No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3261 – 3270

Chapter 3261
“What would I be scared of?! The two of us are evenly matched. I am not at a disadvantage, why would I be scared? Weren’t you bragging that you’d definitely win before this? Open your eyes and look. The two of us are evenly matched. You’re not winning against me!”

“Don’t act like you’re so confident. You’re acting so calm just to trick me. Do you think I’ll fall for it?”

When Jackie heard that, his lips twitched in exasperation.

He laughed slightly and said, “Do you think I can’t win?”

Nevada scoffed and said, “Of course! Of course, you can’t win and you’ll lose terribly. No one can save you!”

When he said that, Nevada was furious. He looked like he wanted to rip Jackie apart.

Jackie coldly stared at him, suddenly revealing a meaningful smile.

At that moment, the evenly matched battle suddenly lost its balance. The gray energy swallowed up the green light.

Nevada started to panic. His eyes widened as he started to breathe erratically. He frantically poured the attributes in his body into the Projne Stone.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, the green light kept on being swallowed up by the gray light. It hardly slowed it down, it seemed like the gray light was slowly eating up the green light.

The balance had been broken, and Nevada was in complete panic. He frantically clenched his teeth, and his veins popped. His expression started to look a bit crazed.

Everyone could see what was happening, and quite a few of them started to lament what was happening.

A warrior from the Golden Continent said, “Crap! This kid managed to turn things around. I actually thought that Nevada had a high chance of winning. After all, he comes from the White Phoenix Clan and is even a chosen disciple. Compared to a brat who came from somewhere no one knows about, he’s so much higher in status. I can’t believe this is the result. Did Nevada underestimate his opponent?”

The moment that was said, the warriors from Hestia Continent were furious.

They were being insulted at every end. Even when they had someone like Jackie, they were still constantly mocked. They could no longer contain their anger when they heard what was said.

Those people were going way too overboard.

A warrior from Hestia Continent said, loudly, “What do you mean by somewhere no one knows about?! Do you think you can call us that just because Golden Continent is a second-grade world? You’re nothing in the eyes of other second-grade worlds! You’re only capable of looking down on others, while you’re blind to your faults!”

After that was said, a lot of mocking laughter was heard. The laughter was obviously targeted at the warriors from Golden Continent.

The warriors from the third-grade worlds regarded the warriors from Golden Continent with complete disdain. Everything they said seemed to trample all over the third- grade world.

They constantly tried to show off who they were. The warriors from Golden Continent were flushed red with anger at those words. Their eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets.

The warriors from earlier glared at the warrior from Hestia Continent and shouted, “Very well! I’ll remember you. You actually dared to speak up against me. Who do you think you are?! Do you think you’re worthy?! You guys only have a golden egg which is Jackie. Everyone else is trash!”

After saying that, he did not have enough as he shouted, “Even Jackie’s just slightly better than others. For him to win this match doesn’t prove anything. I’ll only admit he’s good if he can win three gambles!”

“That’s impossible just because the third gamble will be against Dan! He’s no match for Dan at all, stop dreaming!”

Chapter 3262
The warrior from Hestia Continent narrowed his eyes as he twitched, feeling like he was about to spit out blood in frustration. The group from Golden Continent was insulting them way too much!

Before that, they would just accept it. However, Jackie’s Victory has sparked their pride. They would no longer just tolerate it.

A warrior from Hestia Continent shouted back, “Even if it’s Dan, he won’t be able to beat Jackie at all! Do you remember what you said earlier? All of you said that Gale would be able to beat Jackie easily! What happened in the end? Jackie managed to defeat him in an instant.”

“He was not able to fight back at all! Then you kept saying that Nevada would win. Just look! Does he look like he’s winning?!”

Those words were directly shouted at the warriors from Golden Continent. Reality trumped anything that was said. The warriors from Golden Continent were suddenly silent.

However, they still had not admitted defeat. They glared coldly at the warriors from Hestia Continent. In their eyes, those warriors were just like dogs on the street. They looked incredibly disgusted.

