No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3416-3420

Chapter 3416
Rudy felt like Jackie‘s words seemed incredibly confident, and his admiration for Jackie reached its peak.

The next following day, Jackie brought Rudy to the Demon Spirit Kingdom to sign up.

The Demon Spirit Kingdom was one of the tests for warriors in Weinhord City. Countless demon spirit beasts would appear there. Those beasts came in various shapes and sizes, but all of them sported a pair of green eyes.

The task for the warriors was to exterminate those beasts. After that, they would be ranked based on the number of beasts they managed to kill, and only the top three would be rewarded.

Similarly, the beasts would attack the warriors as well, and there was a chance to be killed by the beasts if one was not careful. Quite a few warriors died in the Demon Spirit Kingdom. However, the numbers kept on rising, and most of them were warriors from the third- grade world.

On top of what had happened in the slaughter game, the warriors from the third-grade worlds were on high alert.

They could tell that the sudden rise in deaths was the doing of the warriors from the second-grade worlds. The aim was to gain even more Heartblood to open the Vibrant Hall.

The Demon Spirit Kingdom was on the westernmost side of Weinhord City. From afar, quite a few people gathered there for registration could be seen.

When Jackie and Rudy arrived, the registration area was incredibly noisy. Quite a few people were shouting at one another with red faces.

Jackie frowned, not expecting such an explosive sight to greet him the moment he arrived.

There were two sides of people standing in front. Looking at their attire, it was clear that the ones on the left were warriors from third-grade worlds, while the ones on the right were warriors from second-grade worlds. Both sides were shouting at each other, and it was incredibly noisy, making Jackie annoyed.

Rudy widened his eyes and said, “What are they fighting over? Why are they talking about queueing up and ruining the rules?”

Jackie raised his hand and interrupted Rudy’s questions, “Just listen for a bit. If we can‘t understand, then we’ll ask others.”

Cloud Cummer from a third- grade world was so frustrated he felt like crying, “You’re just too much! Why are you acting so high and mighty when you cut the queue? The ten of us came together to participate in the Demon Spirit Kingdom! Why are you trying to stand between us?”

“No matter what, there are rules to be followed. Why are you warriors from second-grade worlds so shameless? Are you throwing away your dignity just for your goals?“

The one standing in front was Stephen Flynn from Golden Continent, he scoffed and said, “Stop talking about all this nonsense. So what if we cut the line? Does it cause you to lose anything? We just want to take part in the Spirit Demon Kingdom as fast as possible. We’re just killing beasts anyway, and not you guys. Why are you being so worked up for? Stop being shameless!”

When Cloud heard that, he was furious. Kesh Burr, who was right behind him, was absolutely furious as well.

“Stop with your nonsense! Don‘t think that we’re stupid. Do you think we can’t tell what you’re planning? Why aren‘t you trying to cut the queue in front of us? You insist on cutting right at the eleventh place. You‘re not just doing it alone, you’re even bringing fifteen others with you!”

“You already know we‘re on alert against you. Every time we take part in the Spirit Demon Kingdom, we’ll join in groups of twenty. If you want to participate, you‘d only be able to get ten people in. Just the ten of you won’t be able to do anything to twenty of us, so you never got a chance!”

Chapter 3417
“You‘re so nervous that you‘re even cutting the queue!”

“If fifteen of you squeeze in, then only five spots will be left! You’d have a much easier time doing whatever you want to! If we enter, just surviving will be a problem!”

“That’s right! Kesh is right! You warriors from second-grade worlds never have any good intentions. All you think about is how to kill us off! Yet, you have the gall to pretend as if nothing happened!”

“Do you think everyone else is an idiot who can’t see what you‘re trying to do? Aren’t you just cutting the queue because you want to ruin our plans? You won‘t dare to do anything against twenty people, but you would if it‘s fifteen! The moment we enter, you’ll definitely attack us!”

Hearing that, Jackie finally understood what they were fighting over.

