No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3361 – 3370

Chapter 3361
Jackie sighed helplessly. If it had been the two of them together, the battle might have been a bit more interesting. Yet, those two had been too confident.

They had dared to charge at him alone, so killing them was as simple as chopping up vegetables. It had not been interesting in the slightest.

Both Jackieson and Christian were stunned. They froze as their eyes widened.

Their lips constantly twitched as they looked at the two who were rolling on the ground. They did not know how to react at that moment.

Everything that had happened was just too much of a shock for them.

The chains on their arms were cut from the middle, and their arms were suddenly free. Turning around, they noticed that the chains had all been cut by Jackie, which was when they slowly started to react.

Christian’s eyes were completely wide as he stared right at Jackie, unable to say anything.

Jackieson was the first to react.

He rushed to Jackie and greeted him, “Thank you, hero! Could I know your name?”

It was Jackie’s first time being called a hero.

He could not stop himself from letting out a laugh before he shook his head and said, “I’m not a hero. I just couldn’t stand the sight of these people.”

When Jackieson saw that Christian was not doing anything, he hurriedly tugged at Christian’s sleeve so he would thank Jackie with him.

Only then did Christian snap back to reality. Jackie shook his head, telling them they did not need to be that courteous. It was no big deal to Jackie. Even without the other two, Jackie would have killed Edson and Hector anyway.

He waved to those who were hiding by the side, and all of them appeared.

This time, it was not just Alfred and Rudy who came over. Even Frederick’s group did as well. Christian and Jackieson were stunned when they saw so many people appearing at the same time.

Jackie gave a few brief introductions before having the two of them immediately rest to recover.

They nodded.

Jackie frowned as he looked into their injuries. After looking at them, he shook his head helplessly.

He had planned on bringing them with him, but their injuries were far too severe. Bringing them along would increase the risk too drastically, so he decided to find a safe spot for them to wait for the end of the slaughter game.

The two of them have complete trust in Jackie. No matter what Jackie said, they would follow. They found a relatively secluded spot to rest momentarily.

Jackie took out the map from Mustard Seed and showed it to everyone.

He pointed at a marked place and said, “The goal is to get to this place. It’s about ten kilometers away. It is called a small gathering point by those people. Part of them would bring heavily injured third-grade warriors over to be exchanged there…”

“After that, the ones who took the warriors would bring the injured third -grade world warriors to the endpoint. This is where we need to strike. We can save the warriors and kill the others as well. ”

After witnessing Jackie’s true skills, none of them dared to go against Jackie’s ideas.

No matter what Jackie did, they would follow him obediently. That was the advantage of the strong.

Jackie had already killed a total of seven warriors.

Chapter 3362
In order to earn more spirit crystals and end up in the top rankings, he needed to kill even more warriors from second-grade worlds.

He would end the lives of those arrogant people. That was Jackie’s final goal.

Len sighed as he summoned up the courage to say, “I’m not being cowardly, but I just feel like this is too dangerous. I know that Jackie’s talents are exceptional, but there’s always strength in numbers. If our goal is the final point, there’ll definitely be a lot of strong warriors there. It will be hard for you to avoid danger once you’re there.”

Jackie nodded, not disagreeing.

Len was right, but Jackie had already thought about that.

He looked up and told everyone, “That’s why we’ll need to work together to prevent me from getting too outnumbered. I know you’ll say that it’ll be difficult to gather the warriors from third-grade worlds. In the first place, finding them won’t be easy, but I don’t think it’s too big of a problem, since we still have enough time.”

The moment he said that everyone looked at each other.

Rudy was the closest to Jackie, so he would naturally not hold back on asking questions unlike the rest.

He turned to look at Jackie and said, “There’s still enough time? Why do you say that? The slaughter game will end when there are only a hundred left. I feel like quite a lot have probably died. It should be ending not too long later.”

The slaughter game had a total of two hundred and twenty participants, and only a hundred of them would be able to survive.

