No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3281 – 3290

Chapter 3281
The demeaning disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion that tried to stop them earlier frowned and said, “ Jackie’s a little crass with his words right now. Isn’t he worried that it’ll backfire on him? With how the warriors from the Golden Continent are, they won’t ever forgive him. He might even drag us down with him!”

“Can you just shut up?” Darien immediately shot back at him after hearing that.

“Stop trying to praise others at our own expense. Even if we gave in, would the warriors from the Golden Continent let us breathe? Don’t you see how desperate of a situation they’ve forced us into?”

“If we don’t fight back, they’ll just get worse. Those warriors from the Golden Continent don’t have any grace at all. They’ll just keep on trying to prove themselves to us!”

The disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion pursed his lips, not daring to say anymore.

The Golden Continent’s warriors were in an uproar after what Jackie said.

An inner disciple from the Azure Clan said loudly, “How dare you talk back to the warriors from the Golden Continent like, you brat?! You have guts, alright. Even being stabbed a thousand times won’t be enough. Death awaits you, just you wait!”

If this guy was not just all talk and wanted to challenge Wilde or Lester, then he was done for.

When the warriors from the Chaos Continent gathered, all of them shook their heads, lamenting the fact that Jackie was far too arrogant. He was practically playing around with his own life for a moment of fun, and seemingly did not care about the consequences at all.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent said, “Even though this guy is crazy, I won’t deny his words were satisfying to hear. Wilde’s nose looks like it’s going to go crooked!”

The moment he said that, a warrior from the Chaos Continent immediately stopped him. “You should keep quiet. Those guys have sharp ears. If they hear that you’re insulting them, they’ll come for you. You forgot how they are. Since we can’t offend them, we should avoid them. Don’t talk so loudly!”

At that moment, everyone knew that they could not treat the warriors from the Golden Continent normally.

All of them were far too despicable and only thought about themselves. They were a group that could not be crossed whatsoever lest it invited endless trouble.

Hence, everyone swallowed their words. Despite their grievance, they would just lower their voices, not letting anyone else hear them. Everyone had been tortured too much by the Golden Continent, and their anger toward the continent only accumulated.

At that moment, Wilde was enraged.

He looked at Jackie murderously, already wanting to kill Jackie. He was even already thinking about how he would torture Jackie later.

Unfortunately, Jackie was unfazed by his expression. Instead, he laughed and said, “I don’t know why the Golden Continent thinks so well of themselves. Do you think you’re better just because you’re from a second-grade world? From what I know, you’re among the worst of the second-grade worlds.”

“Your sense of superiority hinges on you facing weaker worlds, and that’s not true superiority at all. With enough time, third-grade worlds will be promoted to second-grade worlds while second-grade worlds will fall to being third-grade worlds. You won’t last long on your high horse.”

Jackie said all of that incredibly calmly as if it was something that would definitely happen.

The moment he mentioned that the Golden Continent was the worst among second-grade worlds, the disciples were enraged. It was their secret that they could not accept.

Chapter 3282
Wilde opened his eyes wide as he looked at Jackie, gritting his teeth. “Insolence! How dare you? It seems you’re looking forward to dying, so I’ll grant your wish. Didn’t you want to challenge me?! Come at me right now!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not even looking at Wilde. “I don’t have much time, and I don’t want any surprises. As long as both sides are fine, then any kind of battle is okay. A one-on-one battle isn’t interesting at all. If we’re going to fight, both of you should come at me. I have no problems going one against two at all.‘’

The moment he said that, everyone was shocked by Jackie again.

As his lower jaw hung wide open, Wilde, thinking that he misheard things, said, “You want to fight against us, one-on-two? You, alone?”

This whole situation felt absurd to Wilde.

Jackie nodded and said honestly, “Yes, I want to fight against the two of you on my own. You both should be happy and agree. After all, with how the Golden Continent acts, you don’t seem to care about how absurd or dishonorable it is at all. You just care that you’re happy.”

Wilde and Lester were both infuriated.

Lester looked at Jackie speechlessly as though this man had lost his mind. “Who do you think you are? Even the top disciple from my clan won’t dare to speak like that. You’re just a warrior from Hestia, yet you’re talking like you’re a hotshot! A little baffling, don’t you think?”

