No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3207

Chapter 3207
Chris smirked and thrust his sword forward. The golden python opened its venomous mouth wide and bit right at Souza.

Edward’s three ice pillars followed behind it, and two techniques fell on Souza’s back at the same time.

Jackie heard a loud bang.

Souza did not even have the chance to cry out in agony before he was blown up in the air. Right after that, the explosion from the two techniques launched shockwaves, causing another massive explosion as a crater formed on the ground.

Souza suffered a pitiful fate as these two techniques disintegrated him instantly. He did not even have a corpse left behind. Looking at the scene, Chris still did not relax at all. Instead, he frowned.

He turned to look at Edward and noticed that he had a serious expression, too.

Chris could not help but say, “This is weird. Why didn’t he fight back? With his skills, he should’ve at least stood a chance to survive if he fought back; that’s why I used all my power. It seemed like we’d gone overboard. I didn’t even need you to kill him… “

Saying that, Chris’ expression greatly soured. A thought surfaced in his mind that he did not want to acknowledge.

At that moment, they heard a gust of wind behind them, and Edward suddenly turned back.

At some point, Jackie had arrived behind him. The moment he turned around, Jackie’s sword struck!

A gray slash went right for his chest. Edward felt a chill in his heart, suddenly understanding everything. He was incredibly experienced in combat, so despite the sudden attack that came his way, he reacted instantly.

He formed seals with his hands, and countless ice pillars formed around him, turning into a shield of ice that protected him completely.

Chris chose that moment to strike. He struck out again, and the golden python widened its mouth to bite at the gray slash. The gray slash clashed with the golden python!

Chris heard a shatter, and the python was cut in half. The slash did not slow down and continued to head for the ice shield!

With a sizzle, it seemed to burn through the ice as a hole suddenly formed in the shield. Even though the slash’s momentum had slowed down significantly, a small fraction of its power remained.

After melting through the ice, it sliced right into Edward’s chest!

Edward let out a cry of agony as he spat out a mouthful of blood. The true energy in his body ran wild, and he could no longer control himself as he fell to the ground. However, the energy that pierced Edward’s chest had been greatly diminished due to the ice shield blocking a lot of the power.

It still ate Edward’s soul, his injuries stabilized after he swiftly used his true energy to block Destroying the Void, disallowing his soul from being consumed entirely. Even though he collapsed on the floor, he ignored the immense pain as he frantically retrieved a pill from his storage space and used it.

On the other hand, Chris rapidly retreated in the air. When he saw that Jackie was no longer attacking, he landed three meters away from Edward.

At that moment, Chris’ expression was incredibly sour, and he looked like he had lost his whole family in a single night.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, slowly landing on the ground as well. His earlier strike had just been a test!


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