No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3271 – 3280

Chapter 3271
Jackie reached out and patted his shoulder, “Don’t force it. If you feel like you can’t advance anymore, then hurry on down. Don’t have any regrets. Even though I still haven’t experienced the Red Sun Storm, it can’t be underestimated. If you refuse to retreat down, your body may suffer something that you can’t recover from…”

“Then you’d need to spend a lot of spirit crystals to buy pills to recover. Even if you don’t buy pills, you’ll have to spend spirit crystals to get the materials to refine your own pills. Then wouldn’t you just be wasting time and effort?”

Rudy nodded, slapping his chest in guarantee, ”Don‘t worry, I won’t be stupidly stubborn.”

The Red Sun Monument was so hard to climb because of the Red Sun Storm. There was a dense storm around the monument, and the storm constantly poured from the top to the bottom. The higher people climbed, the more intense the storm would be. It would be harder to climb as well. True energy would need to be used, and techniques as well.

The Red Sun Monument truly tested a person’s skills. The higher one could climb, the more their skills were proven. The inner city was mostly filled with strong warriors.

Anyone who had a bit of skill would gather at the Red Sun Monument to prove themselves by climbing. Certain positions in the Red Sun Monument would gain rewards. From the one thousand four hundred meters mark, every thirty meters climbed would yield an additional reward.

That was why so many people choose to climb, putting their lives on the line. It was also to gain fame for themselves and their own worlds. The two of them walked as they chatted. When they were a few hundred meters away from the monument, they started to hear a lot of noise.

Looking up, it was filled with people. Just from a glance, Jackie estimated at least ten thousand warriors. With so many gathered there, it was as noisy as a market.

Jackie frowned at the noise, rubbing his ears. He hated noisy environments. The more people there were, the more annoying it was.

Jackie hated talking to others.

Looking at Jackie’s expression, Rudy immediately knew what Jackie was thinking.

He smiled and said, “Climbing the Red Sun Monument is a personal accomplishment anyway. The two of us won’t go looking for any trouble, and they shouldn’t have any conflicts with us.”

Jackie frowned, not answering Rudy immediately. Instead, he looked at the Red sun Monument.

On the monument were countless minuscule words. The Monument took up a vast palace. From a distance, all he could see were the words carved at the very bottom. It was actually the names of the four continents.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, muttering under his breath. Even though Jackie knew that climbing the monument involved no one else, he immediately understood that there was no way there would not be any conflict when he saw what was carved on the Red Sun Monument.

He did not know what they were thinking. All of them had actually carved their own continents on the monument. Naturally, they did so because they wanted to gain some honor for their continent, but it would stir up competitive spirits as well. They would end up constantly fighting.

As long as there was competition, there would be conflicts.

Rudy naturally realized that as well. He walked forward and looked up with widened eyes. The higher one went on the monument, the less Hestia Continent appeared, and Golden Continent appeared more and more.

From that, it was evident that Hestia Continent’s abilities were the weakest among all the worlds gathered.

Chapter 3272
At that moment, an unfriendly voice was heard, “Why are you here? This is the Golden Continent’s place. You‘re not from Golden Continent, so get lost!”

The warriors of Golden Continent all had gold patterns on their sleeves. Just by looking at the sleeves. It was clear if someone was from Golden Continent.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he looked around and noticed that they were surrounded by warriors from Golden Continent. He hurriedly retreated, returning to Jackie’s side before he observed his surroundings. He noticed that the crowd was separated into four parts.

The center positions were occupied by the warriors from Golden Continent. To the left were the warriors from Chaos Continent, while on the right were the warriors from White Marsh Continent. The warriors from Hestia Continent were mostly gathered in the westernmost area. They took up the least space and looked pitiful.

Rudy sighed, “It really is survival of the fittest in this world, but that’s so rough. We have been pushed to a corner no one wants.”

Jackie did not say anything as he turned around and walked toward the warriors from Hestia Continent.

Rudy sighed before he followed behind Jackie. The two of them had just reached where the warriors from Hestia Continent were when they heard some people arguing.

