No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3426-3430

Chapter 3426
Orgh might not have explained things in great detail, but Jackie understood just thinking about it.

The fact that the beasts said that the humans believed whatever they saw, meant that the beasts deliberately created a false image of themselves and fooled the humans who managed to get out.

It seemed like a few humans had been hunted down because of this, and the brass absorbed the blood of the humans to nourish themselves.

Jackie took a deep breath as a vicious glint flashed in his eyes.

Were his opponents unlucky, or was he?

After learning a storm-god rank technique, those beasts could not tell how strong Jackie was, but it barely concerned them as there were four of them against Jackie and Rudy. Even though they did not know how strong Jackie was, they knew how strong Rudy was.

In their eyes, Rudy was a weakling that could be dealt with in one blow. Thus, their only opponent was Jackie, and only one outcome was possible no matter how strong he was.

Setia sneered, “Alright. You’ve asked your questions and we were merciful enough to satisfy your curiosity before you die, so be prepared to die!”

The moment that was said, the four beasts charged at Jackie at the same time.

The two dragonfly-like beasts in front buzzed their wings, causing shockwaves to come out from the wings. These waves were visible enough that they could be seen with the naked eye, and they were strong enough to devastate anything they grazed. Even massive trees were turned into nothing but mere logs!

Jackie grabbed Rudy and placed him in Mustard Seed. It was better, after all, for Rudy to be in Mustard Seed, away from harm’s length, as he would only be distracted.

He then retreated, pulling away from the four beasts. His hands formed seals that then fused in the air, quickly becoming a blade. The Broken Soul Blade floated in front of Jackie.

He furrowed his eyebrows as he sent the Broken Soul Blade right at Orgh.

Orgh smirked disdainfully as it faced the Broken Soul Blade, musing that Jackie was putting up a pitiful fight before dying. Jackie, to Orgh, was worth no notice whatsoever. However, disdain held no other power than existing as a mere feeling.

It still generated shockwaves with Stye next to it to try and destroy the Broken Soul Blade. A surge of immense energy burst out, right at the Broken Soul Blade.

The Broken Soul Blade was like a slash that could not be stopped. The moment it clashed, it immediately broke the energy wave into two parts. The energy wave had no way of destroying the Broken Soul Blade at all. After the energy wave was split into two, the Broken Soul Blade continued to go right for Orgh.

Orgh let out a cry of anguish as the Broken Soul Blade pierced its chest. There was a sizzling sound as its soul started to rot from its chest. Green blood evaporated into mist the moment it touched the Broken Soul Blade, dispersing into the surrounding air.

Orgh wailed in anguish as it fell to the ground. It lost all rationale as it rolled on the ground in pain. The other three beasts widened their eyes.

The four of them underestimated their opponent!

They thought that Orgh and Setia’s attacks would have been enough against Jackie’s technique, yet their attacks did nothing to even slow it down. The sight rendered them stunned, and by the time they regained their senses, it was already too late.

The other three beasts were stunned as they looked at Jackie with widened eyes.

Chapter 3427
Jackie raised an eyebrow as his confidence surged.

Despite their appearance, these four beasts barely lived up to their imposing features. Their skills were just around the level of low-ranked chosen disciples in holy-grade clans. It was no wonder they were not worried about surprises when they saw Jackie and Rudy.

Other than Jackie himself, any other warrior who entered the Demon Spirit Kingdom would be no match for the four of them.

Jackie took a deep breath, no longer hesitating as he used the Broken Soul Blade again.

At that point, Stye, Setia, and Olalo, after knowing how skilled Jackie was, instantly became defensive. When they saw Jackie attacking again, the three of them met Jackie’s attack at the same time.

Four techniques clashed in the air with a boom before the beasts were sent flying.

Jackie quickly activated the laws of space with his sword in hand. He disappeared from his spot, and when he appeared again, he was already right next to Stye.

Stye’s eyes widened in disbelief. It stared at Jackie, who had suddenly appeared, but Jackie did not look away at all as he stabbed Stye. The blade pierced its chest, and it ripped out a cry out of Stye.

“H-How is this possible? How are you so strong?! Even the three of us together are no match for you!”

Jackie did not answer Stye and instead went straight for the next one. In mere seconds, the three remaining beasts were all dealt with by Jackie.

Rudy appeared from Mustard Seed again. He looked at the four beasts lying on the ground, bleeding, and he covered his mouth in shock.

“It wasn’t even that long, and these four are already dealt with! Jackie, you’re so amazing!”

Jackie smiled wordlessly.

He quickly walked toward Setia who, though with a large hole on its chest, was still alive. Alas, the rapid blood loss guaranteed that Setia would not survive.

Jackie knelt and coldly looked at Setia. “I have many ways to torture you. If you don’t answer my questions, I’ll take my time with you.”

