No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3221 – 3230

Chapter 3221

After circling him three times, Jackie could no longer stand it and grabbed Rudy’s shoulder, “What are you being so excited for? I don’t think it was that hard to guess…”

“If I was only using a lower ultimate god rank technique, I would not have won so easily against the two of them. Only upper ultimate god rank techniques would be able to be so powerful.”

Rudy took a deep breath.

His eyes were still full of shock. At that moment, he felt like his brain had turned to mush. He frantically tried to compose his thoughts, but the thoughts constantly swam around his mind.

After a long time, he said, “That’s how it is! So you told David the truth back then. That’s why David was so shocked and agitated!”

Jackie nodded.

Rudy took a deep breath as he slowly composed himself. He slowly accepted the truth.

He looked up and looked at Jackie seriously, “It’s never crossed my mind that I would ever know a warrior who can use an upper ultimate god rank technique! I’ve never thought that a master like that would ever appear in front of me. I thought it’s something I would never touch, I can’t believe…”

Saying that his voice started to shake again.

Jackie smiled helplessly, feeling like Rudy was being too emotional.

He tugged at Rudy’s shoulder, “That’s nothing. There are so many special things in the world. Even though I’m using an upper ultimate god rank technique, I wouldn’t be considered all that talented in a first grade world…”

Rudy’s lips twitched when he heard that.

He said in exasperation, “It’s so frustrating comparing with others. If the other masters heard that, I don’t know how many of them would be immensely jealous of you. All of them are struggling to climb up their own respective worlds, but you’re already comparing yourself to first grade worlds.”

Jackie laughed and said nothing. He did not offer up an explanation. After all, if he went any further, it would end up bringing up a lot of his secrets. Even though Jackie was willing to share some of his secrets with Rudy, it did not mean that Jackie had no reservations about him.

Jackie had never thought of stopping in a third grade world. He had always targeted first grade worlds. The Divine Void World was his greatest secret and his only goal. Back then, a lot had happened in the Divine Void World. All of his achievements were thanks to the Divine Void World.

Since he had promised the head of the Divine Void Clan, then he would definitely see it done!

At that moment, Rudy might not be as excited as before, but he was still shocked.

He frowned and said, “However, an ultimate god realm technique is hard to learn. It’s incredibly difficult to understand. Even divine solidifying realm experts were not assured of being able to learn them, so how did you? I’m not doubting your talent, I‘m just finding it hard to fathom!”

Jackie nodded. He would have felt mocked if anyone else said it, but if it was Rudy, then it was obviously pure curiosity.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked into the distance, “That’s one of my secrets. You’ll find out in the future. ”

Rudy nodded, not pursuing the matter. He was already much more obedient than before. Since Jackie did not want to speak of it, he would not ask. However, another question surfaced at that moment.

He suddenly looked up and asked Jackie, “Since you’ve already mastered an upper ultimate god rank technique, then you must be planning on learning something even better if you’re saying you want to go up a level!”

Jackie nodded calmly.

When Rudy saw Jackie nodding, his lips started to twitch again. He did not know what to say at that point. All those thoughts from before surfaced in his head.

He was shocked, and he started to fumble again.

After a long time, he finally said again, “I don’t even know what level is after the ultimate god rank. Compared to you, I feel like a joke.”

Chapter 3222

Jackie turned around and looked at Rudy meaningfully.

He felt like Rudy had been dealt some heavy blows. He never planned on doing all of that to Rudy, but it was all the truth.

He looked at Rudy earnestly, “Don’t worry, it’s not just you. There are plenty of people who don’t know what comes after the ultimate god rank. You’ve never been someone focused on walking the path of a warrior. Your talents lie in alchemy. ”

Jackie’s consolation proved useful.

Rudy nodded, “You’re right, I’ve never chosen this pass. Then why don’t you teach me right now? I really want to know what rank lies above it…”

Jackie said honestly, “Above the ultimate god rank is the storm god rank. The storm god rank isn’t split up into levels. There are no weak techniques in that rank.:

Rudy looked up and said, “The storm god rank… I feel like it’s so far away from me.”

After he said that, Rudy laughed in self mockery.

