No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3341 – 3350

Chapter 3341
The moment the Broken Soul Blade solidified, wind howled around it. With the Broken Soul Blade as the center, the air around it constantly moved.

The power constantly clashed and fused, turning into a vortex of power. Looking at that scene, both the masked men frowned at the same time. However, they did not retreat.

The panther-masked man said in a low voice, “I have to say. This guy really does seem a little dangerous. We mustn’t delay it anymore. Let’s end things quickly.”

The moment that was said, the two of them rushed right at Jackie. They attacked with their swords in hand at the same time.

There was a cold look in Jackie’s eyes.

He looked like a death god in the dark as he pushed his hands forward. The Broken Soul Blade shot forward at the two of them like an arrow.

With two clear twangs, the two of them felt their arms go numb. It was as if the swords in their hands had clashed with a large mountain. Right after that, a strange energy rapidly climbed up the swords in their hands.

It was a rotting force that caused them to freeze. The swords in their hands seemed to constantly crumble like hot steel that was thrown into ice. They paled as they quickly retreated, but it was already too late.

That energy had already climbed into their hands, entering their body through that.

The two of them felt like their souls were being bit apart by ten thousand ants. The pain was indescribable.

Suddenly, the two of them cried out in agony. Everything had happened too quickly. They were already on the ground before they could even react.

With a clang, the pain had caused them to lose control of themselves. They could no longer even hold their swords.

The panther-masked man shouted loudly, “What is this?! It hurts! Why is it so painful?!”

The two of them cried out in agony as they rolled on the ground. Their arrogance from just now had completely disappeared.

Jackie scoffed as he looked at the two of them with a cold expression in his eyes.

The two of them might be from a holy grade clan, but they were definitely not chosen disciples. At the most, they were just inner disciples. Jackie would not even be afraid to go against two chosen disciples, let alone inner disciples.

He had spoken so much with the two of them earlier merely because he wanted answers.

Jackie took a deep breath as he slowly walked towards them.

The two of them were already rolling on the ground, looking like pathetic beggars.

Rudy rushed over as well. He was quite happy looking at how much of a pathetic state the two of them were in.

He could not stop himself from punching the panther-masked man in the face, but that little bit of pain was only able to cause the masked man to flinch a little. After all, he was going through the most painful thing in the world, so being punched was nothing at all. On top of them, he had already lost his senses. Other than crying out in agony, he did not react at all.

Rudy huffed and said, “Let’s see if you can still show off and act arrogantly in front of us? Aren’t you so amazing? Why can’t you toot your own horn anymore?!”

Alfred rushed over angrily as well, kicking the two of them.

After torturing them for a moment, Jackie dispelled the energy in their souls for a moment.

When the pain diminished, the two of them slowly came to their senses.

Chapter 3342
As the pain slowly diminished, they started to weakly open their eyes.

The moment the panther-masked man looked at Jackie, his whole body froze as it shuddered slightly. He looked at Jackie like Jackie was a death god from hell.

His breathing got more erratic, and the muscles on his face refused to cooperate. He tried to retreat, but his body could not respond after the intense torture he had been through. He only managed to move a little to the back before he collapsed.

The other one was full of fear as well, not even daring to look at Jackie.

Rudy was incredibly happy at the state they were in.

He scoffed as he said to the two of them, “Didn’t you say us warriors from third grade worlds were all trash? Do you still think so? Say something. Why are you acting like you’re mute? Weren’t you having a lot of fun earlier? You said we were all prey that you could hunt at any moment.”

The two of them gulped. They knew better than anyone else what they had said.

The panther-masked man took a deep breath as his expression slowly turned more serious.

He had to admit that he made a mistake. And that he had fallen into Jackie’s hands.

If it were anywhere else, the panther-masked man might have tried to beg for mercy, but where they were at that moment, there was no coming back from a heavy injury.

Since he was going to die for sure, then he decided to not hold back. The man sneered, but he started to cough violently after being tortured for so long.