They had seen so many corpses, coupled with the ones that Jackie had killed, there should have been at least three to four dozen dead. Moreover, adding up the corpses that they did not see, Rudy felt like there should be at least sixty or seventy that were already dead.

Only another fifty or sixty needed to die for the slaughter game to end.

It probably would not take that much time, but Jackie seemed to think that they would still be in the slaughter game for quite a while.

Jackie let out a laugh as he looked into the distance.

His tone was soft but exceptionally firm, “We’ll still be here for at least a week.”

Everyone was stunned at those words as they looked at Jackie with confused expressions.

At that moment, no one voiced any questions and merely waited for Jackie to answer.

Jackie’s skills were amazing which caused Jackie’s words to sound more convincing.

He sighed and said, “Those two did not kill Christian and Jackieson right away, and instead took them to be exchanged. After that, they would be taken to somewhere further away…”

“Normally, they would not need to go through so much trouble at all. Even if they wanted the Heartblood, there’s no need to transport them so far away and let them live till the final destination. They have to have a reason for that…”

“Of the corpses we’ve seen and the ones that have died at my hands, there are about thirty to forty people. Normally, your guess would be right. There should be a lot more corpses that we didn’t see. However, due to the current situation, I disagree with your thinking…”

“There are probably a lot of warriors from the third-grade worlds that have been injured and are being sent to the final destination where we can’t see them. They would die immediately and will be slowly tortured.”

Chapter 3363
When Rudy heard that, he shivered.

He absolutely hated the warriors from second-grade worlds. They could no longer be called human, but demons that crawled out of hell.

However, Rudy still asked, “Why do they need to go through so much trouble? What’s the advantage of delaying things for so long? If they want the Heartblood, wouldn’t it be simpler for them to get it right after they deal with the warriors? There’s no need to waste so much time and effort.”

Jackie took a deep breath and said with some uncertainty, “I think that they’re purely doing it to delay things. Only by delaying the time long enough will they be able to kill all of the warriors from third-grade worlds and obtain even more Heartblood…”

“Just think about it. Those warriors from the second-grade worlds gathered so much information to be able to pull this off. They even put in so much effort to create the maps and offered so much spirit crystals as rewards.”

“Everything points to the fact that they have some grand plan. Since they had spent so much effort and so many spirit crystals, they would naturally need to make things thorough…”

“They won’t allow any warriors from third-grade worlds to step out of space. I feel like those madmen might even start attacking the warriors from second-grade worlds in the end.”

Len’s lips twitched as he rubbed his head, unable to stop himself from saying, “If your guess is right, then it’s just crazy. I don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen next. ”

Frederick sighed, “They’re all madmen in the first place. To accomplish their goals, they’ll stop at nothing. They kill people like livestock, so we can’t think of them as regular people. I even feel like nothing they do will be normal.”

As he said that, Frederick was full of hatred.

Everything they did showed that they did regard warriors from third-grade worlds as humans.

They merely saw them as sacrifices to extract every bit of value from. Frederick absolutely hated them just thinking about it.

Jackie looked up slightly and said, “All of the warriors from the third-grade worlds who entered this space have been remembered by the warriors from the second-grade worlds. They’ll count the numbers, and they won’t let anyone off.”

Jackie’s guess caused distress to everyone there. Even though it sounded absurd, the fact that he was saying it made it even more believable.

It might very well be the truth.

If all of that were true, then what awaits for them would be several times more dangerous than they thought. Even if they hid, the madmen from the second-grade worlds would just slowly stall for time until every single one of them was found.

They would not have anywhere to hide, and only cruel torture awaited them.

Jackie sighed helplessly, “That’s why my plans aren’t for the sake of revenge, but because we have to do this. Even those four who are incredibly strong will end up being killed after being pursued by large numbers of warriors. Even they wouldn’t be able to escape, so we’re doing this for self-preservation.”

