No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3211 – 3220

Chapter 3211

Since that was the case, ending things quicker was the better option. At least he would no longer be in pain.

Thinking about it, the cause for everything was Jackie. Evan’s anger surged in his heart. Even if he knew that he should not be challenging Rudy anymore at that moment, he could not stop himself.

Evan turned around and said angrily, “Of the ten participants, Jackie would be a prime candidate for being the cruelest! Not only is he cruel, but his methods are also ruthless as well. He’s absolutely despicable!”

“Just because he’s talented and strong, he does whatever he wants! Isn’t he afraid of being punished eventually?”

Evan was panting when he said all of that. The anger in his head had already completely burned away all of his rationality.

Rudy raised an eyebrow, surprised that Evan still dared to say all of that.

He had thought that Evan would shrink after his warning, but he had still overestimated disciples from high-grade clans.

He forgot how arrogant they were!

Rudy scoffed as he said in disdain, “Can you think before you speak? If you want to call others cruel, why don’t you look at yourself first? This is like the pot calling the kettle black!”

“If Jackie’s skills weren‘t as good as they were, would he be in a better state than Trevor? Are you going to tell me that Jackie should spare Trevor out of kindness?”

When he said that, Rudy laughed coldly. He felt like Evan’s actions were a complete joke.

Evan was trembling from the anger, and he no longer cared about holding back.

“Trevor just likes to talk a lot. He might hate Jackie, but he would have never used such an extreme method to torture Jackie!”

He was furious when he said that. He pointed right at the image on the massive scroll, “Don’t you see what Jackie did earlier? Jackie first snapped all of Trevor’s tendons, then cut his tongue! There’s no way someone who isn’ t completely venomous and evil would be able to do something so cruel!”

When Rudy heard that he rolled his eyes and sighed, coldly answering, “Don’t you remember what Trevor said before? He said he would delay Jackie’s death, and slowly rip the flesh off Jackie!”

“I wasn’t the only one who heard that, you did too! We’re not saints here, so why are you trying to act like you’re so pure? Don’t you think it’s embarrassing?”

After saying that, Rudy turned away and decided to completely ignore Evan. Once Jackie was out, the first thing they would have to discuss is how they would deal with the Pentagram Clan. After all, they were already mortal enemies.

In the isolated space, Chris panted roughly, and his eyes were completely red!

He looked like a ghost that had just crawled out of hell. He had already asked everything he needed to ask, and he knew everything he wanted to.

It was not the time for him to let his emotions take over.

Only one person could survive the slaughter gambit. If he lost himself to his anger, then he would not be far away from dying. Even though Chris was incredibly arrogant, he still had a brain. He could not allow his emotions to control everything at that moment. He had to calm down.

Thankfully, Jackie was just standing in front of him with an idle look on his face.

Jackie did not seem to have any plans to attack immediately. That was a good thing for Chris as he took a few deep breaths, pushing down all of his emotions and forcing himself to calm down.

Chapter 3212

He turned around to look at Edward, who was still trying to completely suppress his injuries. Even if one of them had to die in the end, Chris was at least sixty to seventy percent confident that he would be able to win if the opponent was Edward. However, if he faced Jackie alone, his chances of winning were lower than ten percent.

Chris clenched his teeth with that thought in mind as he started to feel a little anxious.

Edward was trying his best to suppress his injuries, and Chris needed to buy Edward as much time as possible.

They would only stand a chance against Jackie if both of them attacked together!

Feeling Chris’ gaze, Edward forced the pain down as he slowly opened his eyes to look back.

The two of them immediately conveyed their plans to each other in that brief moment. They knew that they needed to buy time. Edward was heavily injured at that moment, so the person who would have to do it was Chris.

Chris’ lips twitched. He had always been an arrogant person. If he wanted to talk to someone, he would, if he did not want to, then his mouth would be completely shut. He had never engaged in any idle chit-chat before.

It was much harder considering the fact that the target was Jackie, who he had insulted before.

He was incredibly reluctant, but he could do nothing about it.

He took a deep breath and looked at Jackie, “I’ll admit that I misjudged you earlier, but you have to admit that you deliberately hid who you were back then!”

