No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3421-3425

Chapter 3421
Stephen said that to dispel some of Jackie’s pressure. He was trying to bolster the morale of the warriors from second-grade worlds. He could not allow them to keep continuing that way.

Jackie could not help but let out a cold smile when he heard that.

While keeping his eyes close, he said, “You‘re just like all those fellow disciples of yours. Your words are just nonsense. What‘s the point of saying all of that? Are you trying to act like you’re very capable in front of me? Are you trying to stand up for yourselves?”

“You should just forget about it. No matter what you say, it won’t affect anything. If you’re really that confident, then come look for me the moment you enter the Demon Spirit Kingdom! Use your skills to prove your worth.”

After Jackie said that, Stephen’s expression stiffened.

The corner of his lips trembled. That imperious aura of his was suddenly completely extinguished by those words.

Facing Jackie alone?

He would be crazy to do that!

Even though Stephen was confident in himself, he would never dare to face Jackie alone.

Jackie’s skills could be in the top five or top three in a holy grade clan. Even if he was a chosen disciple, he was not ranked that highly. Facing Jackie head-on was suicide. There was no other result.

He had remained stubborn just because all fifteen of them were quite good in skill.

All fifteen of them would not be afraid of Jackie alone!

Seeing Stephen’s expression stiffened and not saying a thing, the warriors from third-grade worlds were in an uproar.

They had constantly been beaten down by the warriors from second-grade worlds earlier, and it had been incredibly suffocating. Since they had the chance, they would naturally need to fight back.

Kesh shot right back, “You’re feeling good about yourself, aren’t you? Go on, continue showing off! Why aren’t you saying anything else? Didn’t you say you were very strong? Jackie’s willing to fight you, so why won’t you answer?”

“Are you not daring enough? Don‘t you warriors from second-grade worlds always look down on us, saying that third-grade worlds are trash? Jackie’s inviting you to a match as a warrior from a third-grade world, why won’t you agree? Where did that aggressiveness go to?”

Stephen‘s face reddened in anger. His lips constantly twitched, really wanting to shout back at them, but there was nothing he could say.

Did he really dare to talk back to Kesh?

Of course, he did not!

He was not daring enough to face Jackie. However, he was not willing to just shut up like that. He did not want to seem so weak in front of the warriors from third-grade worlds.

Eduardo frowned as he grabbed Stephen’s arm.

He whispered, “Let’s not quarrel with them. In the end, the results will do the talking for us. They must feel like Jackie will lead them to victory. With him, they‘ll be able to fight back against us. Then, let’s use our skills to prove that even him, won‘t be able to touch us if we work together!”

Hearing that, Stephen‘s expression slowly calmed down.

He shut his mouth, so there was no reason for the other side to continue as well. The conversations slowly died down, but the hatred in everyone’s eyes was incredibly terrifying.

Time slowly ticked away. An hour quickly passed, and the skull-masked caretaker announced that the Demon Spirit Kingdom was starting.

All of them slowly snapped out of their thoughts.

Chapter 3422
At that moment, everyone’s expressions were serious.

Various emotions were running through their faces, but no one spoke at all. Everyone silently went on the transfer array, looking at the space distort as their bodies got completely enveloped by the spatial power.

When everyone was almost sent off, Stephen suddenly said, “We‘ll see who the idiots are! You won’t get what you want!“

The moment he said that, everyone‘s figures disappeared on the transfer array. All thirty of them had been sent to a separate space.

The moment they were being transferred, Jackie put Rudy into Mustard Seed while everyone else was distracted. They would not be sent to the same place, but to various locations around the Demon Spirit Kingdom. With Rudy‘s skills, there was no way he would be able to survive alone, so keeping Rudy by his side was better.

After ten minutes, the distorted space slowly disappeared.

When his feet landed on the ground, Jackie finally saw his surroundings clearly. It was a dense forest, and the trees obstructed most of the sunlight.

It was quite dim around them, and the air was very humid. A wet rotting scent assaulted his nose.

Jackie frowned as he sent Rudy out of Mustard Seed.

Rudy widened his curious eyes as he looked at the trees around them.

He said in surprise, “Why are there so many vines?! All these trees are completely wrapped in vines!”

Jackie was no stranger to forests. He had gone into quite a lot of forests where the sun did not reach the ground. However, this forest still stirred the curiosity in him.

The massive trees had thick vines around them. They climbed the trees which made the trunk appear full of green leaves. Even the ground had countless vines. It was like a forest that was covered in vines.

