No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3321 – 3330

Chapter 3321
Guzman could not hold his anger back after hearing that.

He clenched his teeth and looked at Jackie, raising his voice, “Brat, don’t try to overestimate yourself. I know you’re skilled, but you won’t be able to deal with me that easily at my full strength. Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me!”

Jackie could not help but laugh when he heard that.

He looked at Guzman with an expression full of mockery, like Guzman was an idiot. He did not want to continue talking to the man.

Jackie wanted to use Guzman to train himself too.

He then took a deep breath before he shut his eyes. His hands constantly moved as he formed seal after seal. This time, his seals were different. They looked much more complicated than before.

A meter-long blade slowly condensed in front of Jackie. It was the storm god rank technique, Soul Sky’s first level, the Broken Soul Blade.

To learn the Broken Soul Blade, Jackie had absorbed countless treasures. They were worth at least seventy or eighty million spirit crystals. Just thinking about it could make hurt someone. However, Jackie felt like it was all worth it when he saw the Broken Soul Blade successfully condensing.

He narrowed his eyes and pushed forward. The Broken Soul Blade flew right at Guzman.

Guzman broke out in cold sweat. Even though his heart told him he could not be afraid, and that he might not lose in a head-on battle, he did not have the courage in the end.

The moment the Broken Soul Blade flew over, he abruptly turned around and fled toward the east.

He no longer cared about his dignity at that moment. Even if news got out and ruined his reputation, he still did not mind as surviving was more important. He did not want to turn into five million spirit crystals in Jackie’s hands. However, the reality was different from the imagination.

He frantically ran away, but he was still a step slow in the end. The Broken Soul Blade was right behind him, and Guzman felt a crazy power right behind him, constantly emanating.

At that moment, he did not even dare to turn around. He focused on running away, but he was not able to at all.

As a piercing sound was heard, a massive pain was felt in his chest. He was shocked to realize that the blade had pierced through his heart from his back. The pain of his soul being ripped apart started to come from his chest.

He was in so much pain that he cried out in agony, unable to control his true energy. He fell to the ground with a slam.

Jackie slowly walked over to Guzman. When he arrived in front of Guzman, he took Rudy out of Mustard Seed.

Rudy had seen everything that had happened through Mustard Seed.

He shook his head in exasperation, “You warriors from second-grade worlds sure love to show that you’re strong than others. You’re always so certain that warriors from third-grade worlds are just stepping stones for you. In my eyes, those thoughts are what kills you.”

At that moment, Guzman no longer had his earlier temperament. He could not tell what was happening around him at all thanks to the pain in his soul. He could only roll around on the ground, trying to relieve the pain.

Guzman had completely lost all his rationality from the torture. He just rolled around on the ground mindlessly.

Rudy shook his head helplessly, feeling like Guzman was actually a bit pitiful.

Meeting Jackie was the unluckiest thing that had ever happened to Guzman.

Chapter 3322
Jackie raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Rudy, “Normally, I’d torture him with the exact method that he threatened to do to me. It’s just a pity that I’m short on time. I don’t really know how much I can earn. Every second I waste might be five million spirit crystals less.”

Right after he said that, he pointed forward, and the blade pushed forward.

Guzman let out a final cry of agony before his body stopped moving.

Jackie said, ”You’re lucky…”

He did not bother sparing the corpse another glance as he brought Rudy forward.

The two of them had walked for some time when Rudy finally broke the silence. “Do you have any plans? I feel like you’re definitely going to aim for the top three standings, but the top three standings don’t care about your skill. It’s down to how many people you kill. Should we figure out a plan to find even more targets?”

Jackie turned to look at Rudy.

He took a deep breath as he looked into the distance, “I did have a plan before this, but the plan has been shelved. I have a new plan now. I won’t kill everyone I see, it’s too cruel. I’ll just keep moving like this, killing whoever tries to do anything to me.”

Jackie said it in a carefree manner, but it was exactly something Jackie would do.

