No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3311 – 3320

Chapter 3311
Jackie smiled and said, “That’s because there were only warriors from Hestia Continent at the start. The warriors from the other worlds only came in later on. Slowly, we’ll start to see more and more warriors from other worlds. The Whirling World intersects with a lot of other worlds…”

“I don’t know how many different worlds we’ll interact with. We might even end up seeing warriors from first-grade worlds.”

When he said that, Jackie’s voice trembled slightly in excitement.

The crystal badge had instilled the Whirling World’s structure and rules into Jackie’s mind. He already knew what was waiting in Weinhord City.

After Jackie and Rudy spoke outside the city, Jackie brought Rudy inside.

A massive one-hundred-and-fifty-meter wide array was seen there. There were a few thousand people gathered around it. Two masked caretakers stood in front of the array. They had a pen and paper in hand, as well as many badges.

Jackie and Rudy saw the caretakers recording something when they arrived.

Rudy wanted to ask Jackie what they were doing when they heard an argument in front of them.

A tall, large man with a beard said emotionally, “Aren’t you belittling me too much? A hundred can survive. How are you so sure that I’ll die in there? I’m capable of protecting myself!”

The man next to the bearded man seemed to be his senior. His senior had small eyes and was wearing a green robe.

He said emotionally, “I’m not looking down on you, I’m just worried! Do you know what a slaughter game is? Anyone who takes part is confident in their own skills. Even our chosen disciples might not dare to participate, so what more an inner disciple like you?!”

When the small-eyed man said that, he looked incredibly exasperated. He looked at his junior like he was looking at an idiot.

Rudy raised an eyebrow, whispering, “Slaughter games? What does it have to do with the slaughter gambit?”

Jackie smiled as he patiently explained, “The slaughter gambit is slightly different from the slaughter game. They’re similar in some points. As long as you participate, you’ll go through a slaughter where many will die.”

After saying that, Jackie said in exasperation, “I feel like that hero who created the Whirling World is pretty bad at naming. Can’t he name things a bit better?”

Rudy was in no mood to care about that. He was incredibly excited when he heard that a lot would die.

He pulled at Jackie and asked, “Quickly tell me the rules, I’m so curious.”

Jackie nodded, simply explaining the rules. The slaughter game was different from the slaughter gambit. The slaughter gambit needed ten participants, but the slaughter game needed two hundred and twenty.

After two hundred and twenty participants registered, the slaughter game would start. All of the participants would start killing each other, and the game would stop when the numbers were reduced to a hundred.

Chapter 3312
After hearing the rules, Rudy widened his mouth in surprise, “So you mean a hundred and twenty warriors will die in one go?”

Jackie nodded. Compared to only one being left alive out of ten in the slaughter gambit, the slaughter game had a much lower percentage of dying. Only about half would die. However, the slaughter game would kill off about a hundred in one go. Looking at the numbers was enough to stun anyone.

Rudy took a deep breath as his expression froze, “Isn’t that way too many deaths? Even though only half of them would die, it’s still a hundred people. No wonder that guy spoke like that earlier.”

The bearded man was already getting impatient.

He turned over and faced the small-eyed man, “Hey, you should just relax. Even though my skills aren’t that amazing, I’m quite good at running away and protecting myself. As long as I’m careful, I’ll be able to survive.”

The small-eyed man’s lips twitched as he said with a resigned tone, “Why do you insist on taking the risk?! Honestly, even if your skills were as good as Chaplin, I would still try to stop you! The slaughter game isn’t something you can just fool around with. The moment you enter, no one knows who will die. A lot of it is luck!”

The bearded man scratched his head in frustration, clearly not listening to the small-eyed man. He felt like he was just being nagged and looked down on by the other guy.

The bearded man was feeling more and more frustrated when he suddenly turned around and said, “Hey, let’s not talk about what I’ll encounter when I enter. Let’s just talk about my abilities to escape. It’s the strongest among all of us. Even those weaker than me have dared to enter, why shouldn’t I?”