As he coughed, he shouted out, “I’m not wrong! The warriors from third grade worlds are all just animals waiting for us to slaughter!”

Rudy and Alfred stiffened in anger. They never expected the panther-masked man to remain stubborn even at this stage.

Rudy stamped on the panther-masked man‘s chest, sending him to the ground.

They were surrounded by grass, or it would have caused a lot of dirt to fly up.

The panther-masked man’s face twisted in pain as his breathing sped up. A mouthful of blood came out of his throat as he started to cough intensely again. However, he refused to submit no matter how much he coughed.

With one hand to support him, he tried to stand up again. Alfred rushed over and kicked him on the chest again. The man fell on the ground, but he did not continue struggling to get up.

He coughed violently as he sneered.

Since he was already lying on the ground in such a pathetic state, he did not care anymore, ”What? Are you feeling guilty after what I said? Are you refusing to admit that you’re just our prey? So what if you hit me?! If you can, kill me right here!”

Rudy was so angry that he wanted to do it, but Jackie stopped him.

The panther-masked man did not look like an idiot. He must have his own reasons for saying all of that. Rudy clearly did not realize that.

When Jackie pulled Rudy back, Rudy mumbled, “Jackie, why are you stopping me? Do you not hear what this guy said? If we don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll let it get to his head! Let me beat him up properly and we’ll see if he’s still going to be stubborn!”

Jackie sighed helplessly.

He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t get angered by him. He wants to use you to end himself. He doesn’t look like an idiot at all. Hurry up and go to the side. I still have some things to ask him.”

The moment Jackie said that, Rudy slowly realized what was happening.

He turned to look at the panther-masked man on the ground to see a sliver of disappointment in the man’s eyes. Even though the man wiped it away very quickly, Rudy still caught it.

Chapter 3343
Rudy’s lips twitched. He had almost let his emotions carry him away.

If Jackie had not stopped him, he would have fallen for it. That guy just wanted to anger him to the point where Rudy would end him while Jackie was distracted. He did not dare to kill himself, because he was worried that Jackie would react in time.

It would be the worst for him if Jackie managed to react in time when he tried to kill himself.

Rudy sighed, not wanting to continue on with this. He was afraid that he would be tricked again. So, he rubbed his nose and stood back

Jackie coldly looked at the panther-masked man.

He knelt down slowly as he said plainly, “Do you really want to die right now?”

The panther-masked man’s lips stiffened as he looked at Jackie in alarm.

After a long moment, he said in a low voice, “I can’t believe I was so unlucky to meet such a master. I’ll admit that there are masters in third-grade worlds, but meeting someone like you is not even a one in twenty chance. I can’t believe I was so unlucky to meet one…”

“I’ll admit it! I’ll admit your talent and skills are amazing, but I won’t retract my words. You warriors from third grade-words are just prey. As long as we want to, we can slaughter all of you!”

As he said that, he looked right into Jackie’s eyes.

When Rudy heard that, he clenched his fists, wanting to rush forward and slap the person. However, he held back after what happened earlier, looking at the panther-masked man in anger.

Jackie smirked as he said, “Are you not afraid I’ ll torture you?”

The man’s hands shook, but he quickly calmed down.

He took a deep breath as he looked at Jackie with a cold gaze, “What’s the point of being afraid? If I’m afraid and I beg you for mercy, would you let me go? It’s impossible. I know my place. Since that’s the case, why would I toss aside my dignity to beg you?!”

After saying that, he struggled to get up from the ground. He supported his body with one hand as he looked up at Jackie shakily with a resolved gaze.

He said with a hoarse voice, “Even if you torture me, you can’t torture me for that long. Don’t forget, your companions are being attacked right now. If you’re too late, they’ll all die. Are you going to just let them die?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow after he heard that.

He looked at the masked man with some interest. That guy was definitely quick with his words. In the end, the guy was afraid of Jackie torturing him. Otherwise, he would not have said all of that.

