No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3291 – 3300

Chapter 3291
Darien was incredibly emotional as he said that.

He took deep breaths, and when everyone heard that, they could not help but nod in agreement. Facing Golden Continent, taking a step back would only make them think that Hestia Continent was afraid.

Golden Continent would definitely seek revenge.

Things would then be much harder for them in the future. However, if they stayed resolute and let Jackie lead the charge, things would be better. At the very least, the warriors from Golden Continent would think about the consequences before trying to put them down.

At that moment, Lesley was going crazy.

He realized that everything he said was useless. He could not sway Jackie at all.

Jackie did not want to waste any more time. He looked at Lesley coldly as he formed seals with his hands again.

Sixty soul swords formed in a flash, floating in front of Jackie. Those swords did not have any energy fluctuations at all. They were like an ancient well, but no one dared to look down on them. The power he had shown just now had even beaten Wilde.

Wilde and Lesley both practiced the Nine Cloud Annihilation technique, and the technique was well regarded in the White Phoenix Clan.

Quite a few chosen disciples used that technique, and Nevada was one of them. Nevada was stronger than them, ranking the twenty-seventh place. However, he was still not strong enough to face Jackie either.

Nevada shook his head helplessly.

When he saw that Jackie was about to attack again, he already knew what was waiting for Lesley.

Lesley’s whole face froze. At that moment, there was nothing he could say. After a short silence, he suddenly turned around to run. He only had one thought in mind at that moment, which was to try to run!

He would die if he stayed behind.

There was a howling wind next to him.

His speed greatly decreased thanks to the Red Sun Storm, but he did not care about that. Right at that moment, he felt the space behind him become unstable, like someone had distorted it.

He looked back and widened his eyes. He was shocked to notice that Jackie was already right behind him.

The sword in Jackie’s hand aimed right for his back. Before he could even cry out, the sword had already pierced into his back. The pain of his soul being ripped apart was felt in his mind. It shattered all his sanity. He could not even circulate the true energy in his body as he collapsed on the ground.

With a bang, he slammed right on the Red Sun Monument, spitting out blood and was in a bad state.

Jackie slowly descended, looking at Lesley coldly, “Did you think you could run?”

He had no intentions of attacking again because the pain of one’s soul being ripped apart was already the most painful punishment anyone could suffer from.

Jackie deliberately slowed down Destroying the Void, using the energy to slowly eat away at their souls.

Lesley started to roll on the ground, crying out in agony.

When everyone saw that, they felt chills on their backs. Even though they did not know what Lesley was going through, it looked like excruciating pain. Otherwise, there was no way Lesley would be rolling mindlessly on the ground like that.

Jackie’s lips curled up into a faint smile, “I won’t kill you immediately. Just like how you tortured the warriors from Hestia Continent earlier. There’s still plenty of time. You can slowly enjoy it.”

After saying that, he turned around and continued to climb up the monument, ignoring Wilde and Lesley.

Chapter 3292
At that moment, everyone had fascinating looks on their faces.

They stared with widened eyes as Lester constantly rolled on the ground. They also looked at Wilde, who was just twitching on the ground. Both of them were unable to utter a single word. However, the warriors below could all imagine what they were experiencing. It was definitely pain that pierced right into their bones. Otherwise, there was no way they would be tortured until they were acting like that.

The more cowardly warriors were all so scared that their faces turned pale. They covered their mouths with their hands, unable to say anything.

It was far too cruel. Even though Wilde and Lester would do anything for the sake of their enjoyment, the two of them still had some pride.

If they could control their own bodies or even had a sliver of sanity left, they would not allow themselves to be embarrassed like that.

A warrior from Golden Continent had his eyes wide open as he pointed at Jackie and said, “He’s just going to leave like that? I thought that the guy would cut those two apart. I can’t believe he’s just leaving them behind to die.”

After that person said that, Nevada’s lips twitched helplessly.