Jackie’s words served as an alarm in their heads. Even if they were scared, they had to put all of that aside.

It was because they were already forced into a corner. There was no point in continuing to hide. They would be found in the end.

Jackieson asked shakily, “Are you sure they won’t let anyone off? If they just can’t find someone, will they continue to stall for time until the last person is found?”

Chapter 3364
He had naturally said that because he still had some hope in his heart. After all, Jackieson’s skills were not great.

In the group, he was only stronger than Alfred and Rudy. Facing warriors from second-grade worlds, he was just cannon fodder. He was also heavily injured at that moment, so there was no way he would be useful at all.

Jackieson felt like the only thing he could do was to find a safe place to hide and wait for the end result.

Jackie looked at Jackieson helplessly, saying in a cold voice, “There’s no way anyone will be let go. Just think about it. The warriors from the second-grade world are using cruel methods that can’t be tolerated. If the news gets out, what will the warriors from third-grade worlds do?”

“They’ll definitely team up to go against all the warriors from second-grade worlds. Then, things won’t be good for them in the future…”

“To stop something like that from happening, there’s no way they can spare anyone. The slaughter game has a high death rate in the end. The warriors from third-grade worlds have a sixty to seventy percent chance of dying…”

”If it got any worse, it’d be seventy or eighty percent. As long as no one mentions anything, the warriors from the third-grade worlds won’t find out about this secret for the moment. Even if they did notice, it would require the other worlds to realize something was wrong too.”

Jackie’s explanation caused everyone to understand.

Rudy frowned and said, “So they’ll stall for time as long as possible, and not let anyone who finds out about this survive. It’s pointless to hide. They’ll do everything they can to find those who are hiding.”

Jackie nodded.

After that, he said the horrifying truth again, ”They’re incredibly prepared. Before the slaughter game, they must have already thought about all the potential problems…”

“They would have thought about people hiding from them as well. They won’t let anyone go, so they must’ve figured out a plan against that too. They might have brought in something special to find the hidden warriors.”

Jackieson’s expression stiffened as he started to pale.

He looked down with a pained expression, “Why are they doing this?! Why do they need to be so cruel?! Do they see everyone else as animals?”

Christian frowned and said, ”Are you trying to reason with the warriors from second-grade worlds? If they had any humanity, they wouldn’t have done all this. The fact that they’re doing this means they don’t see us as human at all.”

“They’re killing us like livestock. They won’t feel guilty about it at all. Why are you being so naive right now, asking why they’re being so cruel? Do you even need to ask?”

Jackieson gulped, going completely silent.

Christian clenched his fists tightly, ”Those people will pay! Even if I die, I’ll drag them down with me. These animals need to die!”

Jackie looked at Christian and patted Christian on the shoulder, “You probably won’t die. As long as all of us work together, we won’t die here. What we need to do right now is fight back! We need to find all of the warriors from third grade worlds that are still alive to launch a counterattack. If things go on, our only end is death!”

Christian nodded vigorously, “You’re right! If we don’t fight back, the end will just be even worse!”

Len looked at Jackie before he looked at the emotional Christian, “How are we going to find the other warriors? We were only able to form our group out of coincidence as we happened to meet on the road…”

“Are we going to scatter all over and try to find warriors from third grade worlds to convince them to join us?”

Chapter 3365
Jackie shook his head, saying seriously, “That would be too dangerous and inefficient. The more time we delay, the more dangerous it will get. We need a better way.”

Rudy got excited at that, ”What way?”

Jackie glanced at Rudy, not answering his question.

At the valley ten kilometers away was a meeting point for the second-grade world’s warriors. At that meeting point were two warriors with bamboo hats.

They looked incredibly lazy as they chatted. They were disciples from the same clan. The older one on the left was called Manuel Herro, while the one on the right was Marc Loon.