He wanted Jackie to quickly end him and head over to help his companions.

Jackie scoffed, saying with disdain, “They aren’t my companions. We’re just working together. We’ve only known each other for half a day…”

The moment he said that, Jackie looked as the man’s body completely stiffened, not expecting Jackie’s relationship with them to be so shallow.

Chapter 3344
Jackie reached out and patted the masked man on the back, “You give me a good reminder though. If I’m there too late, the battle would have ended, and I wouldn’t be able to get anything. You have three of you there. On top of the two of you, there are five in total. Five million per person, I’d be able to get a total of twenty five million.”

The moment that was said, the masked man’s eyes stopped moving.

His mouth widened as he recalled what Jackie had said earlier. The two of them had thought that there was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

Jackie had said before that there would be five and six after they were three and four.

They thought that Jackie was just crazy at that moment, or Jackie wouldn’t have been so arrogant. Now, he realized that Jackie was not arrogant, but rather just confident in his skills. He had been the ignorant one.

Jackie slowly stood up, “I do plan on going there quickly, I just don’t know if I’ll make it in time.”

Hearing Jackie’s words, the two masked men shuddered, unable to say anything. Before they say Jackie’s true skills, they had thought that everything Jackie said was a joke. Yet, when they saw how strong Jackie was, they could not longer laugh. They were even worried for their companions.

If Jackie rushed over and the fighting had still not ended, then he would completely clean up the place. The three of them would not have had the time to recover after a battle.

There was no way they would be a match for Jackie.

Their companions would also look down on Jackie thanks to his background as well. They would end up just like the two of them, turning into his rewards. The two of them felt a chill in their hearts.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he turned around. Whether the group of four could survive was not as important as the companions of the masked men were still there. As long as the three of them were still there, then Jackie was confident in dealing with all three of them.

Alfred was observing Jackie’s expressions, and could guess what Jackie was thinking. He took a deep breath. He was still a little afraid when it came to Jackie, but his intense hope had won over that fear.

He stepped forward and said to Jackie, “Can I stay behind? I want to get their Heartblood. Even though I don’t know what’s the point of it, it has to be useful since they offered such a high price. I might as well stay behind and get their Heartblood for you…”

As he said that, his voice shook slightly.

He looked up at Jackie with worry. He would immediately shut up if he realized anything was wrong, but Jackie seemed calm. He could not see any unhappiness.

Alfred mustered up the courage to continue, “I know it’s a little cruel, but these two treated others just the same way as well. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you, I don’t think it’s wrong…”

Thinking about that, a sliver of hatred flashed in Alfred’s eyes.

If Jackie had not suddenly appeared to save him, then he would have ended up like those dead warriors from the third grade worlds. After being cruelly tortured, his Heartblood would be retrieved and sold at a high price.

Just thinking about it, Alfred could not suppress his rage.

Jackie laughed and patted Alfred on the shoulder, “You’ll be in danger if you stay behind alone.”

Alfred shook his head in determination, “I’ll leave as soon as I can. If I really do end up in danger, then I’ll just chalk it down to being unlucky. There’s nothing much to say about it.”

Chapter 3345
Jackie raised his eyebrow with some surprise. He quite liked Alfred’s personality.

Since Alfred was already determined, Jackie decided to agree with it. Hearing Jackie’s conversation with Alfred, the two on the ground looked horrified.

The two of them exchanged a look, and they saw despair in their eyes. Alfred slowly turned around and retrieved a dagger from his storage ring. He coldly looked at the two of them on the ground.

He let out a faint smile, “It’s my turn after this!”

Not far away, the four who were originally sitting down and resting were already nowhere near as calm as they were.

At that moment, only three of them were holding on as one of them lay out on the ground. Conor lay on the ground hopelessly. He clutched his bleeding chest as he breathed erratically. Blood flowed from his lips to stain his clothes.