He turned to stare at that person, saying in a low voice, “Right now, the two of them are in far more pain than just dying. Since that’s the case, why would he waste his time on the two of them? Did you not hear what Jackie was saying? He kept on repeating that he wanted to use his time effectively.”

“It means that Jackie feels like his time is far more important than torturing the two of them. The two of them are in far more pain than any regular torture anyway…”

As he said that, Nevada’s voice trembled a little.

He was even thankful that he had only fought against Jackie in terms of their attributes during the attribute gamble, and that it had not been a real fight. In the end, he only embarrassed himself, but did not have to go through any actual injuries.

Nevada looked up at Jackie’s back, thankful for his luck. If he had been on the Red Sun Monument instead, he would not be in a much better situation than Wilde.

Just thinking about it caused Nevada to take a deep breath. However, the warriors around him were in an uproar.

Jackie had left without hesitation after accomplishing his goal, not even looking at the two of them on the ground.

What kind of person would be able to do something so cruel?

A warrior from Chaos Continent pursed his lips and said, “I’m nowhere near as strong as Jackie. No wonder he spoke like that earlier. We thought that he was crazy, but we were the ignorant ones. He always had a plan.”

“Honestly, Wilde and Lester were just far too confident. They did not even bother to think about why someone who knew their skills would dare to challenge them. They had been far too arrogant and did not regard anyone well at all. That’s how they ended up like this. They can’t really blame anyone else.”

After that person said that, the other disciples agreed, “That’s right! In the end, they were just blind. They thought that they were unbeatable just because they were from Golden Continent. That’s why they ended up in such state. If the two of them had been careful enough, they would not have suffered such a horrible fate.”

“There’s nothing that can be changed about it. They would not have bullied Hestia Continent like that if they knew such a fate was in store for them. Regrets do nothing though. You can’t change what has happened.”

Chapter 3293
Just as everyone was discussing, a warrior from Golden Continent brought a valuable recovery pill to Wilde and Lester. After all, they were from the White Phoenix Clan and were very notable chosen disciples. There was no way they could be allowed to just roll on the ground so pathetically.

The person checked their injuries first, and after checking on them, the person was shocked to realize that the two of them had heavy injuries to their souls.

Wilde’s soul was already ripped apart by a third, and the remaining two-thirds of his soul were holding on bitterly, but not for much longer.

Injuries to the soul were the most troublesome, and Wilde was already heavily injured. Even if he took the recovery pills, it would just be a waste.

Lester was in a slightly better situation than Wilde, but not by much.

Their injuries were already at the level where nothing could save them. Only death awaited them. The warrior that tried to treat Wilde looked down helplessly.

Someone shouted out loud, “What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you treating them?”

That person shook his head helplessly, explaining the situation.

When everyone heard that Wilde’s soul was already ripped apart, and by how much, the Golden Continent’s warriors all paled.

They widened their eyes, and they lost all their earlier arrogance. They were filled with fear. They were scared.

Only then did they find out that Jackie trained in soul attribute skill. He specialized in attacking the soul. No wonder the two of them were in so much pain.

It was because their soul had been ripped apart. Injuries to the soul were the hardest to treat, especially at their stage. Other than death, there was no other result. No matter how many pills they took, it would do nothing to help.

A disciple from the Azure Clan said with trembling lips, “That guy actually uses the soul attribute. No wonder this happened. I can’t believe such a genius appeared in such a desolate corner!”

As he said that, he was even feeling thankful that he did not offend Jackie. After all, Wilde and Lester’s situation was just too bad. They were forced to bear the pain, slowly feeling their souls being ripped apart.

Death was not far away, and no one could save them. It was truly agonizing.

The warriors from Golden Continent became a lot quieter. Even though they were still angry at Jackie, no one dared to say anything. They shut their mouths, but it did not mean that the warriors from the other worlds would.

A warrior from White Marsh Continent could not help but say loudly, ”Why do you keep putting down other worlds? No matter how bad Hestia Continent is, they are still a true third-grade world. Third-grade worlds have so many geniuses. Any one of them would be able to cause Golden Continent problems. Jackie is just one of them.”

