No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3251 – 3260

Chapter 3251
Dan narrowed his eyes. “It looks like you’re really overestimating yourself. You shouldn’t have the right to challenge me, but I have a kind heart, you see. I pity you empty-headed trash bags. You’re just ignorant, not knowing how vast the world is!”

“I was just trying to expand your horizons. I have to be a little harsh and remind you though, don’t cry if you lose later.”

Viktor felt like he had been slapped listening to these words. His face turned red with anger as he glared at Dan.

Gritting his teeth, he growled, “To hell with your kind heart. Stop acting like you’re above everyone else! Aren’t you just scorning warriors from third-grade worlds because of your origin? Let me show you how ignorant you are!”

The tension between the two men was so palpable that it could be cut with a knife. They looked at each other with hatred, and it was evident a fight would easily break out.

Jackie merely crossed his arms as he quietly looked at the two of them talking.

Things had gone silent, and no one moved. They merely glared at each other, using their expressions to show how angered they were. Jackie felt like the two of them looked incredibly hilarious.

They stared at each for over ten seconds before Jackie could not stand it anymore and said, “Viktor, right? Do you have a moment to spare? I want to bet against him too after you go against him. Can you stop looking at each other? If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you admire each other instead.”

The moment he said that, he attracted a lot of looks as they stared at Jackie in surprise.

If they had not seen Jackie’s skills, they would not have tolerated his words and attitude. After all, those words sounded too arrogant.

A warrior from the Hestia Continent said, “No wonder the warriors from the Golden Continent look at Jackie like they want to rip him apart. No wonder they’re so angry. He’s just infuriating when he talks.”

Jackie impatiently hurried Dan and Viktor, asking them not to waste any more of his time. It was like everyone else was just there to give him what they had.

How could anyone stand it?

Sure enough, Dan looked furious as he glared at Jackie heatedly.

He took a deep breath as he said to Jackie, “I was being nice to you, yet you took it for granted. You dare ask me not to waste your time? Who do you think you are? So what if you have a lower ultimate god rank? In the western area, at least ten percent of the people there have learned lower ultimate god rank techniques!”

Right after he said that, most of the warriors around him bit their tongues.

Indeed, comparing oneself to others was incredibly frustrating. There were over 1000 people in the western area, and 10 percent meant that there were over a hundred. Even among so many warriors in the eastern area, it would already be quite impressive if there were 20 who could use ultimate god rank techniques.

Yet, there were over a hundred in the western area.

Sure enough, there was a difference in skill, and it was impossible to ignore the difference in talent.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not really reacting to what he said.

Lower ultimate god rank techniques meant very little to him after all.

Chapter 3252
After all, Jackie used an upper ultimate god-rank technique, and he had already mastered it. After that, he would be trying to learn a storm god rank technique. Even though he had failed to get to the first stage, getting there would not be a problem as long as he had enough time.

Dan could not keep his composure when he noticed how calm Jackie’s expression was, unlike how surprised the warriors around him were after noticing the difference between themselves and their counterparts.

He frowned and got even more furious at how obstinate Jackie seemed to be. Had it not been for the restrictions, he would have taught this imprudent brat a lesson.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as a flash of unhappiness appeared on his face. He suddenly regretted what he had said earlier.

It was not because he was afraid of offending Dan but because he noticed that his words had the opposite effect of what he wanted. He had not managed to provoke Dan into going against Viktor right away.

Instead, Dan straightened himself and glared right at Jackie unmovingly. Just from looking at Dan, Jackie knew what Dan was thinking.

Dan loudly said, ”Why would I listen to you? Who do you think you are?! Do you think I’m obligated to start the attribute gamble immediately just because you asked? it looks like you really thought too highly of yourself…”

“You still want to bet against me after I go against him? What arrogance. I’ll have you realize the contrast between us soon enough. You’ll lose tragically!”

“I refuse to listen to you. In my eyes, you can’t even compare to an ant by the side of the road!”

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation.

It seemed like he could not provoke others like that, however he wanted to. After all, he did not know how others would react. The person right in front of him was acting completely differently than what he wanted.