It was not just storm god rank techniques that were far away from him, even ultimate god rank techniques were far beyond his reach. Ever since he got to know Jackie, he noticed that he was demanding more and more of himself.

He should already have been considered quite exceptional if he managed to use an ultimate god rank technique.

Thinking about that, he shook his head.

He tossed those wild ideas aside before he looked at Jackie and said, “So you’re planning on learning a storm god rank technique?”

Jackie straightened his body and looked around.

The middle city was incredibly vast. Most of it was fairly deserted. Only a small area was filled with warriors. They were in one of the deserted areas.

Looking around, they were the only living beings around.

It should be very safe, but thinking about it, Jackie still shook his head, “Let’s go find somewhere to practice after we enter the inner city!”

Rudy raised his eyebrow in surprise. He looked around in alarm, but could not see anything other than the two of them.

Rudy said curiously, “It’s quite safe here, but you don’t seem to think so?”

Jackie took a deep breath, “It looks safe, but it doesn’t mean it actually is safe. After exiting the slaughter gambit, I keep on feeling like we’ve been followed by quite a few people. My performance had been too eye-catching. It’s caught quite a bit of attention…”

“Furthermore, I killed Chris and the others. The clans they’re from will definitely hate me. We’re surrounded by enemies at the moment, so it’s better to be safe. The inner city will be different…”

“There are various conditions someone needs to fulfill before they can enter the inner city. It’s not somewhere everyone can just enter. We’ll go in through a transfer array as well. As long as we’re careful enough and we move quickly, we can slip away from those eyes that are following us!”

After determining his plans, Jackie no longer hesitated to bring Rudy to the transfer array towards the inner city.

After obtaining the bronze badge, he had gotten the right to enter the inner city. Furthermore, the bronze badge allowed him to bring two others into the city with him.

The way to the transfer array was incredibly smooth. There were no sudden troublesome matters that popped up.

After a transfer of six hours, they arrived in the inner city. Six whole hours had been needed for the journey. It was a long distance transfer, and it was obvious how far they had gone.

Chapter 3223

In a small inn in the southwest corner of the inner city, Jackie and Rudy were enjoying some tea with great interest.

Rudy’s eyes were wide as he looked all over, observing everything in the place. He was filled with surprise and curiosity as if it was his first time in a city.

Jackie looked at him for a long time before laughing and said, “What are you looking at? What’s there to be so curious about?”

After hearing what he said, Rudy’s lips twitched in exasperation.

He lowered his voice as he leaned towards Jackie, “You’re asking me why I’m curious? How are you so calm? You don’t seem curious at all. It’s already strange enough that there’s an inn in the inner city, but the one manning the inn is actually a masked caretaker! Isn’t that to…”

Saying that Rudy was so surprised that he did not know what to say.

Jackie shook his head slightly, saying helplessly, “What’s there to be so surprised about? Every place has its own specialties. No matter what appears in the Whirling World, I wouldn’t be surprised. Since there are inns here, caretakers are naturally needed as well…”

”Those masked caretakers are basically the managers of the Whirling World anyway. They would appear anywhere if the place needed someone to man it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a betting area of a teahouse.”

Jackie’s words were reasonable, but Rudy still could not hold back his surprise. He sipped some more tea before he said, the inns here seem safe.

“You could use one of the rooms to practice a storm god rank technique.”

Jackie nodded. That was precisely what he was planning.

The inns had rules against private fights and barging into other rooms. With those two rooms, he would absolutely be safe if he wanted to practice a storm god rank technique.

The Whirling Worlds rules were not something that cared about your background. As long as you broke them, you would be struck by lightning and turn to ash. So there were no idiots who would decide to launch a sneak attack in the inns.

Rudy added some more tea for himself, lamenting, “It’s definitely safe, but it’s so expensive. just one night here costs a hundred thousand spirit crystals! Any ordinary wandering warrior would go broke after staying here for a few days?”

It was not a friendly price, but Jackie did not mind.

He had earned so much from the gambles anyway. He had tens of millions, so he could spend however he wanted to. Furthermore, Rudy was willing to share the expenses. After all, he had been completely useless the whole journey. If he even insisted that Jackie paid for this, he would feel too awful.

The two of them got a room in the inn.