“How could we just leave that be?! They’re just trying to bully us. The warriors from Chaos Continent are clearly right beside them, but they walked past them and came straight for us. Are we just going to let that be?”

“Those two culprits are still at the one hundred and eighty meters mark, looking like they had already won. They don’t seem intent on leaving! They even said that any warriors from Hestia Continent can challenge them if we think we have the skills. It’s crossing the line!”

“Darien, you should make the decision! You’re the strongest, and you’re a chosen disciple of the Scarlet Pavilion. We’ll listen to anything you say!”

The Scarlet Pavilion was the only ninth-grade clan on Hestia Continent. They were naturally the strongest.

Jackie frowned as he slowly walked over, seeing the two corpses on the ground.

Those corpses had robes of the Scarlet Pavilion on. They died quite tragically. One had large holes in his chest, and the blood had already dried up.

The other one had both legs snapped, and all his tendons had been severed. He looked incredibly pitiful.

The warrior called Darien frowned as he looked at the two corpses sadly. From his expression. It was obvious that the two that had died were close to Darien when they were still alive.

Darien took a deep breath as his lips trembled slightly, “Do you think I don’t want revenge? I want to kill those dogs, but if we do that, we’d be challenging the Golden Continent.”

Chapter 3273
“Then there’ d be even more of them targeting us. There’ll be even more of our men dying at the one hundred and eighty meters area. Unless Hestia Continent’s warriors stop climbing the Red Sun Monument, this will keep happening.”

Quite a few of them fell silent when that was said. There was a trace of sadness in their eyes.

All of the warriors gathered there stood at the peak of Hestia Continent. They had power and were incredibly talented. Yet, they could do nothing about their situation.

They had been suppressed immensely during this period, but there was nothing they could do. It was because they knew very well that there would be severe consequences if they pushed back too far.

There were already fewer warriors from Hestia Continent, to begin with, and even fewer of them entered the inner city. Hence, they were forced to just bear with it.

A warrior from the Compass Pavilion shook his head and said, “Even if we wanted revenge, there’s still the question of who would get it. Both Wilde and Lester are from the White Phoenix Clan. The White Phoenix Clan is a holy grade clan. They’re not people I can touch. I’ve heard that the two of them are chosen disciples. None of us would be able to beat them!”

Those words caused the warriors from Hestia Continent to be even more miserable.

The reality was too cruel. Even if they wanted to revenge, they could not get it.

It was possible that Darien would be able to face one of them, but Darien was the only one at that level among the warriors gathered there.

Other than Darien, who would deal with the other one?

There was suddenly a heavy silence. Everyone looked incredibly defeated.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he listened to their conversation. He completely understood what had happened.

Climbing the Red Sun Monument was not just a contest against the Red Sun Storm. At one hundred and eighty meters and three hundred and sixty meters, they would need to participate in fights. Of course, both sides would have to agree.

Only after beating a warrior would you be allowed to continue climbing. At the one hundred and eighty meters point were two warriors from Golden Continent, Wilde, and Lester. They had deliberately hidden their identities, acting like they were weak. They had gone to the two warriors from Scarlet Pavilion and challenged them.

The two warriors had been fooled by their disguise, and they ended up fighting. By the time they realized they had been fooled, they had been completely beaten and killed. They had been tortured as well.

Wilde and Lester were clearly very strong. They could have defeated their opponents quickly, but they had deliberately dragged it on, injuring their opponents everywhere before they killed them.

At the time, everyone had seen everything clearly. It did not involve the other third-grade worlds, so they merely shook their heads in silence and uttered a few words. The Golden Continent had been incredibly excited. They had even mocked the warriors from Hestia Continent.

The warriors from Hestia Continent were furious. They wanted Wilde and Lester to stop the torture, but the two of them ignored it. They slowly tortured the two warriors from the Scarlet Pavilion in front of everyone.

The warriors from Hestia Continent were so angry because they had witnessed all of that.

After Jackie sighed, he shook his head silently.