“For every person I kill, I’d get five million spirit crystals. It’s a whole five million. I worked so hard taking part in other gambles before this, and only managed to get three million in a month. It’s a big chance for us right now. I just need to kill one person to get five million. It would be as much as a whole month worth of work. Why wouldn’t I participate?”

It would have been fine if he did not say that, but the small-eyed man got even angrier when he did.

He no longer bothered to hold back. For the sake of his junior, he had held back some of his words, but his junior was far too stubborn and even doubted his intentions.

The small-eyed man sneered, his voice got colder and replied, “There are so many who have the same thoughts as you. A total of two hundred and twenty people are participating in the slaughter game, and it will only end when a hundred and twenty warriors die. Do you think you won’t be part of the one hundred and twenty?”

“Don’t forget, no matter how good you are at running away, there’s no way you can anticipate who you’re going to meet! Do you think the three other second-grade worlds are weak? What if you meet someone strong from one of them? Do you think your escaping capabilities would still be of any use?!”

The bearded man’s lips trembled, and his expression soured. He had nothing to say to that.

After Rudy heard that, he looked up curiously and whispered into Jackie’s ears, “Weinhord City has warriors from three second-grade worlds?”

Jackie nodded and explained, “There are a total of three different second-grade worlds and ten different third-grade worlds involved in this city. When you first enter the Whirling World, there are countless level nine and ten cities, but the lower number you go, the fewer there are. There is only one level five city.

“Weinhord City is a level four city, and there is only one as well. Of course, that’s because Weinhord City is the only one we can see. The Whirling World encompasses all third-grade and second-grade worlds. The other worlds must be in their own individual Weinhord Cities.”

Chapter 3313
Hearing Jackie’s explanation, Rudy was even more stunned.

He said in confusion, “What do you mean by the only Weinhord City? Other Weinhord Cities?”

Jackie smiled as he explained, “To us, there is only one Weinhord City, but there are actually countless ones. The warriors of these worlds gathered together and can only see one Weinhord City, but there are actually countless others that are open to the other worlds. Do you understand me?‘’

Rudy coughed as he rubbed his nose. In truth, he did not really understand, but he did not know where to start.

He shrugged and explained it in his own way, “So you’re telling me that there are countless Weinhord Cities. All of them are in different places in space and time. They face warriors from different worlds.”

Jackie looked at Rudy with some praise, nodding and saying, “Yes, that’s right.”

Rudy’s lips stiffened not expecting to get the right answer so easily. However, he did not really understand what he was saying either.

After thinking about it, he shook his head and decided to forget about it. He would figure out the answer eventually anyway. As he thought about it, the bearded man and the small-eyed man quarreled again.

After a long time, the beaded man finally said, “I know you’re worried, but that worry is unnecessary in my eyes. Danger and opportunity go hand in hand. If I keep trying to make sure I am safe, I’ll never improve.”

“You‘re right. If I’m unlucky and face someone strong immediately, I’ll just resign myself to my own fate. However, if I’m lucky and careful enough, only acting when I’m sure of the situation, then I have a high chance of succeeding.”

The small-eyed man was even more exasperated when he heard that. He felt like everything he said earlier had just been completely ignored.

He was preaching to the choir, but he could not stop himself from continuing, “The slaughter game is in an isolated space. Everyone will be sent in at random. You don’t know who you’ll meet. You’re right, you will have much higher chances if you’re careful and don’t take any chances, but I don’t think you are this time. If you were careful, you wouldn’t be participating in a slaughter game where you have a fifty percent chance of dying.”

The small-eyed man had known the bearded man for many years and understood him very well. He was just saying that he would be careful.

The moment any profits appeared in front of him, he would forget about anything else. He would not be able to survive if he lost control.

The small-eyed man took a deep breath and said helplessly, “You think I’m looking down on you because I’m stopping you, but I’m doing this for your sake. Once you meet anything dangerous, you’ll realize how sincere I’m being.”

The bearded man wanted to say something else, but the small-eyed man stopped him.

