No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3337 – 3338

Chapter 3337
Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything. However, various thoughts surfaced in his head.

He was also trying to guess what the warriors from the second-grade worlds were trying to do. He agreed with Frederick.

The warriors from the second-grade worlds were all arrogant, but it was not like all of them had a screw loose.

Torturing people to death was both cruel and a waste of time. They definitely had a reason for doing it. It was just that none of them knew what it was at the moment, and had no means of guessing.

After another hour, Len returned.

Len sat back with the group with a thankful look on his face. Jackie did not even pause before he stood up and brought Rudy and Alfred along to keep watch.

As Jackie left, Conor scoffed and said, “What an idiot. I don’t know what he’ s thinking about bringing those two along. It’s not like this place is some charity. Bringing those two along just means he’s putting himself in even more danger.”

“With how he seems to be acting, he’ll definitely try to protect the two of them in the face of any danger. That would just be endangering himself.”

Frederick shook his head, retrieving some water from his storage ring and taking two gulps, “Everyone has their own choices. Even though I don’t agree with his choice, it’s not something we have to bear with. Let him do what he wants to.”

Jackie walked forward for a bit more before he stopped.

That was where they were keeping watch. Rudy had a long face as he mumbled, “That Conor sure talks a lot. He thinks that he can make all the decisions just because he has some skill.”

Alfred looked at Rudy for a moment, but did not say anything. He did not dare to voice any opinions.

Jackie smiled and said, “Conor is just saying all of that because he thinks that what he thinks is common sense. He feels like everyone should make the same decisions as him.”

Rudy scoffed, throwing the thought aside. It was because he was slowly realizing that he was in no place to say anything. Jackie would not be wrong choosing to save them or to give up on them.

At that moment, they suddenly heard footsteps from afar.

Jackie looked up and did not hesitate to burn up the sound array, sending the message to the others.

Alfred and Rudy immediately stood behind Jackie. They looked at the source of the sound in the alarm. As the footsteps got closer, they saw who had come.

There were two people who appeared, and both of them wore different masks. They looked to be dressed similarly, and had blue clouds on their clothes.

Rudy frowned, “More warriors from the Sacred Water Continent…”

He did not have a good impression on the Sacred Water Continent.

Those two should have already noticed them early on, but they had walked over to reveal themselves, letting Jackie and the others hear their footsteps before walking over in broad daylight. It seemed like the two of them did not regard Jackie’s party as anything at all.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he stared at those two coldly.

Their masks were both different. The one on the left had a black panther mask on, while the one on the right had a mask with blood red clouds.

Chapter 3338
The man in the panther mask suddenly laughed, “How lucky are we? Only one of these three can fight. The other two are trash!”

The man with the clouds on his mask scoffed, “Don’t be so happy. The other four might be even more trash. We should deal with this place quickly. He’s still waiting for us to report on the numbers. We should use the same method as before and get a bit more Heartblood.”

The two of them were talking without any fear, not caring that Jackie and the other two were listening at all.

Rudy locked right into the key words.

He looked at Jackie and whispered, “What’s Heartblood?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as various guesses surfaced in his head. All those things he did not understand from before started to make sense the moment he heard the word Heartblood, but it was not the time for explanation.

He turned to shoot Rudy a look, making Rudy retreat for the moment. Rudy hurriedly pulled Alfred back. Even though he did not want to admit it, the two of them were just burdens. They were useless during moments like these.

To stop their opponents from suddenly attacking, Rudy and Alfred did not retreat two far.

They merely made sure to get a few dozen meters away.

The two masked men still talked amongst themselves even when they saw Rudy and Alfred retreating, not caring at all.

Rudy sighed, lamenting how useless he was. Even their opponents did not care about it. It was not that they did not see what was happening, but they did not care. In their eyes, only Jackie was really an opponent.

Even if Rudy and Alfred frantically ran away, they would not be able to escape the masked men.

After their conversation, the masked men finally looked at Jackie. They looked at Jackie like they were looking at a death row inmate.

Jackie coldly met their gaze, not showing any emotion the whole time. It was like the two standing in front of him were not strong opponents at all. They were just weaklings he could get rid off at any moment.

The panther-masked man was unhappy about that.

He had already killed two since the slaughter game started. Every person he met would always tremble in fear and look at them in alarm.

Yet, Jackie was incredibly calm, as if nothing would affect him at all.

The panther-masked man scoffed, “Brat, aren’t you afraid? Are you just pretending? Or is there something wrong with your head?”

In the panther-masked man’s mind, Jackie could only be so calm for one of two reasons.

One, he was pretending to be calm to put on an act. Two, there was something wrong with his head, and he did not know what he was facing at all.

Jackie took a deep breath and said calmly, ”You’re the third and he’s the fourth.There’ll still be the fifth and sixth after this. I just don’t know how many I need to kill to place in the top three.”

Jackie’s words managed to stun them.

The panther-masked man blinked, not believing what he was hearing for a moment.

What was that guy saying?

He said that they were going to be his third and fourth?

There would even be a fifth and sixth.

Did this guy really think he could kill them?.


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