Rudy curled his fists up in anger, “These warriors from the second-grade worlds really are doing whatever they want now. In order to get Heartblood, they’re even doing something as shameless as cutting the queue. They’re doing everything they can to achieve their goals!“

Rudy was already panting in anger. His eyes were so wide they looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

The actions of the warriors from second-grade worlds were no longer just despicable, they were just absolutely shameless!

Yet, the caretakers did not stop their actions. After all, they were just quarreling. They still knew how to hold back from outright fighting.

Rudy’s face was red, “What do you think should be done now? If fifteen of them enter, there’s practically no hope of making it out alive!”

Jackie nodded.

They‘re already doing something so shameless, so they must have definitely already planned things out. To get the Heartblood, they were practically doing anything they could do. Since they had already planned everything out, there was no way they would let any of those fifteen come out of the Demon Spirit Kingdom alive.

He was absolutely speechless at their actions, but there was no clear solution to what would happen.

Rudy lowered his voice and said, “Those warriors from the third-grade worlds who have already registered and the other ten are quite dumb. Since the queue was cut, they should have just cut it back and it would have been done?”

Jackie frowned, “I thought so as well, but the fact that twenty-five have already registered must mean that those people could not get their places back. Something must have happened there…”

Jackie quietly looked at the warriors from the third-grade worlds who were still quarreling without stopping. They were intensely quarreling that the loudest ones were starting to feel their voices go hoarse, feeling incredibly frustrated. After all, this was a matter of their life and death. They were in an incredibly desperate situation.

Kesh pointed at the warriors from the second-grade worlds and said, “You shameless, despicable fiends! You’ll pay for this eventually! You‘ve done so many despicable things, but you’ve paid quite the price for them. Don’t think that the warriors from third-grade worlds are easy to bully. You’ll pay for everything you did! You’ll definitely regret it!”

When Stephen heard that, he started to laugh. There was disdain in his eyes.

He then gave the other party snort of disgust, “I really don’t understand what you’re saying. What will we be paying for? What kind of shameless things have we been doing? Is registering for the Demon Spirit Kingdom something shameless?”

“You call others despicable and shameless, but I feel like you’re just a bunch of idiots. What are you even saying? We haven’t bullied you guys at all…”

“Let’s not even talk about what we‘re doing for now. You can’t make us pay for anything anyway! Even if there are some losses, it’s nothing to us warriors from second-grade worlds.“

Chapter 3418
Stephen was speaking in an incredibly annoying manner.

He had clearly done something so shameless, but he acted like there was no such thing. He was even snidely insulting the warriors from the third-grade worlds for being too weak to make the warriors from the second-grade worlds pay.

The men who had already registered got more and more frustrated. They wanted to just fight on the spot.

Kesh loudly shouted, “Don’t force us into a corner! If you force us, we could do anything. We‘ll just make sure we die together! Don’t think we‘re scared of you!”

Eduardo, who was behind Stephen, was a chosen disciple from Sacred Water Continent. When he heard Kesh’s words, he started to laugh loudly.

“Just listen to what you’re saying. Are you trying to tell us that animals will bite back when they’re cornered? What of it? There’s no use, we‘ll just kill all the animals anyway. We’ll be able to deal with it.”

Eduardo had just called all the warriors from third-grade worlds animals, which completely ignited the anger in their hearts.

Quite a few of them started to curse.

“You fiends! You’ll be killed by someone else eventually. You tortured others to death, and you‘ll be tortured to death one day. Stop trying to sound so smug. If you have the skills, let’s just fight outside the city…”

“The second-grade worlds get to have a complete battle with the third-grade worlds. There are no rules or restrictions there, and we can kill each other all we want. Then, you‘ll finally lose more men!”

When Eduardo heard that, he said with contempt, “So you‘re just planning on swarming with numbers? You‘re not fighting in terms of skill but in terms of numbers? Don’t you think that’s just a complete joke?”