The small-eyed man walked over and said sincerely, “There are three second-grade and ten third-grade worlds in Weinhord City. Both of us are from a third- grade world, and we’re only around the middle of the ten third- grade worlds. There are so many warriors from different worlds here.”

Chapter 3314
“You have no way of telling who’s weak or who’s strong at all. The warriors from second-grade worlds will definitely try to kill as much as they can. After so many slaughter games, the warriors from second-grade worlds always take up the first three spots.”

“If you just look at the warriors from the third-grade worlds, we don’t just have a fifty percent chance to die. It’s as high as sixty or seventy. That’s because the chances of warriors from second-grade worlds dying is much lower than us. Most of the ones who die are from third- grade worlds.”

As he said that, the small-eyed man got emotional.

He frowned tightly, “I know you think you’re very skilled, but everyone who participates in the slaughter game thinks they’ll survive as well…”

“Entering the slaughter game doesn’t just require luck and skill, but smarts as well. If you are to survive, you at least need to excel in one of the three, but I don’t think you do.”

The bearded man’s expression darkened when he heard that.

His lips trembled as he stared with widened eyes, saying angrily, “You’re just looking down on me now! I’m good in all three aspects. You just want to say that I’m trash on every front and that I shouldn’t take the risk.”

The small-eyed man raised an eyebrow, not answering, but that counted as silent acknowledgment.

The bearded man was furious when he saw the response, feeling like he was being underestimated.

He scoffed and turned around, saying emotionally, “Stop looking down on me. I’ll prove myself with my skills! You’re just looking at everything through biased eyes.”

After that, he ignored the small-eyed man and made the decision to participate in the slaughter game. If he managed just to kill two others in the slaughter game, he would be able to get ten million spirit crystals.

It was no small number to him. It would be able to get him a lot of skills and materials. His skills would soar even more. Then, he’d be able to beat his seniors.

With that in mind, the bearded man tuned out everything else. He no longer listened to anyone and was determined to take part.

Rudy looked at the bearded man before he whispered a question after a while, “What are those rankings?”

Jackie turned to look at the transfer array, pointing above it and saying, ”After the slaughter game ends, the space above the transfer array will show a massive scroll. The scroll will show all of the warriors that are still alive, and the names will be listed in accordance with their results. The top three will be able to get even more rewards.”

Rudy took a deep breath, getting excited when he heard, “There are even more rewards?! No wonder so many warriors are so eager to take part even with the fifty percent chance of death.”

Jackie smiled and said meaningfully, “The fifty percent chance of dying is if you count all the warriors together. If you’re just talking about third-grade worlds, the death rate is as high as seventy percent. The slaughter games are a playground for the strong from the second-grade worlds.”

Rudy pursed his lips and shuddered.

He thought about how the warriors from second-grade worlds would constantly attack the third- grade world warriors with their weapons with proud looks on their faces.

Warriors constantly fell to them, and the ground would be full of blood. That was the true allure of the slaughter game.

Chapter 3315
Rudy raised an eyebrow as he pressed his forehead, no longer daring to think any further.

The more he thought, the crueler he felt the world was. He had always said that the world was a place of survival of the fittest before this, but he never truly felt the meaning of the phrase until that moment.

Rudy took a deep breath, “In the eyes of the strong, you’ll feel like all of this is right. However, in our eyes, we just feel like it’s crazy. The world is just too crazy. “Death doesn’t seem to matter in this world at all. No wonder I was too scared to try and survive in a large clan before…”

“The competition is too fierce. It comes with so many corpses, and so many people lose their lives so easily. I don’t want to be one of them, I just wanted to live my life carefully.”

Jackie smiled, not expecting that Rudy would have thought about it so much.

Jackie had felt like Rudy used to just do whatever he pleased using his position, but he learned humility after going through so much. He never expected that Rudy was already so humble that he was content with living a careful life.

The discussions around them caused the place to sound like a market. Everyone was discussing whether they should participate in the slaughter game.