Right at that moment, an angry shout broke the momentary silence.

Everyone hurriedly looked over. The battle had already ended at that moment. Only a gray light remained in the air. The green light had been completely defeated by the gray.

Nevada roared angrily, and his face looked incredibly unhappy.

Sweat flowed down from his forehead, and his eyes were completely red. He looked incredibly furious.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he calmly retracted his hand, looking at Nevada go crazy quietly.

At that moment, Nevada was not willing to face his defeat as all as his heart was filled with hatred and anger. He went completely crazy.

Both Viktor and Dan looked at Jackie with complicated expressions, especially Dan. He seemed to look at Jackie inquisitively. His eyes were fixed on Jackie as if he was trying to figure something out from Jackie’s expressions.

Dan frowned and said angrily, “What are you going crazy for?! If you have lost then so be it. You’re looking like a sore loser at the moment. Stop embarrassing Golden Continent. Hurry up and shut your mouth!”

Nevada’s face was completely red, and he looked exceptionally angry. There was nothing he could do about it.

In truth, he was not that far beneath Dan, but since he had lost to Dan before, he had some apprehension toward Dan.

He took a deep breath and composed himself. He slowly straightened his posture and stopped screaming. Only, his eyes remained fixed on Jackie.

He looked like he wanted to rip Jackie apart while Jackie’s expression remained calm. After all, he had never regarded Nevada as anyone worth his notice.

Dan took a deep breath and said meaningfully, “You’re even harder to figure out than I thought, but its just a bit harder. I’ve already figured out your skills. You won’t be happy for much longer!”

As he said that, Dan no longer looked at Jackie, but instead at Viktor. Dan decided that he needed to deal with what was in front of him first.

He looked at Viktor coldly, “It’s your turn now. I’m in no mood to waste any time. I want to deal with that brat after dealing with this quickly!”

Chapter 3263
Those words ignited the anger in Viktor’s heart.

Who was he looking down on?!

It was as if Viktor was a piece of trash that could be dealt with at any moment.

Viktor said furiously, ”Stop trying to act like a hero here! If you want to deal with Jackie, you’d better beat me first!”

Both of their eyes looked incredibly confident in themselves. Dan no longer wasted any time as he started to circulate his attribute, pouring it into the Projne Stone.

Viktor immediately followed suit. The two of them refused to give in, and they had the determination to beat their enemy.

In a flash, those two rays of light rose slowly from the Projne Stone. Dan was a metal attribute warrior, while Viktor focused on the fire attribute. The red glow slowly rose, but it did not look weak at all. When the two energies clashed, the red energy started to shake immensely.

The golden light seemed like a golden python that suddenly attacked the red light.

After a loud boom was heard, half of the red light was seen being ripped apart by the golden light.

When everyone saw that, they took a deep breath.

Dan was actually that strong. They had thought that the match would be similar to Jackie and Nevada’s, with the two attacks clashing in air for a long time before there was a result. Yet, it seemed like Viktor was no match for Dan at all.

It was not long before the red light could no longer hold on. The golden light attacked and gained Victory while the red light stood no chance at all. Slowly, the red light got smaller and smaller and completely disappeared from air.

Viktor was panting, completely stunned. After the match had started, he summoned up all the power he could and poured it into the Projne Stone. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he failed to change the results.

It was obvious that he was no match for Dan at all. Dan calmly stopped his attacks, not looking happy about the win at all. That was because everything had been within his expectations.

That warrior called Viktor was just a complete idiot, thinking he would be able to show off in front of Dan just because he was the strongest from his clan. Little did he know that he was no match for Dan.

Dan was actually a little unsatisfied with the result because he had beaten Viktor slower than how Jackie had beaten Gale.

Gale had not even lasted a few seconds against Jackie before Jackie had completely won the match. Yet, Viktor had lasted a few seconds longer than Gale, and it has caused Dan to be unhappy with his win.