Setia laughed when it heard Jackie’s words.

Hearing the laugh, Jackie realized something was wrong, and tried to do something immediately. However, he was already too late.

Setia’s throat moved, looking like it had swallowed something. In just a few moments, black blood flowed out of its nose. It was dead.

Jackie’s lips twitched as he looked at the other three who died in a similar fashion. They must have swallowed a pill that could kill them instantly.

Jackie almost cursed at the sight.

Rudy frowned. “These guys are so sly. They came prepared, having suicide pills in their mouths to swallow should things go south!”

Jackie took a deep breath, saying helplessly, “We didn’t know that the beasts would be so decisive. To not reveal any secrets, they already had poison in their mouths. We couldn’t have stopped that.”

However, it meant that the beasts were hiding a massive secret. The more Jackie thought about it, the more he wanted to find out.

Rudy burned the corpses of the beasts, and he only followed Jackie after making sure there were no traces of their activity left behind.

Chapter 3428
The journey that ensued was much calmer in comparison to Jackie and Rudy. There were no more strange divine senses sweeping through them and no sudden attacks to delay them.

In just 20 minutes, they saw Cloud.

They had gone through a dense forest the whole way. The vines were covering every single three, and greenery filled every corner of the Demon Spirit Kingdom.

To allow the warriors from other third-grade worlds to quickly find him, Cloud found a relatively spacious spot. Even though it was still covered with trees, it was not as densely packed. There was more of a distance between each three.

Rudy and Jackie were about 100 meters away from Cloud when they saw him. Cloud immediately opened his eyes to look over when he heard movement.

When he saw that it was Jackie, the look of concern on his face quickly turned into one of happiness.

To Cloud, or perhaps every warrior from a third-grade world, Jackie was the key factor in all of this. With Jackie around, it was as if they no longer had any problems.

Cloud waved at Jackie. ”Jackie, over here! ”

Jackie nodded and quickly made his way toward Cloud.

When he arrived next to Cloud, Cloud greeted, though his voice feeble with emotions, “Was your journey safe? Did you run into any trouble?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Of course he had, and luckily, it was he who ran into trouble and not anyone else. Any other warrior who participated in the Spirit Demon Kingdom would have died if they met that situation.

Jackie did not plan on saying this, so he instead shook his head at Cloud. “I did meet some trouble. Let’s talk after everyone’s here.”

Hearing that Jackie had indeed encountered trouble, Cloud’s eyes widened. However, since Jackie had said so, he did not voice any questions.

Jackie had told Cloud to not get excited and to wait for everyone to be gathered, thus Cloud nodded, though not without doubt.

He had thought that he would be the fifth or sixth to group up with Cloud, but he ended up being the first. It seemed like he was the quickest.

Jackie took out two mats from his spatial ring and placed one down for Jackie. Jackie nodded, and all three of them sat down.

Giving Jackie a once-over, Cloud noted that Jackie’s clothes were still intact, and his energy was very stable. Jackie did not look like he had gone through a battle.

This confused Cloud even more. Anything that Jackie would call ‘trouble’ would not be a small matter.

Did Jackie meet Stephen’s group, or did something else happen?

Jackie shut his eyes and rested. Various thoughts surfaced in his head, including everything the Demon Spirit Beasts had said, and he even recalled a few key phrases.

It was definitely no simple matter, and it involved a massive secret. If they did not deal with it well, it could bring them a huge problem.

Jackie did not care about a few strays. After all, the four beasts together were no match for Jackie. He was worried about the Demon Spirit Beasts they called king.

When Orgh and Stye were arguing, Setia mentioned the ‘king’ to shock them. The two of them were scared stiff when they heard that they would be absorbed by the king if they did not do well. Jackie even recalled how Orgh shivered at the name. It was obvious how threatening this ‘king’ was.

Whether it was the humans or the beasts, both sides respected the strong. The fact that the king was so feared meant that he had to be incredibly strong.

Thinking about that, Jackie lost a bit of confidence.

Who would win if he went against the king?

What level was that king at?

Chapter 3429
This thing was not widely known among humans either.

When they were in Weinhord City, Jackie had listened to others discuss the Demon Spirit Kingdom quite a bit, but none of them mentioned the king of the Demon Spirit Kingdom. None of them had mentioned that the beasts were sentient either.

He did not know if he had missed out on such an important detail, or if the beasts hid this so well that it was not spread out at all. It was better if it was the former. It if was the latter, then it would be more troublesome.

Thinking about that, Jackie’s lips twitched. It was as though trouble followed him wherever he went!

However, Jackie did not dwell on it too much. He was not someone who would flee from problems. Since there was an issue, he would just need to figure out a solution. In his mind, there were no problems that could not be solved.