The attack was incredibly sudden. The three of them had lost any initiative in the ambush. On top of that, their opponents were incredibly strong. They were no match for their opponents at all. Even though their opponents had one less fighter than them, they could still not gain an advantage.

A man in a tiger mask quickly stabbed him in the chest. His blood frantically spurted out. After that, someone else had hit him in the chest, causing him to fly and crumple on the ground with heavy injuries.

He realized hopelessly that, unless a miracle happened, the four of them would die here.

At that moment, Conor suddenly thought of Jackie. He felt like Jackie was incredibly lucky to have managed to avoid this. He even started to hate Jackie for not being a proper scout.

If Jackie had realized that their opponents were near, they would not have been ambushed like that, and would not have lost so completely.

Based on how these people had been acting, he would definitely go through excruciating torture.

Thinking about that, Conor felt even more helpless. He clenched his teeth and immediately made a decision. Rather than being tortured by those people, he felt like ending himself would make his death cleaner.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard from afar.

Everyone there looked towards the source of the sound. When they saw Jackie and the others rushing over quickly, the three masked men immediately gathered at the center in alarm.

When they saw Jackie, everyone there was shocked.

Frederick was the first to react. He had a happy look on his face as he shouted at Jackie, “These people aren’t weak! Be careful!”

Everyone knew that, even if he did not say that, Jackie would have realized it just from the situation. However, Frederick still wanted to say it to leave a good impression on Jackie.

He wanted to show Jackie that he cared for Jackie as his companion. In truth, Frederick was afraid that Jackie would turn and run if Jackie thought that he would not be able to win. Then, they would have no hope at all.

Jackie obviously knew what Frederick was thinking. He scoffed and did not answer Frederick. Instead, he looked at the three masked men.

The three masked men looked at Jackie in alarm and suspicion.

A man with the mask of a green dragon said to Jackie, “You’re still alive?”

Chapter 3346
Jackie raised an eyebrow, acting like he did not know anything as he asked curiously, “Why wouldn’t I be alive?”

When he said that, the three of them were taken aback.

The man in the tiger mask frowned and said, “What are six and seven doing?! Are the two of them slacking off?”

A man with a black snake mask shook his head, “I don’t think so. They might not be that reliable normally, but they still know that this is important. They wouldn’t dare to slack off right now. They must have failed to kill this guy because of something unexpected.”

The tiger-masked man’s eyes shone in fury, “What kind of surprises could there be?! The two of them are just so unreliable. What do we do now? Another two appeared…”

The snake-masked man shook his head as he looked at Jackie before looking at Rudy behind Jackie.

After he looked at Rudy, the snake-masked man scoffed as he said with disdain, “The guy in front will be a bit troublesome, but the guy behind is just trash. Haven’t we already investigated it? The three of them were from Hestia Continent. How could such a useless place have anyone strong? Don’t worry, leave this guy to me. The two of them will just delay us a little.”

Conor looked at Jackie’s figure and scoffed in his heart.

He looked at Jackie’s figure and scoffed in his heart. He suddenly felt a little glad.

He thought that Jackie had been lucky enough to escape, but Jackie had actually ran right back to them. There was no one else to blame but himself. In Conor’s eyes, Even if Jackie was here, they would not be able to survive.

Their opponents were very strong. Conor felt like the three of them were probably from a holy grade clan. They might not be chosen disciples, but they were at least inner disciples. The three of them all used lower ultimate god rank techniques. They were no match for those masked men at all.

The tiger-masked man looked at Jackie coldly. He found it stranger and stranger.

Jackie was acting too calmly. He did not seem afraid to face the three of them at all. It was as if he felt like the three of them were not worth being scared of.

The masked man frowned and said, ”Brat, you’ve got some guts. You don’t seem afraid at all even facing the three of us. Should I be praising you for being bold, or should I just say you’re ignorant?”

Hearing that, Jackie’s lips curled up into a smile.

