No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3371 – 3380

Chapter 3371
Len was the first to stand up.

He took out his weapon from his storage space and stared out in alarm. When he saw that Jackie was the one there, he let out a sigh of relief.

Jackie was dragging Manuel and Marc into the cave, with both of them completely tied up. He tossed the both of them inside, and they let out cries of agony as they started to roll on the ground.

When all of them saw that sight, they were completely relieved.

Jackie had perfectly accomplished his task, getting the two of them back here without being injured at all. Even though they expected the result, they were still a little worried before they saw it for themselves.

Jackie looked over at them and merely nodded before he walked over to Marc and Manuel.

He kicked Manuel, causing Manuel to grunt before he rolled on the floor.

Jackie controlled the power of the Broken Soul Blade and had not destroyed Manuel’s soul too much. At that moment, both of them were still conscious.

Manuel was trembling in pain, but he clenched his teeth and bore with it, not crying out in agony.

When he was tossed into the cave, he looked around and seemed to have figured something out when he saw so many warriors from third-grade worlds gathered there. He looked down, gesturing like he was not willing to talk.

Marc was not as resolved as Manuel was.

He was crying out in pain, pleading to Jackie, “Please let me go! Once I get out, I won’t say anything! As long as you let me go, I’ll give you anything you want!”

Seeing his fellow disciple being so soft, Manuel scoffed as he said in a low voice, “Even if you get on your knees and beg, he won’t let you go. Where do you think this is? If he kills you, he’ll get five million as reward and add another body to his name. Just think about it. If you were him, would you let yourself go?”

Marc shut his eyes despondently, not willing to believe it. However, his reason told him that Manuel was right.

If he was in Jackie’s position, there was no way he would let him off.

Marc bit his lips and he shut his mouth hopelessly. He silently bore with the pain.

Jackie laughed as he coldly looked at Manuel. He slowly knelt and looked into Manuel’s resolute eyes.

“You’re more stubborn than I thought. I definitely won’t let you go, but there’s something both of you need to understand. I can kill you quickly or I can slowly torture you until you die. It’s your choice to make.”

The moment he said that, Marc started to shake in fear as he looked at Jackie with an open mouth.

He could not find the words at that moment, even forgetting to ask for mercy. All he could feel was hopelessness and despair.

Manuel looked at Jackie coldly, refusing to say anything.

Jackie did not plan on listening to them and merely said, “Both of you, listen up, tell me everything you know, and I’ll end you quickly. If you lie or refuse to talk, then what awaits you is endless torture… I have all the time in the world. I can slowly play around with your two.”

Marc gulped as he tried to shrink back, yet he had been tied up very well. He was not able to move much at all.

At that moment, the cave was incredibly silent. No one spoke.

Rudy and the others quietly stood behind Jackie, and Marc and Manuel were both in a complicated mood.

Chapter 3372
After a long moment, Marc said as he trembled, “I don’t know a lot. What do you want to know…”

Before he could finish, Manuel stopped him, “Are you really that spineless? They haven’t even started torturing us, and you‘re already in such a hurry to help them. Don’t let me look down on you!”

Hearing that, Marc was anxious as well.

He mumbled, ”What’s there to be stubborn about? It’s not like I’m betraying our clan, I just don’t want to sell my soul for them. I was threatened to come into this place in the first place!”

“Why do I need to help them guard their secrets?! In the end, I’ll die anyway, so why don’t I die a quicker death? At least I won’t be tortured. It’s not like doing this will…”

Hearing that, Manuel scoffed, “You really are spineless. Even if it’s not for their sake, you have to remember that you’re a warrior from a second-grade world. You’re not on these people’s side. For the sake of your dignity, you shouldn’t toy around like that. You’re just saying whatever they want you to do, what a coward!”

Marc’s face reddened in anger, unable to say anything.

Rudy frowned as he snorted before he said, “Will things end well just because you Show some backbone? At least being spineless will grant him a quick death. If you clench your teeth and bear with it, you’ll just be tortured for even longer.”

“Once we capture even more people, we’ll manage to figure things out eventually anyway. You being stubborn just feels like a joke to me. It’s one thing if you want to be a joke, but you‘re even forcing someone else to follow you. What kind of hero do you think you are?”

