No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3391 – 3400

Chapter 3391
This time, he had gone against Guardio, so he had vented some frustrations.

As those thoughts ran through his mind, a group of figures was walking toward them from a distance. It was too far away, and they could not tell how many people there were.

Florian could not stop himself from feeling a little worried. Even though he was smart enough to retreat if there were too many enemies, he did not want to leave just to be laughed at by Guardio.

After five minutes, the figures got clearer. At that moment, he could tell how many people there were.

Florian smiled excitedly, “There are only eight of them! This is good! We don’t have to retreat, then. We can kill them all!”

The warriors next to Florian looked excited as well. If they obtained a complete win, they would be able to earn themselves some praise from their fellow disciples. After another five minutes, their opponents arrived in front of them.

The two sides faced each other, and Florian immediately looked at Jackie, who was standing at the front.

He pointed at Jackie and said, “Were you the one who sent the message? You were the one who said all of that?”

Jackie nodded honestly. He looked right at Florian before he looked at the warriors behind Florian.

Jackie’s tone was calm, “Are you the only one here? Did Guardio and Jake not come with you?”

Jackie had gotten a lot of information from Manson. Other than the most important thing, he already knew everything else he needed to. He knew that the person standing in front of him was Florian, a holy grade clan disciple ranked at eleventh place.

Florian was a proud and arrogant person, someone with more brawn than brains. Hearing Jackie’s words, Florian’s anger surged again.

He scoffed, “Brat, who do you think you are? Do you think we need so many to deal with you? You should be proud that I’m here to kill you, and yet you still want the three of us to face you? You’re overestimating yourself!”

A warrior behind Florian said, “That’s right! Who do you think you are?! Do you think you’re the top disciple of a holy grade clan?”

“Florian will easily kill you. There’s no need for the rest of them at all. Even I can kill you easily, let alone Florian!”

Jackie did not look angered by those words at all. Instead, he felt even calmer. He loved facing opponents like that.

The more they looked down on him, the easier things were for him. He looked at Agelt and the others next to him. Even though he had never seen Agelt or Braum fight before, he could estimate their strength.

They should definitely be capable of stalling for time, but expecting them to win was impossible. They would only be good for stalling, and Jackie would need to do the rest. Furthermore, Jackie did not trust them.

Jackie took a deep breath as he coldly looked at Florian, “No matter how much you like to brag, I still think that you’re a group of trash… You’re Florian, right? You sound so proud of yourself. Arrogance needs to be backed up. Why don’t you fight me yourself?”

“If you can beat me, I’ll acknowledge your pride, but if you can’t then I’ll do what I want with you.”

Jackie planned on using the same strategy against them. If he dealt with the strongest one, then the rest would be easy to deal with.

Chapter 3392
When Florian heard Jackie’s words, he scoffed in anger.

He had the same reaction as Manson. The two of them had more or less the same personality. Jackie expected that response as well.

Florian laughed as he said, “You think I’m the one heaping praises on myself? It’s funny that you say that because I should be the one saying that to you! You’re hilarious. I wonder what’s in your head!”

As he said that, Florian coldly looked at Jackie as if he was a complete idiot.

No matter how Florian looked at him, Jackie still had the same calm expression on his face. It was like nothing would affect his mood at all.

Jackie calmly continued, “Everyone knows how to brag, but not many can back it up. I’m still going to say the same thing. If you’re so arrogant, then use your skills to prove yourself. Otherwise, you’re still just a braggart…”

After he said that, Jackie walked forward.

His hands constantly moved, forming seal after seal. He was about to attack, which stunned Florian. His lips twitched, not expecting that Jackie was being serious.

Florian thought that Jackie had just been trying to mess around. He never expected that Jackie would actually stand out to fight him alone.

Florian got frustrated as he thought about it. He felt like he needed to teach Jackie a lesson. However, before he did anything, Florian felt like there were still some things he needed to make clear.

He scoffed as he raised an eyebrow, saying, “Fighting you alone would be doing you a favor. However, I feel like I should grant you your wish since you want to die so much. I’ll teach you a lesson myself. But, you need to answer one of my questions before that.”

Jackie laughed and said, “Are you trying to ask me how Manson fell to my hands?”

Florian’ s lips froze as surprise flashed in his eyes.

Jackie was smart, guessing what he wanted to say before he even said it.

Jackie continued, “Manson fought against me. He lost, and I captured him. That’s what happened.”