Lester felt like Jackie’s words were a joke. His arrogance was unwarranted!

Jackie sighed, already expecting that reaction.

He pursed his lips and let out a calm smile, ignoring the misunderstandings and mockery of others. “No one can change how you want to think, but you just have to remember one thing: I still want to climb the Red Sun Monument, and I don’t have time to waste on you both. If you want to fight, then do it quickly. If you don’t have the guts to, then shut up.”

No one expected that Jackie would go further with his words.

He looked like he did not have a care in the world! It was like he truly did not regard the two chosen disciples from the White Phoenix Clan as worth his notice at all.

The Hestia Continent exploded at that.

With Jackie asking to fight both of them at once, their discussions were suddenly split into two.

One half felt like Jackie was too arrogant and that he had to be crazy to do something like that. It was one thing to insult their opponents, but he dared to face them both at once!

They spoke as if Jackie was completely reckless.

The other group supported Jackie and heralded him as their flame of hope. From what they had heard from others, they knew that Jackie was not reckless. Everything he did was always very logical, and he had never miscalculated things before. This was no different.

A lot of them were like Rudy and believed in Jackie somewhat blindly, regardless of what everyone else was saying. Even before the outcome was produced, they felt like Jackie would win and would not do anything stupid.

Darien was one of those people.

As a chosen disciple from the Scarlet Pavilion, he was the leader among the warriors from Hestia who were gathered there. At that moment, he was surprised at Jackie’s actions but did not doubt Jackie. He still trusted Jackie.

Darien had been greatly interested in Jackie when he heard of Jackie’s accomplishments. He had his fellow disciples look into everything about Jackie.

When he found out everything Jackie had done, his confidence in Jackie became unwavering.

The disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion started to move again.

One of them said loudly, “ Jackie is insane, I called it. Does he know what he’s doing? Does he think he’s the top disciple of a holy-grade clan? He dared to challenge both Wilde and Lester alone… Does he think they’re useless? He might not even have been able to win two against one, but he’s offering to fight them both. He doesn’t know his place at all. Just look at how everyone’s laughing at him!”

Chapter 3283
A chosen disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion scoffed and said, “They were already looking down on Hestia to begin with, and this will just make it worse. They’ll keep on insulting us!”

”I just heard someone say that the Hestia Continent only has fools. Our situation was precarious before this, and now it’s going to be worse. This guy is…”

He had worse to say, but seeing that Rudy was still there, he was worried Rudy would remember him for his choice of words.

He thus swallowed his words, but everyone knew what he wanted to say. The situation was an awkward one.

Rudy was initially silent, but when everyone’s looks were focused on him, he could no longer stay silent. He sighed helplessly as he turned to look at everyone behind him.

After a few seconds of silence, he said, “I never wished for you to trust in him, but you could at least try to stop dampening the mood. I’ve said this before, Jackie never does anything he’s not confident in. Since he’s said it, he’ll see it through. Everyone should just shut up, or you might have to suffer the consequences later.”

As he said that, Rudy straightened his body and planted himself firmly on the ground. In the end, they only dared to talk about Jackie when he was not around. After all, all of them already knew how strong he was.

Even those who made snide remarks acknowledged that Jackie was a powerful character. However, they did not think that Jackie was able to stand up one against two.

They felt like Jackie had a death wish instead.

That disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion pursed his lips and said unhappily, “You just have too much blind faith. He might just be hot-headed at the moment and didn’t think this through at all. He’s just thinking…”

Rudy frowned and, glaring at him sharply, declared coldly, “I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, things won’t go south like what you’re expecting. If Jackie loses, well, your words will be great to hear. If he loses, you’re going to be the unlucky one.”

All of the discussions from earlier were suppressed from then on, and no one dared to speak ill of Jackie anymore. That person had been scared silent from Jackie as well. He shrunk back, losing all his confidence.

At that moment, Jackie stood before Wilde and Lester. He had an easygoing expression on his face as though his opponents were nothing worth fretting about.

