No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3210

Chapter 3210
Upon hearing others saying that Jackie could fight two people on his own, the disciples of the Purple Cloud Pavilion lost their composure. The reality was in front of them, and they had to admit Jackie’s skills were overwhelming. However, that did not mean that others could flatter him without limits!

The more Jackie was praised, the lesser it made Chris look.

Those people were naturally unwilling to see that!

One of the chosen disciples from the Purple Cloud Pavilion said loudly, “You’re all shameless with your words. You actually think that Jackie can fight one against two? Have you gone blind? Didn’t you see that Jackie’s attack had been a sneak attack? Chris and Edward had to defend themselves in a hurry and didn’t show much of their skills at all. That’s why Jackie managed to get a slight advantage. You don’t understand anything, but you’re being so reckless with your words! What a joke!”

The moment that person said that, everyone frowned, but no one dared to fight back. After all, what the chosen disciple said did have some merit. Jackie did launch a sneak attack, and Chris and Edward definitely reacted in a hurry.

No one knew how much of their true power the two of them had used!

The disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion and Compass Pavilion looked incredibly grim at that moment.

Jackie shattered their impressions repeatedly.

At that moment, they did not have the heart to listen to the discussions around them. As warriors of the Hestia Continent, they knew very well what Jackie’s skills represented. Even the top chosen disciple from the Scarlet Pavilion, the only ninth- grade clan in Hestia Continent, would be no match for Jackie, let alone them!

Quite a few of the disciples from those two clans started to regret ever making an enemy out of Jackie.

If Jackie managed to survive this easily, then the two clans would be in for a world of trouble!

One of the inner disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion said with a conflicted look, “Even though Jackie’s an enemy, we can’t ignore the truth. We have to redo all our plans. Let’s not provoke Jackie for the moment, and don’t provoke the disciple next to Jackie either… What we need to do right now is to distance ourselves from them…”

“Even though we can’t have any private fights in the middle city, Jackie could always fight us in public matches if he wanted to. We’d have no way to do anything about that!”

His words hit the point right on the mark. The other disciples around him nodded.

With the situation as it was, they had no way of following Grayson’s orders for the moment; they had to keep themselves safe.

After this, they would discuss their plans with Grayson when they met him.

In the betting area, Rudy idly looked up at Jackie calmly facing the other two on the massive scroll. Of course, he believed in Jackie’s skills. He was just a bit worried before the slaughter gambit started.

He trusted Jackie regardless and believed in every decision Jackie made. It seemed like his confidence in Jackie had not been for naught.

Jackie’s skills really did back it up!

Meanwhile, Evan’s face was completely ashen. He had an incredibly dark look on his face, looking like he was someone who was about to die.

What happened to Trevor had been too cruel. He was even hoping that Trevor’s death would come swiftly so he would not have to suffer all that pain anymore.

With the situation, even if Jackie ended up dying with Chris and Edward and Trevor ended up winning, there was no way Trevor could survive after being sent back!


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