Rudy sighed, really wanting to see who the next unlucky person would be.

Jackie’s skills were enough to beat any participant in the slaughter game. Only tragedy awaited anyone who would dare to challenge Jackie.

Just as he was thinking about it, they heard some commotion in the distance.

Jackie and Rudy both looked toward the source of the sound. They saw two figures charging right at them.

The closer the two of them got, the more Jackie could make out what they looked like. The person in front was a handsome man in dark red robes. However, no matter how good he looked, he was definitely in a bad state at that moment. There were many injuries on his body, and blood constantly flowed.

His pale expression showed pain.

It was obvious that he was being tortured by the injuries. Even so, he still clenched his teeth and rushed forward.

Behind him was someone in blue robes. The person behind him had blue robes with clouds embroidered on the neckline. Looking at that, Jackie knew that the person was from Sacred Water Continent.

The warrior from Sacred Water Continent had a pleased smile on his face as his hands constantly moved, sending slashes at the person who was running away.

Even though the person in front was in a bad state, he still managed to constantly dodge and avoid most of the strikes. However, a few strikes still landed on him.

The blood-red slashes easily cut open his skin, causing the blood to flow out.

The warrior from Sacred Water Continent did not look like he was in a hurry at all. Even though most of his attacks were being avoided, he did not seem to care and seemed to find joy within.

Rudy looked at the scene and grabbed Jackie’s arm tightly.

There was a sharp glint in his eyes, “The person behind is doing it on purpose! He’s treating the person behind as prey and just playing around. This is too much!”

Rudy’s hands shook. He looked incredibly angry at that moment. Even his breathing had sped up.

As the two of them got closer and closer, Jackie was surprised to find that the person in front was wearing robes from Phoenix Valley.

Chapter 3323
After the constant attacks from the warrior from Sacred Water Continent, his robes were incredibly ripped. Hence, Jackie and Rudy had no way to see it from a distance.

Rudy furiously said, “It’s actually Alfred Long! I can’t believe we’re seeing him here! He’s a chosen disciple from Phoenix Valley!”

Back when both of them were in Phoenix Valley, the alchemists and martial artists had been separated.

Rudy had never interacted with the warriors before, even though Jackie had. However, at the Hestia Continent’s area under the Red Sun Monument, Rudy had seen quite a few chosen disciples from Phoenix Valley.

Those chosen disciples did not recognize Jackie and Rudy and did not know who they were. Jackie had entered and left in a hurry, so he did not recognize any of them even though he had earned their respect.

Rudy was different. When Jackie was climbing the Red Sun, he had gotten to know quite a few of the warriors there since he had been around. So, he immediately recognized Alfred. He still remembered how proud and proper Alfred looked when he first met the man.

Rudy could not believe the state Alfred was in. He was completely covered in cuts and bruises. He looked like he was about to collapse at any moment. However, he still held firm.

He clenched his teeth and refused to give up on running away.

Rudy’s hands trembled as his anger burned. Even though he did not really care about Phoenix Valley, he could still not stand it.

He could not stand a chosen disciple from Phoenix Valley being treated like that, and could not bear warriors from Hestia Continent being treated like that either.

The world was cruel, that was something he was acutely aware of. However, he could not bear it when he saw that cruelty in action.

He turned around and grabbed Jackie’s arm, “Let’s save him. It’s too pitiful!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying calmly, ”It does look pitiful, but it really isn’t. Since he agreed to participate in the slaughter game, then he needs to bear with this. It’s not a game for children. He’ll meet various different kinds of people, and death is unavoidable.”

Rudy nodded.

He looked at Jackie earnestly as he said anxiously, “You’re right. This place is full of death. The slaughter game is somewhere you need to be prepared to die. I wouldn’t have anything to say if he had just been killed.”

“But just look at that. He’s being tortured and humiliated. I know that he’s probably already prepared mentally since he agreed to participate, but he probably never expected these people to be so evil, chasing him around like a cat toying with a mouse, constantly torturing him.”