Jackie scoffed at those words and then looked at Chris like he was looking at an idiot.

He had noticed Chris’ look with Edward earlier. After all, the two of them were right in front of Jackie.

He was no idiot. He naturally knew that the two of them planned on stalling for time so Edward could suppress his internal injuries. Even if Edward could not completely recover, there was a chance that Edward could fight at seventy or eighty percent of his abilities. Then Jackie would be faced with two opponents!

They wanted to work together to defeat him, so Jackie decided to give them the chance. He could take that opportunity to train himself.

With that in mind, Jackie took a deep breath and decided to play along with Chris.

“What are you saying? Why would I admit to something I haven’t done? I’ve already said it before, you were the one who was blind, so why are you blaming me?”

Chris perked up when he saw that Jackie had answered. He was worried that Jackie would have seen through their plan. It seemed like Jackie might be strong, but he was not intelligent.

Chris frowned as he said, “If one person couldn’t tell, then that person was probably mistaken, but not a single one of the ten participants could tell. It means that you’re a good actor!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying with not much emotion, “Absurd! You’re just trying everything you can to drag my reputation down, right?!”

The two of them constantly argued in the isolated space, but the warriors in the viewing area could tell what was happening.

Quite a few of them could see what Chris and Edward were planning, and a warrior from White Marsh Continent started to frown.

Chapter 3213

“Chris is forced to do this. Only by dragging things on will Edward have enough time to recover. If they faced Jackie alone, neither Chris nor Rudy would be a match for him. Their only chance is to work together!”

A warrior from Chaos Continent nodded vigorously, “You’re right! Jackie’s just too strong. Even Chris, who regards himself so highly, is being forced to lower his head to stall for time! They only have one way out at this point. If Jackie manages to see through their plans, then even that would go up in smoke!”

The discussions around the place started to intensify, “I can’t believe this is the current situation. If anyone had told me that Chris and Edward would be afraid of Jackie before the slaughter gambit started, even having to lower their heads to stall for time, I would have thought that the person’s brain was underdeveloped!”

“We weren’t the only ones who weren’t able to tell. Wasn’t it also the caretakers who made a mistake? Do you remember the odds they gave? Chris had the lower returns, with one to one point seven. Edwards was two point nine.”

” Jackie’s returns had been the highest with seven and a half. Less than three people have ever gotten those odds in all of the other slaughter gambits, and Jackie’s one of them.”

“Yet, Jackie’s the most absurd one of them all. His actual skills are even stronger than a warrior with one point seven odds! I’m really regretting not betting on Jackie before this. I’d be rich!”

”That’s right! I’m filled with regret right now too. It’s seven and a half times! I’d be able to get fifteen million spirit crystals in the end! That’s a profit of thirteen million! I’d be a rich man. Just thinking about it gets me excited! It’s a pity that I didn’t take the chance that was right in front of me!”

“It’s not just you. Everyone here is filled with regret. It’s a pity that we were just like the nine participants initially, unable to see Jackie’s potential. Only when we saw his true skills did we know how wrong we were!”

At that moment, a warrior from Hestia Continent said curiously, “There are so many people here. Who placed their bet on Jackie? I remember there were some bets on him!”

When that person asked, the viewing area fell silent for a long time before someone answered, “A total of two people bet on Jackie. The first was Jackie himself, and the other was his follower. I remember that that person’s called Rudy!”

The moment that was said, everyone sighed.

They still remembered how Jackie had been mocked when he bet on himself. They felt like Jackie’s actions were such a joke, and they wondered what he was thinking!

It seemed like they were idiots instead. Jackie had always known What he was doing. This time, Jackie would have earned thirteen million spirit crystals in one go if he won. That sum was no small number even in a ninth-grade clan!

After lamenting their fates, a wandering warrior from Chaos Continent suddenly asked, “I think that Jackie’s quite smart. How could he be falling for Chris and Edward’s plan to stall for time? Is he letting them do it on purpose?”

The moment that was said, the discussion started to die down. Everyone was exchanging looks with each other as various thoughts formed in their minds.

