No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3406 – 3410

Chapter 3406
“You were so happy with yourself and tried so hard to push us down, so why the silence now? Weren’t you so sure that the first three placings would all be warriors from second-grade worlds?”

“Why aren’t you saying that anymore?! How does it feel to slap yourselves in the face? Did it feel good?”

Right after that was said, the expressions of the second-grade-world warriors soured.

They had just been talking about how warriors from the third-grade worlds would not be able to say anything after the results were out, but to their utmost shock, their words came to bite them in return.

It was Jackie’s name instead listed in first place.

The warriors from the Golden Continent were already very familiar with Jackie’s name.

The warriors from Azure Clan all had dark looks on their faces when they saw Jackie’s name. It was like their families had been killed overnight.

An inner disciple from Azure Clan said, “That’s Jackie! Could it be that guy who defeated three of ours in the level six city?!”

Another disciple next to him said, “Not only did he defeat three, but there’s already four if you count Nevada as well. If he was in the Azure Clan, he’d probably be ranked in the top five. I don’t think it’s a surprise that he’s in first place.”

Most of the disciples from Azure Clan agreed with that assessment. After defeating three chosen disciples from Azure Clan, all of them had a deep impression of Jackie, and they tried to estimate his skills.

After thinking about it, they came to the conclusion that Jackie’s skills should be among the top five of chosen disciples in a holy grade clan. Regular chosen disciples would be no match for Jackie.

“I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach. If Jackie’s here, then could Florian not be in the rankings because he… He died to Jackie?!”

The moment that was said, everyone exchanged looks with each other.

Quite a few people wanted to disagree with that loudly, but they could not bring themselves to open their mouths to say it because they felt like it was a definite possibility. The possibility was quite large as well.

Jackie was an unknown variable to their plans this time, and this man would no doubt hinder their plan.

After a frantic wait, the space around the Three Deer stage started to distort as a sign that there were people being transferred over. After a few moments, 100 survivors stood on the stage.

In the very middle was Jackie, wearing his gray robes. Not too far away from Jackie was Jake and Guardio, their expressions hardened. If anyone looked closer, they would notice that the two of them seemed to be forcing themselves to remain calm.

At that moment, the warriors from the third-grade worlds were in an uproar. There were those who loudly shouted at anyone they recognized on the stage.

A warrior from Hestia cheered loudly, “Alfred! Over here! We were waiting for you! I know you’d come back safely!”

Alfred immediately looked over when he heard the cheering.

When he heard what his fellow disciple said, Alfred let out a wry smile. If Jackie had not been there, he would have already been tortured to death.

How could he have gotten out so easily?

Just thinking about that, Alfred could not hold back his hatred. He turned around and gave Jackie a deep bow.

Before they got out, he had told Jackie everything he wanted to say. Jackie asked not of any sort of gifts in return and only wanted Alfred to live on properly.

After that bow, he turned around and walked down.

Chapter 3407
The surviving warriors from third-grade worlds emotionally returned to the people they knew.

Meanwhile, second-grade world warriors looked visibly troubled when they saw that many third-grade world warriors had survived.

They knew that their final goal in the plan was to not let any warriors from third-grade worlds survive, using the cruelest methods they could to get even more Heartblood. Alas, it all seemed for naught as many from third-grade worlds had survived.

In fact, the losses the second-grade worlds suffered were even higher than the warriors from third-grade worlds’ this time!

When they realized that, the warriors from second-grade worlds could no longer keep their composure.

“What’s happening?” asked one of them. “Why did so many of them survive?!”

“Did any of you see Hirving? How is he not here?!”

“It’s not just Hirving, Uriel’s not out either! Both of them are chosen disciples! How could they not have survived? What happened? Why did it come to this?!”

The Three Deer Stage only sent out the warriors that survived. If a person was not there, it meant that the person was dead. However, a few warriors from second-grade worlds could not accept this fact. After all, many of the warriors who did not make it out were incredibly strong, even stronger than most of them there.

Regrettably, not that many of them managed to walk out of the slaughter game alive. Quite a lot of them could not accept it.

How did it get to this?

What happened in that isolated space during the slaughter game?

Jackie calmly walked down the Three Deer Stage, and a happy-looking Rudy was following behind him.

Rudy had naturally trusted Jackie’s skills and that Jackie would be able to get him out of the slaughter game. However, before he came out in the end, he still had his worries. After all, the slaughter game was a plot this time.

Jackie needed to deal with far too many people, and any small mistake would throw all of them into danger. Thankfully, he dealt with all the problems, and they managed to get out easily.

After walking down the Three Deer Stage, the warriors that gathered around it made a path for them. Walking through the crowd, Jackie could hear their whispers.

“Jackie killed twenty-one people! One person gets him five million spirit crystals! Just from this slaughter game alone, he managed to get a hundred and five million! Goodness… That’s a hundred and five million!”