Florian sneered, “I refuse to believe that! No matter how weak Manson is, he’s still a chosen disciple of a holy grade clan. Even though he’s not that highly ranked, his skills are still solid!”

“You must have used some tricks to capture him, and I think that you probably want to do the same to me! However, you should stop with those thoughts. In front of absolute skill, your tricks are all worthless!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, almost starting to laugh.

He really did use some tricks. And Florian was right, Jackie was using the same tricks on Florian. It was a pity that Florian did not believe him when he was being honest.

Since that was the case, Jackie did not want to waste any time.

He laughed and said, “You can think whatever you want, but I don’t really like listening to pointless chatter, nor do I like listening to people bragging. If you’re really so strong, show me!”

There was no need to continue after what was said.

Florian had completely been angered by Jackie’s casual attitude. Jackie’s words were incredibly harsh to his ears.

Florian said, “Since you want to die in my hands so much, I’ll grant you your wish!”

Chapter 3393
After saying that, he rushed into the air, constantly forming seal after seal.

Suddenly, thunder roared in the skies as purple lightning filled their surroundings.

Florian’s voice could be heard, “The technique I’m using is the lower ultimate god rank technique, the Army Destroyer. I’ve already reached the second stage of the technique, and I’m just a sliver away from mastering it. Many geniuses have died from this technique. You should be proud that you’re facing it!”

When Jackie heard that, he laughed as he slowly formed his response.

The Broken Soul Blade was formed and floated in front of Jackie. Florian’s words did not affect him, but they instilled fear in Agelt and the others.

Even though they were using lower ultimate god rank techniques as well, they were very far away from reaching the third stage. To them, it was incredibly far away. They would need months and years to reach that level, but Florian was just a sliver away.

The gap was right in front of them, forcing them to admit that their skills really were inferior to warriors from second-grade worlds. That feeling was suffocating.

Agelt turned to look at Jackie’s straightened back and suddenly regained his confidence. Even though he was not as strong as them, there was someone from the third-grade world that was stronger.

The moment the Broken Soul Blade was formed, Florian could immediately tell that Jackie was using a soul attribute technique.

He suddenly laughed, “You’re actually a soul attribute warrior! The heavens do smile upon me. Lightning techniques counter soul attribute techniques in the first place. Unless your technique is higher level than mine, you’ll just die even quicker. You won’t even be able to fight back as you’re turned to ash!”

Jackie smiled as he said, “Why do you like talking so much?”

Florian was immensely angered by that.

Jackie’s words were just far too direct, and everything he said just infuriated Florian.

Florian let out an angry roar as his hands started to form seal after seal again. The thunder in the air started to gather, fusing to form various figures. Those figures had various weapons in their hands and formed ranks in the air. They looked like a thundering army.

Florian let out another angry roar, and those soldiers started to raise their weapons to charge at Jackie like they had received an order.

Florian’s thunder army immediately charged at Jackie.

Jackie frowned a little as he charged right at that army.

The Broken Soul Blade expanded in the air, growing by at least ten times. Soul energy covered its whole body. In just a flash, the army clashed against the Broken Soul Blade, causing crackling sounds to be heard.

The purple light filled every inch of the place, blinding everyone’s eyes with how bright it was.

The ones standing below had to use their hands to shield themselves against the light. All they could hear was the crackling and explosion of thunder, like countless cannons exploding around them.

Agelt felt his hands going numb. The lightning had even affected him. Thankfully, he was not the main target and had merely been affected by the shockwaves.

The situation merely lasted for a few moments before the stray lightning slowly disappeared.

Chapter 3394
The crowd was finally able to open their eyes to get a look at the situation.

When they saw what had happened, all of them widened their mouths in shock, especially the second-grade world’s warriors on Florian’s side.

They saw Florian lying on the ground. A gray blade was stuck to his cheek, and he constantly twitched. Jackie stood next to him, looking down at Florian coldly.

Jackie never spends too much strength in any battle. After all, there was a massive gap between him and those people.

Jackie slowly kneeled, looking at Florian’s painful struggle. At that moment, Florian still had a sliver of rationality to him and was able to hear what Jackie was saying.

Jackie’s voice was very low as he whispered, “You’re right, the lightning attribute naturally counters the soul attribute, unless the technique I’m using is of a higher level than yours, there’s no way I can win. You were right…”

“What I’m using is of a higher level than yours. You’re only using a lower ultimate god rank technique, while the Soul Sky that I used was a storm god rank technique. It’s an entire realm higher than yours! That’s why you’re not a match for me at all. Manson could not even touch me.”