Wilde was so angry he did not know what to say.

Ever since he entered the Whirling World, this was the craziest thing he had encountered.

This brat, who came out of nowhere, was not just challenging the two of them but saying such arrogant words as well.

He truly did have a death wish!

Wilde’s sneer deepened. “Do you know the consequences of bragging in such a manner, brat?”

Jackie’s lips curled into a sneer as well. “Of course I know. Can you stop wasting time? If you’re not happy about it, just attack. As long as both sides are willing, even one against three is allowed.”

Lester could no longer tolerate Jackie’s attitude. “Can you stop acting like you’re the strongest warrior? I really don’t know if you’re crazy or just stupid. You asked us to stop wasting time? The nerve.”

Wilde took a deep breath and pulled out a meter-long sword. “Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant you your wish!”

Chapter 3284
All Wilde wanted was for Jackie to die a horrifying death. He could imagine how he would torture him in a moment. However, just as he was about to raise his sword, Jackie suddenly reached out and stopped him. “Wait!”

Wilde raised an eyebrow and snorted, “What? Are you afraid? It’s too late to regret. You already agreed to fight us both altogether. The moment you do, the rules no longer restrict us. I can attack whenever I want!”

Wilde’s lips curled up slightly as his face twisted in excitement.

He did not blame Jackie for raising his hand to stop them. After all, in his eyes, Jackie’s actions were just absolutely crazy.

In the end, he felt like Jackie had just been trying to act like he was better than he actually was.

How could a warrior from the Hestia Continent face them both at once?

Jackie would be no match even for one of them, let alone two!

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “No, I’m not scared. I just want to make a final check. Both of you are going to fight, right? Both you and Lester agreed to fight me, right?”

Hearing that, Wilde frowned again, looking at Jackie in confusion. He never expected that to be what Jackie wanted to say.

Jackie actually wanted to check to see if they both agreed to fight him as though worried he would miss out on such an opportunity.

At that moment, Wilde was certain that Jackie was deranged. He would never have said such things otherwise.

Lester shrugged. “You really opened my eyes. You said that to make sure that the rules won’t stop you from fighting the two of us?”

The situation felt so surreal to Lester. It was so hilarious that he did not know what to say.

Jackie was actually very straightforward. He nodded honestly after hearing that. It had been precisely what he thought.

Based on how the two of them were, it was not entirely possible that they would attack him together. Even though the warriors from the Golden Continent always did things as they pleased, he was still a madman in their eyes, an ant they could kill at any moment.

It was rather embarrassing for them to attack him together.

If he revealed his true skills and the other got intimidated, wanting to retreat, it would be a waste. To prevent that from happening, Jackie emphasized it again for the rules that those two had agreed to fight him altogether.

Then, no matter what happened, he could fight without any reservation.

Lester, on the other hand, felt like Jackie was brain-dead, and he was not the only person who had such a sentiment.

Everyone who heard what Jackie said thought so as well. They felt like he was seriously ill. The Golden Continent’s warriors did not know what to say.

An inner disciple from the White Phoenix Clan raised an eyebrow and said, “Is he drunk? Just listen to what he’ s saying. It’s crazy. Listen to his tone. It’s like both of them won’t be able to beat him!”

“Even if he’s drunk, any sane person wouldn’t brag like that. This guy must be crazy-only demented people would say something like this.”

A warrior from the Golden Continent next to him nodded vigorously. “I think this guy must be crazy, too. No functional person would do what he’s doing.”

Chapter 3285
Hestia Continent’s side visibly soured as doubt clouded them, not understanding what Jackie was thinking.

At that moment, their common sense told them that just one was hard enough to deal with.

Fighting the two of them together left Jackie at a huge disadvantage. However, Rudy was still around, and they did not dare to be reckless with their words.

They were forced to suppress their doubts as they quietly looked toward the Red Sun Monument. The Red Sun Storm constantly flowed downward, and wave after wave of energy hid Jackie, Wilde, and Lester.

Jackie’s expression was calm. Neither the Red Sun Storm nor the two before him were able to shake his tranquility.

Wilde could no longer stand it, he could not stomach anything from Jackie any longer. He would use his skills to prove to him how crazy he was with his words and behavior.