A lot of people were tempted to try it out but were worried that they would be unlucky enough to meet someone strong. However, a lot of them still felt like they should try their luck.

They felt like they would not be so unlucky that they would become cannon fodder the moment they entered, but practically everyone seemed to think like that.

Everyone had the same idea that they were the special ones that would not die. However, Jackie felt that that way of thinking would push them right into their deaths.

Slaughter games were the playground of the strong. The weaklings were only there to be killed.

Weinhord City had warriors from three second- grade worlds. Those warriors would forget about their dignity for the sake of spirit crystals, slaughtering everyone they saw in sight.

For the sake of getting a high ranking in the slaughter game, they would not care about the lives of the weaklings. Their lives were just stepping stones.

Just as Jackie was deep in thought, the caretaker knocked on the desk, “The time is up. Registration is starting!”

The moment the caretaker said that the place became much quieter. Most of them wanted to try it out, but they were too scared to just jump in.

Jackie reached out and patted Rudy on the shoulder, smiling as he said, “Take part in this with me…”

The moment Jackie said that Rudy shook his head vigorously, “Absolutely not! What’s the point of me entering? I’ll just drag you down. I’m not useful at all anyway. I would be too much of a piece of trash if I even dragged you down.”

Jackie smiled, saying nonchalantly, “Don’t worry. Since you agreed to leave with me, I don’t mind if you know some secrets. Just think about you entering as a chance to widen your horizons. The moment you’re in any danger, I’ll pull you into an isolated space.”

By isolated space, he was referring to the Mustard Seed.

Before this, he still had some doubts about Rudy, and Mustard Seed was his greatest secret. His family was stored inside. To prevent any mishaps, he had kept the secret incredibly strictly.

Rudy never realized anything. However, since he had already dragged Rudy into the Whirling World with him, he felt obligated to bring Rudy with him when he left the Whirling World.

Hence, he was forced into figuring out a way to leave. The crystal badge did not show how many people he could bring, but Jackie guessed that he was only allowed to go alone.

Chapter 3316
If that was the case, then Rudy would still need to return to Hestia Continent. However, if he could place Rudy in Mustard Seed, then Jackie would not have to worry about that.

Mustard Seed was a treasure from the Divine Void World. It was an isolated space. If Rudy was placed in Mustard Seed, Jackie would not have to worry about bringing him away.

When Rudy heard what Jackie said, he gaped in surprise.

He was no idiot. He naturally knew that Jackie had some secrets as he excelled at everything. He was much better than everyone else no matter if it was in alchemy or in martial arts. Jackie could no longer be described as just a genius.

He was a monster!

Even geniuses from first-grade worlds were probably only just comparable to Jackie’s level. There was no way a genius like Jackie was someone who grew up in Hestia Continent.

Jackie definitely had an immense secret behind him. However, Rudy never tried to look into that secret, acting like he did not know anything.

It was precisely because of that, that Jackie’s trust in Rudy grew. Rudy took a deep breath and nodded vigorously. Since he would not drag Jackie down, expanding his horizons was a good thing.

After an hour, Jackie and Rudy stood on the transfer array with the other participants of the slaughter game.

The moment the array was activated, Jackie placed Rudy in the Mustard Seed to stop Rudy from being sent to a random position like the other warriors.

The transfer did not take that long. The moment it was completed, Jackie was dropped into a forest. The forest was quite sparse, and would not obscure himself. It was easy to look far ahead.

Jackie was not worried to take out the Mustard Seed. Instead, he looked around to see if there was any potential threat. Just as he was looking around, he suddenly heard footsteps.

He looked toward the sound of the footsteps and saw a man in green robes walking over slowly. He had a smile on his face as he stared right at Jackie as if Jackie was easy prey that could be killed at any moment.

The man smiled and raised an eyebrow, “I am Guzman Gomez from the second-grade world, Sacred Water Continent. You’re my first prey. As a reward, I’ll let you die knowing how you did.”

Guzman had a smile on his face. The excitement on his face was incredibly evident. He felt like he was incredibly lucky to be sent right next to a prey.