They forked out a million right away, reserving a room for ten days. Jackie did not know how far he could get in ten days, but it would be fine as long as he showed some improvements.

As the two of them were walking up the stairs to the second floor, a quarrel was suddenly heard. The two of them looked over to see two men in deep gray robes arguing with each other.

The younger man on the left was grabbing the man on the right’s arm and saying, “Can you please calm down?! This isn’t the middle city!”

The older man said angrily, “I know this isn’t the middle city, but so what?! That guy is going too far. If I don’t teach him a lesson, he might act even more arrogantly the next time we see him! Can you stand it?”

Chapter 3224

The younger man sighed helplessly, not letting go of the older man, “Of course I wouldn’t be able to stand it! Since they will continue causing us trouble, it means that we definitely can’t fight them head on…”

“Can’t we just avoid them? The inner city was so large. As long as we don’t bump into them, we won’t be troubled! We don’t have that big of a grudge against them, it’ll be fine as long as we avoid any trouble!”

Hearing that, the older warrior absolutely reddened in anger. He looked like he had been gravely insulted. He reached out and pushed to hand that was grabbing his arm away.

“Just listen to what you’re saying! Do you not know shame?! Do you not have any shred of pride?! Does being from the Golden Continent mean that you’re spared from anything you do? The Golden Continent is a second grade world, but there are so many clans there…”

“They‘re just a little stronger than Chaos Continent. If an eighth-grade clan from the Chaos Continent was in the Golden Continent, they would be considered a seventh or sixth grade clan. It’s not that much different! He’s just some small fry from an unknown clan. If he was in the Chaos Continent, he would be nothing. How could I stand it?!”

Hearing that, the younger man was even more anxious.

He grabbed the older man’s arm again, and he practically shouted, “Who told you he was a small fry?! He’s an inner disciple of the Azure Clan!”

When that was said, the younger disciple looked incredibly sour. His lips twitched slightly, feeling like he was about to spit out blood from the anger.

After the older man heard that, he suddenly stiffened. However, he quickly reverted to his earlier demeanor, shaking the younger man off again, “So what? We’re just supposed to get bullied like that?”

The younger man saw that his words were completely fruitless. The older man was not listening to him at all.

The younger man suddenly felt like he wanted to spit out blood.

“You’re just refusing to listen to me, aren’t you? The Azure Clan isn’t some small clan. They’re above average in the Golden Continent. If we face them head-on, we’d just be causing ourselves trouble. Can you please wake up?”

“It’s not the time to be stubborn. Things will be better if we just take a step back We’re not some mortal enemies anyway. If we just let it pass, then things will go away. After all, second grade worlds are separated from third grade worlds As long as we avoid them, there won’t be any trouble in the future. Why do you insist on loolo’ng for trouble?!”

The moment that was said, the older man looked like he had exploded. His face was completely red, looking like he had just been viciously slapped by the younger man.

The older man clenched his teeth, “What did you say?! I’m insisting on causing trouble?”

He pointed at his own nose and his eyes widened in anger, “They’re the ones who had clearly caused us trouble first! The rules of the gamble are obvious. As long as both sides agree, then it can happen! I want to wager against him because he has something I want!”

“If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have bothered with him. Just because I’m not from a ninth grade clan, he met me with a sneer. If you didn’t stop me, I would have fought him on the spot. Who cares about what clan he’s from? Is he allowed to do anything he wants just because of his standing?”

When the younger man heard that, his lips twitched slightly and his expression soured greatly. He took a deep breath, suppressing his urge to scold the older man.

He straightened his body and said, “How old are you now? In so many years, haven’t you experienced a lot? Why are you letting your emotions control you?! If he looks down on you, it’s just because he doesn’t know of you.”

Chapter 3225

“Just like you said, it’s purely because he looks down on your clan. So what? Isn’t that something normal when it comes to disciples of high grade clans? You’ve done this before as well. Are you the only one allowed to do it?”

“I told you to watch your temper before entering the inner city. After all, there are warriors from four worlds here! Even if the Golden Continent ranks low among second grade worlds, it’s still a second grade world. We can’t underestimate them!”

The younger man tried very hard to advise the older man, hoping that the older man would be able to accept his words.

The older man only thought of venting his frustrations. He could not stand what had happened. He felt like his dignity had been trampled on.

