No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3231 – 3240

Chapter 3231

At that moment, a loud sound suddenly came from the east that caught their attention.

A man in gray robes looked incredibly furious as he looked at a warrior from the golden continent about six meters away from him.

“What are you acting so arrogantly? Don’t think that you can act like you’re better just because you’re from the Golden Continent. You might be from a second-grade world, but that doesn’t mean everyone is strong. There are the strong and the weak in every world!”

“You have strong warriors in your world, but does that mean Chaos Continent doesn’t? Are Chaos Continent’s warriors not allowed to bet against the warriors from the Golden Continent?”

When the warrior from the Golden Continent heard that, he held his head high as he looked down on the other man. “Of course you can, but that depends on who’s issuing the bet…”

“My fellow disciple is a chosen disciple, and he’s not someone warriors from the Chaos Continent can challenge. What are you making a fuss about? Know your place!”

The warrior from the Chaos Continent started to breathe erratically, and even his eyes reddened. “So what if you’re a chosen disciple? That would depend on what clan you’re a chosen disciple of. You look so weak that there’s no way your senior is much stronger. Furthermore, an attribute battle is focused on control over your attribute. Even if your senior is strong, it doesn’t mean he can win the attribute battle!”

That warrior from the Golden Continent narrowed his eyes angrily and snarled, “You insulted me and my clan?! Very well! I’ll remember you! just you wait!”

The warrior from the Chaos Continent snorted.

“I’ll wait, then!” he growled.

The warriors around that person immediately knew that the person was getting hot-headed and pulled at his sleeve, whispering something into his ears.

That person’s expression immediately darkened, but he was still indignant. Nonetheless, he no longer resumed his argument with the warrior from the Golden Continent.

The argument attracted a lot of looks, and it caused the unfriendly atmosphere to get even tenser.

The warriors from the Golden Continent looked down on the warriors from the third-grade worlds even more, and the warriors from thirdgrade worlds hated the warriors from the Golden Continent a lot more.

Rudy sighed. “The warriors of the Chaos Continent should’ve been the strongest among us, but they weren’t as arrogant. When the warriors of the Golden Continent appeared, they instantly acted like they’re different. They don’t have any grace at all.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and sneered, “The more they lack, the more they want to show off. The Golden Continent might be a second-grade world, but they’re at the bottom of that category. They’re definitely looked down on by warriors from other second-grade worlds…”

“Normally, worlds of different grades wouldn’t interact with each other. Since Chaos Continent was in the upper levels of the third-grade worlds, they were rarely looked down on. When they meet worlds that are weaker than theirs, they won’t need to show off that much, but the Golden Continent is different.”

Hearing that, Rudy immediately understood.

He laughed and said, “So that’s how it is. They’re looked down on when they’re among second-grade worlds, so they try to show off in front of us, making it look like they’re better… Disgusting!”

Chapter 3232

At this point, Rudy loathed the very thought of the Golden Continent warriors.

However, Rudy suddenly thought of something amid their conversation. He thus turned and looked at Jackie in confusion, “That warrior from Chaos Continent said that attribute attacks aren’t pure attacks. Even if you’re strong, your attribute attack might not be.”

Jackie nodded and explained, “That is the case, yes. That’s because your actual strength is determined by the technique you mastered and the control of your technique, but a highgrade technique doesn’t mean it uses a lot of your attributes.”

Rudy could understand only about half of that.

He frowned and asked, “So you’re saying that even if the level of the technique is high, it doesn’t mean that the technique uses a lot of a given attribute. Some techniques are lower in rank but use a lot more attributes. The warriors that use those techniques might even be able to release attribute attacks that are stronger than higher-grade techniques.”

Jackie nodded; that was exactly what he meant.

Attribute gambles could incite a gambler’s heart even more due to how unpredictable they were.

Some people were incredibly strong in actual combat, but since their techniques did not use a lot of attributes, they might end up losing to others inferior to them.

The other gambles more or less put the onus on a person’s true skills, but an attribute gamble was different.

Rudy said somewhat excitedly, “Then, I can try too, right?”

Jackie did not want to burst Rudy’s excitement, but reality was cruel.

