No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3241 – 3250

Chapter 3241

Those words ultimately set fire to the explosives.

Gale could no longer hold his temper as he stepped forward, “You brat! Don’t be so pleased with yourself! Don’t think that you can do whatever you want, and I won’t be able to do anything to you. The inner city is different from the middle city!”

“There are a lot of places where I can attack you. Unless you spend your whole life in places with restrictions, your end will be worse than death! You’ll be begging me for mercy!”

Jackie could not hold himself back from rolling his eyes. He had said so many times to not waste any time, but these people seem to always choose to not listen.

They seemed insistent on constantly talking to him, which only annoyed Jackie more.

He reached out and stopped Gale from speaking anymore, “Hey! Do you not understand what I’m saying?! Can you please shut up? No matter how strong you think you are, can you stop acting as if you’ve already won?! Can you brag after you’ve beaten me?!”

Gale’s lips twitched as he reddened in fury.

He wanted nothing more than to attack Jackie on the spot, but his reason told him that he should leave Jackie behind to slowly torture. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jackie with a threatening gaze.

After taking a few breaths, he slowly said, “Very good! Since you want to lose so much, then I’ll let you!”

Jackie nodded, not wanting to waste any more time.

After Gale agreed, Jackie turned around and walked right to the Projne Stones. Jackie arrived in front of the twenty-seventh stone. Every Projne Stone had a masked caretaker beside them.

The start of an attribute gamble was straightforward. One just had to report their names and put down the bets for the attribute gamble to start.

After the caretaker took down some simple notes, they gave up their spot.

Jackie arrived at the east of the stone, while Gale stood at the west of the stone. The two of them faced each other, and Gale looked at Jackie with an angered expression. Jackie did not even bother looking at Gale as if Gale was just air.

The caretaker shouted out, “The gamble will start! Both parties are to activate their attributes and put their attributes into the Projne Stone!”

Gale snorted and said, “Brat! You’re the most blindly confident piece of trash I’ve seen!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and replied calmly, “You’re also the most annoying idiot I’ve seen!”

The two of them stared at each other, not giving way.

Gale had already been infuriated by Jackie enough and was impatiently summoning up all the elements that he could control in his body. He was a wood attribute warrior. He summoned up a green light from his body, and even his eyes started to glow green. He let out a shout and poured all of the power into his right hand before pushing it onto the Projne Stone.

Jackie was noticeably much calmer. Gray energy circulated his skin which was incredibly hard to notice.

He gently placed his left hand on the Projne Stone. The gray energy flowed like a river, violently injecting itself into the Projne Stone.

The crowd only saw gray energy and a green glow slowly rise from the Projne Stone.

Chapter 3242

Those two energies were incredibly full, and they looked evenly matched. Jackie looked at it calmly, while Gale had a smile of victory on his face.

Jackie could see that he was incredibly confident.

Right at that moment, the two forces of energy collided in the air. The gray energy was like an incredibly potent acid, immediately dissolving the green light.

That green light was completely dissolved by the gray energy in a flash. Only the gray energy was left floating in the air, not weakening at all.

Everyone saw the scene, and other than the emotionless caretaker and Jackie, they were all stunned. They had their eyes opened wide and their mouths gaping. Suddenly, there was complete silence.

Even Gale himself could not believe it and wondered if he was hallucinating. They rubbed their eyes to try and see things more clearly and still saw the gray energy remaining in the air.

At that moment, Gale realized he was not seeing things.

Everything he saw had happened!

Gale’s face was pale as his lips trembled. His eyes had, at some point, reddened. He started to breathe incredibly erratically.

He did not want to believe what he had seen and wanted to prove that everything that had happened was just an illusion. However, as he thought about it, the more terrified he got.

Gale took a deep breath, “This is all fake!”

He practically shouted that out. His eyes constantly shook, and it was obvious how hard it was for him to accept the truth. Yet, even if he could not accept it, it was the reality!

Jackie raised an eyebrow, feeling amused by Gale.