It was green everywhere, and the floor was a bit damp, but to warriors like them, the dampness did not affect them at all.

Jackie patted Rudy on the shoulder, “Stop gawking. We need to meet up with them to avoid any trouble.”

Before entering the Demon Spirit Kingdom, he had already discussed the matter with the other warriors from third-grade worlds.

They would leave their own marks on each other, determining each other‘s location in the Demon Spirit Kingdom before they gathered toward Cloud. Jackie felt where Cloud was, and it was about fifty kilometers away from him.

Comparatively, he was not that far away from Cloud. The furthest one was about a hundred kilometers away.

Rudy nodded, and the two of them started to walk toward Cloud.

To prevent any surprises, the two of them did not fly in a rush, and instead slowly moved forward in the dense forest. Even though the dense forest that stopped them from going too quickly, it still did not take them that long to get close to Cloud.

Jackie leaped ten meters away, and Rudy followed behind him. The trees swayed thanks to Jackie, and the leaves started to rustle a little.

Rudy had just been about to praise Jackie for being so strong that Jackie got a tree to sway when Jackie stopped in his tracks.

He stopped in surprise as well.

He quickly rushed to Jackie‘s side and looked at Jackie curiously, “What is it? Why did you suddenly stop?”

Chapter 3423
Jackie frowned as he started looking all over.

He looked to the left, then to the right, then repeated again.

Looking at Jackie, Rudy realized that Jackie had noticed something, so he wisely shut up.

After looking around, Jackie turned to look behind him, “I felt a strange divine sense sweep across my body just now. There must be something observing us from our surroundings…”

Rudy raised an eyebrow, whispering, “Is it Stephen’s men? That would be such a coincidence that we’re so close to them.”

Jackie took a deep breath as he looked around again, saying, “It’s probably not them! It wasn’t a human presence. I’ve been training for so long in the soul attribute, I can clearly feel other people…”

”What I felt just now was different. It fluctuated very weirdly. It didn’t feel human at all. Don’t forget what we’re here for.”

When Rudy heard that, he immediately reacted. He gaped as he quickly looked around himself.

He widened his eyes and asked, “So you’re telling me that it was a beast?”

Jackie nodded, taking a deep breath as he let out his senses, sweeping their surroundings. Yet, he did not notice anything, which Jackie found even stranger. Rudy’s mouth twitched, and he looked a bit out of place.

He whispered to Jackie, “Those beasts can use divine senses? It looks like they must be quite intelligent creatures…”

Being able to use divine senses meant that their soul was not weak.

If their soul was strong, then they would be quite intelligent as well. Many beasts are not able to use divine senses because of their souls. The fact that this one could meant that it was probably quite intelligent.

Jackie sighed as his expression turned serious.

He nodded, “I underestimated these beasts. What is it trying to do?”

The moment he said that, Jackie’s expression changed.

He had been constantly using his divine senses around him. At the last second, he felt four strange shapes quickly coming toward him. Jackie frowned as he walked to the side, pushing Rudy behind him.

After a few moments, Rudy’s eyes widened immensely. He had never seen those things before. It was four things that looked like humans but were not.

Rudy took a deep breath, guessing that those four were demon spirit beasts. Those beasts looked incredibly different from what Rudy thought they would look like.

The four beasts were all about a hundred and ninety centimeters tall. They looked incredibly strange and had human-like features. Yet, their skin was of various colors.

The two in front had six wings on their backs. Their bodies were full of strange patterns. They looked like dragonflies with human faces.

Of the two behind, the one on the left looked like a frog with a human face. It was dark green, and its body was covered in a layer of mucus. The mucus even bubbled, looking like they were going through chemical reactions, making for quite a creepy sight.

Chapter 3424
The one on the right had dark skin and sported four claws. It looked like a black panther.

Rudy’s lips twitched and he said, “What the heck are these things?! Why do they look like this?!”

It was hard to blame Rudy for reacting like that.

He had seen quite a few beasts before, but in Rudy’s mind, beasts should look like beasts, and humans should look like humans. Once beasts reached a certain level, they would be able to turn into humans.

They were definitely not like those four in front of them, not human nor beasts. It looked incredibly disgusting.

“You didn’t make a mistake this time, but can you really not tell how strong this kid is?” the beast that looked like a dragonfly said to the other one that looked similar to it.

The one called Orgh frowned, unhappily looking at the beast next to him, “It’s not like I made a mistake last time. That person’s reinforcements were very far away. No matter how hard I try, my divine senses can only reach two kilometers! It’s not like you weren’t there, Stye, so why are you being so snide?!”