Jackie said helplessly, “Even though there’s some uncertainty, high-grade techniques usually use a lot of attributes. After all, more of the element would usually cause the technique to be even stronger.”

Rudy’s excitement was dampened in an instant. “So… It’s still a game for the strong in the end. It’s just that the uncertainty exists between the strong, right?”

This time, Rudy’s understanding was spot on.

Jackie nodded and said, “You’re right, the uncertainty exists between the strong. If two people face off, their skills need to be similar for the weaker one to have a chance.”

Rudy sighed helplessly, not knowing what to say. All he could do was lament the fact that the world belonged to the strong. The weaklings were better off not participating.

Jackie patted Rudy’s shoulder. “Alright, don’t think about it anymore. Let’s go to the eastern area to understand the situation first.”

Rudy followed after Jackie, arriving at the eastern area where most of the warriors were gathered.

The center was taken up by the warriors from the Golden Continent while the other areas were a mix of the three worlds. With the Golden Continent around, the warriors from the other three worlds became much friendlier with each other as though in unity. After all, the Golden Continent belittled them all.

The two of them had just stopped when they saw another argument flare up.

Chapter 3233

Logan Reaves was pulling back Justin Miller’s arm.

“Justin, you’re crazy! No matter how amazing a White Phoenix Fruit is, it depends on who you’re up against. You can’t face Gale Hughes!”

Justin frowned as a glint of unhappiness flashed in his eyes. “If it was a matter of actual skill, I’d rethink things, but an attribute gamble is a battle over our mastery of attributes. How would you know I’m any weaker than him?”

“Gale might be from the Azure Clan of the Golden Continent, but he’s not a chosen disciple. He’s just an inner disciple.”

Hearing that, Logan’s face stiffened in exasperation as he let go of his hold on Justin. “So what if he’s an inner disciple? Don’t forget that the Azure Clan is a holy-grade clan. That means they’re even stronger than ninth-grade clans! Our clan, the Green Cliff Clan, is only an eighth-grade clan, we can’t compare to them at all! Their inner disciples are completely different from ours!”

Logan was very sincere with his advice, and his words were very reasonable.

Justin finally listened, but he refused to let the White Phoenix Fruit go.

He pursed his lips and said, “But… I really need a White Phoenix Fruit. If I win, the fruit will be mine…”

Logan scoffed, “What if you lose?”

He waved four fingers in front of Justin. “It’s four million spirit crystals, that’s not a small number! You probably only have five million in your storage space, so if you lose, you’ll be throwing away most of your fortune. That’s the fruit of your many years of labor! Are you willing to do that?”

These words were akin to a bucket of cold water on Justin.

He had a bitter look on his face as he sighed. “You’re right… The price of losing is too hefty. I can’t bear it…”

Rudy silently looked at Justin and Logan and suddenly realized that he was several times richer than a disciple from an eighth-grade clan. With that thought in mind, he could not help but lament that the gambles were involving larger and larger numbers.

The minimum bet for the attribute gamble was three million spirit crystals while the highest was four million. He had looked around earlier, and almost 90 percent of the warriors there were putting four million at stake.

That meant that the bet-takers would need to fork out four million as well, which was no small amount. Most of the people present needed to consider if they could really win before taking up that sum.

Rudy looked at Jackie and whispered, “No wonder you said you wanted to make some spirit crystals here. You can bet four million in one go, and you can participate in three attribute gambles in one day. If you win all three of them, you’d be able to make twelve million, even forgetting about those valuable treasures.”


Justin sighed, “Are we supposed to just watch as the chance slips away? I feel like I’m stuck here. There’s a good chance I’ll be able to break through it if I have the White Phoenix Fruit…”

Logan said in exasperation, “I know the White Phoenix Fruit contains the power of fire and wind which can let you go even higher, but your chances of winning aren’t great. As a matter of fact, you stand a big chance of losing. If you lose, you’d lose more than half your fortune!”

Justin nodded miserably, having accepted his fate rationally.

“You’re right, but I’m just reluctant. A White Phoenix Fruit is worth eight million. If I want to buy one, I’ll still need to save up for a long time, and it will be my whole fortune after I buy it.”

Logan sighed, understanding why Justin was so impulsive earlier. If it had been himself, he would not have been able to remain calm either. After all, the allure was too great.