Manuel shook his head and said, “I don’t know what those big shots are thinking. Is there a need to make such a big fuss? We’ve basically been laboring so much because of that…”

“I wasn’t even planning on taking part in the slaughter game. A test like this isn’t worth it for me, but I was still forced to come here.”

Marc sighed helplessly, ”Why do we always end up in difficult things together? You were forced in, but so was I. That person said that I would have to give a lot of Heartblood if I didn‘t join this.”

“However, if I joined, I won’t need to offer a lot of Heartblood, and I would get rewards as well. He made me choose, but isn’t he just threatening me? Did I really have a choice? I just had to lower my head and say yes.”

Manuel sighed before his eyes lit up and he said, “Do you know why they need so much Heartblood for? Is it to activate some treasure or make some weapon? Maybe it’s to lure out something amazing.”

Marc smiled in exasperation, “Manuel, if you don’t know, then how would I? All we can do is listen to them. At least the ones who are dying aren’t warriors from second-grade worlds. ”

Manuel nodded with a smile, ”You’re right. We’re not the ones dying anyway. The warriors from the third-grade worlds should just die. It’s better if all of them die…”

“They still don’t know what they’ll be facing in the future. I don’t know what the point of the Heartblood is, but there‘s something I did find out. Those people already decided that they would not let any warriors from third-grade worlds leave this place to prevent any third-grade worlds from seeking revenge after finding out. Even though we wouldn’t be scared of that, it’s still unnecessary trouble.”

Marc raised an eyebrow, “Are they even worthy of revenge? They’re just trash. We don’t have to bother with them at all. There’s an uncrossable gap between second and third-grade worlds. The difference in strength is immense. They would pay a drastic price if they wanted revenge. I don’t think they would dare to do it.”

Saying that, both of them got a bit excited.

In their eyes, warriors from third-grade worlds were completely beneath their notice.

The third-grade worlds were not worthy of standing on the same field as them at all. They were enjoying criticizing the third- grade world. They insulted the third-grade world constantly.

After talking for a long time, Manuel interrupted Marc.

“Let’s stop talking about that first. We can’t forget our job. We’ll be punished if there are any mistakes. It’s already four hours, where’s Hector? Could something have happened along the way?”

Marc smiled and said, “How could anything have happened? Hector is still an inner disciple of a holy grade clan. Among the warriors from the third-grade worlds, only the strongest of them would be able to stand up to Hector… I think you’re being too worried.”

Manuel nodded slowly, “You’re right, but for some reason, I have an uneasy feeling in my heart. Could I just be overthinking things?”

Chapter 3366
Marc let out a laugh before he nodded and said, “You’re just overthinking things. This is just a simple exchange job. What sort of accident could happen? The two of them must be late because they’re slacking off.”

Hearing Marc’s words, Manuel felt a bit exasperated.

He turned to look at Marc seriously, “I feel like you’re being so optimistic. Even though the warriors from the second-grade worlds this time are stronger than usual, there might still be some accidents that can happen. The third-grade worlds still have some strong warriors on their side.”

When Marc heard that he shook his head in an uncaring manner, “What sort of surprises could there be? You’re right, there are some strong warriors from the third-grade worlds, but we already know about all of them. We can just avoid them if we see them. Those two shouldn’t be that stupid…”

“As for the rest, you don’t have to be concerned. The two of them are still from a holy grade clan. They aren’t even regular outer disciples, but inner disciples. Normal warriors from a third-grade world wouldn’t be a match for them at all. There shouldn’t be any surprises.”

Manuel nodded, feeling like Marc made sense. However, he still could not stop himself from worrying.

He kept on feeling like something unexpected might happen, but he could not say why. The strange feeling kept on persisting. Then, they suddenly saw a figure slowly walking toward them.

The person’s clothes were familiar.

They had gray robes with blue clouds on them. It looked like a warrior from the second-grade world, the Sacred Water Continent.