Jackie sighed. In truth, he would have interfered even if Rudy did not say anything. He patted Rudy on the shoulder before shooting forward.

It was only when he felt the gust of wind did Alfred realize that there was someone in front of him.

He widened his eyes. When he saw the person that was in front of him, Alfred’s eyes suddenly lit up. He could not help but shout, “ Jackie!”

The tone of that shout stunned Jackie. After all, he might have already cut ties with Phoenix Valley, but he was still someone who entered the Whirling World as an alchemist from Phoenix Valley.

Technically, he could be considered a part of Phoenix Valley too.

Chapter 3324
Could that guy know who he was?

That thought was quickly discarded from Jackie’s mind.

Rudy and he were not in the main group. Other than a very small number of alchemists, no one would know the two of them. Furthermore, any warriors who managed to enter a level four city would definitely be a chosen disciple of Phoenix Valley. They would never have had the chance to interact.

That person probably shouted that way because Jackie was the shield of Hestia Continent.

With that in mind, Jackie was already next to Alfred, shielding Alfred behind him.

He looked at the warrior from Sacred Water Continent coldly.

That warrior smirked at Jackie. “You know him? He’s a warrior from Hestia Continent too? That’s great then. I’ll deal with you two together. If not for the slaughter game, you wouldn’t be worth ten million spirit crystals. You should thank the slaughter game for your value!”

The warrior was basically calling Jackie and Alfred trash.

Alfred was already used to it. He had been chased by that person the whole time and had heard various things that person said.

When Jackie heard it, he looked at that person, “I just need one strike to deal with someone like you. I didn’t need to waste my time, but I changed my mind. I can’t just let you die so quickly after what you said.”

Jackie’s eyes were cold. Even Rudy shuddered when he saw that expression.

He could tell that Jackie was angry. They had encountered a lot in the Whirling World, but Jackie rarely got angry.

Each time, the person who angered Jackie would pay a heavy price. However, he did not bother wondering how Jackie would deal with that man.

Rudy rushed over to Alfred and took out a robe from his storage space before putting it around Alfred.

Alfred looked at Rudy tearfully. It was like he found his family. He sniffed and wiped away his tears, “Thank you both! I’ll definitely repay you!”

Rudy stopped him, “That’s not the time for this. Who is that guy? What’s his name?”

Alfred sniffed and turned to look at that warrior hatefully, “That person is called Raul Ochoa. He’s an inner disciple from a holy grade clan. I’m no match for him. I was unlucky enough to meet him the moment we entered.”

“He told me where he was from and attacked me right away. If he just killed me immediately, I would have nothing to say. After all, fifty percent of warriors die in the slaughter game, and it’s even higher for us from third- grade worlds…”

“I came here knowing that I might die, but I can’t believe Raul decided to humiliate me before engaging in this game of cat and mouse. I was chased by him all the way here before I met you two.”

Saying that Alfred looked at Raul with deep hatred.

Jackie sighed as he patted Alfred on the shoulder, “Treat your injuries. Leave everything else to me.”

Chapter 3325
Alfred looked at Jackie full of hope. To him, Jackie was a hero of Hestia Continent.

He was someone unbeatable, so what if he was facing a disciple of a holy grade clan?

Even chosen disciples from holy grade clans were no match for Jackie, let alone an inner disciple.

Rudy helped Alfred to sit up, producing a pill from his storage ring for him. Raul looked at everything with interest. He did not even react when Alfred recovered, allowing them to do so.

He looked incredibly confident as if he was telling the three of them that he was in control no matter what they did. They would not be able to escape him.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Raul with some interest.

Raul walked forward, looking at Jackie, “It looks like you’re quite a bit stronger than that guy.”

Jackie merely smiled, not bothering to respond.

Raul was not annoyed by it and merely said to himself, “Three of you would be worth fifteen million and I’ll be able to get fifteen million in one go. I haven’t even been here for that long, I’m so lucky. As long as I keep up with this luck, I’ll be able to finish in the top ten rankings.”