He snorted and said, “It’s useless even if you shout to the skies.”

Jackie could not be bothered to argue with him, so he kept quiet after saying that.

The results of the attribute gamble were clear. It had been displayed in front of everyone, leaving no room for doubt. The caretaker stood up at that moment, and his cold tone made it sound like it had nothing to do with him. He was just the reader of the results.

“ Jackie wins. He gets four million spirit crystals and a White Phoenix Fruit,” After saying that, his white, pupil-less eyes coldly looked at Gale.

The attribute had clear rules. Once the victor was determined, the one who lost needed to hand over the stakes to the other party within five minutes. Otherwise, they would be punished.

Gale’s lips twitched as he started to cough intensely. He even started to cough out blood, which stained his clothes. His expression paled a lot.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. He never expected it to be so hard for Gale to accept.

The attribute gamble was filled with uncertainty in the first place. Everyone who participated should already have adjusted their mentality. Even if they were unwilling, they would be able to force themselves to accept it. After all, there was always a loser and a winner.

Chapter 3243

Gale’s hands trembled as he stared right at Jackie, filled with reluctance. He heaved heavily.

His lips trembled slightly, “Why did I lose to you?!”

When he said that, Gale was already on the brink of a mental collapse. He was on the verge of exploding at any moment.

The warriors of the eastern side all had their eyes widened in shock, not believing what they had just witnessed.

A warrior from Chaos Continent shook slightly, “Pinch me. I need to see if I’m crazy. Otherwise, how could something so absurd happen? Is he really a wandering warrior from Hestia Continent? Since when are wandering warriors so strong?!”

As he said that, he even started to breathe more quickly. His face was full of disbelief.

A warrior standing next to him found it hard to speak at all.

The man took a deep breath, “It’s not an illusion! If it was, then everyone here has been trapped inside. This is absurd! Isn’t Gale using an upper ultimate earth rank technique? That guy earlier even said that Gale was already at the second level, only a sliver away from perfection.”

“With skills like that, he should not have lost so quickly. If I didn’t know anything before and merely looked at the match, I would have suspected that Gale was not using an upper-earth rank technique, but a lower-earth rank one. He lost too quickly!”

A lot of people agreed with what he said. Gale had lost far too quickly. He had not been able to even hold on before he was defeated. At that moment, the warriors from Golden Continent who had been so arrogant before looked like deflated balloons. All of them had sour looks on their faces.

The attitude they had earlier had completely disappeared. it was like they had all been violently slapped on the face.

The shock did not last for too long. After the shock disappeared, the warriors from the third-grade worlds regained their confidence.

They had been humiliated by the warriors from Golden Continent so much, and it was their turn to fight back.

A warrior from Chaos Continent laughed and said, “Now I have to admit that you’re all right. Gale’s powers are so extraordinary, so how could Jackie face up to him? Look, look at how badly Jackie lost.”

Those words immediately summoned the pride of all the warriors from the third-grade world. Quite a few people started to speak up, “That’s right! Gale‘s so strong. He’s so strong that I can’t even dare to look at him. How could Jackie be a match for him? That warrior named Lorien praised Gale so much. I didn’t agree at the time, but it looks like it’s true! Don’t you all think so?!”

“Of course. He’s a warrior from Golden Continent. How could he lose to a wandering warrior from Hestia Continent? That would be too hilarious!”

As they spoke, they laughed loudly. They were so happy it was as if they had picked up some high-grade pills on the road. They were so happy their smiles were incredibly wide. Compared to the warriors from the third-grade worlds, the warriors from Golden Continent were all furious.

Those words did not put Gale down at all, but it was still hard to listen to all the same. Their earlier comments had all been thrown back at their faces. They found it hard to even lift their heads.

Lorien had said that Jackie was not even worthy of facing Gale, but Gale had lost so completely to Jackie.

Gale did not even compare to Jackie at all.

He had been dominated by Jackie in an instant. Everything that happened earlier had been seen by everyone. Even if they wanted to say something back, they had nothing to say.