“The reason there are fewer second-grade worlds in Weinhord City isn’t that there are fewer warriors from second-grade worlds, but just because there are a total of three second-grade worlds in this city, while there are ten third-grade worlds!”

“If you have the ability, then say that once you’re in level three cities. You’ll finally realize who has more men!”

Kesh waved it off, “Stop with all that, what is the meaning of this right now!”

Stephen raised an eyebrow. He was the leader of the warriors from second-grade worlds who were taking part in this test. He had the absolute final say in everything.

He said with a cold smile, “We’re not trying to do anything. You should spare your efforts. There’s nothing to fight about. We‘ve already registered, and the laws stop us from giving up our spot. Anyone who goes against that will be killed. So, we’ll definitely be taking part, and all of you will too. There’s nothing else to say about it. Don‘t waste your time.”

The moment he said that, everyone suddenly went quiet. Even though Stephen was a hateful person, what he said was right. There was nothing else to say about the situation.

It could no longer be changed, and they had to accept it. They were forced to enter the Demon Spirit Kingdom.

Kesh sighed. His face was completely ashen as if the end was coming.

The ten of them who had already registered had painful looks on their faces. It was like they had lost their families.

Eduardo snorted and said, “Let me remind you, there are still five spots left. Rather than quarreling with us, why don’t you talk to your fellow disciples and friends to quickly take up those five spots? Otherwise, we‘ll take up the last five spots, and you’ll only have ten to our twenty.”

The moment that was said, everyone‘s expressions changed again.

Cloud’s hands were trembling. The problem really was very difficult. If no one else from third- grade worlds registered, then the ten of them would end up facing twenty warriors from second-grade worlds.

The situation would be horrible.

If they were split evenly, they would still have a chance of surviving.

If it was ten against twenty, then they were practically assured of dying. Cloud and the rest turned to look at the other ten warriors who had been planning to register.

Chapter 3419
Yet, those ten immediately averted their gazes. They either looked down at the ground or started to look left and right. At their expressions, Cloud’s group felt a chill in their spines. All of them knew it was a fiery situation that they could not jump into.

No one dared to be the hero at a time like this. Saving the others was basically the equivalent of jumping into a volcano. When it concerned sharing benefits, everyone acted like good friends. When it came to their own safety, all those friendships were thrown out the window.

Cloud’s lips trembled, “What is the meaning of this? We said that we would share everything and survive this together! Why aren’t you even willing to sign up now?”

The other ten all looked incredibly reluctant. Even though Cloud and the others were questioning them, they still refused to sign up in such a situation.

Those warriors from second-grade worlds were obviously already prepared.

They planned on killing everyone who entered. If that other ten signed up at that moment, it would be the equivalent of throwing their own lives away. They were naturally reluctant to do that.

Looking at that scene, Eduardo started to laugh out loud.

“It looks like your good friends aren‘t even looking at you anymore. All this talk about revenge and paying the price, you can’t even do that. They’re already sure that you’ll die inside. Even though we won‘t do anything, they still think you‘ll die. Your brothers don’t have any faith in you at all…”

The moment he said that, Eduardo heard a low voice, “The two of us will sign up!”

That voice attracted everyone’s gaze.

The crowd had been too focused on quarreling, so they never noticed that someone had walked over to sign up. When they turned to look, they saw two figures standing there.

After Jackie wrote his name down, he calmly turned around. His familiar face appeared in front of everyone.

The warriors from second-grade worlds started to panic at that. Eduardo still maintained his mocking expression, but it was obvious that his face had stiffened when he saw Jackie.

Cloud’s lips troubled as he said in disbelief, “Jackie?”

Jackie nodded, calmly looking at Cloud. When Cloud saw Jackie nod, no one could remain calm.

Eduardo looked like his tail had been stepped on, “You want to take part in this? Why are you taking part in the Demon Spirit Kingdom?! How can you…”

Before he could finish, Jackie interrupted him, “Am I not allowed to participate? Which rule in Weinhord City states that I can’t?”