Jackie’s words sent Florian deep into despair. If he had not seen Jackie’s skills, he would have thought that Jackie was lying when he heard that. Yet, he had to believe it at that moment.

The skill Jackie had used was definitely a whole realm higher than his own. Otherwise, there was no way he would have lost so completely.

Jackie’s lips curled up into a smile of disdain, “Those people died at my hands just like that. Your fellow disciples died to me as well. This is the consequence of you second-grade world warriors being so arrogant and looking down on everyone else!”

Florian opened his mouth but found himself with nothing to say.

His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

At that moment, he regretted his decision to face Jackie alone. If he had not done so, three of them working together should have been able to beat Jackie. Yet, he had blinded himself, refusing to listen to anyone else. That was why all of this had happened to him.

When Jackie finished saying all of that, he slowly stood up to look at the other warriors from second-grade worlds.

Only then did they realize that the tables had turned. The little sheep they thought they could just slaughter at will had turned into bloodthirsty wolves. The six of them paled as they started to panic.

They exchanged looks of fear with each other.

Jackie laughed as he turned to look at Agelt and the others, “Hurry up and attack. We can’t give them any chance to survive!”

At the massive cave fifty kilometers away, both Guardio and Jake sat at their original spots, like they had been doing before.

As time passed, Guardio felt more and more unsettled, feeling like something had happened.

After an hour, Guardio opened his eyes as he looked at Jake, saying, “Contact Florian. See if you can reach him.”

When Jake heard that, his expression stiffened. Even though he did not like hearing such depressing thoughts, he still did it. He took out a sound array from his storage ring, forming a few seals before the array burned up.

He transmitted what he wanted to say into the sound array, “Florian! Report your location! If you’ve dealt with them, then come back now!”

The sound array burnt up, and they quietly waited.

After ten minutes, they still did not receive a response. Jake started to panic at that.

Chapter 3395
If they had lost contact with Florian as well, then the situation would be incredibly bad. It proved what Guardio had said before.

Compared to how panicked Jake was feeling, Guardio was much calmer. He had already guessed that it was possible, so he was still calm.

It was because he had already expected it when he tried to stop Florian, but Florian refused to listen. As time passed, Jake got more and more nervous. He could not even remain seated.

He stood up from the mat and paced around anxiously.

After another ten minutes, there was still no news.

Then Jake, who was in complete panic, looked at Guardio said, “You were right, there really is an unknown variable among the warriors from the third-grade worlds. There’s someone who we didn’t account for among them, and he’s our biggest threat!”

“Even Florian fell to him! Who is that person?! I have an even more depressing thought. What if it’s not just one person, but two or three of them?!”

Guardio shook his head and said, “No need to panic. There should only be one person. If there were two or three, then we wouldn’t be sitting here so safely right now. They should already be here!”

Jake looked at Guardio with some surprise, “How are you so sure?”

Guardio shook his head, “Manson isn’t an idiot. Even though he doesn’t know much, Manson should still know our names and our backgrounds. He should have spat everything out after being tortured a little…”

“It’s precise because he revealed everything that Florian received in that message! Since they already know everything, but never changed their plans, it means that they don’t have the confidence to beat all of us. They might not even have the courage to appear in front of us. So, I’m guessing that there shouldn’t be that many! There should only be one!”

Jake felt like Guardio’s analysis was reasonable. Before that, he even felt like Guardio was being too careful, just like Florian did. He finally understood that he and Florian had been the impulsive ones.

They were not just impulsive, but stupid. They fell for their opponent’s plan, and Florian was done for. They had basically lost an arm, and the situation would only get worse.

Jake started to panic.

He walked around in circles as he started to say anxiously, “What do we do next? We can’t just let them strike at us! We need to figure out a way. We can’t lose any more men!”

Guardio took a deep breath as his eyes flashed helplessly, “We have to make plans for the worst case scenario. The hunters have become the hunted. If we keep insisting on following our earlier plans, then we’ll have to pay a painful price.”

Jake frowned and said, “what do you mean? The worst case scenario? Don’t scare me…”

Guardio shook his head as he said slowly, “The worst-case scenario is us killing off these warriors from third-grade worlds. After all, there’s only one way to leave this place. Once a hundred people have been shaved off, we’ll be able to leave this place since the game will end. However, we’ll have to bear with their anger after we’re out. It’s still better than dying.”

The moment he said that Jake looked like he had been slapped a few times, “You’re saying that we have to end the game to save ourselves?!”

Guardio nodded helplessly. Jake looked incredibly deflated as he sat back down on the mat.