Jackie sneered as he said, “Sacred Water Continent is a second-grade world. Each warrior from your world looks down on warriors from third-grade worlds just because you have a bit of skill. You always face everyone with that attitude, but it will lead to your death…”

Raul laughed at Jackie’s words, looking at Jackie like an idiot.

He pointed at Jackie and said, “Don’t you think you’re being hilarious? If you came from Chaos Continent, I might agree. After all, Chaos Continent is going to be promoted to a second-grade world soon, but how dare someone from Hestia Continent speak like this?!”

“Where did you get your courage from? It’s not like you don’t know what sort of place Hestia Continent is. Hestia Continent is at the bottom of third-grade worlds. Even if you’re the strongest in the continent, you’re no stronger than a wandering warrior from Scared Water Continent.”

Alfred widened his eyes when he heard that.

He looked at Raul and angrily shouted, “You called me ignorant just now, but it looks like you’re the ignorant one. Don’t beg for mercy later!”

He had been in too much of a rush to speak and ended up coughing intensely. He had been tortured quite a lot while Raul insulted Hestia Continent the whole time.

He said that anyone from Sacred Water Continent would be unbeatable in Hestia Continent.

Alfred was someone who would not allow Hestia Continent to be insulted. He was going to retort, but he had been beaten down by Raul. Yet, he still refused to admit defeat.

He admitted that he was weaker than Raul, but he still had his pride. He refused to lower his head. Jackie’s expression was calm, but a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

Raul laughed even harder as he pointed at Alfred, “You just refuse to admit that the warriors of Hestia Continent are all ants that can be killed easily. I know you’re proud, but so what? Pride is useless to me. Pride is only useful when you’re strong. Otherwise, you’d just look like an idiot!”

Jackie raised his hand to interrupt Raul.

He coldly looked at Raul, “I’ll remember everything you’ve said. Don’t cry later on, and don’t beg for mercy…”

Chapter 3326
Raul pursed his lips in exasperation.

This kid was truly something else…

He initially thought that Jackie was just a brainless fool with how Jackie looked down on him. Surprisingly, Jackie proved to be much worse over time.

Raul narrowed his eyes. “I had planned on torturing both you and Alfred slowly to death, but I’ve changed my mind now. Punishing you as gently as I did with Alfred would be too kind for you, so I have a hundred crueler ways to deal with you. It’s the price you pay for being arrogant.”

Jackie calmly listened to everything he said.

A thought flashed in his head, and he suddenly smirked and said, “I saw you attacking earlier. You were using a soul attribute technique. Are you a soul attribute warrior?”

Guzman had been from Sacred Water Continent and had used the soul attribute as well.

The man in front of him also used the soul attribute, so Jackie could not help but wonder if the Sacred Water Continent had a lot of soul attribute techniques and soul attribute warriors.

Raul raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie with interest, wanting to see what he would say.

Smiling, Jackie said calmly, “What a coincidence; I’m a soul attribute warrior as well and use a soul attribute technique. Since that’s the case, why don’t we compete? If I lose, I’ll give you something. If I win, you’ll give me your treasure.”

Raul did not expect that Jackie would dare to challenge him, and moreover, he could not believe that he was a soul attribute warrior as well. In Raul’s eyes, the soul attribute was sacred.

Warriors that were not talented were not worthy of the soul attribute at all, and all soul attribute warriors were incredibly talented. However, he was forced to revise that opinion.

To him, Jackie was from Hestia and thus had no right to use the soul attribute. However, there was no way Jackie was lying at that


When he realized that, Raul stared at Jackie unhappily, “Even you can learn the soul attribute?”

Upon hearing this, Jackie could not help but chuckle.

Not too long ago, a warrior from the Sacred Water Continent had said the same thing. Jackie had spoken back at that moment, but when facing Raul, he only felt amused.

After all, that warrior was going through excruciating torture as his soul was being ripped apart at that moment, and it would not be long until he perished.

