No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3301 – 3310

Chapter 3301
Intet would accept anything, so long as Jackie ended this face-off quickly.

Jackie let out a laugh as he calmly said, “Let me ask you this… If the person on the ground was me right now, would you spare me a sliver of mercy? Answer me truthfully.”

Jackie’s tone was calm, but Intet could tell how apathetic was. If the positions were switched and it was Jackie on the ground instead of him, he surely would not grant him mercy.

He would not, for sure.

Jackie had constantly challenged and embarrassed the Golden Continent before this, and it was something no warrior from the continent could accept. Furthermore, they were proud and aloof. As long as they got the chance, they would not spare Jackie easily.

They would make sure he suffered the cruelest punishment in the world, to the point he would beg for death. Just thinking of this, Intet lost all hope.

Jackie’s intentions were clear; he would treat everyone how they treated him.

Intet’ s breathing sped up as hopelessness dulled his eyes. After a brief silence, he suddenly raised his hand to hit his head, wanting to end himself.

Jackie wanted to torture him, so it would be better for him to end himself so this torment would all end. However, Jackie seemed to have seen through his intention as he swiftly swung his sword and cut Intet’s arm from slamming against his head.

Intet no longer had any way of killing himself.

Intet looked up hopelessly. “You’re far too cruel! I can’t even kill myself? I’ll make sure to haunt you even when I die, Jackie!”

To this, Jackie merely smirked aloofly. “I hear this very often. If these curses actually work, I’d be dead by now. ”

After Jackie said that, he slowly got up.

Just like before, he no longer looked at Intet as he continued to advance, his steps firm and resolute.

Everyone swiftly made way for him as they gazed at him as though he was a god that could not be toppled. In their eyes, they looked at Jackie in a different light and would agree with everything he said. Even if Jackie said he was from a first-grade world, they would probably believe it.

A warrior from the Golden Continent said, “ Jackie‘s just too cruel. I thought he’d show some mercy. Since those three are already dead, I thought he wouldn’t continue torturing them, yet he didn’t even give them a chance to end their own lives, just torturing them like this. Jackie’s a demon!”

The moment this was said, the other worlds immediately fought back.

A warrior from the Hestia Continent retorted, “You truly are pigs. All you know is to look down on others. If Jackie was the one on the ground, would you guys from the Golden Continent let him off easily? You guys are the crueler ones and he’s just behaving like you, yet he’s the demon?”

Chapter 3302
A few among the crowd agreed with what the warrior from the Hestia Continent said.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent sneered as he said, “The warriors from the Golden Continent sure love their double standards. Only they’re allowed to have prodigies and not other worlds. Only they’re allowed to be cruel, and no other worlds can. Jackie did exactly what they did, but they see it as some heinous crime. It’s like Jackie’s a demon straight out of hell. What a joke!”

A verbal riot broke out in the area near the Red Sun Monument as they jeered at the Golden Continent. Even wandering warriors from Hestia raised their voices and cursed at the Golden Continent’s warriors, calling them shameless and despicable, to which those from the Golden Continent heard it all.

The warriors from the Golden Continent were forced to lower their heads and accept everything. After all, they would just get laughed at if they tried to be stubborn at that moment.

Jackie did not care about the arguments that were happening below at all.

He only had one thought in mind at that moment, which was to climb the Red Sun Monument and get the golden badge.

He already had the black iron badge and the bronze badge. If he got the golden badge, he would have gathered all three. Even though the rules did not say what he would achieve if he managed to get all three badges, he had a feeling it would be something noteworthy. Jackie would even manage to get other valuable items in each area he crossed.

After half an hour, he arrived at the 420-meter mark when he suddenly felt the ground beneath him heating up before a ray of light shot up in front of him.

Jackie looked down and noticed that five million spirit crystals had suddenly appeared in front of him. He let out a smile.

Warriors who arrived at the 420-meter mark would receive five million spirit crystals. If he continued for another 30 meters, the Red Sun Monument would award him with five million spirit crystals and an eighth-grade pill.

Jackie took a deep breath and placed the spirit crystals into Mustard Seed.

