No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3336

Chapter 3336
The air around them was quite humid, but it was definitely a safe spot.

Conor stood in place and said as he looked around, “Even though we have a lot of cover, we’re definitely not completely safe. We should split up and keep watch separately. The moment we see any movement, we should notify everyone else…”

All of them nodded in agreement.

Before the slaughter game ended, they needed to be on high alert. If they fell into any traps or ended up surrounded, then the consequences would be dire.

Those warriors from second-grade worlds were all sick in the head. They would hunt and torture the warriors from third-grade worlds with the cruelest methods.

No one wanted to die so horribly, so they were all on full alert. After Frederick thought about it, he decided to rotate the watch. After a certain interval, he would send a different person out as a scout, observing the surroundings for any movements.

The moment a dangerous situation was noticed, they would tell the rest with a sound array.

Conor looked at Jackie, as did Rudy and Alfred who were behind Jackie. He said coldly, “The three of you will be counted as one. that’ll be more fair to all of us.”

Jackie nodded immediately. It was precisely what he wanted.

He would not be able to relax if Rudy was scouting alone at all. After all, Rudy was no match against anyone with his skills.

Alfred lowered his head regretfully, feeling like he was useless. The first person to take watch was Len from Chaos Continent, while Jackie was the next.

Each person kept watch for two hours.

Jackie patted Alfred’s shoulder, getting Alfred to try and recover while he had the chance.

Alfred nodded, not hesitating at all to sit down and try to recover with a large amount of pills. After Len left, six of them were left behind. They sat down in a circle, but Jackie did not rest. Instead, he looked at his surroundings with open eyes.

Even though he had joined the group, he did not trust anyone other than Rudy, including Alfred. He brought Alfred along, but it did not mean that Jackie trusted Alfred completely.

It was just that Alfred was from Phoenix Valley, and had never betrayed them. Even though he was looking around, his awareness was focused on the others. If anyone decided to do anything to Rudy, Jackie would react immediately.

As time passed, Conor suddenly spoke after an hour, “What do these people actually want? Why are they trying to kill off all the warriors from third-grade worlds? The slaughter game is just a test. They can just kill anyone they want if they want to rank highly. Why do they have to torture the third-grade worlds?”

Conor could not figure it out at al. He could not understand why the warriors from the second-grade worlds were acting like that.

Would it benefit them at all?

Or were they all just crazy?

Frederick sighed as his expression soured, “Who knows how they’re thinking? I’m only sure of one thing. They’re definitely getting something out of this. Even though we hate them a lot, it’s not like all of them are sick in the head.”

“The stronger a warrior is, the colder they usually are. Unless we had some deep seeded grudge, there’s no way they’d be torturing us like this. Torturing someone takes time. If they want to rank highly, they would have to make sure they’re not wasting any time and to kill as many as possible. Aren’t they just defeating the purpose by doing so?”

When he said that, everyone had some worry and fear on their faces.

Even though they hated the warriors from the second-grade worlds, they had to admit that those warriors were strong. If they did not work together, they would not stand a chance.


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