At that moment, Viktor would have probably spat out blood if he knew what Dan was thinking. Even though he did not, his expression was still incredibly dark after the loss.

The warriors that had been rooting for Viktor were all completely ashen on their faces as well.

The warriors from Golden Continent celebrated happily, praising Dan, “Dan, you’re so amazing! Viktor was no match for you at all. Just look at him, he looks completely deflated. Jackie bragged so much earlier. Let’s see if he can continue!”

The person who said all of that had obviously wanted Viktor to hear it. He had intentionally raise his voice, and just like he wanted, Viktor had heard everything.

Viktor felt his chest tremble as blood flooded his throat. He had not been able to hold on for all that long before he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chapter 3264
His whole body started to shudder, and his expression looked defeated. He had climbed too far earlier to only fall from a greater height. He had only managed to survive a few seconds before he completely lost to Dan.

He did not want to admit defeat, but there was nothing he could do.

Dan sneered and said, “Do you still think you’re at the same level as I am? I told you out of the kindness of my heart earlier that you’re not even qualified to wipe my shoes with your meager skills, but you refused to listen. Have you accepted the truth now?”

Hearing that, Viktor was absolutely furious. His breathing became erratic as he clenched his fists tightly. He stared at Dan with hatred. Yet, a loss was a loss. He would just get laughed at if he refused to accept his defeat. However, Viktor was not someone who could just accept all those insults.

After taking a few deep breaths, he said coldly, “I’ve definitely underestimated you, but don’t think that you won’t ever lose just because of that. I’m just a small part of the Chaos Continent. There are plenty of geniuses other than me. One of them will defeat you! I only lost to you once. There’s still a lot of time. I’ll win eventually!”

After he said that, he took out four million spirit crystals and handed them to Dan before turning around and walking out of the Projne area. He did not even glance at the eastern area, probably because he felt like he betrayed their hopes, or maybe because he felt like it was incredibly humiliating.

He left without any hesitation. Jackie looked at his retreating back, and could not help but sigh internally, understanding how he felt.

At that moment, Jackie suddenly heard an incredibly unpleasant voice, “What? Are you scared? If you’re scared, you can beg me for mercy. You can decide against this gamble.”

Jackie immediately understood what Dan was trying to do.

He smiled and turned to face Dan, “Are you worried that I won’t keep my word and run away from the bet?”

Dan merely raised an eyebrow and smiled, remaining silent. However, anyone could still understand what he was thinking.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and walked over to the Projne Stone in front of Dan. The two of them faced each other.

Dan raised an eyebrow in surprise. He did not expect Jackie to be so bold. Jackie had clearly seen how strong he was but was still standing in front of him. He could even feel how calm Jackie seemed to be.

Dan’s lips twitched, and he could not help but say, “You’re really good at keeping up an act!”

Dan meant what he said. He felt like Jackie was too good of an actor. After witnessing his skills, Jackie should have been completely terrified.

He actually dared to stand in front of Dan like that. Dan did not feel like Jackie was being bold, but that he was incredibly good at acting. Jackie was just holding on for the sake of his dignity.

Dan sneered as he looked at Jackie mockingly. He wanted to rip off Jackie’s mask to see what Jackie felt.

Dan took a deep breath before he nodded earnestly, “I was worried that you wouldn’t gamble against me anymore. Compared to the four million spirit crystals, I would be even happier after I get to see your masked being ripped off!

“I hate people like you who refuse to accept reality. You’re clearly terrified, but you insist on being stubborn, acting like you’re not scared at all. Do you think we’re all idiots that would be tricked by you here?”

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation. He had to say that Dan had a very rich imagination.

At that moment, the eastern area was once again deep in discussion. The warriors from Hestia Continent were all fighting for Jackie’s name.

Chapter 3265
“ Jackie has never been afraid! He’s always been like this and has never put on an act. Dan’s just assuming things!”

”Stop trying to make yourselves look good. Open your eyes and see. Can’t you tell that you have it wrong? Do you really think that Jackie’s not putting up an act? Even Viktor has lost to Dan, how could he win?!”