With that thought in mind, a message suddenly flashed in Jackie‘s head.

The message indicated that Jackie had obtained five million spirit crystals. His eyes lit up as he understood what happened.

It seemed that Guzman was dead, and five million was given to him as a reward for that. Once he left the isolated space, the spirit crystals would appear before him.

Jackie took a deep breath as he stared at Raul with interest. “You’ll know whether or not I’m worthy of the soul attribute soon enough. However, it would be meaningless if we just fight over it.”

“A spatial ring is someone’s personal space. Other than the owner, no one else can open it. The moment that person dies, the spatial ring’s space will collapse. All the treasure inside will turn to dust as the space collapses, leaving nothing behind. However, if we take it out beforehand, it won’t disappear from that. Why don’t we make a bet?”

“I’ll take out a treasure, and you need to take out one of equal value. We’ll treat it as a bet. If you win, you won’t just get to kill me, but you’ ll get my treasure as well. If you die, the same will apply for me. What do you think?”

Chapter 3327
Jackie felt that his funds were far less than forgivable.

Time was slipping away, and a few months had already passed in the Whirling World. The Whirling World was only open for two years, and he would need to return to the real world afterward. Thus, he wanted to gain as much wealth as he could before he was forced to leave.

Even though challenges lurked at every corner of the Whirling World, Jackie felt like it was comparatively safe because of the age restriction.

There was not a single warrior in the Whirling World that could kill him. However, without those restrictions in the outside world, Jackie would truly be in danger. That was why he decided to accumulate as much wealth as he could before he had to leave.

Raul’s lips twitched in exasperation as he truly believed Jackie was incomprehensible. This man did not seem to show any emotion at all when he spoke!

Yet, Raul could still feel the pride behind Jackie’s words. It was as if no one in the Whirling World was worth his notice, much to his chagrin.

Raul wanted to personally shatter that very pride so he would know how the world truly worked.

With his meager skills, Jackie would not be able to even challenge him, let alone all of the warriors in the Whirling World.

Raul nodded and said, “Since you want to offer me your treasure that badly, I’ll agree to it. How about this, whatever the value of the treasures you take out, I’ll take out treasures worth twice as much.”

When Jackie heard that, he smirked as he looked at Raul.

He knew that Raul decided on this because he wanted to show off his wealth, but Jackie did not mind. He would let Raul show off as much as he wanted to. After all, the more Raul showed off, the better.

This way, Jackie would be able to get better things.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the treasures he had accumulated in Mustard Seed. After looking for a long time, Jackie realized in exasperation that he could not find anything noteworthy at all.

He had used up most of his treasures to practice Soul Sky, thus having used up everything of value he had.

What remained were just spirit crystals and treasures that did not amount to much. He would naturally not be able to take those things out.

Thinking about it, Jackie pursed his lips and took out thirty million spirit crystals, placing them in front of him. Everyone except for Rudy was stunned by the sight.

Raul raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie exasperatedly, proudly remarking, “These are your treasures? Thirty million spirit crystals?”

Jackie coughed awkwardly. He had shown it anyway, so they could think what they wanted to.

Jackie cleared his throat and said, “I’ve sold all my treasures recently, and the most valuable thing I have are these spirit crystals. It’s a handsome sum nonetheless, and it’ s easier to make a judgment. Didn’t you say you’ll put in double the value of whatever I take out? I’ve taken out thirty million spirit crystals, so you need to put out at least sixty million.”

Chapter 3328
Raul cackled as he cast Jackie a disdainful look.

Jackie, on the other hand, merely inhaled deeply and ignored his blatant mockery.

Alfred and Rudy were actually not too surprised at what was happening. The two of them knew who Jackie was.

In Alfred’s eyes, Jackie was not from any clan either. He was a wandering warrior that relied on his skills and talents. Rudy, of course, knew Jackie better, and he knew that the most valuable things in Jackie’s storage were those spirit crystals. He had used up everything else that was valuable.