He was saying the same thing as the other two, with practically the same expression and tone.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Jackie smiling.

They felt like everything Jackie did was strange. It was like Jackie was completely crazy. It was one thing to not be afraid of a strong opponent, but Jackie was actually smiling. The more they looked, the crazier Jackie seemed.

The snake-masked man gave Jackie a once over, wanting to say something. However, he remained silent in the end.

The man in the dragon mask was furious.

He stepped forward and shouted at Jackie, “What are you laughing about? Do you think what we’re saying is funny?”

Jackie nodded sincerely. Of course, he did.

Would he laugh if he did not?

When Jackie nodded, everyone was stunned again. He actually nodded. He really was crazy, or he would not be doing any of that.

Chapter 3347
Frederick suddenly frowned as he looked everywhere.

Various thoughts surfaced in his head. He wanted to say something, but he felt like there was nothing he could say that would help. In truth, what he wanted to do was to rush over and shake Jackie awake.

Jackie had laughed enough and did not want to waste anymore time.

He had the confidence to win if he was up against two opponents, but if it was three, it would take more effort.

He turned to look at those three who were still standing, and he said, “Can the three of you try to hold two of them back? Just five minutes should be enough…”

Frederick widened his eyes at that, feeling like Jackie really was going crazy.

Did Jackie think that he could deal with one of his opponents in five minutes?

Who did he think he was?

Could Jackie really have gone mad?

Of course, he could not say that at that moment, and was merely starting to panic, not knowing what to do.

Frederick was one thing, but Conor could not take it anymore. Even though he was on the ground and heavily injured, he still shouted, “Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re saying? Do you really think you’re a match for any of them?”

Jackie frowned as he looked at Conor in exasperation.

Before he could say anything, Rudy could no longer hold back. He had not liked Conor from the start. Conor had mocked them the whole time, and even asked Jackie to toss him aside. He already hated Conor.

He narrowed his eyes and said to Conor, “Just because you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean Jackie can’t. You were bragging so much earlier, so why are you on the ground right now? You’d better just shut up and stop annoying us.”

Conor was so infuriated by Rudy that his hands shook. He spat out another mouthful of blood as his eyes reddened.

He rushed at Rudy and shouted, “What did you say?! I won’t let you off!”

Rudy did not even bat an eyelash at those threats.

He scoffed and said in disdain, “You won’t let me off? How are you going to do anything to me? Are you going to stand up and fight me? Can you even do that anymore?”

Conor shook in anger. He started to hate Rudy even more than the three masked man. He wanted to just rip Rudy apart at that moment.

Jackie sighed in exasperation. He looked at Conor coldly.

Before this, he would not have bothered to waste any time on Conor. However, Jackie had gotten sick of listening to Conor’s words, so he happened to get set off at that moment.

He took a deep breath and looked at Conor like he was looking at a beggar by the streets, “From a certain angle, your attitude is pretty similar to the warriors from second-grade worlds. You’re just too weak… You’re as weak as paper. Even calling you trash would be praising you…”

“Rudy’s right, you just love to brag. You were so arrogant earlier, so I thought you’d at least be in second place among the four of you, but now it seems like you’re the weakest.”

Jackie was being honest with his words.

Conor had been so annoying because Conor looked down on the weak. When he found out that Jackie was from Hestia Continent, he quickly made his judgment. No matter what Jackie did, he would disapprove.

Chapter 3348
He was no different from those warriors from second-grade worlds who love to show off how strong they were. The only difference was that Conor was not as strong as them. Yet, he acted in the same way as them.

Conor’s expression darkened. He looked at Jackie with clenched teeth, and his hatred for Jackie soared.

“I won’t let you off even if I have to haunt you!” Conor said hatefully.

“Have you wasted enough time?” the tiger-masked man said with a frown.

Jackie was acting too strangely, so the man wanted to end things quickly. He did not want to waste any more time.