Jackie frowned as he said coldly, “So you’re insisting on wasting my time? Aren’t you in a hurry to let me know how big the difference is between us? Hurry up and gamble against him, then. Otherwise, gamble against me!”

He could do three gambles in one day.

Jackie had already planned out his time before he went to the area, and he had other things he needed to get done. He did not have the time to waste there.

Dan scoffed, raising his head slightly and completely ignoring Jackie.

Jackie took a deep breath as his lips twitched. At that moment, he heard the comments whispered around him.

“What is going through Jackie’s mind? It looks like his previous victory got to his head and he’s starting to cross the line. it’s a good thing that attribute gambles don’t involve life and death. If he lost, he would just lose four million spirit crystals. Jackie’s quite lucky!”

“You think he’s lucky? I don’t think so. Jackie caused himself a lot of trouble this time. Do you think he’ll have good days ahead after being so rude to a chosen disciple of the Azure Clan?”

”Do you think the Azure Clan would let him off? Just watch! He may be safe for now, but there’s danger everywhere in the future. This will be his last peaceful day. The only way he can survive is if his skills are so extraordinary that no one from the Azure Clan can stand up to him.”

A warrior from White Marsh Continent was the one who said all that.

He naturally had a negative opinion of warriors from the Hestia Continent. Even though Jackie had won some glory for the third-grade worlds, some of the warriors from White Marsh Continent still did not approve of Jackie.

They even felt like Jackie had just been lucky enough to win.

Chapter 3253
The warriors from the Golden Continent could not stomach Jackie’s words at all, thus they began shouting at him.

“Do you hear that?! You’ve offended the Azure Clan! You won’t have good days ahead of you. You better kneel and beg us for mercy right now. Go and apologize to everyone, and we might forgive you. Otherwise, you’ll be beaten around like a street rat in the future!”

Jackie let out a laugh when he heard all that.

He coldly looked at the ones who had spoken, and there was an underlying threat in his words as he spoke, “Just with your strength?”

Jackie scoffed, not regarding these people as worth his notice at all.

Unless they attacked him altogether, none of them would be a match for him in single combat. Even if a chosen disciple of the Azure Clan was in front of Jackie, he would not even blink an eye.

The noise around Jackie got even louder due to his words. A lot of them were talking among themselves excitedly, and a lot of them thought that Jackie was crazy.

They felt like Jackie did not know his place at all to insist on going against the Azure Clan. A tragic fate awaited him.

It took a really crazy person to want to stand up against an entire clan alone.

The warriors who approved of Jackie shook their heads silently. Those who did not approve of Jackie started to criticize Jackie constantly, believing that he was just digging a deeper hole for himself. There was only death waiting for him.

There were even those who started to wonder how horribly Jackie would end up dying. He heard it all but ignored them, despite how annoying they were to hear.

Rudy had taken it all to heart, though, and his face reddened in anger, wanting nothing more than to start arguing with all of them. However, he knew that he was not great with his words.

Jackie had not even spoken, so he might end up disrupting his plans if he did. Thus, he clenched his fists as he stared at all these blabbering fools.

Jackie scoffed as he coldly glanced at Dan, ignoring everyone else.

He turned around and started walking tight to the western area, earning frowns from onlookers in the eastern area.

The warriors in the western area were in no mood to continue resting either. All of them looked up at Jackie in confusion.

A warrior from the eastern area said, “Is he trying to challenge someone else?”

“That looks like the case, but who’s he going to challenge?”

“Even though I think that Jackie’s unbelievably arrogant, he definitely has some skills. Half of the warriors in the western area aren’t a match for him, at least.”

“Are you worried for the warriors in the western area? There’s nothing to worry about. They’re not idiots. Jackie already showed his skills earlier, so most of them know of his skills. If they don’t think they can beat Jackie, they can just reject the gamble. Attribute gambles need approval from both sides to start anyway.”

Jackie slowly walked to the western area.

At that moment, most of the warriors there had their eyes opened as they stared at Jackie alertly.

Jackie, however, was oblivious to those gazes. They could think whatever they wanted of him. He already had a plan in his mind.