Looking at that figure, Marc pointed over with a smile, “Speak of the devil, isn’t that Hector? That’s strange… Why is he alone? Where is Edson?”

“Where are the people they’re supposed to be sending? Didn’t the sound array say that they managed to capture two warriors? Why is he alone? Did something really happen?”

As they said that, both of them froze as they started to go on alert.

It was still far away, and Marc shouted at the person, “Hector, what’s your situation?! Why are you alone? Where did Edson and the ones you captured go?”

The person did not answer Marc and merely continued to slowly walk toward them. That was when both of them started to feel like something was amiss.

Manuel frowned as he stared at the person.

After observing the person, he whispered, “There’s something wrong with this person. He’s not Hector. Just look at how he’s lowering his head and not letting us see his face!”

The moment he said that, the person in front of them looked up.

They saw that it was not Hector. It was a man wearing Hector’s robes. The man looked a few years younger than Hector.

His gaze was firm and his footsteps were steady. Even when he was being observed, his expression did not change. It was like nothing that was happening around him mattered to him at all.

Marc turned to look at Manuel. Both of them felt something off.

Marc narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Who are you? Why are you wearing Hector’s clothes?”

The person who was wearing Hector’s clothes was Jackie.

He had put on a disguise to get closer. He thought that he would have been noticed immediately, but those two had let down their guards too much.

When he walked over, they had not tried to check him with their senses at all. Instead, he was allowed to get closer to them.

It was only when he was thirty meters away did they notice something wrong.

Chapter 3367
Manuel frowned as he coldly looked at Jackie, “Speak when you’re spoken to! Who are you?!”

Jackie smiled, not continuing to go forward as he straightened his body, letting the other two observe him.

Manuel’s lips twitched, “Did I jinx it? I was right, something did happen to the two of them!”

The moment he said that, Marc produced a patrol charm from his spatial ring.

His hands started to form seals that went into the patrol charm. The charm glowed yellow before it started to crumble, fusing into the surrounding space. A strong sensory wave exploded outward incredibly quickly.

Jackie could clearly feel that wave observing his body before it started to stretch further back.

After taking a breath, the wave stopped. With Marc at the center, he had managed to observe a kilometer-wide radius.

Marc said in surprise, “There’s no one! Other than this brat, there’s no one hiding around us!”

The patrol charm was a high-grade array that would scout everything within a kilometer when it was activated. Every living being would be sensed. After using it, Marc was shocked to notice that there was only one person there. No ambushes were lying in wait.

He was so shocked that he did not know what to say.

Manuel turned around after Marc said that. He had a look of surprise in his eyes as well. Both of them felt like it was unbelievable.

They thought that Jackie was just a scout and that there should have been quite a few people lying in wait around them, trying to surround them. Expectedly, that person was acting alone.

What was he trying to do?

Was he trying to face both of them?

Was he that confident in himself?

Marc scoffed and said to Jackie, ”Brat, did you come alone?!”

Jackie nodded calmly, admitting it without any hesitation.

Marc was speechless when Jackie nodded.

That guy really was honest. Jackie had actually answered him just like that.

Jackie’s expression was incredibly calm as well as if he was not afraid that they knew.

Marc had a look of disdain on his face, “Where did you get those clothes? What are you here for? Don’t tell me you’re here to kill us?!”

Jackie laughed as he answered the man slowly, “These clothes are Hector’s. You’re right, I did come here to kill you, but I don’t plan on killing you immediately. I need some information from the two of you. I’ll only kill you after I learn what I need to.”

Both Marc and Manuel were stunned when they heard what Jackie had to say, as well as Jackie’s calm expression when he said all of that.

They were confused and shocked, finding something incredibly odd about what was happening.

Marc said, “I don’t know this kid. I’ve never seen him from the images they sent. Did I forget, or is this guy just crazy?”

Chapter 3368
Manuel turned to look at Marc.