Manuel clenched his teeth and said, “We’re just prisoners that you can do anything you want with right now anyway. You’d seem to be in the right no matter what you say, but don’t be so pleased with yourselves. You wanted the truth, right?!”

“Then let me tell you! None of you will be able to leave this place alive. Once I die, you’ll be following me! Remember! It’s all of you!”

After saying that, Manuel started to laugh out loud in a cruel manner.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he started to show some interest.

Manuel’s words had the opposite effect of what he wanted. He had wanted to threaten Jackie and the rest of them, but the moment he revealed the truth, it had proven Jackie’s thoughts were right instead.

Jackie narrowed his eyes and looked at Manuel coldly.

He said slowly, ”Actually, I already knew about that even if you didn’t say it. Didn’t you already plan to not let a single warrior from third-grade worlds walk out of this place?”

“If we die, it would save you a lot of trouble. The warriors from second-grade worlds who entered this time were all meticulously chosen by certain people. All of them are skilled and intelligent. In order to get even more Heartblood, you’ll stoop to any method…”

“I know that they’re controlling the number of deaths. By doing so, they would have unlimited time to use. After all, only after a hundred and twenty people die will the slaughter game end. You’ll use this time to the fullest, finding every single hiding warrior and making sure you torture every single one of them to obtain even more Heartblood!”

As Jackie said that, Manuel’s expression gradually darkened. That was because everything Jackie said was completely true.

When Jackie saw that Manuel’s face was darkening, he felt like everything he had speculated was completely true.

Chapter 3373
He really did hit it right on the mark. Those crazy people were far too cruel.

Jackie took a deep breath as a resolved look showed in his eyes. All of his decisions were right. There were no problems at all. It looked like he would be fighting a long battle with those people after this.

If they wanted to survive in this place, they would have to make those people pay. That way, they would be able to reduce the losses and end the slaughter game faster.

The others could see that as well.

Jackieson’s face was as white as a sheet of paper. He started to get emotional again as his hands trembled. He even started to lose his footing a bit as he took a deep breath. Barely managing to stop himself from falling to the ground.

The others had sour looks on their faces as well.

Since Jackie’s thoughts had been verified, it meant that they had a bitter battle ahead of them. A lot would die from the battle, but dying was still better than being tortured to death. At least they would not go through so much pain before they died.

Jackie sighed as he slowly stood up. He had a dark look on his face as well.

No matter how strong Jackie was, he could not stand up against absolute numbers. That was the truth. He needed others to help him to end the game.

Jackie took a few deep breaths as he composed himself, lowering his head as he asked again, “Just tell us everything you know. I actually already know a lot…”

”If you don’t tell me more, I won’t have the patience to play around with you anymore. I’ll just start letting you suffer to pay for those dead souls!”

Marc was so scared that he almost stopped breathing.

He hurriedly said, “I‘ll talk! I’ll tell you everything, but I don’t know that much. I don’t know if you already know what I do…”

Marc no longer cared about anything else at that moment. Just like he had said earlier, he did not want to suffer for those people. Even if he kept his mouth shut, he had nothing to gain for it.

What awaited him was incredibly cruel and torturous. He could not even stand thinking about it.

At that moment, Manuel was in no state to stop him. He was deep in shock, and various thoughts were swimming in his head.

Manuel was in a panic at that moment.

Marc said anxiously, “I actually don’t know a lot! I just know a little. The strongest geniuses of Sacred Water Continent and Golden Continent are all working together. They threatened us and made us listen to them, helping them obtain Heartblood.”

“We might be inner disciples of holy grade clans, but we’re still not on their level in the end. If we didn’t follow what they wanted, we would just be targeted by them. That’s why we ended up coming into this place to help them do all these unbelievably cruel things…”

Jackie could not help but sneer when he heard all of that.

Marc was quite smart to try and clear his own name, but Jackie was not someone who would believe in someone’s innocence from a few words.

Marc only regretted what he did because of his current situation. He was surrounded by warriors from third-grade worlds that would torture him at any moment.

Jackie shook his head and said, “Continue!”