The warriors from the second-grade worlds started to panic at that. All of their faces froze, and they looked like they had eaten a fly.

Jackie’s appearance had thrown their plans into disarray. With him around, it was hard to say who would survive.

Eduardo’s hands trembled, “What is the meaning of this?! Are you insisting on going against us?”

When Jackie heard that, he showed a confused expression, “What do you mean? Why would I take part in the Demon Spirit Kingdom going against you warriors from second-grade worlds?

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t do anything? I’ve never been someone to do anything to those who don’t touch me. If you won’t do anything, then I won’t do anything either. Since we’re just going to coexist in peace, why would you think I’m going against all of you?”

Hearing that, quite a few warriors from third-grade worlds could not hold back their laughter.

Jackie’s words hit it right on the spot, using what those warriors from second-grade worlds had said right back at them.

Chapter 3420
The warriors from the second-grade worlds all had dark looks on their faces at Jackie suddenly joining. Stephen even looked like he wanted to rip Jackie apart.

He stared at Jackie viciously, and his lips trembled slightly, wanting to say something, but unable to find the words to say.

Facing the trash from the third-grade worlds, he would say anything he wanted to, but facing Jackie, there was nothing he could say. That was the power of the strong.

Jackie’ s existence gave the warriors from the second-grade worlds a sense of pressure and the warriors from the third-grade worlds some motivation. They were suddenly reinvigorated and fought to sign up. In just a few moments, the five remaining spots were filled up.

After the registration was complete, the final names were settled. There were fifteen warriors from second-grade worlds and fifteen warriors from third-grade worlds.

If Jackie had not appeared, no one would have thought well of the third-grade worlds. Yet, Jackie was like a flag that stirred up the confidence of the warriors from third-grade worlds, pushing down the warriors from second-grade worlds at the same time.

The situation had suddenly changed. Cloud looked at Jackie emotionally and had a lot to say, but the words were stuck to his throat.

Kesh clenched his hands tightly. All that hopelessness had disappeared, thanks to Jackie joining.

Jackie did not react at all to what everyone else was doing. There were only two goals in his participation in the Demon Spirit Kingdom in such a flashy manner.

The first was to win the prize at the end by killing a lot of beasts. The second was to shock the warriors from second-grade worlds, letting them know that there would not be any good consequences waiting for them if they targeted him.

There was still an hour until the Demon Spirit Kingdom would start. Everyone waited there, and the discussions never stopped.

Jackie stood by the side, closing his eyes to rest. He did not care about what anyone else was saying at all, pretending that he did not hear anything.

After Stephen was silent for a long time, he could no longer remain calm. In just ten minutes, he had heard a lot of frustrating discussions, saying that the warriors from second-grade worlds were very unfortunate this time and that a lot of them would die. There were even those who said that he would definitely die.

After Stephen heard all of that, the anger in his heart kept on burning. He had still been able to bear with the first few words that were said, but after a while, Stephen could no longer hold it in.

He shouted at the warriors from third-grade worlds, “What are you being so pleased with?! Jackie might be strong, but it doesn’t mean anything. If the fifteen of us work together, we’ll be able to handle anything…”

“So what if Jackie is strong? They’d only be able to come at us if all fifteen of them are strong. Otherwise, they’ll only be able to protect themselves. If the fifteen of us work together, no one will break through our defenses!”

He said those words in an incredibly resolved manner.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, opening his eyes to look at the angry Stephen. Feeling Jackie’s gaze, Stephen looked over rudely.

Their gazes met in the air. Jackie merely smiled, not saying anything. Stephen felt like Jackie was feeling weak because Jackie did not say anything, and he suddenly felt encouraged.

He shouted at Jackie, “I know you‘re strong, but the fifteen of us aren’t weak either. If we work together, even the top five in our clan would be afraid!”

After Jackie showed off his skills, a lot of people started to speculate that Jackie’s skills would put him in the top few places in holy grade clans.

Quite a few of them felt like Jackie should be in the top five, while there were even some who put him in the top three.


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