The warrior from the Compass Pavilion had been right. Even if they wanted to revenge, they had no one who was able to do it. They would just be sending in more people to die. After all, Hestia Continent was too weak. They were forced to lower their heads at times.

An inner disciple from the Scarlet Pavilion said miserably, “Hestia Continent wouldn’t be in this state if not for that unknown barrier. At the very least, we’d be as strong as White Marsh Continent!”

Chapter 3274
Everyone else naturally agreed with that, but there were no hypotheticals in the world. The reality was right in front of their faces.

Rudy had a dark look on his face. At some point, his eyes had reddened. His hands were clenched tightly as he looked at the corpses on the ground.

He turned to look at Jackie. He knew that there were some things he could not say. However, he could not hold it in as he was just too infuriated.

He whispered to Jackie, “These warriors from Golden Continent should die! They should all just die!”

It was obvious how furious the warriors from Hestia Continent were, but there was nothing they could do.

There were quite a few warriors who entered the Whirling World from Hestia Continent. The strongest one was not there, and Darien was in second place. However, even if that person was there, it would not change much. After all, the situation was not looking good.

A disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion sighed and said, “There’s nothing we can do at the moment. The rules are there after all. As long as we don’t agree, they can’t fight us. We just have to be careful. After all, we can’t just leave like this. It would be even more humiliating if we did.”

Those words might be hard to listen to, but it was the truth.

Rudy sighed as he looked up at the one hundred and eighty meters area.

Two people were sitting there. They looked quite average, but the arrogance on their faces could not be hidden. The two of them seemed to be waiting for something.

Rudy clenched his teeth as he looked at them. He took a deep breath. It was a pity he did not have the skills, or he would not hesitate to rush over and fight the two of them.

Rudy sighed and said calmly, “The two of them are a bit pitiful. If only they had been a bit smarter.”

Fighting was allowed at the one hundred and eighty meters area, but there were rules.

First of all, both sides needed to be willing to fight. The moment they start, no one could interfere, which was how the situation happened.

If the two warriors from the Scarlet Pavilion had known that Wilde and Lester were from the White Phoenix Clan, they would not have fought. They would probably not have accepted the challenge if they knew that their opponents were from Golden Continent in general. They would have thought about it before doing anything, and would not have fought.

However, those cunning and sinister men had hidden the golden patterns on their sleeves, acting like normal warriors.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “All we can say is that the two of them were naive. They never expected that warriors from Golden Continent would be so despicable and shameless…”

“They might’ve thought that those who were strong would not do anything like that. It was obvious that they thought too highly of these people. As long as it makes them happy, these people will do anything!”

Rudy was even more furious at that moment.

He turned around and wondered, “If they wanted to show off, wouldn’t killing warriors from Chaos Continent or White Marsh Continent be more notable?”

“Isn’t it a bit beneath them to target Hestia Continent? Don’t they know that the more they act like this, the more disgusted others would be at them? Are the warriors from Golden Continent all so despicable?”

Jackie scoffed and narrowed his eyes slightly, saying coldly, “They don’t care about that. As long as they get to show off and trample over their opponents, they won’t care about anything else. The weaker their opponents, the happier they are…”

“They are clearly twisted in the head. After all, worlds are usually separated. Before entering the Whirling World, Golden Continent was probably always among other second-grade worlds.”

Chapter 3275
“When they’re with those worlds, Golden Continent stands at the very bottom. They’ve always been bullied, so their hearts are already twisted. Since they have the chance right now, they would naturally want to show off. The weaker their opponents are, the happier they are.”

Rudy’s lips twitched as he reddened in anger. He started to feel disgusted at all the warriors from Golden Continent.

He looked at them like nasty bugs in the sewers.

Jackie turned around and smiled before he said, “I know what you want to say after this. You don’t even have to mention it and I’ll do it. If those two guys that died were from the Unbreaking Pavilion or the Compass Pavilion, I might not have done anything, but they were from the Scarlet Pavilion. Even though there’s some conflict between us, it’s not too bad. There’s nothing wrong with helping them. ”

With Jackie’s words, Rudy’s lips trembled emotionally.