Wilde let out an angry roar as he held his sword with his left hand. He formed seal after seal with his right hand, and countless seals materialized with a vibrant glow, condensing behind Wilde. Three blurry figures solidified, standing behind Wilde.

Three stern-looking white-haired deities with massive wings appeared behind Wilde. They appeared like deities that mastered life and death. Jackie looked at everything interestedly, still maintaining his calm.

A massive force exuded from those three deities. It was as if the person standing before them was a weak madman that would be suppressed by the force and would be forced to his knees. However, Jackie did not even raise an eyebrow at the power. It did not affect him at all.

Wilde was already deep in his rage at that moment and did not care about such a small detail. He only had one thought in mind, which was to incapacitate Jackie before slowly torturing him.

“Die!” roared Wilde.

He held his sword with both hands and swung toward Jackie.

The three deities behind him looked like they were summoned as they suddenly leaped forward, fused into that technique, and charged at Jackie.

Jackie sneered as he quickly formed seals. 60 Soul Swords were immediately formed and merged into one.

He snorted as he pushed his hands forward, sending the massive Soul Sword right at Wilde.

The two of them were not that far away, and the techniques were executed quickly. The two techniques clashed against each other, and with an explosion, the white glow clashed with the gray one, forming blinding streaks of light.

At that moment, no one could see what was happening. Everyone widened their eyes, ignoring the bright light as they tried to see what was happening.

A cry of agony came after the glow was gone that shocked the warriors from the Golden Continent.

The voice was horrifyingly familiar to them.

Not another second later, the light dispersed, and they were surprised to see Wilde collapse on the ground. His body twitched, and his mouth was wide open. It was like he had been poisoned.

Lester reacted the quickest. When he saw what happened, he immediately rushed over, helping Wilde up from the ground. However, the moment he helped Wilde up, Wilde merely fell to the ground, unable to control his body as he spasmed violently.

Chapter 3286
Lester suddenly panicked.

He was the closest to Wilde, and he could clearly see that even though Wilde’s eyes were open, but his pupils were distant.

It was obvious that he had lost his senses. His mouth was wide opened as incomprehensible groans came out of it. His body twitched uncontrollably as if he was in extreme pain. Lester’s face was pale in fright, not believing what was happening. He pinched himself and felt the pain, so he knew that he was not dreaming or hallucinating.

His breathing slowly got more erratic as his hands constantly shook. He tried to help Wilde up again but failed after trying for a while.

Unless he held onto Wilde, Wilde would just fall on the ground. However, he was in danger at that moment and to prevent Wilde from getting injured, he lay Wilde on the ground.

Lester slowly looked up at Jackie, who was still standing in the same spot. He had lost the disdain on his face as it had turned into fear.

Jackie’s expression was calm as if he had not done anything. The more Jackie acted like that, the more scared Lester was.

“What are you?!” Lester asked loudly.

He knew Wilde. Even though Wilde looked down on Jackie, he did not hold back. Even so, Wilde was still no match for Jackie. He had been dealt with in one attack and had been heavily injured to the point of losing his mind.

How could Lester not be afraid?

He even doubted where Jackie came from.

Every warrior who saw what happened was filled with horror and shock. It had completely shattered their expectations. Wilde, who they thought would definitely win, was no match for Jackie at all.

Jackie had heavily injured Wilde in just one strike, and his whole body even started to twitch.

The warriors from Golden Continent all had their eyes widened as they looked at everything in disbelief. It was too crazy.

A warrior from Golden Continent breathed erratically as he said, “What happened? How is this guy so strong? Wilde was using a lower ultimate god rank technique, but he was no match for this kid at all. What kind of technique is this guy using? Could it be a lower ultimate god rank technique too?”

That person spoke incredibly loudly, and everyone heard it.

A warrior from Chaos Continent shouted at him in disdain, “How are you so clueless? Do you really need to ask that? Isn’t it obvious?! If Leslie is using a lower ultimate god rank technique, then the technique that beat him won’t be of a low rank!”