He had accumulated quite a bit of wealth as he had about 40 million spirit crystals in total. Even chosen disciples of ninth-grade clans did not have as much as him!

However, it was still far from enough. If he wanted ninth-grade crystals, he would need even more.

He sighed as he continued upward.

Back at the foot of the monument, the discussions about Jackie’s skills slowly dwindled.

They started to talk about how far Jackie would be able to climb. To regain a fraction of their dignity, the Golden Continent’s warriors started to demean and belittle him.

“I admit he’s very strong. He’s probably able to place in the top ten of a holy-grade clan. Even so, he’ll only be able to get to four hundred and eighty meters at most, no higher. After so long, only three people have managed to climb to the peak and obtain the golden badge.”

“No matter how strong Jackie is, he’ll never be able to face someone at the top three of a holy- grade clan. It’s not like I’m trying to insult him, but he came from a meager place. He‘s a warrior from Hestia, and all of us know what Hestia’s overall strength is like. They’re at the bottom of third-grade worlds. Jackie being able to have those skills is already a miracle…”

These opinions were agreed on by all the warriors from the Golden Continent.

They started to add oil to the flames and said that Jackie would never be able to reach the peak. Even being able to reach the 480-meter mark would be a huge accomplishment.

A warrior from the Azure Clan said loudly, “Don’t think that we’re trying to insult Jackie. We’re just saying things as it is. Just look at the four-hundred-and-twenty meter area. Only ten people from the Hestia Continent have managed to reach there…”

“Two hundred people from White Marsh Continent managed it, and three hundred and twenty-five from Chaos Continent got in. The Golden Continent already has over six hundred, so the overall strength of each continent is obvious here. That’s why we say that Jackie has a limit to how strong he can be. There’s no way he’s stronger than every warrior in the Golden Continent!”

Chapter 3303
After saying that, a warrior from the Golden Continent behind him said, “The four-hundred-and-twenty meter mark is just the start. Just look at the four-hundred -and-fifty meter mark. not a single warrior from Hestia got there. Only ninety-one warriors from White Marsh Continent entered…”

“The Chaos Continent only had a hundred-and-twenty-one, while three-hundred-and-nineteen people from the Golden Continent got through! There are fewer and fewer the more you look up.”

“At the four-hundred-and-eighty-meter mark, no one from Hestia entered, two from White Marsh Continent entered, and five from Chaos Continent got through. There were twenty-one from the Golden Continent! If you’re talking about the five-hundred-and-ten meter mark, there are only three. Not a single person from the third grade worlds reached it. Only three warriors from the Golden Continent managed to get there!”

Numbers and the truth were the most convincing, and the arrogance of the Golden Continent that was once suppressed only grew from then on. Even though Jackie had stunted their sharpness, the Golden Continent’s overall power was plain for all to see. They were strong, and there was nothing that could change this.

Only three people had been able to climb to the peak of the Red Sun Monument, and all of them came from the Golden Continent.

The warriors from the third-grade worlds had all stopped within the 480-meter area, and they had nothing to say about it. There was no way they could argue.

Darien sighed at the truth. He raised his head and said, “Even if he can’t get to the peak, Jackie’s results are inspiring enough. Being able to get to the four-hundred-and-eighty meter mark is something warriors from Hestia haven’t been able to do. We’re all proud of him!”

The warriors from Hestia all agreed with him when he said that. To them, the 480-meter area was something they could only look at. There was no way they could ever get there.

No warriors from Hestia even got to the 450-area mark. Rudy merely watched on quietly. No matter what anyone else said, Rudy still believed in Jackie. He knew Jackie would be able to reach the peak, and his faith in Jackie would not waver no matter what anyone else said.

Time slowly ticked away, and Jackie finally stepped into the 480-meter area, and the Red Sun Storm was incredibly intense there. It raged so forcefully that Jackie could barely steady his footing.

The frantic energy rained down on the participants’ bodies. It was not something ordinary warriors were able to handle.

Jackie took a deep breath before he started to circulate his true energy to shield himself against the storm.