Marc gulped, continuing, “Our task was to receive those people… Those…”

Chapter 3374
Before he could finish, someone could be heard from outside, “We found someone!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, stopping Marc from continuing as he stood up to head out of the cave.

He saw an excited Frederick leading a group of people over.

When the group entered the cave, the spacious cave suddenly felt a bit small. Frederick excitedly introduced everyone to Jackie.

The one in front was the strongest disciple from Frederick’s clan. He was one of the four strongest third-grade world warriors that entered the slaughter game.

His name was Agelt Wryn. Just from his attire alone, it was easy to tell that he was no ordinary person.

Jackie nodded at that person.

Before they got there, Frederick had already talked about Jackie and described Jackie’s skills as well. Even though Agelt felt like Frederick was exaggerating things, he trusted that Frederick would not exaggerate by that much. Hence, he knew that Jackie was definitely no ordinary warrior.

When it came to the strong, they all had very similar attitudes.

Agelt ignored all of those people behind Jackie, and merely nodded at Jackie to show respect.

Jackie nodded at him as well. Agelt motioned with his hand for them to sit down to talk.

In order to ally himself with even more warriors from third-grade worlds, Jackie had thought of a plan.

He wanted all of them to use sound arrays to broadcast Jackie’s hypothesis, doing as much as they can to contact even more warriors. Then, they would find a place for them to gather.

Frederick was lucky enough to meet one of his fellow disciples that could contact Agelt.

After everyone sat down, Agelt anxiously said, “Are you sure they’ll try to kill all of us?”

Jackie nodded seriously as he looked at Agelt meaningfully.

Sure enough, it was just as he thought. Those stronger warriors thought about escaping before fighting back when they heard about this.

Agelt had asked that question simply because he wanted to know if he would be able to survive if he did not participate.

When Jackie nodded, Agelt’s face paled a little. However, those who were strong were naturally more confident.

He took a deep breath and said helplessly, “So we’ll have to face them to death! Either they die, or we do!”

Jackie nodded again.

A warrior from Chaos Continent behind Agelt frowned and said, ”These dogs are really crossing the line here. Just because we weren’t fighting back, they act however they please. They’re even trying to kill all of us off. I’ve already made my decision. Even if I die, I‘ll drag a few of them with me! I won’t let them have all their fun!”

The moment he said that, quite a few people agreed with him. All of them raised their hands, indicating that they would make their enemies pay even if they had to die.

When Jackie saw how invested they were, he suddenly felt more confident.

It seemed like they were still quite intelligent. They knew that it would be an intense battle and that a lot would die. They could very well die themselves which was why they said they would drag a few down even if they had to.

Agelt turned to look at them with a slightly cold expression before he looked back at Jackie, “Do you have any good plans?”

Jackie looked up and said seriously, “The plan is simple, we break them down one by one, and then we fight them to the death. Even if these warriors from second-grade worlds are all strong, there are not many who are well and truly skilled…”

“I’m more worried about fighting an all-out battle. Their numbers far exceed ours, we’d end up being on the defensive side. So we have to focus on eliminating them one by one after this. That would take some pressure off of me.”

Chapter 3375
After Jackie said all of that, the others did not feel anything wrong, but Agelt frowned as an unhappy glint flashed in his eyes.

He felt like Jackie was being arrogant.

Jackie did not seem to care about anyone else at all, wanting to use his own strength to solve the problem. Everyone else would just assist him.

Agelt took a deep breath, thinking to himself that Jackie was unbelievably arrogant.

Jackie wanted him to be a support member?

What gave him the right to decide that?

Agelt had never seen Jackie’s skills and merely felt like Jackie was just a better-than-average warrior that could not be compared to himself.

Jackie saw the unhappiness and disdain in Agelt’s eyes and knew what Agelt was thinking. However, he did not care.

As time passed, Agelt would find out who to put his hopes on.

That warrior from White Marsh Continent rubbed his face and sighed, “I don’t know how many have been taken away by them, and what they’re going through… I was almost captured earlier. Thankfully, I was smart enough to run without a second thought the moment I saw someone coming over…”

“My fellow disciple thought I was being paranoid and didn’t flee with me. In the end, he was captured, and I don’t even know if he’s dead or alive.”