“I’ve never seen so many spirit crystals in my life!

“It’s so frustrating comparing myself to these people. Most people would be thankful enough just to survive the slaughter game, but not only did he escape unharmed, but he even managed to make a hundred and five million spirit crystals! That’s too big of a difference!”

“Let’s not think about that anymore. I heard one of my seniors mention that they only managed to get out of the slaughter game thanks to Jackie’s help. Otherwise, not a single one of them would’ve made it out…”

“Really? Did something happen?”

Hearing all those whispers, Jackie’s face betrayed no emotion. Yet, Rudy’s lips curled up as he walked by his side.

After the two of them walked out, Jackie headed straight for the nearest inn. Getting out of the slaughter game was within his expectations, but getting out of it safely had consumed much effort. He planned on resting for two days before making plans for the future.

Chapter 3408
The inn was not far away from the Three Deer stage, and it took Jackie and Rudy only an hour to reach their destination.

Jackie did not say another word as he took out the spirit crystals to get a room for 10 days.

When the two of them went upstairs, Rudy could no longer hold back as he gushed, “Those two were so scared of you! I thought that they wanted to see you because they wanted one final showdown. I didn’t expect that they weren’t lying at all.”

“They actually were just curious and wanted to see how you looked and what your name was. After that, they told their subordinates to kill all of those that were still being kept barely alive, sending the number of deaths to a hundred and twenty to end the slaughter game…”

As he said that, Jake’s expression flashed in Rudy’s mind.

When Jake looked at Jackie, Jake looked like he had swallowed a fly. He looked to be suffering incredibly.

He seemed furious at Jackie, but there was nothing he could do. When he knew that Jackie had been the one taking the charge with everything, Jake already knew that there was no way they could turn things around, they had lost.

The plan could no longer go on, so they quickly ended the slaughter game to keep their losses to a minimum.

Rudy laughed as he said, “That Guardio had such a long look on his face. He looked at you as if he wanted to rush forward and bite you. He must hate you immensely right now. He must be thinking that they would’ve finished their tasks easily if you weren’t around. Not only did they fail their task this time, but they‘ll be punished when they get back, too!”

Rudy‘s smile threatened to split his face apart.

He narrowed his eyes and continued, “These presumptuous guys think that they can rule over the Whirling World just because they’re somewhat skilled. What a joke! I think they’re like a bunch of shrimp who only dare to bully the weak. When facing anyone strong, their pride completely evaporates. It‘s hilarious!”

Jackie nodded with a slight smile.

Rudy sat on the chair and continued, though this time sounding somewhat irked, “They’ve suffered this time. Jackie, you need to be prepared. You’ll end up on their hit list, and they‘ll do their best to cause you trouble everywhere.”

Jackie nodded. “They’ll try to figure out a way to kill me. However, ever since I arrived at Hestia, my enemies never stopped coming for me. If they want to kill me, they‘ll have to pay the price for it with their own flesh. I’ll make sure they understand that nothing good comes from trying to go against me!”

The Whirling World’s various rules meant that most places within the cities prohibited any fighting.

If they wanted to kill Jackie, they would need to operate within the rules. However, Jackie viewed the rules as tools for him to do what he wanted to. If they fought within the rules, it was hard to say who would win.

Rudy poured some tea for Jackie. “Do we have any plans after this? There are still a few places in Weinhord City. Are we going to continue staying here, or are we going to leave for the next city? With your Crystal Badge, we can go wherever we want anyway.”

Jackie shook his head. “We won’t leave Weinhord City for now. There are still a lot of great places we should go to. Also, I feel like they‘ll try again since their plans failed this time. I’m not trying to be righteous, but I want to make them feel fear.”

When Rudy heard that, he raised an eyebrow curiously. “What are you planning to do to intimidate them?”

Jackie let out a smile as he said slowly, “It’s very simple. They’ll keep trying to challenge and target me after this. I‘ll take the chance to inflict a little bit of pain on them.”

Chapter 3409
“Once enough of them try their luck, they’ll need to think of the retribution they’ll have to go through if they continue to target me. These people might hate me, but as long as I can make them feel fear, they’ll have no choice but to concede and zip it.”

Rudy nodded vigorously after he heard that, saying in approval, “You’re right! That’s exactly what you should do! You should make them feel pain. Make sure that they know they’ll just keep suffering if they continue. They‘ll realize how stupid everything they’re doing is once they see that they‘ve suffered too much.”

Jackie sipped his tea while saying, “We’ll be facing more of them in the future, and we’ll be facing even more warriors from second-grade words. We have to enter the Vibrant Hall. Once the news spreads, countless people will want a piece of the pie. Warriors from third-grade worlds will join too.”

Rudy‘s lips twitched as he straightened his body and said, “Warriors from third-grade worlds? Do they not know their place? If they join, they‘d just be cannon fodder…”

“Vibrant Hall is among the level two cities. Weinhord is just a level four city, and three second-grade worlds are already gathered here. If they continue advancing, even stronger second- grade worlds will be competing against us. The dangers and death rates would just keep increasing.”