The tempest truly was intense, but it did not affect Jackie that much. After all, Jackie did not just have Destroying the Void, an upper-ultimate god rank technique, but the storm-god rank technique, Soul Sky as well. These two techniques meant that the storm could not harm Jackie at all.

Jackie did not stop as he continued onward, neither slowing down nor hastening his steps. Even other warriors that were climbing the monument stopped to look at Jackie wide-eyed.

Everyone wanted to see Jackie’s final results. They wanted to see where Jackie would stop.

Since Jackie had not slowed down at all, the warriors from the Golden Continent could not take it.

A warrior from the White Phoenix Clan, with a sour look on his face, said, “How is this guy putting up such a good act? Is he not affected that badly? His footsteps never seemed to slow down. He’s been advancing at the same pace as though the Red Sun Storm isn’t affecting him at all.”

Nevada felt a chill shoot down his back when he heard that. The longer it went on, the less willing he could accept the truth.

Jackie never seemed to be one for exaggeration.

Was he really that strong that only warriors from first-grade worlds were comparable to him?

Did he not care about the Golden Continent’s warriors at all?

Chapter 3304
It was the scariest thing for them. Jackie never slowed down at all as he climbed the Red Sun Monument, and he barely reacted as well. It was as if the Red Sun Storm did not affect him at all.

Other than Jackie, everyone else would adjust their pace or slow down as they climbed the Red Sun Monument due to the strength of the Red Sun Storm. They would stop midway to regain their strength to continue climbing.

Jackie, however, never once stopped except when he would fight others. When they fought, not only did they need to use their true energy to fight each other but to withstand the Red Sun Storm as well.

His earlier battle had left a deep impression on everyone, causing them not to notice that the Red Sun Storm did not seem to affect Jackie at all.

A warrior from the Golden Continent sneered, his lips twitching as he did, “He’s just crazy. This guy is never normal in anything he does; he never ceases to shock us. Do you think he’s doing this to show off?”

After he said that, a warrior from the Golden Continent beside him immediately agreed. It was because Jackie had greatly impacted them.

Jackie had completely embarrassed them, so praising him would just be pouring cold water onto themselves. As long as they had the chance to insult Jackie, they would not let it slip.

“You’ re right. Jackie’s just not normal at all. I admit that he’s strong, but he loves showing off, too. I’m not trying to insult him or anything, but just think about what he’s said before this. No matter who he’s fighting against, he loves to irk his opponent, asking the other person to not waste his time.”

“Normally, anyone who says something like that is just trying to show off. He wants others to think that no one is worth his time. I acknowledge his skills, but I can’t say anything about his character. There’s nothing to be proud of for being strong. Being strong and being respected is what’s amazing. I won’t respect someone like this.”

As that person spoke, he rolled his eyes at Jackie’s back, but his words were met with angry retorts from warriors from third-grade worlds.

A warrior from the White Marsh Continent shouted at the warriors from the Golden Continent, “Do you have nuts for brains or something? It’s like you’re just saying anything that comes to your mind. You’re even saying that you’re not trying to insult him! Is Jackie wrong at all?! He told them not to waste his time because he never regarded them as worth his notice at all.”

“To Jackie, all three of them were just ants and barely posed a threat. There was nothing to say to them. Those three refused to back down and insisted on arguing against Jackie, spouting nonsense as they did. Even I felt annoyed listening to them!”

”That’s right! They don’t care about what they’re saying at all as long as they’re insulting Jackie. You warriors from the Golden Continent have no right to talk about respect at all. Before you speak, can you think about what you’ve done before this? Is it worth any respect?”

“If you hadn’t challenged Hestia and forced them into the corner, how could all of this have happened? Those three wouldn’t have been tortured so badly, watching as their lives slowly slip away. Those three had it coming!”

Chapter 3305
The warriors from Hestia Continent could no longer stomach such unjust treatment.

They wanted to keep a low profile, knowing they were supposed to be the weakest among all the worlds there, but there were times they had to stand up for themselves.

An inner disciple from the Scarlet Pavilion walked forward, his posture straight, as he looked at the warriors from the Golden Continent.