Chapter 3234

At that moment, an unfriendly voice was suddenly heard by them.

A warrior from the Golden Continent suddenly walked over and looked at Justin. “You kept on staring at Gale just now. Are you thinking about wagering against him?”

There was a bit of a distance between the few of them and the center, but the warrior from the Golden Continent walked right over to them. His dislike for them was evident as he looked at them.

Looking at the scene, Jackie was speechless. it was just a few looks, and it was not like Justin was going to wager against Gale, yet this person decided to assert himself!

Rudy pursed his lips in disdain as he whispered to Jackie, “Does he have that much free time?”

Jackie felt that way as well. it was indeed exasperating.

“I am Lorien Miles, an inner disciple of the Azure Clan. The one who you were staring at is my senior, Gale.”

“Don’t look at me so incredulously; you should be flattered that I’m even talking to you. I just walked over because I can’t stand it anymore!” sneered Lorien, his eyes narrowed.

Jackie was even more speechless when he heard that.

It was obvious how absurd the warriors of the Golden Continent were with their behavior.

Normally, disciples from high-grade clans would keep to themselves, and unless they were challenged, they would not look for trouble. After all, stirring the pot like that was usually something for lowly gangsters. However, the warriors of the Golden Continent did not seem to care. As long as they did not like someone, they would walk over for ‘small talk’.

Jackie’s lips twitched.

It seemed all of them had something wrong with their heads. They had probably been bullied too much in the past and were looking for the chance to do the same.

They would naturally not let up any chances and would create chances at a whim. Justin’s expression soured at this exasperating confrontation. He did not expect that someone would want to cause trouble just because of a few words he had exchanged with his fellow disciple.

Justin took a deep breath and said patiently, “I did think about taking up the bet, but so what? He’s the bet-setter. There’s no rule to say who can’t take his bets.”

Logan was always mild-tempered. As long as the other person did not cross the line, he would rarely be involved with any conflicts. However, facing Lorien, he seemed to have lost that composure. He was never someone who looked for trouble, but he would not back down if someone else came looking.

Logan said with a low voice, “Don’t cross the line here. We didn’t do anything, and you’re trying to look for trouble. What do you want?”

Lorien did not expect that the other side would not be afraid of him at all. He felt like he was not being shown any respect, which caused him to become furious.

He snorted and narrowed his eyes. “Well, well… You’re not accepting my kindness, I see! Don’t think I don’t know about it. I’ve already had my eyes on you two. You held him back, but he said a load of crap. Even though I didn’t hear it, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what he said!”

“Weren’t you saying that you were equal to Gale? Gale’s just an inner disciple from the Azure Clan, but you’re a chosen disciple! it’s because you had such a hilarious thought that you thought you could face my senior!”

Justin was absolutely furious.

This man was becoming even more outrageous by the minute!

Even if he did think so, what of it?

It was absurd to want to pick on others’ thoughts. Not only that, but he was also purely looking for trouble when there was none!

Chapter 3235

“Don’t push your luck!” shouted Justin.

“So, what if you’re from a holy-grade clan and a different world? This is the Whirling World, if you haven’t noticed already. You can’t do anything in the inner city no matter who you are!”

Lorien felt like he had been insulted by a low-class person, and his anger soared, “Push my luck, you say? I should be telling you that! I came here to warn you and everyone else as well: don’t push your stupid thoughts on our world!”

“Even if Gale is an inner disciple, he’s not someone weaklings like you can challenge. Even if the attribute battle is a bit special, you still don’t stand a chance! ”

As he said that, Lorien deliberately raised his voice so most of the warriors gathered there could hear him.

Rudy’s eyes widened. “This guy is too much…”

The warriors around them could no longer remain calm at that. Lorien had truly crossed the line with blunt words slapping at the faces of all the warriors from the three other worlds. Even if he was from the Golden Continent, a secondgrade world, he had no right to be so arrogant.

It was no longer just sheer arrogance; it was like he was humiliating everyone.

Jackie finally understood why that warrior in the inn had been so angry that he could not contain himself.

The warriors from the Golden Continent really were absurd. They made everyone want to slap them on the spot.