Darien frowned, and he was incredibly conflicted inside. At the moment, he had a lot of responsibility for himself, but he had the impulse to forget about everything and kill those two.

However, he knew very well that he did not have the skills. He got frustrated just thinking about it.

At that moment, he happened to spot someone.

That person had green robes on and an aura that seemed to separate him from everyone else. When he saw who it was, Darien’s lips twitched, “ Jackie?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Darien with some surprise. He could not believe Darien actually recognized him.

Darien took a deep breath. He seemed to be deliberating something. After thinking about it, he walked forward.

He walked right to Jackie, “I knew I’d see you here, but I’m a bit at a loss after seeing you myself.”

Darien looked at Jackie with sincerity and seriousness.

Jackie was surprised at his enthusiasm. Everyone else noticed Jackie as well. All of them looked over, and other than a small portion of the warriors, they looked at Jackie incredibly eagerly. It was like they were welcoming a hero.

Jackie did not know what to say when faced with those unfamiliar faces.

Rudy shrank behind Jackie as he was already used to being insulted. It was the first time they were welcomed so warmly. Even though those looks were aimed at Jackie, Rudy still felt awkward.

Darien gulped and composed himself.

“You don’t have to be surprised. We’ve already heard about you. We’ve talked about your skills as well. You showed your true skills in the slaughter gambit. You killed them all. You’re a hero for Hestia Continent!”

Jackie was caught off guard by that. In truth, he expected something similar, but just never expected it to have spread so widely. Every warrior from Hestia Continent seemed to know him.

The slaughter Gambit saw him beating everyone from the Chaos Continent and White Continent, winning in the end. After Jackie left, the news spread like wildfire.

Jackie’s strength slowly spread to everyone.

Chapter 3276
Darien became desperate. “I know you’ve had conflicts with certain people. More accurately, it’s with certain clans. However, you don’t need to care about that; it’s not an issue anymore. Those who offended you won’t trouble you no longer.”

Hearing those, Jackie felt even more bewildered.

Darien sounded very confident and firm. Jackie could hear from his words that, as long as Jackie could help the Hestia Continent, all those past conflicts would not matter.

The Scarlet Pavilion would help sort everything out and would make sure Jackie was happy. That was how the strong were treated. As long as a person was powerful enough, even eighth-grade clans would not dare challenge him or her.

Jackie let out a slight smile.

He did not really care about that. After all, if these people dared to come after him, Jackie would spare no effort in taking revenge, and they would pay dearly for their transgression.

Though, if he did not accept it, it would still not look great. Revenge was served when it was deserved, but he still had to do the things he needed to.

Jackie’s lips curled up into a faint smile. “I don’t really care about smoothing things out. After all, those small fries are nothing to me.”

When he said that, the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion and the Compass Pavilion glowered, looking as though they had tasted something terrible. Still, Jackie could care less about what they thought.

He let out a laugh before he added, “If I don’t like those people, I can just kill them. After all, we can fight at the hundred and eighty meter range as long as both sides agree, right?”

Darien nodded vigorously as he looked at Jackie anticipatingly.

Jackie let out a laugh before he turned to look at the 180-meter area. At that moment, those two had their eyes shut while they rested, looking like they were not afraid of anything at all.

Jackie scoffed as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. He turned around and nodded to Darien. “Don’t worry, just leave this to me.”

With that, Jackie pulled Rudy into the crowd. “Just help me take care of him.”

Jackie thus headed to the Red Sun Monument without even turning. He would not hold back against these shameless, despicable men.

Watching Jackie’s back, Darien frowned as was riddled with slight worry. He had never seen Jackie in action before. All he knew was that Jackie’s skills were comparable to chosen disciples from holy-grade clans.

Sending Jackie over, Darien was not hoping he would kill them at all. All he wanted was for Jackie to scare off the Golden Continent’s warriors so they would realize that Hestia had no pushover.

A disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion said anxiously, “Didn’t we say that we wouldn’t do anything for the moment? Wouldn’t having Jackie go there just show that we’re challenging the Golden Continent? They won’t just let it rest like that!”