He did not want to waste anymore time, and talking to Dan was a waste of effort.

Since Dan did not want to take up Viktor’s challenge immediately, Jackie would need to choose a new opponent. He did not even look at the warriors in the western area and merely looked at the boards in front of them.

Chapter 3254
“A Frost Flower? This thing isn’t cheap, but it’s not that useful to me.”

Frost Flowers were incredibly beneficial to female warriors, but all Jackie could do with one was to sell it.

There was no other use for it, so he looked at the next warrior. He continued walking forward, remembering all the treasures he was interested in and planning on making a final evaluation later.

No one could understand what Jackie was doing. Most of the warriors in the eastern area were dumbfounded.

They did not know what to say, “Does he think he’s shopping? He’s just walking around and choosing what he wants! That’s way too arrogant! Even a top-chosen disciple wouldn’t dare to do that!”

“I think it fits his personality quite well. Hasn’t he always been like that? He just does whatever he wants. His actions are probably angering all of the warriors in the western area. He’s offended everyone at this point!”

“ Jackie doesn’t seem to care at all; he looks like he’s just intent on saving time, even. I just want to open up his head to see what he’s thinking.”

The warriors of the western area glared at Jackie angrily. Even if he wanted to take up one of the bets, he should do it from far away.

Walking around among everyone, slowly deliberating, made it feel like he was not respecting them at all. They could not accept that.

All of them had dark looks on their faces as if they had just ingested some poison. The way they looked at Jackie was strangely united as their fury could barely be masked.

Meanwhile, Jackie did not seem to care about what anyone else was thinking.

There was a simple reason why all of them were so angered by Jackie’s actions. It was because all of them felt like he was not worthy of doing so. If it had been the top disciple of a holy grade clan doing so, they would have accepted it with no qualms, not even daring to say anything about it.

They looked at Jackie with such anger simply because they felt like he had no right to choose among them like that.

Jackie did not care at all. Those people would not dare to attack him no matter how much he angered them anyway, lest they incur the consequences of violating the laws.

Anyone who did that would get struck by lightning and turned to ash.

Jackie walked around for a long time before he finally stopped.

He raised an eyebrow and mumbled to himself, “There’s a Spirit Rose Fruit here. Not bad.”

A Spirit Rose Fruit was between seven to eight million in value, and it had the same effects as a soul gem. Should he absorb it, it would turn into pure soul energy to enhance his strength.

After looking around, the Spirit Rose Fruit was the only thing that caught Jackie’s eyes while the rest were not that helpful to the soul.

After deliberating his choices, Jackie eventually chose the Spirit Rose Fruit. After all, there was also an Enlightened Soul Root waiting for him. Both of those treasures were incredibly useful to Jackie.

He had already condensed a fifth of a Divine Soul. After absorbing those two treasures, his Divine Soul would improve greatly. Thinking of this, his lips curled up into a rare smile. However, the owner of that board was incredibly unhappy.

Chapter 3255
Nevada Lloyd had a frown on his face as he stared at Jackie angrily.

When he saw the smile on Jackie’s face, Nevada’s rage soared even more.

He shot up from his mat, narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jackie, and gritted his teeth. “Are you planning on challenging me?”

He was practically hissing at this point, and it was obvious how angry Nevada was at Jackie.

Jackie looked like he was grocery shopping, making a huge round before stopping in front of Nevada. His behavior made Nevada feel insulted, even though he had been chosen. He felt like he was trampling all over his dignity!

The more Nevada thought about it, the angrier he got. His hands even started to shake slightly. He looked at Jackie as if he wanted to rip Jackie apart.

Meanwhile, Jackie looked right at Nevada.

Nevada’s sleeves had golden patterns on them, meaning Nevada was from the Golden Continent. Yet another person who thought too highly of himself.

He snorted and said, “You’re just sitting here, and you already set up a board. The bet setters are naturally the ones who would be sitting here…”

“As a bet-taker, shouldn’t I be challenging you? If I’m not allowed to challenge you, why didn’t you just write it down on the board that you won’t accept challenges from anyone stronger than you?”