He took a deep breath before he shook his head, “You’re not mistaken. I’ve never seen this kid either. However, we can’t underestimate him. Everything about him is strange. We shouldn’t fall for his tricks.”

Marc frowned as he said in an incredulous tone, “What kind of tricks can he have? This kid might seem a little strange, and his words might be hilarious, but there’s no way he can face the two of us alone. No matter what, we’re still from a holy grade clan, and we’re above average among the inner disciples.”

“Unless it’s one of those four, we don’t have to worry at all. I feel like Hector and Edson must have stumbled upon something problematic on the way, and Hector must have died for this kid. He should be a little skilled, but that victory went to his head. He must think he can beat the two of us alone, and came here for the rewards…”

After he said that, Marc started to laugh at Jackie mockingly.

He felt like Jackie was just an idiot who had let one win go to his head, thinking that no one could beat him.

Manuel did not agree with Marc’s thoughts.

He turned to look at Marc seriously as he said quickly, “Don’t be too optimistic. Be careful. Even though what you said sounds reasonable, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. What if this kid is so skilled that both of us can’t defeat him?”

Marc frowned as he looked at Manuel unhappily, “Manuel, you’re being too careful lately. What I’m saying is the answer, there’s no way it’s anything else. If he’s really that strong, why didn’t we get any of his images? Today, the leaders have made so much preparations.”

“How could they have missed out on anything? All of the exceptional geniuses have been noted down by them. They’ve already looked into all of the participants from the third-grade worlds carefully. After figuring things out, they managed to determine the four most dangerous ones as well as two stronger ones. This kid isn’t among them!”

Manuel gulped as he said anxiously, “That’s not a guarantee! We should still be careful. Let’s attack together later. You have to use your full force! We need to kill him in one blow!”

Even though Marc felt like Manuel was being an overly cautious coward, he still nodded in the end, indicating that he would put his all to prevent anything unexpected.

Jackie calmly stood in front of them, not showing any emotion as he listened to their discussions.

Marc looked at Jackie for a while, and could not help but ask, “Brat, looks like you’re very confident. Do you think you can kill both of us?”

Jackie laughed as he said calmly, “Killing both of you is just too easy. I just listened to the two of you talk because I wanted to see how you would decide to attack. You’d better attack me together. That would be a bit more interesting for me.”

Both of them were stunned when they heard Jackie’s words. He was really crossing the line.

They exchanged a look of anger and no longer waited. The two of them rushed at Jackie at the same time.

When Jackie saw their attack, he finally moved. His hands constantly moved as he formed seal after seal, condensing into a blade in the air.

His expression did not change as he pushed his hand forward. The Broken Soul blade shot right at the two of them. With a boom, their techniques clashed in the air.

Right after that, two cries of agony could be heard.

Chapter 3369
Manuel and Marc clutched their chests at the same time as their expressions twisted in pain. Both of them collapsed on the ground at the same time, and the swords in their hands shattered from Jackie’s broken Soul Blade.

The two of them constantly writhed on the ground like a worm that had been cut into two.

Jackie smiled, not hesitating to walk toward both of them.

At a cave ten kilometers away, Rudy and the others were sitting down cross-legged. A few of them had serious expressions on their faces, especially Jackieson. He had a hint of hopelessness on his face as well.

Jackie had left alone to deal with the two who were at the meeting point while the rest of them were made to stay in the cave.

Frederick and Len were not there but had gone to contact others. The ones who remained had sunken looks on their faces. As time passed, all of them started to feel like Jackie’s guess was the actual truth. However, the more certain they were of it, the more fear they felt.

They were in a battle to death with only one side who could win and have the right to leave this space.

Jackieson regretted participating in the slaughter game. He had thought that he would not die if he was just a bit careful.

After he entered, he found that the situation was incredibly different.

If Jackie had not saved him earlier, there was no way he would still be alive.

The more he thought about it, the more his body trembled in fear.

Christian was not much better either. At that moment, he was constantly thinking about what Jackie had said the other day.