A warrior from White Marsh Continent suddenly pushed back the shock in his heart when he heard that conversation, adding on to the warrior from Chaos Continent, “Are the warriors from Golden Continent only good at being proud of themselves?”

“Are you the only ones allowed to learn lower ultimate god rank techniques? Are other warriors not qualified to? Even if Jackie’s from Hestia Continent, there are strong warriors everywhere. You are so short-sighted. You only see yourself, but no one else!”

The warriors from the third- grade worlds all agreed with that statement, ”That’s right! All they care about is themselves. They think that everyone else is trash, but they ended up being no match for trash, losing in just one attack. They can’t see their own flaws. What a joke!”

“Do they think they’re stronger than us in every way just because they’ re from a second-grade world? It’s such a joke hearing that. Just their mindset alone is far behind other worlds.”

“They’re all just so stubborn, thinking that all their warriors are unbeatably strong. They think that the warriors from third-grade worlds can’t beat them at all. Let’s see if they’ll keep showing off after this.”

Chapter 3287
The warriors from Golden Continent were furious from being mocked, but there was nothing they could say.

They had no way to retort, but it was just temporary. Very quickly after, they began to throw insults again.

A wandering warrior from Golden Continent said, “You were always just trash anyway! They’re always some standouts among the trash, but it doesn’t mean that you’re no longer trash. Even all of you warriors from third-grade worlds added together wouldn’t be as strong as Golden Continent…”

“There’s no point saying these useless things. Just look at the Red Sun Monument. Who left the most names on the monument?”

Most warriors could not even reach the four hundred and eighty meter mark at all.

When they were at the end of their strength, they would carve the name of their continent where they stopped.

Looking at it, the monument was filled with names from various worlds, but Golden Continent had the most.

From the lowest to the highest level, the other worlds had a lot fewer names. Hestia Continent had the fewest, especially at the higher points. There were only a few at the four hundred and twenty meter mark area. The overall strengths of the continents were obvious from that.

The moment that person said that, the other warriors from Golden Continent agreed.

A disciple from the Azure Clan loudly told the warriors from the other worlds, ”Stop trying to show off in front of us. If you can, try to show us your skills and leave your names on areas that are higher up. Otherwise, stop with your mockery… Like another guy had said, Jackie’s victory means you have one outstanding figure among you. There’s always someone good among trash!”

When Rudy heard that, he found that the warriors from Golden Continent were really annoying.

He raised an eyebrow and suddenly shouted, “You should stop talking about all of this. Wilde lost, and he’s just barely alive. There’s still Lesley. Very quickly, you’ll see what ends up happening to those two that were mocking Hestia Continent so much earlier!”

At that moment, the warriors from Hestia Continent were high in spirits.

No matter what anyone else said, they finally got their revenge. Darien was particularly happy. He clenched his fists together and his eyes reddened, too emotional to say anything. Hestia Continent had been too humiliated earlier.

They had been tricked and were challenged by the person who tricked them. Their whole world was being trampled over. Darien had suffered from being humiliated like that. He still remembered how arrogant Wilde was toward them.

An inner disciple from Scarlet Pavilion said, “Serves him right! He spoke like we are not worth anything at all before this. He even said that we are not worthy of standing next to them. Let’s he how he can show off now. He can’t even stand up!”

“That’s right! Wilde is only good at being arrogant and ignorant. He thought that no one from Hestia Continent would be a match for him, and now he’s done for. Jackie would never let him off easily!”

Chapter 3288
Lesley could no longer hear any of the discussions coming from below because he was just filled with fear at that moment as he looked at Jackie’s calm face.

His hands started to shake, along with his entire body. He looked like he was about to faint at any moment. He slowly stood up and stared at Jackie.

He coughed a few times before he summoned up the courage to say, “ Jackie! You were just pretending earlier to get us?”

Jackie immediately laughed when he heard that.

He had heard that argument very often. Clearly, Lesley was short-sighted, thinking that he would definitely be weak.

When reality had proven otherwise, those people said he was acting.

Jackie said in exasperation, “Have I ever said I was weak? Have I ever said I wouldn’t be able to beat you two? I made everything so clear, but you thought I was bragging. You’re the one who can’t use your brains properly, and now you’re saying I was pretending…”

“Don’t you think it’s hilarious?”