He stepped forward and walked towards Jackie.

As he walked, he said, “Brat! Didn’t you say you wanted a duel? You even said you’d deal with one of us in less than five minutes. I’ll give you a chance!”

As he said that, he looked at fame with a cold gaze.

The man was already thinking about how he would torture this guy who did not know his place. He wanted Jackie to know the gap between them. He meant to wake Jackie up.

Frederick and the others exchanged a worried look with each other.

They did not think that Jackie could win, and felt like Jackie’s actions were all absurd. However, Jackie did not care what they were thinking at that moment.

The tiger masked man walked over, and Jackie merely said coldly, “The three of you deal with the other two. Help me stall for time.”

Frederick’s lips twitched helplessly.

In the end, he could not stop himself from saying, “Are you able to?”

Jackie could not be bothered to answer Frederick.

He started to form seals with his hands, and after a few moments, the Broken Soul Blade appeared in front of him. The vortex of energy constantly spun around him.

Ever since he learned a storm god rank technique, Jackie had experienced how terrifying it’s power was. Even at the first stage of Soul Sky, its power had already exceeded Destroying the Void.

The tiger-masked man could not help but sneer when he saw that Jackie was already starting to attack, “Do you want to die that badly? I’ll grant you your wish! Let me tell you, I love to torture people I don’t like. I really dislike you!”

“When you’re screaming in pain as I torture you later, you’d better not beg for mercy from me. It’s useless even if you do that!”

As he said that, he looked right at Jackie.

He was surprised when Jackie acted like he did not hear that threat at all. It was as if Jackie felt like his words were not worth listening to at all.

His whole body shook as he retrieved a sword from his spatial ring. Since Jackie seemed to show no emotions at all, he would use his actions to show Jackie how being tortured felt like.

He shot forward as his blade glowed in a cold light.

A massive force started to circular his sword. He aimed his sword right at Jackie’s head. With a slash, the attack charged right at Jackie.

Jackie’s expression did not change. Just like before, he pushed his hands forward, and the Broken Soul Blade charged forward rapidly. The gray blood’s energy clashed with the other man’s attack. With a massive boom, they started to hear cracks.

Before anyone could react, the masked man’s sword shattered in the air.

The masked man widened his eyes and mouth as he looked at everything in shock. However, the shock did not last that long.

After the Broken Soul Blade Shattered the sword, it charged at the masked man’s chest without stopping.

Chapter 3349
It was so quick, and they were not far away with. Even a chosen disciple from their clan would not be able to avoid it, let alone the tiger-masked man.

The man let out a cry of agony in the air. He clutched his chest with his hands as his face suddenly paled.

Right after that, he seemed to lose all his energy as he fell to the ground. With a bang, the man fell face first onto the ground.

Frederick was stunned. He had his mouth widened as he held his weapon with both his hands. His whole body stiffened.

After a long moment, he rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.

Then, he let out an elated expression as he said, “He’s actually so strong! We really picked up a treasure! It looks like we’re saved!”

As he said that, he sounded a little choked up.

Before Jackie appeared, he had already planned for the worst.

In the worst case, he would just kill himself before he fell. Then, he would not need to be tortured. However, he felt reluctant to even entertain the thought, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Reality would not change just because he was reluctant. He just never expected to suddenly see a glimmer of hope.

After the masked man fell on the ground, he constantly rolled around in pain. He could not stop his cries of agony. Other than Jackie, the others shivered when they heard those cries.

It was easy to see how much torture the masked man was going through from those cries.

The other two masked man started to look at Jackie differently. The disdain was already gone from their faces. All there was left was fear and shock.

Jackie walked forward and looked at the two of them, “You asked me why I was laughing earlier. Let me explain it to you know. It’s just that the two of you said the exact same thing as the other two masked men earlier.”

The moment he said that, the two remaining masked men could no longer remain calm.

They suddenly understood everything. Their companions had not gone and done something else, but had died to Jackie.