“It’s because Golden Continent was far too arrogant that this happened to you. Things are already at this stage, but you aren’t even thinking of changing. You still feel like there’s no way other worlds could have strong geniuses.”

The more that person spoke, the angrier he got.

White Marsh Continent had been thoroughly suppressed by Golden Continent and had been infuriated by them constantly. They wanted to prove themselves as well but never had the chance.

Jackie had finally stood up for all of them.

Chapter 3294
Yet, the warriors from Golden Continent did not seem to even regret anything.

They were talking just like before, feeling like Jackie was just an exception, and the warriors from the third- grade worlds were still trash.

How could that warrior from Golden Continent stand it?

It was not just the White Marsh Continent, even Chaos Continent’s warriors could not tolerate it.

Quite a few of them started to shout at the warriors from Golden Continent, “As Jackie said, you’re regarding yourselves too highly. Golden Continent isn’t even a first-grade world. You’re an insignificant existence in second-grade worlds. If you give us another hundred years, Chaos Continent will be a second- grade world as well.”

“You’re just slightly stronger than us. It’s not like you’re that much stronger. Yet, you speak so arrogantly. It looks like you haven’t learned your lessons. Just you guys wait! Even more strong warriors will tell you how laughable you’re acting!”

“That’s right! Jackie had clearly trampled all over them with his skills, but they refuse to acknowledge that other worlds have countless geniuses. Just hearing their arrogance sounds like such a joke.”

“It’s as if they think that the strong can only exist in Golden Continent, and other worlds can be bullied as they please. Just open your eyes. Jackie from Hestia Continent. Hestia Continent is at the bottom of third-grade worlds, but someone as strong as Jackie still exists.”

“There’s no way White Marsh Continent and Chaos Continent’s geniuses would be any less than Hestia Continent. Even chosen disciples from holy grade clans are no match for our geniuses!”

The warriors from Golden Continent had incredibly dark looks on their faces. They were not willing to admit that the other worlds had geniuses that could compete with their own.

They would be greatly impacted by that. They were incredibly prideful, so they would not be able to accept it.

However, even if they could not accept it, they could not voice out their arguments that loudly as well. After all, Wilde and Lester were still bitterly struggling on the Red Sun Monument, waiting for death.

They would not be convincing at all.

Nevada sighed and said helplessly, “The Red Sun Monument has both the hundred-and-eighty-meter area and the three-hundred-and-sixty-meter area to fight in. If we want to gain back our dignity, we’ll have to wait until Jackie gets to the three-hundred-and-sixty-meter area to challenge him. We’ll only be able to shut everyone up by winning there.”

Nevada’s words served as a reminder to the warriors from Golden Continent.

They thought about things and agreed with what Nevada said. The situation in front of them would yield no results even if they continued arguing with the third- grade world.

They were forced to wait for the next chance to fight Jackie. They had to win convincingly if they wanted their dignity back.

When Hestia Continent heard what Golden Continent was saying, they suddenly lost their earlier happiness.

A warrior from Compass Pavilion said helplessly, “Even though Jackie’s too strong for any normal person to challenge him, our earlier worries were not wrong either. These warriors from Golden Continent are like flies you can’t chase away…”

“As long as they have their eyes on you, it’d be incredibly difficult to get rid of them. They lost in the hundred-and-eighty-meter area, but there is still the three-hundred-and -sixty-meter area. As long as Jackie reaches that place, the warriors of Golden Continent will definitely challenge him.”

When he said that, he could not help but lament in his heart. He did not know what to do with the situation at all.

Darien sighed as he looked around behind him. He noticed that most of them had worried looks on their faces.

The clans that had a grudge against Jackie had temporarily put aside their hatred. They knew very well that Jackie was their shield and their support. If Jackie lost or fell, it would be disastrous for them.