As the few of them were deep in their thoughts, Christian suddenly voiced a question, “Why are they just leaving the corpses there for all to see? After they have killed and gotten the Heartblood, they could have just dealt with the bodies…”

“Even if they just burned the bodies away, it would be better than just putting those bodies on display. At the very least, we wouldn’t have overthought things, and we would not have been able to figure things out…”

“Wouldn’t it be easier for them if we did not know anything? Jackie would not have been able to guess their goal.”

When that was said, everyone looked up at the same time.

Christian was right, but the others could not figure it out.

Rudy said with a frown, “They have to have a reason that they’re doing this! There’s no way they would make such a rudimentary mistake with such an intricate plan. We just can’t figure out why.”

Trent said, “I feel like anything they do would be beyond my comprehension. They’re not even humans in my mind anymore. They’re just a bunch of deviants. I wouldn’t be surprised no matter what they did.”

Rudy was a bit exasperated when he heard that, “Even if they are, we should still try to figure out what they’re thinking. Knowing your enemy is the first step to victory. Only by figuring things out will we be able to figure out a plan. I don’t thinkI can, though. Why don’t all of you discuss it together.”

The others exchanged looks of helplessness.

Chapter 3370
Jackieson said, “I just can’t understand anything they do anyway. I can’t figure out why they would do this and let us figure out their goals. Would they have anything to gain from that? I feel like there are only negatives…”

“We’ll end up fighting back, and the more cowardly ones will end up hiding, causing them even more trouble. Dragging things might not be good for them.”

Christian nodded emphatically, feeling like Jackieson was right.

After Trent thought for a long time, he suddenly said, “Don’t use our logic on them. Since they’ve done it, it must benefit them in some way. When we notice something wrong with the situation, we won’t just fight back. We will also start to feel fear. We’ll constantly be tortured by fear.”

”Fear and pain are things that can speed up blood essence flowing into the heart. That’s also why they’re torturing us. Pain will cause blood essence to flow into our hearts and form Heartblood.”

When he said that, everyone widened their eyes.

Rudy nodded and shot Trent a thumbs up.

“You’re still the most reliable one. Why didn’t I think about that? That has to be the reason. All these people are putting in so much effort to gather even more Heartblood. Even though we still don ‘t know what it’s used for, there has to be a reason they’re putting in so much effort for it!”

Jackieson’s expression froze as he started to tense up.

He said in a rough tone, “Those despicable animals are even worse than I thought. In order to torture us, they’re tryng everything they can. We shouldn’t fall for it…”

“We really are living in fear at the moment. We’re afraid of the future and afraid of the uncertainty of death. It causes us to feel even more tortured. I can even feel my blood essence flowing into my heart, fulfilling their wishes!”

As he said that, pain could be seen in Jackieson’s eyes.

Jackieson hated the warriors from the second-grade worlds incredibly deeply. He wanted nothing more than to rip them apart, but his abilities were limited, so he was forced to suffer in this endless pain.

Christian sighed as he looked into the distance, “This has always been a world where the strong dominated. I thought that I was already used to cruelty, but it looks like I was too naive. I never expected this world to be so much crueler than I had thought.”

No one could hold back from sighing. No matter what they did, there was no way they could change the situation in front of them.

They were forced to hope that someone as strong as Jackie would be able to turn the tables. At the very least, they wanted to leave this place alive.

Trench said helplessly, “I wonder how Jackie is doing. Could he have stumbled on anything inconvenient?”

In truth, Trent wanted to ask if Jackie would be in danger, but he changed what he said. After all, someone as strong as Jackie would not be in any danger unless Jackie wanted to.

He was worried that something unexpected would happen to Jackie because Jackie was the hope in his heart. If anything happened to Jackie, then they would lose their last flicker of hope.

Trent despaired just thinking about it.

Right at that moment, they heard footsteps coming from outside, and everyone was on full alert.


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