To most of the warriors from second-grade worlds, the warriors from third-grade worlds were just prey they could kill at any moment.

They needed to kill a lot of warriors from third-grade worlds to place highly on the leaderboards. That way, they would be able to gain a lot of spirit crystals and gain some honor for their own worlds.

Jackie sighed, not having much to say to someone like that.

Since the other party felt like he was prey, then Jackie had nothing much to say about it. Jackie took out his sword from Mustard Seed. He looked incredibly calm, revealing no emotions.

Guzman frowned, not happy with Jackie’s reaction at all.

Jackie should have been constantly trembling when Jackie saw him, completely filled with fear, but why was Jackie not reacting at all?

Jackie even slowly took out his own weapon. Guzman was both curious and angered. To him, it was an insult that Jackie was not trembling in fear. He narrowed his eyes and took out his own weapon.

It was a golden chakram. There was a dragon and a phoenix engraved on it, and it emitted strange energy.

It was obvious that the weapon was not cheap at all. However, no matter how strong the weapon was, skills were needed to back it up.

Chapter 3317
Jackie was not the slightest bit threatened. He merely stood in place with a calm expression, waiting for Guzman to make a move.

Jackie’s actions infuriated Guzman. He felt like he was being challenged.

Guzman snorted, ”Brat, what are you pretending for? Do you think I’ll think you’re better than you are just because you’re acting like this? Stop trying to put on an act. It’s useless against me. No matter how calm you act, I’ll still kill you in the end.”

Jackie’ s lips twitched helplessly.

He thought that Guzman would attack faster if he acted like that. He did not want to waste any time with nonsense, but it seemed like he had to. Sure enough, those warriors who thought too highly of themselves never liked to see his calm expression. They felt like he was challenging them.

Jackie sighed in exasperation as he raised an eyebrow and looked at Guzman, “You’re just like the rest of them. You just love annoying me with your nonsense. How do you know if I’m putting on an act? Do you think I can’t kill you just because you think you’re capable of killing me? Aren’t you just a warrior from a second-grade world? There’s no difference in my eyes.”

Jackie was not there to broaden his horizons.

He had the same plan as the warriors from the second-grade worlds. He wanted to get to the top three placings in the slaughter game. Then, he would be able to get additional treasures.

Upon hearing Jackie’s words, Guzman widened his mouth in surprise, wondering if he had misheard things. Otherwise, he would not have heard something so absurd.

In Guzman’s eyes, warriors from third-grade worlds would never dare to challenge him like that. All of the warriors from third-grade worlds should be self-aware enough to lower their heads to him. Yet, he met such an arrogant one.

His lips twitched as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

Jackie laughed as he was already used to seeing those looks.

He continued, “You warriors from second-grade worlds sure love to leave marks on your clothes to show off how special you are. Golden Continent’s warriors leave a dark gold pattern, while warriors from the Sacred Water Continent always leave blue clouds. That’ s how you recognized that I’m from a third-grade world.”

“You try your best to show that you’re special. You think that warriors from third-grade worlds are just livestock you can kill as you please, but that’s a hilarious thought in my eyes. Every world has its strong warriors. You feel so pleased with yourselves just because you haven’t met someone truly strong from a third-grade world.”

Guzman’s hands were trembling from anger. That brat was actually lecturing him and humiliating him.

To him Jackie needed to die!

He snorted and said, “Brat, do you know what kind of consequences you will suffer because of this? I planned on giving you a quick death because you’re my first prey.”

“I’ve changed my mind now. Giving you a quick death would be a reward, and I’m taking it back. I will teach you the consequences of offending me!”

Guzman thought that Jackie would pull back after he said that. At the very least, he felt like Jackie would not dare to clash against him. Yet, Jackie actually laughed after hearing that, and the laughter was full of mockery.

Jackie laughed as he said, “I hear these things so regularly. Everyone wants to torture me until I die and have me begging for mercy, but the one suffering, in the end, is always them. I’ll admit that second-grade worlds are a bit stronger than third-grade worlds overall, but the warriors at the peak of third-grade worlds can still get rid of you easily.”