They had talked about doing that, and Darien had planned on doing that as well. However, the moment Jackie appeared, Darien forgot about everything other than the hatred in his heart.

The corpses of his fellow disciples-all covered with wounds, and one, in particular, physically gutted-flashed across his mind. During the match, he was already on the ground and was barely holding on, but Wilde still did not relent.

The memory of how Wilde still resumed his attacks was forever etched in Darien’s mind. How could Darien not be filled with hatred? These despicable guys should be sent straight to hell!

However, he was not skilled enough and had responsibilities that stopped him from doing what he wanted. He was forced to swallow that anger in consideration of the bigger picture.

Chapter 3277
Darien suddenly turned around. His fists were clenched tightly, and his eyes were reddened as he stared at the disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion who just spoke.

“I’ve given it a thought. Try as we might, these shameless guys won’t let us off, and backing off will only keep them coming back. We should fight back whenever possible. We have to make them realize that offending us comes with a price!”

With a frown, the Unbreaking Pavilion disciple sneered, “Do you think that Jackie can win? Alright, he’s stronger than me, but Wilde and Lester aren’t weaklings! Those two are chosen disciples from a holy-grade clan. I think Jackie won’t be able to shock them at all. Instead, he’ll end up drawing even more hate.”

The moment he said that, everyone around him started to frown.

Rudy could not stand it.

This man was clearly not happy that Jackie was heroically trying to help them out, hence his pessimistic words.

If it was before, Rudy might not have said anything, but Jackie had stepped up to help them get revenge, only to receive such a crude comment.

Rudy could not stand that at all!

He stepped forward and looked at that guy coldly. “Those two despicable men are appalling, but you’re not far off from them. You’re just saying that because you don’t want everyone else to have a good impression on Jackie. After all, you’re from the Unbreaking Pavilion, and we don’t get along that well!”

“I’ll remember you, brat. You’ll take responsibility for what you said!”

The moment that was said, the disciple from the Unbreaking Pavilion immediately shrunk back. After all, he knew very well that Rudy was close to Jackie and was always with him.

If Jackie really ended up targeting that man, he would not be able to fight back. His lips twitched, unable to say anything back.

Rudy took a deep breath as he held his head high and said to everyone, ”You don’t know him at all. I’ve known him for so long, and I know what he’s like. He never does anything he’s not sure of, so since he agreed to this, it means he’s confident. You can keep those petty words of yours!”

No one dared to say anything at that point.

Darien hurriedly stepped up and said, “Don’t be too angry, they’re all like this. They never watch what they say. We all believe in Jackie, don’t worry.”

As he said that, Rudy suddenly raised his hand to stop Darien. “There’s no need for flattery. I know very well what’s happening. Everyone just shut up and watch.”

At that moment, Jackie was already climbing the Red Sun Monument.

The moment his feet landed on the monument, a violent energy came from above, causing Jackie’s body to sway. However, he quickly stabilized himself.

He was at the lowest part of the monument and was only dealing with the weakest of the Red Sun Storm. He took a deep breath and started to climb toward the 180-meter area.

He looked around and made estimations. There were about a few thousand people climbing the monument, but most of them would probably stop before the 300-meter mark, unable to continue. However, Jackie was not really affected by the Red Sun Storm at all.

The area that would have Jackie using his techniques to protect himself would probably be above the 360-meter area.

He steadily continued to walk up.

Most of the warriors around him were from the Golden Continent and Chaos Continent. There were relatively fewer people from White Marsh Continent.

Warriors from the Golden Continent only talked to others from the same world.

When they looked at warriors from other worlds, disdain would flash in their eyes. It was as if these people were not worthy of sharing the platform they were on.

The warriors from White Marsh Continent who used to enjoy showing off were quiet as sheep, probably because they had been constantly embarrassed. After all, the Golden Continent was there.

Chapter 3278
“Those people are crossing the line. They’ve driven them to desperation! I was looking at the Hestia Continent earlier, and oh, were they pissed. Thank goodness they haven’t been causing us any trouble, or we won’t be able to do anything about them. We’d only be able to hold it in.”