The warriors around them could no longer stand it.

A warrior from the Chaos Continent said loudly, “Why are you running your mouth like that? So what if you’re an inner disciple? If you’re that strong, why aren’t you taking part in the attribute gamble? Who do you think you are, even restricting others from taking part?!”

“That’s right! The Golden Continent is too much. Even if you’re from a higher-grade world, you’re just at the bottom of second-grade worlds. Why are you acting like you’re all larger than life?”

Those words instigated all of the warriors from the Golden Continent, and they exploded as well. There was only one person talking, but almost every warrior from the Golden Continent started to speak at that moment.

“What do you understand? You’re just trash from third-grade worlds. You should be honored that you’re even standing next to us! You don’t have the right to, anyway!”

“Why don’t you talk to us when you’re from a second-grade world?! How dare you insult the Golden Continent? Look at yourselves in the mirror first!”

“A bunch of third-class trash. You’re all so ignorant in our eyes. How dare you try to judge us. What a joke. You say we’re arrogant, but that’s because we have the right to be. Why aren’t you showing off? That’s because you’re not skilled enough to do it. Just stand there and be good!”

The eastern area suddenly turned incredibly noisy as fights burst out everywhere.

If it were not for the rules, the fights would probably have turned into a war between worlds.

Jackie sighed, reaching up to rub his sore ears. He could not stand all the noise.

Rudy clenched his teeth in anger as well. He started to argue with the warriors of the Golden Continent as well. He was so riled up that he no longer minded his words and even cursed their ancestors.

Lorien was right in front of Justin and not far away from Rudy as well, so Lorien heard everything Rudy said.

“What did you say?!” he snarled. “You dared to curse my seniors?! Very well! You’re dead meat!”

Rudy was not afraid and instead said, “You want to fight me? Well, let’s see if you have the skills. Even Gale doesn’t have the right to, let alone you!”

Lorien laughed. “Who do you think you are? Don’t think I can’t tell that the energy in your body isn’t stable. it’s obvious that you’re just trash. I don’t know how you got into the inner city, but don’t think that we can’t tell what you are just because you know how to talk!”

Chapter 3236

Rudy’s lips stiffened, unable to respond to that.

Lorien’s eyes were sharp as he could immediately tell that Rudy’s skills were not up to par.

Rudy had been greatly pushed back by that, but his heart was still angry. As his anger grew, he felt like he was going to get a heart attack anytime.

Facts hurt the most. Even if he knew that Lorien’s words were over the line, there was no way he could respond to the truth. He stomped his feet angrily, and the noise around him got louder and louder, but he could still say nothing.

Lorien was amused looking at him stomping his feet angrily.

Lorien smiled snidely and said, “How dare trash like you talk so much in front of me? You must really not know your place. You act like we’re equals, but you’re just a rock by the side of the road, not even qualified to die under my feet!”

“If it weren’t for the rules, you’d already be dead. However, you shouldn’t be too pleased with yourself. There are a lot of fun places in the inner city. I have all the time in the world to torture you. I have already memorized you, and I’ll have people constantly looking out for you. As long as we get the chance, you’ll be buried alive.”

Rudy’s lips twitched, and his expression stiffened.

He had been threatened again. If he was a little insignificant guy with no one to rely on, then he would start living like a street rat from then on. He would be forced to be incredibly careful every day and probably find a place to hide, no longer appearing in public. Yet, he was not. However, he did not want to continue arguing with Lorien.

After being threatened, Rudy slowly calmed down. He knew that he had been impulsive just now. They already made so many enemies, his conflict with Lorien would just be adding to Jackie’s troubles.

Thinking of that, he turned to look at Jackie with regret. Jackie happened to turn his head as well.

When the two of them exchanged a look, Rudy felt even more guilty. He pursed his lips and sent an apologetic smile.

Looking at him, Jackie knew that Rudy had finally calmed down. Moments ago, Rudy was ready to fight against anyone.

Jackie sighed, whispering, “What’s the point of regretting it? I already know what happened. If you regret it, then you should know what to do in the future. Regret is pointless…”

Rudy’s expression stiffened, not knowing what to say out of his guilt.