The warriors of Golden Continent were all completely quiet as if they had lost their ability to breathe.

The warriors from the third-grade worlds got more and more excited as they spoke.

The insults that had been thrown at them from before were all being hurled right back at the warriors from the Golden Continent’s faces.

Chapter 3244

“I remembered that someone said Jackie had no right to challenge Gale, that he did not even have the right to stand with Gale. it looks like that person was right. Look at how badly Jackie lost. I was too scared to even look.”

“He only lasted for a second before he was defeated. There was no chance at all. it was so quick I don’t even know what to say about it. I really want to console Jackie right now, since he lost so quickly!”

Everyone seemed incredibly happy being sarcastic.

The loser had clearly been Gale, but they were speaking as if Gale had won. Quite a few of the warriors from the Golden Continent were red with anger. They breathed heavily but had nothing to say at all. Their expressions were so dark it was like they had lost their families overnight.

Rudy’s smile was about to split his face apart.

Everyone was talking so happily, and he joined in as well. He had heard so many insults being thrown at Jackie from the warriors of Golden Continent earlier, and he finally had the chance to fight back.

Lorien was right in front of him and did not even dare to look over at him.

Lorien merely looked at the Projne Stone, stunned. It was like he had been dealt a heavy blow. He heard all the mocking words around him. At that moment, he was no longer as arrogant as before. He was like his backbone had been taken out from him, unable to support him anymore.

He felt like all of the discussions were about to be targeted at him, so he frowned and attempted to head back to the center, where the warriors from Golden Continent gathered. However, he had just taken a step forward when Rudy noticed him.

Rudy let out a cold laugh, “What? Are you leaving? Weren’t you acting so arrogantly earlier? Why are you trying to leave now? Didn’t you say that us warriors from third-grade worlds weren’t worthy of challenging the warriors from Golden Continent? Why aren’t you saying anything right now? We’re all waiting!”

“We’ll agree to anything you say right now. We won’t talk back anymore! I think you were absolutely right. The warriors from Golden Continent really are strong. Just look at how quickly you won!”

Lorien’s whole body stiffened, and his mouth constantly twitched. He did not even dare to look back.

He was caught off guard at that moment, not daring to walk away, but feeling like staying there was wrong as well. He suddenly regretted why he had been so antagonistic earlier, insisting on harassing those people.

Rudy would obviously not let him off easy. Just thinking about how Lorien had mocked him made him furious.

Rudy narrowed his eyes and stared right at Lorien’s back, “Didn’t you call us country bumpkins just now? Why aren’t you saying that anymore? Are you suddenly feeling like the country bumpkins are stronger than all of you? The master you were praising was so weak!”

Lorien straightened his back, but not because of his pride. His whole body stiffened. He did not want to seem weak at that moment.

He wanted to say something back to win back some of his dignity, but he could not form the words. After all, nothing he said would be convincing at that moment!

Rudy scoffed before he continued to say, “Now, do you finally know who the ignorant ones are? Calling you ignorant is as good as praising you. At least ignorant people aren’t delusional like you are.”

Chapter 3245

“You’re clearly just insignificant, but you think you can rule the skies. You think that no one can compare to you. Golden Continent might be a second-grade world, but you forgot something-information spreads. All of us know that you’re at the bottom of second-grade worlds. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been sent here to compete with us!”

After Rudy finished saying that, the warriors from Golden Continent were all so furious that they were about to cough out blood.

If Jackie had not won, those words would definitely have them arguing to death. After all, they were all sensitive to that point.

Yet, all they could do at that moment was duck their heads. They knew very well that if they refused to admit it or bring up something else, the warriors from the third-grade worlds would smell blood and start attacking them verbally.

Hence, they were forced to bear with it. The eastern side was incredibly noisy, but Jackie’s side was practically silent. He could feel like Gale was about to mentally collapse.

Gale was breathing louder and louder, and his eyes were incredibly red as if he could faint at any moment.

He knew he could not accept the truth, but did not expect him to struggle so much. It had already been quite some time, but he was still caught up in his own thoughts, refusing to admit or accept the truth.

