No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3411 – 3415

Chapter 3411
The moment that was said, everyone widened their eyes. Everyone knew who would have to be that leader.

The bearded man touched his beard and said, “Other than Jackie, no one else has the skills to do it. As time passed, I learned a lot about Jackie. Even though he’s from Hestia Continent, talent surpasses anything. He’s never lost before. I heard those warriors from second-grade worlds say that Jackie’s skills should be at the level of a top-five chosen disciple in a holy grade clan.”

The others agreed, “Of course, it has to be Jackie! No one else would be able to lead us other than him! Where‘s Jackie, though? Up till now, I‘m not even sure if he‘s still in Weinhord City!”

Jackie immediately lowered his head in the corner. Thankfully, he had put on a disguise before he left the room, and no one recognized him.

Rudy immediately lowered his head as well.

He whispered to Jackie, “They want you to be their leader? Do you even want to do that?”

Jackie’s lips twitched somewhat helplessly when he heard that.

He turned around to look at Rudy, “Let them say what they want to, why are you thinking that was as well? Do you really think I would be a leader? Would it benefit me at all? Would they really be willing to follow me?”

“Of course, Iwill be doing some things, but I‘ll never be that so-called leader. It’s something that requires so much effort, but for no benefit. I don’t even plan on returning to Hestia Continent after leaving the Whirling World, so the position is pointless to me.”

Rudy nodded immediately, “I wasn‘t thinking properly. I just wanted revenge, to make those warriors from second-grade worlds pay!”

Jackie sighed helplessly, reaching out to pat Rudy on the shoulder, “Why are you so adamant about making them pay? There’s no way we can kill all of the warriors from second- grade worlds. In the end, we’ll still need a conclusion. What we want is to make them feel enough pain that they‘ll be scared of my abilities.”

Rudy nodded, not continuing to dwell on the issue. However, the people around them started to argue yet again.

A warrior from White Marsh Continent raised his voice and said, “We can‘t put all our hopes on Jackie. We don‘t even know where he is right now. To a genius like that, he’d only be concerned with treasures. He probably wouldn‘t want to be a leader even if we make him ours. If he doesn’t want to do it, there’s nothing we can say.”

“You‘re right, but we have to try no matter what! Don‘t you know this? There are already problems at the Demon Spirit Kingdom!”

The moment that was said, a wave of surprise was felt. Everyone turned to look at the person who was speaking.

That person had green robes on, and he coughed awkwardly when everyone turned to look at him, “Do all of you really not know?!”

The person next to him said in confusion, “What kind of problems could there be with the Demon Spirit Kingdom? You only need to kill demons and beasts to earn rewards there! You don‘t need to kill anyone, so how could there be problems?”

The man in green robes sighed, “So you really don‘t know? Those people really are despicable. As long as they can attack, they don‘t care about anything else! It’s true that you just need to kill demons and beasts in the Demon Spirit Kingdom.”

“However, the rules state that only the top three can get prizes while up to thirty can participate! These depraved guys started to form groups of twenty to enter after the last time. After that, they would attack the warriors from third-grade worlds! Since those warriors did not know that they would be attacked, they panicked and suffered total losses!”

Chapter 3412
Quite a few people were stunned when they heard that.

Someone asked loudly, “Doesn’t the Demon Spirit Kingdom prohibit fighting each other?”

The green-robed man nodded and said, “It’s true, there is a restriction against fighting each other. That Demon Spirit Kingdom saw ten warriors from third-grade worlds enter, and not a single one of them was left alive…”

“On top of that, their plans are already known to all of us, so we’re suspecting that they came up with a plan to work together and kill all the warriors from third-grade worlds. This time, there’s no one like Jackie around to save them, so not a single person survived!”

A warrior from Lycan Continent trembled in anger, “Did they not give any explanations? Did no one question them?”

The man sighed helplessly, “We have questioned them, but that was the extent of it. No one dared to do anything else. They gave their reasoning as well, but that reasoning was just exceptionally hilarious. They actually said that the warriors from third-grade worlds that entered this time were all killed by the beasts due to their lack of skills. The warriors from second-grade worlds didn’t do anything at all!”

“It’s all a load of crap! What kind of excuse is that?! If there are those not skilled enough who end up being killed by beasts, there‘s no way all of them would! There would definitely be a few left alive! Do they really think we‘d believe in that reasoning?”

The man shook his head, “Of course, no one believed it. They voiced out questions, and the warriors from second-grade worlds answered. Only, their answers were as good as nothing!”

“They merely claimed to not know anything and blamed us for not looking at ourselves in the mirror. They blamed us for insisting on going to such a dangerous place despite being so weak, and claimed that the dead had nothing to do with that!”

The moment that was said, the sound of a cup being shattered could be heard.

Someone violently threw the teacup on the ground, causing a commotion . The warriors in the inn were all furious after hearing that.