Chapter 3295
At that moment, everyone with a brain knew that they could not let things drag on like that.

Darien took a deep breath and looked at everyone with resolve.

His voice was steady and powerful, “Everyone, don’t worry. We have to trust Jackie. He has always been someone who does what he says he will. He’s definitely thought about what you’re worried about.”

“He’s not worried at all, so why should we be? What we can do right now is to cheer him on as much as we can. No matter what anyone else says, we can’t falter.”

When the warriors from Hestia Continent heard that, they looked at each other and were silent for a long time. After a while, they all nodded.

That was the only thing they could do at that moment. Other than cheering for Jackie, there was nothing else any of them could do.

Jackie looked at Darien appreciatively. He did not expect Darien to have so much faith in him.

Rudy trusted Jackie so much because he knew of Jackie’s skill and attitude after following Jackie for so long. He did not expect Darien to trust Jackie so much even though he had only heard of Jackie.

He laughed and patted Darien’s shoulder, telling Darien firmly, “You really are the heart of Hestia Continent. You always make the right choice.”

Darien let out a light smile and shook his head, “ Jackie’s very strong, and he always does what he sets out to do. It’s not that I’m making the right choice, it’s just that Jackie’s given me a lot of confidence.”

Jackie was clueless about what was being talked about below. Even if he did, it would not sway him. To him, the Golden continent was not a threat at all. The worlds that would threaten him were at least first-grade worlds. His future challenges would come from first-grade worlds.

To Jackie, what was happening was only an incredibly small annoyance. As long as he wanted to, he could cross it at any moment. Nothing would be threatening at all.

He slowly walked up the Red Sun Monument.

Possibly because the battle earlier had left a deep impression on everyone, no one dared to walk around Jackie. Hence, he got an incredibly large open space around him.

He was not like those warriors who loved to show off. They would try to climb Red Sun Mountain as fast as possible to prove their skills.

Jackie walked very slowly, and every step was firm. It was like he was climbing up a mountain.

Finally, Jackie arrived at the three-hundred-and-sixty meter mark.

The moment he stepped into the place, he attracted a lot of looks. Some crossed their arms as they looked at Jackie in amusement. That was because they knew that Jackie had deeply offended every warrior from Golden Continent.

With how Golden Continent acted, they would definitely not let it off easily. As long as there was a chance to gain back what they lost, they would seize it.

Chapter 3296
Of course, Jackie knew that very well, but he did not care whatsoever. He did not bother what everyone was talking about nor if anyone else saw him. As long as no one obstructed him, he would continue moving forward.

Finally, when Jackie arrived at the area, a black-clothed man blocked his path.

Jackie looked up and saw a resolute face. He raised an eyebrow with not much expression on his face.

The man looked at Jackie coldly. He looked like he wanted to stab Jackie a thousand times.

A few moments passed and Jackie still refused to speak.

In the end, the man could not help but say, “ Jackie, right? Let me introduce myself since you’re about to die in my hands. It would be disrespectful if I let you die without doing anything. I’m called Intet Kayn. I’m a chosen disciple from the White Phoenix Clan.”

“Those two pieces of trash are lost to you because they’re just complete trash. Don’t think that you can show off in front of Golden Continent just because of that insignificant victory.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

Intet was obviously someone with ill intentions. He had directly labeled Wilde and Lester as trash. At the very least, they were chosen disciples too.

Jackie had probably been too obvious with his blank expression, and Intet immediately understood what Jackie was thinking.

He snorted and said, “The two of them were just trash. It means nothing that you get rid of them so easily. They were at the last two places among chosen disciples. In my eyes, they were no different from inner disciples. I’m in fifteenth place. I’m more than enough to deal with you!”

“Don’t think that you’re unbeatable just because you beat the last-placed chosen disciples. The difference between chosen disciples is huge. Other than the last two pieces of trash, each place is drastically stronger.”

When Jackie heard that, he merely thought that Intet talked too much.