He shouted out, ”Are you really such sore losers? Fine, the Golden Continent’s overall strength is noteworthy, and you’re the strongest out of the four worlds here, but don’t forget that this is a level six city. There are still level five and four cities after this, and you’ll meet even stronger worlds. Will the Golden Continent still be able to act like this without any fear?”

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done unto you. You should show more restraint!”

The warriors of the Golden Continent glowered at these words that evidently struck a nerve.

A bulky warrior from the Golden Continent immediately looked over and glared at that inner disciple from Scarlet Pavilion fiercely.

“Who do you think you are, you brat? How dare you try and lecture us? We’ll allow Jackie to act arrogantly because he has the skills to, but this doesn’t mean just anyone can piss all over us! You should be happy that we can’t attack you right now, or you’d already be a corpse!”

After he said that, the other warriors from the Golden Continent looked at that warrior with the same cold gaze.

That person’s lips twitched as he took a step back.

Darien sighed helplessly as he pulled that person behind him, glared at that inner disciple, and whispered, “The Golden Continent’s warriors are all incredibly narrow-minded. They’ll remember you if you say something like that.”

Rudy walked over to Darien’s side.

He looked at the warriors of the Golden Continent with a cold gaze as he sneered, “He’s right, though. You were a bit too anxious. After all, this is probably the only place you’ll be able to show off. If you continue forward, you’ll meet even stronger second-grade worlds. If you compete against them, you’ll end up in the same difficult situation.”

Rudy did not know them, but they remembered that he was always after Jackie. They would not stomach any harsh words from anyone else, but they were silent when it was Rudy, ignoring it.

Rudy let out a laugh as he felt thankful that he could show off, all because of Jackie. He never doubted his decision to be by Jackie’s side.

At that moment, Jackie was already at the 480-meter mark. His speed had not changed at all.

He took a deep breath as he frowned slightly. The moment he reached the area, the power of the Red Sun Storm seemed to be several times stronger.

Truth be told, Jackie already felt the Red Sun Storm growing stronger at the 450-meter mark, but he could still handle it. This time, it was far less bearable.

He was forced to use the true energy in his body, forming seals to condense Soul Swords to shield himself from the storm.

Chapter 3306
There were 60 Soul Swords in front of Jackie’ s body, serving to reduce the power of the Red Sun Storm.

Jackie’s actions elicited gasps of surprise.

A warrior from the Golden Continent could not help but lament, “He’s finally using his techniques to stop the Red Sun Storm. If he didn’t do that, I’d start wondering if the storm was avoiding him.”

“In the end, he’s not a god. No matter how strong he is, there’s a limit. How strong do you all think his technique is?”

The moment that was said, everyone started to get curious. They could not resist discussing it. Most of them felt like Jackie should be using a lower ultimate god rank technique, which was why he was too strong even for Intet.

It was simple, Jackie had already reached the third stage of the technique. However, there were those of them who did not agree.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent said, “I think Jackie’s using a middle ultimate god rank technique. If you want to master a lower ultimate god rank technique, you won’t just need talent but a lot of time. Ultimate god rank techniques aren’t that simple.”

“If you want to master a technique, you’d need a lot of enlightening. Even if Jackie’s talents are monstrous, he’s still young. Unless he learned the ultimate god rank technique at an incredibly young age, there’s no way he’d be able to reach perfection!”

The man seemed incredibly sure of what he was saying, and it caused the others to ponder his words.

Slowly, about a third of them believed. They felt like Jackie was using a middle ultimate god rank technique. However, there were those who thought that the idea was far too absurd.

A chosen disciple from the Azure Clan frowned and said, “Aren’t you putting that guy on too high of a pedestal? Don’t you know what a middle ultimate god rank technique means? Only a genius at the very peak would be able to use one. Your reasoning seems a bit logical, but it’s still very absurd.”

“Mastering a lower ultimate god rank technique does need a lot of time and effort, but there are exceptions. Jackie might just be incredibly lucky and had a sudden moment of enlightenment, but a middle ultimate god rank technique is different.”