He suddenly remembered all the trouble he had caused Jackie due to his impulsiveness. However, he could not stop himself, especially when facing injustice. He would explode just like cold water in boiling oil.

Rudy said apologetically, “I’ll be careful in the future, it won’t happen again, Jackie…”

However, he was stopped by Jackie’s hand before he could finish, “It’s fine, there’s no need to apologize. Honestly, even if you weren’t impulsive, things would have still happened anyway.”

Rudy did not understand what Jackie meant by that and looked at him in confusion. However, Jackie did not plan on explaining anything to Rudy. He merely looked right at Lorien.

When Lorien saw that Rudy no longer dared to speak, he was very pleased with himself.

He held his head high as he looked at everyone arrogantly, “Gale might be an inner disciple, but he’s already mastered his upper earth rank technique to the second stage. He’s only a sliver away from perfecting it!”

“He’ll be able to make a breakthrough before too long! What about all of you? You’re all just trash. You might never even be able to learn a technique of that level your whole life!”

The moment that was said, the surroundings became quiet.

The arguments started to die down. Facts were the most convincing thing. Gale was an inner disciple, but his skills were already at the level of the chosen disciples of the best eighth-grade clans of their world.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. it was more or less as he expected.

Chris had been a chosen disciple of the Purple Cloud Pavilion and was among the top three at that. His skills were more or less at Gale’s level.

Chapter 3237

Gale was just an inner disciple of the Azure Clan. The difference between the two sides was obvious. The reality was more convincing than anything.

However, a warrior from the Chaos Continent loudly shot back, “So what? Chaos Continent is filled with warriors of upper-earth rank techniques. Even Hestia Continent has them, let alone us. You do have a lot of masters, but third-grade worlds have a lot too. If you say that we are all trash, then what are you?!”

“That’s right! You speak as if no one else can do it. Upper-earth rank techniques are nothing. Among the chosen disciples from ninth-grade clans in the Chaos continent, there are even those who know lower ultimate god-rank techniques! It’s just that they aren’t here today. Don’t talk as if masters only exist in the Golden Continent, okay?!”

“That’s right! Your world might be a second-grade world that’s a level higher than ours, but that’s just one level! The Golden Continent is far worse compared to other continents. You only know how to act like heroes in front of us!”

Those words were like an explosion that destroyed the earlier quietness.

The warriors of the Golden Continent hated being compared with other second-grade worlds!

All of them started to look ready for battle.

“You’re all just trash from third-grade worlds who only know how to talk up a big show. Can you look at yourselves before you speak?! You put up an act like that, so go challenge Gale if you have the skills! You don’t even dare to. Even if you do, you’ll just lose!”

“That’s right! The ones who are the loudest shouldn’t just focus on bragging. If you have the skills, then go take up Gale’s bet!”

The third-grade world warriors quieted down quite a bit again.

To challenge Gale, they would first need to be at his skill level. Most of the people present were not at that level. Those with the skills to challenge Gale were calmer, having their own considerations. After all, they could only issue three challenges a day.

If they stood up to challenge Gale, the pressure would be multiplied. They could not afford to lose, but attribute gambles were too uncertain. It was not true skill at stake. The others knew that very well, so no one stood up to accept the challenge.

When Lorien saw that there was no response, he started to laugh out loud. It was an incredibly exaggerated laugh that caused Rudy to be infuriated just looking at him.

Justin and Logan were incredibly angered as well. The warriors from Golden Continent were far too arrogant, but they could do nothing about it.

Lorien was very close to Rudy and happened to notice Rudy’s hateful expression.

He suddenly stopped his laughing as he narrowed his eyes, walking toward Rudy, “What? Are you not happy? If you’re not happy, then challenge him! If you don’t have the skills, then suffer in silence!”

Chapter 3238

Rudy almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Lorien with his teeth clenched, and his veins popped from the anger.

Jackie sighed helplessly, grabbing Rudy’s arm to stop Rudy from getting punished by the laws.

Jackie could tell that Lorien was deliberately provoking Rudy. The more unhappy Rudy seemed about the situation, the more arrogantly he would act in front of Rudy.

He wanted to thoroughly infuriate Rudy so Rudy would lose control of himself and launch an attack. That way, Rudy would immediately be punished by the laws of the Whirling World.