He just wanted to prove how much stronger he was compared to Lester and Wilde by saying all of that. He wanted Jackie to not look down on him which made Jackie roll his eyes in exasperation.

He laughed and said, “You’re so interesting. I haven’t even said anything, and you’ve spouted so much nonsense. Do you think I can’t tell what you’re trying to say? You’re worried I’ll look down on you, so use your skills to prove it. There’s no point saying all of that.”

“In my eyes, you’re no different from Wilde. Even though you’re ranked in the fifteenth place, you’re still from Golden Continent. Unless you’re from a first-grade world, your words are worth nothing.”

The moment Jackie said that Intet’s expression changed.

He was so furious that his hands trembled slightly. He could not believe that he had been insulted like that even after revealing his background. Intet panted roughly as he stared at Jackie viciously.

Jackie was far too used to looking like that. Sometimes, he would see them a few times in a single day.

Unless Intet could not hold back and rushed at him, it was no different for Jackie. The warriors below were shocked by Jackie’s words again.

Everyone was paying attention to everything he said.

Everyone was completely stunned by Jackie’s words. In their hearts, they wondered how Jackie kept on sounding more and more arrogant.

Chapter 3297
This time, even Nevada could not stand it anymore, “This Jackie. Did he let his earlier win get to him? He’s actually looking down on the whole of Golden Continent. It’s like the whole continent is beneath him. How arrogant!”

“That’s right. This guy is crossing the line. Every time I hear him speak, I want to rip his mouth apart. He keeps saying that others were thinking too highly of themselves, but he doesn’t look himself in the mirror!”

“He’s even saying that he only cares about warriors from first-grade worlds. He’s just a warrior from a third-grade world, but he’s acting so arrogantly. If I told anyone what I heard, they’d think that I was making things up. After all, it’s hard to find someone like him.”

Jackie did not care about what was being said below at all. Even if he heard them, he would still ignore them.

At that moment, Jackie was coldly looking at Intet who was in front of him. He saw Intet breathing roughly.

He scoffed as he said in a calm tone, “I’ll say the same thing. If you want to fight, I’ll do it at any time, but I’m very short of time. I don’t want you to waste any of it. I’ve always been someone who acts as I please. You’ll end up just like Wilde. You were the one who asked for it. It has nothing to do with anyone else.‘’

Intet’s face twisted in anger at those words. Jackie was crossing the line.

He clenched his teeth and said, “Brat, I was being nice to you. Do you really think I’ll lose to you like those two pieces of trash? You should be glad that the two of them underestimated you and didn’t attack you together. Otherwise, you would have been ripped to shreds in that area!”

As he said that, his face was completely red. He wanted to rip Jackie apart.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Intet would not listen to anything he said.

He was actually no different from Wilde. Even after witnessing Jackie’s skills, they still thought that Jackie was not that strong. They thought that Jackie had just won out of luck.

If Jackie had faced both of them together, Jackie would not have won. Jackie was speechless at that thought. He did not care what they thought either. In Jackie’s eyes, all of them just refused to listen.

He sighed as he did not know what to say to Intet. While Intet felt like he had been greatly insulted, and really wanted to kill Jackie at that moment.

He glared at Jackie, “Brat, you’ll pay for what you said. You’ll be crying and begging for mercy for just a moment! I won’t give you any mercy even if you kneel down and beg!”

Jackie laughed as he said in exasperation, “I’ll remember what you said. Let’s see who’ll be the one begging for mercy.”

Intet’s lips twitched, feeling like he no longer wanted to argue with Jackie. He would probably die from anger if they continued!

Chapter 3298
In Intet’s heart, he was no match for Jackie when it came to words, but Jackie was definitely no match for him when it came to actual skills.

Jackie had easily killed Wilde and Lester, but he could do it as well. That was why Intet felt like Jackie was just a little stronger than Wilde.

He took a deep breath, already eager to see Jackie begging for mercy. He formed seals with his hands, and four long-haired deities condensed behind him. He was using the Nine Cloud Annihilation as well.