“Even though he won earlier, he just beat someone Dan has already defeated before. If Dan was facing Nevada, he wouldn’t have taken long to win in the first place. Don’t forget how long Jackie took against Nevada!”

“That’s right. The truth is clearly displayed in front of all of you. You warriors from Hestia Continent are just acting like you didn’t see it to put Jackie on a pedestal. You’re speaking all sorts of nonsense!”

The eastern area was boisterous. Even though the warriors of Hestia Continent were only a few, they had finally found the chance to speak up after being pushed down for so long.

They naturally seized the chance, not holding back as they argued against the warriors of Golden Continent. They shouted until their throats were sore, but they were quite excited.

Even though they did not actually think that Jackie could win, they just did not want to listen to the warriors from Golden Continent constantly slander and insult Jackie like he was not worth anything at all. They were insulting Hestia Continent as well, which the warriors could not accept.

Jackie raised his eyebrow in mild surprise when he saw that some were speaking up for him. It was not like the warriors from Hestia Continent had never been on his side, but it was usually after he had already won.

It was the first time they were defending him before the results were even out. Even though that would not make Jackie feel touched, he was still a little enlightened nevertheless.

Dan took a deep breath and sneered at Jackie, “Do you enjoy having others protect you? The more they do so, the worse your defeat will look. You’ll definitely lose later. You’ll know in just a moment. Those protecting you will end up using harsh words to insult you later. Don’t cry when that happens.”

Jackie could not help but frown when he heard that, getting more and more displeased with Dan.

That guy was incredibly frustrating and kept on acting as if he stood above everyone else.

If it was not for the restrictions, he would have punched Dan right in the face to wake Dan up.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, discarding all those stray thoughts. It was because he knew very well that the best way to shut Dan up was to hurry and start the gamble.

“The Enlightened Soul Root is something good. It’s a waste that it’s in your hands,” as he said that, Jackie revealed no emotions.

It was like he was talking about something incredibly simple.

He suddenly looked up and stared right at Dan, “I should be thanking you for giving me what I need the most.”

When he heard that, Dan was stunned. After that, the anger shot right to his head.

Jackie was too arrogant. He had basically declared that he would win and that he would get the Enlightened Soul Root.

After the brief surge of anger, he was speechless.

Chapter 3266
He suddenly laughed, “There really are all sorts of people around. I’ve never seen someone as blind as you!”

He still had a lot to say, but Jackie was obviously not going to listen.

Jackie raised a hand to stop him, “Okay, stop wasting our time. Since you want to prove yourself so much, hurry up and start the attribute gamble!”

A warrior from Golden Continent shouted, “He’s so arrogant! This guy’s ego is out of control. He’s talking as if no one is a match for him.”

Another warrior from Golden Continent said in exasperation, “I’ve never seen a warrior from a third-grade world as arrogant as he is. He’s acting as if he is from Golden Continent, while Dan’s the one from Hestia Continent!”

“It’s alright, let him show off for a bit longer. Reality will slap him in the face soon. He’ll realize who’s actually the strong one!”

Rudy stood by the side, quietly listening to all those discussions. Before, he would have been angry and might even try to fight on behalf of Jackie, but he was completely calm at that moment.

They could say what they wanted, and he would just ignore everything.

Jackie did not waste any time as he circulated the soul attribute in his body again. He summoned up all the soul attributes he had mastered. He was not only at perfection for Destroying the Void at that moment but had also started to learn the storm god rank technique, Soul Sky.

With those two techniques, Jackie’s mastery of the soul attribute was at new heights.

In truth, Dan had been right. Jackie had been putting on an act, but it was different from what he thought. He could only take part in three attribute gambles in one day, and this was the last one.

He did not plan on continuing to stay in the Projne Area, so there was no longer a need to continue acting.

Jackie laughed as his dense soul energy was shot right into the Projne Stone. Standing on the other end, Dan did not know what was going through Jackie’ s mind.