”Most geniuses of our age won’t be able to use one at all. Don’t think that a lower ultimate god rank technique is just one level lower than a middle ultimate god rank technique. Mastering a middle ultimate god rank technique needs you to have a deep understanding of the workings of heaven and earth. Without a certain realm, you can’t even begin to attempt it!”

“You’re right. All of them have just been blinded by the skills Jackie has shown, thinking that he’s unbeatable. All I can say is that you’re all ignorant. He’s not the only strong person in town. Third-grade worlds might not have many who are as strong as Jackie, but they’re all over the place in the Golden Continent.”

Chapter 3307
“We’ve seen so much more than all of you, and we can make better judgments. Don’t think that your meager bits of knowledge will be enough for you to be so sure about anything!”

“They don’t know how difficult middle ultimate god rank techniques are. One of my seniors tried to learn it before but was unable to do anything. His talents are among the top of the Golden Continent. If Jackie could do it, he’d be able to do it too. Alas, he was completely out of ideas when it came to a middle ultimate god rank technique.”

“There’s nothing that can be done about it. Third-grade worlds and second- grade worlds have an evident gap between them. If not for the Whirling World, they’d never be able to interact with us. These fools keep insulting us by saying we’re at the bottom of second-grade worlds, but even if we’re not highly ranked, we’re still one. What we’ve seen and what we know isn’t something any of you can compare to.”

When the warriors from third-grade worlds heard that, their expressions soured. They were once again angered by the warriors from the Golden Continent.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent growled, “You say that you know more than us, but why do you keep making the wrong judgments? Didn’t you repeatedly say Jackie would lose? You kept on saying that Jackie was no match for even the likes of Wilde.”

“Yet, what’s the outcome? Is Jackie the one on the ground? Stop trying to suppress us with those words. Just think about what you’ve said before this compared to the truth.”

No matter how many arguments there were, it did not affect Jackie at all as he zoned out from listening to the unnecessary commotion. He only had one thought in mind, which was to reach the peak of the Red Sun Monument and obtain the golden badge.

The further he went, the more intense the Red Sun Storm got.

At the last 10 meters, Jackie’s clothes were rustling from the Red Sun Storm. However, he never slowed down and never even stopped to rest.

At that moment, the arguments below the Red Sun Monument reached their peak. The warriors from the Golden Continent were adamant that Jackie could not be using a middle ultimate god rank technique. No matter what anyone else said, they stubbornly refused to listen, all while warriors from the other worlds frantically tried to defend Jackie.

They were sure that Jackie was using a middle ultimate god rank technique and pulled out various forms of proof.

They were getting exhausted talking, but the warriors from the Golden Continent refused to accept it. Right as arguments were reaching a boiling point, a clear voice interrupted all of them.

“ Jackie is at the peak!”

Those words completely silenced the crowd. Even their breathing slowed down.

Everyone looked up toward the peak and saw a resolute figure standing atop with a straightened back, akin to an unyielding tree. They held their breaths, realizing that their arguments meant nothing at all.

Jackie had once again used his skills to prove everything, regardless if he was using a lower or middle ultimate god rank technique. He was someone none of them could beat. Ever since the Red Sun Monument was started, only three people had reached the peak, and Jackie was the fourth.

Just that alone was enough to prove Jackie’s talents and skills. He was a genius that stood out amongst geniuses. Even the warriors from the Golden Continent, who wanted nothing more than to put him down, all fell silent.

Jackie’s eyes were sharp, and all he heard was the howling wind. He could not hear what anyone was saying at all.

Chapter 3308
At that moment, Jackie stood at the highest point where the Red Sun Storm was the most intense, having condensed 90 Soul Swords to endure the storm.

After a few moments, the peak of the Red Sun Monument started to glow in a reddish-golden light. Right after that, a small badge started to condense in the air, and a glint of excitement flashed in his eyes.

Reaching out and opening his palm, the golden badge fell into his hand. He pursed his lips excitedly as he grasped the badge.

Another light shone through as 20 million spirit crystals condensed in front of Fame. There was a small smile of excitement on his face as he put all those spirit crystals into Mustard Seed.