Nine Cloud Annihilation was a specialty of the White Phoenix Clan. Anyone who’s strong would fight to learn the technique.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the four deities behind Intet.

Just from the number of deities, Inter had managed one more than Wilde. However, it was still nothing to Jackie, because the Nine

Cloud Annihilation was still just a lower ultimate god rank technique in the en while Destroying the Void was truly an upper ultimate god rank technique.

Unless Intet was using a storm god rank technique, he would be no match for Jackie.

Intet let out an angry roar as he clasped his hands together. A shocking power poured into the sword in his hand. Intet widened his eyes, veins evident in them, and shouted, “Die!”

As he slashed his sword, the white slash turned a meter long, flying right at Jackie.

Jackie let out a laugh, judging that Intet was already at the second stage of the technique.

No wonder he spoke so arrogantly. There were probably less than ten disciples at that stage in the whole White Phoenix Clan. In truth, the chosen disciple rankings were no longer that accurate. After all, the whirling World had been open for almost half a year.

They were geniuses from their respective worlds, frantically growing after entering the Whirling World. If another ranking battle happened, there would definitely be changes. Intet might even be in the top ten spots.

Fighting Jackie, Intet was incredibly proud, but he did not dare to look down on Jackie. After all, he knew that Jackie had not shown his full strength earlier. So, Intet did not hold back.

The warriors from Golden Continent widened their eyes when they saw Intet’s true skills.

Someone said loudly, “Oh my! Intet’s already mastered Nine Cloud Annihilation to the second stage! We‘re definitely going to win!”

Even if he had mastered it completely, it would still be no match for Sixty Soul Swords.


There was a massive bang, and two slashes clashed in the air. The incredibly bright light obscured their sight once again.

No one could tell what was happening, but they could vaguely hear someone cry out in agony.

Everyone’s hearts almost jumped out of their throats. They did not even blink, worried they would miss something. The radiant light only lasted for a few seconds before it dispersed. Everyone could see everything in front of them.

Intet clutched his chest, and his eyes were wide open. His eyes were full of disbelief as his limbs twitched slightly. He was still conscious, but it was too painful.

All he could do was scream.

Chapter 3299
Everyone saw what was happening, and the place fell into a strange silence. Every warrior from Golden Continent was stunned. It was the same result. Even Intet had lost!

There were those of them who had said confidently that Jackie would only be able to beat the chosen disciples lower than the top twenty places, but they had been slapped in the face. Even the fifteenth-placed Intet had been no match for Jackie. Furthermore, Inter had shown off his full skills earlier.

He had clearly improved a lot. All of them believed that Intet was already in the top ten, but he was still no match for Jackie. He had still been killed by Jackie in one strike and they could not accept the fact.

They could still somewhat accept the last placed chosen disciples losing, but even Intet had lost. They could not believe it at all. Some of them felt like they had been slapped in the face several times.

Jackie smirked as he raised an eyebrow to look at Intet, who was twitching on the ground.

He controlled Destroying the Void’s power, not destroying Intet’s body, allowing him to remain conscious.

He slowly walked toward Intet.

At that moment, Intet had his eyes wide. His body twitched constantly. When he saw Jackie, he shook even harder. Fear enveloped the consciousness he still had, “Don’t kill me! Don’t torture me! I’m begging you! Don’t torture me!”

Even though Jackie was controlling Destroying the Void to not engulf Intet’s soul, it was still slowly eating away at it.

The deep, bone-piercing pain filled Intet with fear. He was even hoping for Jackie to kill him with one blow!

At that moment, dignity was nothing. He only wished that Jackie would let him off and not rip apart his soul.

Hearing Intet’s begging, Jackie could not help but laugh, “Don’t you remember what you said earlier? You told me that I would be the one begging and that you wouldn’t forgive me…”

The moment he said that Intet’s face paled. He had not believed that Jackie would be able to beat him at all. He felt like Jackie was no match for him whatsoever.