“I really don’t know what they’re thinking. Why do they have to be so irksome?” A warrior from White March Continent lamented as he climbed.

The one climbing, his fellow disciple, shook his head and said helplessly, “Warriors from the Golden Continent are like mad dogs that’d try to bite anyone who they think is inferior to them.”

“Hestia can’t do anything, but watch what happens when they’re forced into this situation. Nobody knows if they’ll end up going for us later on. Even though I, too, look down on the warriors from Hestia, I won’t harass them randomly. After all, no sense of accomplishment comes from bullying those weaker than you.”

The other man nodded vigorously. “You’re right. The warriors from the Hestia Continent are recognized as the weakest by everyone. They’re at the bottom of the four worlds. It’s nothing much to mock them a bit, but why would the Golden Continent be so fixated on confronting them? Where’s the sense of accomplishment in that?”

“I really don’t know what’s going through their minds. You’re right, they’re just a bunch of mad dogs!”

Jackie nodded when he heard all of that.

They were right, the warriors from the Golden Continent were indeed mad dogs that lacked even a sliver of honor.

Even though the warriors from the White Marsh Continent look down on Hestia too, they would not go looking for trouble randomly. As long as the warriors from the Hestia Continent avoided them, they would just suffer some ridicule. No one would behave like the Golden Continent’s warriors.

The other man snorted and lowered his voice. “They don’t act like the strong at all. As long as it makes them happy, they can do anything. What do you call that apart from crazy?”

“Even though we look down on Hestia, I look down on how the Golden Continent is acting as well.”

“There’s no moral character in how they act at all. The Golden Continent is stronger than the White Marsh Continent, sure, but we don’t target the weak to bully like they do. Just look at Wilde and Lester. They’re sitting at the hundred and eighty meter area and aren’t making a fuss. They even announced that any warriors from Hestia could come to challenge them!”

“What’s the point in fighting till the end with the Hestia Continent? What’s the point in suppressing those inferior? If they have the skills, they should go challenge the strong. They should be challenging other second-grade worlds, but they chose the lowest among the third-grade worlds. There’s nothing worth showing off about that at all!”

The area Jackie was climbing in was not isolated.

There were no warriors from the Golden Continent at all, which was why these two men could talk so brazenly. Even if they lowered their voices, it was just for a few specific words. Everyone else could hear the rest of the conversation.

A noble-looking warrior from the Chaos Continent, donning the robes of the Purple Cloud Pavilion that only chosen disciples could wear, joined the discussion as well.

That person raised an eyebrow and said coldly, “How would they dare challenge other second-grade worlds? All they can do is parade themselves. Do they think others don’t know about them? The Golden Continent stands at the bottom rung of second-grade rules and is regularly mocked and targeted when standing with them.”

“That’s why they’re this twisted. They do everything they can to show off to those they believe are inferior. The weaker their opponents, the more they’ll bully them. They don’t have a moral character at all!”

Chapter 3279
The moment he said that, everyone around them laughed. Even though they did not dare to say anything out loud, everyone was aggravated with how those from the Golden Continent behaved, believing they were nothing but mad dogs.

When Jackie heard that, he smiled and shook his head.

They were only at a level six city, and there were still five other levels ahead. They would meet stronger worlds, and the Golden Continent would not be able to show off for much longer.

The higher they climbed, the stronger the Red Sun Storm was. Waves of energy crashed into all the warriors there, so much so that those who were not strong enough slowed down in scaling upward.

At the 150-meter area, a few of them stopped to rest.

Jackie, on the other hand, was barely worn-out as he walked leisurely even with the Red Sun Storm. It was as if the storm did nothing to him at all, and in the end, he finally arrived at the 18o-meter area.

A few warriors were already there, and a lot of them were fighting. Energies of various colors clashed in the air.

Some warriors were on the ground with severe injuries while some had bloodied mouths. Though there were corpses, there were not many. After all, there was not much of a reason to kill anyone, this was just a match of strength.