As he said that, he clenched his fists furiously.

Alfred said angrily, “I’ll make sure these despicable animals pay the price! I’ll make them beg for mercy!”

He had been tortured initially. If Jackie had not saved him, Alfred would probably have been captured and sent to a certain location, going through various forms of torture.

They wanted to kill all of the warriors from second-grade worlds. They wanted the warriors of second-grade worlds to feel the fear and pain they have experienced.

After an hour, Len brought some men over as well. Jackie was happy to see that Len had also found one of the four strongest warriors.

That person was Braum Rock from Chaos Continent.

Braum, was different from Agelt. Braum already knew about Jackie. After all, White Marsh Continent and Chaos Continent had been with the warriors of Hestia Continent in the level seven cities.

Jackie had given the warriors from those two continents a deep impression. It was natural that Braum knew of Jackie.

Agelt was from Lycan Continent, he had never heard of Jackie at all and naturally knew nothing about Jackie.

The moment Braum entered the cave, he saluted Jackie immediately and was very friendly.

Jackie was surprised at how Braum was acting.

At that moment, there were thirty-two people within the cave. Other than the two on the ground, everyone was from a third-grade world.

Braum exchanged some pleasantries with Jackie and moved on. All of them were in a circle as they discussed their plans.

Braum said immediately, “Jackie, you’ll be our main force, so just say what you want to. As long as we don’t see any problems, we will follow your plans.”

Hearing that, Agelt looked at Jackie with surprise before he looked to Braum.

No one knew what he was thinking at all.

Jackie nodded and did not bother to hold back as he repeated the earlier plans.

After that, Jackie took out a map from Mustard Seed, putting it in front of everyone, ”This a simple map. The most skilled warriors from the second-grade worlds are gathered in this forest…”

“The place is incredibly strategic, so let’s leave this till the end. We’ll clean up the warriors from second-grade worlds elsewhere for now!”

Braum took the map and looked at it in detail, “All these meeting points are placed in good locations. It looks like they’ve thought about every decision carefully.”

Chapter 3376
In truth, Jackie’s plan was very simple. To beat the greatest numbers, they had to slowly eliminate their opponents before engaging in the final battle.

After Jackie gave an overview of his plans, he said something very important.

“During this period, if they can’t stand us fighting back, then they’ll give up on controlling the numbers, letting the death toll reach a hundred and twenty, so the slaughter game will end. If we kill enough of them, the number might reach a hundred and twenty as well, and the game will end, signifying we’ve achieved our goa.”

”Even though everyone’s furious at the warriors from the second-grade worlds, you have to remember one thing, everything we’re doing now is for the sake of leaving this isolated space so we won’t be tortured and killed by then. As long as we’re alive, there’s still a chance for anything. Don’t just focus on killing, and don’t ignore your life.”

As long as enough people die, even if they did not reach their final battle, they would still be able to leave this place.

Once they got back to Weinhord City, they would not be able to do much of anything due to the laws of the city. Then, news of what happened would spread, and all of the third- grade worlds would be wary of them, preventing unnecessary deaths.

When Jackie said that, everyone nodded simultaneously.

Agelt took a deep breath as he frowned and said, “I really wonder why those guys need so much Heartblood. What’s the use? Could it open some treasure?”

Jackie glanced at Agelt silently. However, his words stirred the curiosity of everyone else as they discussed the possible uses of Heartblood.

Jackie could not help but scoff internally.

Agelt had other intentions for asking that, and they were not innocent.

The warriors from second-grade worlds deployed cruel methods and had such a detailed plan, and it gave Agelt the impression that Heartblood was very useful. It might end up leading to some treasures. He wanted a hand in it as well, so he could benefit from it.

Jackie did not bother discussing that with them and merely listened as they talked about it.

A warrior from the Lycan Continent said, “These guys must’ve found out a secret or something. Heartblood has to be a substance of great importance, or they wouldn’t have spent so much effort to gather so much Heartblood. We should question them after this…”

“We need to be as cruel to them as they are to us. After that, we’ll be able to dig out all the secrets. We can announce it to everyone so their plans will fall apart!”