His lips trembled as he said, “How could this be? I don’t want to! I want to meet him! Whether it’s just one person or two, we should still see who that person is!”

Chapter 3396
Jake understood what Guardio was saying. When he heard that, he knew that Guardio was already preparing for the worst, to cut their losses down to the lowest possible number. Yet, no matter what, Jake still wanted to see that person.

He wanted to remember what that person looked like, and wanted to remember this defeat forever. Guardio sighed, not answering Jake.

Jake said quickly, “I know you want to end this slaughter game, and increase the death toll to a hundred and twenty. Since you’ve already decided to do that, I won’t say anything. I just have one request, I need to see this person… We at least need to see what he looks like and learn his name. After we’re sent out, we’ll be blamed immediately. It would be too late to look into things.”

Guardio looked at Jake meaningfully while feeling frustrated.

He wanted to see who that person was as well, but to stop any unexpected surprises, it was better if he ended the slaughter game right away to keep their losses as low as possible.

At the very least, they could still use this as an excuse when they got out. Otherwise, those people would not let him and Jake off easily.

The plan was supposed to be foolproof, but it had completely crumbled. They only got half of the expected Heartblood, so that person would definitely be unhappy.

He would definitely be punished. Guardio sighed before he said seriously, “We can’t let our emotions dictate what we do. I know you really want to meet that person, but if we see him and any accidents happen, then we would suffer losses that we never should have.

“We’ll be questioned after we get out, and our punishments would be even worse. The original punishment was already hard enough for us to bear, if it was any worse, don’t you know how badly we’ll suffer?”

Those words caused Jake’s mouth to freeze. He looked incredibly ashen as he sighed despondently.

Those guys would never hold back to accomplish their goals. The three of them had been ordered to complete the task, and it was not something they could refuse.

If they did well, they would get amazing rewards. If they did not, they would immediately be questioned and even locked up. Then, once they left the Whirling World, nothing good would be waiting for them.

The moment Jake thought about the future, he felt like those originally bright skies had been completely covered by dark clouds. The future was so dark that he might fall into a pit if he was not careful. Jake felt more and more scared, but he did not want to give up.

He clenched his fists tightly as he clenched his teeth and said, “It’s already so bad anyway. So what if it gets worse? To prevent any unexpected accidents, we can make a new plan. I don’t want to leave just like that…”

“Even if I know I’m not a match for him and the two of us can’t fight against him together for the sake of the plan, I still want to meet him. I want to know who forced us to this state.”

Guardio sighed helplessly, not expecting Jake to be so stubborn. He did not want to go on anymore and merely nodded slightly, agreeing to Jake’s request. Jake narrowed his eyes, thinking about Florian.

He said, “That person won’t kill Florian so quickly. He’ll probably spend some time finding out even more things from Florian’s mouth. Do you think Florian can hold on?”

Chapter 3397
Guardio raised an eyebrow. He had never cared much for Florian, feeling like Florian was just a hotheaded man who did not care for anything.

The truth had proven that Guardio’s judgment of Florian had been right. Florian was just a simple-minded person.

If he was just a bit smarter and a little less arrogant, that would not have happened to him.

At that moment, Florian had already been dragged into the cave where Rudy and the others were.

Jackie dragged Florian into the cave like a pig. At that moment, Florian had already regained his rationality. However, his soul was so damaged that he was already a cripple. Unless he takes a miraculous medicine, he would not live for longer than two days.

Everyone looked on as Jackie threw the man inside, and all of them clenched their fists emotionally.

Manson had already told them everything he knew. At that moment, they knew that Florian was one of the three leaders of the alliance.

So many third-grade world warriors had died at Florian’s hands.

They would not be angry if those warriors had just been killed with one strike, but they had seen how warriors from third-grade worlds were tortured. Their bodies were full of scars, and their eyes widened before they died. They were tortured inhumanely.

All those sights were deeply ingrained in the minds of all the warriors from third-grade worlds.

He was the one who had organized their actions.

A warrior from Chaos Continent could not help but walk a few steps forward, trying to beat him up, but he was held back.

“Calm down, we’re all angry here. You don’t have to be in a rush to beat him up. The fact that Jackie brought him back alive means that Jackie has his own plans. If you ruin his plans, you’d be in the wrong!”

That person realized that he was acting too rashly. He was still angry, but he merely stood by the side and stared at Florian with widened eyes. Everyone else was looking at Florian furiously as well.

If looks could kill, Florian would have already died a thousand times.