Jackie was incredibly calm at that moment. If that continued, Rudy really would not be able to handle it.

A White Phoenix Fruit was something amazing. It was worth quite a lot of spirit crystals.

He hated the noise around him, so he looked toward Gale in the west direction. He started to walk firmly toward the area until Jackie was right in front of Gale.

The warriors in the eastern area went completely silent. Both of Gale’s eyes opened to look at Jackie coldly.

Jackie said calmly, “I will challenge you as a bet-taker. I hope you won’t waste time talking, because I’m very short on time.”

Gale clearly heard those words, causing Gale to raise an eyebrow.

A flash of rage shone in his eyes. Even though his eyes had been closed, he still heard the arguments from the eastern area. He knew why they had been fighting, and the contents of the arguments.

He had thought that no one would dare to step up to challenge him. Even if there was anyone, it would be someone from the Golden Continent. He never expected that there would be an idiot willing to challenge him.

Gale narrowed his eyes, and his tone was incredibly cold, “What’s your name? Which continent are you from?”

Jackie calmly answered, “ Jackie, from Hestia Continent.”

When he heard Jackie’s origins, Gale started to laugh. However, his laugh did not reach his eyes. Gale’s eyes got even colder.

A piece of trash from Hestia Continent had actually dared to challenge him.

How bold!

He would not allow his honor to be challenged. Jackie challenging him was like a stomp on his dignity. Gale frowned as killing intent flashed in his eyes. He recalled what Jackie had just said, and the killing intent deepened.

That kid actually asked him not to waste any time. How arrogant. If it was not for the rules, he would have attacked Jackie right away.

Gale narrowed his eyes, slowly standing up from the mat. There was an aura of strength around his body.

He wanted to push Jackie back, but Jackie was not affected at all. Jackie’s expression remained calm. All of his actions and words were clearly seen by the man.

The western side was still quiet, but the eastern side had exploded.

Everyone was looking at Jackie strangely. He was just from Hestia Continent, so they felt like he was overestimating himself.

Who did he think he was?

Lorien was stunned. His lips twitched speechlessly. He turned to look at Rudy and saw that Rudy was incredibly excited. Lorien felt even more strange looking at Rudy.

Jackie had stood next to Rudy earlier, and the two of them had whispered to each other for a long time. It was obvious that they were close. Rudy was already a crazy braggart, but he did not expect Jackie to be crazier.

Rudy had just been bragging, but Jackie had gone and challenged Gale. That took a lot of guts.

Could four million spirit crystals be worth nothing to him?

Maybe he did so because he thought he would be able to earn the praises of the warriors from the third-grade worlds.

Chapter 3239

Lorien felt like it was hilarious, he looked at Rudy and said, “You’re just second-class trash that only knows how to brag, and he’s just an idiot who doesn’t think before he acts. No wonder you’re friends, you both are an amazing pairing!”

After he said that, the warriors from Golden Continent all laughed uproariously. They felt like Jackie’s actions were just crazy. They looked at Jackie like they were looking at an idiot.

Hearing all of that, Rudy was not angry at all. He was already used to words like that.

Every time, Jackie would use his abilities to shut those people up.

Rudy laughed coldly before saying, “Don’t speak too earlier. In a while, you’ll know who’s the second-class and who’s the idiot!”

Lorien scoffed as his lips twitched, not knowing what to say.

Rudy did not seem to care about what others were saying and merely looked at Jackie with anticipation. He had been waiting for Jackie to do something the whole time.

Winning everyone else’s praise was secondary to winning the spirit crystals and the White Phoenix Fruit.

Justin had even clearly stated the value of the White Phoenix Fruit. Jackie would be able to get at least seven or eight million after he sold it. It was no small number.

He could feel that Jackie was in desperate need of spirit crystals, so there was no way Jackie would give up such a chance! Jackie’s actions rendered those from the other third-grade worlds speechless especially when they heard that Jackie was from Hestia Continent.

They felt like Jackie was only going to embarrass them.

Anyone who stepped up at that moment should at least be a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan from White Marsh Continent or Chaos Continent, otherwise, the match would have no meaning. The results were obvious. Even if attribute gambles had some uncertainty, that still depended on both sides being equal in skill!