At that moment, Dan only had one thought in mind, which was to completely defeat Jackie. He wanted that guy to know his place, and realize how absurd his thoughts were. He wanted Jackie to realize how large the gap between them was.

Dan’s technique was called Golden Meteor. It was a lower ultimate god rank technique. He was already at the second stage of the technique, and his mastery of the metal attribute was already incredibly strong. Thats was why Dan was so confident.

A golden glow circulated his hands then he let out a shout, and the metal energy circulated wildly around his body.

After a few moments, the black and golden energies clashed in the air. A cyclone formed as the energies faced each other, wanting to swallow the other at any moment.

“You’ve lost!” Dan shouted at Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He did not want to bother Dan. The victor would be determined very soon.

Right at that moment, the two energies clashed with a boom. The golden energy let out a vibrant glow. Yet, it still failed to stand up to the gray energy.

The gray energy started to frantically swallow up the golden energy after they clashed. Even though they were a distance away, cracks could be heard.

Chapter 3267
The Golden energy was being broken down and absorbed in a blink of an eye. In just a few moments, it was gone. The loss happened so quickly that Dan did not have the time to react at all. In just half a second, the golden energy was completely swallowed up by the gray energy.

Only the gray energy was left in the air. Everyone had seen the whole thing unfold before their eyes, but other than Jackie and Rudy, no one could accept it. Even the warriors from Hestia Continent were too shocked to say anything. After all, it was too crazy.

It was completely different from what they had expected. Dan had actually lost! He had lost so quickly. Even Gale had lasted longer against Jackie. Yet, when Jackie was going against Nevada, it had clearly lasted for a long time.

Everyone was sure that Jackie’s strength was about Nevada’s level at that moment. Dan was stronger than Nevada, that was something everyone knew. That was why they were sure that Dan was stronger than Jackie. However, that idea did not last that long before it was completely overturned by Jackie’s show of strength!

They could not accept it. Dan was completely stunned. His eyes widened as he stared at the gray energy in the air. His whole body was frozen.

The caretaker finally broke the silence, “The bet-taker, Jackie, has won. Bet setter, Dan, please prepare your payment.”

Those words woke Dan up from his stunned state. He finally moved his eyes before he violently shuddered. Even his breathing started to get erratic.

He suddenly raised his head as he glared at Jackie, “Impossible! This is an illusion! There’s no way it’s real! You’re clearly just Nevada’s equal, so how did you beat me?! I lost so quickly! That’s completely impossible, it’s not real! You must have cheated, right?!”

Jackie looked at him speechlessly. He could feel how mad Dan was.

Dan had been certain that Jackie would lose, and had seen Jackie’s true skills. Yet, the final results were completely different than expected. He could not accept it and did not want to either.

Jackie laughed and said calmly, “You said I was putting on an act. I didn’t want to correct you because you were right. In truth, you were worried I wouldn’t bet against you, and I was worried about the same thing. That’s why I pulled a little trick to make you feel like I wasn’t skilled enough to beat you.”

The moment he said that there was a ton of clamor. Dan’s face became incredibly pale as he froze. Even his eyes stopped moving around.

“What did you say?! Did you trick me earlier? The only reason you matched up evenly against Nevada was that you didn’t want me to know your true skills, so you put on an act! No wonder you looked so calm. You never thought you’d lose! What a complete joke!”

As he said that, Dan’s eyes started to water. He was already on the brink of crying. After all, he had been smacked in the face by reality. He had looked down on Jackie and thought Jackie was beneath him, but all of his words that targeted Jackie should actually have been aimed at himself.

It was just too much of a joke. He could not accept it at that moment. After a moment of silence in the eastern area, they broke out into discussions again after the conversation between Jackie and Dan.

The warriors from Hestia Continent said excitedly, “See! I told you Jackie won’t lose, but all of you tried to say otherwise. You even said that there’s something wrong with Jackie’s head. Who’s the stupid one now?”