Jackie knelt next to Florian and coldly looked at him. Florian’s lips trembled slightly as he panted, wanting to retreat. However, he was someone who would rather lose his life than his dignity, so he did not retreat backward. Instead, he looked Jackie right in the eye, not admitting defeat.

Jackie smiled, “You’re quite stubborn. Aren’t you worried that I’ll torture you later?”

Florian clenched his teeth and said, “What kind of nonsense are you saying?! I’m already a sitting duck right here. You can do whatever you want to me. Just torture me however you feel like. However, I won’t admit defeat no matter what!”

“Don’t even think about getting any news from me. So what if you’re strong? There are people stronger than you from the second-grade world! They’ll take revenge for me!”

Florian had said all of that angrily as he stared right at Jackie.

Jackie sighed helplessly.

Florian was more stubborn than the others he had captured before. Even if he understood that he would go through excruciating torture, he refused to admit defeat.

Jackie had no reason to care about Florian’s stubbornness.

He said calmly, “There are only two paths in front of you. You can answer whatever I ask without lying.”

Chapter 3398
“The second option would be for you to remain stubborn until the end, but I’ll make sure you endure the most painful torture in the world. I don’t plan on killing you either. I’ll let you leave this slaughter game alive. You’ll get to have your fellow disciples take care and try to cure you…”

“However, I’ll let you know something. Your soul’s already injured. Unless you have some divine medicine, you’ll only be a walking dead man. You’ll be tortured every moment you’re alive. I’ll sever your limbs, so you won’t even be able to die.”

“Your fellow disciples will probably not bear to just kill you like that. You’ll watch as you keep on suffering, trying to use every way they can to save you. It will be useless! There’s still a year and a half until the Whirling World closes. You’ll be living through torture for all that time…”

Every word Jackie said felt like a needle piercing into Florian’s heart.

No matter how much Florian could bear, he could not help but shudder after he heard that.

Just thinking about how he would be tortured for a year and a half filled Florian with dread. He wanted to kill himself right there. It really was an excruciating torture.

To stop Florian from killing himself, Jackie even wanted to sever his limbs. That was unbelievably cruel.

Florian clenched his teeth and said, “You’re shameless and despicable! You’re so sinister! Are you not afraid of retribution for doing this?! You’ll pay for it!”

Florian frantically cursed at Jackie. At that moment, that was all he could do.

When Jackie heard that he sneered and said, “Don’t you think your curses are a joke? Comparing methods, you’re far crueler than I am. Countless warriors from third- grade worlds have been tortured to death by your hands. How could you say all of that?”

“If we’re really talking about retribution, you deserve several times more than anyone else. You wouldn’t be able to repay it all in your lifetime!”

Florian’s mouth froze, unable to say anything. His curses had incited the anger of the other warriors from third-grade worlds.

A warrior from the Lycan continent shouted, “You warriors from second-grade worlds are so shameless. You’re the only ones allowed to kill us with cruel methods, but we’re not allowed to fight back? As long as we fight back, you say that we’re cruel?”

“Can you use your brain before you speak?! Who can be crueler than you guys?! All those corpses on the ground that have been tortured by you to their death! Your situation is so much better than theirs!”

A warrior from White Marsh Continent nodded and said, “These people really are exasperating. They can do anything they want to others, but others can’t fight back at all. Anyone who fights back is wrong. An attitude like that is so disgusting.”

“The warriors from second-grade worlds have lost quite a bit. They’ve paid a price for their actions! When we get out, we need to tell everyone their plans. Then, we’ll be prepared for anything they want to do!”

Jackie quietly listened to everyone. After a moment, he looked down at Florian again.

Chapter 3399
“I have more than enough time to play with you right now. Keeping quiet will do you no good. You’re not gathering the Heartblood for yourself anyway. You’re probably gathering it for your fellow disciples, right? Are you trying to be loyal to them by not saying anything?”

Jackie’s tone was very calm while saying that as if he was not talking about anything important at all.

Jackie knew very well that Florian would slowly lower his guard if he said that. It was because someone as arrogant and prideful as Florian could never truly be loyal to anyone. He definitely did it for his own benefit.

Sure enough, Jackie was right. Florian’s expression changed when he heard that.

He slowly lost his stubborn expression as his eyes started to dart around, and various thoughts surfaced in his head.

That was right!

Was he just showing his loyalty to his eldest senior by being stubborn?

Why did he need to do that?

He never got any benefits usually, and he would only be remembered when there was something for him to do.