Most of the warriors of the inner city did not know who Jackie was. After all, Jackie had only gotten a name for himself in the inner city.

Those from White Marsh Continent and Chaos Continent started to ask the warriors from Hestia Continent what clan Jackie was from, but they ended up with just a shake of the head. Even warriors from Hestia Continent wanted to know who that person who appeared out of nowhere was.

When they found no answer even after asking around, they determined that Jackie should be a wandering warrior.

That answer caused them to be even more exasperated.

They said that wandering warriors should just keep quiet and know their place, and they wondered why Jackie had to stand out at that moment.

Did Jackie think they would praise him?

A warrior from Chaos Continent said with exasperation, “This guy must be obsessed with showing off, but the more he acts like that, the more the opposite would happen. If he loses, he’d just embarrass all of us with him! I really want to call him back and ask him not to try to show off at a time like this, but I’m worried that he won’t listen! Then we’ d be laughed at by Golden Continent even more!”

“That’s right. it’s so frustrating. Is there something wrong with his brain? Was he kicked by a donkey or something? I wonder if he knows what he’s doing. If he knows that he’ll only embarrass himself by losing.”

“If he knew, he wouldn’t be doing this. A wandering warrior could never win. He’s just fooling himself!”

Chapter 3240

Compared to Gale, the other warriors from Golden Continent were not that angry.

They merely felt like something must be wrong with Jackie’s head. Otherwise, there was no way Jackie would do something like that!

A warrior from the Golden Continent laughed and said, “This person must be trying to make a name for himself by doing this, but he’s only going to embarrass himself. Just look at the expressions on those country bumpkins’ faces.”

“This is so hilarious. All of them are so embarrassed right now. They want to pull him back, but this guy looks like a complete idiot that wouldn’t care about what others say. He wants to become a hero like this, how funny! This is great, though, Gale will get four million spirit crystals for free!”

“That’s right. He’s just a mindless idiot. Just listen to what he said just now. He dared to tell Gale to shut up with such a commanding tone, and to not waste his time! I almost laughed when I heard that. Who does he think he is? Does he think he’s some fantastic hero?”

“He even said that Gale was wasting his time. I wonder what’s going on in his mind for him to say that. It’s no longer just a joke, this guy must be crippled in the head!”

“It would be praise calling him a cripple…”

Various insults were constantly being thrown around.

Rudy was able to take it initially, but his anger started to build. He was starting to lose his temper.

These people were really crossing the line with what they said.

He frowned and suddenly said, “What do all of you know?! it’s one thing that you’re ignorant, but you’re just throwing your judgment everywhere. Remember what you’re saying right now! Don’t slap yourself in the face later!”

Rudy’s words did nothing to stop the discussions and only made everyone else think that he was an idiot too.

The warriors from the third-grade worlds wanted nothing more than for someone to cover up Rudy’s face so he would stop saying such embarrassing things.

The warriors from the Golden Continent were all laughing.

One of them said in between laughs, “No wonder you have such a good relationship with him. Indeed, birds of the same feather flock together. Both of you are the same!”

“There’s probably something wrong with your head. You even asked us to remember what we said. We’ll listen to you then. We’ll remember everything we said, but what would that do? Do you think that would change the results?”

“Do you think that, if we remember what we said, then Jackie would be able to beat Gale? Don’t joke around so much! Both of you are absolute treasures. Did you come here to make us happy today?”

The eastern side was a complete mess, but the western side was so quiet that one could hear others breathing.

At that moment, the warriors of the western side all had their eyes opened as they stared at Jackie with a look of mockery. Gale felt like he had been challenged. That kid was challenging him and making a joke out of him!

Gale narrowed his eyes as he said in a cold tone, “Brat! Do you know what will happen if you offend me?”

Jackie took a deep breath. He was already used to hearing that. Many people had asked him if he knew what offending them meant.

What ended up happening to those who asked him that question?

Jackie saw everything clearly. Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but let out a laugh.

He had a relaxed look on his face as he replied, “Of course, I know! You act like you didn’t hear what I said. Let me repeat myself, I’m short on time. Once I gamble against you, I still have others to go against. Please don’t waste my time.”


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