Raul took a good few seconds before he could compose himself after his laughter.

When he finally stopped, he looked at Jackie tauntingly before he retrieved a box from his storage ring. He slowly opened the box, and the dense smell emanated.

Everyone’s eyes widened at the sight.

Alfred stiffened and said somewhat excitedly, “Is this… An Azure Soul Fruit?”

Raul nodded proudly. “The Azure Soul Fruit is a holy-grade fruit worth at least seventy million on the market. It’s a treasure my master gave me. It’s not something I’d show to just anyone, but I wanted to let you take a look today.”

The Azure Soul Fruit was worth even more than the Enlightened Soul Root, and it was something difficult to come by, even with the spirit crystals in hand.

Compared to spirit crystals, Jackie needed things that could boost his soul attribute even more.

Jackie inhaled deeply as he suppressed the excitement he felt. “I’m impressed. You truly are a warrior from the Sacred Water Continent. You definitely have the assets!”

Jackie would not praise just anyone, so Rudy raised his eyebrow curiously when he heard his remark.

He could not help but smirk, knowing that it was solely because of the Fruit.

Jackie could barely wait to start, and the same went for Raul as well. The two of them had talked for so long and even brought out something good to gamble on with.

He took a deep breath as his hands constantly moved to form seal after seal.

Storm god rank techniques no longer relied on weapons to be used. The higher grade the technique was, the more redundant weapons were.

Multiple seals formed before Jackie, and they glowed in a faint dark color the moment they were formed.

They quickly merged with the other seals around them, forming stronger ones. In just a few moments, a blade appeared in front of everyone.

It was the Broken Soul Sword!

If anyone was to look at it closer, they would see that seals were floating around the Broken Soul Blade.

Raising an eyebrow, Raul used his divine senses to look into the blade, and he was shocked to notice that immense energy was circulating the blade. It was obviously not going to be easy to deal with.

He raised an eyebrow as he felt the early signs of nervousness creeping into his mind. However, he quickly squashed the feeling and told himself that he was just being too careful.

Even if Jackie was somewhat talented, he was, at the end of the day, just a man from Hestia. Hestia sat at the bottom of third-grade worlds, and their people could never compare to those in the Sacred Water Continent.

With that very thought, Raul snorted and formed seals with his hands.

Seconds later, a bountiful energy was condensing behind him.

Chapter 3329
With Raul as the center, his surroundings started to dim as though night was falling.

A blood-red moon slowly rose behind him, staining the darkness in red.

Raul scoffed. “I plan on ending this quickly so you’ll know what being truly strong means!”

Raul had planned on going easy instead of showing his full strength, but he changed his mind the moment he sensed the dense energy in the Broken Soul Blade.

He was worried that something unexpected would happen. Even though it was incredibly unlikely, it was better to be safe and merciless than sorry.

Raul let out a shout as his hands moved again. The sun behind him started to turn into a blood-red blade. Like an arrow, it shot right at Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he slowly pushed forward, sending the Broken Soul Blade toward Raul at an imperceptible speed.

The two techniques clashed in the air, and as a result of the collision between the black light and the strange red hue, their surroundings darkened. Even though the lights were not bright, this still obscured their sight.

Everyone merely watched as it cracked.

A second later, a pitch-black blade shot right at Raul’s chest at blinding speed.

To end the battle quickly, Jackie used the laws of space on the Broken Soul Blade, speeding it up even more.

Raul never expected that the Blood Moon Slash, the technique he harbored great pride in, would lose to Jackie’s technique, and so quickly at that. He did not have the chance to react at all as The Blood Moon Slash failed to mitigate the Broken Soul Blade for even half a second before it shattered and disappeared into the air.

“Argh!” An intense cry of agony was heard as the Broken Soul Blade pierced Raul’s chest.

After that, the pain of his soul being ripped apart spread from his chest to his whole body.

As a soul attribute warrior, Raul knew what he was experiencing, and he used whatever senses he still had left to activate his through energy to try to stop it.