Jackie did not bother reminding him that he would be punished if he did not produce the rewards.

Gale was more valuable staying there to Jackie anyway. After all, Gale had threatened Jackie earlier. If Gale had the chance, he would definitely attack Jackie.

Jackie would naturally not show any mercy to enemies like that. Thankfully, Gale still had a shred of rationality left, even if he was quickly losing it.

Right before the time limit was up, he weakly raised his hand and produced four million spirit crystals and a White Phoenix Fruit from his storage space.

The White Phoenix Fruit was placed in a special box.

Jackie took the box and examined the fruit in front of everyone. The moment the box was opened, a dense fragrance assaulted his nose. After looking at it for a long time, Jackie kept the White Phoenix Fruit.

Justin almost drooled at the sight. The White Phoenix Fruit was necessary for him to ascend. If the White Phoenix Fruit was sold in the market, it would be worth at least eight or nine million.

On top of the four million spirit crystals, Jackie’s winnings amounted to twelve or thirteen million.

It attracted quite a lot of looks, and people were so jealous that their eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets. Even if they were jealous, they knew very well that if they were the ones standing in front of Gale, they would have been the losers.

Jackie laughed as he raised an eyebrow, “Not bad. The attribute gamble really is profitable…”

The moment he said that Gale spat out some more blood. His eyes were filled with rage. He wanted to rip Jackie’s neck apart.

Jackie was already immune to looks of hatred like that since a long time ago.

After the bet was settled, Jackie walked right back to the eastern side.

He had just taken three steps when Gale shouted out to him, “Stay there! Who are you? You can’t be a wandering warrior. Even worse is that you said you’re from Hestia Continent! I don’t believe it! It’s impossible!”

Chapter 3246

Jackie’s lips twitched as he turned to look at Gale in exasperation.

He sneered and said, “That’s the truth. Why would I lie to you? I know you’re in a complicated mood right now, but I don’t have the time to waste on you. If you want to keep on lying to yourself, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Those words caused Gale’s chest to hurt again. Compared to being slapped on the face, this was more painful.

His hands trembled slightly and his hands were clenched tight, “Don’t even try to attack me in this manner. I admit that I lost, but you should stop lying to me. If you were a wandering warrior from Hestia Continent, there’s no way I would have lost so quickly!”

After saying that, Gale pointed at the thirteenth Projne Stone.

There were two people standing around the Projne Stone. One of them was from Chaos Continent, and the other was from Golden Continent. The two of them were in an intense battle.

They were frantically summoning all of the attributes that they had control of, injecting them into the Projne Stone. On the stone, two rays of light clashed. One was icy blue, while the other was mud yellow.

The two lights clashed in mid-air, not giving way to the other. The icy blue light suddenly let out an attack, taking away a part of the yellow light. The yellow light launched a counterattack at the blue light.

From that, it was obvious that the two of them were evenly matched, and the victor would need some time to be determined.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not understanding what Gale meant.

Was he trying to prove how quickly it had been?

Gale took a deep breath, his face was incredibly sour, “Do you see that?! This is what happens when your skills are close. If you are at the same level as me, then that would happen, but it clearly didn’t! The technique I’m learning is an upper-earth rank technique. If you can do this, it means you were using a lower ultimate god rank technique!”

“Since when have wandering warriors from Hestia Continent been able to learn lower ultimate god rank techniques? Don’t think that I’ll just believe your lies. Don’t treat me like an idiot!”

“Even if Hestia Continent has a barrier-breaking them off from the other worlds, I still have some basic knowledge. Unless you’re the top chosen disciple of a ninthgrade clan, there’s no way you’re this skilled!”

Jackie finally understood why Gale had said so much.

Gale was just trying to save some of his dignity. After all, it was far too humiliating to lose to a wandering warrior.

Losing to a master who had a lower ultimate god rank technique would give a completely different impression. At least he would have lost with dignity, and would not be laughed at.