“You’re right! That’s what we should do! If Jackie hadn’t guessed their intentions and gathered us here, we’d still be in the dark right now. We’d just be waiting for them to slaughter us!”

“Those despicable guys need to pay the price. Otherwise, they’ll just think that third-grade worlds can be bullied. They’ll look down on us in the future no matter what happens!”

“I never liked them in the first place; these guys are only good at bullying the weak. It’s not like we don’t have powerful people in third- grade worlds. Just because they’re from second- grade worlds, they think they’re better than us and look down on us…”

“I admit that there are strong warriors among them, but it’s not like all of them are strong. There are still a number of them who are barely noteworthy, but even those warriors look down on us. It’s not like they’re better than us, we’re just from different places!”

Chapter 3377
The crowd got more excited as they talked.

All of the hatred in their hearts was voiced out. Ever since they interacted with the warriors from second- grade worlds, nothing good ever happened as they ridiculed them.

Before, they had to just accept most of it as long as it did not cross the line, but as they felt even more pushed to the corner, they wanted to fight back.

Whether it was in this space or after they went out, they would no longer hold back out of fear. That was because they knew very well that fear would just cause them to retreat even more, giving everything to those arrogant warriors from second-grade worlds.

Rudy, sitting behind Jackie, felt that it was pointless as he watched everyone being emotional.

He whispered to Jackie, “I feel like they just like talking. Once they go out, they’ll start considering a lot more things. They’ll never actually end up becoming mortal enemies with the warriors from second-grade worlds. After all, wanting to really fight back comes with a price…”

“They’ll probably hesitate when their lives are at stake. There’s no meaning to what they’re saying now.”

Jackie chuckled at Rudy’s words. He turned and gave him a nod, feeling like he was finally maturing. Rudy was no longer the brat from before that believed in everything everyone else said.

Rudy coughed before he continued to whisper, “Agelt doesn’t seem like someone we’ll get along with. I can see from his expression that he doesn’t really want to lower his head to you…”

“It’s honestly not that important to us, though. He just needs to be useful at the right times, though we can’t lower guard down around him. I feel like he’ll want to compete against you in the future. You should be careful.”

Jackie nodded. He had thought of that as well.

He whispered back, “As long as he doesn‘t hold us back when it matters, let him. He’ll understand how laughable his actions are in the future.”

Rudy nodded. The two of them exchanged a look, and various emotions could be seen from that.

60 kilometers away from the cave, at a shallow river, six warriors from second-grade worlds gathered. All of them had serious frowns on their faces.

Manson Rose took a deep breath. “Is there still no news from that side? How many have we lost contact with?”

Hirving Ochoa solemnly replied, “A total of ten are missing. Five of them are escorts, while the other five are meant to exchange prisoners. Those ten haven’t been contactable practically within the same day. I’ve tried my best to reach them, but there’s no news at all. We should make preparations for the worst.”

Marson raised an eyebrow and said, “It looks like those animals have learned to fight back, working together against us. However, the more they do that, the worse their fate will be. Those ten are about average in skill. They’re nothing compared to us. We’re prepared as well, so these things won’t happen.”

Uriel Masquez, who was standing at the back, said with a worried expression, ”Those who went missing are all pretty decent. Even though they’re in the middle of inner disciples, a few of them are still among the top fifty. We can’t find them anymore…”

“It means that those third-grade world fools managed to gather a portion of their forces. They reacted quite quickly. We thought they’d only notice what we’re doing around the third or fourth day.”

Chapter 3378
Manson laughed and said, “We underestimated them, alright. No matter how their skills are, they’re quite smart. Still, does it matter that they’re working together? They barely pose a threat! Those who have died were cannon fodder to us anyway. They won’t affect the greater plan…”

“Those animals who are fighting back need to pay dearly, though. Those who’ve killed warriors from second-grade worlds will suffer a fate worse than the other warriors. We’ll make sure to drag out the time and slowly torture them!”

Uriel was always a worrywart. He felt like with what was happening, even they needed to be careful.

He walked forward and said to Manson, “You’re right, Manson, but I still feel like we should bolster our defenses. Even though they’re just fools from third-grade worlds, it won’t be too easy to deal with them if too many of them gather.”