Those words infuriated Nevada even more. His lips twitched, and even his body started to quake. “You think too highly of yourself! Do you know who I am? I’m from the White Phoenix Clan, a holy-grade clan. I’m a chosen disciple!”

He had practically shouted out those words as if he wanted to prove how laughable Jackie’s actions were. He wanted to scare Jackie as well, not wanting him to take things too far. Being chosen by Jackie like that insulted Nevada greatly.

Jackie did not even bother raising an eyebrow at those words. He looked at Nevada calmly as if he was spouting nonsense.

Noticing how passive Jackie was, Nevada nearly hyperventilated in anger and finally understood Dan’s anger.

Nevada pointed right at Jackie’s face. “You brat. You’ve already offended the Azure Clan! Are you going to offend the White Phoenix Clan too? Are you not worried that you’re making so many enemies for yourself?”

Hearing that, Jackie said in disdain, “I think you’re the one who thinks too highly of himself. Do you really think you’re anyone impressive? Even if there are a lot of chances in the inner city, grouping up to attack still isn’t allowed…”

“Unless you get your friends to attack me with you, you’ll need to fight me alone. The White Phoenix Clan and the Azure Clan are both beneath my notice.”

Jackie was merely honest with his words and was not exaggerating anything at all. When Nevada heard this, however, he was deeply angered. After all, Jackie had insulted both himself and his clan.

He took a deep breath and snarled, “You think you can face all of the disciples from the two holy-grade clans alone?!”

Nevada scoffed upon hearing Jackie’s words. He felt like the man in front of him could no longer be described as just arrogant. Jackie was already at the level of being crazy.

Did he not know what he was saying?

One person going up against two holy-grade clans… He had said it so casually, too!

It was as if Jackie could easily do it!

Did he think that he was a chosen disciple of a major clan from a first-grade world?

Nevada sneered and said, “Do you even know what you’re saying?!”

Of course, Jackie knew what he was saying and implying. Thus, not wanting to dwell on the problem, he chuckled and said, “Don’t you want to show me my place just like Dan? Hurry up. I’m in a hurry to know!”

Chapter 3256
Rudy could not stop himself from laughing when he heard that.

He understood how exasperated Jackie felt. He truly did not want to waste any time and effort on those people.

It was obvious that Jackie had other plans in mind. Unfortunately, those people did not understand at all. They only felt like Jackie was being absurd.

Nevada was completely stunned. His lips twitched as he panted and shouted, “You’re sick!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, wanting to curse back at Nevada but decided against it after some thought.

There was no reason for him to talk back at all at that moment. No matter what he said, those people would only think he was crazy anyway. Even the warriors from third-grade worlds were already cursing him.

“Does he lmow what he’s saying? Isn’t he being too rough with his words here? You guys were right after all; his previous victory got to him so much that he’s forgotten his place. He talks as if he’s better than even chosen disciples!”

“That’s true, I really don’t know what he’ s thinking. He’s gone too far. Does he think Hestia is a second-grade world? Even if he’s strong in the Hestia Continent, he’s just strong among weaklings. He won’t amount to much in the Golden Continent, but he’s trying to challenge the warriors from two major clans in the Golden Continent. If I wasn’t hearing it myself right now, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Don’t forget what kind of place Hestia is. It’s just stuck in its own corner after being trapped by some unknown barrier thousands of years ago. They were cut off from the other worlds. If it wasn’t for the Whirling World, they probably wouldn’t know what the warriors from the other worlds are like at all.”

“ Jackie’s skills stand at the top of the Whirling World. He’s already used to being the king and has turned ignorant because of it. He doesn’t understand how different the Hestia Continent is from the other worlds at all. He’s not confident but conceited!”

“He doesn’t know his place at all. He’ll know how absurd he’s been acting after he suffers defeat later.”

The Golden Continent’s warriors were all rendered speechless from anger.

They affirmed that Jackie was a complete madman, and everything he said infuriated them. Even though they knew that Jackie did not know what he was saying, they could still not stop their anger from boiling over.

