the others nodded as well.

All of them had guessed the only potential truth, Carlton, and the missing Collin and Simon, had died to the Demon Spirit Beasts.

If Jackie was not as skilled as he was, they would never have known the truth.

Carlton was not as skilled at Jackie, so the consequences were obvious. However, the warriors from second-grade worlds did not know about this. Based on their assumptions, they were sure that Jackie killed Carlton.

When Stephen heard what Cloud said, he got even angrier. He looked like he was ready to explode at any moment.

Stephen said angrily, “What did you say? Carlton died to Demon Spirit Beasts? Please, Cloud! Is your head alright?! Do you think we’d believe that?”

“How could you give such an absurd reason?! A Demon Spirit Beast, capable of killing him? What do you think those beasts are?! Do you think I don’t know how powerful they are?”


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