At that moment, Jackie was still constantly talking to Chris in the isolated space. They were just purely wasting time conversing.

Chapter 3214

Initially, Chris had been quite happy thinking that Jackie had not seen through his plans. However, he slowly felt like something was off.

Jackie seemed elated to let him waste time which caused Chris to be shocked.

Jackie was not stupid. He naturally had his own goals in doing that, so what was he planning?

Just as Chris’ heart was beating frantically, Edward finally managed to suppress his injuries. He had one hand on the ground, and his face was a little red.

He forced himself up. Even though his injuries were not completely recovered, he was no longer in danger of dying. He had to stand up to face Jackie even if he did not want to!

Edward was not as arrogant as Chris. He had just temporarily suppressed his injuries. If he did not get better treatment quickly, his injuries would definitely flare again. If that happened, then everything was over.

At that moment, Edward was very clear-minded. He knew of his injuries and knew what could end up killing him. Even if they managed to kill Jackie, there was still Chris waiting for him. The chances of him leaving the isolated space were less than thirty percent.

He was already prepared to die, it was just that he was incredibly reluctant. If he did not die, then his future would have been so bright!

Just thinking about that, Edward could not help but let out a bitter smile as he tossed those thoughts aside. Even if he would not be able to leave the isolated space forever, he still wanted to drag Jackie down with him!

If it were not for Jackie, he would have fought a final battle against Chris, and stood a fifty percent chance of walking out alive!

Yet, Jackie had changed everything, pushing him into the deep end. Edward put all his hatred and anger onto Jackie and started to look at Jackie like he was looking at his mortal enemy.

Jackie suddenly let out a laugh as he looked up at Edward and said, “It looks like you’ve successfully suppressed your injuries. You’re not bad. I thought that I would still have to talk to Chris for even longer…”

The moment that was said, Chris could not help but shudder as his eyes widened. His heart beat faster.

Jackie really did see through their plans!

Then why did Jackie play along with them?

Did he want to find out if Edward would be able to suppress Edward’s injuries?

Did he want Edward to work with Chris against him?

After those thoughts surfaced in Chris’ mind, fear started creeping in.

Chris had always been someone who did whatever he wanted thanks to his talent. He had never been afraid of anyone and had never shrunk back from anyone. Yet, he was feeling fear toward Jackie at that moment.

He looked at Jackie like he was looking at a demon who had just crawled out of a deep hole!

Chris loudly said, “So you want to fight two against one?”

Jackie nodded seriously, “There’s no meaning to fighting one on one. The two of you are quite decent. You can help me train!”

The moment that was said, Chris’ and Edward’s expressions darkened.

If that had been said before they entered the isolated space, the two of them would have treated it as a joke. Yet, they were forced to believe it this time.

During their earlier exchange, the two of them had not utilized their full potential, but they were uncertain as to how much of Jackie’s power he used.

Listening to Jackie’s tone, it seemed like Jackie felt even the two of them would not be difficult. Everything he said showed how confident he was.

The two of them gulped at the same time, regretting taking part in the slaughter gambit immensely. The two of them had been in the upper echelons of their respective clans in terms of talent and skill. As long as they survived, they would have been even better after they left the Whirling World!

Chapter 3215

They would have become elders in their clans or even started their own clans. All of these would have been easy to achieve. Yet, those beautiful dreams seemed further and further away!

At that moment, a cold chill was felt in the viewing area. Jackie’s words had proven what some among them had guessed.

Jackie had seen through Chris’ plans early on and had even played along with Chris.

How confident did Jackie have to be to do so?

Quite a few of them were so surprised they did not know what to say!

“I can guarantee you now that Jackie’s definitely already stepped into the second stage. He might not even be far away from the third stage. Otherwise, there’s no way he would be so confident. He completely disregarded his opponents!”

“You’re right. I think so too! No wonder Jackie was so arrogant before they entered the isolated space. He definitely had the right to act that way. If the others had known of Jackie’s true skills before this, there probably wouldn’t have been a single person with any courage to participate. Even Chris would have been forced to give up. It’s too late for regrets now!”