Jackie raised an eyebrow at the arguments below. His eyes had a curious glint in them. He had not expected there to be warriors from four worlds there. Even the warriors from Chaos Continent were not able to act like kings.

In the middle city, the warriors from Chaos Continent were stronger on average. That was because their world was the strongest one out of the three.

It was said that Chaos Continent was only a sliver away from becoming a second grade world. In just a few more centuries or millennia, they stood a good chance of being promoted. However, even with that possibility, they were still a third grade world. There was still a gap between them and the Golden Continent.

Rudy’s expression darkened when he heard the conversation below. He looked up at Jackie with some worry.

Jackie’s expression remained calm as if he did not really care about what was happening downstairs.

The two of them did not say much as they walked upstairs. When they got to their room, Rudy could not hold himself back from pulling Jackie to the table in the room, and sitting Jackie down before Rudy sat in front.

He held his words back, pouring some tea and putting a cup in front of Jackie before he took a deep breath and said, “Is the Golden Continent dangerous?”

It was a bit of a sudden question.

Jackie sipped some of the tea before he laughed and said, “Are you worried that I can’t beat the warriors from Golden Continent?”

Rudy’s lips stiffened, wanting to deny it. That was because it would look like he did not trust Jackie.

He thought about it for a while but still nodded. After being with Jackie for so long, he already saw Jackie as an elder brother. He did not want to hide these things.

When Jackie saw the node, he let out a laugh, “You don’t have to worry. Even though I don’t know how strong the warriors from Golden Continent are exactly, normal warriors are still no match for me…”

Rudy sighed before he gulped down his tea, pushing down his panic.

“I know that third grade worlds have never been your goal. Even second grade worlds are beneath you. You’ve always been looking at first grade worlds, but you still don’t know how strong the warriors of second grade worlds are. The unknown is dangerous…”

“You usually make a lot of enemies too. We should be careful. just like what that person below said, let’s not provoke them. We should just keep our distance!”

Chapter 3226

During that period, they had made a lot of enemies, whether intentionally or not. Even though they had been able to deal with it the whole time, Rudy was still a little afraid of the prodigies they knew nothing about.

Jackie took a sip of tea and said plainly, “Calm down. In the Whirling World, as long as we take precautions, we won’t find ourselves in any dangerous circumstances. However, if anyone provokes us, how can we not retaliate?”

Hearing those words, Rudy sighed helplessly. He knew that he would not be able to sway Jackie, but he really was worried.

The closer they got to the center of the Whirling World, the stronger their enemies would be. He could not imagine how strong the warriors in first-level cities would be.

Those chaotic thoughts surfaced in Rudy’s mind. While he was scared, he was incredibly worried as well!

Jackie sighed as he looked at Rudy, and gently placed the teacup on the table. “Don’t worry yourself for no reason before anything happens, there’s no point in that. You must be tired after the past few days, so go to sleep for now. Without permission, no one can come in here anyway. I’ll try mastering Soul Sky.”

Rudy nodded.

There was an order in things, and even though he was worried, he had to put them aside before anything transpired.

There was a bed and a couch in the room.

Jackie let Rudy rest on the bed while he used the couch.

The storm god rank technique, Soul Sky, was a soul-attribute technique. Even powerhouses of the divine solidifying realm were often crushed by storm god rank techniques as they were incredibly difficult to understand. just understanding the contents would usually take up a large amount of time, let alone getting it to a proficient level.

Those without enough talent would not even be able to understand the techniques, but these did not trouble Jackie at all. With the memories from the ancient warriors, Jackie did not need to try before he got a complete understanding of Soul Sky.

The situational bottlenecks that stopped others were nothing to Jackie at all. He only needed to do one thing, which was to slowly start training on the technique from the start.

For others, storm god rank techniques were like massive mountains that needed a lot of time to climb.

Some of the places did not even have a path for the warriors to climb on, requiring them to carve out a path for themselves. However, it was more akin to an empty bottle to Jackie. He only needed to constantly add water to the bottle for him to train in the technique.

Storm god rank techniques were also split into three stages, and each stage had its own name.