When he got to 420 meters, the Red Sun Monument awarded him with five million spirit crystals, and at the 450-meter area, he was given another five million and an eighth-grade pill. At 480 meters, he was given a million spirit crystals and a treasure worth 10 million.

When he got to the peak, he got the golden badge, 20 million spirit crystals, and a treasure with an indeterminate price.

Jackie had received a bounty this time. Just from spirit crystals alone, he had gotten 31 million. It had basically doubled his fortune, and he was getting closer to his goal.

He took a deep breath as he patiently waited for the last reward.

After a few moments, another golden glow appeared around him. It was so bright that Jackie had to shut his eyes. Once the light dispersed, a spirited grass appeared in front of Jackie.

When it materialized, the discussions below erupted again.

”Goodness! Is that a Seven Bone Soul Herb? That’s ninth-grade spirited grass worth at least thirty million spirit crystals, and it’s so rare that it’s almost impossible to find in the market!”

”I remember that Jackie’s a soul attribute warrior. With that Seven Bone Soul Herb, Jackie will level up a lot. Sure enough, it’s so frustrating comparing ourselves to others. Those who can get even more resources will only get stronger, while we only get what remains. We’ll never reach their heights.”

“He’s so lucky. The Seven Bone Soul Herb is incredibly valuable. My master tried to get one in an auction years ago but wasn’t able to get it, and he regretted it for a long time. I can’t believe he managed to get something so valuable.”

Everyone was incredibly jealous. Not only had Jackie gotten 31 million spirit crystals, but he even got a soul gem and a Seven Star Soul Herb. The soul gem was what Jackie got when he arrived at the 480-meter mark.

Those treasures were both treasures that were able to improve soul attribute warriors, which Jackie happened to be.

When Jackie walked down the monument, everyone looked at him with different expressions. Before, they had looked at Jackie as though he was a lunatic, but no longer did they look at him in such light. Instead, he garnered looks of respect and fear.

Jackie was already used to it.

After he went down, he exchanged a few pleasantries with Darien, addressing a few matters before he left with Rudy.

Jackie was in no hurry to head to a level five city. He brought Rudy to the inn they were in before. Even though his skills were still exceptional, they would be meeting more geniuses.

Jackie understood that the further they went, the more worlds would be gathered, thus he was in no hurry to leave. He wanted to improve his skills before he thought about anything else. He planned on absorbing the soul gem and the Seven Bone Soul Herb in the inn.

It took Jackie 10 days to fully absorb it all.

With the soul gem and the Seven Bone Soul Herb’s power, Jackie finally managed to condense a Divine Soul. He managed to reach the first stage of the storm god rank technique, Soul Sky.

Jackie happily clenched his fists. If he was somewhere that would allow it, he would have tested out the destructive capabilities of his technique.

Chapter 3309
Every stage of Soul Sky had its name, and the first stage was called the Broken Soul Blade.

Jackie was very eager to see its capabilities.

Rudy sipped his tea as he looked at Jackie’s excited expression. He smiled and mused, “I suppose it went smoothly?”

Jackie nodded and smiled, not saying a word.

Rudy straightened his body and looked at Jackie as he said, “Where are we headed next? Will we be going to a level five city?”

Jackie looked up at Rudy before shaking his head seriously, to which Rudy pursed his lips. Even though Rudy had asked, he had been sure that they were headed to a level five city next. However, he never expected Jackie to shake his head in denial.

It surprised him, to be frank. “Are we not going to a level five city? Where are we going, then?”

Jackie did not bother answering Rudy and instead pulled out the three badges from Mustard Seed and placed them together.

The badges suddenly emitted a radiant glow as they surprisingly merged with a crack and turned into a single crystal badge.

Stunned, Ruddy took a deep breath, and his eyes bulged so much that they looked like they could pop out of their sockets.

The badges could be merged?

He stood up and walked over to Jackie, looking at the badge in Jackie’s hand with widened eyes.

He pointed at it excitedly and said, “What is this?”