After saying, that Jackie no longer wanted to waste any more time. He did not have a good impression of second-grade worlds after interacting with Golden Continent.

They have always looked down on warriors from third-grade worlds and even felt like third- grade worlds were just full of trash. Even though Jackie did not think of Hestia Continent as his home, he still came into the Whirling World from Hestia Continent.

He needed to help Hestia Continent gain a bit of honor.

Chapter 3318
Guzman never expected that he would be so infuriated by someone from a third-grade world.

He kept on thinking about what Jackie had said just now. It seemed like everything Jackie had said had trampled all over his dignity.

Guzman would not be able to take it even if a warrior from a second-grade world said that, let alone someone from a third-grade world. His hands trembled as he sentenced Jackie to death in his mind.

Jackie was amused by how angry Guzman looked.

He did not continue wasting time. He formed seal after seal with his hands, and ninety Soul Swords condensed in front of him. The gray Soul Swords were neatly lined in front of Jackie, emitting a dim energy.

When Guzman saw that, he was surprised.

He scoffed, “So you’re a soul attribute warrior. Do you think you’re worthy of using it?”

After saying that, Guzman formed seals as well. A radiant glow shone from the golden chakram, and blood-red runes started to surface around it, slowly covering the glow in red. It was as if he had dipped the chakram into a pool of blood.

Jackie raised an eyebrow at that, suddenly understanding why Guzman said that earlier.

He said that Jackie was not worthy of using soul attribute techniques because Guzman was using one too. In Guzman’s eyes, Jackie was not worthy of using soul attribute techniques.

The soul attribute was a noble one, and Jackie was only from a third-grade world, not worthy of being associated with it.

Guzman smiled and said, “Brat, you’ll find out soon what being tortured is like. You’ll regret everything you said earlier!”

The moment he said that, an incredibly monstrous energy came out from the blood-red chakrams.

Red locusts began to condense in the air, and those locusts seemed to constantly distort in the air. It was so dense that it looked terrifying. They seemed to be mutually absorbing each others’ energies.

Jackie could feel dense soul energy coming from those locusts. His expression did not change as he looked at everything coldly.

Guzman was even furious when he saw Jackie’s calm expression. He hated people who liked to put on an act.

He swore to himself that he would have Jackie reveal his true feelings. He wanted to make Jackie experience the greatest fear in the world. He wanted to rip Jackie’s soul apart to teach Jackie the consequences of offending him.

Guzman shouted out angrily, ”Die!”

He pushed forward, and those locusts frantically charged at Jackie. Those locusts were even faster than Jackie thought.

Jackie stood in place with his head held high with no plans of avoiding the locust. He stared right at those locusts charging at him.

Guzman laughed loudly, “You’re actually not avoiding it! I guess you really do want to die! Since you want to be tortured, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Chapter 3319
Guzman’s hands quickly moved, and countless seals formed between his fingers. The seals quickly fused into the locusts.

The moment they fused with the seals, the locusts let out a radiant red glow. It caused the whole place to be enveloped in that red light, looking like they were in hell.

The red locusts quickly charged right at Jackie.

Guzman coldly looked on as everything unfold. There was a smirk on his lips as he thought about Jackie’s demise. In the next second, countless locusts surrounded Jackie, who still stood in place.

Seeing that, Guzman scoffed and said, “I’ve never seen someone who wants to die as much as you do. The technique I’m using, the Blood Curse is a lower ultimate god rank technique. There’s no way useless trash like you have ever touched a technique of this level.”

“How would you know how strong it is? Brat, when you’re in hell, don’t blame me. Blame yourself for being ignorant of how strong second-grade worlds are!”

The moment he said that, he heard a crack in front.

Guzman widened his eyes as a dark light appeared where the locusts were. After that, a stinging sound was heard coming from where the locusts were, sounding like red-hot steel being thrown into cold water.