The first stage of Soul Sky was called the Broken Soul Blade. If Jackie wanted to use Soul Sky against his enemies, he would need to get Soul Sky to proficiency. Only by getting it to that level would he be able to eliminate people with it!

Jackie took a deep breath and took out the bounty he had accumulated in Mustard Seed. He took out the Purple Soul Fruit, the Green Phoenix Fruit, and the two soul gems, putting them all on the table. No matter if those treasures were useful or not, he would absorb them first.

Only by accumulating enough power could him condense a Divine Soul. With a Divine Soul, he would be able to use the Broken Soul Blade!

Time slowly ticked away, and they had been in the inner city for 10 days. While they had paid for their stay, the results Jackie received were very unsatisfactory.

In 10 days, he had only been able to absorb one soul gem and one Purple Soul Fruit, and he only had a tenth of a Divine Soul. This was not what he anticipated whatsoever!

He had thought that absorbing so many treasures would have at least allowed him to reach 60 percent, but it was a huge difference!

Rudy had already rested enough at that time and was drinking tea on the table.

When Jackie opened his eyes, Rudy let out a laugh as he said, “I’ve already paid for the fees and added ten more days. You still have one soul gem that you haven’t absorbed. Good luck…”

Chapter 3227

Jackie was spared from the trouble of settling the fees for their stay thanks to Rudy’s proactive self. Thus, he nodded and continued to absorb the soul gem.

Meanwhile, Rudy leisurely drank his tea as he thought of everything he had experienced during this time. Even though he experienced a lot, his actual skills had not increased by that much. He specialized in alchemy, but even that was nothing special.

He had learned quite a lot from Jackie, but his talents were ordinary. There was a gulf between him and Jackie, and though he improved, it was not by much at all, which made him doubt himself.

After five days, Jackie finally opened his eyes again. He had absorbed all the treasures and had even absorbed some valuable pills, but he only had one-fifth of a Divine Soul.

Jackie shook his head regretfully, but there was nothing he could do. He fretfully realized that the slower his absorption was, the more treasures it meant he would need in the future.

Thinking about that, Jackie sighed helplessly.

True, he had much wealth on him at the moment, and he genuinely believed that even though he was far from his goal, he had thought that things were looking up. Alas, it seemed like that was all just a pipe dream.

After all, he needed to improve his strength and to do that, he would need a lot of treasures to support him. He could get them through competitions, but those did not yield that much.

If Jackie wanted to form a Divine Soul, he would need a lot of treasures. The remainder of those would require Jackie to spend large amounts of spirit crystals to purchase. just thinking about it caused Jackie to hurt physically, lamenting that he might need to spend all of his spirit crystals to get treasures soon.

Jackie sighed. “Sure enough, spirit crystals are never enough for warriors…”

Rudy raised an eyebrow when he heard that, wanting to ask Jackie something, but Jackie had already gotten off the couch. “If we’re lacking spirit crystals, then I’ll have to make more. Thankfully, there’s somewhere that we can make spirit crystals nearby. I might even be able to get some good things there…”

Rudy raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jackie’s back curiously.

Jackie explained things to Rudy as he walked forward. “Do you still remember the argument we heard when we were going upstairs three days ago? That guy mentioned an attribute gamble.”

Rudy suddenly recalled it when Jackie mentioned it.

“What’s an attribute gamble? The name sounds so weird…”

Jackie laughed and said, “It’s actually not that strange, the name’s very straightforward. An attribute gamble just means you’re gambling on everyone’s attributes…”

“For instance, I’m a soul attribute warrior. When it comes to the soul attribute, control over it is many times stronger than other attributes. I’d be a soul attribute warrior. The attribute gamble is a competition over the control of various attributes.”

Rudy’s lips twitched at this. Even though Jackie had patiently explained it, he felt like he was still in the dark.

Jackie turned to look at Rudy and could immediately see that Rudy did not understand. He let out a laugh, not thinking anything of Rudy’s comprehension abilities.

The moment they entered the inner city, all the rules had flooded into his mind. Rudy had been following Jackie in, so he had not gotten all that knowledge.

Chapter 3228

Rudy frowned and thought about it for a while before saying, “So, can I understand it as purely using attributes to attack?”

Jackie nodded. “That’s basically it. Use the attribute you have the most control of to launch the purest attack.”