Hearing that, Jackie’s expression had a piercing mockery to it, “Who do you think you are? Why do I have to put on an act in front of you? Do you think I would be as shameless as you two? Ignoring your status to accomplish your goals?”

Lesley’s face reddened at those words, unable to say anything back.

The warriors from below felt like Lesley’s words were very stupid as well.

Just like Jackie said, he had never hidden who he was and even said that he would be able to stand up to both of them. However, Lesley and Wilde did not believe that Jackie was capable of doing that. They even felt like there was something wrong with Jackie’s head. Yet, Lesley could still say things like that. It felt like a joke.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Lesley, “Don’t think too highly of yourself. The two of you are just ants in front of me. You were the ones who thought that you were exceptional…”

“Now, you’re going to suffer the consequences of your actions. Don’t blame anyone else!”

Lesley took a deep breath as he took a few steps back. He wanted to escape the one hundred and eighty meter area so Jackie would not be able to attack him, but he knew very well that Jackie was no idiot.

Jackie could see everything he was doing. The moment he ran, Jackie would definitely attack without any hesitation.

If Wilde still had any ability to fight, he might have been able to run, but Wilde was not in a good state himself that the only thing he could do was twitch in pain. He could not even stand up, let alone work with him against Jackie.

Lesley was starting to regret not attacking Jackie together with Wilde.

If the two of them worked together, they might have been able to overpower Jackie. Even if they could not kill Jackie, they would at least be able to escape. The situation at that moment was the worst-case scenario for them.

Lesley took a deep breath as he started to try to threaten Jackie, “You can’t touch me. If you stop, this matter can be dropped here. If you kill both of us, the Golden Continent won’t just take it…”

“They definitely won’t let you off! You’ll be targeted everywhere. Then, you’d just be like a rat, having to hide everywhere you go!”

Jackie laughed after he heard that which left Lesley stunned again.

He had thought long and hard before he said that. In his mind, even if he could not cause Jackie to reconsider immediately, he could at least make Jackie worry a bit. However, Jackie had actually laughed so casually. It was like he did not care about what Lesley had said at all, and even felt like it was a joke.

Lesley’s lips twitched as he roared, “What are you laughing at? Do you think it’s that funny?”

Chapter 3289
Jackie scoffed, ”You really do think too highly of yourself. Do you think I didn’t consider that before this? Since I’ve attacked the two of you, I’ve naturally already thought about this. Let me tell you honestly, Golden Continent is nothing to me. Where do you think this is?”

“Even if you want to kill me, you’d need the skills to do so. With the rules in place, you can’t just rush at me. You’d only be able to fight me alone, which leaves me with no worries. Alone, none of you are a match for me.”

The moment he said that everyone took a deep breath.

If Jackie had not revealed his skills, the other warriors would have thought that Jackie was crazy to say that. However, there was nothing they could say after seeing Jackie’s actual skills. He did have the right to act so arrogantly.

The warriors from Golden Continent could not help but say, “He’s only won once, and he’s already forgotten his place? He says that no one can stand up against him from Golden Continent. He’s too arrogant. Lesley is only ranked thirty-two in the White Phoenix Clan.”

“There are a total of thirty-three chosen disciples in the White Phoenix Clan. Lesley is behind Wilde. They are the weakest chosen disciples in the clan. There are still the other thirty- one disciples and none of them are weak.”

“Any of the top twenty disciples would be able to beat Jackie easily! Don’t think that a small victory like that means can do whatever he wants!”

“You’re right, he has only beaten Wilde. There are plenty of warriors stronger than Wilde in Golden Continent. Even in other second-grade worlds, those warriors would be able to make a name for themselves. This guy is too arrogant! He doesn’t know his place at all!”

Nevada looked over from afar, hearing the noise from a distance.

After the loss a few days ago, he had been deeply affected. He had just gotten out of his misery when he arrived at the Red Sun Monument, planning on using the monument to prove himself.

The arguments were getting louder and louder. He made out the name Jackie from everything he had heard.

The moment he heard that name, it felt like a nail violently rammed into his heart, making him feel incredibly bad.