The next second, he was shocked as his locusts suddenly turned into water after being touched by the black light. They quickly disappeared after that.

In just a few moments, the locusts had completely been extinguished.

Only a few of them managed to stay around, but it was no longer any threat. The locusts all turned into blood-red vapor, causing a mist to form around the area that obstructed Guzman’s sight.

He could not see what was happening with Jackie, but there was no need to see anything at that moment. He was just full of disbelief. He could not believe that someone from a third-grade world had broken through his technique.

The next second, Guzman heard a gust of wind. In his years of experience, he dodged immediately and quickly retreated.

A slash was heard, and when Guzman looked over, he saw a gray slash go past where he had just been. It was incredibly quick, and all he saw was an afterimage before the place he had been earlier turned into a deep crater after a boom.

The deep crater sounded like it was being bathed in poison. Guzman broke out in cold sweat when he saw what happened. His heart constantly pounded.

At that moment, he realized that Jackie had been the one hunting him.

After a breeze blew past, most of the red vapor had been blown away. He could see more clearly, and a familiar figure stood not too far away.

Jackie still had his back straight as he held the sword in his hand.

Jackie had not moved at all and merely looked at him quietly, waiting for Guzman to make his move.

Guzman held his chakram tightly as his legs shook from the nerves. However, he did not move at all, looking at Jackie the same way.

Jackie smirked as he said, “It looks like I have underestimated you. I can’t believe you reacted so quickly. I thought you would have died after that strike.”

Chapter 3320
Those words caused Guzman to pale. He took a deep breath, realizing that he was in a serious situation. He had underestimated Jackie’s strength and overestimated his own.

Guzman frowned and said, “You were hiding your skills!”

Jackie felt incredulous when he heard that.

He had just met this person, and they had just fought once, so how did he conceal his skills?

However, Jackie did not want to bother with it.

It was a common problem with all the warriors from the second-grade worlds. As long as their opponents were not pushovers, they would blame their opponents for putting on an act or concealing their skills. It was an attempt to hide the fact that they had made a bad judgment.

Jackie scoffed as he said in disdain, “The fact that you said that just proves your stupidity.”

Guzman’s lips stiffened, unable to say anything back.

Jackie continued, “You said that your Blood Curse was a lower ultimate god rank technique and that someone like me would never have seen it before.”

The moment Jackie said that Guzman’s face darkened. It was like a slap on the face.

The fact that Jackie had managed to break Blood Curse meant that his technique was no lower than a lower ultimate god rank technique. Jackie was not weaker than Guzman either. After all, he had not held back earlier.

He knew very well that Jackie’s skills exceeded his expectations. There was a good chance that he would end up falling there.

Jackie walked forward and got closer to Guzman.

Guzman’s face paled again as he started to retreat.

Jackie smiled coldly when he saw that, “What are you so afraid of? Actually, I was quite happy when you walked forward earlier. I just got here and someone already came to die. You’re just five million spirit crystals in my eyes, so I was quite lucky.”

The more Guzman heard that the more offended he felt. He had been the one who thought that way, but he was actually the ignorant one.

Guzman’s face soured. He was forced to try and escape the situation. He had no confidence that he would beat Jackie. After all, he joined the slaughter game to kill others and earn a high rank, not to be killed and become someone else’s reward.

Guzman tried his best to compose himself, calming himself down.

He looked up at Jackie and raised his voice, “Even though we’ve clashed, it won’t be an easy win for either of us. The slaughter game is filled with danger. You’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you sustain heavy injuries to kill me.”

“With your skills, you can deal with anyone else easily. We should just stop here. You and I can go find weaker opponents. It would be better for both of us.”

It sounded quite reasonable.

If Jackie’s skills were around Guzman’s level as Guzman guessed, then Jackie would really have considered that. A hard-fought victory would be dangerous. However, Jackie’s skills far exceeded his imagination.

Those words failed to sway Jackie’s decision.

He smiled and said calmly, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in that suggestion at all. Don’t put your own standards on others. I already told you, you’re nothing in my eyes.”


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