Jackie smirked. Even though he rarely revealed his emotions, he could not help but feel a sense of excitement this time. ”This crystal badge can let us go anywhere. It can even send us to a level two city right away.”

The moment he said that, Rudy covered his mouth in shock. This meant that they could go wherever they wanted to!

Jackie took a deep breath before he added, “Not only can it go to a level one city, but it can even take to other second and third-grade worlds.”

Hearing that, Rudy was so shocked that he was momentarily speechless. “We can go to other worlds? We…We won’t have to return to Hestia? We can go anywhere?!”

Jackie nodded resolutely, his hands trembling from the excitement.

He said as he clutched the badge tightly, ”Based on the normal rules, every warrior that’s still alive when the Whirling World closes will be sent to their original worlds. However, with this badge, we don’t have to do that. We can choose any second or third-grade world we want. We don’t have to return to Hestia.”

Jackie was already tired of Hestia anyway. His goal had been the Valley of Enlightenment, but from what he knew, the valley was not in Hestia but somewhere outside of it.

The entrance to the Valley of Enlightenment was not just in Hestia, other worlds had entrances too. Thus, Jackie did not have any reason to stay in Hestia.

He wanted to see a new horizon, and he knew staying in Hestia would serve him no good.

Chapter 3310
Rudy excitedly walked around in circles. He looked at Jackie before looking at his own hand.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, immediately guessing what Rudy was thinking. Thus, he smiled and said, “If you’re willing to follow me still, I’ll take you along. You just have to make sure you don’t betray me.”

Rudy’s hand quivered, his face reddened a little, and he was shaking from excitement.

His lips moved, wanting to say something, but he could not figure out the words to say.

Jackie laughed and continued, “Are you worried that you might not get used to other worlds, and that Hestia might be safer for you? Yet you still want to see the wider world.”

Rudy lowered his head. Jackie had guessed exactly what was in his mind. He stood still, not knowing what to do or say.

Jackie stood up and patted Rudy’s shoulder, “Just say what you’re thinking and do what you want to do.”

Rudy looked at Jackie emotionally.

After a moment, he finally said, “I’m just worried about my future. I know that you’ll protect me as long as I’m with you, but I’m worried you’ll think I’m useless…”

Saying that, Rudy looked down again, not daring to meet Jackie’s eyes.

Jackie smiled as he turned to look into the Whirling World’s clear skies.

There was no night and day here, only blue skies above them. However, Jackie knew that everything was just part of a formation. The Whirling World was a massive formation that could only last for two years. After two years, they needed to choose somewhere else to go to.

Jackie sighed as he said seriously, “As long as you don’t betray me, you can keep following me. People will always be useful, so you don’t have to think too much about it. However, I have to tell you one thing: you’re already linked to me. If you go back, you might get taken away if anyone sees you…”

Rudy’s expression stiffened.

He pursed his lips, unable to say anything. It was what he was most worried about.

After going through so much, he was a completely changed man. He had put aside all the pride he used to have. After seeing so many strong warriors, he finally realized how vast the world was, and his talents were nothing compared to theirs.

He should have chosen to stay in a small place and live his life peacefully, but if he chose to return, he would lose Jackie’s protection. He would also be taken away by larger clans because he was always with him and would, one way or another, make him spill Jackie’ s secrets.

He could never go back on his own.

After thinking about it, Rudy finally said, “I’ll follow you. I can’t go back anymore, anyway.”

The more enemies they made, the more Rudy realized that he could no longer go back.

Jackie nodded, patting Rudy on the shoulder wordlessly.

Three days later, Jackie and Rudy stood in front of a massive city gate and quietly looked at the massive sign on the gates.

“So this is Weinhord City!” said Rudy excitedly.

Weinhord City was a level four city. To save time, Jackie chose a level four city over a level five city.

The moment the crystal badge formed, the rules of the whole Whirling World went into his mind, and Jackie had a clear idea of the path forward.

There were a lot of people within Weinhord City at that moment as a few warriors had come from afar. Just the city gates had over a thousand people gathered there.

Rudy looked at the crowd and pointed at it. “I thought that there would be fewer people the further we went, but it’s actually the opposite.”


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