The two of them took a step back. They no longer had any other thoughts in mind.

They just wanted to hurry up and leave. Jackie was too horrifying. Their companions had already died to him, so the two of them would definitely struggle. Even if they were lucky enough to not die from Jackie, there was still the other three.

If all four of them worked together, it would be incredibly difficult for the two masked men to run.

They exchanged a look, and could see what each other was thinking. Neither of them spoke as they started to retreat, attempting to distance themselves from Jackie.

However, Jackie was no idiot. He would not let them just run like that.

He looked at Frederick, “What are you all staring at? Don’t you see that those two are trying to run? Go stop them!”

Only then did Frederick react.

He immediately moved to stop the two of them, but the two of them were already ready. If they did not run at that moment, they would not be able to again. For the sake of surviving, they put in everything they had.

Frederick and the others attacked with full force as well, but they were still beaten back by the two.

Jackie could not help but shake his head at the sight. However, the two of them were still delayed enough to give Jackie enough time to do something.

Jackie activated the laws of space and disappeared from the spot.

When he appeared again, he was behind the two of them. They were terrified when they saw Jackie suddenly appearing.

Chapter 3350
The two of them never expected Jackie to be so quick. In just a blink of the eye, he was already behind them.

The dragon-masked man shook in fright. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

Before he could cry out in agony, he felt a chill in his chest. With a squelch, he saw that his chest had already been pierced by Jackie. Blood flowed out like a fountain, staining his clothes.

Jackie expression was still cold.

After that stab, he quickly pulled out his blade and sent out another stab.

The snake-masked man cried out in agony as well. The two of them were no match for Jackie. More precisely, they had no right to even face Jackie.

They were just bugs that could be killed at any moment in Jackie’s eyes. They were not even able to withstand Jackie’s attacks, let alone fight back.

Earlier, Jackie’s stabs had contained the powers of Destroying the Void and Soul Sky. Even if the two of them had used any protective techniques, they would not have been able to stop Jackie.

With two thuds, their bodies violently fell on the ground. Pain flooded their minds as they cried out in agony.

Those three who had been so arrogant earlier had become wretched dogs that were just writhing on the ground.

Soul attribute attacks left no room for doubt. No matter how strong one was, they would still not be able to withstand injuries to their souls.

Jackie slowly descended, and calmly kept his blade. He walked forward and slowly got closer to the three who were struggling on the ground.

Frederick and the others were stunned.

All of them had widened eyes as their lips twitched. They could not believe what they were seeing. They even forgot to breathe at that moment. After all, everything Jackie had done seemed unbelievable to them.

Jackie looked so unremarkable. He did not seem like some great warrior at all. He also lacked the pride of a great warrior.

Frederick’s lips twitched as he whispered to Len next to him, “This is a miracle. I thought we were dead for sure. I can’t believe we accidentally managed to save ourselves.”

Len’s pale face was gradually regaining some color.

He had been seeped in despair earlier, and had already planned on killing himself. After all, he knew very well that he would have to wait to be tortured the moment he was too injured to move. He did not want to die in such a pathetic manner.

Len took a deep breath. His hands were clenched tightly as he turned around and said emotionally, “We really were lucky. If Jackie wasn’t here. We would have been dead. We might even have been tortured.”

Saying that, he gulped emotionally. Tears were gathering in his eyes and his breathing got quicker.

He reached out and grabbed Frederick’s arm.

He said through clenched teeth, “These despicable men look at us like we’re prey. They think that we’re just livestock that they can slaughter however they want. They think we’re all trash! We finally managed to get one back!”

They had been struggling the whole time. Even though they did not say anything, they felt a lot of pressure in their hearts. It was like a large stone was pressing down on their hearts, suffocating them.

Len sniffed and continued, “Even if I don’t want to admit it, that’s still the truth. We have some strong warriors in the third grade worlds, but we still end up in a pathetic state facing the second grade worlds.”


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