At that moment, the warriors on the eastern side started to get serious.

The label of a wandering warrior had been stuck on Jackie, but it did seem like Gale could be right. Jackie could have just been putting on an act and not been telling the truth.

Jackie’s lips started to twitch helplessly. He held his head up high and turned to look at the warriors on the eastern side.

At that moment, all of them had their eyes wide open as they looked at Jackie inquisitively.

Jackie smirked meaningfully, “If you don’t believe me, you can go look into it. There are quite a few warriors from Hestia Continent gathered here. If I’m from a high-grade clan, then surely some of them recognize me.”

Chapter 3247

After saying that, Jackie walked right back to the eastern side. He did not want to keep on wasting time.

The moment Jackie stepped into the area, he saw a familiar figure speed past him.

Upon closer impression, was that not Lorien, who had been so prideful earlier?

Yet, Lorien looked like a street rat at that moment, not even daring to raise his head as he walked past Jackie.

Jackie smiled before he coldly said to Lorien, “What? You were so proud earlier, didn’t you say I had something wrong with my head? ”

When Lorien heard that, he sped up. He did not even dare to stop. It was as if those words were spoken by a demon that was chasing him. Stopping would mean that he would get caught.

Jackie scoffed, not continuing. Just like Lorien had said earlier, there were plenty of places without any restrictions on this level. If he had the chance, he would get his revenge.

After returning to Rudy’s side, Rudy gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Justin, who had thought that Jackie was crazy earlier, shot Jackie a look of admiration.

Jackie did not care how the others were looking at him.

After the match ended, Jackie was already starting to think about who he would face next. After all, he could only conduct three gambles a day.

Before he left, he wanted to at least walk away with thirty million spirit crystals worth of assets. Only then would he get closer to his goals.

At that moment, some people tried to get closer, but Jackie’s eyes were already on the western side before they could speak.

He wanted to see if anything interesting was happening there. There were over a thousand people and over a thousand boards. There should definitely be some treasures that could improve his soul there.

Just as his eyes were earnestly looking around, a cheerful laugh was suddenly heard, “Alright, that’s it then! The Enlightened Soul Root is something amazing. Even in our world, the value can go up to thirty million. In the Whirling World where things are lacking, it can go up another ten million!”

Those words successfully attracted Jackie’s attention.

He turned to look at the person who was talking, and saw that it was a tall man in a deep green robe.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who is that?”

Justin was right next to Jackie and immediately answered, “That person is called Viktor Kroole. He’s from the Flying Cloud Clan of Chaos Continent. He’s the top chosen disciple, so he’s incredibly strong!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he nodded at Justin.

Justin’s lips curled up excitedly. Jackie had a rough personality. He had looked away the moment someone wanted to get close, ignoring others completely, but he had actually nodded at him.

Justin suddenly felt like he was incredibly lucky.

Jackie did not know how much Justin’s thoughts raced in just a short moment. His mind was fixated on the words, “Enlightened Soul Root…”

A treasure like that was even recorded in the books of first-grade worlds.

Enlightened Soul Roots had a lot of soul energy that could increase the speed of comprehension of a soul attribute warrior. After absorbing it, it can even raise a warrior’s talents. It was something amazing and happened to be something Jackie needed.

Viktor had a high standing and was the first place among chosen disciples of the Flying Cloud Clan.

The moment he said that he immediately earned a lot of compliments around him. Viktor really enjoyed the feeling and had a bright smile on his face.

Chapter 3248

However, someone voiced his own opinion, “Dan Summers won’t be easy to deal with. He’s a chosen disciple of the holy grade clan, the Azure Clan. Even though he’s not one of the top disciples, he’s still a chosen disciple. You can’t compare him to inner disciples.”

That person was immediately criticized after saying that. A man who had a sharp nose coldly sneered and said, “Why are you trying to praise others so much? Dan is a chosen disciple, but isn’t Viktor one too?”