No one would believe such a ridiculous reason. They still insisted on acting that way. It proved that those people did not treat the warriors from third-grade worlds as humans at all.

The anger surged in their chests, and no one could remain calm. Even Rudy started to pant angrily as he stared right at the teacup in front of him, not saying anything.

Jackie sighed slightly, sipping some of his tea.

The tea was actually quite fragrant, but other than himself, no one there was really enjoying the tea. They had all been taken over by anger and wanted nothing more than to rush out to demand some justice.

However, Jackie felt like those thoughts were quite amusing.

Their skills were not up to par, and there was no way to fight such a huge group battle anyway. All they could do was show their anger, but there was no way they could act on it.

The green-robed man saw that the crowd was starting to get angry, and he felt like his words had affected the confidence of the warriors from third-grade worlds, so he hurriedly said, “However, their plan only worked once. We thought of a way to counter that. In the future, we will always only register as groups of twenty…”

“Once we enter the Demon Spirit Kingdom, we will determine each other’s locations through sound transfer arrays, and start hunting in groups. It‘s no longer about the results, and instead about keeping alive.”

Chapter 3413
“The warriors from second-grade worlds are still trying to do something, but their numbers are much fewer, and we’ve been on high alert. They might have tried, but they haven’t succeeded yet!”

The green-robed man’s words did nothing to calm the crowd. A warrior from Lycan Continent said helplessly, “Are we just going to keep getting pushed around like this? They challenge us everywhere, but we‘re just forced to think of ways to stop them. Will it keep on being like that?”

Those words frustrated everyone even more, but they could not figure out any way to solve the problem.

They really wanted to say that they would fight those warriors from second-grade worlds with their numbers, but none of them could voice it out.

In the end, Weinhord City did not allow fighting other than in specific areas or special matches.

Various restrictions stopped them from using their numbers to their advantage. Yet, the warriors from second-grade worlds could use their skills to keep on attacking them.

All of the warriors from third-grade worlds started to feel tired.

Rudy said, “Jackie, do you think there’s any way to solve this?”

Jackie shook his head, “There are no solutions. This world is a world where the strong eat up the weak anyway. The Whirling World’s various rules target the individuals, and not the groups, while the only advantage the third-grade worlds have is numbers…”

“Whether it’s in terms of overall strength or number of geniuses, the second-grade worlds still hold a huge advantage. On top of that, the warriors from second-grade worlds are very ambitious. They won’t stop until they get enough Heartblood. So, just like what they said, they‘re only going to suffer and figure out ways to deal with it after that. Only then will they be able to reduce their losses!”

Rudy‘s lips trembled, not wanting to accept the truth, but there was nothing he could do about it.

As someone weak, he could empathize with how helpless everyone else was feeling there. The part that Rudy could not accept the most was that the warriors from second-grade worlds did not even see warriors from third-grade worlds as humans, but as livestock that could be dealt with any way they wanted.

He could not accept that at all. Just thinking about it made Rudy incredibly furious. However, his abilities were limited, and there was nothing he could do. So, he was forced to suppress the anger in his heart.

Slowly, Rudy started to lose control of his anger.

Jackie saw the dark look on Rudy’s face and could tell what was on Rudy‘s mind.

He pushed the tea in front of Rudy.

“Don’t think too much. In the future, you‘ll see even more things. If you keep on having this attitude, you‘ll just end up getting angrier and angrier. There are even more things that can’t be solved in the world. Unless you have abilities that defy any expectations, you should just forget about it.”

Rudy nodded but no words came from his mouth.

Jackie drank his tea and said, “I’ll go somewhere after this, but let’s return to the room so I can absorb the hundred-soul herb.”

The hundred soul herb was his final reward in the slaughter games. He was allowed to choose one reward from ten treasures, and Jackie immediately had his eyes on that. The hundred soul herb was not the most valuable among those treasures, but it was the most beneficial to him.

At that moment, he had already reached the first level of master of Soul Sky and could use the Broken Soul Blade, but that was just the start.

He was still very far away from the second stage. He needed a lot of soul attribute treasures to support him. Only with those would he be able to improve even more.

Chapter 3414
Absorbing the hundred soul herb took two days and two nights.

The moment he finished, Jackie opened his eyes as a hint of exasperation flashed on his face. Rudy was always by Jackie‘s side.

When he saw the look on Jackie’s face, he asked curiously, “What? Did something bad happen?”

Jackie shook his head as he sighed, slowly standing up. The exasperation on his face got even thicker.

Rudy felt even more curious at that, “If there are no problems, then what’s with the expression?”

At that moment, all of the energy had already been extracted from the herb by Jackie. The herb had already turned into gray ash.

Jackie looked at those ashes and said, “The hundred-soul herb is worth sixty million spirit crystals, and it’s something you might not even find if you can afford it in the Whirling World. Yet, it‘s not as useful as I expected after absorbing it. If I need to walk ten steps to get to the second stage, I haven’t even managed to take the first step…”

“I need to absorb another one for me to truly have taken that first step, but what about the nine other steps? Just taking this one step would already cost me sixty million!”