The disciples of the Purple Cloud Pavilion and Nimbus Alliance were so anxious that they jumped off their seats.

The slaughter gambit was already at its final moments, and Chris and Edward stood less than a forty percent chance of winning!

There were still those who remained stubborn, ”We haven’t seen the results yet, so why are you so quick to make your conclusions? What if Jackie’s just being too proud?! He might not actually have those skills, and is saying all of that to show off!”

Those words invited a lot of laughter, “With things already as they are, you should really stop making yourself look like an idiot. It’s because there are people like you who always have these thoughts that Jackie’s true skills were never seen through!”

At that moment, Jackie was already holding his gray sword in his hand.

The thirty Soul Swords earlier had not had the desired effect, but they did show Jackie the destructiveness of thirty Soul Swords.

He no longer wanted to waste any time. After completing the slaughter gambit, he planned on entering the inner city right away. While Jackie was happy with what had happened in the middle city, he got more and more curious about the inner city. He was looking forward to entering the inner city immensely. He wanted to see what challenges awaits him there!

As he thought about it, he formed seal after seal.

Countless seals were circulating in the air. After a few moments, fifty Soul Swords floated in front of Jackie.

Jackie clapped his hands, and the swords condensed into a large one. It fused into the gray sword in his hand!

Chris and Edward were already incredibly anxious.

The two of them exchanged looks before they summoned up all of the true energy in their bodies. Chris even took out a pill to stimulate his potential.

Jackie scoffed as he held his sword with both hands. With a slash, a gray-colored slash shot out like an arrow!

Chris formed his golden python again. The python opened its mouth wide, and its eyes were red!

Edward formed seal after seal, condensing a pillar the size of a person. It floated in the air, letting out a radiant blue light!

The two of them attacked at the same time, and in just a few moments, the three techniques clashed in the air.

The three of them heard a loud bang. When the attacks clashed, intense shockwaves were sent out, forming a crater on the ground in an instant!

Dust filled the air, obstructing any vision.

The warriors in the viewing area all had their eyes wide open, worried they would miss anything.

It was time for the final battle! The losers and winners would be determined in just a flash! However, the dust completely obscured everything, and no one could see clearly. Some people cursed at it, but there was nothing they could do!

Chapter 3216

“I can’t see clearly! I can’t see anything! Can someone tell me what’s happening? I feel like I’m going blind!”

“What are you panicking for? Do you think others can see if you can’t? It’s not like he can blow away the dust!”

Everyone was incredibly anxious as the dust slowly dispersed.

There were two more figures on the ground. Edward lay on the ground, covered in dust. He was not moving at all, looking like he had lost his life.

Chris was half on the ground, with one hand against it to support himself. His breathing was erratic.

After an intense bout of coughing, he spat out a mouthful of blood. At that moment, his hair was completely disheveled, and his eyes had lost their color. It looked like he could die at any moment.

Jackie remained standing on the spot. His back was straight as he coldly looked toward Chris.

The scene caused a chill in all the warriors in the viewing area. They no longer knew what to say. In truth, they had guessed that this would be the result, but witnessing it was a different matter entirely.

Jackie’s strength had exceeded their imaginations. He had actually held back before this. Even when the two of them had put everything into the attack, he had still easily dealt with them alone. It was hard to tell if one of his opponents was even alive, while the other was barely sitting up on the ground.

It caused everyone to shudder at the sight.

“I can’t believe Jackie was not threatened at all even though the two of them worked together. I finally understand why Jackie was so easygoing before this. If I had the skills, I would be even more arrogant!”

“What are you saying?! Arrogance is when you can’t back it up! Does Jackie not have the skills? We call that acting normally!”

The Purple Cloud Pavilion and the Nimbus Alliance had already fallen completely silent.

All of them stared at the scroll, stunned. They were incredibly saddened, but there was nothing they could do about it!

It was all done for. They had no chance of turning the tables at all. In the end, the winner had not been Chris or Edward. No one could believe that even the two of them working together had failed to beat Jackie.

That had shattered all expectations!

An inner disciple from the Purple Cloud Pavilion said, “We’re done for! We’re all done for! What do we say when we go back? We should have stopped him before he took part. The elders will definitely blame us!”