”What’s so impressive about being a chosen disciple? Didn’t Gale brag so much earlier? He still ended up losing so badly, not able to stand up against Jackie at all. Golden Continent had just bragged too much before this. All of you have been fooled!”

Those words earned a lot of looks of approval, but a lot of them shook their heads to disagree as well. Even if they were not willing to admit it, Golden Continent being stronger than them was the truth.

They could not deny their overall strength just because their warriors were arrogant and shameless.

The Flying Cloud Clan was an eighth-grade clan from Chaos Continent, but the Azure Clan was two grades higher than the Flying Cloud Clan. There would definitely be differences between their disciples as well.

A warrior from White Marsh Continent frowned and said, “We’re not trying to praise them, but we’re just pointing out the truth. We can’t deny the strength of Golden Continent just because Jackie managed to win. A chosen disciple is still a chosen disciple, they’re stronger than inner disciples. ”

Those words were immediately rebuked by the Flying Cloud Clan’s disciples, “What kind of nonsense are you saying? Don’t you know that Viktor is in first place in the Flying Cloud Clan?”

“Of course, we acknowledge the Azure Clan is stronger than the Flying Cloud Clan, but Dan isn’t that high up among the chosen disciples of the Azure Clan. Viktor is the first place. Just because of that, don’t you think Viktor will be able to challenge him? I feel like Viktor has a good chance of winning!”

The person seemed to leave no room for debate, and the warrior from White Marsh Continent did not know what to say. He did not want to debate any longer, so be shut his mouth.

The warriors from the third-grade worlds were split into two when it came to this.

One part of them felt like Viktor could beat Dan, while the other part felt like Dan was quite a lot stronger than Viktor. The two sides started to quarrel.

Of course, those words fell into the ears of the warriors from Golden Continent as well. The anger that they had suppressed surged again. The warriors of the Golden Continent felt deeply insulted. Even if Viktor was a top-chosen disciple, they did not think much about it.

After all, the Flying Cloud Clan was an eighth-grade clan. In their eyes, it was just a hero among lessors. All of them felt like they were above that.

Thanks to what Gale had said earlier, all of the disciples from Golden Continent thought that there was no way Jackie was as he appeared. They did not look at Jackie through a normal lens, so their prejudices against third-grade worlds remained.

After hearing everything that was said, they were once again agitated.

Someone started to shout at Viktor, “ Jackie is Jackie. His circumstances are special. We should talk about things in isolation. So what if Viktor is the top chosen disciple, he still can’t beat Dan!”

Chapter 3249

“That’s right. If all of you can use lower ultimate god rank techniques, then we have nothing to say about it, but you can’t. I’ll admit that there are some strong warriors among you, but that’s just because you have the numbers. There are bound to be a few exceptional ones…”

“Don’t think that you can beat the Golden Continent because of that. Not everyone can challenge a chosen disciple from a holy grade clan!”

The atmosphere that had just calmed down exploded once again. After all, none of them liked each other. On top of that, the two sides were incredibly harsh with their words.

Jackie once again rubbed his ears in annoyance. He did not want to participate in those arguments, because they were pointless.

However, just because he did not want to argue did not mean that others would not point the gun at him.

Some of them deliberately targeted Jackie for the sake of Golden Continent’ s dignity, “Even if it’s Jackie, he won’t be able to beat Dan. Gale might have lost, but that was just because he had a moment of carelessness, and did not use his full abilities. Otherwise, there’s no way he would have lost so quickly!

“ Jackie did it, and Dan can do it as well. He can completely defeat Gale too! There’s always been a gap between chosen and inner disciples anyway. The two of them are so far apart that Dan can deal Gale a complete loss even in Gale’s best state, but Jackie can’t! So, Dan is stronger than Jackie!”

Those words were completely biased, and rendered people speechless. However, the moment it was said, the other warriors from Golden Continent all agreed. They even made it worse and worse.

They were even starting to change the facts of Jackie’s match against Gale. They did everything they could to argue that Gale only lost so quickly because he had not been prepared. it was the result of underestimating his opponent.