“Do you know what sixty million is?! It’s a third of everything I have! I felt exasperated because I realized that the resources I‘ll be needing in the future will only get more and more. I don’t really know how to feel.“

Jackie was being truthful. A hundred soul herb was considered a holy grade item, and it was worth around 55 million to 63 million spirit crystals. Even though the price was uncertain there was no way it would be lower than 55 million. The normal price should be as Jackie said.

That price was quite expensive to Jackie. After all, even after spending so long accumulating spirit crystals, he only had about 170 million.

Jackie‘s savings were already immense compared to anyone else, but it was far from enough for Jackie.

Jackie needed at least fifty of such a valuable treasure. His future training would need even more valuable treasures.

Just thinking about that gave him a headache. He needed to find a solution to that problem.

Rudy licked his lips by the side. Jackie‘s fortune was already something Rudy felt like he would never be able to get.

If Jackie gave Rudy all his spirit crystals, Rudy would even start laughing in his sleep. That amount of spirit crystals was a sum that Rudy felt he would never be able to finish using. Yet, Jackie felt like it was not enough.

Rudy could not help but shake his head at the difference.

After a moment, Rudy said, “Then we have to figure out a way to make even more spirit crystals!”

Jackie took a deep breath and said seriously, “Other than the resources I need for training, I still need 900 million spirit crystals to buy ninth-grade crystals.”

That was the first time Jackie had mentioned that to Rudy.

Rudy‘s mouth widened at that, “What did you say? You still need 900 million?! Oh my god, isn’t that too much?! How long would you need?”

Jackie took a deep breath as he quietly poured himself some more tea, taking a sip as he said, “As long as I constantly improve my alchemy, making more spirit crystals won’t be a problem when we leave the Whirling World.“

Rudy did not know much about the path of a warrior, since his talents were limited, but Rudy was still a little confident when it came to alchemy. Hearing Jackie say that, he straightened his body.

Chapter 3415
“You want to make 900 million from alchemy? You should know better than I do how hard that is. If you want to get to that point with alchemy, you’d at least need to become a ninth-grade alchemist. Even that might not be enough. A holy-grade alchemist is more like it!”

“You know what a holy grade alchemist is better than I do. Hestia Continent doesn’t even have a single one. It might not even have a ninth-grade alchemist. Improving your skills in alchemy doesn’t just need talent, you need a lot of time as well…”

“You need to keep on trying and trying, learning from your errors to improve. I know that you’re incredibly talented in both alchemy and combat, but alchemy is different from fighting. You can‘t become a holy grade alchemist in a short time with just your talents.”

Rudy looked at Jackie seriously as he said all of that.

In truth, Rudy felt like he was wasting his time. If he thought about it, Jackie would have too. However, he did not know how Jackie wanted to make so much through alchemy despite knowing that.

Rudy felt like it was not realistic at all. Becoming a holy grade alchemist needed a lot of time. One needed to constantly refine pills to accumulate enough experience through their errors to improve.

In the end, he knew that there had never been a holy grade alchemist in Hestia Continent.

It was far too difficult to achieve. It was a height not achievable for the alchemists of Hestia Continent.

Jackie sighed as he looked at Rudy, “Of course, I know that. However, this is the only path I have. After all, I‘ve never thought about entering any clans or groups. I can only rely on myself.”

Ever since entering Hestia Continent, Jackie had entered two clans but had failed to benefit much from them. Instead, he felt like his freedom had been restricted, and he had been tied down. Yet, sometimes, he felt like he needed to give as much as he took from the clans.

After all, clans were no idiots. They needed large amounts of resources to raise a warrior, so they naturally needed something in return.

Jackie felt like he could not make himself part of a clan, and there was no way he would allow a clan to be the one to raise him, so he needed to rely on himself in the end.

He was already prepared. When it came to becoming a holy grade alchemist, others might think that it was something impossible, but it was the opposite for him. As long as he wanted to, he could do it in a few years.

After all, he had absorbed the memories of an ancient hero. As long as he completely synchronized the memories with his body, it would not be difficult to become holy grade alchemy. He could even improve on those memories.

Jackie reached out and patted Rudy on the shoulder, saying seriously, “We’ve already known each other for so long. You know me quite well. When have I ever said something I could not do?”

Rudy said seriously, “Of course, I know you‘ll be able to do what you set out to do. I‘m not saying you can’t become a holy-grade alchemist, I’m just saying you’ll need a lot of time…”

“Once you become one, you’ll just get more and more spirit crystals. I just feel like the pace of your growth as an alchemist might not be able to catch up to the spirit crystals you need.”

Jackie nodded, saying with a smile, “Don‘t worry, it will. As long as I want to, any amount of spirit crystals isn’t a problem…”


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