Another disciple next to him sighed, saying with a defeated expression, “The punishments will just be for the public eye. We’ll definitely be targeted in secret. Don’t forget how much the first elder loved Chris. We’ll be okay in the Whirling World, but once we come out and return to the real world, we won’t be able to get out of this unscathed!”

“It wasn’t our fault though. Chris was the one who said he wanted to take part. Were we supposed to stop him with our lives? Would we have been able to stop him?”

“We would not! So what could we have done? Even if the first elder wants someone should blame, he should blame Jackie. Why would he target us?!”

The disciple that voiced out the severity of the matter said with a frown, ”You’re looking at things too simply. No matter how despicable Jackie is, he’s still from Hestia Continent. The warriors there can’t come out, and we can’t go in either. If he wants to kill Jackie, we would need to use the local forces.”

“It’s not as simple as that. With Jackie’s extraordinary talents, there has to be some expert protecting him. It’s impossible for us to kill Jackie! The elder will know this too. He would have nowhere to vent his frustrations but us…”

“Furthermore, it’s not like the first elder has never done something like this. Something similar happened before this. The first elder couldn’t get the culprit so he threw all his anger at the disciples. During that time, all of the inner disciples were incredibly careful, but the first elder still managed to find reasons to compound their punishments.”

Chapter 3217

When that was said, everyone’s expressions were abnormally serious.

The Nimbus Alliance’s side was not much better. The disciples from both clans looked like they were grieving someone. They had incredibly long faces, looking like they were about to cry at any moment.

At that moment, Jackie raised his hand to brush off the dust in front of him. He raised an eyebrow and walked over to Chris step by step.

Chris clutched his chest and looked at Jackie in alarm. He had lost all the arrogance in his demeanor. His whole face was filled with fear.

Before, he was sure exactly how strong Jackie was, Chris still exuded arrogance. However, at that moment, he was already certain about everything. The arrogance he used to have was already completely thrown aside. He even wanted to ask for mercy, but he realized how much of a joke it would seem like.

In the isolated space, only one person could survive. Everyone else had to die!

Chris completely lost all hope when he thought about that. He even started to regret participating in the slaughter gambit. He had thought that victory was certain with his skills, but he never expected to be so unlucky to have actually met a hidden expert.

Jackie was already right in front of him.

Jackie let out a laugh as he said casually, “Do you remember what I said to you before? When we’re in the isolated space, I would repeat everything you’ve said to me back to you…”

Chris was stunned once again when that was said.

If Jackie had not reminded Chris, he would have forgotten that. He had thought that what Jackie said was really amusing.

What was the point of repeating what he said?

Was that considered a threat?

However, he finally understood what Jackie meant.

Chris’ face was pale as he retreated. He did not want to be too close to Jackie. He wanted to be as far away as possible from Jackie.

Jackie lowered his eyes as he said coldly, “You told me that I was just an ant that you could kill at any moment. You said you would make sure I died slowly, that you would slowly skin me. You would let me know of the gulf between us…”

Chris’ face was completely distorted. He had said all of that, and he even remembered how he had felt when he said that. At the time, he felt like everything that Jackie said was absolutely hilarious.

Jackie was like a crazy person!

His breathing got more and more erratic, but he could not say anything.

Jackie pulled out a knife from Mustard Seed, “I’ve always believed in an eye for an eye. I’ll do exactly what you said you wanted to do to me…”

Chris broke out in cold sweat. Trevor’s state showed that Jackie would absolutely do it.

He did not want to die a slow death!

He did not want to be tortured!

”You can’t treat me like that! The elders of my clan won’t let you off!” Chris was incredibly agitated.

Jackie let out a laugh. That threat did not work at all.

He scoffed before he said, “How would they reach me? Are they planning on breaking the barrier around Hestia Continent and going there to kill me?”

Chapter 3218

When Chris heard that, it was like cold water had been splashed on him.

Jackie started to form seals with his hands. He did not plan on actually torturing Chris slowly. He did not want to waste the effort. After all, the pain of one’s soul being consumed was the greatest torture.