“You were all the ignorant ones, feeling like being from Hestia Continent means he’s worse than all of you. The one you looked down on just beat Dan whom you were all so proud of! Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Chapter 3268
The hardest thing to accept was, when an opponent you looked down on completely defeats you. It was hard to even uphold your dignity at that point. After all, Dan had lost completely and so quickly. He had been defeated in just a few seconds. There was nothing much to talk about.

The warriors from Hestia Continent were all incredibly excited, happily venting their frustrations.

“Aren’t you all very strong? You said that we weren’t even worthy of wiping your shoes. You acted like you were unbeatable. Can you please explain to me how Dan lost so badly? He didn’t even manage to last that long before Jackie wiped the floor with him. I’m just very curious. Since you’re all so knowledgeable, can you explain things to me?!”

“That’s right. All of you are so smart. You spoke like you knew everything before this. You acted like Jackie’ s not worth anything at all. Why are all of you so quiet now? I really want to hear the explanation for everything that happened earlier. I can’t understand it. Did Dan purposely lose to trick Jackie?”

When he said that, he could not stop himself from laughing.

The other warriors from Hestia Continent laughed as well. Jackie’s Victory had not only won Hestia Continent some pride, but the other third-grade world warriors all also took the chance to fight back as well.

A warrior from Chaos Continent scoffed and said, “The warriors from Golden Continent are just so used to claiming that they’ll win before the battle even starts. They always try to insult the warriors from other worlds, speaking like we’re not worth noticing. “They’re just happy to praise themselves, but reality’s smacked them in the face this time. After being praised so much, Dan still lost so thoroughly. What a joke!”

Another warrior next to him said with a laugh, “The warriors of Golden Continent kept on claiming that they’re just born better. They didn’t even let us talk back to them. If they see anyone wanting to challenge Golden Continent, they jump out to mock them…”

“They don’t seem to care how strong the other side is. They think they‘re stronger anyway! Now it seems like bragging is all they know. Even after bragging so much, they still lost so badly!”

Lorien hid in a corner at that point, not even daring to show himself. He was even glad that he returned earlier. If he had still been standing among the third-grade world’s warriors, he’d ended up being the target. Everyone who had not liked him would start to mock him frantically. He would lose all his dignity at that point.

Yet, even though he was hidden, he still felt incredibly embarrassed. Just as he frowned and tried to shrink into the crowd, a familiar voice was heard.

“Lorien? Why aren’t you defending Dan? Didn’t you mock Jackie and say that he had no right to challenge Dan at all earlier? You even said that I didn’t even have the right to think about it because none of the warriors from the third- grade worlds are worth it!”

“Why are you being a coward right now?” Justin walked right over to where the warriors from Golden Continent were and shouted.

He had been mocked quite a lot by Lorien, but he was forced to grit his teeth and accept it. Since he had the chance, he would not let Lorien off easily. Everyone immediately remembered Lorien after he was mentioned.

Chapter 3269
They still remembered how full of himself he had been, speaking as if the warriors from third-grade worlds were all just trash in the sewers.

He did not hold back with his words at all and frustrated a lot of people. Even Rudy, who had just been standing by the side, could no longer take it.

He walked over and stood behind Justin, “Didn’t you say that you were amazing? Why are you hiding behind? If you have the skills, come out and repeat what you said. If you have forgotten, I can repeat everything for you!”

Lorien shrunk back, not daring to reveal himself. He tried his best to squeeze backward, not wanting to pull out at that moment. However, the warriors from the third- grade worlds would not let him off easily.

Rudy sneered and said, “Why haven’t you come out yet?!”

Suddenly, Lorien shouts back angrily, “I refuse to come out, so what can you do about it? Why do I have to come out?!”

Rudy laughed coldly, “So you’re just planning on staying at the back like a coward?”

Lorien had nothing to say at that.

The warriors from Golden Continent all had looks of defeat on their faces at that moment. No one dared to say anything to defend Lorien. They were already thoroughly humiliated by what happened.

