No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3339 – 3340

Chapter 3339
The panther-masked man’s lips twitched, feeling like he had heard a great joke, “Are you crazy? Have you been scared dumb? Who gave you the courage to think that you’d be able to kill the two of us!”

“You wouldn’t even be able to face us one-on-one, let alone two against one. Even two of you wouldn’t be able to face me. I’ve seen quite a few warriors from second-grade worlds, but you’re the first one who’s so arrogant.”

As he said that, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Jackie with a cold expression. That look seemed like he wanted to rip Jackie apart.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not really wanting to bother with him at all. He was incredibly calm at that moment, not showing any changes at all.

The panther-masked man felt more and more annoyed by Jackie. He pulled out his sword from his storage space.

“Brat, You’ll pay for everything you’ve said! I was planning on just torturing you for an hour before letting you die, but I’ve changed my mind. Since you’re so arrogant, I’ll make sure to torture you for two hours to clam myself!”

Those words were like nothing to Jackie. It did not cause him to react at all. Jackie stood there as calmly as ever.

The cloud-masked man frowned at how Jackie was acting.

He whispered to the panther-masked man, “I think this guy is a bit strange. We should be careful when we act.”

Hearing that, the panther-masked man did not think much about it.

He scoffed and looked at the other man in disdain, “Can you stop being so paranoid about everything? What part of this guy looks threatening? There’s clearly just something wrong with his head. Even if he was threatening, would he be able to beat the two of us?”

The cloud-masked man sighed.

He felt like something was different about this guy. He could not tell how strong that guy was at that moment, but his intuition told him that Jackie was stronger than an ordinary third-grade world warrior.

However, he still chose to shut his mouth. He mumbled to himself that, even if Jackie seemed a little strange, Jackie was still from a third grade world.

The panther-masked man said coldly, “You’re just too overly careful. I’ll admit that they have some strong warriors in third-grade worlds, but it’s nothing like ours in number. We’ve already looked up all the pictures of the strong warriors from the third-grade worlds before this anyway. It’s the first time I’ve seen this face.”

The cloud-masked man took a deep breath and nodded earnestly. He really was being overly cautious.

At that moment, Jackie finally said something, “I have a question. Could you two help me answer it?”

The two of them were stunned when they heard that.

The panther masked man’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Jackie was acting stranger and stranger. He was even asking them a question in a situation like this. However, since they were about to torture him to death, there was no reason not to answer a question.

The panther-masked man raised an eyebrow as he nodded with interest. He wondered what kind of question it would be.

Jackie said slowly, “Why are you trying to kill warriors from third-grade worlds? I know that the slaughter game is a deathmatch in itself, but killing is the main draw. If you want to get the rewards, you can just kill your opponents. There’s no need to torture them to death unless you have some deep grudge. The two of you don’t look sick in the head, so why?”

Chapter 3340
The panther-masked man smirked and revealed a cruel smile, “You’re the first warrior from a third-grade world to ask me that. Since you’re about to die, I’ll be merciful and answer your question.”

“It’s because we’ll only be able to get your Heartblood by torturing you. We need a lot of Heartblood. Killing you will get us five million spirit crystals as a reward. With your Heartblood, someone will exchange it with us for a large amount of spirit crystals. The Heartblood from a single person can get you like six million spirit crystals.”

Jackie’s eyes widened as anger slowly burned in his heart.

His calm exterior was finally starting to crack.

So the torturing of the warriors from third grade worlds was for the sake of their Heartblood. Heartblood could get them spirit crystals.

Jackie took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart. He continued with a low voice, “Do you need to torture someone to get their Heartblood?”

The panther-masked man answered with a laugh, “Of course you do. Only when a person experiences true hopelessness will their blood start to flow frantically. A lot of bleed essence will flow into the heart. The more pain and despair there is, the more Heartblood there will be. That’s why we’re willing to slowly torture you with our time.”

Jackie’s expression soured greatly when he heard that.

The answer had successfully ignited his fury.

Those people did not View warriors from third grade worlds as people at all, but prey to be hunted. Before they were killed, all the value had to be extracted.

Jackie’s breathing got quicker. There was a cold glint in his eyes.

Rudy and Alfred started to tremble when they heard that answer too. They were both furious, wanting nothing more than to rush in to fight to their deaths. That answer was far too cruel and unacceptable.

Anger and rage slowly accumulated in their hearts.

Rudy could no longer control himself.

He shouted out, “You’re so despicable and shameless! For the sake of Heartblood, you tortured so many innocent people to death. Don’t you think that’s cruel?”

The panther-masked man laughed out loud at Rudy’s question. He felt like the three in front of him were incredibly amusing.

He coldly looked at Jackie and the others, “Who do you think you are? Torturing you is despicable and shameless? Don’t flatter yourselves. You should be thankful that you became spirit crystals for us. This world has always been survival of the fittest. You’re no match for us, so we can naturally treat you however we want.”

Those words cause the three of them to get even angrier.

Rudy was so angry his hands were shaking, “That’s too much! What is he trying to say? Does he think we’re subhuman?”

Jackie nodded. After taking a few breaths, he composed himself.

He narrowed his eyes, not wanting to say anything else. Their opponents had run our of patience as well. They wanted torture the three of them sooner to get more Heartblood.

The masked men exchanged a look, and the two of them split up, one to the right and one to the left. They started to get closer to Jackie.

The cloud-masked man pulled out a sword from his storage space as well.

The two of them were like soldiers in the night. They were surrounded with murderous intent. Any warriors who were weaker would have collapsed when surrounded by that intent. Yet, it was nothing to Jackie at all.

Jackie did not pull out a single weapon.

He merely looked at the two of them coldly, forming seal after seal with hands. Those seals constantly danced around in the air, slowly merging together to form a Broken Soul Blade.


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