At that moment, Chris suddenly made his move. He slammed his hand into his mind with a bang. Then, blood spurted out and Chris’ life ended.

With a thud, his body fell on the ground stiffly.

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

Chris really was decisive…

Jackie then looked to Trevor, who was still alive. Thanks to his tendons being cut off and his tongue as well, Trevor could not even end his own life. He had been forced to look on as everything happened.

When Trevor saw Jackie slowly walking to him again, he let out a despondent whimper. His body started to twitch violently, but there was nothing he could do. He no longer had the ability to even support his body.

Trevor only had one thing to say in his heart, “ Jackie is a demon! He’s a demon straight out of hell!”

Unfortunately, he could no longer speak. All he could do was make murmuring sounds.

When Jackie arrived next to Trevor, he saw Trevor’s expression of hopelessness.

At that moment, Trevor was already thoroughly in despair. It was either because Trevor was too afraid, or because too much of his soul had been eaten, but Trevor suddenly widened his eyes and started to cough violently.

Blood constantly flowed out.

In just a few moments, he lost all signs of life, closing his eyes. It meant that all nine of the participants were already dead. Most of them had died to Jackie, and he was the well-deserved winner.

The moment Trevor died, there was a vibrant bronze light in the air. The bronze light slowly condensed into a bronze badge.

Jackie knew that that was one of the prizes for winning!

He then reached out and let the bronze badge slowly fall into his palm. After that, the space around him started to distort, wrapping him within. Jackie did not protest at all. He knew that he would be sent out of the isolated space after the battle.

After a moment, the distorted space slowly stabilized to reveal a familiar sight. Looking up, it was the crowded viewing area.

Most of the warriors in the viewing area stood up when they saw him. They looked at him with intense gazes, completely different from the mockery they had before.

When he walked off the transfer array, he could hear loud applause. He looked up at the massive scroll. At that moment, the images from the isolated space were still being broadcasted. All of those corpses remained in their original spots. Out of ten people nine have died. The battle had been incredibly intense.

Rudy excitedly rushed into the viewing area, waving at Jackie. Jackie merely nodded slightly.

What happened after went remarkably well. The caretaker took out ten treasures for Jackie to choose from.

Jackie immediately saw a soul gem the size of a fist. He had already gotten another soul gem before this, but this one was smaller. It had only been a third of the size of the one in front of him at that moment.

To Jackie, the other treasures were not that useful. He needed treasures that could help him cultivate his soul.

After receiving the soul gem, Jackie put the bronze badge into Mustard Seed. He did not plan on wearing it on his chest to show everyone. He felt like maintaining a low profile was better.

After getting his prizes, Jackie immediately left the slaughter gambit.

At that moment, Evan and the others had already left. After all, Trevor was already dead. There was no other reason to remain there unless they wanted to face Jackie.

Chapter 3219

Facing Jackie was of no benefit to them anyway, and there was even a chance that they would get threatened by Jackie.

The Pentagram Clan was no longer as proud as before facing Jackie. After Jackie showed his true skills, they had felt the immense danger he posed.

Jackie brought Rudy along and left the slaughter gambit’s area. However, They did not leave the middle city immediately. Instead, they stopped at a more secluded location.

Rudy said curiously, “Aren’t you going to leave the middle city right now?”

Before this, the two of them had discussed when they would head toward the inner city. Rudy had thought that Jackie would immediately head to the inner city after obtaining the rights to. After all, Jackie was not the type to dally.

Jackie sighed before he said, “The further we go, the stronger the opponents will be. I have to make preparations for that. I’ve already perfectly mastered the skill I’m using. Even though it’s powerful enough, I can’t stop improving just in case anything happened!”

Jackie was planning on learning the storm god rank technique, Soul Sky, before entering the inner city!

The moment Rudy heard that, Rudy said, “You mean you’re planning on learning an even higher leveled technique?”

Jackie nodded.

He had already mastered Destroying the Void. Destroying the Void was an upper ultimate god rank technique. Higher than that was a storm god rank technique.