He suddenly opened his eyes and rushed into the crowd. He found a fellow disciple that he knew and asked about what had happened. He asked why people were talking about Jackie, and the disciple told him everything.

When Nevada heard that, his face was incredibly pale. He suddenly looked up to see that familiar figure. When he saw Jackie, he looked like he was suffering a great deal

He could not help but say, “Lesley isn’t a match for him. Even I lost to this guy. Didn’t I already send the news to not casually offend anyone? You insisted on causing trouble for Hestia Continent, and now look, he’s going to suffer!”

Nevada had a very sour look on his face.

When someone heard that even Nevada, who was ranked in the twenties in the clan, had lost to Jackie, they were shocked. They never expected that Jackie really was that capable.

Lesley was probably filled with regret at that moment. It was because he had trampled over Hestia Continent that Jackie took action.

Chapter 3290
Lesley took a deep breath and retreated again, “Are you really planning on offending Golden Continent? As long as you stop now, everything can still be discussed. We can still smooth things out, and you won’t have any trouble thrown at you.”

Jackie laughed, not caring about that at all.

Lesley refused to give up. Things had ended too badly for Wilde. There was a bloody lesson right in front of him.

Lesley did not want to die and did not want to be tortured. As long as there was a sliver of hope, he would not give up on it. However, Jackie’s various responses caused Lesley to lose hope. At that moment, the White Phoenix Clan disciples could not bear to look on.

The moment Jackie attacked, Lesley would definitely die. Even though they had been the ones to cause this, they could still not bear to watch as their fellow disciple dies.

An inner disciple from the White Phoenix Clan shouted at Hestia Continent, “You’d better talk to Jackie. He should know when to stop. Otherwise, the White Phoenix Clan won’t let him off! Not only that, we won’t let all of you off either!”

Darien was furious when he heard that.

Those people were too despicable. They had been the shameless ones that trampled on Hestia Continent’s dignity, but they tried to threaten others when they could not win.

Darien would not relent. However, he’s not relenting did not mean that everyone else was not worried.

A disciple from the Company Pavilion said, “Why don’t we talk to Jackie? If he goes too far, then we won’t be able to salvage the situation. The warriors from Golden Continent are shameless, but they’re powerful. It would be easy for them to go against us, and we would not be able to fight back.”

Lesley’s gaze shot right over, staring at that disciple from the Company Pavilion.

His rage burned, but he did not say anything. It was because that person had voiced his own concerns. After all, Hestia Continent was far behind Golden Continent in strength.

If Golden Continent targets them, they would not be able to do anything. However, there was no way Darien could ask Jackie to stop. He had been too furious about things earlier.

When the warrior from Golden Continent saw that Hestia Continent was not reacting, he immediately went on, “You’d better be smarter about things. There’s still room to pull things back right now. You’ve already heavily injured Wilde. It’s already revenge. If you cross the line, we won’t let you off!”

Jackie could hear everything that was being said. He turned to look at the person who was talking, and the sneer on his lips intensified.

Jackie said, “It’s already too late for threats. Let me make things clear. If any of you dare to target Hestia Continent, then I’ll target all of you. If you have the skills, then we can face each other head-on. We’ll see who suffers greater losses.”

The moment he said that the expressions of the warriors from the Golden Continent changed.

They never expected that Jackie would be so stubborn to even say something like that.

Jackie refused to budge.

When Nevada heard that, he sighed and said helplessly, “You shouldn’t waste your time. If this guy would listen to you, then I wouldn’t have lost to him. He’s not afraid of anything, and he is a man of his word. If we target Hestia Continent, we’ll definitely suffer his wrath.”

Darien clenched his fists tightly. Jackie’s words gave him a lot of support.

He turned to look at the warriors from Hestia Continent and said, “If we take a step back, they’ll just want even more from us, don’t you understand that? We weren’t the ones who started this. It was Golden Continent who forced us into a corner. Even if we take a step back, do you think they would let us off easily?”

“If Jackie let Wilde and Lesley off, they would see it as a sign of weakness. With how these guys are, they’ll just continue bullying us and forcing us into desperation!”


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