Manson looked at Uriel, smiling as he said, “You’re being too cautious. Even if a lot of them are gathered together, it’s not like we’ll meet them. There are dozens of warriors from second- grade worlds still living right now, and we’re just some of them.

“Unless we’re incredibly unlucky, there’s no way we’ll meet them. Also, these people will need to gather a lot of numbers to turn the tides in their favor. They can’t afford to split up, so the chances of us meeting them are even lower.”

Uriel could not say anything to that. He actually wanted to argue, but he was not as authoritative as Manson.

If Uriel continued, he would definitely be upset. However, Uriel still felt like Manson was taking things too easily. Even though those warriors from third-grade worlds were not that strong, there was still strength in numbers.

If enough of them were gathered, they would still be a threat.

Hirving turned and patted Uriel on the shoulder. “When did you become so cowardly? Even if those people charge in right now, do we not know how to run? Sure, it’s a little embarrassing, but it’s still better than dying. Then, we can spread the news and gather a lot of people too. We won’t be afraid of them in that scenario. There’s honestly nothing much to worry about.‘’

Uriel sighed helplessly, having nothing else to refute with. All they could do was wait at that moment.

Manson took out a piece of paper to note down those who were missing.

“Make sure to always remember your task, it’s the most important. Bring these people back so he’ll know what’s happening.”

Uriel accepted the piece of paper. He wanted to look it over when they suddenly heard footsteps from the distance.

The six of them looked up at where the footsteps were from, and they saw five men slowly getting closer to them.

Out of the five, they recognized two of those men. The first was Agelt from the Lycan Continent, and the other was Braum from the Chaos Continent. The two of them were two of the strongest warriors from the third-grade worlds that had entered.

When the party of six saw who was there, they froze.

Manson turned around angrily. “You really jinxed it! Ugh! There’s no need to fret, though, we have six on our side while they have five. Of those five, two of them are somewhat strong, while the others are nothing to worry about.”

Uriel’ s lips twitched as anger flared in his heart, but he did not say anything.

Manson was crossing the line. Uriel’s worries had clearly been right, but this guy was blaming him for j inxing it!

It did not matter. It was not the time to think about that.

Manson narrowed his eyes slightly before he took out a sword. The others pulled out their weapons as well.

Jackie stood in the middle, trying not to stand out.

Chapter 3379
Braum walked in front, and Agelt was right behind him.

The two of them looked incredibly confident, and their murderous intent soared as they got closer.

When they were about 30 meters away, Braum stopped in his steps, which the others followed. The two sides looked at each other, and the atmosphere was incredibly tense as though an intense battle could happen at any moment.

Manson scoffed. “Did you come here to challenge us?”

Manson sounded unhurried in the way he spoke, not regarding his enemies as worth his notice at all.

Braum scoffed. “A fight to the death against you? Don’t be too arrogant. We just came here to kill you. It’s better to be the one doing the killing, after all.”

Manson chuckled at this and sneered, “I know you’re a decent fighter and that you’re confident. You might be able to win against an ordinary warrior from a second-grade world, but I’m no ordinary warrior…”

“I’m a chosen disciple of a holy-grade clan in the Sacred Water Continent. Your small tricks barely intimidate me!”

Jackie could not help but raise an eyebrow when he heard that.

They had already planned everything out before this and expected these warriors to be stronger than the ones from before.

Just as Jackie expected-they were not inner disciples but chosen disciples instead. However, Jackie estimated that they were not high up in the rankings.

So what if they were chosen disciples?

He had killed plenty.

The Sacred Water Continent was just slightly stronger than the Golden Continent, so there was nothing much to be concerned about.

Jackie’s expression did not change, but everyone else stiffened. When they heard that the one in front of them was a chosen disciple, they suddenly felt a lot of pressure on their shoulders.

A few of them turned to look at Jackie slightly. When they saw that Jackie was still calm, they let out a sigh of relief.

Hirving scoffed and said, “Since you want to die so badly, we’ll grant you your wish. We’ll be able to help my eldest senior solve a problem too. Once you die, the warriors of the third-grade worlds will lose their heads. Everything will be solved!”