Style snorted, “I’m not. The last time, if Olalo hadn’t been quick with his help, we’d have died to that brat! We wouldn’t have had the chance to make up for the mistake! This time, you’d better focus. If you make another mistake, I won’t be able to help you with the king!”

The four demon spirit beasts were talking in front of Jackie and Rudy without any fear at all. They did not seem to care about Jackie and Rudy at all.

Rudy was confused by the conversation.

Jackie’s expression was cold as he remembered everything that was being said.

He felt like the situation was strange. They entered the Demon Spirit Kingdom to hunt these beasts, but judging from what the beasts were saying, it was as if the humans were the prey.

Rudy whispered to Jackie, “Jackie, why do I feel like it’s a bit strange? These beasts don’t seem afraid of us at all?”

Jackie nodded as he took a deep breath, ”The situation’s definitely strange. Didn’t we hear at the inn that these beasts are all very smart? To kill them, we’d need to attack from a range…”

“It’ s because those beasts would run the moment they see anyone. Yet, it doesn’t seem like the case at all. Not only are they not running, but they’re also even discussing things right in front of us!”

Rudy nodded emphatically.

His heart beat quickly, “What do we do? Should we meet with the others first? We shouldn’t fight these beasts. After all, it’s you going one against four… No matter how strong you are, they have the numbers. I’ll only drag you down!”

Jackie frowned as he lowered his voice and said, “Stay quiet and observe the situation. I’m in no hurry. If the situation is bad, we can run then.”

Jackie had a trump card, which was the laws of space. If he could not beat them, then he could put Rudy into Mustard Seed and use the laws of space to run, but that was only if things got desperate.

Ever since he mastered the Broken Soul Blade, Jackie was incredibly confident in his abilities. Unless his opponent was several times stronger than he was, he was not worried.

Chapter 3425
The four beasts were completely ignoring Jackie and Rudy as if they were already certain that the two of them would not be able to reveal any of their secrets.

Orgh shouted, “Olalo, you speak up! Stye is just purposely trying to blame me! It’s already not the first time he’s spoken like that! It’s so annoying! Once I get the reward and my skills improve, I’ll never stay on the same team as you again!”

Stye seemed agitated when he heard that.

His wings started to speed up, “Improving your skills? With your talents? Can you not joke around like that so much?”

Listening to their conversation, it was evident that their intelligence was on par with humans.

Jackie frowned as he whispered to Rudy, “These demon spirit beasts are far too different from what we’ve heard of from others. I feel like these beasts aren’t just as intelligent as humans, but their skills don’t seem average either. They even managed to form groups and move around like humans. Why didn’t we ever hear of that? Is our information lacking, or did anyone not know about it at all?!”

The situation was far too different from what Jackie expected. He even sniffed a plot at hand.

After the four beasts quarreled for a long time, the one with a panther body finally roared impatiently.

“Can the four of you shut up?! What’s the point of arguing so much right now? If you screw up the task, the king won’t let any of you off! The two of you have quite a lot of blood in you. The king might just suck it all dry!”

The moment that was said, the two beasts immediately stopped bickering.

The threat behind those words was incredibly heavy to the two of them. Not only did they shut up, their lips even trembled slightly. There was fear in their eyes.

It was obvious that the two of them were incredibly scared of that so-called king.

Jackie frowned. From their words, he realized that something was wrong. After they stopped fighting, the beasts looked at Jackie and Rudy again.

The panther-like beast was called Setia and was the strongest amongst the four, “A human that we can’t see through, and a human piece of trash. How did the two of you end up together?”

It was speaking to Jackie. Rudy’s face darkened when he was called trash. Even though he was self-aware, he still did not like being called trash.

Jackie frowned as he looked at the beast, “You don‘t seem to be afraid of humans? The information I received was different. Did you just hide it too well?”

The four beasts started laughing out loud when they heard that. Their laughter was heard throughout the forest.

Rudy could not help but shrink back when he heard that. They were beasts with human heads, and they were laughing so hard. It was an incredibly chilling sight.

Orgh said as it laughed, “You humans really are simple-minded. You think whatever anyone lets you see is real. We’ve been in this space for so many years. We’re no longer those demon spirit beasts that only know how to run away…”

“We’ve already gained intelligence no lower than humans. As long as we absorb enough blood, our abilities will improve! You see us as prey, and we see you as prey too!”


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