“Those who aren‘t strong enough have to either stay in lower-level cities or end up being cannon fodder, easily killed by the strong. Even I can see that, so why can‘t they? Why would they still try to interfere? Do they not want to live anymore?”

Jackie sighed as he looked out the window. “Any warrior will be beguiled by treasures. Even though everyone realizes this, it’s hard for them to not be tempted by this…”

“Those who are confident in their own skills might say that they won‘t dare to participate, but their hearts are most definitely intrigued. They’ll all just wait for a chance. Even if they know that they may die, they‘d still want to try.”

Hearing that, Rudy sighed, he felt like Jackie was right.

A lot of warriors were crazy fanatics who would disregard their lives for treasure and resources, thinking they would have a strike of luck.

As long as they managed to survive, they would be able to get the treasures and their abilities would soar, earring admiration everywhere.

Rudy sighed and said, “These people insist on trying their hand at something that’s almost certain death, but I’m not surprised at all. I suddenly feel like I‘m the smartest person.”

Rudy had resigned himself to his fate. After all, he completely relied on Jackie to reach where he was. He would not even dream about touching something like that.

The next day, Jackie brought Rudy downstairs to drink some tea while they listened in on conversations to gather some information.

The inn was a great source of information. Many warriors gathered here to drink and talk, saying things that they did not necessarily have to.

Jackie looked downstairs and noted that they were all warriors from third-grade worlds, and not a single warrior from a second-grade world was in sight.

It seemed like the warriors from second-grade worlds wanted to separate themselves from the warriors from third-grade worlds no matter what, just to show off their status.

Chapter 3410
They would always choose to gather where warriors from third-grade worlds were not present.

To prevent any trouble, Jackie put on a disguise as he and Rudy sat at a corner of the inn, and the two drank tea as they listened to the discussions.

A man wearing black robes loudly ranted, “This is too much! What more do they want?! They‘re showing their hands now. Do they think we’ll still fall for it? I can’t believe they can be so cruel!”

“Killing is killing. None of us have clean hands anyway. However, they don‘t care what they do for the sake of their goals. They tortured so many third-grade world warriors to death for the sake of their Heartblood!”

“To stop the information from getting out, they even tried to kill all third-grade world warriors in that slaughter game! Their methods are cruel, and their hearts are despicable! I hate that I’m too weak to kill them all myself!”

A bearded man next to him sighed and said, “Those guys act so fearlessly probably because they feel that we won‘t dare to fight back. They don’t even think we‘re people at all. They look at us like livestock that they can kill at any time!”

“As long as it benefits them, they’d probably be willing to even eat us alive! This has nothing to do with cruelty. In their eyes, cruelty doesn’t exist. They just think this is all natural!”

These third-grade-world warriors were furious as they lamented and ranted. All of them gritted their teeth as they spoke, wanting nothing more than to find a warrior from a second-grade world to fight them to the death.

Even Rudy’s face was turning red in anger. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I say we exact vengeance on those men given the chance. What do you say, Jackie? These warriors from second-grade worlds have gone too far!”

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly. “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard you say they’ve crossed the line within a day. Can’t you say anything else? Don‘t think about it anymore. In the eyes of second-grade-world warriors, it’s not crossing the line at all. It’s just that it makes us angry hearing about that. There‘s no need to try looking for revenge; we should just do what we need to.”

Rudy nodded seriously.

The others grew rowdier.

The purple-robed man said angrily, “They won’t stop here. They‘ll try everything they can to collect even more Heartblood! Who knows how many will die because of them!”

The others nodded at that person’s words.

A lot of them started to lament the fact that they could not control their own fates.

The bearded man said, “Thankfully, Jackie managed to safeguard them. If he wasn’t there, those people wouldn’t have walked out alive. If they all died, we wouldn’t know what happened to them even if we noticed. Then, we’d have nothing to say!”

The moment that was said, everyone’s expressions darkened.

The purple-robed man sighed before he said, “What do we do now? Are we just supposed to wait and pray that they don’t continue targeting us? Are we not going to fight back?”

Someone else replied, “Of course we want to fight back! Everyone here does! Yet, the truth is right in front of us, and there are always some problems we have to consider. The warriors from second-grade worlds are just stronger than us as a whole. We‘ll have to pay a huge price to fight back.”

“The only thing we can do is to avoid any of the plots and stop ourselves from becoming their prey. We should always be on the alert and watch out for each other. They wouldn’t be able to kill us if they tried.”

“So we’re just supposed to bear with it? My senior was tortured to death by them! Can’t I take revenge?“

“None said that you can’t, but the price of revenge is steep. We need to act when the time is right, and not fight every battle we see. We have to think about things clearly! We also need a leader that can face them!”


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