Jackie took a deep breath as he walked forward ahead of the rest.

He looked at Manson, pointed at him, and said, “Leave him to me. Help me hold the others back. I’ll need about five minutes.”

In truth, five minutes was too much, but to prevent any unexpected surprises, that was the time Jackie gave.

The others did not feel anything about that, but Agelt looked like he had been deeply insulted. He turned around to look at Jackie unhappily.

He said coldly, “What’s the meaning of that? I don’t care if you want to deal with the one in front, but what do you mean by helping you hold the others back? Do you think we won’t be able to handle the rest of them? That we’ll need your help?”

Braum frowned, wanting to say something when Jackie stopped him.

Jackie was very cold at that moment, like a crescent blade.

“I know you’re not happy about me, but you need to choose the right time to voice your bitterness. Look at the situation! Is it the time to talk about that? Just do what you’re told. If you don’t believe me, you’ll see the aftermath. The truth will answer all of your questions.”

“If you’re not willing to play along, just leave. I won’t stop you.”

Agelt clenched his hands in anger. He took a step forward and was about to argue when Braum stopped him.

He looked at Agelt unhappily, and said in a similarly cold voice, “Jackie’s right. Look at the situation. What’s the point of arguing? Handle the matter first.”

Chapter 3380
Agelt gritted his teeth as he looked at Jackie, behaving as though he had been gravely insulted.

Jackie did not want to see how emotional he looked, though.

This guy was even more uncooperative than he thought!

Why was he trying to fight at a time like this?

His arrangements were fine. It was the most reasonable arrangement based on his skills. He knew that Agelt was not happy about it, since he felt like he was no weaker than him and did not need to listen to him.

Agelt felt like Jackie’s tone was arrogant as well.

Jackie took a deep breath as he ignored Agelt. When Agelt saw that Jackie was looking away as if he was causing trouble for no reason, he grew even more furious.

He glared at Jackie and said, “I know it’s not the time for this, but you keep having this attitude about you. You speak like you’re the leader. Anyone who can lead me at least needs to be stronger than I am. You don’t have the right!”

Braum’s lips twitched helplessly. Agelt was sick in the head, he had to be!

He grabbed Agelt’s arm. “If you keep this up, we’ll all die here! Can you just shut up and let us deal with this before you speak?!”

Agelt scoffed as he turned his head away unhappily. He did not continue causing trouble, but he was still unhappy.

Meanwhile, their six opponents were momentarily baffled.

Manson smiled and said, “I can’t believe you’re all uncoordinated. You want to work together to fight us with just that? You’re all useless! Fighting you will only stain our hands. You’re nothing worth our notice at all!”

Hirving nodded from behind Manson, scoffing as he continued, “You really are a bunch of dogs not worth our time. Trying to beat us with just you? You’re just a small fry, and just swimming around in the pond is already difficult for you. You’d just be eaten up by a bigger fish the moment you’re thrown into a river!”

Jackie looked up at the six of them coldly. He had already planned things out, and he had told the others some of it while keeping some of them to himself.

He took a deep breath, not angered at their opponent’s words at all. Instead, he smirked.

He held his head high and said, “You can’t be the judge of whether or not we’re weak. In my eyes, you’re the animals. You’re just dirt that I can disperse any time I want to. I can make you disappear from this world at any moment, and I’ll use the cruelest way to do it as well- just like how you did to others.”

As Jackie said that, Manson and the others started to laugh out loud. They looked at Jackie like a complete idiot. Manson was laughing in an especially exaggerated manner.

As he laughed, he pointed at Jackie and said, ”Do you even know what you’re saying? I can’t stop laughing. When did a piece of trash like you dare to challenge us? You’re not worthy! I’ve finally seen how deep ignorance can go!”

Hirving nodded and sneered, “He’s not just ignorant, he’s completely dreaming, too. Who does he think he is? Is he the top disciple of a holy- grade clan? He’s so arrogant!”

“If you were a warrior from a first-grade world, I might actually be inclined to believe you. Someone like you saying what you just said is just a joke. I really don’t know what’s in your head. Do you think you’re unbeatable?”


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