Dan laughed in frustration and sneered, “It’s obvious how empty his head is if he can say these things. Even I wouldn’t dare to act that way, saying that I’d be able to beat all of the disciples from two holy-grade clans in duels. It’s crazy how arrogant he must be to be able to say that…”

Viktor shook his head silently, looking at Jackie with a sliver of pity. Even though Jackie’s words were incredibly absurd, Viktor did not want to mock Jackie like everyone else.

He agreed with how everyone was judging Jackie and assumed that he grew up sheltered. He did not know how large the world actually was, either. He probably never encountered any trouble, so he must have felt like he was unbeatable.

Dan could no longer stand it.

If he continued waiting, he would just hear more and more ridiculous things from Jackie. Even though Jackie was incredibly hilarious, they were infuriating as well.

He turned around to look at Viktor. “I won’t bother with that idiot for now. I’ll deal with you first!”

Viktor frowned, looking at Dan unhappily. Dan was really crossing the line.

He took a deep breath and said angrily, “You keep on saying that others are acting arrogantly, but aren’t you?”

Chapter 3257
Dan scoffed at Viktor’s words. “That’s because I can walk the talk. The two of you just somewhat excel in your own worlds, but you’d be nothing if you were in the Golden Continent. I’ll show both of you how different warriors from a second-grade world are from you.”

There was no point in talking after all that happened. Dan turned and walked towards the Projne Stones, and Viktor followed closely after.

Seeing the movements from the other end, Jackie started to get anxious.

He looked at Nevada, who was flushed red with anger, and could not help but frown. “Are you done being angry? Do you even have the right to be?”

Nevada widened his eyes and snapped, “What did you say? I have no right to be angry?!”

Nevada was already confused by the way Jackie thought about things. This guy was even trying to argue about him getting angry!

Jackie took a deep breath and said coldly, “If you think you can beat me, you’d obviously have the right to be angry, but you don’t. Don’t think I’ll believe anything you say. If you want to prove yourself, then quit wasting time talking. Hurry and accept my challenge!”

Nevada’s face darkened completely as his lips trembled. “Alright. Since you want to lose so badly, I’ll give you what you want!”

At that moment, Nevada was too furious to even be rational. He only had one thought in mind, which was to quickly end the battle. He wanted this idiot to know how much stronger he was!

There were a total of 33 Projne Stones, all set up in a row. At that moment, Dan and Viktor had already walked over, both reeking with hatred for each other. The atmosphere was incredibly tense.

Jackie did not want to waste any time. After Nevada agreed, he immediately walked over. Nevada was so angry that he stormed forward. Every step he took caused the ground to shake slightly.

The warriors in the eastern area looked on with great interest. Even though not everyone was interested in participating in the attribute gambles, they were keen on watching something interesting, and a show as interesting as this one was something that happened less than once a month.

All of them looked on with great interest, and discussions filled the eastern area again.

“Do you think that Jackie can win? Nevada is a chosen disciple. I wonder if he’ s stronger than Dan.”

“We’d have to ask the warriors of the Golden Continent about that. We’ve never been to the continent, so we wouldn’t know what it’s like there.”

The warriors of the Golden Continent were quite willing to explain it to everyone.

A disciple of the Azure Clan said loudly, “Dan is, of course, a bit stronger. The White Phoenix Clan is a holy-grade clan like the Azure Clan is, but its overall strength is weaker than the Azure Clan. In terms of standings, Dan is also quite a bit higher than Nevada…”

“The two of them had met at a friendly tournament two months before the Whirling World opened as well. The two of them faced each other, and Dan was the clear victor.”

After that person said that, everyone looked toward the disciples of the White Phoenix Clan. The disciples of the White Phoenix Clan did not look that happy, but no one actually voiced any objections. It seemed as though this statement was not a lie after all.

Dan’s abilities were at a higher level. Even if Jackie managed to beat Nevada, it would not mean much.

At that moment, Nevada was facing Jackie. Jackie was toward the eastern side of the Projne Stone, while Nevada was toward the western side.

Chapter 3258
The two of them faced each other. Compared to how furious Nevada was, Jackie seemed incredibly calm as if everything that happened was within his control.

