No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3209

Chapter 3209
Those words caused Chris‘ mouth to freeze.

In his mind, he could not help but recall everything that had happened.

In the waiting area, Chris thought that Jackie was challenging him by sitting next to him, which displeased him. That was why Chris had mocked Jackie on the spot, but all along, Jackie was not afraid at all.

For anything that he said, he would shoot back with something 10 times harsher. At the time, he thought that Jackie did not know his place and that he was a lunatic. He thought that Jackie was just recklessly arrogant without thinking about the consequences.

It seemed like reality was far different from what he expected.

It was not that Jackie did not know his place, but that he had absolute confidence in himself. He had never regarded Chris as a threat at all, which was why Jackie was so nonchalant, not even sparing him any dignity.

The mere thought had Chris enraged beyond relief and coughing cough violently.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and said, “You’re all so incredibly strange. I was clearly just acting and speaking like I’m supposed to, but all of you thought I was crazy. Luther said that, and David said that too. The two of you probably think so as well…”

Saying that, Jackie could not help but let out a slight laugh. “You two probably think that only the White Marsh Continent and the Chaos Continent can produce masters, and all other alchemists are trash, right?”

Chris wanted to refute, wanting to say that indeed, only these two continents could produce prodigies, but he was coughing so violently that he could not say a thing!

The truth was slapping him in the face at that moment!

Jackie let out a scoff as he continued, “You said that you wanted to have me begging for mercy, that you’d have me on the verge of death. Do you know how amused I was hearing you say all of that?”

Chris’ face started to redden. He had never been so thoroughly embarrassed in his entire life. He really did say all of that, and he did mean it all. That was because he had never thought that Jackie would be stronger than him!

Alas, his thoughts were nothing but a mere joke in the end. He had used 90 percent of his strength, and Edward had defended with all his power, but they failed to completely stop Jackie’s attack!

Just from that alone, it was obvious that Jackie even had the potential to fight them two against one. They had vastly underestimated Jackie!

At that moment, Chris felt immensely afflicted.

The crowd in the viewing area grew rowdy right after Jackie’s sudden attack.

Someone loudly said, “His strength is absurd! Is this the power of a lower ultimate god rank technique? He managed to fight one against two so easily and managed to injure Edward, too. I’m certain that Jackie has mastered his technique to the second level, or he’d never be that strong!”

“If he’s already at that level, then Jackie’s skills would be a little horrifying. Even chosen disciples from ninth-grade clans won’tbe able to stand up against Jackie!”

“Most of the chosen disciples from ninth-grade clans would be no match for Jackie, only a few of them who are at the top rankings could!”

“He’s terrifying… He’s so scary! I never expected to see a battle of his level in the slaughter gambit!”


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