Some were starting to curse Dan for losing so quickly. They did not even have any excuses. it was far too embarrassing. They felt like they had never been so embarrassed in their lives.

At that moment, Dan was as pale as a sheet of paper. Even his lips had lost their color, making him look like he was ill.

Jackie sighed in exasperation. He did not want to keep looking at Dan acting like that.

He reached out and said to Dan, “Have you forgotten that you need to pay up after losing a bet? Are you planning on going against the bet? I would love to see that. I would get to see you get struck by lightning.”

Dan’s lips twitched as he looked at Jackie hatefully. It was as if Jackie was his mortal enemy.

Jackie was already used to being looked at like that. Dan could look at Jackie however he wants to.

Dan took a deep breath, and his hands trembled. He reluctantly pulled out the spirit crystals and Enlightened Soul Root from his storage space. The Enlightened Soul Root was placed in a box about the size of half a person.

Jackie’s lips curled up, not even looking at Dan as he kept the spirit crystals and Enlightened Soul Root.

He said very happily, “Thanks!”

That felt like a stab right into Dan’s chest. Dan felt his chest heat up then proceed to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation. Dan was weaker than he thought. He had just said a few words, but Dan looked like he was about to die.

How could he amount to anything if he acted like that?

Even if he was talented, he was so easily affected. It would definitely stop him from climbing to greater heights. However, Jackie would not voice out those thoughts. He just coldly looked at Dan before walking away, leaving Dan behind.

Chapter 3270
Jackie waved at Rudy, and Rudy immediately followed behind Jackie. Since all three chances have been used, there was no longer any reason to stay there. Jackie had already gotten everything he could and he was contented.

Everyone looked at Jackie as he leave and remained silent for a long time. Jackie’s appearance had left a deep impression on them.

Jackie and Rudy went back to the inn instead of going anywhere else.

Jackie rented the room for another five days. After the two of them entered the room, Jackie eagerly took out the Enlightened Soul Root.

The Whirling World was filled with challenges everywhere. There was danger and opportunity in every corner. He needed to constantly improve himself. He eagerly wanted to see how powerful the Broken Soul Blade could be. The more Jackie thought about it, the more excited he got.

Rudy saw Jackie opening his eyes and immediately wanted to ask how much Jackie had trained. However, Jackie was in no mood to answer that as he pulled Rudy away and left the inn, not even settling the rest of the fees before that.

The two of them headed toward the north. After walking for a whole day, they saw a massive conical tower in the distance.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and pointed at the tower, “That’s the Red Sun Monument.”

After Rudy heard that, he said in shock, “The Red Sun Monument? It looks like a massive tower with four sides. Each side is a massive slope, and they all look the same. Why is it called a monument?”

Jackie laughed.

The shape of the monument really was unique. It looked like a pyramid from Cathysia. In Rudy’s eyes, it was just a large pointed tower.

Jackie patiently explained, “It’s because its surfaces are smooth. Our task is to climb it.”

Rudy was stunned, “Climb it? We’re supposed to climb the Red Sun Monument?”

Jackie nodded, explaining the rules to Rudy.

After Rudy heard that, his eyes widened as he failed to suppress his shock, “So that’s the case! You can only get the gold medal by climbing five hundred meters up the Red Sun Monument!”

The Red Sun Monument was five hundred meters tall. Every thirty meters was separated into an area, with five hundred meters being its peak. It was incredibly difficult to pull off, and most people would stop at the final stage, unable to advance.

Rudy sighed and said, “Is it really that amazing? I want to try to climb it too!”

Jackie smiled and said, “Everyone is free to climb. You can try it out, and come down if you think you can’t make it.”

Rudy was incredibly excited when he heard that he could try. The whole journey, he had just been like a follower to Jackie. He had witnessed Jackie’s achievements, but never had the chance to try anything. The further they went, the more difficult the challenges would be.

With his skills, he was forced to just hide behind Jackie. Since he had the chance, he was naturally happy to try it.


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