At that moment, Intet wanted to slap himself in the face.

Looking at Jackie’s cold eyes, he shuddered. He regretted trying to challenge Jackie in the first place. When he saw what Jackie did, he only thought that Jackie was incredibly despicable.

He had also been very confident in his skills. Ever since he entered the Whirling World, he had made breakthrough after breakthrough. He did not think much of Jackie as well. It was not like Intet’ s confidence was unreasonable either.

With Intet’s skills, he would have definitely been able to rank within the top five in the White Phoenix Clan, but he did not know that even the top five would not be a match for Jackie.

Jackie looked at Intet and sighed, ”Will you be like Lester? Thinking that I was putting on an act and that was the only reason you lost?”

Intet’s face stiffened, unable to say anything. He felt like everything Jackie said was like a slap on the face.

Jackie had not been putting on an act at all. He had just been fooling himself the whole time.

Chapter 3300
Only, they were warriors from Golden Continent and kept on thinking that Jackie was just someone unbelievably arrogant. They never expected Jackie to actually have the skills to back it up.

At that moment, the warriors from Golden Continent were acting incredibly strangely. They had constantly been pushed back by Jackie. They were completely mute at that moment, unable to say anything.

They were able to forcibly regain their pride after the first loss, but after a second one, there was nothing they could say.

A warrior from Chaos Continent laughed out loud, shouting at the Golden Continent, “Come on, don’t you all love to talk? You were casting so much judgment on Jackie, saying we’re all trash? Why aren’t you talking anymore? Can you finally tell who the real trash is?”

The warriors from Golden Continent all had sour looks on their faces. Even though they wanted to shout back, they were unable to say anything at all. After all, Jackie had kept on winning. Even Intet had been no match for him. Nothing they said would be convincing.

What caused them to lose all hope was the fact that Jackie had dealt with Intet just like how he dealt with Wilde. It looked like it had not taken much effort at all.

He had defeated Intet with one blow. They were no idiots. They had seen everything clearly. Intet had not held back at all. Even with his full might, he had still been no match for Jackie.

That caused them to despair. They were forced to lower their heads and admit defeat.

Nevada sighed as shock showed in his eyes, “Is Golden Continent really nothing to him?”

The moment he said that, Golden Continent turned even quieter. They thought that Jackie had just been speaking arrogantly because Jackie had never seen how strong the warriors from Golden Continent were, but they had nothing more to say.

Jackie’s strength had exceeded their imaginations.

It was as if Jackie could deal with anyone incredibly easily. They were unable to see how strong Jackie was at all. Darien’s fists were tightly clenched as he looked incredibly emotional. The stronger Jackie was, the safer the rest of them would be.

It was just like Jackie had said, if the warriors from Golden Continent wanted to take revenge on the warriors from Hestia Continent, they would need to consider Jackie’s anger first.

A disciple from Unbreaking Pavilion said, “I thought that I had a good idea of how strong Jackie was, but he’s actually even stronger than I thought. The fact that Hestia Continent managed to produce someone so strong is a blessing!”

At that moment, the warriors from Hestia Continent started to be thankful. They had thought that Golden Continent had forced them into a corner, but Jackie’s strength had appeared to save them.

They knew very well that they would not be bullied anymore as long as Jackie was still around. Every single warrior from Golden Continent would be fearful of Jackie.

The pain was slowly eroding Intet’s sanity. At that moment, he was already on the verge of no longer being able to say anything. He merely shouted out in agony. He was in too much of a pathetic state.

Quite a few people looked away. Intet used the last of his strength to plead to Jackie, “Let me go! As long as you let me off, I’m willing to do anything for you. Even if you’re not willing to let me go, please just kill me!”

Intet was already resigned to his fate.

Jackie might not let him go, but at least he might not have to die so painfully. His soul was being eroded constantly. His whole body was twitching at the pain of his soul being ripped apart.


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