Normally, storm god rank techniques were no joke. Most divine solidifying realm warriors were unable to master storm god rank techniques. That was because storm god rank techniques involved using the laws of nature. It was incredibly hard to practice.

If one’s skills or talents were not at a certain level, it would be impossible to learn. However, all of that was irrelevant to Jackie. After all, he had inherited the memories of ancient heroes. All those difficulties were nothing for Jackie.

Jackie sighed before he said seriously, “We’ll meet even stronger warriors in the future. The warriors from White Marsh Continent and Chaos Continent are definitely stronger than those from Hestia Continent, but in the end, they’re still just from third-grade worlds. There are still second-grade worlds after that. I can’t stop moving forward when there are still so many strong warriors waiting for me!”

Rudy’s lips twitched when he heard what Jackie said, “It’s so frustrating comparing myself to others. You’re already so strong, but you still feel like you’re not enough. It seems like I’m only suited for alchemy.”

Jackie let out a laugh as he patted Rudy on the shoulder, “Didn’t you say you found out some secrets related to the Whirling World?”

Rudy was immediately spirited when he heard that.

He took a deep breath before he said seriously, “I did manage to hear of some things. It wasn’t just Evan to told me some things. I heard some news in the viewing area as well. I’ve compiled the information…”

Saying that, there was a glint in Rudy’s eyes. He was finally of use!

He frowned and continued, “The Whirling World is a complete mystery to the warriors from Hestia Continent, but the Whirling World is common knowledge to the warriors from the other worlds. It opens once every five hundred or so years. It doesn’t just open for three worlds, but all third grade and second grade worlds!”

Jackie’s eyes widened at that. It opened to all third grade and second grade worlds!

Jackie’s breathing quickened at the thought.

What sort of hero created the Whirling World?

He had actually been able to connect all third grade and second grade worlds.

It was amazing!

Chapter 3220

Jackie took a deep breath before he looked into the distance.

After a while, he said, “The most important thing I can do right now is to improve my own skills. I’ll ignore all of that first.”

Rudy nodded before he looked at Jackie curiously, “Are you going to learn a middle ultimate god rank technique?”

He felt like he would never be able to learn an ultimate god rank technique his whole life, let alone one in the middle tier. He was both r.envious and curious when he faced Jackie.

He wanted to know how strong those techniques could be.

In the images from the massive scroll, Rudy had personally witnessed how strong Jackie was. Not a single person there had been a match for Jackie. Even when two incredibly talented warriors worked together, they were no match for Jackie.

He could clearly feel the change of attitude in the viewing area. The warriors went from their initial disdain to respect and admiration. There were a lot of changes that Rudy had seen. It caused Rudy to be grateful for Jackie and respect him as well.

Jackie let out a laugh and said, “I’ve never said that I was using a lower ultimate god rank technique.”

Rudy was stunned at those words.

He was already beginning to think of everything that had happened. It was true. Jackie had never said that his technique was at the lower ultimate god rank Rudy had just speculated on it.

After that, the opinions of the warriors in the viewing area confirmed his thoughts, but it did not seem the case from what Jackie said. It surprised Rudy.

He frowned and said, “You’re not using a lower ultimate god rank technique? Then what level is your technique? Could it be a middle ultimate god rank technique?!”

Jackie shook his head and he said plainly, “Guess higher!”

The moment he said that Rudy was stunned momentarily.

He widened his eyes as he looked at Jackie in disbelief, “What did you say? Guess higher? Are you telling me you’re using an upper ultimate god rank technique?”

His voice trembled when he said that, and his eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets.

He was full of shock and even started to breathe faster. He could not help but shake his head, forcing the shock out of his system.

He took a deep breath and said hoarsely, “Are you joking?”

Jackie sighed in exasperation, smiling as he said, “Why would I joke about that? When have I ever bragged to you?”

The moment that was said, all of Rudy’s doubts were gone. After interacting for so long, he had a deep understanding of Jackie. He never exaggerated. Everything he said was certain.

Just thinking about that caused Rudy to be filled with shock. He stood on the ground and stomped on it.

After that, he circled Jackie, looking like he wanted to say something, but he could not form the words. He circled Jackie excitedly again.


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