The caretaker walked forward and stood between the two of them. Just like before, he calmly announced the start of the gamble.

At that moment, Viktor and Dan were facing each other as well, and only a Projne Stone stood between them. They could see what the situation was on the other side with just a glance.

At that moment, Dan put his full focus on Viktor.

Viktor had his eyebrows raised as he looked at Dan seriously.

Dan narrowed his eyes. “I know you’re very confident. Do you use a lower ultimate god-rank technique as well?”

Viktor did not bother hiding it as he nodded. The technique he used was called Flaming Skies and was a lower ultimate god-rank technique. The fact that he was the top-ranked chosen disciple in an eighth-grade clan meant that he was more talented than any ordinary warrior.

To many warriors, ultimate god-rank techniques were far from their reach, but to geniuses like them, it was just a stepping stone.

Dan sneered and said, “So what if you know a lower ultimate god-rank technique? You think you’re the only one who could do that? I use a lower ultimate god-rank technique as well, and I can even tell you that I’ve already gotten my Golden Meteor Technique up to the second stage!”

Viktor’s confident expression stiffened when he heard this. His eyes widened slightly as he gulped, and even his breathing got a bit faster.

Dan was already at the second stage of his technique and that was something Viktor did not expect.

Only those who could use lower ultimate god-rank techniques knew how difficult to master and understand ultimate god-rank techniques were.

He had gone through so many bottlenecks just to get where he was. He knew that he would be able to get to the second stage as well, but on Viktor’s estimation, it would take at least one to two more years. He never expected that Dan would already be at the second stage with how young Dan was.

This explained why Dan was so arrogant; he had the skills to back his words!

Viktor’s lips twitched, suddenly losing his confidence.

Jackie, however, remained calm when he heard all of that, as if everything Dan said was nonsense.

Nevada could clearly see Jackie’s expression as he stood before him. When he saw that Jackie was still calm, he sneered, “What are you acting like that for? I refuse to believe you’re not afraid to face such a strong opponent. Unless you’re heartless, there’s no way you can stay composed!”

When Jackie heard that, his lips twitched in exasperation. He snorted before he said, “Well, I would be scared if I were. There‘s nothing to be scared of since I’m not.”

Nevada quivered furiously again as he stared right at Jackie. He looked at Jackie and gritted his teeth, having a lot to say. In the end, he held back.

With how Jackie was, Jackie would have a lot to counter him no matter what he said.

He was not as good as Jackie with his words, so he swallowed everything he wanted to say. He merely looked at Jackie hatefully.

Jackie’s words were naturally heard by Dan as well. Dan frowned as he looked at Jackie with annoyance.

He sneered, “Keep showing off while you can, you brat. You don’t have much time left to do that, anyway. In just a moment, you’ll realize that you’re just a clown to us no matter how much you Show off. In the future, you’ll realize what the consequences of your actions today will bring you!”

Chapter 3259
After saying that, Dan sneered as he looked away.

Jackie sighed in exasperation. These people were a joke, so much so that he found himself unable to muster a word.

At that moment, a thought suddenly surfaced in his head.

If he performed too well, Dan might harbor suspicions about him and would refuse to accept his challenge. If that were to happen, he would just lose the Enlightened Soul Root. Compared to the Spirit Soul Fruit which was worth seven to eight million, the Enlightened Soul Root was worth more to Jackie.

He could not possibly lose the chance of getting the Enlightened Soul Root!

After making that clear, Jackie raised an eyebrow as his gaze darted around and made a decision; he could not win the attribute gamble by a landslide like before. It would only alert Dan.

Jackie scoffed, no longer hesitating as he summoned the soul energy in his body. A gray energy circulated in his palm. He no longer looked at anyone as the gray energy frantically shot into the Projne Stone. Seeing that Jackie had already started, Nevada wasted no time as well.

He closed his eyes slightly as green-colored energy circulated in his body. Nevada was a wind attribute warrior. The wind attribute in his body was brought out like a small cyclone with Nevada at the center.

Nevada took a long breath as he put his hand on the stone, and the green energy frantically entered the Projne Stone. Two waves of energy rapidly took shape. At that moment, everyone widened their eyes as they observed everything that happened.