Rudy, on the other hand, was a bit uneasy. He was not as confident as Jackie. He, too, listened to everything the beasts had said, and he guessed that the beasts were holding a huge secret. However, he could not figure it out just from what he learned earlier.

He wanted to ask them more questions, but those beasts killed themselves before Jackie got the chance to interrogate them.

Rudy was more frustrated as he thought about it, and he opened his eyes to look at Jackie next to him.

He coughed as he rubbed his nose, asking, “What do you think those creatures were planning? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but to no avail. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I am. I can’t calm down at all!”

Cloud was even more suspicious when he heard that.

A plan?

Could Stephen and the others be planning something?

He looked over to see Rudy looking at Jackie hopefully. Jackie slowly opened his eyes.

He took a deep breath and said, “Don’t dwell on it if you can’t understand. We know too little right now, and using what we know to speculate would just be pure guesswork. Rather than thinking about all that, it’s better to think about how we can learn more.”

Rudy’s lips twitched as he sighed before he said, “I’m just so curious. It’s so different from what I thought. I feel like their plans will involve us! If we don’t quickly figure it out, we might end up being caught on the back foot!”

Jackie nodded. “Of course it’s going to affect us, but you can’t figure it out anyway, so don’t worry yourself like that. Let’s wait for everyone to finish gathering for now.”

Cloud could not understand what was going on, and he said anxiously, “What are you two talking about? A plan? What can’t you figure out? What happened that’ll affect us? Did Stephen’s group try something again?”

Jackie looked at Cloud and said, “It has nothing to do with Stephen. It’s something else.”

Cloud was even more stunned when he heard that.

It was not Stephen?

Then who could it be?

Seeing that Cloud was so anxious, Rudy said clearly, “It’s because of those Demon Spirit Beasts! Those beasts aren’t simple beasts! We were hunted by them on the way here! If Jackie wasn’t strong enough, we’d have died!”

Chapter 3430
Cloud’s eyes widened in sheer shock when he heard that. He was even more confused after that explanation.

Was it possible for the Demon Spirit Beasts to try and kill humans?

Since when did these beasts, those that would run the moment they saw humans, even, get so bold?

Hearing Rudy’s tone, it was like the beasts that tried to kill them were special.

Jackie seemed to realize something when he saw Cloud’s open eyes.

He stopped Rudy from continuing and he looked at Cloud with an earnest look. “Why are you so surprised? Are the Demon Spirit Beasts that weak to you? Did you know that the Demon Spirit Beasts have a leader they call the king?”

Hearing that, Cloud was even more confused.

He took a deep breath before he answered, “A leader? A king? What exactly happened? From what I know, those beasts are just prey. Their skills are average, and they’re rather timid to the point of fleeing, so we need to pursue them if we want to kill them.”

Hearing Cloud’s words, Jackie and Rudy exchanged a meaningful look. The two of them fell silent together. There were various thoughts in their heads.

Rudy got more scared as he thought about it, and Jackie had many complicated thoughts.

The two of them had differing expressions, but Cloud was even more shocked to see that. Their expressions meant that what they said was very important and hard to deal with, and it affected them.

Cloud had a stomach full of questions. He got more and more anxious thinking about it, yet neither Jackie nor Rudy explained themselves.

After a moment, Cloud could no longer stand it. “Can the two of you tell me what’s going on? I’m so confused…”

Right as he said that, they suddenly heard some rustling. When the three of them looked over, they saw a familiar figure quickly coming over.

It was Kesh!

Cloud held back the questions for the moment as he stood up to greet Kesh.

Five minutes later, four others appeared. A small wave of people had gathered.

After some pleasantries, Cloud had them sit. Everyone saw that something was off with Cloud’s expression. He looked anxious and doubtful.

Cloud did not bother with what the others thought of him. All he wanted to know was what happened to Jackie.

Looking at how Cloud was looking at him, Jackie knew how anxious Cloud was. However, Jackie was in no hurry to answer and looked at the rest instead.

“Did you have a safe journey? You didn’t encounter any dangers, did you? Did any divine senses sweep over you?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Kesh said, “The journey was very quiet. I went very slowly, worried that I’ll meet any unnecessary problems.”

The others conveyed that their journey was completely safe as well. Other than the vines that were everywhere that obstructed their sights, it was all uneventful.

Hearing what everyone said, Jackie’s frown never relaxed.

The others looked at Jackie with confusion when they saw Jackie’s expression. He no longer hesitated when he saw all the confusion. He told them all about what he had experienced.

If it had been anyone else who said it, they would probably not have believed him. However, Jackie had been the one to say it. Even if they did not believe it, they would force themselves to.

Cloud frowned, and his eyes widened. “Jackie saw beasts that had human heads and beast-like bodies. They had intelligence that matched humans, and they got a king, too!”


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