Alas, no matter how strong his true energy was, it was nothing against the Broken Soul Blade. It disappeared in an instant, and he was powerless.

Very quickly, the pain eroded all his sanity. He fell to the ground and writhed in pain as cries of agony were ripped out from him. It did not even sound like something humans could make.

Rudy was already used to the sight. After all, no one was able to stand the pain of their soul being ripped apart.

Raul’s reaction was only warranted, but Alfred did not feel that way.

Raul had been so proud, yet there he was, writhing on the floor like a worm. It was obvious how much pain he was in.

Alfred could feel a chill behind his neck, and he thanked his luck that he was from Hestia as well.

If he had been Jackie’s enemy, he would have suffered the same fate as Raul did, twitching on the floor and crying out without any dignity.

Alfred pursed his lips and looked at Jackie in a different light. His earlier worship had turned into fear and respect, and he finally realized how strong Jackie was.

Jackie walked over to Raul and merely watched as he spasmed without restraint.

He slowly knelt and stopped the Broken Soul Blade’s energy with a wave.

Chapter 3330
A large percentage of the pain Raul felt disappeared that very moment, and he slowly recovered bits of his rationality.

He trembled as his eyes widened, and what he saw was Jackie reaching toward his sleeves, taking out the box with the Azure Soul Fruit.

The scene greatly affected Raul, and he started to twitch again.

His lips were pale as he gritted his teeth and glared at Jackie, wanting nothing more than to rip Jackie to shreds.

He was angry beyond relief, but there was nothing he could do to turn the tables, and he acknowledged this with despair.

Looking into himself, he realized that his soul was already ripped apart and a third of his soul was gone. Unless he had a sort of divine medicine, he would never survive this. He would just be in even more pain after that.

When he realized this, Raul was filled with pain and hopelessness. His whole body was twitching tightly, and his eyes widened. He looked like someone suffering from dementia.

Jackie could tell that Raul had resigned himself to his fate, and he scoffed. “Didn’t you say I wasn’t worthy of soul attribute techniques? Where’s all that talk now?”

Raul rested his gaze on Jackie for a long while before all of a sudden, his body started to tremble.

At that moment, he remembered everything he had said to Jackie, and he knew even begging Jackie would never grant him mercy.

Jackie had said that he would be the end of him, but Raul thought it was all crap talk, if anything.

He had been the ignorant one, but he acted so arrogantly in front of the stronger one. Only then did he realize how ignorant he was.

He had underestimated Jackie and judged him poorly. No matter what Jackie said, he never realized something was wrong.

This was how he ended up in his predicament.

Raul’s breathing got quicker as his face paled. He looked like someone at death’s door.

Jackie snorted before he slowly stood up. Reaching out, he activated the Broken Soul Blade again, and pain completely took over Raul’s senses, sending him into a frenzy of pain once more.

He could not even think of anything else as he convulsed in a worm-like manner.

Jackie stared at Raul aloofly. After stopping for a few moments, he turned to look at Rudy and Alfred, shooting them a look before he turned around and walked into the distance.

Rudy and Alfred exchanged complicated glances. However, neither of them said anything as they followed closely after him.

Jackie did not actually know where he was going either.

The space was very large, and he just wished he would be lucky enough to meet a few warriors from second-grade worlds. As for the warriors from third-grade worlds, Jackie would not do anything as long as they left him alone.

The second-grade worlds, however, were different. He believed that the warriors from these worlds would immediately attack them when they saw them. After all, these warriors would immediately think that they were better and would think of Jackie and his companions as easy prey.

Alfred and Rudy quietly followed behind Jackie, not saying anything as he looked down. It was not long until Alfred‘s silence faltered.

He looked at Rudy and said softly, “I’ll only cause you trouble if I follow you. I can’t help you with anything right now. This place is filled with danger, and I’m injured all over. I won’t be able to hold on for a few more days, and I can’t protect myself…”


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