It did not mean that Gale was weaker than Jackie, but the gulf between Gale and Dan was evident.

Gale was the tenth place among the inner disciples, while Dan was a chosen disciple. Even though he was not among the top chosen disciples, his skills were still evident. If Dan faced Gale, Gale would lose badly.

All of them were sure that even Jackie would be no match for Dan, and that Jackie would lose even more horribly!

They had been mocked so much by the warriors from the third-grade worlds earlier, so they were using the chance to vent out their frustrations. They started to get louder and louder. Some of them deliberately raised their voices so everyone could hear them!

The arguments were getting more and more intense. They were even at the stage where they were about to fight each other!

Viktor loved being praised and hated it when others doubted his skills. When he heard all of that, he was furious.

His expression started to sour and he suddenly raised his voice, “What do you know?! You’re only good at bragging! Didn’t you praise yourselves so much earlier? Everyone saw what happened after that. it’s not even been that long, but you’ve somehow gotten worse!”

His words caused the fighting to stop quite a bit. After all, the main character had stepped up.

Due to what happened before, the warriors of Golden Continent did not dare to be too stubborn. However, not long after that, they heard a low voice from afar.

Chapter 3250

“We really can’t show you guys any mercy. You’ve only won one match, and you’re already so arrogant. Do you all think that you’re unbeatable now? How dare you challenge me? it looks like I’ve been sitting down here for too long. I haven’t been saying anything, so all of you have gotten too pleased with yourselves!”

The voice was getting closer.

Jackie turned to look and saw a muscular warrior from Hestia Continent walking over from the western side.

It seemed like that person was Dan. He had a threatening aura around him, and it was obvious that he was used to being in command.

When that person walked over, he deliberately stopped his gaze on Jackie. His sharp eyes coldly observed Jackie, like a lion looking at its prey.

His lips curled up into a strange smile, “Don’t be too happy with yourself, you just beat an inner disciple. In the eyes of chosen disciples, inner disciples are just ants. You just beat an ant. You are still trash in our eyes.”

When Dan said that, his smile was full of bloodlust.

He looked like a demon straight out of hell. He did not care if Jackie answered him or not. It was like Jackie really was an ant that could be killed at any moment, completely beneath his notice.

He walked steadily past Jackie and no longer spared Jackie a glance.

He stopped in front of Viktor. At that moment, Viktor was not exuding his earlier arrogance. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked very serious, but he was full of fighting spirit as well.

Looking at him like that, Dan scoffed in disdain, “You really are a piece of trash that thinks too much of yourself. Do you think that you can increase your chances of winning by acting like this? Jackie’s just an ant that can be killed at any moment in my eyes, and you are too! You’re even smaller than he is.”

He reached out and a golden cyclone formed in his palm. The cyclone spun wildly, and with a hang, it exploded a meter away from Viktor’s face.

The energy dispersed outward, and the warriors that were closer to the explosion could feel how strong the pressure had been.

Quite a few of them took steps back, and some of the weaker warriors even paled and started to sweat. Dan smiled as his cold eyes looked at Viktor. He was incredibly threatening.

He was not attacking, and merely exerting some pressure, so he was naturally not punished for it.

Viktor took a deep breath, not backing off from that pressure at all. He could tell that Dan was incredibly talented, but he was as well. Even if Dan was a chosen disciple from the Azure Clan, he was not one of the top ones.

He might be from an eighth-grade clan, but he was the top-chosen disciple of the Flying Cloud Clan. In Viktor’s eyes, he was comparable to Dan.

Attribute gambles were uncertain, and he was very confident in himself. He never thought he would lose!

Viktor narrowed his eyes, looking right at Dan, “You have power, so what? Do you think you can scare me away like that? Do you think that anyone not from the Golden Continent is a coward? Did you really think we’d run away from some little tricks?”

Dan frowned as anger flashed in his eyes.

A surge of killing intent leaked out from his body. Dan had just disliked Viktor initially, but he was intent on killing Viktor after that. Since this kid was not willing to accept his kindness, he would not hold back.


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