Rudy was still a little doubtful. ”I still can’t understand. How strong would a pure attribute attack be?”

Jackie patiently explained, “All techniques have their own attributes. While you train in those techniques, you’re also gaining an understanding of those attributes. The attribute gamble puts your control over those attributes to the test. If my control over the attribute is higher, my attack would beat a lower-level warrior, and I’d win. Can you understand it now?”

Rudy pursed his lips, feeling as though he had a slightly better grasp of the idea. He was just a bit puzzled at the details.

After thinking about it, Rudy shook his head. “Whatever. I should just watch before trying to understand it.”

Jackie smiled and agreed.

They were not far away from where the gamble was anyway. The two of them no longer wasted any time after they made the decision.

Jackie brought Rudy over to the Projne Area.

The Projne Area was to the east side of the inner city, and they encountered quite a few warriors that were heading there on the way.

Rudy could see the excitement and even fervency on their faces; such expressions were common in the middle city.

During the time, Rudy felt like their hearts were affected by all the gambling. He had thought that the warriors that entered the inner city were all incredibly strong and talented, so their hearts should be more firm, but it seemed he stood corrected.

Rudy frowned as he whispered, “I think everyone seems to be a bit crazy. They’re always immersed in the excitement.”

Jackie nodded, not surprised. “Isn’t that normal? No matter what kind of gamble it is, there’s always uncertainty and chances to turn the tide. Many people have made a lot of money from the gambles, while others have lost all their fortunes…”

“Ups and downs like these make it easy for someone to lose their rationality. Even warriors who are more resolute than others would get excited in such an atmosphere.”

Rudy nodded understandingly.

After about two hours, they finally arrived at the Projne Area which was split into three parts. The middle was the betting area, and a big row of Projne Sky Stones was present. Rudy counted a total of 33 of them.

On their way, Jackie explained the rules of the attribute gamble in detail.

Rudy looked at the row of Projne Sky Stones and excitedly repeated, “So both sides of the gamble just need to put their hands on both ends of the stone and use the attribute they mastered. The Projne Sky Stone will convert the attributes into an attack, and both sides will clash. The victor will be determined in a flash, right?”

Jackie nodded. “Not only do you need to circulate the attribute in your body, but you also need to inject it into the stone for the attack to materialize.”

Rudy nodded as he stared right at the 33 stones.

These stones were about the height of half a person, and all of them were colored like dust. On the stones were red-colored runes that covered the stones.

The center of the Projne Area had the stones, while the eastern side was called the eastern area where countless warriors were gathered.

The warriors that had walked with them earlier had all headed in that direction as well.

Chapter 3229

Rudy looked over and noted that the place was jam-packed with people. He estimated that there were at least 10000 people there.

He sighed, thinking that the inner city would have fewer people than the middle city since they were all elites. Alas, he stood corrected yet again. Compared to the eastern area, the western area had fewer people.

Rudy looked over and estimated that the western area only had about 1000 people there. It was 90 percent less than the western area.

The western area’s warriors were all seated on mats. They were not as noisy as the eastern area, and the clothes they wore made them seem otherworldly.

What separated them from the warriors in the eastern area was the fact that they all had a whiteboard in front of them, and a lot of words were written on them.

Rudy looked at the boards and said, “You still haven’t told me what’s the difference between the warriors in the east and in the west. What’s written on the boards?”

Jackie explained, “To put it simply, the warriors gathered in the east are mostly warriors who still haven’t figured out if they want to participate in the gamble, while the warriors in the west are those who are determined to participate. Since it’ s a gamble, they naturally need someone else to compete against. The board in front of them has the gamble they want and the treasures as well.”

Hearing that, Rudy blinked curiously. “You can even bet treasures?”

Jackie nodded, explaining in detail, “The attribute gamble isn’t completely like the ones we’ve seen before. The attribute gamble has two parts to it. One is on spirit crystals, while the other one is on treasures. Technique scrolls can be used, too…”

“As long as it’ s something valuable, it can be used as a bet. It also increases the challenge. Some people take out valuable treasures to stake so they can attract warriors who are interested to bet against them. If they win, they’ll be able to get the treasures and spirit crystals. Naturally, they’ll have to fork out the same spirit crystals if they lose.”