Furthermore, he was even forced to agree to be harshly punished if he could not finish the task.

Just thinking about that, Florian felt incredibly unhappy.

Why did he need to be loyal to that person?

Why did he need to suffer so much for the sake of that person?!

What was he going to get out of it?

Just looking at how Jackie was smiling while saying all those horrifying things like severing his limbs and torturing him just made him feel like he would go crazy.

Paying a price like that all for the sake of protecting a secret that was not even his own!

How was that worth it at all?

Florian took a deep breath as he thoroughly resigned himself.

His tone was somber and had a hint of reluctance, “You’re right. Even if I keep my secrets, no one will think I did well anyway. Why do I need to do so much for him when he doesn’t do anything for me normally?”

When Jackie heard that, he felt relieved.

Florian frowned and said, “You have to promise me. As long as I tell you all my secrets, you will give me a quick death! I don’t want to live anymore anyway.”

Jackie nodded in agreement.

After a sigh, Florian continued, “You want to know what Heartblood is for, right? Let me tell you truthfully. There’s only one use for Heartblood, which is to open the Vibrant Hall! The Vibrant Hall hasn’t been opened in a thousand years…”

“Legend has it that there are countless treasures within. After entering the hall, anyone who passes the tests will get even more. Some people soared in skill because of these treasures, greatly changing their own levels. Their powers soared so much that they became top disciples of their clans…”

Saying that, Florian had an incredibly serious tone. It was obvious how important the Vibrant Hall was to him.

He thought about his situation and felt like all of that no longer had anything to do with him.

He said with an ashen look on his face, “Opening the Vibrant Hall needs a lot of Heartblood. Since it is the essence of a person-there is tremendous power in it…”

“Wanting to open the Vibrant Hall needs at least the Heartblood of three to four thousand people. You can’t use Heartblood from regular warriors either. They need to be stronger ones! There’s no point in killing lower-level warriors.”

Chapter 3400
Hearing that, a look of surprise flashed in Jackie’s eyes, but he quickly pushed it down.

Florian continued to say helplessly, “I should have been able to follow them inside and obtain some treasures after completing the task, but it has nothing to do with me anymore. If you manage to get in, take as much as you can. Everything inside is amazing! Plenty of warriors have had their fates changed because of the Vibrant Hall!”

Jackie frowned as he asked something important, “Where’s the Vibrant Hall?”

Florian answered, “The Vibrant Hall is among the level two cities. As long as you enter a level two city, you’ll be able to find it. That’s because the Vibrant Hall is the most obvious place in the level two cities. Even if you find it, it doesn’t mean you can get in. You still need a lot of Heartblood to provide the energy…”

“We planned out everything precisely because of that. Second-grade worlds are competing with other second-grade worlds as well. In order to not let these things fall into the hands of the warriors from other worlds, the Golden Continent and Sacred Water Continent temporarily worked together to form this plan…”

“Unfortunately, way too much Heartblood is needed. Even after so long, we’ve only managed to gather the Heartblood of a few hundred people. There’s still a long way until we reach our goal.”

Jackie quietly listened to everything Florian said, and his expression got more and more serious.

He had a thoughtful look on his face, feeling like he needed to make some plans early on. Since there are so many amazing things in the Vibrant Hall, Jackie could not miss it.

He had to enter the Vibrant Hall when it opened no matter how dangerous it was.

Florian took a deep breath as he looked at Jackie, “Can you kill me now? I don’t want to live anymore!”

Jackie nodded, taking out his gray sword from his storage ring.

As he was about to attack, a wisp of fire suddenly appeared in front of Florian.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Someone had activated a sound array, constantly sending messages to Florian. However, only Florian could hear it, no one else could.

When Florian heard that, his expression changed.

Jackie was curious about that.

Florian never reacted to any of the earlier messages, but he seemed to have heard something amazing this time. He first frowned before he looked at Jackie in surprise, like he did not know what to say.

Jackie frowned and said, “Just tell me what you want to. There’s nothing to hold back on anymore anyway.”

Florian thought about it and agreed, so he started to speak, “Guardio invited you to meet at the place from earlier. He said he doesn’t want to fight you but just wanted to see you satisfy his curiosity…”

Hearing that, Jackie was surprised.

He knew that the other two already knew that Florian had been captured. Jackie had thought that they would start being careful after knowing that. Yet, they had actually invited him to meet them.

They said they wanted to satisfy their curiosity.

What was there to be curious about?

Jackie could not help but scoff, feeling like they were being absurd.


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