The 180-meter area was very large, but Jackie did not bother looking around him. His sharp gaze had locked onto Wilde and Lester.

At that moment, Wilde and Lester were still acting the same. They still had their eyes shut as they rested. Their surroundings were empty as none dared to get

close to them.

Jackie smirked as he walked toward them.

Below the Red Sun Monument, a lot of people were looking up to see what was happening at the monument except for the warriors from Hestia. The first person to notice Jackie was a warrior from the Chaos Continent.

“Look at that guy, he’s walking toward Wilde. It seems like he wants to challenge him. What’s he doing? Who is he? What continent is he from?”

The moment that person said that, a few people looked toward Jackie.

When they saw Jackie walking over so confidently, some of them were stunned.

Jackie did not have golden patterns on his sleeves, so he was not from the Golden Continent.

After asking around, they found out that Jackie was not from the Chaos Continent or the White Marsh Continent. That left only one thing…

Jackie was from Hestia!

After confirming the answer, they were even more surprised. A warrior from Hestia was walking right to Wilde and Lester…

Was he trying to challenge them both?

Everyone shook their heads at that possibility, thinking that Jackie did not know his place.

The warriors from Hestia frowned anxiously. They stared at Jackie’s figure and constantly prayed that Jackie would win. He had to reclaim even a fraction of dignity for Hestia and take revenge for the two dead warriors.

Chapter 3280
At that moment, Jackie merely had a simple thought, he just wanted these two arrogant warriors to die. He was used to offending people anyway, and there was no harm in offending a few more.

Wilde, seated cross-legged with his hands on his knees in a casual manner, could make out the sound of steady footsteps. When he opened his eyes, he saw Jackie’s calm face.

Wilde raised an eyebrow as a sneer appeared on his face.

What was this guy doing?

Did he not see that everyone avoided him and Lester out of fear?

Lester opened his eyes as well, looking Jackie over with disdain as though Jackie was insubstantial.

Jackie was amused by their expressions, and he stopped when he was 90 meters away from them. He coldly looked at the two of them, and the two of them looked at Jackie as well. Their gazes met, and it looked like they would start fighting at any moment.

Wilde raised an eyebrow and said, “Are you here to fight, brat? Where are you from?”

Jackie’s lips curled up into a small yet calm smile.

“My name is Jackie,” he answered truthfully, “And I come from Hestia.”

The moment they heard that Jackie was from Hestia, their smile widened.

Wilde chuckled. “I thought that the warriors from Hestia won’t dare step close to me. What are you here for? Don’t tell me you’re here to challenge us.”

Jackie snorted as he looked at them in complete disdain, “You’re not worthy of challenging me. I’m here to kill you.”

Everyone was flabbergasted upon hearing Jackie’s reply.

Did Jackie know what he was saying?

He dared to say something so brazen to the warriors from the Golden Continent?

Did he not know how those guys acted?!

Those from the Golden Continent would always torture their offenders to the point of insanity of even death!

Was there something wrong with Jackie?

Did he not know fear?

He had the gall to be so bold!

Wilde was taken aback. He rubbed his ears, not believing what he heard.

Was this guy crazy?

He dared to act so arrogantly toward them!

He did not know his place and seemed to be unaware of the concept of death!

Lester laughed. “Do you know what you’re saying right now? You said that you’re here to kill us? You? Do you know who we are? Do you know what a holy-grade clan is, and what a chosen disciple is?”

Jackie looked at Lester as though he had a second head growing out of him. “Do you think we’re all as ignorant as you are? How could I not know that? Are you trying to say that you’re a chosen disciple from the White Phoenix Clan, a holy-grade clan from the second-grade world, the Golden Continent? What of it, then?”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that. A few of them stared at Jackie wide-eyed in shock

Jackie was way too daring to have said that. He did not even spare the Golden Continent any form of respect!

The warriors from Hestia looked visibly conflicted. They were happy that the warriors from the Golden Continent were being insulted, yes, but they worried that challenging them too much would cause even more trouble.


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