Since Jackie acted first, both Dan and Viktor stopped talking and looked over. Both of them planned on starting their attribute battle after watching Jackie’s. The gray energy clashed with the green energy, and the two seemed evenly matched, much to Nevada’s surprise as his eyes widened.

He admitted that Jackie was somewhat skilled, but he did not expect Jackie to be able to match him!

Nevada did not hold back at all with the intention of winning the battle quickly and making himself look good.

The gray and green energy clashed, and both energy tried to overwhelm the other, even trying to absorb each other. However, their skills were close, and both were evenly matched. it was impossible to tell who was winning at that moment.

Dan raised an eyebrow, knowing where things stood at that moment. He scoffed as he looked at Jackie like he was looking at a dead person.

The eastern area was abuzz with noise again. A lot of them had thought that Jackie would be no match for Nevada, so they never expected that Jackie would be evenly matched with him!

Jackie was no weaker than Nevada. A lot of the warriors from the Golden Continent could not stay calm when they saw that. After all, Nevada was the chosen disciple of the White Phoenix Clan, a holy grade clan. The fact that Jackie was on par with him meant that Jackie had the skills of a chosen disciple of a holy grade clan.

A lot of them could not accept the fact. After all, the Hestia Continent was an insignificant place in their eyes.

A warrior from the White Marsh Continent sourly commented, “ Jackie’s probably the strongest person from the Hestia Continent. With his skills, he’s probably an incredibly powerful person in a small place like Hestia!”

The warriors from Hestia Continent were displeased by this remark, and a lot of them wanted to counter his words. However, they had to admit after thinking about it that the person’s words were reasonable, regardless of his tone.

Chapter 3260
A few people agreed with that thought, and they got deep into the conversation.

“I feel like you’re being a little extreme with your words, but you have to admit that it sounds pretty reasonable. Before coming to the Whirlng World, Jackie’s environment had been too stifling.”

“He doesn’t understand how the world actually is at all. He’s too conceited and doesn’t even know how to act more politely in the face of those stronger than him. It’d be strange if nothing bad happens to him.”

“You’re right! He’s just too crazy. We have to admit that he’s strong, but there’s always someone stronger. Just because he’s strong, it doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable!”

“If he understood that, he probably wouldn’t have acted like he did.”

As they said that, a few of them started to lament the fact that Jackie was just too ignorant because he was confined by his world. He did not know how vast the universe truly was, and because of that, he did whatever he wanted and offended many.

Some of them even started to discuss how Dan would deal with Jackie.

“Dan isn’t an idiot. Jackie is untouchable in the Projne Area, but the inner city isn’t just limited to the Projne Area. Can’t he attack near the Red Sun Monument?”

“With how Jackie is, he’ll definitely try out his hand there. Then, Dan can just make sure he has people there or even do it himself. No matter what, Jackie’s days are numbered.”

That person was incredibly confident as he said that as if he could read Dan’s mind.

Rudy merely looked at those people with a cold frown. Even though he did not know what the Red Sun Monument was, he knew very well that these people could only dream on if they thought Jackie would die.

Jackie would not let anyone who tried to attack him off the hook.

Compared to how noisy the western area was, it was much quieter around the Projne Stones. Dan and Viktor were both frowning as they observed Jackie. Neither of them expected the stalemate.

After all, Nevada was from a holy grade clan and was a chosen disciple at that. His skills could not be underestimated. Even if Jackie had shown exceptional skills before, he could not be compared to Nevada.

Yet, reality had proven that to be false.

The match was in a complete stalemate, and it seemed like their skills were on the same level. They even saw Nevada starting to sweat.

Nevada was starting to pant and he frantically circulated the power in his body.

Time slowly tickled, and Nevada got more anxious for every minute that passed.

His lips twitched slightly, no longer looking at Jackie with the same casual look from before. He was both shocked and serious.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Nevada. “What is it? Are you scared? It’s written all over your face.”

Nevada glared at Jackie hatefully. True enough, he was scared.

Nevada immediately stood on his toes and started to shout at Jackie.


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