When Rudy heard that, he raised a hand to interrupt Jackie. “If you lose, you just need to pay with the same amount of spirit crystals, right?”

Jackie nodded and continued, “The attribute gamble is separated to the bet-setter and the bet-taker. The ones in the east are mostly bet-takers, and the ones in the west are mostly bet-setters. The ones who set the bets not only need spirit crystals but treasures as well. Meanwhile, the takers will only need to have spirit crystals.”

“That’s not very fair!” blurted Rudy.

Jackie laughed before he answered, “Just think about it, it’s not that unfair. The bet-setters aren’t idiots. If it wasn’t fair, then the western area would be empty. There are over a thousand people there because they all feel like it’s very fair. Do you know why?”

Hearing what Jackie said, Rudy was a little confused.

He could not understand, so he asked again, and Jackie did not begrudge him the answer.

“The reason’s very simple… It’s because the bet setters are all very confident in their skills. They agreed to the rules because they were worried that no one would bet against them. The bets are split into two parts, forcing the setters to produce treasures, because they need to attract people to take their bets.”

After all that was said, Rudy said with half-understanding, “So they’re allowing the setters to bait people into betting against them!”

Chapter 3230

Jackie nodded, letting out a laugh as he looked at the warriors gathered in the western area.

“The fish that take the bait isn’t even fish sometimes but a beast that can’t be swallowed. So, no one knows how things will end,” he spoke.

Rudy nodded. Only then did he have a rough understanding of the rules of the attribute gamble.

Rudy glanced at the warriors in the western area once more and noticed that most of them had dark gold patterns on their sleeves. Noticing that, he tugged at Jackie’s sleeve with surprise and pointed it out.

When Jackie saw those patterns, he immediately understood.

With a frown, he said, “They must be warriors from the Golden Continent.”

Rudy could not help but widen his eyes.

The two of them had talked about the Golden Continent. Even though they knew that there were warriors from that world in the inner city, Rudy thought that they would be very far away from him. He did not expect them to appear so quickly.

The warriors that were gathered in the western area from the Golden Continent were over 500. Most of them had their eyes shut and were resting, but even with their eyes shut, the air of arrogance around them was obvious.

Rudy hated arrogant people and thus frowned in displeasure. However, he did not say anything. He turned to look at the eastern area and noticed that the warriors of the Golden Continent only took up a fifth of the eastern area. In terms of total number, there were not that many of them.

What confused Rudy was the fact that warriors from the Golden Continent that were from the eastern area were not mingling with the warriors from the three other worlds. They even took up the centermost area, placing a clear border between them and other warriors.

The warriors of the Golden Continent in the western area were different, mixing with everyone.

Rudy asked in confusion, “Why are the warriors gathered in the eastern area all gathered together, and all of them…”

After saying that, Rudy’s lips twitched.

The warriors in the eastern area were not as quiet as in the western area. Very few of them were resting. Instead, they seemed to be in passionate discussions.

Thanks to the golden patterns on their sleeves, Rudy could immediately tell which warriors were from the Golden Continent. It was obvious how they looked down on everyone else.

Jackie looked over as well. He sighed as his gaze turned a little cold. “The warriors from the Golden Continent look down on warriors from the three other worlds. They made such a clear distinction between them because of that. They probably feel like the warriors from the three other worlds aren’t fit to stand with them.”

Rudy’s anger soared, feeling as though fire was coursing through him. “Disgusting. Who do they think they are? Even though the Golden Continent is a second-grade world, they’re the lowest among second-grade worlds! Do they think others don’t know that? Why do they insist on acting like they aren’t?”

Jackie snorted.

Looking at the arrogance on their faces, he felt like he would probably end up being in conflict with them. However, that was fine, he would respond appropriately.

“That’s not what they’ll think They think that they’re just better than others just by virtue of being from a secondgrade world. In their eyes, warriors from third-grade worlds are all a level lower than them. People like that aren’t easy to get along with,” Jackie said plainly.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he said with contempt, “Must they try to show off like that? It’s just disgusting. Just thinking about it makes me speechless.”

Saying that, he looked up at Jackie.

With Jackie’s temper, it was very possible that Jackie would butt heads with them.


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